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Putin Is So Insane He’s Bombing His Own Infrastructure, But He’s Much Too Reasonable and Restrained to Fire Nukes
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The US State Department and Joe Brandon have responded to the pipe bombing, saying “Putin, why are you hitting yourself! Hey Putin – why do you keep hitting yourself, huh???”

However, Putin says he didn’t hit himself, and America bombed the pipes, actually.


The sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines benefits the US, not Russia or the EU, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said on Friday.

The main question is whether what happened to Nord Stream is beneficial to the US? Absolutely. US suppliers of liquefied natural gas should now celebrate a several-fold increase in LNG supplies to the European continent. And from the political point of view – the last thread ensuring EU independence in the terms of energy has been severed,” Nebenzia said at the UN Security Council. He added that while even European production is being hastily transferred to the US amid the energy crisis, Europe’s population is now headed toward “a very dark, cold and long winter.”

Is the destruction of Nord Stream beneficial to European states? Hardly. They would then become dependent on a more expensive and highly unreliable supplier. I am referring to the host country of the UN headquarters [the US]. Leaving aside the Polish, Czech and Baltic politicians, who are completely insane with Russophobia, even with all the anti-Russian hysteria in the EU, experts cannot fail to understand the danger of such a scenario and its consequences for the European economy,” the diplomat stressed.

Furthermore, according to him, “if we think in terms of common sense, rather than in the spirit of the morbid fantasy that the Russians are willing to do anything to intimidate Europe,” Russia would also hardly benefit from jeopardizing its own pipeline.

It makes no sense for us to ruin with our own hands a project in which we have invested an enormous amount of money and from which we could get a substantial economic return. You yourself in the West have said that we make a profit on energy exports and benefit from rising energy prices,” Nebenzia pointed out.

Honestly, the fact that we are even having this discussion at all just proves how utterly absurd the world is.

The explanation from the West is that Putin is totally insane. Okay. Well, if he’s so insane that he will bomb his own infrastructure that he spent billions of dollars on, how did he manage to build that infrastructure in the first place? How, indeed, is he even running a country at all, if he’s insane? How do all of these people follow him? Russia is an advanced European country. Sure, it’s a little bit poorer than the West, but not really by that much. It’s a historical civilization, with high levels of order and technology. But the country is following an insane man?

It’s not reasonable.

Furthermore: if Putin is criminally insane, why is his most insane action yet one which directly benefits the United States?

Putin is openly threatening nuclear war. Russia is not a “democracy” in the Western sense. Putin is an authoritarian leader, and he could go into the office and order his people to start firing nukes. There are no checks or balances on that. He is sitting on the world’s biggest store of nuclear bombs, he has better delivery systems than any other country, and he could just start launching them at any time. And he is openly saying he will do that if he gets backed into a corner.

However, the same people telling you he is so insane that he will bomb his own pipes just to confuse people are telling you he is bluffing about launching nukes. They are saying he’s insane, then they are telling you he is too reasonable to do something brash.

But even if it would be more extreme, dropping a nuke makes more sense than bombing your own pipes. Like, to bomb his own pipes, to the exclusive benefit of the United States, he would definitely have to be totally insane, whereas to send a nuke, he’d have to be desperate, but it’s not actually insane.

These two things can’t be true:

  • He is blowing up his own infrastructure in a way that exclusively benefits the United States and harms his own country because he is just that mentally disturbed, and
  • He is much too reasonable and restrained to ever fire off nukes

The Germans were out doing massive protests demanding the pipes be turned back on hours before they were blown open and disabled.

Meanwhile, the Jew Secretary of State Antony Blinken is out there saying that this is hugely beneficial to the United States. He did not say why Putin would be helping the United States.

This is just. I just. I can’t even.

Running this website, I find myself constantly having to explain more and more obvious things as the media/government narrative gets dumber and dumber.

It is obvious that the US or some ally (acting with the blessing of the US) did the pipe bombing. It is a self-explanatory fact, and anyone who claims not to understand it is lying on purpose, or is so stupid that they should be immediately dismissed as a dangerous retard.

What About Germany?

There is some question as to whether a narrative this retarded is sustainable – especially given that the primary target of this attack was Germany. Germans are cucked out and broken by the United States, taking the blame for that stupid Holocaust hoax (fake), but Germans are not stupid and they care about money.

Wolfgang Grupp, the head of the textile manufacturer Trigema, was on TV last week saying that Germany should split from the US after they bombed the pipes.

Other than stupid women, no one in Germany is going to believe that Putin sabotaged his own economy in order to send a message (like the Joker). Germany is a money country, and you’re already seeing big money people coming out and saying “look, this is too much, it’s gone too far, you people had your fun, now it’s time to get back to work.”

In a democracy, the masses of peasants have no recourse against the government, no ability to petition grievances, which is why all things being equal the peasantry will choose an authoritarian system over democracy. The peasants, like anyone, would prefer to have some kind of representation, and it is just obvious that democracy cuts them out. However, democracy is designed for big money players, and if they start to take issue with the direction things are going, democracy has to respond.

In this situation, the peasants are on the side of the money people, given that the peasants do not want to have their lives totally ruined by an elective economic collapse in the name of gay anal child sex in the Ukraine. Germans are rallying on Twitter around the hashtag #Kriegserklaerung, which means “declaration of war.” They are saying the US has declared war against them.

Twitter cleaned it up, but the hashtag was trending for several days.

Regime apologists (homosexuals, women, Jews) have no response to any of this but to claim that Putin did the bombing to make America look bad and that everyone who disagrees is a Russian agent.

When it comes down to life or death, when the US is shutting off basic energy supplies, collapsing the economy, and attempting to provoke a nuclear war, this goofy stuff doesn’t carry quite as much wait.

The way things are right now, the US can do anything they want then claim it is a false flag and anyone who disagrees is a Russian agent. These claims are nonfalsifiable. You can’t prove that something isn’t a false flag and you can’t prove you’re not a Russian bot. I know I’m not a Russian bot, which leads me to believe that others questioning the US narrative are also not Russian bots. But I can’t prove it.

This, however, is not the way public discourse is supposed to work. Heinous, nonfalsifiable claims are not supposed to be tolerated in a serious discussion. If the entire basis of the Western narrative is “it’s all just fake and everyone is against us for no reason,” then they do not deserve to be taken seriously.

It’s probably impossible for Germany to do anything to buck the US. As Putin said last week, Germany is under US occupation and all of their leaders are constantly spied on. That said, pressure is mounting, and pressure can only mount for so long before something pops.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Putin makes good speeches but back to the war and situation on the ground doesn’t look too good for the Russians. Here is a sober analysis from a pro-Russian military site:

    You can select to see articles in several languages on the site including English.

  2. Alrenous says: • Website

    The way things are right now, the US can do anything they want then claim it is a false flag and anyone who disagrees is a Russian agent. These claims are nonfalsifiable.

    Not how epistemology works.
    Being nonfalsifiable is falsification. When you claim to know something unknowable, it proves you’re a liar. Credibility goes negative, and the null hypothesis becomes the opposite of whatever the known liar is claiming. “They probably have some special knowledge, except…”
    Especially when the known liar is known to be clumsy and heavy-handed.

    Germany won’t do shit about it because Russian gas has been cancelled for being inEgalitarian. Trying to repair the pipeline would be impure, like letting Alex Jones on twitter or youtube.

    However, the grift families that leech off Ukraine and the grift families that leech off Germany are almost certainly different families. Haha, oops. You just pissed off a domestic opponent, dumbasses.
    I wonder if we’ll get to see America going full banana republic (again) with a sudden rise in ‘mysterious’ deaths in places like Foggy Bottom and Georgetown? There’s also a few particular neighbourhoods in New York and the one in California where all the hippies hung out.

  3. @Commentator Mike

    Which is why WWIII is a possibility. Russian forces are not having trouble with the Ukrainians. They are having problems with NATO armed and equipped Ukrainians. High tech and high lethality weapons that Ukraine could not develop, produce or maintain are killing Russians, and those weapons are provided free of charge from NATO along with a hearty “Fuck You” to Putin.

    We don’t draw a distinction between the two, useless Ukrainians and useless Ukrainians armed to the teeth by NATO. Putin does and has made it clear that there is only so much foreign intervention he is going to tolerate before an escalation.

    Be ready.

    • Agree: MarkU, Female in FL
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  4. SteveK9 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There were people, Rolo Slavskiy, ‘Strelkov’, Marko Marjanovic (Anti-Empire) who pointed out from the start the various dumb things Russia was doing (not as dumb as the Ukraine of course), but the main overwhelming critique was that there were not enough men for this operation. After Kharkov the Kremlin FINALLY realized that this minimalist approach was not working. In fact, it was working to destroy the professional Russian Army (you can’t ask soldiers to keep doing something stupid forever without blowback). So, the ‘partial mobilization’ has begun. That will make a huge difference, but you don’t put 300,000 new soldiers in the field in a couple of days. So you can expect the tide to turn back in Russia’s favor. Is this enough troops? Probably not, especially if the all-out conflict with NATO begins, so there will probably be more (maybe full?) mobilization in the future.

    By the way I read ‘Top War’ every day. Check out ‘Anti-Empire’ and The Slavland Chronicles (populist right-wing Russian).

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Poupon Marx
  5. HT says:

    It amazes that the very same people who seem to understand most of the time how fraudulent and dishonest the media is, are willing to believe the very same media when they report how bad things are going for Russia in the Ukraine.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  6. Even if Putin did not blow up his own pipeline, could he have been driven to the point to where he says to himself “I can sell my gas to others, let Germany & the rest of Europe suffer for their idiocy.”?

  7. Wokechoke says:

    Strictly speaking the Russians bring in around 1.2 million 18 year olds a year in the conscription system. These boys are now 19 etc. 1/3 to a 1/4 of them might be decent enough mechanics, armourers, engineers, drivers, pilots by now if they have the basic IQ or acumen to fix things and operate machinery.
    Many have grown up playing video game interfaces that also resemble aspects of modern war with remote control surveillance and targeting systems.

    Their ability to be fielded could be quick enough.

    Buy back a couple thousand tanks from Norks or Norinco in exchange for heating oil and Natgas and there’s a readymade fleet of pristine vehicles to use with them.

    • Replies: @miha
  8. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    As Russians With Attitude said Russia is now the underdog because the US and NATO give overwhelming aid to Ukraine. If Ukraine supported by NATO is now the stronger power, then Russia should think hard about indirect attack rather than direct attack (mass mobilization to Donbas). There is no sense in directly attacking the side with more firepower. You will probably lose.

    To establish a strategy and the targets, two questions judging the background need to be answered. Who is in charge behind the scenes? What does the puppet master care most about?

    Jewish power is the real power in charge of the US. They want to eliminate a sovereign Russia motivated by the quest for global hegemony and to get revenge for pogroms during the Russian Empire. They care most about Israel. An indirect attack must then target Jewish power and Israel.

    To me the two obvious ways of doing this are stirring up dissent among white Christians in America against Jewish power and supporting Iran in forming a Shia land bridge to the border of Israel. Both strategies can merge together.

    Even though Putin has committed Russia to becoming a champion of anti-Western imperialism, one marginalized group that should not be left out as a victim of Western imperialism is the white Christian community of America. Since January 6, Jewish power through the Biden administration has started a political crackdown against white Christians. The goal is to dilute them into a smaller minority and ensure they can never choose the president again. At the same time white Christians are needed in the military to fight the Middle East wars necessary to keep Israel completely dominant in the region and safe for the rest of the century. Russia should directly communicate with white Christians in America by naming Jewish power as the puppet master dispossessing their community. Russia should urge white Christian troops serving in the military to refuse to deploy if sent to the Middle East because they would be chumps going to “die for Israel”.

    At the same time Russia and Iran should work together to stir up proxies in Syria and Iraq. The goal will be to chase the small presence of US troops in Syria and Iraq out of the country. If successful there will be a land bridge between Iran and the borders of Israel. Large quantities of arms can be sent to Iranian proxies at the border of Israel. This would be a huge victory for Iran because at the current rate eventually the US will attack and destroy their country (Israel was able to last month pressure Biden to drop the idea of getting back into the nuclear deal with Iran). The only way for Iran to gain security is to surround Israel so a war launched by the US/Israel would be too costly for Israel. If both initiatives work then there will be mutiny in the US military if a large scale deployment is attempted to reinforce beseiged troops in Syria and Iraq.

    For white Christians it will be a victory because Jewish power will have to back down on its most outrageous actions (2 million brown and black migrants ever year, raiding Trump, etc.) to try to restore order in the military. Russia will demonstrate it has the power to threaten Israel if Jewish power actively seeks to end the Russian nation.

    I think Russia should call for a world conference against Western imperialism. Among the sponsored groups will be Palestinians and white Christians. Explicitly send the message that both groups are in the same boat and victims of the same puppet master. It will be a highly disturbing scene to Jewish power.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  9. Wokechoke says:
    @American Citizen

    Does Ukraine have any domestic ability to produce gasoline or natural gas? If not they can be reduced to rubble this winter. Electrical grids will be struck and convoys sending in fuel will have to face dropped bridges and missile strikes.

    • Agree: MarkU
  10. MarkU says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    What do you mean “Even if Putin did not blow up his own pipeline”? You make it sound like the default position is that he did. Its rather like….

    “Even if the earth isn’t flat……….” or

    “Even if the moon isn’t made of green cheese……”


    • Agree: follyofwar, acementhead
  11. @Brooklyn Dave

    Putin could have simply shut off the valve on the pipeline… reason to blow it up.

    jews and their stooges blew up the pipeline.

    For sure.

  12. MarkU says:

    Its pretty clear that an attempt was made to damage Nordstream (1) in 2015. Its also pretty clear that the Swedes (at least) have some idea of who it was. It is also completely obvious that the ‘explosive-laden drone’ was from an allied power or it wouldn’t have been swept under the rug.

  13. @Brooklyn Dave

    What we have learned is the Eebil Ruskies ™ stoically honor their
    contracts even in the face of outright hostility; it is the Joo (Ooops;
    I meant “Polish and Ukrainian allies”) that has been either stealing
    the gas outright or turned it off to extort, and it didn´t start yesterday.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  14. Emslander says:

    Americans may be so gullible that they’ll buy the Putin shot himself so we’d feel sorry for him crap, but the Germans, who were already rioting against US sanctions against THEM, won’t be so gullible. They KNOW who did it and why. I expect that this will be the major factor in eventual German linkage with Russia against the insane demonic USA.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  15. George 1 says:

    Some people who I considered quite intelligent are buying into the “Russia did it” narrative. They seem to understand they have been lied to about nearly everything for the past few decades but this they accept as truth.

    You can make a pretty good case that some entity in Europe (Davos crowd) did this without U.S. involvement. But, this is not how the Russians operate. They have to a fault stuck with international law as their guide.

    • Replies: @hardlooker
  16. Meanwhile, the Jew Secretary of State Antony Blinken is out there saying that this is hugely beneficial to the United States. He did not say why Putin would be helping the United States.

    That is the Big Clue, the sure sign of the Jewish Wormtongue:

    “Actually, if you really think about it, X is not-X, goy.”

    It transcends any ideology, and reveals the presence of the Jew, just like reciting Shakespeare with a Yiddish accent. It’s like a stage magician’s patter; while you’re still figuring this out, his hand is already in your pocket.

    Libertarian: “Holding down rents actually increases the cost of housing.”
    Conservative: “Cutting tax rates actually increases tax revenue.”
    Marxist: “Dictatorship of the proletariat is actually true democracy,”
    Liberal: “Color blind treatment is actually racist.”
    Antifa: “Our violence is actually speech, and your speech is actually violence.”


  17. Germany is a money country, and you’re already seeing big money people coming out and saying “look, this is too much, it’s gone too far, you people had your fun, now it’s time to get back to work.”

    Truly, Arbeit Macht Frei.

  18. “everyone is against us for no reason,”

    Sounds familiar. Doesn’t a certain Tribe lisp this continually?

  19. As (((GlobalHomo Clown World))) controls everything, I’m starting to hear laugh tracks from sky crowds everywhere I go. It’s as if I’m in a alternate SNL universe hell and everyone’s an audience dummy pretending to be hysterical as speakers blasts out digital laughs at Brandonian comedians.

    In one episode, Kameltoe Harris is a working hoe in San Fransicko spreading STDs wherever she goes while laughing like a rabid hyena for hours.
    In another, Klus Schwab is GlobalHomo leader of Heavens Gate Cult of Satanists waiting for Comet OmuraOmura to return before being forced to drink a special elixir to prepare our souls.

    It gets even more creepy, but I don’t wish to bore you with details.

  20. Wokechoke says:

    wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Poland and Ukraine live off siphoning the methane from there pipes.

  21. mijj says:

    Holy US Empire Decrees that Russia destroyed valuable and influential potential future economic co-operation between Europe and Russia.

  22. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    US-UK propaganda Wurlitzer has been going on full blast with all its fabrications whilst suppressing opposing views. Putin has been constantly defamed as a thug and tyrant running a dictatorship by which he’s stolen huge sums of money. All lies, all fairy tales. Listen to or read his latest speech and see what a great statesman he really is. Just go to the source and bypass the sleazy western media. The US hasn’t hesitated to shaft its supposed ‘ally’ Germany. We’ll see how their supine politicians swallow this and force it on their public. The US is getting more reckless and aggressive as its attempt at world dominance is turned back. The US is the greatest threat to world peace, threatening to destroy it if it can’t own it.

    • Agree: MarkU, dimples
  23. Pretty good article by Anglin, but he ends it with an obvious contradiction. On the one hand he says that “it’s probably impossible for Germany to do anything to buck the US.” But in the final sentence he counters that “Pressure is mounting, and pressure can only mount so long before something pops.” Both cannot be true.

    If Germans return to their increasingly cold and dreary homes after demanding in great numbers that Nordstream 2 be opened, throw up their hands and say they’ve done all they can, but all is lost, then indeed they’ve proven the point that nothing can be done to “buck the US.”

    But if they stay on the streets and keep increasing the pressure on Sergeant Shultz’ impotent zombie government until something POPS, then who know what they’ll be able to accomplish. It all depends on whether they come understand who their real enemy is, and it isn’t Russia.

    Similar to US federalism, Germany is composed of several semi-independent states, some or most of which hate Berlin. It’s not monolithic. Doubtless many good German men have kept their balls. When the situation became intolerable in the 1930’s a “savior” named Hitler arose. Maybe a man of similar stature will emerge again. Who knows? He doesn’t have to share Hitler’s vision but must be a German Nationalist. It is not true that Germany “cannot do anything to buck the US.” It is still the most powerful country in Europe. The hated hegemon that blew up the pipelines is on its last legs and can be defeated if there is sufficient will among the people. The ball is in their court.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  24. Chris Moore says: • Website

    ((Jews)) gaslight everyone, all the time. Oi! You don’t believe in the single God!?! You’re crazy! Or, Oi! You don’t believe in the choseness of Jews and Zionists!?! You’re crazy!!!

    The irony is, they psychologically project the most of any people, as well. So when they call goyim “crazy,” what they’re really subconsciously mean is that they’re crazy ones.

    But do you want to know who is truly crazy and stupid? The Anglosphere for falling for the ((Jewish)) shtick that the best means of preserving the Empire was as a Global Moneychanger operation that could rely mostly on the ((Jewish)) Ponzi scheme to keep itself afloat. This is why the financial sector kept bailing itself out as the country’s industry was exported to Asia. In fact, this kosher club, echo-chamber cell of DC scumbags even convinced itself and the nation that it no longer need the Petrodollar, and could prop itself up on “green” energy if it needed a believable pretext, plus the ((Jew)) Ponzi, and the world was so stupid and gullible, it would follow right along.

    One thing these filthy ((Jew)) confidence men are great at is brainwashing the dumb goy who fall under their spell, because they’ve been practicing the process on their own lower downs for millennia.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves:
    Am I a dumb goy who has been brainwashed by ((Jews)), the whole time believing myself to have free will?
    Am I a dumb ((Jew)) who has been brainwashed by the Synagogue of Satan, the who time believing myself to be serving God and his chosen Tribe?

    Most people aren’t going to like the answer.

  25. parand says:

    [[Other than stupid women, no one in Germany is going to believe that Putin sabotaged his own economy in order to send a message (like the Joker).]]

    Of course, because the STUPID European colonies are under the control of the evil empire where is under the Jewish mafia influence trying to destroy Russia and its ally Iran.
    The terrorist Mark Dubowitze, a member of Jewish mafia and its ilks are worried about Russia, Iran and China working together to establish another SYSTEM that send the evil empire and the Jewish mafia into the garbage bin. They say:
    ‘Huge problem:’ Iranian drones pose new threat to Ukraine,
    @laraseligman reports.
    Moscow and Tehran are teaming up to kill Ukrainians trying to defend their homes against an unprovoked invasion.

    The international zionism all over the world is trying to bring Iran under attack using the terrorist Kurdish groups, train by MOSSAD, and large kurdish crown n Europe to damage this alliances to destroy the NWO that is shaping against the criminal international ZIONISM and Israel.
    The European regimes, all colonies, have given the terrorist groups including the Kurdish terrorist a large platform and financial support to play a role and fool the public opinion.
    The stupid women, majority are kurd, using SEX to attack their prey to damage the alliance and defeat this alliance which is against the established system. People must defeat the Jewish mafia, Israel and their terrorist kurds all over the world.

  26. Who really shot down the plane over Ukraine in 2014?

    Can we trust the JeWest, ever?

  27. miha says:

    Why don’t you convince the Russians who are fleeing from conscription in their thousands. This includes families of exempt officials who are busy buying flight tickets for their non-exempted family members. Seems not too many Russians are that keen to die for the motherland bar the poor sods in the rural areas and prisoners who want to take pot luck.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @MarkU
  28. @Commentator Mike

    Russia is nowhere near using max. firepower. The current strategy is conditioned by the need to avoid unnecessary casualties, both civilian and military. Autumn is coming, leaves are falling, Ukrainian positions and movements will become much more visible from above and much more vulnerable to air power. It’s gonna be a cold winter in Ukrainian cities but it’s gonna be real hot for the Ukrainian army.
    The only problem Russia has is Putin playing Mr. Nice. The Ukrainians have been given every opportunity to come to sense. You can’t play nice with psychopaths. You must hit them and you must hit them real hard.

  29. @parand

    If there is a people on Earth deserving their predicament, it is the Kurds. They have consistently been throughout History the willing subordinates of evil.

  30. ytcarl says:

    Spiegel International, in “Attacks Expose Vulnerability of European Infrastructure,” strains to control the speculation:

    “Or was it, as is often reflexively whispered in conspiracy theorist circles when it comes to processing unexpected and perplexing developments, Israeli’s Mossad?…

    For the moment, it certainly looks to be far more likely that the Russians were involved than the Israelis…

    One rather convoluted theory that nevertheless provides a convincing Russian motive goes as follows: The German BND foreign intelligence agency believes that the destruction of the pipeline could potentially have been undertaken to evade possible lawsuits for damages incurred by the suspension of gas deliveries…”

    The Russians did it, because they didn’t want to pay a big fine.

    Expect some pipeline explosions in the Ukraine soon. It is a war zone, so … whoopsie!

  31. @SteveK9

    Actually I disagree in some part. The original expeditionary force Putin fielded would have been adequate for the then equipped Ukraine Forces and he degree of JUSA/NATO assistance.

    However, the level of American surveillance/intelligence assets, the amount of materiel and material assistance, e.g., billions for government of Ukraine fiscal solvency/non-military aid, etc, etc. necessitates a larger force.

    Russia’s 200,000 troops were outnumbered from the start. Remember they were only tasked with securing the safety and integrity of Donbass. But Ukraine (actually JUSA/NATO told Kiev to ramp up go full scale war.

    This is not a mistake for Russia. As far as optics and rational thought/logic dictate, Russia did NOT invade Ukraine at all-for conquest. That’s why it is called a Special Military Operation, which was to maintain territorial integrity for Donbass.

  32. Liza says:

    the USA’s proxy war in Ukraine while a second (the real?) front was right before our eyes: the destruction of Germany, the only industrial competitor of the USA.

    Carpet bombing, starvation of countless soldiers after the war, Morgenthau plan, occupation by the US, etc. – how many %$!%&! times do they need to ruin Germany? When is this desire for revenge going to end once and for all?

  33. MarkU says:

    Full marks for optimism, I really wish I could believe the same but my faith in humanity is at an all time low right now.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  34. @Passing By

    Sure Russia has more firepower but it hasn’t been used effectively. Those Ukrainian troops are moving along roads and not walking through forests so I doubt forest cover has anything to do with their progress. Some serious carpet bombing, emptying old stocks of dumb bombs, onto those Ukrainian troop formations could have been done. Avoiding casualties cannot be an excuse forever. A lot more civilians will be killed by the Ukrainians if they’re not pushed back farther away from the four regions joining Russia.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  35. mrjones says:

    Does Russia have the infrastructure and enough LNG tankers to simply ferry NG to the same European ports US LNG tankers are/will be unloading? It seems if others can ship LNG hallway across the planet then Russia can ship the same amount in less time and with fewer ships in the short run down the Baltic.

  36. MarkU says:

    How many Americans dodged the draft during the Vietnam war? Half a million is the answer.

    Did it make a significant difference? No.

    Did it ever occur to you to publicise the fact that Ukrainians are dodging the draft? It probably wouldn’t even occur to you to do so. If you are implying that it is evidence (of something) if Russians do it then surely it is also evidence if the Ukrainians are doing it.

    Nobody really wants to be drafted, If they really wanted to go they could walk into a recruitment office and sign up of their own free will.

    Strange though isn’t it? One might imagine that if your country (a noble bastion of unity, truth, democracy and goodness) was attacked in an unprovoked way by the mindless hordes of a deranged, autocratic poisoner, that there would be a little more enthusiasm. Of course you have to remember that 3/4 of them voted for a man who promised to enact the Minsk 2 protocols, so most of them didn’t want this conflict to happen in the first place. Seeing as the the Kiev junta hasn’t gone out of its way to be considerate towards its population or infrastructure, I doubt that most of them have had a change of mind.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  37. ross23 says:

    Russia is retreating heavily everywhere. They lost Liman yesterday & Ukraine army is running riot over former Russian positions & racing on their way to Lysychansk (pro Russia source).

    Putin & his army fucked up, its rather painful to watch the incompetence & complacency in the face of so many ignored warnings given by even amateurs & armchair generals months ago.

    The reason is Putin failed to understand his enemy, he gave them time to re-arm & re-organise.

    Russian 21st Century society doesn’t look up for another Great Patriotic war either, as evidenced by the 100`s of thousands of escaping men at the border, which isn’t fake by the way (reported alot by Russian pro Putin media itself)

    He`ll be out within a few months & Russia will fall

    By the way Europe political class was well prepared for Russian gas cut off & even wanted it

    It fits in nicely with their 2030 green zero carbon policy.

    The COVID lockdowns gave preparation for the short-term hardships ahead & most people are just taking it all calmly & not even talking about the pipelines.

    Again Putin failing to understand the enemy

    • Thanks: meamjojo
  38. Concerning NS 1 & 2, I think it certainly bothers Russia’s pride, but that’s about it. I don’t expect any retaliation. What I do expect, and it must be done, is a serious escalation by Russia in Ukraine. President Putin said something like “you haven’t seen nothing yet”. Well, the US just called his bluff. It’s time for Russia to take the gloves off and to end the Ukraine problem in 60 days. We’ll see what happens, a little or a lot. It has to be a lot.

  39. RestiveUs says:
    @Passing By

    Every plan is optimal until put into play. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. You can’t play nice with psychopaths. True, that…they must be destroyed completely or else they’ll be back!

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  40. meamjojo says:

    Zelenskyy vows to retake more areas after pushing Russia out of key Donetsk city
    Ukrainian president says there will be ‘more Ukrainian flags’ in eastern areas ‘in a week.’

    October 2, 2022 11:07 am

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed to recapture more territory in eastern Ukraine after Kyiv’s forces pushed Russia out of the key city of Lyman.

    “Now a Ukrainian flag is there” in Lyman, Zelenskyy said in his nightly address on Saturday. “During this week, there were more Ukrainian flags in Donbas. It will be even more in a week.”

    Ukraine pushed Moscow’s forces out of Lyman on Saturday, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the annexation of Donetsk, which includes the strategic city. The Defense Ministry in Moscow on Saturday cited “a threat of encirclement” in withdrawing its troops from Lyman “to more advantageous lines,” it said in a Telegram post.

    The retreat from Lyman represents a big setback for Putin, as Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Russia’s invasion makes further advances in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian push has seen the recapture of a vast amount of Russian-occupied territory as Moscow’s soldiers have abandoned the front lines.

    “Operationally, Lyman is important because it commands a key road crossing over the Siversky Donets River, behind which Russia has been attempting to consolidate its defenses,” the U.K. Ministry of Defense said on Sunday.

    “Russia’s withdrawal from Lyman also represents a significant political setback” after Putin’s proclamation of the annexation of the region on Friday, the ministry said. Putin hailed the annexation of Donetsk and three other regions following referendums that Western countries declared a “sham.”

  41. meamjojo says:

    U.S. celebrates “significant” wins in Ukraine, as criticism in Russia grows
    Oct 2, 2022

    The recapture by Ukrainian troops of a key strategic city in the Donetsk region prompted celebration by Ukraine and its allies, and heightened internal criticism within Russia.

    Driving the news: Russia announced on Saturday that it was withdrawing troops from the city of Lyman as Ukrainian forces advanced nearer.

    • The move came one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin formally annexed four regions of Ukraine — including Donetsk — proclaiming them to now be part of Russia.
    • President Biden denounced Russia’s “fraudulent” attempt to annex Ukrainian territory in a statement Friday, saying that “Russia is violating international law, trampling on the United Nations Charter, and showing its contempt for peaceful nations everywhere.”
    • Ukraine’s Defense Ministry confirmed via twitter Sunday morning that Lyman “is fully cleared of the Russian occupiers.”

    The big picture: The loss of Lyman is a huge blow to Russian forces, who have used the city as a crucial logistics and rail hub in the Donetsk.

    • “Operationally, Lyman is important because it commands a key road crossing over the Siversky Donets River, behind which Russia has been attempting to consolidate its defenses,” the U.K. Defense Ministry wrote in an intelligence update on Sunday.
    • For Ukrainian forces, the retaking of the city provides them with a foothold to advance further east.
    • “Lyman is important because it is the next step towards the liberation of the Ukrainian Donbas. It is an opportunity to go further to Kreminna and Sievierodonetsk, and it is psychologically very important,” Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesperson for Ukraine’s eastern forces, said Saturday, per Reuters.

  42. A significnt part of the ‘problem’ is that Westerners operate within a system where the ’embedded asterisk’ prevails.

    I’ve mentioned this phenomenon before – that every sentence that issues from the Western political class, has to be parsed for the ‘hidden asterisk’ that gives the utterer an ‘out’ if challenged.

    We’re now so used to the practical ramifications of this – namely that words do not mean what the plain reading would imply – that when someone uses a very specific term like “special military operation” we just parse that as if it just means “invasion” and evaluate the results as if there are no constraints implied by the name. But “a rose by any other name” really does not apply.

    The constraints under which the Russian Federation is [was?] operating in Ukraine, are entirely due to the legal status of the “special military operation” (SMO) undertaken to protect and defend the Russophone majority in Luganck and Donetsk oblasts from attacks by the US puppets in Keeeeeev.

    An SMO places significant constraints on the Russian Federation when it comes to deploying regular military forces: that’s why the vast bulk of the ‘boots on ground’ fighting is being done by militias and contractors – either the local militia from the DPR and LPR, or Wagner-style mercenaries. Kadyrov’s Chechen fighters have a kind of ‘hybrid’ status (and aren’t often at the line of contact).

    The ‘SMO’ status also enjoins Russia from direct (e.g., missile) attacks on administrative and government centres of the US puppet government in Keeeeev, and on key pieces of civilian infrastructure.

    I’ve said before that if this operation was being undertaken by the US Death Machine, the first 100 missiles would have been earmarked for C3 (command, control and communications) infrastructure, with a very ‘asterisk’-y definition of C3… the Death Machine always targets water treatment plants; sewage treatment plants; electricity generation and distribution networks; communications networks; and government and administrative centres.

    With the accession of the 4 Western oblasts to the Russian Federation, it will be open to the Duma to change the status of the SMO to something with fewer constraints: a ‘counter-terrorism operation’ (CTO), for example… which has other constraints since the Russians are explicitly hostile to the US Talmudic notion of Totaler Kreig notion where the enemy is Amalek.

    A CTO enables the RF to target the US-installed puppet government in Keeeeeeeeev, and all its little Banderas – so long as the Duma recognises the Keeeeeeeeev regime as being a state sponsor of terror.

    This was – supposedly – going to happen in mid-August when the SVU started attacking the nuclear power plant at Energodar. It didn’t happen – so it was shelved. Perhaps the organisers knew that they couldn’t get the required votes in the Duma (which would have been perplexing); perhaps it was for some other reason.

    It does seem to me that the RF has some serious people in positions of political authority, and they don’t approach their jobs as if they can always wriggle out of public statements by pointing at the (hitherto-) hidden asterisk.

    The embedded asterisk is basically the stock-in-trade of the entire political machinery of the Empire of Lies. Inflation is transitory; Jabs are SAFE AND EFFECTIVE; the US didn’t bomb the Nord Stream pipelines; Epstein killed himself in custody. (Also “men can get pregnant”; “Lia Thomas is a woman” and so forth)

    • Agree: Passing By, MarkU, Emslander
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  43. meamjojo says:

    “Every plan is optimal until put into play. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. You can’t play nice with psychopaths. True, that…they must be destroyed completely or else they’ll be back!”

    Or to quote Mike Tyson:

    “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”

  44. Wokechoke says:

    No one likes a draft when there’s a war on. No sane person would want to be wrangled in.

    The most interesting bit is how many people do end up getting pressed in.

  45. But Putin didn’t name the source of satanism: Jewish Power.

  46. @Commentator Mike

    I understand your point and I agree that they should have done some serious carpet bombing of moving Ukrainian troops but the Russians have their logic and their main problem is that they underestimate the insanity of their adversaries. I know how insane the people who run the West are because I have grown up there and I have lived there for most of my life and I have had the opportunity to watch their insanity on a daily basis. The people who run Russia haven’t lived in the West and aren’t aware.
    Russians thought that the West couldn’t possibly think that Ukraine can win the war and thought that at some point, there will be willingness to negotiate something. They didn’t realise that the West doesn’t give a shit that Ukraine will lose. They didn’t realise that the US wasn’t waging a war not only against them but also against Europe and they didn’t realise that Europeans were such imbeciles. They designed their intervention as a Special Military Operation, which means that they committed limited resources hoping that if they inflict severe losses to Ukraine, the Ukrainians will come to sense.
    I believe that they have realised by now that the resources they have deployed are insufficient and that they are in the process of correcting their errors.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @meamjojo
  47. meamjojo says:
    @Passing By

    Look at the loss totals below. Russia has little ability to do “carpet bombing”!
    Russian Armed Forces suffer over 60,000 casualties in military personnel
    SUNDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2022,

    The Russian occupying forces have lost over 60,000 soldiers since the beginning of the war, suffering losses of 500 on 1 October alone.

    Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

    Details: Total combat losses of the Russian forces between 24 February and 2 October 2022 are estimated to be as follows [figures in parentheses represent the latest losses – ed.]:

    approximately 60,110 (+500) military personnel
    2,377 (+23) tanks
    4,975 (+26) armoured combat vehicles
    1,405 (+8) artillery systems
    337 (+1) multiple-launch rocket systems
    176 (+0) air defence systems
    264 (+0) fixed-wing aircraft
    227 (+1) helicopters
    1,015 (+6) operational-tactical UAVs
    246 (+0) cruise missiles
    15 (+0) ships/boats
    3,796 (+10) vehicles and tankers
    131 (+0) special vehicles and other equipment
    Russian troops have suffered their heaviest losses on the Kramatorsk and Bakhmut fronts.

  48. MarkU says:

    Sorry but anyone who takes the claims of either side at face value in a wartime situation fully deserves an Lol (the bad kind)

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @meamjojo
  49. meamjojo says:

    So give me some working numbers. Or we could just look at the Russians retreating or preparing to retreat while Zelenski promises even more gains in the next week. See my post #41 above.

  50. @Commentator Mike

    Putin makes good speeches but back to the war and situation on the ground doesn’t look too good for the Russians. Here is a sober analysis from a pro-Russian military site:

    AND here is another sober analysis which says Ukraine taking Lyman (population 20,000) means nothing when MANY other far bigger events are happening…which the propagandists don’t want YOU to know:

    You will need to translate.

    • Replies: @Ross23
  51. Alrenous says: • Website

    Ergo: even in a democracy, a government that is honest, serious, benevolent, and respects the voter cannot follow public opinion. But it cannot escape it either. The masses are there; they are interested in politics. The government cannot act without them. So, what can it do?

    Only one solution is possible: as the government cannot follow opinion, opinion must follow the government. One must convince this present, ponderous, impassioned mass that the government’s decisions are legitimate and good and that its foreign policy is correct. The democratic state, precisely because it believes in the expression of public opinion and does not gag it, must channel and shape that opinion if it wants to be realistic and not follow an ideological dream.

    For propaganda to succeed, it must correspond to a need for propaganda on the individual’s part. One can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink; one cannot reach through propaganda those who do not need what it offers. The propagandee is by no means just an innocent victim. He provokes the psychological action of propaganda, and not merely lends himself to it, but even derives satisfaction from it.

    Without this previous, implicit consent, without this need for propaganda experienced by practically every citizen of the technological age, propaganda could not spread. There is not just a wicked propagandist who sets up means to ensnare the innocent citizen. Rather, there is a citizen who craves propaganda from the bottom of his being and a propagandist who responds to this craving.

    As most people have the desire and at the same time the incapacity to participate, they are ready to accept a propaganda that will permit them to participate, and which hides their incapacity beneath explanations, judgments, and news, enabling them to satisfy their desire without eliminating their incompetence.

    He wants to form an opinion on foreign policy. But in reality he can’t. He is caught between his desire and his inability, which he refuses to accept.

    For no citizen will believe that he is unable to have opinions. Public opinion surveys always reveal that people have opinions even on the most complicated questions, except for a small minority (usually the most informed and those who have reflected most). The majority prefers expressing stupidities to not expressing opinion: this gives them the feeling of participation. For this they need simple thoughts, elementary explanations, a “key” that will permit them to take a position, and even ready-made opinions.

    Many early 1900s opinions said propaganda must be, at least to the most casual inspection, true.
    Lately this has been demonstrated to be utterly false. Your propaganda can be the most direct denial of obvious facts, and it’s fine.
    The important thing is letting the peasants know which opinions are high status State-approved opinions, and which opinions are heresy. If truth is important, it’s only when it’s fashionable not to appear to be a complete idiot, which is a mere fashion.

  52. @meamjojo

    Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

    I’ve figured it out, you actually support the exact opposite of what you write. You can’t be so stupid as to quote or post links to sources that have zero credibility because they have repeatedly been caught lying and expect that anyone will take you seriously. You can’t be that stupid, can you?

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  53. Looks like the evil psychopaths in charge have taken Anglin’s site down again. Please provide us with a link at your earliest opportunity. … Thanks!

  54. Ross23 says:

    As always it’s not the town itself rather the area round it.

    Since Liman fell Ukraine has taken great swathes of territory.

    It’s the same with any invasion like WW2 or Iraq towns are nodes in the big picture anyone who says different is just trying to bs you.

    Check out live map Ukraine and the timeline function to get the picture.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  55. PJ London says:

    People are really really stupid.
    Russia has had Conscription since Mar 2022.
    The Conscripts are now beginning to become trained and effective, ready to be deployed.
    Russia is calling up 1.5% of it’s 25 million Military Reserve, already trained ex military.
    Russia cannot by law “Order” Russian troops to any foreign territory and thus only the volunteer members of the Russian army could be ordered into Ukraine.
    Now that the Republics will be granted Incorporation into the Russian Federation, Russia can use non-volunteer troops to defend the new territories.
    As far as “tactics” are concerned Russian doctrine has always been to fall back when attacked by superior or more determined forces. There is no reason to waste men defending an unimportant piece of ground.
    So the town of Lyman fell to Ukraine. It has no strategic value and can be taken back at any time.
    Ukraine is hailing occupation of farms and villages as major victories. They penetrated 50 kms into Donbas with Russians controlling both flanks and no way for the Ukrainians to cross a strongly defended river. Whilst it makes good TV viewing, from a military standpoint it is suicidal.
    The end is nigh (for Ukraine)

    • LOL: meamjojo
  56. @Ross23

    Ukrainians are now progressing into LNR. To and fro of war. Russia will have to retake all it lost. What a waste.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  57. Wielgus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Vzglyad Russian website, Deepl translation edited

    The Ukrainian armed forces’ breakthrough near Lisichansk was stopped by military cunning

    October 3, 2022, 17:12
    Photo: AP/Alexei Alexandrov/TASS
    Text: Alexei Degtyarev
    The breakthrough of the Ukrainian military near Lysychansk was stopped with the help of military cunning, the AFU was let closer and allowed to enter the controlled territory, after which it was destroyed, said a representative of the LNR People’s Militia Andrei Marochko.

    The LNR military spotted the AFU building columns of equipment to strike, but decided to wait for them to break away from their own. The Ukrainian military crossed the border with the LNR and met no resistance, after which they began a march to Lisichansk, Marochko told the Zvezda TV channel.

    The Russian Armed Forces and fighters of the republic were waiting for them on the spot. The convoy of Ukrainian equipment was destroyed, the survivors withdrew to their initial positions. The number of destroyed AFU fighters and equipment is being counted.

    Earlier, LNR People’s Militia officer Andrei Marochko said that a group of Ukrainian soldiers who tried to sneak deep into the Luhansk People’s Republic numbered about 100 people.

    Translated with (free version)

    • Replies: @Ross23
    , @nokangaroos
  58. Putin is a shameless Israel puppet.

    Russians love those little judo-satanist fuckers. They worship them in fact. They love that the little devil’s are pissing in Putin’s face. This is why Putin indulges them.

    They will miss him when he’s gone. The jews never find a bigger patsy than Putin. Even bigger than Trump.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  59. Ross23 says:

    Lots of things are said especially by RF chief of staff reports.

    A recent critical pro Russian article made the point there’s little evidence for many of the chief of staff reports about targets hit and casualties.

    He said they report shooting down 100 su25’s but only 60 were ever exported out of Russian territory inc Ukraine pre 1991.

    Looks like Russia has its own Bagdad bob.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  60. schrub says:

    Anglin’s most recent working website:

    Note: this was opened using the Onion Browser (TOR) as my default browser.

  61. Man, you’d think that the deep state trolls would have fled after Anglin’s article last week calling them out. But I guess they have to earn their keep.

  62. @Wielgus

    It is natural for the Donbassniki to now invoke the Battle of Debaltsevo …
    hard to see what is actually going on, but even Denis Davydov is
    (in between getting off) complaining there are no Russian prisoners;
    not in the sense they are duly massacred though (there´s a reason the outcome
    of a battle is traditionally measured in prisoners and artillery taken –
    if there were, we´d never hear the end of it).
    In a week or so we will all be wiser … either the Russians are collapsing or
    they are making their Wehrmacht mentors proud.

  63. @Smashed Squash

    Putin wouldn’t have intervened in Syria to stand in the way of the Oded-Yinon plan if he was an Israeli puppet.

  64. @Ross23

    There’s always propaganda in war and both sides lie. Still sometimes they are right as obviously they’re not standing still and there are ongoing operations. You just have to assume that each side exaggerates its own successes and downplays the actions of the enemy.

  65. It’s gotten to the point where the most obvious thing is SHOCKING and CONTROVERSIAL. But then, we live in a world where it is ‘unacceptable’ and ‘offensive’ to say a man cannot be a ‘woman’ just because he feels l ike it.

    Jeffrey Sachs Stuns & Triggers Bloomberg TV With Statement That U.S. Blew Nordstream Pipe

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Ron Unz
  66. @Anon

    There was a very famous saintly man who was a staunch worshipper of Krishna (a Hindu god). Once he was driving a bullock cart through a forest; there was a big hole in the road, and a wheel of the cart got stuck. The saintly man sat in a yoga pose and started shouting, “Hey, Krishna, save me”; for hours he shouted, and nothing happened. Then it was about to get dark, and there were rustlings of wolves in the bushes. Terrified, the saintly man invoked a powerful prayer, which forced Krishna to appear. The saintly man welcomed him with folded hands, but Krishna looked irritated. “Look, first you get to your cart, whip the bullocks to pull stronger, and push the cart with all your might; and then you call for my help” Krishna said and disappeared.

  67. @HT

    90% of the people who spend their time criticizing the US past and present, vilifying racism at home and abroad, are nevertheless perfectly in lockstep with hating Russians and Chinese and believing any kind of officially sanctioned warmongering propaganda.

    What can do you do when The Resistance™ = the goals and tactics of the 1% global oligarchy? You kinda gotta side with the ‘extremists’ and ‘deplorables.’

  68. Yaridanjo says: • Website

    Joe Biden, sometimes played by Aurther Roberts because Joe has been dead for several years now:

    Arthur Roberts, the actor portraying Biden since Feb 2021, blew his cover during a live press conference with Boris Johnson earlier this week… causing the WH comms team to abruptly shut it down from conspiracy

    And his 28 Jew Cabinet:
    Wants to depopulate the Ukraine of Russian like people and form a ‘Big Israel’ because the one the Israeli’s have now is too near mean old Arabs:
    The Israelis want the industrial like areas that are populated by Russian like people so president Zelenskyy was happily murdering these people in the Donbass like areas of the Ukraine.
    Then mean old Putin stepped in and annexed these Donbass like areas, thus giving their people some form of protection from Zelenskyy.
    The honest and virtuous Congress of the USA was giving Zelenskyy money and weapons because they supported (were bribed to) Zelenskyy’s murderous and genocidal efforts. Since congressional representatives get re-election funding from Jewish oligarchs, they must do ‘as they are told’. And supporting Zelenskyy’s genocidal efforts to get the Israeli’s a new homeland is AOK with them. And besides, the Ukraine is just part of Russia anyway. To show Russia that the USA means business’ it bombed the Russian two Nord Stream natural gas pipelines because Joe’s Jews hate the Germans. This way, the Germans will freeze to death in the upcoming severe winter. But they don’t hate the Americans who have agreed to be their slaves.
    What will happen next, we don’t know. But if mean old Putin nukes the USA or whatever, the USA congress does not mind. After all, the USA people are slaves of Israel, so they should be happy to die for Israel. Just ask them.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, acementhead
  69. Yaridanjo says: • Website

    It has never been clearer that Uncle Sam is a government of traitors to the people of the USA:
    The US as Israel’s Colony
    Jewish groups in the United States are adept at creating mechanisms that benefit themselves and also frequently Israel at the expense of the American taxpayer.
    Compare the performance of our elected officials (Uncle Sam) to that of Putin:
    Look what Edgar Cayce saw 80 years ago:
    Edgar Cayce : Russia – The Hope of The World
    Did Edgar Cayce foresee Putin’s interfering role in the Western cabals plan to overtake the world through financial domination, political destabilization, and all out world war, order out of chaos?
    Uncle Sam has ‘sold itself out to the zionists, subverting the will of the USA citizens by appointing a ‘fake’ president’ (sometimes played by Aurther Roberts) and his band of 28 Zionists to the office of President of the USA instead of the actually elected Trump. Uncle Sam as ‘he’ is now constituted is a traitor to the people of the USA.
    WORLD WAR 3. Russia will not tolerate this.
    This is indescribably bad, and the damage to both Nordstream 1 and 2 is so bad they might as well be gone. Russia has no choice but to take action over this, and there’s only one pathway of action available in the current political climate
    Our elected federal officials, representing only Israel, have brought us to the brink of nuclear war! Only Putin can now prevent a nuclear WW III:
    One of the world’s most famous psychics, Edgar Cayce, predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be a “force of light” in preventing World War III from occurring amid the global turmoil we see today.
    We need a new set of “Nuremberg like trials” where our elected federal officials are prosecuted for bringing the USA to the brink of WW III!
    GOD HELP THE USA, Uncle Sam is a curse upon our land.

  70. @parand

    FEMEN is an Ukronazi outfit, run by a pimp, using his surplus slappers. It impresses, who, precisely? Twelve year old boys? Not as bad as Pussy Rot, however. ‘Western Moral Values’ at their finest.

  71. @meamjojo

    Look at yourself in a mirror.

  72. Simple question. IF the Russians bombed their own pipeline, it was nevertheless bombed in NATO-controlled territory and it was core infrastructure designed for Germany. In other words, IF the Russians did what they are accused of doing, an act of terrorism against a NATO country on NATO soil…. then tell me this….

    Why aren’t there any Art.5 meetings being convened in Brussels as we speak? Isn’t this an act of war… by the Russians? At the least, IF we’re all so convinced of Russian complicity…. where are the Art. 5 meetings? Where are they? Hasn’t NATO been bending itself in pretzels for the last 30 years declaring it exists as a bulwark against Russian aggression and then the first best opportunity to actually counter alleged Russian aggression the entire alliance looks the other way? Really?


    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  73. @meamjojo

    I’ve received more and more detailed Russian losses reports in the last 6 months than I have from the US Department of Defense over the last 20 year throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

    Why is that.

  74. @meamjojo

    >Russian Armed Forces suffer over 60,000 casualties in military personnel

    This is laughable. The initial Russian force was estimated at between 120K~150K. You’re proposing the Russians suffered nearly 50% casualties. From what? There hasn’t been a single field army-sized clash that would result in losses of such a staggering magnitude. Surely… with 60K Russian casualties there would be AMPLE video photographic evidence of field upon field upon field of Russian dead.

    Such evidence actually exists of Ukronazi casualties. The most I’ve seen of Russian casualties are incidental squad or platoon-size engagements that leave no more than a dozen Russian dead.

    what are you on about? who are you trying to persuade? The Russians. They know their own casualty reports. So then…. your message is to…. Western rubes. What is the point of lying to Western rubes about casualties? Of course…. to encourage the mindless support to a war-without-end without the rubes turning restless while their energy bills skyrocket and supermarkets start running empty.


  75. @Freddie the Fredfred

    Good question.

    I remember way back when I used to ask questions like this. For example, when the FBI claimed that Bruce Ivins single-handedly turned Ft. Detrick into an illegitimate-weaponized-anthrax-production-facility or something like that, I wondered why his boss wasn’t even reprimanded, let alone fired, for either allowing it or for not having a clue as to what his employees were doing on government time.

    But now I know better. I know it’s pointless to ask questions like this in this Satanic clown world we live in.

  76. @George 1

    Sounds like these people ought no longer be considered “intelligent”.

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