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QAnon Shaman Sentenced to 41 Months for Trespassing
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Wow, this is completely insane. (That sentence doesn’t have any meaning anymore, does it?)


Jacob Chansley, better known as the ‘QAnon Shaman,’ has been sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the January 6 US Capitol riot. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official government proceeding.

Wearing a horned helmet, furs and facepaint, Chansley became one of the most prominent faces of the riot on the day Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 election. He turned himself in to police on January 9 and was indicted on six counts, including civil disorder and “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol building.” The other charges were dropped as part of his plea agreement in September.

Prosecutors called for the maximum sentence of 51 months while the defense asked for a “significant downward departure” from the 41-month minimum, citing a variety of extenuating circumstances. US District Judge Royce Lamberth ultimately handed down the 41-month sentence on Wednesday.

While the media and many US politicians have referred to the events of January 6 as an “insurrection,” neither Chansley nor any of the several hundred people arrested and indicted over the riot was actually charged with that offense.

The QAnon Shaman was invited into the Capitol by the cops. They literally waved him inside. Even if it was trespassing, he didn’t know he was trespassing.

I don’t think he’s even going to get time served. Glenn Greenwald said before the sentencing that they were refusing to give him time served. Which means that he’s actually serving the entire 51 months.

People apparently don’t remember that the Brett Kavanaugh rape hoaxsters did this exact same thing.

The US court system is an absolute joke.

Anyone who takes this seriously is a joke.

You simply cannot expect justice. In fact, you can’t expect not to be abused.

You have to just stay out of these people’s way.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. NEVER ‘plea bargain’.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Trespassing at what has always been called THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

    Having said that i really wonder if chansley is who he says he is. I have always thought he was one of pelosi’s paid agent provocateurs sent over there to give pelosi an excuse to shut down the hearings where team trump was going to prove election theft.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Truth
  3. If he gets 41 months for this imagine what black cop michael byrd will get for killing white veteran ashli babbitt in cold blood at the jan 6 protests.

    Just kidding of course. More likely dems will build statues honoring byrd like the statues that honor serial felon george floyd.

    • Agree: von Frey
  4. Get out of the cities. Find a hidey-hole in a red rural area. Stock up on dried goods and water. Become proficient with at least one firearm. Network with your new neighbors. Avoid government agents and snitches; you’ll know who they are because they’ll be the clowns pushing “violent insurrection.”

    The only consolation is the new regime is incredibly incompetent. They don’t make commie revolutionaries like they used to. VC or NVA they are not. Obese dumb-as-fuck negroes, purple-haired sexually confused freaks, stupid feminist vaginas, pole-smoking homosexuals, beta soy-boy cucks, and scheming Jews, all lead by a senile shriveled old child molester, do not make an effective ruling government. Reality, in the form of inflation, congressional dysfunction, the country’s competent enemies, and the general surliness of the population, is already throwing wrenches in the gears of the planned revolution.

    The regime is going to fail due to its own incompetence. The only question is, how much damage will be done before the sane people can pick up the pieces.

  5. This sentence is a gross and politicized miscarriage of justice. If the Dems have their way, there will be more.

    Ironically, the shaman’s antics were nothing more than a slightly over-the-top protest. That’s it. He was unarmed. He did not loot, burn, threaten, or destroy. He should be released with credit given for time already served. That’s it. End of story. But the Left is out for blood. Pursuing (without compassion) the 1/6 ‘insurrectionists’ functions as a Big Government warning to all libertarians, free-thinkers, and right-wingers: Don’t You DARE. Unpunished street violence belongs to the Left. Never try this yourself. Free Speech could lead to ‘fascism’!

    Thus this four year sentence is an expression of political domination. Justice is incidental to these proceedings.

    Indeed, if justice and Equal Treatment were forefront, fair-minded government officials would be actively rounding up some of the countless looters/arsonists who participated in the multi-month, George Floyd protests last summer and sentence each and every one of them to sentences which are commensurate with their crimes. That would be justice. But don’t hold your breath. Negros and leftists are a new privileged class. Hands off!

    It’s worth noting that the vast majority of US government employees are Dems. These bureaucrats don’t want to jeopardize their entitled status by providing Equal Treatment to their adversaries. No way. Besides, government reform (‘draining the swamp’) could lead to the loss of their not-too-competitive government jobs and cushy pensions. So move along, folks. And don’t talk back.

  6. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    The Wisconsin teachers union taking over their state capital, Anti Kavanaugh Supreme Court Appointee protestors breaking into capital and cornering congress critters on elevators, the Chaz area in Seattle, and George Floyd square in Minneapolis were probably all staged to psyche-prep Trump supporters for January 6. The Deep State knew they were gonna release Covid from Wuhan (where the fentanyl was formerly made, same city), they knew they were gonna paper-ballot-cheat Trump no later than 2018. 1/6 was a pre-planned excuse to purge the military and pass a bunch of new liberty-stifling/surveillance state laws. They got what they wanted.

    Question for Deep State assets in blue states following this thread? Blue states are very vaxxed (as are the minorities in the military). The real deaths will increase after January, but really explode next fall as the virus will have went through America’s and Asia’s vaxxed populations twice, giving plenty of time for a 3rd and 4th variant to emerge post delta. Antibody-dependent enhancement will have emerged for real by then along with clots, carditis, heart attacks, and thrombosis. What are you going to tell the survivors?

    You live near them, and they will have figured it out for themselves by then. I predict they go full Antifa on you, while we watch from out here in fly-over country. I predict some awkward conversations for you guys.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  7. Biff says:

    It’s as if the government is actively trying to turn its subjects into enemies.

  8. @mark green

    The Deep State Democrazies are after blood, mimicking Judaic vengefulness (surprise!)to draw attention away from the collapse of Russiagate, and the mounting revelations of the treasonous attempts to destroy the Trump Presidency. I’m surprised he didn’t get ten years, but they can still fit him up in the nick. PS I despise Trump, but less than Clinton. The January ^ ‘insurrection’ is the new Russiagate. There should be a Reptilian landslide next year, but I imagine the results will be rigged again. Ahhhh-‘democrazy’. Those dweadful ‘auforitarwians’ don’t know what they’re missing.

  9. @Biff

    Divide and Rule, baby! Let ‘er rip!

    • Troll: BuelahMan
  10. @Anon

    The US Deep State didn’t release CoViD19 ‘from’ Wuhan, but IN Wuhan. The ‘Exceptional’ virus is a bioweapon. A Vergeltungswaffen for the uppity Yellow Devils, who’ve forgotten their place. A Yankee Doodlebug. That’s good. Beware the biological V2.

  11. FBI is the GayGB.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  12. Bro43rd says:
    @Priss Factor

    Took a second for that one to sink in. Channeling Larry the cable guy “now that is funny”.

  13. JackOH says:
    @mark green

    Ironically, the shaman’s antics were nothing more than a slightly over-the-top protest. That’s it. He was unarmed. He did not loot, burn, threaten, or destroy. He should be released with credit given for time already served. That’s it. End of story.

    mark green, agree 100%. The “shaman” was doing politically motivated street theater. That’s it. You don’t do bloody street theater unless you’re utterly disempowered and really upset about something. I’ve done street theater—inept and ineffective, I suppose, but sincere enough. I guess I can thank my lucky stars I didn’t have “justice” dispensed to me.

    One tragedy of those J6 protests is that their genuine, articulable underlying grievances will likely never be known with any clarity.

    • Agree: mark green
  14. For every dissident crushed, more are created.

    The more severe the crushing, the more intense the dissent.

    Tyrants never learn. One day their offices will be ransacked, all their secret files dumped on the floor and exposed, and their leadership on the run.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  15. Very sad.

    The guy is mental and emotionally frail from what I gather.

    He did nothing wrong.

    Thanks jews.

  16. reading says:

    What a meek flock of sheep the American right is

    They all captured the White House, but it was just a carnival. They walked through the stage

    Excited like a group of Halloween children… Protesting to the air… Praying for congressmen to look at themselves more

    The congressman expressed his fear. Then he killed six people on the spot. Afterwards, he retaliated, suppressed and arrested a large number of people

    Poor rightists cry like children. Is this your rebellious spirit Is this the freedom you admire?

    In the June 4 incident, which was repeatedly whipped by European and American media for decades, students burned dozens of soldiers

    After that, the students who did not flee still entered the top of the government and were entrusted with important tasks

    In the 21st century, farmers in Jiangxi, China, rushed into the state government. They killed and injured the speakers and lords of several state parliaments. Then they threw them out of the window. Finally, the Chinese government exempted the national agricultural tax

    The U.S. government has always encouraged people in other countries to oppose the government. It boasts that its people are good at resisting tyranny

    But when the incident really happened, we found that the U.S. government was not afraid of their people at all. The American people were sheep. All the vigorous parades were just the crying of children

    1.6 in the future, Americans should never say they resist tyranny. They are the best sheep

  17. @Hang All Text Drivers

    If, indeed, the QAnon Shaman worked for Pelosi, she sure as hell stabbed him in the back and left him out to dry. I doubt if he was any kind of Agent Provocateur, or he wouldn’t have been arrested. He was probably high on magic mushrooms and had no idea what he was doing. He may have been schizophrenic in need of medication.

    He spent 10 months in solitary confinement living in deplorable conditions, and was no doubt beaten up by the white man-hating racist black prison guards. That’s enough to break anyone. Yet Washington has the gall to lecture China on its treatment of the Uighurs. This country is sick, sick, sick!

  18. El Dato says:

    I guess his in-your-face cultural appropriation triggered the sentencer to issue a Spanish Inquisition tier decision.

    You have to just stay out of these people’s way.

    Flying subhuman booger danmaku – the game!

  19. Nat X says:

    This joke of a “masculine” YT will be someone’s sissy 4 months into his sentence.

    • Replies: @Rich
  20. fnn says:

    Charlottesville the picture on the full-service totalitarian state the Regime is rapidly building.

    • Thanks: mark green
  21. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Maybe Biden’s regime will go down, but the Permanent Regime, where the real power is, will remain firmly in charge. The psychos and the feminists and the BLM/Antifa types are just tools. The real power is firmly in the hands of others, and they’re NOT incompetent.

    People for too long have focused on the outer regime. They seem not to have noticed that no matter who is running that, things get worse and worse.

    If voting really made a difference, it wouldn’t be allowed.

  22. @Jimmy le Blanc

    True, Dat, Jimmy! I selected New England out of my hometown Fairfax, Virginia which in 2009 was an MS-13-devastated, graffitied shithole, except for the Great-And-Gated communities who need cheap housekeepers. Oh, it was well and truly blue by then too. The entire DC region is a tranny supporting, corrupt, White-hating, Asian/Mexican/BLM shithole.

    Here? Mighty White, cop-supporting (local townies, not the Filthy Feds), gun-toting citizenry. Groids aren’t here, welcome or tolerated when a pass-through Groids pulls some bullshit stunt. Very 1962 Fairfax here. There are many places like it, but this one is mine.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  23. Rich says:
    @Nat X

    That your fantasy? You wish you could get your hands on a masculine White fellow? Bet you put on a blonde wig wig and prance around telling yourself how pretty you are. Must be tough being born in that skin. Try to make the best of it.

    • Replies: @Nat X
  24. Dood wasn’t trying to go mutiny, but I wonder if he wasn’t tripping on some seriously good acid. Those idiots should all be released for time served. It’s trespassing, not much more than jaywalking. Democrats are cunts, cowardly, disgusting, whining cunts. Their actions here make us out in the world hate them even more. Their hubris will cost them next year.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  25. Nat X says:

    “masculine yt fellow”
    They don’t exist. You must have been some silver back’s sissy while you were locked up.

    • Replies: @Rich
  26. @Jim Christian

    There are many places like it, but this one is mine.

    There are thousands of such places across the country. If you’ve got practical skills (electrician, construction, etc.) and a little experience you can make a living. Cost of living is cheaper, it’s overwhelmingly White, and one can enjoy the great outdoors and being away from the communist pervert filth.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  27. GeneralRipper [AKA "Antaeus"] says:
    @mark green

    But the Left is out for blood. Pursuing (without compassion) the 1/6 ‘insurrectionists’ functions as a Big Government warning to all libertarians, free-thinkers, and right-wingers: Don’t You DARE. Unpunished street violence belongs to the Left. Never try this yourself. Free Speech could lead to ‘fascism’!

    Succinct and truthful.

    Thank you, sir.

  28. @Jimmy le Blanc

    I’m a retired IT/phone and electrician. My money and skills are portable. I pity the poli-sci grads from my generation. They never get to retire. Must be sad to be trapped in that world.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  29. Rich says:
    @Nat X

    And yet, you fantasize about being in a jail cell with one? Come on, boy, so you were cursed with black skin, you don’t have to become a degenerate. Many colored folk have been able to up their game and live moral, decent lives within White society. Fact is, you’re still here taking the crumbs we drop off the table for you. Shame, even Africa doesn’t want you back. Must hurt.

    • Replies: @Nat X
    , @Truth
  30. There have been zero IEDs on US soil, as at CurrentDate.

    The US population is more craven than the population of Afghanistan.

    Slightly OT: the enemy of my enemy does me a solid.

    Adem Somyurek – a corrupt former member of the Victorian ALP government of Gauleiter Dan Andrews – has deep-sixed Andrews’ Enabling Act, in almost the ultimate ‘Fuck You’ to his former kapo.

    Just goes to show: Andrews is really not smart enough to realise that if your rise to power is based on a corrupt coalition, you really need to keep track of the numbers.

    Don’t get me wrong: this in no way ends the matter.

    Andrews will buy off some of the cross-bench – however at least one cross-bencher who was previously ‘in the bag’ for the bill, has indicated that she’s changed her mind.

    If ALP members themselves start to defect, Andrews is finished. (Longer term he’s finished anyway: Somyurek stuck the bayonet in deep, in his testimany to IBAC).

  31. von Frey says:

    Unfortunately, this appears to be an accurate analysis of the American psyche. As long as there are bread and circuses, the American people are content to suffer any humiliation without much of a peep.

    The key to a successful revolution appears to be disabling the wifi.

  32. Shear revenge on MAGA supporters. He hit a cop. Yeah, so have dozens of ANTIFA. BLM, and other leftist morons. Result, most of the time, not even a slap on the wrist. Draw your own conclusions.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  33. Truth says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    The People’s House has People’s Guards for a reason.

  34. @mark green

    “He should be released with credit given for time already served. ”
    Indeed, given the triviality of the charges, he should have been bailed (like the rest should have been).
    (sorry for that fit of fantasy….)

  35. What was the maximum sentence handed down in the Kavanaugh protests?

  36. @reading

    The single biggest problem with a large percentage of the American right is they still naively believe in the American experiment and that our problems will be solved through the ballot box. But that ship sailed long ago, and the left is more nefarious and more realistic, knowing full well that they’re playing for higher stakes.

    The left and the Democrats know that ethics and principles be damned: all is acceptable, if it advances The Revolution.

  37. @beavertales

    The Kennedy documents are still not public after 58 years. The 9/11 documents haven’t been released for 20 years.

    The tyrants learned very well that the people can be pushed around anyway they want and nothing happens. It’s only after a bloody revolution that some of the political class’s crimes MAY come to light. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  38. @Biff

    The US Fed Gov has no internal enemies to speak of. The Fed Gov has voters that consistently yearn for another ass reaming. The population gets what it asked for.

    • Agree: Realist
  39. Truth says:

    Ritchie, let’s harken back to a more… peaceful time for the Eye-talian Americans…

    • Replies: @Rich
  40. Rich says:

    I knew a guy who beat the crap out of Eddie Murphy at a nightclub on Long Island back in the 80s. He was Italian-American. But like most, not all, but most blacks, Murphy talked shite and wore a purple suit. Why are you watching a guy who liked trannies, Truth? You’re not on the “down low” too, are you?

    • Replies: @Truth
  41. Rich says:
    @Nat X

    Look at that, after all these years, you finally made it to ‘Z’. That makes you one of the smartest blacks around.

  42. Truth says:

    Well Eddie is 5-8 150 lbs…

    • Replies: @Rich
  43. Rich says:

    Marvin Hagler was 5’9″ 160.

  44. rgl says:

    Anyone else here find it odd that out of the Jan 6 ‘insurrection’, not one person has actually been indicted for that crime. Let alone charged.

    That shaman-goober got 41 months for … ahem … trespassing. Ordinarily, a misdemeanor.

    This ‘Jan 6 Commission’ is directly in alignment with the Warren Commission, and the ‘911 Commission’. Mostly BS.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  45. Richard B says:

    Wearing a horned helmet, furs and facepaint, Chansley became one of the most prominent faces of the riot on the day Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 election.


    Wearing a horned helmet, furs and facepaint, Chansley became one of the most prominent faces of the riot on purpose (see iconic photo, ie; choreographed and calculated) and is now kicking it in a kibutz in Israel on your dime Mr. and Mrs. Sucker of the Centruy Tax-paying American many of whom still call Israel our best friend and pray for the return of the Orange one to the point where even the hostile elite are astonished at the extent of your pathological gullibility.

    Seriously though, would it surprise anyone? I mean, you couldn’t get more cornball central casting than that whole photo-op, I mean insurrection.

  46. Richard B says:

    This ‘Jan 6 Commission’ is directly in alignment with the Warren Commission, and the ‘911 Commission’. Mostly BS.

    Of course! Especially since they all begin with Once Upon A Time

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