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Putin Says Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Was Preemptive Defense Against Attack
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Regrettably, Putin did not use May 9 celebrations to officially declare war on the Ukraine.

Maybe that isn’t regrettable – I don’t know. The operation is moving along.

The issue is that the Ukraine is not in a vacuum and the West is flooding the country with weapons and troops.

But I’m sure Putin knows what he’s doing.

At least we got an awesome new Z flag.

That reminds me of, um. Never mind, I forget.

Putin’s speech included parts about the invasion of the Ukraine.

He said it was a preemptive attack in defense of Russia.


Russia’s military operation in Ukraine was a preemptive move against future aggression, President Vladimir Putin has outlined during his address at the Victory Day parade in Red Square in Moscow on Monday.

Putin not only praised the achievement of the Soviet people during World War II, but also addressed the Kremlin’s reasons for the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev. Russia had to act because a large-scale offensive against the breakaway republics in the eastern Donbass region was being planned, he claimed.

“We saw the military infrastructure unfolding [in Ukraine]; hundreds of foreign advisers starting their work; there were regular deliveries of the most modern weapons from NATO countries. The danger grew every day,” the president explained.

“Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression – this was a forced, timely and the only right decision by a sovereign, strong and independent country,” he added, referring to the launch of the military operation.

“Despite all the disagreements in international relations, Russia has always advocated the creation of a system of equal and indivisible security,” Putin continued.

He cited Moscow’s attempts to engage in dialogue on security guarantees with Washington late last year, which failed to yield results.

“NATO countries didn’t want to hear us, which means that, in fact, they harbored completely different plans, and we saw it,” he elaborated. There were open preparations for a punitive operation in the Donbass and “an invasion of our historical lands, including Crimea,” Putin insisted, adding that Kiev also announced plans to restore its nuclear capabilities.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US has increasingly spoken of ‘American exceptionalism,’ Putin pointed out. By spreading those ideas, Washington is “humiliating not only the whole world, but also its satellites, which have to pretend that they don’t notice anything and humbly accept it all. But we are a different country,” he insisted.

“Russia has a different character, we’ll never give up on our love for our Motherland, on our faith and traditional values and customs of our ancestors; on respect for all peoples and cultures.”

It was a beautiful parade in Moscow and in other parts of Russia, as well as in liberated parts of “Ukraine” people places.

The missiles were great and the BBC itself called it “a reminder.”

Not sure why everyone needs reminded – it would have been very easy to just not mess with Russia in the first place. Then no one would need to be reminded.

We could all just live in peace. Unless we live in a Western country, in which case we are being harassed by violent blacks, virus hoaxes and forced vaccines, and schools and children’s entertainment companies trying to turn our children into homosexuals.

Meanwhile, in yet-to-be-liberated “Ukraine,” old men were humiliated by the Zelenskyites.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin 
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  1. Alrenous says: • Website

    Alrenous says no shit. They were shelling Donbass, do you think they never “accidentally” shelled targets across the border too? Think these terrorists scrupulously distinguished between lines on a map? I expect there was some run-and-gun as well. Only reason Putin doesn’t mention it is because he doesn’t have hard proof they weren’t domestic terrorists.

    Cet animal est très méchant. Quand on l’attaque, il se défend.

    Unless we live in a Western country, in which case we are being harassed by violent blacks, virus hoaxes and forced vaccines, and schools and children’s entertainment companies trying to turn our children into homosexuals.

    Alternatively you can not commit infanticide on your own kids, not send your kids to school, point out the propaganda in the cartoons, just not take the vaccine as 20-25% of Americans didn’t, and don’t try to live in a high-crime slum.

    Could even, you know, quit trying to reform Satan and look at how the Amish do it. They can’t do shit to you if you don’t let them.

    • Replies: @aldasfail770
  2. Putin is such a gentleman – acknowledges guests, shakes hands, and speaks politely. Nothing like the arrogance of our fraudulent President Biden.

  3. anonymous[153] • Disclaimer says:

    The magic word pre-emptive is a message to the NATO satellites. But they’re probably too stupid to get it. The UK and US are big proponents of pre-emptive use of force. Russia is saying, How you like it? Both world wars started with pre-emptive use of force. This one will, too. The guy with the button stuck really close to Putin for that speech.

    It’s actually a can of worms but nobody cared when the US was the one doing all the pre-empting:

    Russia’s long term goal here is clearly to show the US that shit happens when you cheat on useful rules. It would be great if Russia pre-empted the beltway into stratospheric asshole particulates with some SATANs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Badger Down
  4. Unit472 says:

    Time is the Hunter so it is worth remembering some earlier invasion timelines. On May 10th 1940 Germany invaded France. It rolled through Belgium and by June 25th, 1940 the war was over. France was defeated and the British Army sent into a chaotic retreat.

    Don’t like that one. Well in August 1914 Germany and France ( with a British Army in support) went at it. By September 5th the German Army was within 30 miles of Paris. They never got closer. 4 years, and millions of dead later, they were only 75 miles away.

    There maybe some military historians with better knowledge than I but, AFAIK, no Great Power has ever launched a major attack on a neighboring power and had less to show for its effort than Russia in 2022. That Ukraine was, by far, the smaller combatant and has weathered the invasion is unprecedented in modern history. Sure a skittish NATO transferred some man portable defensive weapons and ammunition but never made any ground, sea or air forces available even now, 75 days later and yet Ukraine still can mount an effective defense and is humiliating Russia. That Russia cannot push aside Ukrainian resistance and must fear its own forces are about to be chopped to pieces by one or two hundred NATO supplied artillery pieces has to show V. Putin to be the most incompetent leader in centuries.

  5. peterAUS says:

    …Maybe that isn’t regrettable – I don’t know…

    Correct. You don’t.
    Doesn’t matter, because

    … I’m sure Putin knows what he’s doing….

    you believe. You have faith.

    Or so it appears, anyway……..or how to put it, you are either dumb or slick. My gut feeling tells me it’s the later.

    And, honestly, it does provide a service. A constant flow of copium for certain types online.

    So..overall…not bad, actually.

    • Troll: Humbert Humbert
  6. He said it was a preemptive attack in defense of Russia.

    This is the simple truth. Any person who does not understand this has NOTHING to say about the war in Ukraine.

    And why would Putin declare a war against Ukraine? His war is against the World Economic Forum and their NeoFeudalist agenda.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @JWalters
  7. Anonymous[294] • Disclaimer says:

    As an American resident of a major east coast U.S. city one of my greatest fears with the hypersonic missile is that the flight time will be so short I won’t have enough time to enjoy even a minute of blissful schadenfreude seeing London, Berlin, and Warsaw carbonized and vaporized.

    • LOL: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @Unit472
    , @Realist
  8. N.Burg says:

    Since Russia wishes to declare pre-emptive defense as justifiable for attacks,can we declare Gen Keitel et al as not guilty per their defense at Nuremberg?Just wondering?

    • Replies: @Protogonus
    , @Badger Down
  9. Notsofast says:

    one well placed, well timed, hypersonic missile …in january … in switzerland, would go a long ways towards solving this poor planets problems. these bastards think they can hide in a neutral country ….there are no neutral countries.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes, richebourg
  10. peterAUS says:

    Agree ,with two comments.
    First, a nitpick:
    NATO has been providing total battlefield awareness with advice as how to use it. So, RF is fighting something much bigger than Ukraine.

    Second, important:

    …how V. Putin to be the most incompetent leader in centuries….

    Not necessarily.
    The sole intent of Siloviki is to be in power. As long as that’s the fact anything else doesn’t matter.
    So far he’s been quite competent there. His cabal’s grip on power in RF is probably stronger than before the start of this debacle.
    I could see a couple of scenarios where RF itself gets ruined and the cabal still keeps its power.
    What’s not to like, then, if you were one of them?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  11. Unit472 says:

    Orbital mechanics can get mindblowingly complex but that is when you have a number of gravitational bodies acting upon your projectile. How to get around Saturn or Jupiter when you really want to get close to Titan or Europa e.g. OTOH to launch an ICBM only has to deal with the earth’s gravity. Therefore you only need to sub orbit the earth. That means you need to keep your speed below orbital velocity so you don’t continuously orbit but fall back before you complete an orbit.

    In rough terms you don’t want to be much higher than 100 nm or going more than 17500 mph or otherwise you will ”orbit”. To hit any point on earth you adjust your speed and altitude such that you fall back to earth at the point where your trajectory brings you back, relative to the center of the earth, where you want to end up. Easy peasy.

    Now, what does that tell us? The re-entry vehicle of a nuclear weapon must reenter the earth’s atmosphere at an ultra hypersonic velocity ( that was the hard part of making them). They are all ”hypersonic” but you have to slow down to survive. Atmospheric stress is one thing at 200,000 feet and quite another at 10,000 feet. The rocket scientist has to calculate and engineer these factors.

    The distinction between an ICBM and an aircraft launched hypersonic missile is merely one of achieving the necessary thrust to reach a preterdetermined velocity and altitude and nothing else. It is not a ”game changer”

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  12. Protogonus says: • Website

    Warmongering against poor, naive Russia and homophilia and transgenderism at home actually have the same origin, fundamentally: a satanic subversion that is finally making itself visible to all after centuries of bloody perfidy and perversion working in the shadows. Unz.Com readers will get it instantly:

  13. Unlike your case, the war was/is already going on in Ukraine for the past 8 years, sponsored by US and UK and permitted by France and Germany against the spirit of Minsk 2 agreement. Russia is there to finish it now.

  14. @Unit472

    I think you’re arguing from False Premises.

    I don’t think that Russia invaded the Ukraine to capture the country and force capitulation.

    I think Russia invaded the Breakaway Republics to occupy them and save the inhabitants, hence the restraint.

    I think they’re doing fairly well.

    I also think that the U.S. government is committing Fiscal Suicide, because it’s histrionic reaction is going to cost us our status as THE Reserve Currency. After that, we’re finished, God Willing.

    You can give credit to Putin for that, too.

  15. Wielgus says:

    Member of Ukraine’s 93rd Brigade sends audio-messages to his wife Yulya, presented by Russian Youtube. He speaks in Ukrainian and the YT gives Russian subtitles. He complains about Russian artillery in Donbass where he has been fighting and about inability to counter-act it. He mentions Ukrainian colonels ordering them to stay put despite heavy bombardment and not withdraw. He thinks senior officers are earning millions while soldiers like him are killed for a pittance. He mentions that he and others refused to carry out an order unless they were properly supported, presumably by their own artillery. He also complains about a lack of painkillers such as morphine for wounded soldiers.

  16. meamjojo says:

    “Regrettably, Putin did not use May 9 celebrations to officially declare war on the Ukraine.

    Maybe that isn’t regrettable – I don’t know. The operation is moving along.”

    Oh sure, moving right along! [lol]
    ‘I Simply Refuse’: Wiretaps Catch Putin’s Troops Breaking Own Tanks in Sabotage Scheme
    Russian troops have begun sharing tips with one another on how to deliberately damage Russian tanks and disobey orders, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

    May. 06, 2022 12:49PM ET

    Russian fighters have been sharing tips with one another about how to deliberately damage their own equipment and hamper Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war plans in Ukraine, according to recordings of alleged Russian troops’ phone calls that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) intercepted.

    In one regiment, one Russian soldier allegedly said they’ve been pouring sand into the tanks’ fuel systems to clog them up.

    “I don’t follow stupid orders, I simply refuse,” one fighter can be heard telling a comrade. “The motherf*cker sent me to tanks, motherf*cking piece of shit. I f*cked it up and that’s it.”

    When the fellow Russian soldier on the other end of the line heard the unit wasn’t punished for the insubordination, he indicated he might repeat the tactic later in his own unit.

    Another Russian fighter shared with a family member that he and his comrades deliberately damaged their tank—the last one left in their regiment—to interfere with an attack plan, as well, according to another intercept the SBU shared.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  17. meamjojo says:

    “Putin Says Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Was Preemptive Defense Against Attack”

    Nobody was attacking babycakes, except perhaps in his own mind.

    Just because someone says something stupid, like “they were going to attack us, I’m sure” or masks prevent Covid, doesn’t mean that we have to accept and embrace such foolishness.

    Regardless the truth will always out. Here’s some more directly from mother Russia itself. Amazing how people will stand-up against 15 year sentences in Russian gulags to speak truth to power.
    Russian journalists’ rebel on Victory Day with anti-Putin articles – ‘Paranoid dictator’
    RUSSIAN JOURNALISTS committed acts of rebellion on Russia’s Victory Day by publishing over 40 articles on a pro-Kremlin website stating that “Putin lied about Russia’s plans in Ukraine” and labelling the President a “dictator”.
    Tue, May 10, 2022

    • Troll: Notsofast, Lurker
  18. meamjojo says:

    Weren’t all those Russian military folk with their many ribbons and shiny medals impressive in their V-day parade? Oooh, so scary!

    Why weren’t they on the front lines against Ukraine?

    And why did Putin need a blanket when he was sitting down, like an old granny?

    • Troll: Notsofast, Lurker
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  19. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a pre-emptive strike against:

    The Democratic Party=The Homosexual Pederast Party…

    The Democratic Party=The Surgically Mutilated Tranny Freak Party

    The Democratic Party=BLACK LIVES MATTER PARTY

    The Democratic Party=The NAMBLA PARTY

    The Democratic Party=The ADL-Leo Frank Party

    The Democratic Party=The Joy Reid Chimp-Out Party

    The Democratic Party=The Jewish Ukrainian Homosexual Pederast Zelensky Party

    Conclusion:GOD BLESS VLADIMIR PUTIN……AND GOD BLESS PATRIARCH KIRILL!!!……….The Democratic Party is waging GENOCIDAL RACE WAR against Slavic Christian Russia….

  20. @anonymous

    I am appalled at Finland’s stupidity. If you see a bear in the mountains, don’t run towards it shouting about how your gang will protect you. I know Finns are smarter than this; now we see how stupid democracy can be.

  21. Daniel H says:

    but, AFAIK, no Great Power has ever launched a major attack on a neighboring power and had less to show for its effort than Russia in 2022.

    1) Crimea is gone for good to Ukraine, and the eastern lands that Russia holds are also likely never to be returned to Ukraine.

    2) Ukraine will never join NATO.

  22. @Unit472

    “Major attack”, my Aunt Fanny. Didn’t you hear Putin?
    Your examples are of war against aliens. A country waged war on an enemy country: kill everyone, flatten the cities. In the US war in Ukraine, Russia is gently trying to re-establish peace.

    Look at videos and photos of Ukraine in 2014 and since. Those smashed buildings and thousands of dead bodies were perped by Ukrainians: no Russians in sight. That’s the US war in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  23. @N.Burg

    Yes. Not Guilty. A travesty.

    “several hundred prominent American and European political figures, writers, artists and military men were not only anti-Nuremberg, but also outspoken about it, both during and after the event”

    • Thanks: mark green
  24. Maybe Russia is simply using time as its greatest ally. While the Donbass is locked in place, Russia makes pinprick strikes around the country at will , slowly degrading their resupply options.

    The US sanctioned Iraq for several years before it finally invaded under W. By then the Iraq army had been severely degraded. Going slow could be a strategy not a problem.

    Besides, at \$40 billion a whack, maybe it is the US that is being bled dry.

    • Agree: Spanky, Notsofast
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  25. @War for Blair Mountain

    The other Party that is waging war against Slavic Christian Russia:

    The Republican Party=The Lindsay Graham Black Anal Warts Party

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  26. @War for Blair Mountain

    Everything you write is true and laudable so far as it goes. It is not, however, complete.

    I sincerely hope that at some point you come to see that the Republicans are just as Jew’d up as the Democrats are. Jews now control the world’s economy and rule almost all the world’s major nations. Part of what underlies this deplorable state of affairs is the fact that people are blind to the fundamental fraudulence of democracy.

    Contrary to the false religion of democracy, the “people” do not rule, nor do they elect those who rule in their name, nor do those who rule prioritize the welfare or the safety of the ruled when they (i.e., the rulers) make decisions or formulate policy.

    Since lies and hypocrisy and all forms of deception are inherently evil, the hoax of democracy would be poisonous in a world in which there were no Jews or in which Jews had no influence outside their own tribe. But with Jews’ constituting the core of the Deep State in virtually every post-Neolithic society in the world, the hoax has become a means to bring about the mass enslavement of the human race.

    A Russian victory in Ukraine will not defeat the Jews’ plans for Gulag Earth, but it might prompt a tactical reassessment. Given our plight, we ought to be thankful for whatever blessings come our way, no matter how small or temporary they are.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
    , @meamjojo
  27. @War for Blair Mountain

    The linked comment of yours appeared only after my reply to your earlier comment was submitted. I’m glad to learn that my reminder about the Republicans was premature and uncalled for.

  28. JWalters says:


    On a matter of definitions, I’d say Russia’s entry into the independent Donbass republics, and then Ukraine, was “pre-emptive” in a surface sense. But in a deeper sense it was a response to an attack on Russia by the Zionist Empire, which was aimed at regime change in Russia and stealing Russian natural resources. The Zionist Empire’s 2014 regime change in Ukraine was its opening military salvo. The current economic siege warfare against Russia is another standard tactic used by the Zionist Empire to topple governments and steal resources. The Russians saw clearly what was coming, and after eight years of patience they responded in kind.

    I agree the Russians have no reason to declare war on Ukraine. Ukraine is a duped pawn. Except for the Nazis, the Russians may feel sympathy for the Ukrainians.

    It would be great if this conflict turns out to be a bridge too far for the Zionist Empire, their masks come off, their perfidy is revealed, and their vassal states – the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, etc – break free from the Empire’s evil, destructive clutches.

    • Agree: inspector general
  29. Maybe that isn’t regrettable – I don’t know. The operation is moving along.

    It is certainly moving along….towards Russia:

    Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate 4 settlements in Kharkiv Region

    Nice picture of a Russian tank that has been jack in a boxed.

    This is looking like the Russo-Japanese war. Russian Tsar arrogance meets an underestimated enemy.

    Putin should throw in the towel but he is of course a weak little man that will kill tens of thousands more Russian soldiers before admitting that he made a mistake.

    Mores self-propelled howitzers on the way from Germany:

    One of the most advanced howitzers in the world. Have fun with that.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Ummm
  30. JWalters says:
    @Badger Down

    How manipulated democracy can be.

    Which is why freedom of speech is so important.

  31. @peterAUS

    Putin will indeed be viewed as one of the worst European dictators of the last few hundred years. This will be worse than the Russo-Japanese war.

    Over 50k Russians will be dead and his economy will go into a depression.

    All for what? So he can raise a “Mission Accomplished” banner over the ruins of Donbas? And that currently is what is he hoping to achieve by throwing 20 or 30 thousand more soldiers into the grinder.

    His credibility as a leader is completely shot and ironically he has made Zelenskyy a global hero.

    He doesn’t understand his own economy and didn’t spend 10 minutes on youtube learning about NLAWs and stinger missiles. It looks like they didn’t even bother doing basic maintenance checks on the vehicles before sending them in the direction of Kiev.

    Anyone defending this loser dictator will look like a complete fool in a few months. The sanctions haven’t even begun to kick in. You can’t build your economy with US and German tech and then tell them to leave. It’s going to fall apart and Moscow will be filled with hobbling men missing limbs and eyes. The people will grow tired of him just as they did with Nicholas II.

    • Agree: meamjojo
  32. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    They’ve tried every form of economic system and most of the political ones.

    To be fair it looks like a Trillion dollars was squirrelled away by Jewish oligarchs in New York and London under his nose.

    Putin attempted to arrest and kill most of these thieves. I don’t think he ever put his personal assets abroad either.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  33. @Unit472

    The distinction of a hypersonic missile is that it doesn’t follow a ballistic trajectory, like an ICBM. The flight time is a lot shorter. The trajectory of a hypersonic glide vehicle is unpredictable.

    At hypersonic speed the air pressure in front of a missile forms a plasma cloud. The plasma cloud is absorbing radio waves and therefore makes the weapon invisible to a radar.

    Unlike a ballistic missile, a hypersonic missile can maneuver along the way. Unlike an intercontinental missile, a hypersonic missile can be launched from a short distance.

    A hypersonic missile is a lot cheaper to manufacture, and it can be launched from an interceptor aircraft. A regular anti-ballistic missile cannot intercept a hypersonic missile. That is a game changer.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @SteveK9
  34. Ummm says:
    @John Johnson

    12 advanced, foreign manufactured weapons systems.

    Who is maintaining them? Are there experts in maintaining this weapon system going WITH the weapon system, or is there a team of experts in the Ukraine? Are they sending spares?

    Similarly the US have sent a number of M-777’s to the Ukraine, which will last around 1-2 weeks of reasonable battle use without significant maintenance. I mean its a great gun, it just needs a lot of support.

    Meanwhile, the Ukrainian people have more debts to pay. Yay! What a great outcome!

    But it has great optics, right? They’re sending advanced artillery to help!

  35. Of the countless wars in history, how many have been genuinely “preemptive”? The vast major have been for plunder and glory – a tiny percentage actually preemptive. And of all the leaders in history pondering whether their enemy might attack first, and thus justify a preemption, none had 5-10,000 nuclear weapons while his enemy had none – except for Vlad the Invader. Well, also the Global American Empire – but nobody else. Perhaps Vlad is showing the world that Russia is indeed a great power, and just like the U.S., gets to throw its weight around when things don’t go its way. Too bad about all the dead Ukrainians and Russian servicemen.

    The Vlad fans will now chime in and say it’s justified because of a Ukrainian civil war in which Putin armed the rebels.

    • Replies: @Ummm
  36. Ummm says:
    @Frank Walus

    And what should Putin have done, oh great expert on running a country?

    The people in the Donbass are mostly ethnic Russians.

    Imagine, for example, that Russia was a direct democracy.

    Imagine you, for example, lived in Moscow. Imagine you moved there for ” a better life”, but Granny still lives in Donbass.

    The Ukro-nazis threaten her with death. You don’t have enough cash to move her.

    What do you vote for? What will your opinion of your government be if they allow Granny to get genocided?

    I don’t unfortunately think there was much of an option. The Ukro-nazis are well funded and armed and have an agenda.

    Do the Ukro-nazis represent the will of the majority of the Ukrainian people? I think not.

    Consider for a moment that there is an undeniable truth here; that there are a group of well armed racists who want to kill ethnic russians.

    Think – not a war against Ukraine, but the racist, armed group.

    Consider that the international community ignores that this is a fact and instead demonises Russia as an “invading force” for trying to deal with it.

    You can bloviate about “muh russian invasion” but for the love of god, consider the facts of the situation. Tell me the alternative.

    Do you think that the armed racists knew that if they escalated they’d eventually be attacked by the DPR? Obviously!

    The 99 dollar question you have to ask yourself is *why is the West on the side of armed racist murderers*.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  37. @Pierre de Craon

    A Russian victory in Ukraine will not defeat the Jews’ plans for Gulag Earth, but it might prompt a tactical reassessment.

    As I see it, a Russian victory in Ukraine will doom the jews’ plans to failure. I believe the jews understand this and this is why they’re willing to destroy the U.S. and European economies and risk nuclear war to stop Russia.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  38. Juvenalis says:
    @Badger Down

    Finland’s defence is in the hands of Finnish Defence Forces. While Russia is occupying 10% of Finnish territory in Karelian isthmus, Salla, Petsamo—stolen by illegal Bolshevik aggression—Finland has been extremely restrained in not pressing for return of any of the occupied territories stolen in 1940s, much less historic Finnic territory in East Karelia. (Of course sadly Russia stole the beautiful Finnish city Viipuri/Viborg and turned today’s Vyborg into a typical Russian dump. That”s Moscow’s reverse-Midas-touch.) However nothing is ever enough for aggressive evil empire of the Kremlin. Russia has no friends, only enemies or subjects.

    Finland will join NATO at last (along with Sweden), because finally popular will has broken through all the decades of endless aggressive Soviet/Russian active measures propaganda and subversion—countless Finnish politicians who were corrupt assets of KGB/FSB, some of whom went on to jobs on boards of Russian oil companies. Corruption automatically follows when any degree of Russian influence is allowed to interfere with a country.

    The neo-Bolshevist Putin regime is not a ‘bear’. Russian Federation is merely the latest successor state of the genocidal mass-murderous Soviet Union, genocidal Russian Empire that enslaved its entire population as serfs, genocidal Mongolian vassal Tsardom of Muscowy, and ultimately of the genocidal Mongol Khanate itself, whence the Muscowite ‘Russian’ State originated.

    Muscowy is a corrupt totalitarian kleptocracy plagued by perpetual poverty and misery, ruled by selfish autocrats surrounded by a small gang of crooks (now called oligarchs) all infected with perpetual paranoia, insecurity, neuroticism, who convince the suffering masses that it’s always some exterior enemy’s fault that their lives never improve. Just suffer more and more misery because for sure that bright future of Heaven/Communism will be attained! However anyone who dares object to the tyrant (whether he be called Khan, Tsar, Communist Party Secretary—now President Putin) will be crushed by secret police terror and brutality. The concept of truth does not exist in Russia. Corruption, cruelty, deceit are the ways of the Mongol which have sadly remained the ways of Moscow to this day.

  39. @meamjojo

    Fake News JoJo.

    Cue Beatles song ‘Get Back’.

    Jojo was a man who thought he was a woman
    But he was another man……….

  40. @Badger Down

    Steven Spielberg probably gave ZioNazi Zelensky a few million dollars in shekels to turn a few Ukrainian cities into war zones for a remake of Schindler’s List.
    Spielberg then licensed footage to the Pentagon for 10 million to use for propaganda against Russia.
    Follow the shekels, the source of all evil.

  41. Levtraro says:
    @Badger Down

    I know Finns are smarter than this

    That’s why the plan is not to ask them.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  42. Levtraro says:

    The US sanctioned Iraq for several years before it finally invaded under W. By then the Iraq army had been severely degraded. Going slow could be a strategy not a problem.

    Besides, at \$40 billion a whack, maybe it is the US that is being bled dry.

    The US and followers are spending money and materials in a lost cause; the Ukraine that will emerge after the war will not pay any of the money being lent or materials being leased; many investigations will show that those resources have been to a significant degree diverted to private accounts due to systemic corruption in the current Ukraine. Many Ukrainian generals will emerge as millionaires, if they escape on time with the money from the western taxpayer that they’ve stolen. This has been one of the main incentives not to surrender. The degree of corruption in all parts of the current Ukrainian state is unimaginable.

    • Agree: beavertales
  43. meamjojo says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Laser weapons will take out hypersonic missiles. We have them. Russia doesn’t. Such weapons need chips and high tech boards. Russia isn’t going to be able to get these. Maybe we will just use them to evaporate Moscow.
    Israeli and US Navy lasers successfully shoot down drones, rockets, artillery
    Israel’s “Iron Beam” looks to be deployed within the year.
    Israeli Ministry of Defense / Twitter
    April 22, 2022

    “It may sound like science fiction, but it’s real.”

    Thus tweeted Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennet, accompanied by a highly-produced video of Israel’s new laser-based air defense system, the “Iron Beam,” destroying incoming ordinance in the Negev Desert.

    The successful testing of the device joins a recently announced US Navy test of a similar weapons platform called Layered Laser Defense (LLD). LLD was tested at the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, as laser air defense systems begin to move from concept to action.

    “Innovative laser systems like the LLD have the potential to redefine the future of naval combat operations,” Rear Adm. Lorin C. Selby, Chief of Naval Research, said in a statement.

    Laser focused: The US Office of Naval Research (ONR) has been looking at laser-based weapons since the 1980s, Interesting Engineering reports, and as the technologies powering lasers improved, the weapons slowly marched towards reality.

    In 2014, the ONR completed a laser air defense system test on the USS Ponce. The amphibious transport ship’s laser weapons system, dubbed LaWS, is “more precise than a bullet,” the Ponce’s captain, Christopher Wells, told a CNN crew during a demonstration in July 2017. (It’s faster than a speeding bullet, too: the beam moves — naturally — at the speed of light.)

    • Replies: @j2
    , @Realist
    , @Here Be Dragon
  44. @Reverend Goody

    Good, if often unstated, point! One incident that I remember vividly about Vladimir Putin was that when he was leaving Australia after a state visit, he got out of his car and shook the hands of every single motorcycle policeman that had accompanied him. A small, but very impressive gesture! Can anyone imagine any present or recent Western leader doing that?

  45. Miha says:

    So according to Putin’s logic, we should have obliterated Russia centers of command a long time ago as a preemptive defensive strike against Russia’s forthcoming nuclear attack – now more or less promised on an almost daily basis by saliva-drooling Putin supporters and of course by the thug himself. They’re almost orgasmic over the prospect of the British Isles descending into the ocean under a tsunami induced by a nuclear bomb dropped into the English Channel. Lovely people. Ireland would be inundated likewise. Anyway, eventually and perhaps sooner than later, MAD or nature will provide a solution to this existential crisis.

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @Levtraro
    , @orchardist
  46. @Reverend Goody

    “Putin has no soul.” – Joe Demento
    “Biden has no brain.” – Everybody else

    • Agree: JR Foley
  47. neutral says:
    @John Johnson

    Zelensky is a hero only to the ZOG filth of the world, the brainwashed goyim and natural jews such as yourself, anyone who considers that jew cockroach a hero is also the same type that support BLM, globo homo, anti white ideologies, etc.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  48. ANDREW ANGLIN, what I’m about to post below is off topic, but will be very relevant for you in particular.

    I know you’re a Bitcoin fan-boy and I’m guessing you have a significant exposure to it – perhaps more than you can afford to lose.

    It’s important that you listen to at least the first 10-12 mins of the clip below. (You’ll do your dough if you don’t take heed):

    No one knows the future with absolute certainty, but ALL THE SIGNS are there to suggest Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are soon to implode.

    I suggest all UR readers watch the entirety of this audio podcast above, because it’s so important.

    Ernest Hemingway was once asked how he went bankrupt. He responded:

    ‘Slowly at first, then all of a sudden’.

    Well, this is the ‘All Of A Sudden’ phase for the U.S economy. Because the rate of collapse has now accelerated.
    The U.S economy, stock, bond and housing market is soon to experience free-fall collapse.

    Those of you invested in Bitcoin in particular, should act now and cash them in.
    Because you’ll soon have nothing but worthless digital tokens.

    Once again, Peter Schiff, a Libertarian with a comprehensive grasp of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory (and Austrian Economics in general), is able to predict the unravelling of the U.S economy – exactly as he did prior to the 2008 GFC.

    • Thanks: peterAUS
  49. @Harold Smith

    If your assessment is closer to the mark than mine—something I certainly do not rule out—I pray that Putin has the fortitude necessary to sustain him in the struggle and the prudence to watch his back at all times. I am in no doubt that Washington has put a price on his head.

  50. Wokechoke says:

    Russians should clean their own rooms amirite? Then their lives will improve. Lazy bastards. Let’s bomb them.

  51. Rogue says:
    @John Johnson

    His credibility as a leader is completely shot

    In your opinion, but not in the opinion of most Russians or most of the World. After all, a majority of World governments don’t back USA or NATO in this current war.

    and ironically he has made Zelenskyy a global hero

    Wrong again. It’s the Western media that have turned Mr penis piano-man into a Western hero – not a global hero.

    Try listening to someone like Scott Ritter. Ritter contends that Zelenskyy is toast should he try to properly negotiate with the Russians. He has been warned by the Nazis what he can and cannot say.

  52. @Alrenous


    It’s why I moved out of the United States a decade ago.

    America is satan at this point and has been for years. Every single thing done in its name is evil incarnate. Yet we want to squabble about Ukraine and abortions.

    These women should be lined up against the wall for being whores flat out. So Americans who hate me enjoy your fat unkempt whores,

  53. Rogue says:

    So Finland and Sweden turn themselves into nuclear targets?

    Nope, can’t say I see the sense in that.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  54. Wielgus says:

    Vzglyad Russian website, Deepl translation edited

    Expert explains why AFU tried to seize Zmeinyy Island

    11 May 2022, 11:50 a
    Text: Alyona Zadorozhnaya


    “The Kiev authorities are trying to show the West that they still have combat-ready formations that should continue to be supplied with arms,” military expert Konstantin Sivkov told the Vzglyad newspaper. Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry reported record losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the attempt to seize Zmeinyy Island.

    “This was another PR campaign on the part of the AFU, as well as attacks on infrastructure facilities in the border territories. In addition, last time they tried to launch counterattacks near Kharkov and Izyum. And all three times they were repulsed by the allied forces with serious losses for the Ukrainian army,” said Konstantin Sivkov, a doctor of military sciences.

    “It is likely that the entire set of measures is being carried out so that the Kiev leadership can demonstrate to the West that the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have combat-ready forces in need of arms and equipment deliveries. After all, if all the formations are in the pits, there is no point in sending aid, because it will end up in the hands of the allied forces,” the interlocutor said.

    In addition, the expert says, all these attempts were “knowingly doomed to failure, but it is to Russia’s advantage”. “Ukraine has lost the most trained specialists in the southern direction. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have further lost combat efficiency. So, we should hardly expect a repeat of such provocations in the near future,” Sivkov concluded.

    Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry called the Ukrainian army’s attempt to seize Zmeinyy Island on the eve of Victory Day “a mindless PR campaign”. The military ministry also noted that Kiev had lost 14 aircraft and helicopters, as well as 30 drones and 50 personnel.

    It is specified that the AFU lost three Su-24 bombers and one Su-27 fighter near Zmeinyy. Ten AFU helicopters were destroyed. Of these, three Mi-8 helicopters with paratroopers on board and one Mi-24 support helicopter were shot down in the air. Six Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters were destroyed on the ground near the village of Artsys, Odessa Region.

    At the same time, 27 bodies of Ukrainian special forces and nationalist fighters still remain on the island. Three Ukrainian Centaur armoured amphibious assault boats with paratroopers on board were also destroyed at sea.

    The attempted air and sea landing on Zmeinyy Island took place shortly before the Victory Day celebrations. “Since May 7, on direct orders from (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelensky, a major provocation was planned by the Ukrainian General Staff with the direct involvement of US and UK advisers to seize Zmeinyy Island,” the Russian Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel reported.

    Earlier, the Ukrainian army chief, Valeriy Zaluzhnyy, said that the Ukrainian army had launched a counteroffensive near Kharkov and Izyum. The Vzglyad newspaper said that experts considered this as a kind of “bluff in the conditions of an information war”.

    Translated with (free version)

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  55. Rogue says:

    The casualness with which nuclear war talk is bandied about is something I utterly detest.

    Certainly that includes Russia. I must point out, though, that several weeks before Russia invaded a US senator who was the 2nd most senior member of the senate armed services committee (or some such) spoke bluntly about the possible use of nuclear weapons against Russia.

    To roughly quote him: “American forces should sail into the Black Sea and rain death and destruction on Russian forces – and that could possibly include the use of nuclear weapons as well.”

    You think the Russians didn’t notice this?

    • Agree: Spanky, Dnought
  56. Russia and Europe had a peaceful relationship up until February. Russia sold energy to Europe, and purchased European-made goods worth billions of Euros.

    NordStream 2 was about to come online, which would have ensured a mutually beneficial obligation to prosperity and security through the 21st century.

    The New York – London banking cartel started this bloody conflict to throw a wrench into the works, for self-serving reasons. ‘They’ must be brought to justice, in a Nuremburg-style process.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  57. Levtraro says:

    So according to Putin’s logic, we should have obliterated Russia centers of command a long time ago as a preemptive defensive strike against Russia’s forthcoming nuclear attack …


    Why haven’t you tried that?

    (1) Are you stupid?

    (2) Coward?

    (3) Nobody? (just a fat old guy whose untidy bear is sprinkled with peaces of bacteria-rich Cheetos from two days back posting from your dying mom’s garage, bragging about an inexistent ability to strike).

    Sorry, I apologize sincerely.

    I just couldn’t avoid the offensive humour when I read that you used the “we” pronoun as if you were really part of the decision-making people, and I quote:

    … we should have obliterated Russia


    It’s just so funny when some random guy of no importance at all feel like he is in an “us” situation, it is so un-individualistic, so collectivist, and yet, so unimportant.

    I hope you understand.

    • LOL: Spanky
  58. SteveK9 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    I think you are confusing anti-ship missiles (Zircon and Kinzhal are the missiles in your picture) with strategic weapons. Avangard is the strategic warhead. All ballistic missiles are ‘hypersonic’ … they fall at about Mach 20. Avangard is different because it maneuvers during its descent.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  59. j2 says:

    comment on a laser beam missile defense: “(It’s faster than a speeding bullet, too: the beam moves — naturally — at the speed of light.)”

    No, it is not necessarily faster than a hypersonic missile. The beam goes with the speed of light in a laser weapon, but you need to direct the beam to the target and it has to heat the target for some time, all this takes time, if there is too little time, the missile hits. In general, if there are too many missiles, hypersonic or supersonic, they overwhelm a defensive weapon. This is also why a hypersonic missile is not any game changer: already it is possible to use enough intercontinental ballistic missiles that they overwhelm the defense around the target. Some nukes get through and they are enough to make too much damage for a war to make sense. Therefore also defense shields are not any game changer. The nuke game stays as it was.

    • Replies: @admin user
    , @meamjojo
  60. @Rogue

    It goes further than that; not only is the rah-rah for a not-so-long-ago
    Russian province somewhat misplaced, Finnish governments have always
    had the smarts and taken pains to not anger Mother Russia too much.
    The existence of a borderland in a cold war is a shitty one – even more so
    if the land is marginal to begin with.
    Ubi solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant – they make a desert and call it peace –
    in a literal sense.
    No one in his right mind can want that.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  61. @SteveK9

    No comrade.

    Kinzhal is an air-to-surface missile, Zircon is a cruise missile and Avangard is a glide vehicle. All three are hypersonic but there is a difference in the trajectory.

    A cruise missile flies at low altitude, an air-to-surface at high altitude and a glide vehicle is released at sub-orbital altitude. All three of these have non-ballistic trajectory and are capable of maneuvering.

    The intercontinental missiles have a long trajectory and a long flight time, are detected once entering the sub-orbital space, their path is predictable and that is how anti-ballistic missiles intercept them.

    Short-range ballistic missiles are not hypersonic.

    • Replies: @Anon
  62. @Wielgus

    I would not agree this was a showoff …
    the island, even if only as a radar and anti-air position, constitutes a permanent
    threat of amphibious operation against Odessa, the family crown jewel of
    Nowaja Khazaria; add to that Russia´s recent blasting of the bridge over the
    Dniestr estuary (“isolating the battlefield”).
    If I was playing blue-yellow I´d get the willies too.

  63. Marcali says:

    The Winter War performance against Finland is also worth mentioning:
    Soviet fatalities numbered 273,000—10 times more than Finland’s—with thousands more wounded. The combined casualty total was likely a quarter of the 1.2 million Soviet soldiers deployed.
    Asked what had been gained, one Soviet general replied, “We have won enough ground to bury our dead.”

  64. @j2

    Some nukes get through and they are enough to make too much damage for a war to make sense.

    falling plutonium debris from incoming MIRVs that might be destroyed will be a problem

  65. Realist says:

    Laser weapons will take out hypersonic missiles. We have them. Russia doesn’t. Such weapons need chips and high tech boards. Russia isn’t going to be able to get these. Maybe we will just use them to evaporate Moscow.

    Your knowledge of science is laughable.

  66. Nuclear war to me is like the meteor, I’ll worry about it when I feel myself dying from it. Until then it’s just too abstract an idea for me.

  67. Realist says:

    As an American resident of a major east coast U.S. city one of my greatest fears with the hypersonic missile is that the flight time will be so short I won’t have enough time to enjoy even a minute of blissful schadenfreude seeing London, Berlin, and Warsaw carbonized and vaporized.

    To make it worse, if Putin is smart, he will have a number of submarines off both coasts nuclear-armed with hypersonic delivery systems.

  68. @meamjojo

    Dear Jo Jo, is that written in your troll manual or what? Because I remember having answered that already and if you don’t I will remind you.

    This “science fiction” has been deployed with the Russian forces since three years ago. They are manufacturing them without using imported components.

    Peresvet: a Russian mobile laser system to dazzle enemy satellites

    These weapons are not fit to counter hypersonic missiles due to their short range. That Israeli system has a range of 7 km, while the Kinzhal missile flies at 14 km/h. Another problem is that it can only focus on a slow moving target, such as drones, helicopters or a regular cruise missile.

    For a laser beam to cause any damage it has to be projected at a particular point on the target, with a stable focus and without dispersion, which is impossible to achieve when the target is a high-speed missile, performing evasive maneuvers.

    Keep dreaming.

  69. Anon[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Their nostrils flaring in indignation, the Tribe ululates as one: “Gotta kill da Czar and da COSSACKS! Oy vey we are so poisecuted.”

    Keep cheering for (((NATO))), the European control system.

  70. Anon[324] • Disclaimer says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “No comrade”

    Still fightin’ the USSR in your mind, eh?

  71. Jak spravy Andriy,

    Still convinced the Hero of the Ukraine is the savior of mankind ? Get in touch, I may have a bridge to sell you.

    All hail Elon ! Pugnacious philanthropist and purveyor of names extraordinaire.

  72. @Juvenalis

    Perhaps you should also say that Russia is occupying all of the historic Finnic territory in the Ural Mountains. Because that is where the ancestors of the modern Finns used to live. They used to go fishing there on the Ural river. So it must belong to them too, along with all the oil wells.


    Learn some history first. There is no any historic Finnic territory, except that which was given to them as a gift. The Finns had never had a state they were second-rate citizens of Sweden. Alexander, Emperor of Russia conquered the territories which are now Finland.

    He gave the Finnic people something like a state within the Russian Empire and established the Senate of Finland. Later Lenin granted them independence. The Russian people out of their good will created the nation of Finland, which had never existed.

    The “beautiful Finnish city Viipuri” was founded as a mixed Karelian-Russian settlement in the 11th–12th centuries, then it was conquered during the Swedish Crusade and recognized as a part of Sweden. Peter the Great captured the town later and transferred it to Russia.

    Alexander, the Emperor of Russia gave that town to the Finns as a gift for Christmas.

    The Karelian territories, which had been given to the Finns were later recaptured and returned to Russia due to their proximity to Saint Petersburg, then called Leningrad. Those lands were not the historic Finnic territory.

    Just because a people reside somewhere doesn’t make that somewhere belong to them.

    During the war the German and Finnish forces besieged Leningrad, and Finnish forces occupied East Karelia for three years. Together with the Nazi forces the Finns established a blockade during the siege, that lasted more than two years causing death of more than one and a half million of civilians from starvation.

    Some historians consider that it should be classified as a genocide.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @Oikeamielinen
  73. Wielgus says:

    During the Cold War, NATO pundits tended to use “Finlandisation” as a term of contempt, but a country living right next to Russia like Finland would be wise not to provoke it, not to join hostile alliances etc.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  74. American exceptionalism means that, American govt. can determine the destinies of other nations by its “My Way Or The Highway” rule-based international system of commercial and military establishment, which requires all global trades must be conducted by U.S. Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), and Swiss Franc (CHF).

    Fortunately or unfortunately, other nations — with the exceptions of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — do happily go along with American “My Way Or The Highway” rule-based international system of commercial and military establishment.

    When Sweden and Finland want to join the North Atlantic Treaty Org., that tells us something very important about “My Way Or The Highway” rule-based international system of commercial and military establishment of American govt.

    After all, when Sweden and Finland will become NATO-members, they will not fight tooth and nail with the Russian Federation, because Sweden and Finland do not have tooth and nail.

    But, American govt. will station nuclear-armed missiles in Sweden and Finland in order to strike the Russian Federation without warning.

    Because, American govt. is an exceptional régime on earth.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  75. meamjojo says:

    It depends on the power behind the beam. There is a defense for every sort of weapon. Laser seems like a good defense against hypersonic. If you can track it, a computer driven response can be made using multiple beams at each target.

    We are in early development stages of this possible weapon. Perhaps portable fusion power plant will have enough power.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @j2
  76. RobinG says:

    Russian briefing o Ukraine bio-labs –
    (including links to published documents)

    • Thanks: Spanky, Robjil
  77. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “There is no any historic Finnic territory,”

    Most of the cost of the Bay of Finland was Finnic, including the site of St. Petersburg (there liver Ingreans). In Island sagas from 1100-1300 there are 30 occurances where kings of Finland are mentioned. One of them is Fornjotr, who had the sons Hler, Loge and Kare. Hler founds the kingdom of Denmark and Loge the kingdom of Norway. And strangely, Rurik, the king of Kiev Rus’ had the Y-DNA Hg. N1c1, so was Finnic. Kings of Finland are mentioned by Al Idrisi in Sicilia in 1154. In 1155 (or by other sources 1249) Sweden conquered Finland.

    As for the city of Viipuri, it belonged to Sweden-Finland since 1323 and got city rights in 1403. In this site there had been a Carelian trading post since the 10th century. Originally it did not belong to the Viking state Novgorod. Novgorod was the other capital of Kievian Rus’ created by Swedish vikings from Ruslagen (close to Stockholm and Uppsala) in 882. Novgodod was established in the 10th century. In the time 1100-1200 Viipuri was under the sphere of influence of Novgorod. If was a city of Carelians/Finns and also a Hansa city up to 1940.

    Moscow Russia started as a vassal of the Golden Horde. Ivan III the Great conquered Novgorod in 1470. After that time Novgorod was Russia (as Ivan the Great stole the name of Rus’ for his empire). The main part of Kievian Rus’ developed into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and joined the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Today the descendant of Kievian Rus’ is Ukraine. But I agree that Crime does not belong to Kievian Rus’, nor does it historically belong to Russia. It should be a Khanate or a Greek or Roman colony.

    So, basically the areas of Novgorod, a Viking state, do not historically belong to Moscow Russia at all. Russia simply was conquering other peoples areas all along its history. Actually there is no historic Russia. They stole the name of a Viking state called after Ruslagen, stole the land of Novgodod and Finnic tribes, and many other lands.

    • LOL: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  78. General Shoigu was also looking pretty fit for someone purported by Western media as recently having a massive stroke or heart attack or having been sent to the Gulag by Mr. Putin for the poor progress of the SMO.

    I remember during the War on Terror that the media would report the death of someone in the deck of cards, and then a few months or a couple years later reported his recent death once again. Seems to be a habit. Same with all the portraits of Hitler they find when they raid someone’s palace or hacienda. If the Dems could raid Mar a Lago, they’d almost certainly find a portait of Hitler.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  79. @Miha

    That was the intended purpose of Project Azorian.

  80. @j2

    “Novgorod was the other capital of Kievian Rus” – listen, I am not in the mood to discuss alternative history here tonight, or the historical credibility of “Island sagas” especially with such an ignorant and illiterate person. We speak English here, it is “Iceland” not “Island” and get the timeline straight first.


    Historically, it was the name for all the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea, including the eastern parts of lake Mälaren, belonging to Svealand. The name was first mentioned in the year 1493 as “Rodzlagen,” before that the area was known as Roden.

    Rurik did not conquer Kiev, his son Oleg did. No one knows where his grave is, most probably he was cremated. There were never any kings of Finland save for the Swedes. You may believe whatever you want but that is not true.

    List of monarchs and heads of state of Finland

    This is a list of monarchs and heads of state of Finland; that is, the kings of Sweden with regents and viceroys of the Kalmar Union, the grand dukes of Finland, a title used by most Swedish monarchs.

    Likewise Novgorod was never a Viking state, and the state of Rus was not called like that after Ruslagen. You can, like has already been said believe in whatever you want and continue to live in a lie. Or you can prefer to learn the truth, in which case I suggest you read the comments I posted a week ago in another thread.

    We discussed this topic in detail.

    Of course this only is recommended if you are curious, in which case you will need to read all three of these, otherwise do not read any. Keep living in a fantasy world.

    • Troll: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @j2
  81. @Here Be Dragon

    Novgorod and also Karelia is mostly populated by Nordic people. They have no business being part of the Russian Empire, an alien entity. There’s some elements like that in Ukraine as well.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  82. @Ummm

    The Russians in the Donbas are a minority. About 40%.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Ummm
  83. Anonymous[585] • Disclaimer says:

    We are in early development stages of this possible weapon.

    Now you have the idea: this is not field-tested technology, but technology that has been developed and tested in the lab.

    No doubt the boffins have some interesting things in the works, but they should in no way be confused with weapons that have been tested under wartime conditions and known to be effective. Even the decades-old CIWS stuff has, as far as I know, never been used in wartime.

    One thing is for certain: this war is a disaster for humanity, but a godsend for anyone anxious to see if a particular weapon actually works (rather than listening to scientists saying it is likely to work).

  84. Bo Bo says:

    I don’t know who is at fault. All I know is that politicians (Zelensky, Biden, Putin) are responsible for all the death and destruction in the Ukraine. And they want to extend it to death and destruction in Russia and America. Thanks.

  85. @Face_The_Truth

    Will Sweden and Finland make an enemy of Russia because they are stupid or because they prefer Russian enmity to American enmity?

  86. anonymous[442] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    If the Dems could raid Mar a Lago, they’d almost certainly find a portait of Hitler.

    Vanity Fair beat you to the punch in 1990. By now, no doubt, Trump would have a whole library full of Nazi paraphernalia as per the esteemed New York Times.

    To wit :

    Donald Trump reportedly owned a copy of Adolf Hitler’s speeches and kept them in his bedside cabinet.

    A 1990 Vanity Fair article about billionaire businessman stated that Mr Trump’s then wife Ivana, said her husband owned a copy of “My New Order” – a printed collection of the Nazi leader’s speeches.

  87. j2 says:

    Usually so, for every weapon one can develop a countermeasure. Laser weapons may develop towards that goal. But I wonder what the US hypersonic missile is planned to do. It does not carry a nuclear explosive. Could it be an anti-hypersonic missile missile they aim at?

    As for this maneuverability of hypersonic missiles, it is not quite clear to me how good it is. Long ago the USA developed a 6 Mach fighter plane, but did not continue with it: maneuverability of any fighter planes above 2.4 Mach is rather poor, including that of Mig-25 at 2.5 Mach. There may be some weaknesses also here, one should check how unpredictable the trajectory actually is. The fastest 100 km air-to-air missile is 4 Mach, not so much short of 5 Mach of a hypersonic missile.

    But for the time being, a game changer in a nuclear war can only be a way to stop the opponent from hitting at least some targets at your side and this is not yet possible.

  88. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “There were never any kings of Finland save for the Swedes. ”

    You have the list of ten ancient kings of Finland here
    The text is in Finnish, but you find a table with ten kings names and the source.

    There is a very simple proof that Finns had kings. The name for king in Finnish is kuningas. It is a borrowing from ancient Germanic Kuningaz, much before the modern versions Konig, kung or king. As this word was preserved since time of ancient Germanic language (i.e., before Old Norse), it means that Baltic Finns (all Finnic people around the Baltic Sea) had kings and they were called kings. These people were iron age people, so they had iron, cows (shown by genetic milk tolerance), horses, fortress hills, trading places, fixed settlements, and could send a host of several hundred or thousand men to fight Novgorod. Of course they had some chieftain, but in the case of Baltic Finns he was indeed called the king, kuningas. We need no sagas to prove it, but we also know many names of these kings, and we know several battles of Finns with Novgorod long before anybody heard of Moscow Russia. Little is known of peoples, who did not leave written documents, but it is safe to assume that they had about the same cultural level, only lacked written language.

    “listen, I am not in the mood to discuss alternative history here tonight, or the historical credibility of “Island sagas” especially with such an ignorant and illiterate person. We speak English here, it is “Iceland” not “Island” and get the timeline straight first.”

    In English you either say “Iceland tales” or if you want to use the Scandinavian word “saga”, then you should correctly say “Island saga”. But of course, if you are so ignorant and illiterate, then better not use any other language than simple English. But the alternate history was started by you. Kievian Rus’ does indeed come from Ruslagen (or Roslagen, Swedish o is pronounced as u). It comes from rowing. These Vikings were rowing their boats. Finnish and Estonian names for Sweden, Ruotsi and Rootsi, also come form Ruslagen/Roslagen. It is accepted history that this is the origin of the name Rus’ or Rusj that later was turned to Russia. If you claim otherwise, you are an alternative historian.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  89. @Philip Owen

    Is that after the ethnic cleansing since 2014 by your Nazi idols. And what percentage are in ‘mixed marriages’. And what percent of ‘Ukrainians’ do not support the puppet pervert president and his Judaic Masters and your Nazi friends? Crawl back under your Integrity Initiative rock.

  90. @Alexandros

    You race-haters are the very scum of humanity.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  91. @Juvenalis

    What future has humanity when such revanchist racist garbage yet exist? Only a continuing litany of hatred, agitation and killing, until someone drops the Big One, or unleashes the Omega Strain. That would really please scum like this-everybody dead, but at least my enemies are among them.

  92. JR Foley says:

    Better a blanket than a diaper full of Biden Fecal matter.

  93. JR Foley says:

    Zylenskyy’s a hero to Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau and his right-hand woman and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland ( granddaughter of newspaper boss Chomiak who supported Stepan Bandera), Amtrak ” Droopy Drawers” Biden, Hunter Hardon Biden, Tommy Cotton, Hillary Clinton, Boris Johnson, Nikki Haley, Kamala Harris ( the REAL Kamala Harris and his Manager Harvey Whippleman, The Undertaker, George and Marvin Bush, Dick Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld, John ( I’m over it) Hagee, Dmitry Firtash, Eugene Melnyk, Pavel Kravchuk and many many more.

  94. JR Foley says:
    @John Johnson

    Zylenksyy’s net worth has gone from zilch to 890 million since the invasion began? Who says this Jew comedian is NOT a Zionist.

  95. @j2

    No kid in English we call it the Sagas of Icelanders or the Icelanders’ sagas. But forget about it, that is not important.

    A lot worse is that as I see you are a Finn, and it looks like they are doing to you exactly what they have done to Ukraine. Fake history to begin with and then there will be a war. You are being taught all this to make you feel hostile to Russia so that at some point this hostility can be exploited. They teach you to belittle and humiliate the Russian history and at the same time to overpraise and exaggerate your own, even at the expense of your own sanity. You are becoming a fanatic.

    Look at this drivel that you referenced to prove your point.

    “Written in the 13th century, the saga of Egill, the son of Kalju-Grímri, is said to have waged war against the Karelians under the leadership of his king Faravid. According to the saga, Faravid, who was in command of a 300-man army, allied with the Norwegian commander Thorolf. The Allies made a military expedition to Karelia and won a great victory.”

    A great victory indeed – of a 300-man army. You must be losing your mind already. How come that you fail to understand that there is no king without a kingdom, or if there is then he is not a real king.

    Your logic and reasoning are primitive. We call that wishful thinking. You are incapable to see the difference between bullshit and common sense. And this “accepted history” of yours is only accepted for political reasons and only in your countries, it is a complete fabrication.

    Roslagen was called Roden and the Finnish and Estonian names for Sweden, Ruotsi and whatever, are not derived from that word. You could have read the comment in another thread. You didn’t because you don’t want to know – you don’t care.

    The name Rus means “blond” in Russian son and it never was borrowed from anybody. You little peoples have an inferiority complex and it is really amusing watching you go nuts. But honestly I always though the Finns were not stupid.

    Well, I was wrong.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  96. @mulga mumblebrain

    You’re the one who hates us. Why don’t you just leave us alone?

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  97. @Badger Down

    I am also appalled but not surprised. The Snow Niggers of Finland have been steeped in Western Values so long that they have regressed into an animal state. Beasts of burden all, carrying the Euro load.
    Besides, I see that many influencers are clearly from the holy land and that is the object of their first loyalty.
    “Democracy” will not bring good results if the electoral cattle keep voting for those that cause them harm. Competent herdsmen are needed to keep the herd on the cañada.

  98. @Here Be Dragon

    “Rus” was what the Varangians (Baltic Vikings) called themselves –
    not “blond” but “rowers”.
    (and seriously, insisting that the Island-Sagas be spelled out in the
    Common Language is kindergarten (oops 😛 ) level)

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  99. @WorkingClass

    Sweden and Finland despise Slavic people and do not want any part of Russians in their territories.

    Sweden and Finland want to be Hitlerized with American govt. at the helm.

    Germans are really nasty people who want Russian oil and gas for economic prosperity of Germany and want Russian women for prostitution.

    President Putin is fluent in German and gave a speech in German language while Germans mocked his speech.

    German people think they are “Aryans”, which is utterly false; because, in Sanskrit the word “Aryan” means “Noble”, not a particular race!

    British Christian imperialists spent a lot political capital specifically to translate “Hindu” Purãnã stories — from Sanskrit to English — to shame Indian “Hindus” during 160 years of British Christian colonial rule with the earnest hope of converting a vast number of Indian “Hindus” into Christianism, but failed.

    British Christian imperialists and their paid-historians promoted the idea that, “Aryans” came from European continent to create Indus river civilization millennia ago since Indian native “Hindus” were Dravidians who were un-civilized brutes.

    And, super-nasty German people took the falsehoods of British Christian imperialists as Gospel-truth in order to make German people purest among the “Aryan race”.

  100. @nokangaroos

    The Varangians called themselves Varangians, which is why the Russians called them Варяги – varjági, and unlike the Rus’ that name is indeed of Scandinavian origin.

    The Varangians were enough intelligent to figure out how to call themselves, in their own language, and would not borrow a name from a Finnic tribe, whose language they would not understand.

    Likewise the Russians did not need to borrow a name from a tribe of Varangians, because they were enough intelligent to figure out how to call themselves, in their own language.

    Rus’ is a word which is derived from an Indo-European root, like most Russian words and the meaning of it is “blond, ginger” referring to their hair color. The Rus’ people means the blond people.

    A natural self-name of a people, unlike “rowers” – especially considering that the word “rowers” is said to be borrowed from a Finnic tribe, and is not of Germanic origin.

    • Replies: @j2
  101. @Here Be Dragon

    What does “Finnic” territory mean? Where did you learn such nonsense? Was it at unny-versly-tee?

  102. meamjojo says:

    It really doesn’t make any sense to send up missiles to chase other missiles and try to t-bone them at thousands of mph

    Drone swarms might work but lasers are the best technology for this job, as long as you have enough power to put together a dense beam that works across miles.

    All the internet strategists here don’t have a clue as to the weapons that countries like the USA actually have in development and possibly ready to release, if necessary. Our \$800 billion “defense” budget is being used for something.

    • Replies: @Ummm
    , @Truth Vigilante
  103. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Roslagen=rodslag – old word for a rowing crew of warrior oarsmen, vikings

    May well be that your blond comes from vikings because they were more blond than you at that time
    (before you mixed with Finnic people).

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  104. @WorkingClass

    Russia took the initiative on that. Sweden and Finland had no choice.

  105. @Philip Owen

    Russia took the initiative on that. Sweden and Finland had no choice.

    Helpless wretches, like chips upon the waves, driven this way and that.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  106. @j2

    Well don’t know why you guys continue to insist on something that is stupid and wrong. But look – I take your argument into consideration. I have read the artile on Roslagen in Swedish, and it says:

    The place name Roslagen has arisen through a relatively recent – 15th century – merger of “Roden” and “skeppslag” – ship’s team. The rowing has to do with the coastal people, those who row, i.e. in front of boats with rowing. The root was thus the older name for Roslagen. Before that the area was known as Roden.


    Therefore at the tie of establishent of the Rus’ the place was called Roden, and the ship’s team was called “skepps lag” – none of which resembles in pronounciation the name Rus’ even slightly.

    Furtherore the Russians are not mixed with the Finns, who belong to a completely different genetic family and in fact are not European. Neither do the Russians share any genes with the Swedes.

    DNA can’t lie. There are no Finnic or Swedish haplogroup types among the Russians at all. And the blond hair color the Russian people have is their own natural color, the same as their blue eyes.

    Look into the dictionary and you will see that the Russian word русый – rusij, has the meaning “fair-haired, blond” and is derived from Proto-Slavic word “rus” and from a Proto-Indo-European root.

    • Replies: @j2
  107. Ummm says:
    @Philip Owen

    Perhaps I should have used better words, I think “ethnic” implies race to a degree but meh, that’s not really the issue.


    Culture and ethnicity and language all sort of meet together.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  108. Ummm says:

    If the missile is coming right at the laser, yes, you’re correct. Pew, it knocks it out very effectively. If the missile is moving at a constant speed and direction, yes, easy to track it and aim at it.

    The problem with lasers is the distance and angular velocity of the laser generator vs the missile.

    As the missile gets further from the laser, the rotational speed precision of the laser carriage has to increase significantly. Remember as well that the carriage has to aim in two dimensions. So the difference between “hit” and “not hit” might be 0.00000000001 of a degree, or less, in two axes.

    You additionally have the problem of firing the laser. Yes, the beam travels at the speed of light but it takes a few milliseconds for the laser to fire.

    The missile is very fast and very far from the laser, and it takes only a very small, random evasive action – a tiny change in speed, a tiny change in direction – to avoid being hit.

    Our \$800 billion “defense” budget is being used for something.

    It sure is.

    • Thanks: Spanky, meamjojo
    • Replies: @meamjojo
  109. @j2

    a game changer in a nuclear war can only be a way to stop the opponent from hitting at least some targets at your side and this is not yet possible.

    The main thesis of Project Azorian was thought to have accomplished this by making Soviet/Russian warheads dead on the pad by easily 1991.

  110. @j2

    Wasn’t a nuke-pumped-lasar in a satellite part of the Star Wars package? c. 1972?

    • Replies: @j2
  111. meamjojo says:

    I have no expertise in the area of weapons, military or otherwise.

    My thought is that for lasers to be a viable weapon, they would have to be deployed in banks around important assets where multiple beams could be computer guided to focus on the missile.

    I doubt millisecond response unless the limitation is the physical movement of the beams, which is why you need banks of them. Milliseconds are like centuries to computers.

    The big question again is where does the power come from? How much power is needed for each shot? How much power can be supplied? Will the devices overheat and therefore need cooling between shots? etc., etc.

    • Replies: @j2
  112. @Philip Owen

    Stop lying, troll. Russia’s actions threaten no-one but the Banderites that you Tories so admire. To see Sweden and Finland stampeded into NATO brings nuclear obliteration that much closer. I hope there is an early hit on Integrity Initiative HQ.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  113. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “DNA can’t lie. There are no Finnic or Swedish haplogroup types among the Russians at all.”

    Please check autosomal DNA charts and compare Finns and Northern Russians. They are very close. It can also be seen in Y-DNA haplogroups. In your picture brown is R1a and yellow is N1c. You see lines of brown and yellow interlaced in Northern Russia. That is mixture.

    “Furtherore the Russians are not mixed with the Finns, who belong to a completely different genetic family and in fact are not European. ”

    Finns are completely European. Almost all genes are the same as those of Swedes. The haplogroup N1c1 was born in Northern Asia, but is not less European than R1a and R1b which were born in Central Asia. N1c1 has been in Europe for at least 3000 years. 28% of Finnish Y-DNA is I1, the European Y-DNA haplogroup. Finns do have 5-8% Siberian genes, but Russians have considerably more Siberian genes. The European people, who are not quite European, is Russians. They conquered many Siberian peoples and Russia is not one people at all, certainly not one European people.

    “Neither do the Russians share any genes with the Swedes.”

    Russians, like all humans, share 98% of their genes with chimps. They share almost all genes with Swedes.

    You know too little.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  114. j2 says:

    “Wasn’t a nuke-pumped-lasar in a satellite part of the Star Wars package? c. 1972? ”

    Reagan’s raygun. Yes. That was the idea: burning a hole into a ballistic missile with a powerful laser, maybe more practically destroying the sensor of the missile. At that time the scientific community discarded this idea as a product of a chicken brain: merely making the missile stronger or faster would reduce the effect of any given a laser beam weapons.

    But all did not think it so impossible, and the Soviet Union took it as a serious challenge. Though you can indeed build stronger and faster missiles, the deployed missiles are what they are and changing them to new ones takes money and time. Thus, for some time the defender’s laser weapon does work, then the opponent builds better weapons, then the defender builds better laser weapons. The result is that the nuclear game stays as it is, but both sides spend lots of money. The poorer one loses. That’s what happened. First the weapons that came out of the star wars proposal were not laser weapons, they were anti-missile missiles, and they did work. But it was to be expected that laser beams will finally come, like hypersonic missiles also. But nothing here is a game changer: the nuclear game stays as it is and money is spent. The poorer again loses. These weapons do not even have to work in a real case: nobody will ever try the real case. Only they must cost lots of money to make. That’s the game.

  115. j2 says:

    “I doubt millisecond response unless the limitation is the physical movement of the beams, which is why you need banks of them.”

    Well, depends on what you want to destroy in the missile. If the sensor, then it is fast, but if the missile does not need the sensor at that time as it is close to the target and a nuke does not need to be a precision weapon (it will destroy everything if hits within kilometers), so the missile can use inertia navigation in the end and you should piece the surface of the missile with your laser. It will take much more than a millisecond to cut steel or whatever they are made of. If would be better to hit cruise missiles far away from the target with a laser weapon, as then they still need the sensor. But we cannot know, all these technologies are secret, one can only guess.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  116. @meamjojo

    Me_am_ju_ju writes:

    All the internet strategists here don’t have a clue as to the weapons that countries like the USA actually have in development and possibly ready to release, if necessary.
    Our \$800 billion “defense” budget is being used for something.

    Of all the clueless internet strategists, you Ju_Ju are the worst offender.

    The vast bulk of the \$800 billion U.S defence budget goes into the pockets of the Zio owned Defence contractors, who in turn produce overpriced and underperforming military hardware. (Case in Point: The F35 lemon – the most expensive single weapons programme in history and by far the biggest boondoggle).

    So, in a sense, you are correct. The money is being used for ‘something’. It’s enriching your Talmudic benefactors so no doubt that’ll make you happy.

  117. @j2

    No kid all that is wrong.

    The lines of interlaced brown and yellow in Northern Russia is a region where a lot of Finno-Ugric people live – the Karelians for the most part. That is not a mixture, that is a mixed population.

    There is in Russia more than one hundred million of ethnic Russians and only two-three million of Finno-Ugric people, and a very small amount of mixed families between them and it has been this way forever, because they are very different.

    And even though the Finns do indeed have an admixture of the Scandinavian haplogroup in their genome that is not their own natural genes which becomes obvious once we compare them with other Finno-Ugric people.

    The Finns used to live in Sweden. All others did not so there is no Scandinavian DNA in them. The amount of the Finnic people in Russia has always been small, and even if they were intermarrying often there would not be any influence on the Russians.

    Those common genes that you see in the Finnic people’s DNA are the Russian genes. There are only eight million Finns or so, and fifteen times as many Russians. Now do the math. Meaning from all the mixing that might have happened there is fifteen times more of the Russians in the Finns than the other way round.

    Look at that map again and note that there is another area to the right, where the predominant haplogroup is the same as in Finland – N1. That is where the Komi and Udmurt people live. Look at their genome – they don’t have the Russian gene.

    Those peoples did not live in the land of the Rus’ so there was no mixing whatsoever. However they are of the same origin as all other Finno-Ugric peoples, including the Finns as much as the Hungarians and the Estonians.

    Meaning no disrespect all this implies that the Finns are not of European origin, and that doesn’t mean that they should be considered any less European, than other folks. Most of their history is shared with the Swedes. But they are not of the European ethnic group.

    Their language does not belong to the Indo-European family.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @John Johnson
  118. @Ummm

    I speak English but I am Welsh. It is the same for many Ukrainians in the East.

    There are native Ukrainian speakers in Russia. They have no language rights whatsoever. It seens reasonalbe tht Russian speaking colonist in Ukraine should have no better rights than native Ukrainians in Russia.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  119. @Here Be Dragon

    There is more to it than you say. Before the early medieval expansion of the Slav farmers from the Pripet marshes, most of European Russia, especially the forested parts, was thinly settle by Finnish tribes. Your map does not show all the remnants. There are Mordovins/Mordavians for example further south. The Slavs to the north (Moscow onwards) intermarried with the Finns according to genetic data collected by the University of Oxford over a decade ago. While there is little Finnish in the Russian language, it has been suggested that there is a base of Finnish in Mat, the Russian language for swearing.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  120. @Oikeamielinen

    Just like Putin and that German guy in 1941. They had no choice either. They were provoked into it by a threatend attack.

  121. @Unit472

    On May 10th 1940 Germany invaded France. It rolled through Belgium and by June 25th, 1940 the war was over.

    Actually, France declared war on Germany September 3, 1939 and invaded September 9, 1939. Germany pushed the French out by October 17, 1939, and sued for peace with France on a status quo ante basis. The offer was rejected. The 1940 invasion was based on British troops landing in France. Belgium was invaded and occupied because they violated their neutrality by failing to protest British overflights to bomb German cities. As with Warsaw, the Germans released documents showing that Belgium was colluding with France.

  122. @Philip Owen

    The map shows everything. Take a better look.

    And the point was not that the Finns never intermarried with the Russians. The point was that if there is any genetic influence, it should be ten times more prominent on the side of the Finns. The idea that most Russians get a light hair color from the is ridiculous. Especially considering that the prevalent hair color among the Finnic peoples is ginger.

    Let me reiterate it like this – if there are blond Finns, they get it either from the Russians or from the Swedes.

  123. meamjojo says:

    This just released:
    DARPA’s ‘Glide Breaker’ hypersonic missile interceptor program enters new phase
    11 May 2022

    The program next seeks ‘wind tunnel and flight testing’ to deal with coming hypersonic threats.

    A U.S. military proposal to blast hypersonic weapons out of the sky is entering a new phase.

    The program, a “hypersonic defense interceptor” system called Glide Breaker, aims to counteract highly maneuverable weapons zooming through the upper atmosphere at speeds of at least Mach 5. (Mach 1 is the speed of sound; “hypersonic” generally refers to vehicles traveling at least five times that fast.)

    Now the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is ready for Phase 2 of the program, which was first announced in 2018. The agency is seeking proposals “to conduct wind tunnel and flight testing of jet interaction effects,” DARPA officials announced on April 15.

  124. @Wokechoke

    They’ve tried every form of economic system and most of the political ones.

    No actually they have never tried democratic capitalism or socialism.

    They went from Communism to oligarch thug capitalism with heavy state influence. They had half-democracy for a short period and then the little boots dictator got rid of it.

  125. @Here Be Dragon

    Hilarious how you are talking DNA but don’t know the basic history of the area.

    The Scandinavian empire used to extend into Ukraine and parts of Russia.

    Vikings spread their genes all over the area.

    Ukrainians are much more European at the DNA level than Russians but don’t tell the White nationalist Putin fangirls that are still cheering this war. They might accuse you of being Jewish for talking about reality.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  126. @mulga mumblebrain

    Stop lying, troll. Russia’s actions threaten no-one but the Banderites that you Tories so admire. To see Sweden and Finland stampeded into NATO brings nuclear obliteration that much closer. I hope there is an early hit on Integrity Initiative HQ.

    You are truly a moron.

    A nuke war would destroy the whole world and it doesn’t matter who strikes first. Might as well blow your brains out if you think it is a good idea.

    Putin has truly screwed up as he clearly had no backup plan. He wanted to take Kiev and then negotiate away sanctions and create a puppet state in the east but now he is being pushed back the borders. WHOOPS maybe next time read about what 10k NLAWs can do and also how to conduct basic warfare (hint: don’t roll your armor in one long column).

    Only a matter of time before the Russians turn on him. Better cut a deal with Ukraine and raise his “Mission Accomplished” banner while he can.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  127. @John Johnson

    Yes this so-called basic history is a bunch of bullshit and you can talk to me about that as many times as you wish. You will always get a peck of dirt in your face for doing that.

    Your own childish article says the Scandinavians were attracted to Ladoga because of Arabian silver coins there. And it says they established a settlement there. And this is true – everybody knows that, and it was recorded in the Primary Chronicle. The Rus’ were bringing these coins from the marketplaces of Crimea and the Varangians were engaged in trade with the Rus’.

    At some point there was a conflict between them and the Rus’ drove them out, but soon after that started fighting against each other. Tribe against tribe, clan against clan and they could not come to an agreement and establish peace. So they had a meeting and decided to invite the Varangians to return and rule, for that was their tradition to choose a prince who would then rule them all.

    All of this was was recorded in the Primary Chronicle and that is the only historical record that is available.

    So they came to the Varangians and told them, “Our land is great and rich, but there is no order in it. Come to rule and reign over us.” And then their leader prince Rurik and his kin and his brothers and their families, all their clan got on the boats and migrated. And at that time the town of Novgorod had existed and it was a trade port and the Rus’ – the Slovenes, controlled it at the time.

    Than an Rurik was a neutral person from the side and had no interest or preference in the ongoing conflict, between the Slovenes and the Finnic tribes and their various clans, so he established peace and from then on the state of Rus’ began. However the town of Novgorod and Kiev had been built before that. The Slovenes built them and not the Varangians.

    The Scandinavian empire did not exist. The tribe of Rurik assimilated in the first generation. His children were given Slavonic names. His successor was named Oleg and he was not his son. He had a Slavonic name. All of them spoke the Slavonic language. The name Rus’ is not a Scandinavian name. There is no presence of the Scandinavian haplogroup in the genome of the Russian people.

    There is no trace of the Scandinavian languages in the Russian language. This narrative about how the Varangians “established Viking rule over Slavic tribes” was fabricated in Sweden about three centuries ago, for political reasons, and ever since it has been the mainstream version in the Anglophone world, but it is inaccurate and plain wrong. Outside Europe no one maintains these views.

    And speaking of the Ukrainians and meaning no disrespect, the area where their ancestors lived is known as the Rus’ Khaganate and it was a vassal state of the Khazars. You are not going to read about it in articles like the one that web site, because it does not correlate too well with the whole Varangian narrative. Kiev had been the capital of the Rus’ Khaganate until prince Sviatoslav conquered it.

    His name translates “glorious” from Russian. His father’s name was Igor and his mother’s name was Olga. All these Varangians were at this time proper Slovenes. And then the Khazar Khaganate was defeated too and the capital of the Rus’ was transferred to Kiev. The aforementioned Rus’ Khaganate was a province of Khazaria and was not called like that then.

    A Muslim geographer who visited Khazaria claimed that there were white people and dark people. He wrote the White Khazars were handsome with reddish hair, white skin and blue eyes, while the Black Khazars were swarthy. And when you figure it out that most Ukrainians have dark hair and often have brown eyes, then may be you will also remember this and understand who is more European at the DNA level.

    Your friends Ukrainians are going back to the roots – to the Khazarian past.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  128. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    The southern and eastern part of Ukraine was Russian before 1922. Lenin gave this area to the Ukrainian USSR in 1922. That is the reason that it is Russian speaking, it was never Ukrainian. The Soviets tried to get this area to speak Ukrainian. It did not work, since Ukrainian is not a global language, like Russian. Why did the Soviets do this ? The Soviets were not pro-Russian. They wanted to create fifteen distinct republics.

    It was a failed experiment. The 2014 coup is another attempt to Ukrainize this area, just like the Soviets. Ironically, the Banderites hate Lenin. They are knocking down his statues all over Ukraine. Yet, he is the one who gave all southern Ukraine and eastern Ukraine from Russia to Soviet Ukraine. He also started the attempt to Ukrainize this area.

    Ukrainian is naturally spoken in the West and the central area of Ukraine. Speaking Russian in the south and the east of Ukraine has nothing do with colonization.

    The war in Ukraine is mostly in the Russian areas that Lenin gave to Ukraine in 1922. Ironically this war is exactly a hundred years later.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  129. @John Johnson

    Russia has lost the initiative. Russia has used up its equipment and troops. Committing what is left leaves Russia vulnerable for the next 30 years. The present military took 14 years of heavy investment during an oil boom to build. With no local technology for electronics or precision mechanics (gun barrels), heavy sanctions and much less money rebuilding the military will take longer.

    Ukraines heavy weapons are arriving. The pilots will be trained on the NATO MiGs soon. Russia’s best hope is an early surrender that allows them to keep Sebastapol on a long, very expensive lease with some maximum number of ships. It has to be moderately attractive to Russia to stop them building a new base at Novorossiya, the port. Better where they can be overlooked and controlled.

    This negotiation is likely impossible. Putin is in power but crippled by illness. His ability to think straight has already gone as this war demonstrates. By the time he realizes it’s over, the Russian military will be collapsing. Ukraine will be retaking everything without negotiating. Belarus and Transdneistra will be vulnerable. Without Sebastapol, Syria is worthless. Turkey does what it wants there and in the Caucasus.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  130. @Here Be Dragon

    “There is no trace of the Scandinavian languages in the Russian language.”

    Хольм. Брюки just to pick two words at random from my limited vocabulalry. There are plenty of food words I’ve noticed too. I’ve just forgotten. The point about hill and trousers is that they are old, not modern Scandinavian loans words and also frequently borrowed elsewhere there was Scandinavian settlement like England and Ireland.

    You are talking nationalist fantasies about racial purity. A true nazi. Levashovite too?

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  131. @Robjil

    Learn some history. Try Polish, Turkish and Ukrainian sources for a start.

    John Hughes imported the Russian speakers from Kursk to work in his coal mines (the steelworkers on the other hand were Ukrainians, Greeks and jews). They are colonial settlers.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Robjil
  132. @Philip Owen

    Холм – hill

    Etymology: Inherited from Proto-Slavic *xъlmъ.

    Брюки – pants, trousers

    Etymology: Borrowed from Dutch broek. First attested in the eighteenth century, but became more popular a hundred years later.

    You and not me are talking nationalist fantasies, about a superior race of Scandinavian conquerors. What appears to be fantasies in my comment is actually a scientific historical and linguistic research. The Russians have more information at hand, and knowledge of the languages that few people in the West can read. Your narrative is a political propaganda, engineered to belittle and humiliate the Russians.

    Although there is a number of borrowed words, all of them were borrowed during the period of Peter the Great and later. Peter sent a lot of people to Europe to learn science and invited a lot of people from Europe to teach. From that time a number of words, for the most part of German origin entered the Russian language. There is not a lot of such words.

    Russian Loanwords

  133. Robjil says:
    @Philip Owen

    It has been part of Russia for three hundred years.

    Next lie: “Russia does not need Novorossiya” – Those who make this statement have no idea (or pretend not to have) about Russian history or culture. Also, they have no knowledge of geopolitics in general and security politics in particular. Russia needs Novorossiya for many reasons: first, and most important, because it is a genuine part of Russia and has been so for 300 years. It was stolen from Russia during a period of Russian weakness and when Russia was ruled by American lackeys in the 1990’s. The majority of the people in Novorossiya are Russians or Russian-speaking Ukrainians who are opposed to the Kiev Nazi junta and want to join the Russian World. But Novorossiya is also the shield of Russia against NATO aggression and enemy military bases. The same is true for eastern Malorossiya. All lands east of the Dnepr (and all land on the Black Sea coast) is Russian land paid for by Russian blood many times over through history. It is treason to even think of abandoning these lands to the Nazis and to NATO.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Philip Owen
  134. Avery says:

    It is quite rich for anyone from Anglosphere — e.g. Philip Owen — to lecture Russians about taking territory, and such. The usual Anglo-American (Anglo-Saxon?) hypocrisy.

    English speaking peoples — as Churchill used to call them — have forcibly taken the lands of others all over the globe, 1,000s of miles distant from England:

    – USA.
    – Canada.
    – Australia.
    – New Zealand.

    And English people started right on their island by forcibly subjugating the Irish, the Welsh, the Scottish people…..

    As soon as all English-ancestry peoples from every corner of the globe return to their motherland, England, then they can lecture Russia and Russians.

    Of course English imperialists who looted the world for centuries don’t give a hoot about Ukraine or Ukrainian people. English imperialist Banksters want to weaken and break up Russia, so they can loot and despoil Russian lands and its natural wealth unhindered.

    British Imperialists: pay for your centuries of sin and looting, before you yap at Russia.
    [When An Indian Historian Lashed Out At The West]

    • Agree: Robjil
  135. @Robjil

    Exactly. War hungry colonists. Russia is the last and worst colonial empire of Europe. Draining the wealth of indigenous peoples where they still even live. Time to take you brutal thugs down.

  136. @Philip Owen

    You write:

    Russia is the last and worst colonial empire of Europe.
    Time to take you brutal thugs down.

    ‘Philip Owen’, just like your fellow sayan Colin Wright and Patrick McNally that use Anglo-Celtic pseudonyms here on UR, you Shlomos are not fooling anyone.

    All of us KNOW your role here is to spread Zio disinfo.

    Whatever thuggishly brutal things Russia may have done in the last 1000 years, it pales into insignificance in comparison to the murderous and genocidal activities of the Anglo-Zionist empire since 9/11 alone.

    No Shlomo (aka Philip Owing), it’s thugs like YOU that need to be brought down.

    And I’ll be doing my damnedest here in UR to be taking you down and exposing the neocon/CIA/Zio establishment talking points you’re propagating in the commentary of UR.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  137. @Avery

    I’m an Australian and whole heartedly agree with your comments.

    The scourge of British imperialism has been a plague on this planet for centuries, culminating in the present day wrongful imprisonment of that living treasure, the journalist Julian Assange.

    Why the world isn’t pursuing, like me, a personal BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against the British parasite, as I have long been doing against the Apartheid Israeli state and the U.S, is beyond me.

    Your video featuring that Indian historian lashing out at British (and other western) imperialism was superb.
    I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    • Thanks: Avery
  138. @Philip Owen

    Villainous projection, hypocrisy and lying like this is such a Tory tradition. You’re not Boris Johnson, are you? Michael Grove? By this stage of the illegal US/UK aggression against Iraq 300,000 civilians had been slaughtered. Rot in Hell, swine.

  139. @Philip Owen

    Truly LUNATIC lying. Every word, every phrase, demented mendacity.

  140. bwuce wee says:

    sounds like he is throwing the bush family words back at the US. bush was always talking about ‘pre-emptive strikes against SADdam’, and then his son was always parroting him saying we need to be ‘shtrong’ and ‘stay the course’ and not be ‘surrender monkeys’ to the ‘evil doers’- that any iraqi who fought back was am ‘unlawful combatant’ and we should all eat ‘freedon fries’… then there was obama talking his ‘pre-emptive strike against qadaffi’- and let’s not forget obama ‘sticking a feather i n his cap’ by assassinating some poor schmuck in pakistan and ‘calling him macaroni’, er uh, osama bin laden(whio had actually died several times years before). AND the korean war, the vietnam war, the iraq war, the afghanistan war, well those were all actually in fact not wars but merely police actions… and we were never in cambodia. you get the idea. putin has not gone anywhere the US hasn’t- and many times over!

  141. bwuce wee says:
    @Philip Owen

    well phillip, here’s your rifle and your parachute so you can take down the empire… what’s that you say? ‘no way you are going to’ actually put your money where your mouth is? exactly what i thought!

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  142. @bwuce wee

    I’ve had business or a business in Russia for the last 28 years. I very definitely put my money where my mouth is. I got tired of making excuses. Putin post 2012 abandoned his democratic pretenses and moved hell bent for war.

    Important dates
    2004, Feb. Soft coup by the Stavka/FSB.
    2008-2012, Serduykov reforms threaten to expose Stavka corruption
    2010. Stavka withdraws support for Medvedeev’s 2nd term to protect corruption
    2012. Preparations to invade the Donbas under way.
    2013. 12 Aug. Russia blockades Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @bwuce wee
  143. @Avery

    As if the Indians had no agency. Most of India wasn’t even under British rule. Man with a book to sell by making exaggerated claims.

  144. Avery says:

    In other words you’ve got nothing.

    {Man with a book to sell by making exaggerated claims.}

    Is that the best you can do?

  145. Sean says:
    @Philip Owen

    In late 2003 there was the Rose revolution in Georgia, Kasyanov was a holdout from the Yeltsin era when he was minister of finance. I don’t understand how you can think the army high command or FSB were ever running anything

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  146. bwuce wee says:
    @Philip Owen

    not hardly, pansy! if you personally call for armed action, but you are not willing to participate yourself, that is the very opposite of putting your money where your mouth is, BLOWHARD. stop pissing on my leg and claiming it’s raining. you are merely a guy who can’t hold his bladder.

  147. @Sean

    They ended up with the loot.

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