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Pentagon Denies Giving Ukraine Military the Location of Russian Generals
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Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that unnamed military officials were bragging about how the Ukraine military was using their intelligence to kill high-ranking Russian military officials.

This has now spread out, with the Times going on to report that more or less everything the Ukraine has been successful at accomplishing is a result of US intelligence backing – that includes sinking a major Russian boat.

The Pentagon claimed on Thursday that they did not help kill the generals.


The Pentagon has denied media reports suggesting it had shared intelligence with Ukraine to specifically target high-ranking Russian military officials.

“The United States provides battlefield intelligence to help Ukraine defend their country,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said during a media briefing on Thursday.

“We do not provide intelligence on the location of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in targeting decisions of the Ukrainian military.”

At the same time, Kirby admitted that Kiev “combines” intelligence it gets from multiple unspecified sources to take its “own decisions,” apparently shifting the blame for reported killings of Russian generals onto Ukraine itself.

“Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide with the intelligence that they themselves are gathering, and then they make their own decisions and they take their own actions,” he said.

Kirby’s remarks echoed the statements made by the National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson, who also insisted that US intelligence wasn’t provided to the Ukrainian forces “with the intent to kill Russian generals.”

The now-denied US assistance in targeting high-Ranking Russian officials was first reported by the New York Times. The newspaper said Washington provided Kiev with information on Russia’s mobile military headquarters, citing anonymous American officials. Ukraine then combined the data with its own intelligence, carrying out strikes that purportedly killed an unspecified number of Russian commanding officers.

The Pentagon made these statements at about the same time the Times was releasing the report on intelligence sinking the big Russian ship, but I guess we can probably assume that if they’re denying helping kill generals than they would deny helping sink the ship.

But this is the standard “talking out of both sides of your mouth” thing. Remember when Joe Biden said during that speech in Poland that he wanted regime change in Russia? Then his Administration claimed that he was lying, that they are not really seeking regime change in Russia?

Biden himself later claimed that he never said that.

Journalist Michael Tracey was one of the people who claimed that Biden said this on purpose because they want to constantly send mixed messages.

I’m not sure if it was on purpose or just a result of senility, but it is the strategy of this regime either way to keep sending these constantly mixed signals. What Biden said in terms of regime change has been called for by both Democrat and Republican Congresspersons. Lindsey Graham has called for Putin’s assassination.

You can say “oh well, Graham is not a part of the Biden administration” – but what Russia sees is “high-ranking US politician calls for assassination.” No one in the Biden Administration made a big point of disagreeing with Graham.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, a Biden Democrat went on Fox News and said “we are fundamentally at war with Russia.” He openly called the Ukraine conflict a “proxy war.” Similar statements were made by members of Nancy Pelosi’s (really Adam Schiff’s) recent delegation to Kiev.

You can’t really claim that Nancy Pelosi is not part of the Biden government, and her rhetoric is getting more extreme by the day.

The Pentagon would have the ability to shut down a high profile report in the New York Times if they wanted to. Everyone knows that. The Times is simply an arm of the State Department.

What’s more: how much of an escalation even is this? The US is already openly shipping tens of billions in arms to the Ukraine. Is it a big step to start sending intelligence on how to kill Russians to the Ukraine? They are already admitting they are providing the Ukraine with “various intelligence reports.” It seems the bigger escalation is openly referring to a “war against Russia.”

No one is really taking this whole charade seriously, other than the standard morons who have no idea what is even going on and just believe whatever the government says. However, all of those morons have moved on from even caring about the Ukraine to caring about the next current thing: the Abortion Riots. That is both sides – Republicans were also “Standing with Ukraine,” and they are now focused on the Abortion Riots, right alongside the Democrat baby-killers.

Whatever you think about the Supreme Court potentially ending Roe v. Wade (I don’t really think that will happen anyway), it is clear that this leak was on purpose and the media coverage of the Abortion Riots is designed to distract from a massive escalation in the terms of this war against Russia.

The current terminology of a proxy war against Russia would not have worked in the initial justification of the “support for Ukraine people” as when you talk about a “proxy war,” you are admitting that the Ukrainians are just microscopic cogs in your catastrophic scheme, and giving credence to the claims by all normal, thinking people that the best thing for Ukraine people is a negotiated settlement as quickly as possible.

Now, we’re in too deep and the cattle are watching the Abortion Riots.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Pentagon trying to cover for NATO general officers who are going to be indicted for war crimes committed by troops under their ‘command responsibility’ .

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  2. Wielgus says:

    I wish they would get their story straight. It may have dawned on them that they are vulnerable to retaliation.

  3. Making it all possible in deep Jew state coercion with kind regards from your fake champion:

  4. …and the cattle are watching, cheering and buying MAGAMusk (till the nuclear winter sets in).

  5. RVBlake says:

    The U. S. would never support the killing of foreign generals. That Soleimani thingy in Baghdad was just a fluke.

    • LOL: Stones
  6. Phibbs says:

    The Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. is going to get us all killed. Jew hatred for Caucasian-Christian Russia is all over their media and coming out of their bought & paid for politicians’ mouths. I hope Russia drops tactical nukes on every Israeli-Occupied Government terrorist/military base all over Europe. But they should start with the illegal one in Syria. Then, the Russians should give tactical nukes to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

  7. “Pentagon denies”; transl.: Jewmerica lies.

  8. Outspaced deep state Musk ox: “NATO will destroy Russia!”
    With what choice does that leave Russia?
    (SpaceX was started parallel to the Maidan/Kiew project of the Jewnighted States of Israhell.)
    Jewmerica leads the war against the Ukrainian, Russian and European peoples all together.
    “”Washington” hopes to re-establish its hyper-power thanks to the war in Ukraine”

    Yet another JewS war in Europe is evilness peaking (out).
    America-Israel-Vatica delenda est.

  9. Notsofast says:

    with the open murder of soleimani, the u.s. assassinated both a high ranking military officer and potentially irans next political leader. now that they have targeted russian generals, the u.s. has established a very dangerous precedent and i wonder how long it will be before some high ranking u.s. military official is wacked in this country or abroad. blowback’s a bitch.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  10. Spanky says:

    Now, we’re in too deep [in Ukraine] and the cattle are watching the Abortion Riots. Andrew Anglin

    Well, the Abortion Riots are also the last political hope for the Democrats to hang onto Congress… The leak was not zero-sum, it serves both needs — firing up the (wavering) base and hiding their Ukraine miscalculation.


    On the surface, for the U.S., winning means making the war last as long as possible, or until they run out of Ukrainians (foreign mercenaries and fools). But for the Russians, winning means only fighting for as long as necessary to achieve their goals — the quicker, the better.

    The U.S. wants to weaken and bleed Russia into regime change, as they’ve so obviously stated. The neocons did not see this proxy fight as existential, although this was a miscalculation because for the Russians it is. Because of this miscalculation, the U.S. now must dismiss Russia’s nuclear warnings as mere posturing, a bluff.

    Winning, for the Russians, is actually about how the world will govern itself (and where Russia fits into that governance), either as a uni-polar empire or multi-polar regional powers, and surviving this inchoate world war. If they can limit the war to Ukraine and clearly establish their regional security interests on its battlefield, they will do so and end the war. To prevent that outcome, the U.S. must relentlessly escalate and will be, finally, forced to step over Russian red lines because the empire cannot be seen backing down, else it ceases to be an empire — the U.S.’s tattered credibility hangs from its (presumed) military superiority.

    So, seeking to bleed Russia into regime change, the U.S. inadvertently created for itself a Hobson’s Choice — either prosecute this war to its fullest extent, or deescalate and watch their empire fall. The neocons, because of their hubris, apparently did not fully appreciate this danger in their prewar planning. Now, however, the threat is clear and underpins their frantic propaganda and censorship, rapidly escalating war rhetoric and massive military aid packages since Russia began to (unexpectedly from the neocon point of view) dominate on the battlefield. If Ukraine was holding its own and turning back the Russian tide, as their propaganda claims, these escalations would be unnecessary.

    Thus, a U.S. win hinges on the neocon belief that Russia is bluffing and will not react when their red lines are crossed — in effect, the war is now a high stakes game of chicken.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Harold Smith
  11. This declaration that many Russian generals have been killed is just more media lies. Pure propaganda. What are their names and where are their bodies? Per Alexander on The Duran, (an excellent source for the truth on the war), Russia is now suffering very few casualties since they have improved their tactics, which had been too tentative. Due to excessive US/NATO provocations and shipping of weapons, they are now less concerned for Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and for minimizing civilian deaths (at the expense of more Russian military getting killed).

    Biden may be too far gone to make the decisions, but, as president, and commander-in-chief, he remains the administration’s mouthpiece. The buck stops with him. But he only has Russia-hating neocons whispering in his ear. This man MUST be removed from power before he starts a nuclear war.

    Trump, who is calling for negotiations, would never have allowed this disaster to reach this point. Aren’t you Biden voters starting to miss him yet?

    • Agree: Joe Levantine, Emslander
    • Replies: @Spanky
  12. Jim H says:

    ‘Lindsey Graham has called for Putin’s assassination.’ — AA

    If the US can casually exterminate General Qassem Soleimani upon arrival at a commercial airport, how long before some hostile actor takes out Lindsey Graham, whether domestically or on a foreign junket?

    It’s naive to think such tactics aren’t going to be turned against Americans, who seem to blithely assume that overseas assassinations of “bad guys” produce no blowback.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  13. Emslander says:

    Whatever you think about the Supreme Court potentially ending Roe v. Wade (I don’t really think that will happen anyway),

    The likely scenario is that the Court will uphold the state law before it, indicate that it will allow more anti-abortion state legislation in the future, but declare that it is not reversing Roe.

    Then the steam is taken out of the “summer of abortion” and everybody declares victory. Wars, killings, abortions, starvations and the usual products of the “Empire of Death” will proceed as usual.

  14. Emslander says:

    Thus, a U.S. win hinges on the neocon belief that Russia is bluffing and will not react when their red lines are crossed — in effect, the war is now a high stakes game of chicken.

    I believe you’ve pegged it. Neither side now can be seen to be losing, even if it’s only a loss of face. At some point nuclear weapons will be used, maybe after five years of simmering combat, maybe next week.

    Funny that Anglin has the instinct to connect Ukraine to abortion. They’ve been championed by our leadership from the same motivations, the killing of as many human beings as possible. Gives them all the feeling that they’re gods.

    • Thanks: Spanky
  15. Sean says:

    America aiding the Ukrainians’ liquidation of the very Russian commanders that would supposedly thwart the execution of an increasingly likely order from Putin to use a battlefield thermonuclear weapon in Western Ukraine; that’s great thinking! Many Americans seem supremely confident the Russian army generals who survive Ukrainian targeting from US intel in the ongoing assassination campaign are going to wait to be next ticked off the list..

    Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff Mark Miley has attempted to call his counterpart, Valery Gerasimov, without success maybe because he is already suspect. Putin must wonder why is Valery Gerasimov still alive. Putin is a counter intel specialist by training, and so I am sure he wonders whether the CIA is divulging the whereabouts of those thought to be hard line generals in order to make sure that only the ‘slabak’s are left? In classic American plausible deniability style the intelligence being supplied to Ukraine is likely a quarter of an hour out of date, or maybe the recent strike was intended to just miss Gerasimov and give him some extra credibility.

    On the other hand the second Russian general killed was Vitaly Gerasimov, who may have been related to Valery. The targeting intelligence supplied to Ukraine about Russian movements is likely a quarter of an hour delayed for plausible deniability. The Moskva and Admiral Makarov were supposedly hit by a Ukrainian Neptune missile, which did not exist before the war started. I think the most likely way they got it into production is the US supplied Ukraine with vitally needed parts. How can anyone doubt this is now a proxy war? Unless American is going to give Ukraine a few nuclear weapons too, it seem increasingly likely that Russia will prefer to terminate this conventional trouncing being administered by America per their sockpuppet.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  16. @Spanky

    The U.S. wants to weaken and bleed Russia into regime change, as they’ve so obviously stated. The neocons did not see this proxy fight as existential, although this was a miscalculation because for the Russians it is. Because of this miscalculation, the U.S. now must dismiss Russia’s nuclear warnings as mere posturing, a bluff.

    I see the situation somewhat differently. Breaking down “the U.S.” into its main component parts, I believe the cult of demon-possessed theistic Satanists at the top do see the conflict in “Ukraine” as existential, and any official dismissal of Russia’s nuclear threat is propaganda directed at the benighted masses and especially at the corrupt subordinates/order-followers and sundry moral cowards upon whom their worldly power depends.

    If the cult is to successfully establish Satan’s kingdom on earth (apparently as per Isaiah 14:13,14), they must proselytize (i.e. corrupt) the whole world and destroy anyone or anything they can’t corrupt. But at some level of consciousness they realize that they are losing to Russia (an intolerable example of relative “goodness”) – and their irredeemable evil empire is going down accordingly. As I see it the only choice the cult has is whether they’ll go down with a whimper or a bang, and it seems it’ll be the latter.

    • Thanks: Spanky
  17. Spanky says:

    Biden may be too far gone to make the decisions, but, as president, and commander-in-chief, he remains the administration’s mouthpiece. The buck stops with him. But he only has Russia-hating neocons whispering in his ear. This man MUST be removed from power before he starts a nuclear war. — follyofwar

    Biden is merely a pliable scapegoat for the neocons whispering in his ear. With whom would you replace him? Kamala? If not, for whom (Pelosi? Leahy? Blinken? Yellen? …) will the order of succession be bypassed and upon what justification?

    If what I argue in comment #10 is accurate, Biden has become the neocons’ get out of jail free card. If I am wrong about their miscalculation, it indicates the neocons’ evil and power is much greater than even I thought possible, and Biden was specifically installed as their scapegoat. From that perspective, Kamala makes perfect sense…

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  18. @Anon

    That will never happen. They will escape.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @SteveRogers42
  19. @Notsofast

    Lets hope, soon the U.S leaders and generals will become so small in stature that it is not worth anyone’s while to kill them. Look at the Central African Republic (or is it Empire now?); no one in the rest of the world bothers to kill their generals or leaders.

  20. Russian and American electronic warfare have been dueling in Syria for years.

    By mutual agreement they’ve kept the gloves on, but that could change. The US has force advantages in the region in the air and on the sea, but that doesn’t mean the boots on the ground in Syria couldn’t be instantly wiped out by thermobaric missiles.

  21. Anon[330] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    NATO officers escape war crimes trials ?

    Not too sure – the peacekeepers have already captured many NATO soldiers and officers. The peacekeeping forces have stated often they will hold war criminals accountable. There are stories in the media about soecfic war crimes investigations starting and ongoing.

    Plus – I think (guess) the peacekeepers will also be indicting and trying NATO officers in absentia for command and control war crimes.

    Just my guesswork from close listening to the peacekeepers speeches

  22. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:

    OK maybe we enclosed a playlist tracking the locations of a lot of Russian generals but that was just part of a much bigger package — it wasn’t specifically about them. You gotta believe us!

  23. From brownshirts to clownshirts.

  24. George W. Bush calls Zelensky the Winston Churchill of our Times.

    Strange praise from a man who is the GOP’s Jimmy Carter of a man who’s closer to a judaeo-slavic Robin Williams in vision and temperament than he is to the British war leader.

    • Replies: @Stones
  25. Stones says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Re George Bush the lesser. There is good info that HE was a deserter.

    S/Sgt. George Y. was working with me overseas doing a radar refit . This George disappeared for about a year. After they caught up with him he was dragged through the unit bent over chained hand and foot, beaten half dead. Standard for deserters. Then Federal Prison. The image is still in my mind.

    Another deserter, George, a Lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard was to report to Alabama for F-4 training prior to going to Nam. He failed to report and disappeared for about a year. This George became President of the United States.

    No one needs to listen to Geo. W. Bush about anything – that is, unless he wants to talk about 9-11.

  26. @SteveRogers42

    You can usually determine the truth of a rumor such as this by gaging the veracity of the denials by the various governments. In the case of US general Cloutier being captured by the Russians, the Pentagon has been doing summersaults trying to “prove” that he’s been in Turkey for the past two years. As for the former Canadian general (Trevor Cadieu) being also captured by the Russians, the story has only appeared in one Canadian publication (The Western Standard which is connected to Rebel News) but many foreign ones. Not long after the story appeared in the online Western Standard, it was removed. Canada’s hated prime minister Trudeau has brought out various pieces of legislation which muzzle the press. Was the Western Standard told to scrub the story or else?

    • Agree: SteveRogers42
  27. I wonder what Rand Paul has to say about it? He seems to have a good handle on misinformation and who engages in it on a regular basis…sigh…..

  28. Anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin will choose when and how he strikes.

    “Suez Moment” coming for the U.S.

    Frankly, I would like to see how his intercontinental missiles perform.

  29. There is ZERO credible evidence that ANY “Russian General” has been killed or even stubbed a toe for that matter.

    Once again listen closely, the idiots cheering on Ukraine and spreading all the lies like Ghosts of Kiev, massacares that never happened, censor Ukrainians who explain how they are hostages of the Ukrainian Army are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE who pushed the Covid Hoax. You are all the same people who lied and lied and lied about Iraq which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    You people act like you are shocked we don’t believe you anymore which is pretty funny. But no you have crossed a line and can never recover from it.

    So no I don’t believe a single Russian General has gotten a papercut let alone been targeted and killed. I doubt even 2 dozen Russian officers have even died. Enlisted are another thing which many may have died. The fact that most pro war idiots don’t understand the basic job structure of their own Military let alone a foreign one makes it even more laughable and sad.

    I’m still waiting for the pro war fools on this website who always claim “Ukraine is winning” to show the proof that Moscow is encircled. Of course those are the idiots who only comment once or won’t debate because they “don’t like your tone” because they are puritan boomers.

    If all these Generals are getting killed then please provide a Russian online biography for them. Every single American Officer with a Star has an official biography complete with duty stations, awards and accomplishments. Russia has the exact same thing so name some names.

    • Replies: @aldasfail770
  30. Frankly,

    that is a so what if they did. Th Russians provide weapons and intell to the break away regions in violation of the Minsk protocols. They have invade the Ukraine without cause and the US and NATO oppose that action as does the EU and the UN. The US and NATO have gone as far as to provide military assistance to Ukraine — the idea that they are not providing intel is near nonsensical.

    Sooooo if they are providing such intel, it is perfectly in keeping with the standard strategies for war — target the military and political leadership. If the Russians want that to be the execute to attack the US – then let them give it a whirl.

  31. Lurker says:

    and Admiral Makarov

    Now thought to be un-hit and un-sunk.

  32. @Spanky

    Hi Spanky. The way things are going for the walking corpse these days, I’d rather take my chances with Kamala. She hates her boss and has an obsessive need to be liked, which is in her favor. Unlike Biden, who apparently has had a falling out with Obama, (just watch the body language when Barack was recently in the WH and gave Biden the cold shoulder), Kamala was gushing all over the former president.

    Obama was not nearly as extreme as Biden, who started preaching “equity” on his first day in office, rejecting “equality.” Who knows, if Kamala listens to Obama, she might even change directions on Biden’s drive to kill as many Russians as possible, regardless of the Ukrainian body count.

    Why would I say this? Because, after the fact, Obama admitted that giving Hillary the green light to bomb Libya into the stone age was his worst decision in office. He backed off on his red line to bomb Syria after opposition from the Congress and the people. He negotiated the JCPOA, which Trump promptly tore up at the request of Netanyahu. Obama was wary of Israel and didn’t want to be in the same room as Bibi. And, after the 2014 coup, when Ukraine requested more weapons to kill more Russians, he gave them blankets instead.

    If old Joe was put out to pasture by the 25th Amendment (as he should have been already), and if Kamala brought Obama in as Secretary of State to replace incompetent Blinken, I’d be breathing a little easier.

    • Thanks: Spanky
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  33. @follyofwar

    Please explain the differences between ‘equity’ and ‘equality’.

    • Replies: @Ummm
  34. @aldasfail770

    I’m still waiting Ukraine shills! Where are these Generals biographies?
    The complete silence is proof enough that I am right and you jew loving zelensky worshippers are lying and wrong.

  35. Ummm says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Equality = everyone who performs the same actions gets the same outcome
    Equity = everyone gets the same outcome regardless of actions

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