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Ratty CNN Cuban “Jim Acosta” Gets Deported from Yang Town
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The ratty Mexican “Jim Acosta” was violently deported from Yang Town on orders of Mayor Andrew Yang, an Epic Sino-Friend.

Acosta had accosted the Friendly Sino Mayor because the latter had talked to Tucker Carlson, and developed a Sino-Friendship with him. Acosta, feeling very emotional and looking like a mess, told Mayor Yang that Carlson is “a bad person” because he is white.

Not stopping there, Acosta bizarrely claimed that people should not ever quote the philosopher Ted Kaczynski. Acosta’s beef with the acclaimed and brilliant thinker “Uncle Ted” appears to be that he is also white.

Yang was made confused, and his feelings felt hurt, after being abused by Acosta’s vicious hatred.

Acosta’s underlying value appears to be that all white people are evil, and should not be allowed to talk. Nonwhites, such as the Sino Friend Yang, can become evil by being tainted by the evil of whites. However, Acosta himself, a Cuban, has a white Irish mother. How can he reckon with the evil within himself?

Barack Obama ran into that problem and he had to do a voodoo ritual to cleanse himself of the whiteness.

Sage Steel, who like Obama and Jim Acosta had a whore white mother, recently claimed that it was impossible to cleanse yourself of your white genetics.

The Chinese spy and intelligent politician Andrew Yang is the kind of Sino Friend who is going to rule us after America collapses. They will be friendly and reasonable and they will not hate us like our current rulers.

I would not switch my race if I could. But the point is, I cannot. Tucker Carlson and Ted Kaczynski cannot change their races. No white person can change their race. Certainly, many white people of today would change their race, simply to avoid the abuses and hatred that you must suffer for being white in a country like America, where hatred for whites is official government policy.

But no one can change their race.

Claiming that someone is evil for something that they cannot change creates a non-viable situation, where the only way to fix the evil is to kill us all. From what I have seen, the people in this government and media want to actually kill all of us.

That’s what Sino-Friendship is really all about: not being hated and killed for being white.

Mayor Yang has started a new political party. I don’t know what all of his views are, but I do know that he doesn’t hate me for being white, unlike people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As you know, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy also hate whites and want to replace them.

These Republicans are also trying to vax us all the way to the pit.

The only leaders we see anywhere who are respectful to whites are the Chinese.

That’s why I will vote Chinese straight down the line on my ballot, as my interests are best represented by the Chinese.

Unfortunately, as a result of rampant ridiculousness in the voting system, it will be impossible to vote for Chinese rulership.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Can’t really blame you for shilling for Winny, but you’ll have to compete here with Godfree Roberts. You’re absolutely correct that both of the faux-politcial parties in Kwa-Bananaland – Washington Generals in the R-jerseys and Globetrotters in the D-jerseys – hate YT and want us all dead ASAP. They’re merely echoing the objectives of that most moral of all echo chambers – the (((Synagogue of Satan))).

    YT’s problem is that they keep on picking up flagons of Rev. Jones’ Grape-Drank and tossing it down their gullets every time Schlomo Bankstein or one of his step-n-fetchits like McConnell, McCarthy, Pelosi or Acosta sez it’s really the ‘medicine’ needed to end YT’s original sin (by ending YT) … and here some folks think the snake-handlers of Appalachia are bad. YT needs to wake up, spit out the drank and tell Schlomo and his flying-monkeys to go to deepest hell where they belong. Also, if one can vote for Kenyans for Kwa-Bananland “president” why not for Winny himself, or better yet for Vlad Putin??

  2. Acosta, is utterly insane. He’s in deep denial .After everything he has seen the democratic party leadership or much of its base do to this country, his question should be, “Andrew, why do you continue to support the democrat party!!! And this has nothing to do with Trump. The democratic party had been sinking into communism, or fascism, or anarchistic thinking, for years now. For a long time. It’s toxic to the core. In my opinion, the Civil Rights Movement, or much of it, has only served to ruin blacks. It continues to do so today. There were always successful blacks, whose success was founded on their own work. They did not need a civil rights movement, or what it ultimately has become.

  3. Rich says:

    Rep Steve King, Sen Tom Cotton, Sen Rand Paul, Gov Ron DeSantis, Rep Mo Brooks, Sen Josh Hawley and a whole lot more of the repub party represent White interests. No, they aren’t members of the Tri K fraternity, but the policies of the more rightist side of the the repubs is achievable and a plus. We’re never getting an outspoken pro-White politician, they can’t get elected dog catcher, look at David Duke. But pro law and order, small government, low tax politicians who oppose affirmative action would help our people to survive and prosper. The semi-smart people on the left know this, and that’s why a moderate like Trump, who’s never uttered a pro-White sentence in his life, is called a “racist”. They know that in a fair game, we always win. Ever wonder why they don’t call “walking” in basketball anymore?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  4. I think it’s disrespectful of Andrew Anglin to call NYC “Yang Town” when he knows that its proper name is Hymie Town.

  5. @Rich

    As for Tom Cotton, someone can’t “represent White interests” if he strives to start and prolong unnecessary aggressive wars in which mostly white young men will be killed, maimed, and traumatized. To Hell with the warmongering nutcase Tom Cotton.

    The other guys, well, we’ll see.

    • Replies: @Rich
  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Divisiveness and hate is how the ((Jews)) and their lackeys like Acosta have always operated. It’s baked into their hateful Zionist/Neocon ideology. They MUST hate because they’re parasites on whatever body politic they’ve attached themselves to, infected, and are plundering. Anyone who calls them out is a “hater,” or so the narrative goes out of their warped, projecting minds. But beyond that, racialist Zionists know that the tribe must continually polarize itself from the “other” in order to maintain the racket, maintain the grift, maintain its bought-off bodyguards like Acosta, maintain the fabulous wealth used to buy off and control other ((Jews)) and keep them on the reservation…

    There can be no harmony, ever, in a nation under ZOG.

    Zoglodytes like Acosta are absolutely crucial to the Zionist enterprise. They’re an outer ring layer of protection that shill and spread hate, divisiveness, and ultimately civil war on behalf of history’s ultimate haters, the ((Jews)).

    Who does Acosta work for? Who owns him? Who controls his dead soul? ((Jews)). Have a look:

  7. Stan says:

    Among successful immigrant communities, Cuban Americans are adept at toadying to Jews. Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez are in fierce competition with Jim Acosta to win the gold medal in toadying to Jews.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  8. @Stan

    Speaking of “toadying to Jews,” I was with the Yang Gang in the presidential primaries, until I found out he was just another politician. When asked by a citizen, Yang said he was opposed to circumcision, a brave stand for any politician. Naturally, the Chosenites were aghast. Then Yang went on Ben Shapiro’s show, and was confronted by that little weasel. Yang folded like a cheap suit, clarifying (renouncing) what he had said a few days earlier. If Yang can’t stand up to little Benny Shapiro on the issue of male genital mutilation, he has no backbone, as demonstrated again when he failed to defend Tucker from another bully, the disgusting Jim Acosta.

    Acosta, btw, was banned from the White House a few years ago when he refused to give up his mike to a female intern when told by Trump to stop his badgering and that his time was up. Naturally, a court quickly overturned Trump’s lawful order, and the idiot Acosta was re-instated. The only truly bad person in his interview with Yang was Jim Acosta.

  9. Rich says:

    There are a lot of White young men who enlist in the military because they want to go to war. Some young White men are just wired that way. As of 2021, there’s no draft, the folks who enlist know what they’re signing up for, or at least should. People of European descent have a long history of warlike tendencies. There is no doubt in my mind that a President Cotton would not pursue parents opposed to crt in schools, would end affirmative action and at least try to put a dent in the federal budget. Whatever his foreign policy opinions, he’d be a better president for Whitey.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Resartus says:

    Some young White men are just wired that way.

    More like, wired to be around disciplined peers, organized society….

    While some groups are just violent and anti-social….

    As a retired Veteran, time to ditch signing up for the draft….
    Feds should go out and grab anyone that drops out of school….
    Have buses at HS Graduations to pick up any teen whose family lived on welfare and not
    headed to college….

    Put basic some place where there are nothing but the military….
    Afterwards keep them overseas…..

  11. schrub says:

    As much as I share many Anglin’s feelings about the Chinese government, we both ought to be a little careful here.

    The property debt market in China is rapidly unwinding and if the situation gets severe enough, the Chinese government might be required to ((privatize)) its central bank, just as so many other countries have been required to do in the past to avert similar collapses.

    People should remember that Russia’s central bank is still under the ((mysterious private control)) of those installed by Yeltsin decades ago, despite numerous attempts by Putin to end its influence.

    A newly ((privatized central bank)) with its unlimited ability to print money will allow the Chinese government to simply inflate itself out of the current crisis with little or none of the public onus that a government controlled central bank would suffer if it was to do likewise. This will allow the current Chinese leadership to avoid blame for the current debt fiasco and possible trips before the firing squad for corruption.

    Would Emperor Xi be open to such a solution to save his own skin?

    In a heartbeat! He is, after all, just another government bureaucrat. Nothing more.

    When the now very grateful Xi finally decides (or is forced) to retire from his present position sometime in the future, he will probably be more than happy to pass his crown to a youthful successor.

    Who will that be? The wise bets are on Mark Zuckerberg’s now grown, half Chinese, half kosher daughter becoming the new empress.

    She will then build her new winter palace in Beijing’s new and co-equal capital, Jerusalem.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Franz says:

    Certainly, many white people of today would change their race, simply to avoid the abuses and hatred that you must suffer for being white in a country like America, where hatred for *** POOR*** whites is official government policy.

    Keep it consistent and correct.

    Rich Americans of any color can’t be happier than they are with this “antiwhite” regime. There’s big money to going along with the scam and selling out your own people.

  13. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Tom Cotton is an anti-White piece of shit. Stick to articles where you can find a way to shoehorn Vietnam retcons in, shill.

    • Replies: @Rich
  14. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Who will that be? The wise bets are on Mark Zuckerberg’s now grown, half Chinese, half kosher daughter becoming the new empress.

    Go back to Breitbart.

  15. Rich says:

    Cotton opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, voted against “hate crime” laws, opposed bills to release convicted felons, came out against blm and crt, called Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton “race hustler charlatans” and gets an A rating from the NRA. That’s pretty damn good from a White point of view.

  16. The Chinese spy and intelligent politician Andrew Yang is the kind of Sino Friend who is going to rule us after America collapses. They will be friendly and reasonable and they will not hate us like our current rulers.

    That’s certainly an optimistic view. But at least our future Chinese overlords will not hate us more than our current rulers. That wouldn’t be possible.

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