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Putin Denounces NATO for Lying About Expansion, Abolishing Verbal Agreement
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Not getting the agreement on NATO expansion in writing is the stupidest thing Russia ever did in its thousands of years long history.

I think ZOG still would have violated it. But at least they would have had a piece of paper to wave around.


In the 1990s, NATO promised Russia that the US-led military bloc would not move “an inch to the east,” but this turned out to be a “vehement” and “blatant” lie, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin insisted on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists at his annual end-of-year press conference, the President claimed that Russia was cheated by the West, which broke its verbal agreements not to admit former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries into NATO following the fall of the USSR.“Now look at what happened. They cheated us. Vehemently. Blatantly. NATO is expanding. They’re in Poland. They have offensive weapons there. That’s what I’m talking about,” Putin explained.

“Now they’re saying that they will have Ukraine as well. This means they will deploy their weapons there, even if it’s not officially part of NATO.”

According to the President, it is now up to the US-led bloc to come up with guarantees for Russia “immediately,” instead of continuously talking about it “for decades.”

Putin also slammed the West for years of attempting to undermine and break up his country, stating that NATO countries should have instead “treated Russia as an ally” and “tried to strengthen Russia.”

The USSR doesn’t exist anymore.

Russia is still reeling from problems caused by the collapse of the USSR when under Yeltsin, the Jews from New York sent in pallets of cash to buy up property at rates that made zero sense because the country didn’t have a market until the day before.

They have all kinds of problems.

The last thing on Putin’s mind is invading Europe.

But these Jews – they just won’t ever leave you alone.

They come at you.

Trust me, please – I know.

The Jews will come at you.

NATO was supposed to fight communism, then it abruptly transformed into an engine of global domination.

The American people should have complained about this.

Russia was never a threat. Frankly, after WWII, the USSR was not a threat. But that’s a whole other issue.

As Christians, we should have done something about these Jews.

Now that we’re not Christians, what are we going to do?

Just die.

Just be sadistically tortured, humiliated, and then die.

That’s all.

We can only pray for the last Christian leader.

And we can hope.

We can hope.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: American Military, NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. But I thought the Russians were going to be bestest allies against those uppity chinks!!!!
    The state dept glowniggers said that every day, why isnt it true??!!

    Why does the rest of the world refuse to sacrifice young men for another yid war!!! These filthy goyim!!!!

    Every kike and their lackey on Earth will get what is coming to them. In hell where they belong, Satan will give them a (((booster))) every second.

  2. Rurik says:

    whole other issue.

    As Christians, we should have done something about these Jews.

    the Romans who crushed and dispersed the Jews in their day, were decidedly not Christians

    the National Socialists of Germany, were not motivated by Christianity, but by blood, soil and honor

    Today, as ZOG is triumphantly ascendant, and white Americans and Europeans are being marginalized, stigmatized, colonized and brutalized by conquering hoards of Africans and Muslims and everybody else, I’m reminded of the Visigoths, who as Pagans, routinely cleaned Rome’s clock with their vigor and proud Pagan Gods- to steel their resolve for glorious battle.

    Alaric – sacker of Rome

    But then once the Visigoths had been force-converted to Christianity, with a God of appeasement and meekness, soon the treacherous Jews of the Visigoth kingdom had opened the gates of Spain to depraved African, Moorish domination and abject slavery for centuries. (I guess that’s what they do, eh)

    But, then there came a different type of Christianity ~ of Saint Isabella, that didn’t preach living on your knees, but rather taking to the sword, and flaying the defilers from your eternal lands.

    Where is that kind of Christian these days?

    • Agree: follyofwar
  3. Foontess is the alternate to Putin?

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  4. NATO was supposed to fight communism, then it abruptly transformed into an engine of global domination.

    I remember how optimistic I felt when the Berlin Wall came down.

    Then the West started looting Russia and began its endless series of wars.

    I was a bit slow on the uptake, having considered NATO intervention in Yugoslavia to be justified. But I woke up with Afghanistan and Iraq and i realise now that no post-1991 war was justified. And certainly not the ones that dismantled Yugoslavia for globalism and the EU.

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
    , @Malla
  5. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s all aimed at isolating and weakening Russia. It was openly charted by Z Brzezinski. It’s no secret, everybody knows it, the Russians as well as the ones pushing it. That the Russians will react shouldn’t come as a surprise. What’s a surprise is that they haven’t been more active previously. Perhaps they’ve built up to where the balance of power favors them and they can now challenge the aggression aimed at them. The constant pushing will have to come to an end one way or another.

    • Replies: @Dany
  6. @Sick of Orcs

    The Spanish were crazy Catholics. Even before 1492 and Isabella La Catolica, various Spanish rulers both of Aragon and Castile insisted on offering conversion to the Jews before kicking them out. You would never have had the crypto-Jewish phenomenon (or to a lesser degree) in the 1400-1700s if Spanish rulers just made them leave. Catholics (today) who would be in favor of conversion argue that some of the greatest RC saints come from conversos -Teresa de Avila & Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross). OK true enough, but then you had the Jesuit order that was infiltrated by conversos, and conversos gained prestige once they outwardly became RC. Some truly converted, but it was an act to a great part. I don’t blame the Jews, I blame the Catholics for their own stupidity all through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The Jews were looking out for their own interests as they do very well.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  7. Petermx says:

    I think Russia and China should work on encouraging good relations with Cuba, Mexico and Caribbean countries. China is flush with cash and has work projects all over Africa and other parts of the world and can help these countries. Maybe Cuba would like to have nuclear missiles stationed in their country again, or maybe Mexico would like to do that. China may now be able to offer these countries more than the USA can and Russia is said to have fantastic military hardware.

    • Replies: @termite infestation
  8. They did get it in writing: “Founding Act”; an official NATO-Russian agreement; May 27, 1997;

    • Thanks: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Wizard of Oz
  9. @Tsar Nicholas

    Why was NATO intervention in Yugoslavia (90% AMERICAN intervention by the way,) justified? Was any NATO country attacked? No. Was any NATO country threatened? No. What gave NATO the unilateral right to intervene in the civil war and unrest of a neutral country that had done it no harm? For 78 days American warplanes bombed Serbia. How would you like it if Serbian warplanes dropped bombs on the USA for 78 days?

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Anon
  10. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews opened Spain to muslims and thousand years enslavement began . Muslims built those grandest building Jews opened the door to Jerusalem to British -French and the tyranny of Anglo-America began. Jews were expelled from Baghdad and its culture survived for another 200 years .Those Jews came to India and began famine and opioid epidemic decimating India and China and building USA and UK. UK poisoned and left for home . USA left trashes in caves and in the deserts.

  11. I put much of the blame on Trump for this increasingly dangerous situation. He was elected to change the course of U.S. “foreign policy” so as to prevent an eventual military conflict with Russia and/or China but instead he betrayed us all and made things worse. From a foreign policy perspective, there’s been a seamless transition of a monotonically increasing danger of WW3 from Obama to Trump to Biden.

  12. Rich says:

    The Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410AD were Arian Christians. The pagan Visigoths were chased out of Eastern Europe by the Huns. It was after their conversion to Christianity in the late 4th century that they began to conquer. Maybe just a coincidence, but Alaric was a baptized Christian.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  13. The Democratic Party

    wants to


    in Cold Blood

    Native Slavic Russians

    Native White American Working Class Christians

    And never forget this Comrades:



    13 year old Irish Girl Mary Phagan’s autopsy photo

    Whenever you see the Satanic visage


    Jonathan Greenblatt……never forget!!!!

  14. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    Actually Brennus the Celtic/Gallic war chief was the first to sack Rome.

    I always love the story of the Celts entering Rome and seeing the Patriarchs sitting like statues. One of the warriors plucked an elders beard and the old boy caned him.

    In short order, they were put to the sword.

  15. Nancy says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    And I believe, per E. Michael Jones, that is when the rabbis gave Talmudic encouragement to fellow Termites to simulate Catholic behavior, while remaining true to their own Termite behavior. “Nothing is immoral if it benefits the Termites” …. isn’t this the definition of ‘sociopathy’ ? The ADL represents the ultimate psychopaths.

  16. @Rurik

    But, then there came a different type of Christianity

    A different type of Christianity is not Christianity. As evidenced by the current Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, who appear to deny the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Anon[709] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m still waiting for my peace Dividend from 1991

    • LOL: Greta Handel
  18. Athena says:

    The Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and the Vatican of Francis


    ”The Rothschild venture with the Vatican at this point, in addition to co-founder Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, includes hand-picked money moguls and their select foundations who pompously call themselves the “Guardians.”’

    ”The Guardian member list includes Rajiv Shah, the CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation, and former partner of the Gates Foundation’s AGRA scam to introduce GMO seeds in Africa. The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in promoting a pandemic “lockdown” since 2010, and is a core part of the WEF Great Reset agenda.”

    ”Rothschild’s Guardians also include Darren Walker the CEO of the Ford Foundation. Those two foundations, Ford and Rockefeller, have done more to shape an imperial American foreign policy than even the US State Department or CIA, including the funding of the failed Green Revolution in India and Mexico, and the creation by Rockefeller funds of GMO crops.”

    ”The head of DuPont, a GMO giant and chemicals group is another Guardian as well as scandal-ridden vaccine and drug companies, Merck and Johnson & Johnson. Merck lied about the risks of its arthritis drug Vioxx until more than 55,000 users died of heart attacks.”

    ”Other Guardians include CEOs of Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America, Allianz insurance, BP. In 2016 Visa along with USAID were behind the catastrophic Modi experiment to introduce a cashless economy in India.”

    ”Notable also is Guardian Mark Carney, former Bank of England head and also advocate of cashless digital central bank currencies to replace the dollar. Carney is now United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance.”

    ”Carney is also a Board member of the Davos World Economic Forum, the public promoter of the Global Reset of capitalism to impose the dystopian Agenda 2030 “sustainable” economy. In fact several of Rothschild’s Guardians are on the WEF Board, including billionaire Marc Benioff,”

    ”Other Guardians of the inclusive capitalism transformation include the head of Bank of America, which bank was sued by the US Government for fraud connected with the 2008 US subprime mortgage crisis, as well as for laundering money for the deadly Mexican drug cartels and Russian organized crime. The select Guardian list also includes Marcie Frost, the controversial head of CalPERS, the huge fraud-ridden California state pension fund managing over \$360 billion.”

    ”The WEF strategy, pushed also by WEF board members like Larry Fink of BlackRock, reward companies that they deem “socially responsible.” This is the key to the inclusive capitalism agenda of not just Rothschild’s inclusive capitalism Guardians, but also the WEF.”

    ”Ironically, or maybe not, Pope Francis, the partner chosen to give Rothschild’s group of mega-capitalists “moral” credibility, is himself embroiled in what could be the largest financial scandals, fraud and misuse of church funds in the modern history of the Vatican. That, despite the fact Pope.”

    ”The unravelling scandal revolves around now-disgraced Cardinal Angelo Becciu who until 2018 was de facto chief-of-staff to the Pope and regular confidante. Becciu was Substitute for General Affairs in the Secretariat of State, a key position in the Roman Curia until June, 2018 when the pope elevated him to Cardinal, ironically enough, responsible for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Becciu, clearly no saint, was able to invest hundreds of millions even billions over years of Church funds, including donations for the poor in Peter’s Pence, into projects he chose with a former banker from Credit Suisse. Projects included €150 million share in a luxury London real estate complex and \$1.1 million into a film, Rocketman, about the life of Elton John. That comes to light as the ongoing Vatican child sex scandals caused Pope Francis to defrock Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, the first Cardinal to fall in the Church’s deep sexual abuse charges.

    Italian press reports that the Pope knew about the dubious investments of Becciu and even praised them before the depth of the scandals broke. In November, 2020 Italian police raided the residence of Becciu’s former Vatican accountant and found €600,000 in cash and evidence the Vatican employee received \$15 million in fake invoicing over years.

    With a background like this, the new Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican of Lynn de Rothschild warrants close scrutiny as they clearly plan big things along with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to “reform” the world economy, and it won’t be nice or moral we can be sure.”

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  19. Theta says:
    (Ukraine, 2020-2021)

    Ukraine-Israel free trade agreement takes effect, expected to double trade

    Ukraine, EU start review of trade provisions of Association Agreement

    Ukraine, Turkey restart free trade agreement talks

    Ukraine plans to negotiate on free trade area with China, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia

    Ukraine, Canada agree to start talks on revision of FTA agreement.

    Ukraine, Chile interested in concluding free trade agreement – Economy Ministry

    Ukraine and Britain sign agreement on free trade, political cooperation, and strategic partnership

    Ambassador Korniychuk: FTA between Ukraine and Israel twill be extend to services sector

  20. Russia says more than 120 U.S. mercenaries are active in eastern Ukraine

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  21. Nick Fuentes is a gatekeeper whose job is to herd young goyim into voting for the GOP and trusting the plan. As we see, white agitation and racial feeling rise most during democrat administrations because they’re openly and flagrantly anti-white.

    Then every now and then, a totally based and red pilled Republican like Trump or Bush comes along and puts them to sleep. The white conservatives sink into their couch assured that ”their guy” is in the oval office and engage in visual cuckoldry via watching the negro felon league.

    Meanwhile, le based Republican kneels at the wailing walls, increase immigration, cracks down harder on white advocacy, and gets on their knees for Israel.

    This cycle has been running for at least 40 years, starting from St. Ronaldus Magnus the Senile.

    Fuentes, E. Michael Jones, Darren Beattie, and the rest of the ”America First” grift operation continue this trend.

    ”Guys you got to vote for Trump/Cruz/DeSantis, they’re gonna save America. If we don’t win this next election, it’s going to be an apocalypse”

    No. Fuck Fuentes and his manlet advocacy group, America First. No more plan trusting and GOP voting. Its secession or bust.

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
  22. Wild Bill says:

    Putin is considered a “frier”. Why complain about NATO and the US not keeping their word? He knows they are not “agreement capable” anyway and he knew Yeltsin. It is just wind to distract the public from the more immediate threat to them.

  23. @Athena

    The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in promoting a pandemic “lockdown” since 2010, and is a core part of the WEF Great Reset agenda.”

    Yes, indeed!

    Here’s the actual text from page 18 of Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, published in 2010 but probably planned as early as 1948 when Israel was created by the (((United Nations))).



    A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback

    In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.

    The pandemic blanketed the planet — though disproportionate numbers died in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America, where the virus spread like wildfire in the absence of official containment protocols. But even in developed countries, containment was a challenge. The United States’s initial policy of “strongly discouraging” citizens from flying proved deadly in its leniency, accelerating the spread of the virus not just within the U.S. but across borders. However, a few countries did fare better — China in particular. The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post- pandemic recovery.

    China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.

  24. ariadna says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I remember this (real) journalist giving grief to Kirby at the end of this video, as I remember him causing distress to Psaki. I can’t remember his name though. I wonder (not) why he is no longer in the WH press corps….

  25. Wild Bill says:

    I must be losing my memory. I don’t recall any major illness from anyone at that time. Granted, I was not in Africa or southeast Asia then, but things seemed pretty much business as usual where I was and travel to China and Europe and central America were normal or at least the new normal since 911.

  26. @Wild Bill

    I think he’s finally realized that he’s backed into a corner by implacable madmen bent on the destruction of Russia, so in publicly discussing the relevant historical context he may be trying to garner popular support for a dramatic escalation – if the U.S. government doesn’t soon back off.

    • Agree: Avery
  27. Russia and American whites have the same enemy. But it is an open question whether or not the stupidity of American whites will overwhelm their withered instinct for survival. Right now, it doesn’t look good. BTW, how can evangelicals be shitrael first when the jews openly scorn and hate them? Evangelicals and American Christians are going to pray themselves into extinction. Nothing would make the jews happier.

  28. @Petermx

    If one more powerful first world state were to join hands with China and Russia, we might finally have the US held accountable for its psychopathy. And it would be great if its middle eastern master was held accountable, too. The amount of craven stupidity, viciousness, bigotry, blindness, and avarice that is needed to drive China and Russia into each other’s arms is hard to quantify. But the people shaping US foreign policy don’t care about America, or about the west: it’s all about concentrating power into the hands of the termite tribe by building a foundation of white blood and bones.

    • Replies: @Avery
  29. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Putin routinely lies. It is illegal to recruit mercenaries in the US. Even if true, which it is not, Russia has some gall to complain about US mercenaries when it it has regular troops and mercenaries stationed in the Donbas.

    • Replies: @Dany
    , @Peter Rabbit
  30. @Wild Bill

    Turn that about and you will be accurate. Putin won’t keep any agreement. Like his Soviet forebears, he has broken every agreement Russia is party to. Putin is simply a congenital liar, just like every other KGB thug.

    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  31. Avery says:
    @termite infestation

    {If one more powerful first world state were to join hands with China and Russia,..}

    Unfortunately, there are none that matter which could conceivably leave the Anglo-American death-grip and join Russia+China. And the ones that don’t matter — don’t carry any weight to matter.

    In my estimation, the only country that could fill that role and which could shake** the foundations of Anglo-American world hegemony is France. Under De Gaul, France was an independent country. But it has been totally neutered since De Gaul left the stage. France even cancelled the €1.2bn order a while back for two Mistral amphibious landing ships* that Russia had ordered to please her A-A Masters, but that wasn’t enough: Anglo-Americans recently screwed France again (e.g submarine order for Australia). And to piss on the prostrate French some more, US just got the Swiss to cancel their \$6 Billion order for French Rafale fighters and buy F-35s instead. Serves the slavish French right.

    Le Pen might take France out of Anglosphere if she becomes President, but I don’t think they will allow it.

    * Russia didn’t really need those ships, and ended up building her own. But I think Russia ordered it as a step to pry Frances out of the Anglo-American orbit, and move her closer to Russia. Of course, US saw what it was and pressured Paris to cancel it.

    ** France is one of the 5 UNSC permanent members, and is a European powerhouse since way back.

  32. Wild Bill says:
    @Harold Smith

    I think Putin knew along time ago that he was unlikely to defeat his fifth column and has just tried to minimize the damage. As for an escalation, that is entirely in the hands of the bankers as always. Putin does not need a war to maintain his position in the same way the Americans and Euros do, so if there is any dancing to be done, we know how it will start.

  33. @Harold Smith

    Russia is NOT the target-China is. The psychopaths want Russia defeated and turned over to a New Yeltsin, in order that it may join the Great Race War for Eternal White, Western, Judeo-Christian Full Spectrum Dominance over humanity, against China. China is the race, civilizational and spiritual enemy of the greatest force for Evil in history-the USA, its Five Eyes fellows, NATO and other Atlanticist stooges, and the eminence gris, Israel. These are actual bundles of Satanic malevolence, not ‘human beings’, and Evil is their one, true, religion.

    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  34. Wild Bill says:

    Well, all governments lie and some lie more than others. In this particular instance, we will have to let the record speak. Currently, all governments have turned on their populations to expedite the agenda of the central bankers and big pharma so quibbling over the other penny ante stuff is a waste of time. It also shows just how independent governments really are. They can pretend to be independent decision makers just as long as they do what they have been told, but if they have a papaya that tests positive for covid, it can be fatal.

  35. @Avery

    ALL Western states are controlled by their Zionazi Fifth Columns, and Japan by the USA. NO hope there. One often wishes that sanity would return to India, but under the Hindutva punkas there is NO hope.

  36. Wild Bill says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I have to agree with you about the brotherhood of evil. The people of the countries the leadership represents are pretty much clueless about the true state of affairs. But don’t discount China, there has been a lot of malevolent influence there for the last 200 years and of the 50 families that run things there I’m sure Satan has some representation. Westerners tend to think of China as a monolithic entity but it is not. Currently, Xi is struggling to maintain his position and retain power and not very successfully. He may need a small war to stay in place and staying in place is all that matters to him – the retirement plan is not too good.
    I suspect the “Russian conflict” thing is to support the excuse for trying to freeze the Euros to death or at least make as many ill as possible and make the general population more acquiescent to the whims of the their masters. People don’t demonstrate much when it is dark and they are cold and hungry.

  37. @Carlton Meyer

    I’ve read the link but not seen the video. What is your point. It seems to confirm that there was no understanding with Russia,let alone legal agreement, to stop the expansion of NATO. Right? And see

    Are we on the same page?

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  38. The Founding Act says nothing about NATO growing, but does state:

    “NATO and Russia will cooperate to prevent any possibility of returning to a Europe of division and confrontation, or the isolation of any state.

    the member States of NATO and Russia will, together with other States Parties, seek to strengthen stability by further developing measures to prevent any potentially threatening build-up of conventional forces in agreed regions of Europe, to include Central and Eastern Europe.

    NATO reiterates that in the current and foreseeable security environment, the Alliance will carry out its collective defence and other missions by ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces. ”


    The USA and NATO have often placed sanctions, bombed Serbia, occupied Kosovo, and built many new bases and moved troops eastward. The USA violated a treaty by building missile bases in Poland and Romania that can fire nuclear armed cruise missiles.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  39. Dany says:

    Russians are trying to win more time.
    If they are to avoid the separation of Russia into 4 states – apart of the currently existing in the Federation – they need to follow Hitler‘s strategy. His priority was to avoid famine and scarcity in Germany, which provoked revolutions at the end of WW1. Germany was also under severe embargoes since day one, those ended with WW2. The well provided for Germans remained loyal till the end.
    Putin reads history and understands that. (((They))) do as well and try to throw Poles, Baltics, Ukros, Germans and many others against Russia, while not being affected, as in WW2.
    This is why Putin said „The next war is not going to be fought on Russian soil only“, hinting on USA, UK. If such war begins, Israel isn‘t going to be priority #1, so Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria will will have a chance for revenge. I hope (((they))) get that one as well.

  40. Dany says:

    Nonsensical repeat of US agitprop. No facts, just „Evil Russians“.
    When the rockets start raining, re-read your nonsense.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  41. @Dany

    It would be a good idea if you would familiarize yourself with the facts on the ground before you start with the Putinist agitprop. If the rockets start raining, it will be Putin that starts it.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  42. @Carlton Meyer

    The only thing that has been built in Romania and Poland are anti-ballistic missile bases. The US has not, nor does it have any intention of, returning nukes to Europe. It would be nice if you stayed informed about the facts instead of swallowing Putin’s lies.

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  43. Begemot says:

    According to the Center For Arms Control And Non-Proliferation:

    The United States and its NATO allies do not disclose exact figures for its European-deployed stockpiles. In 2021, it is estimated that there are 100 U.S.-owned nuclear weapons stored in five NATO member states across six bases[emphasis added]: Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel Air Base in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi Air Bases in Italy, Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey.


    Just helping you keep up with the facts.

  44. @Avery

    ” US just got the Swiss to cancel their \$6 Billion order for French Rafale fighters and buy F-35s instead.”

    Goes both ways… The United Arab Emirates just agreed to buy 80 French Rafale and froze negotiations for the F-35….

    • Thanks: Avery
    • Replies: @Avery
  45. @Quartermaster

    The INF treaty prohibited “missile launchers” because it’s impossible to determine the warhead of each missile without disassembly. Russia often cited the violation when these large American missile bases were constructed in Poland and Romania. This is why the USA withdrew from the treaty. The US military claims these are anti-missile bases to deter Iran, even though Iran has no missiles that can reach central Europe, is not building any, and has no reason to foolishly attack Europe.

    On the other hand, these American missile bases use MK-41 launchers that can also launch nuclear armed cruise missiles now under development. No one knows what kind of missile warheads are mounted on these missiles except a few American Generals and a dozen American missile techs. And note the Americans began building these missile bases long before tensions about Ukraine arose.

    This is the same senseless provocation that led to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis that almost led to worldwide nuclear war.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
    • Thanks: showmethereal, Avery
  46. Avery says:

    Thanks for the info: didn’t know.


    [On May 20, 2017, U.S. President Trump and Saudi Arabia’s Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling US\$110 billion immediately,[1][2] and \$350 billion over 10 years.[3][4] The intended purchases include tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, as well as radar, communications and cybersecurity technology. The transfer was widely seen as a counterbalance against the influence of Iran in the region[5][6] and a “significant” and “historic” expansion of United States relations with Saudi Arabia.[7][8][9][3][10] (from Wiki)

    Saudi order for French Rafale jets at \$19 Billion is no chump change: so France picked up some dough. Good for them. My (amateur) guess is Saudis decided to spread the Love, and have France in their corner too. And US most likely let it slide, because of the ginourmous Saudi order they have in the bag.

    Or maybe Saudis felt more comfortable with the older, proven technology of the Rafale vs the unknown, problem-plagued F-35. Who knows. One thing for sure: it’s a good business to be in.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  47. @Quartermaster

    Besides, America has borders with the Ukraine, and naturally is interested in what goes on there.

    • Replies: @Avery
  48. Avery says:
    @Peter Rabbit

    {Besides, America has borders with the Ukraine, ….}

    You are right of course, but you missed the rest: USA has (virtual) borders with pretty much all of the rest of the world, that’s why she has military bases in every corner of the world — to protect us, of course.

  49. Malla says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    Serbia was actually the good guy in that war. As usual the USA supports the wrong side. been doing this for more than a century now.

  50. @Avery

    Oh that’s the Saudis… I was talking about the United Arab Emirates… Part of the issue is the UAE doesn’t want to have an inferior weapons to the F35’s that Israel has… And also the US wants the UAE to cut off Huawei and China overall and the UAE refuses to.

    The Saudis as far as I know are not allowed to buy the F35 at all.

    • Agree: Avery
  51. @Wizard of Oz

    Is there ANY Imperial lie that the Dullard of Ooze will not swallow, hook, line and sinker, then regurgitate? There was NEVER any dispute about the promise, until Western psychopaths and their insect-trolls began lying about it, ten or so years ago. NO Soviet leader would have survived a millisecond if he agreed to NATO expansion East.

    • Agree: Petermx, Avery
  52. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    The destruction of Yugoslavia by NATO was my epiphany. When I realized that all I had believed about the altruism of the West was a lie, regurgitated ad infinitum by a subservient press corps and the corporate media. The scales fell from my eyes.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Thanks: Avery
    • Replies: @Avery
  53. Avery says:

    {The destruction of Yugoslavia by NATO…}

    The destruction of Yugoslavia by NATO war criminals and global terrorists….

  54. Levtraro says:

    If the rockets start raining, it will be Putin that starts it.

    So don’t make him do it, those missiles will rain on Britain and the USA as well as on NATO bases in the EU. Stop meddling and be safe.

  55. Russia was never a threat. Frankly, after WWII, the USSR was not a threat.

    The OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, recruited many German intelligence officers in the closing days of World War II. Hitler’s chief of intelligence, Reinhardt Gehlen, turned over Germany’s entire intelligence archives on Stalin to the U.S. Amazingly, an Act of Congress then made him a general in the U.S. Army. He continued working for his new country, gathering further military intelligence on the Soviet Union as a CIA senior advisor.

    Yet U.S. Army Intelligence had assessed in 1945 that the Soviet Union posed no military threat to the United States, having been severely mauled in its epic fight with Germany. Unfortunately the rival OSS got the ear of certain Republican congressmen and their view of the Soviet menace came to dominate the media and eventually the political discourse. Consider that this faction’s goal was not national defense so much as it was the creation of a wedge issue to split the reigning Democratic coalition. GOP strategists were determined to return to national power after twelve long years out in the cold, as the minority opposition party. And like most scare campaigns, the plan worked just fine, enabling war hero Ike to recapture the White House for them in 1952 despite his lack of civilian political experience.

    In a very real sense the forty year long Cold War that ensued was little more than a continuation of the Third Reich’s war against Soviet communism, initiated and maintained by a ruthless rivalry between American political parties jockeying for dominance of the home government. As justified as distrust of Stalin may have been for a smaller nation situated next door to Russia, it was an absurd course of action for a massive superpower on the other side of the planet, particularly against a close ally in the late struggle to stymie Germany’s emergence as a rival world power -and an existential threat to international capitalism.

  56. Quaker says:

    Anglin is a Zionist shill and writes nothing but lies. Russia, the US and China (and many others) are all controlled by the same bankers.

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