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Oh, Are We Doing the Black Thing Again? I Was Hoping for a Chinese Moon Base
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PICTURED: Good boy who didn’t do nothing
PICTURED: Good boy who didn’t do nothing

With the “war” in the “Ukraine” wrapping up, the Jew media is going to have to push something.

I was hoping for a conspiracy where the Chinese are building a base on the Moon.

But it looks like we might get this inane black nonsense again.


Jayland Walker suffered at least 60 gunshot wounds when Akron, Ohio, police officers fatally shot him during a pursuit last week, Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said Sunday, citing a medical examiner’s report.

City officials also played police body camera footage of the shooting for the first time Sunday, nearly a week after the fatal shooting. The video raises more questions about the shooting of the unarmed Black man that is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI).

Police said the shooting occurred after Walker, 25, fled as officers tried to initiate a traffic stop for traffic and equipment violations on Monday, June 27.

After a car chase, Walker got out of his car and a foot chase took place, police said. Officers believed Walker was reaching towards his waist and they “felt that Mr. Walker had turned and was motioning and moving into a firing position,” Mylett said.

Walker, however, was not armed, Mylett said Sunday.

During the vehicle pursuit, police said, a gunshot was fired from Walker’s car, police said.

In narrated body camera video, police said that about 40 seconds after Walker drove away from police, “a sound consistent with a gunshot can be heard on the body-worn cameras of the officers.” Police also said “a flash of light” could be seen on the driver’s side of the car at the time of the sound.

“That changes the whole nature of the traffic stop,” Mylett said at the news conference Sunday. “It went from being a routine traffic stop, to now a public safety issue. And then the pursuit continued.”

A handgun and loaded magazine were found in Walker’s car after the shooting, police said, along with a gold ring.

Eight officers were “directly involved in the shooting,” Mylett said, and all have been placed on paid administrative leave, according to department policy.

The BCI, which is investigating the fatal shooting, has yet to confirm the number of times Walker was shot, Mylett said, and it’s still not known how many rounds were fired.

“However, based on the video, I anticipate that number to be high,” he said. “A lot of rounds were fired.”

Who gives a shit? If I was the cops, I would have unloaded with a machine gun after this ape fired on me from his car.

Claiming that blacks are allowed to fire on cops but cops aren’t allowed to shoot back is even more extreme than the George Floyd mania.

Mylett said officers retrieved a shell casing near the scene of the attempted traffic stop that was “consistent with the firearm that Mr. Walker had in his vehicle. The BCI will determine whether or not that casing came from the gun or not.”

He added that a traffic camera captured “what we believe to be a muzzle flash coming out of the car. Again the BCI will be determining whether or not that is the case.”

Walker died from multiple gunshot wounds to the face, abdomen and upper legs, CNN affiliate WEWS reported, citing findings by its media partner, the Akron Beacon Journal.

The Journal, which was allowed to review an investigative worksheet at the medical examiner’s office, said it “indicated that Walker was observed laying on his back and was in handcuffs when a medical examiner investigator arrived at the shooting scene.”

So, he fled the police in a car after a traffic stop, while shooting at them from the car, then got out to flee on foot, but he forgot his gun in his car in the panic of fleeing.

The cops are the bad guys for shooting him.


They are trying to make this into a new Saint Floyd.

Daily Beast calls it “sickening” and “heartbreaking.”

He was “unarmed” because he forgot his gun – which, minutes earlier, he’d been firing at the cops.

This is like satire.

How can I make satire, when this is the official narrative?

The nigga was firing shots at the cops.

At this point, I hate the cops and don’t really care if they die or go to prison. After this coronavirus thing, and then the January 6 thing, I just have zero sympathy. This is an enemy gang.

But regardless: part of their job – after hunting down whites who refuse to wear masks or complain about the 2020 election – is to play zookeeper and keep these blacks from going on rampages.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Jiminy says:

    So the cops did go for his legs. Maybe the trouble was that he just wouldn’t stay still. I like how one of the cops is standing at the back, shooting from behind his mate. Basically over his shoulder.

  2. It is getting hot out, and if the ferals are going to riot the PTB are at least going to give them a “woke” excuse. Rioting over gas prices or just plain stealing isn’t the footage our news media likes to show. Peaceful protest via incineration of the local police precinct is the narrative that they prefer.

    • Agree: ruralguy
  3. ruralguy says:

    We have an underclass of low-iq stone-age people, borderline mentally retarded, who through no fault of their own, simply lack the skills to live in an advanced society. Their presence here is neither good for us nor for them. We are at war, in a clash over civilizations. We can rapidly devolve into primitive anarchy and into a stone-age race of simians, or strive towards something higher. But, the first step is to realize we are in a war that we are losing badly.

  4. These cop on nig-grow shootings are simply getting more hilarious by the day. It must be a game that’s played inside the heads of these dumbest of the dumb. The fact that so many of these retarded social rejects make the same decision day in and day out not to cooperate with law enforcement when they’re being legally pulled over says much about how little is going on inside the heads of these fucking morons. Maybe somebody should tell them that a large percentage of cops today (rightfully so) are retired or former Army and Marine combat veterans, which makes them for the most part fairly proficient at extinguishing life. And with these idiots it’s like child’s play. I’m so sick of the babbling from these ghetto apes that by and large have done nothing with these savages to teach them right from wrong but are always front and center when the ghetto lottery is in play. Maybe something else that should be mentioned to these munts, when you don’t cooperate with cops when they pull you over it’s almost never going to end well for you, especially when you discharge a firearm in their direction.

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @gutta percha
    , @Truth
  5. Before it’s all said and done, people will wish cops shot sixty.

    • Agree: ruralguy, Bernie
  6. @ruralguy

    Inflation and shortages are a measure of how bad the war is going.

    • Agree: ruralguy
  7. Mike Tre says:

    No sympathy for the negro or the cops. Any individual that hasn’t quit their job as a police officer after it became clear they are merely enforcers for a selectively tyrannical, bureaucratic and corporate aligned campaign against normies, is by every measure a willing participant in that campaign. They are as bad or worse as the common street negro, depending on how you look at it.

  8. An avid adherent of Judeo-Christian “faith,” Anglin no doubt opposed Roe V. Wade and presumably has celebrated its demise. What strange behavior for one who, much more than most Whites, has known how damaging blacks are to civilized society.

    Numbering 40+ million, they’ve waged an immense criminal war on Euroamericans, inflicting (according to the DoJ) an annual average of 540,360 violent crimes. That’s 85% of violent crime involving blacks and Whites, and it figures out to 1480 crimes per day. Per day.

    Just imagine if American blacks numbered 80+ mill. Might not that average daily mayhem be 2960 attacks per day? Well, since blacks used Roe-guaranteed abortion as birth control, aborting at a rate five rimes higher than the White rate, the American black population would’ve been at least 80+ mill but for Roe, as black Conservative Candace Owens recently said on Carlson’s show. And mind you, the quality of American blacks, already low, would’ve been lower still because Roe-guaranteed abortion enabled the most wayward, imprudent, reckless women, who repeatedly had unwanted pregnancies, to prevent their passing on their mental and behavioral traits to millions of offspring….

    Well, now a sharp ascent of quantity and a sharp descent of quality can occur! And if, as bible-thumpers want, abortion is completely abolished, 80 million may well be a moderate figure. At the very least, the USA will rival Brazil which, having 90 million blacks, contains the most blacks of any land outside Africa–and an average of about 60,000 homicides a year, overwhelmingly black.

    And of course spiking black numbers will have an electoral impact not to Anglin’s liking, since blacks vote overwhelmingly for the neo-Marxists. And the last time I was able to access The Daily Stormer, I saw a ticking timeline to the end of White majority in America: well, he’ll have to shrink the timeline now….

    Still, come hell or high water, Anglin will say “Abortion is murder. It’s sin!” The poor boy wants the struggle for White self-preservation to be without casualties!!!

    The problem wasn’t Roe V. Wade. Roe was precious; it was eugenic to an extent that Whites will be taught by adversity to understand; and Margaret Sanger was a sage, worthy of our highest honors. The problem was, and is, a silly/sinister superstition peddled to Europe long ago, by members of the most xenophobic group in history. I refer to an ideological opiate according to which goodness is defined as selflessness. It’s because of that, that Euroamerica can shoot itself in the foot, as it just has, and feel righteous for it!

  9. ruralguy says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    47% of black pregnancies are aborted. Without those abortions, their birth rate would jump from 1.9 births per black woman to 3.8 births. At those rates, the U.S. will be majority black in two generations.

    • Agree: Bernie, Atle
    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @TG
  10. @Lucius Vanini

    L. V.- there are better ways to control feral populations than the extinguishing life, inferior as it is.

    Yeas ago, I advocated overing a sum of money and some benefits for the net deficit members of the economic pyramid. Let’s say about \$5,000 for an irreversible tubal ligation, one month of free fast food fried chicken, and a credit for 500 watermelons.

    This is a clean conscience remedy that is consistent with Buddhist principles. I would throw in, upon reflections, a surrogate child dog with a supply of vet care and food for a period.

    Everything in life appears in a different framed reference with a Buddhist framework and understanding. That’s because it is both a wide angled lens and a microscope, leaping over misperceived contradiction.

    Thinking in analogies is the missing operant in the West World. Feral human population control is analogous and parallel to feral populations of cats. Formerly the default was euthanasia, but effective and human alternative is mass sterilazaion and release.

    Once again, as on the Acid Dental Obscurer, I remind you encourage your development beyond the Engllightment Rationalism Totality of concrete objects, time and space, and derived geometric thinking. Speaking of that publication, I believe my patience with its creator is exhausted regarding his uneven and subjective moderation, which probably favors donors over non-donors. Never put too much trust in an academic. Their collective Chinese sign is somewhere between mouse and squirrel.

  11. At least the poleez could have played ‘Bad Boys” theme from Cops for added entertainment as they went on their pursuit of another feral criminal aspiring gangsta rappa nigga who lacks the basic brain cells to comply with poleez orders.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  12. Notice how the Propaganda Media has such a difficult time finding a Black “victim” who’s actually sympathetic. They all resist arrest, threaten cops, or overdose themselves on drugs, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them. Druggie Breanna Taylor was the closest to innocent but it was her dumbass boyfriend who got her killed. I get the feeling it’s an FU to White people to pretend that these people _shouldn’t_ have been shot. If there’s someone who really didn’t bring it upon themselves — like a little kid hit by a stray bullet — we won’t hear about it.

  13. @ruralguy

    That’s why I’m also pro abortion. We simply can’t allow niggaz to breed us out of money and burn loot murder and rape with impunity. Just look at all the illegals that are going on welfare, sheeit. This doesn’t look good.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  14. Realist says:


    The has been a mass shooting in Highland Park, IL. Many shots were fired…shooter is still at large.

    A large number of Jews live in Highland Park

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  15. @Lucius Vanini

    It is all good, fellow White supremacist: the niggas will continue to be eugenically cleansed in the hotbeds of crazed progressive blue-haired commies. It is only fair, you see.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  16. @Poupon Marx

    I strongly endorse involuntary sterilization of those convicted of a certain level of violent crime. If those nasty low-IQ ghetto thugs were no longer spraying their seed randomly around the community, the African-American gene pool would only benefit.

  17. That’s why I’m also pro abortion. We simply can’t allow niggaz to breed us out of money and burn loot murder and rape with impunity. Just look at all the illegals that are going on welfare, sheeit. This doesn’t look good.

    I don’t think it’s as bad as you think. After all, when has the legality of an act ever stopped niggers from engaging in it? She-boons will just use coat hangers and we’ll get lots of twofers.

    • LOL: Lucius Vanini
  18. Ron West says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    I don’t believe overturning roe v wade is going to make a huge difference in abortion numbers. Abortion will still be legal in over half of the US and proabortion groups are gearing up to pay for women ‘s travel to states where they can get abortions. Abortion numbers might actually increase. we’ll see

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  19. Ron West says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Why do you hate innocent dogs so much ?

    • Thanks: Hangnail Hans
    • LOL: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  20. @CelestiaQuesta

    Why aren’t you pro-neutering? Abortion is a repeat moneymaker for the (((doctors))) who perform them. If the bucks underwent vasectomies (I’d prefer castration to deal with the gun violence at the same time) and the women tubal ligation. then pregnancies wouldn’t happen, it would be a one and done procedure, and a civilization could return.

    • Thanks: Hangnail Hans
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  21. TG says:

    One is reminded that after the end of slavery, the American black fertility rate was basically the same as that of whites – even when abortion was often illegal! Why do you think that pre-1965 American blacks are still hardly more than 12% of the population? In fact, the percentage of the American population that is black actually fell during the high levels of cheap-labor immigration from Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

    It’s not blacks that are flooding in, it’s (mostly) asians and hispanics. And yes, they are replacing us. But once the nation is majority hispanic/asian, somehow I don’t think that American blacks are going to like the change all that much.

    • Replies: @Truth
  22. @Curmudgeon

    Count me in, I’ll take neutering, abortion, bla bla bla, heck I’d even gives blacks killing each other tactical nukes to use on each other. Then I would build giant gas ovens for a real Koser Holocaust and GlobalHomo. The sooner we rid lands of black aspiring gangsta rap’n niggaz, Zionists and GlobalHomo, the sooner we can start rebuilding USA 2.0.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  23. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Yes, the Jesus religion is finklethink. Jews push abortion when it suits them; a different or even same group of Jews pushes anti-abortion likewise. The consistency is Jewish interests. Now that Roe has wiped out x generations of Whites, we are going to get what future historians (if any) will call “The Black Flood.” All in alignment with The Great Replacement.

    It’s important to understand that both sides of the debate are directed by Jews. The issue itself is a phony, a false alternative – of course you should be allowed to abort a fetus in the first trimester but not butcher a baby in the last. The forming of false alternatives, like “every sperm is sacred” or infanticide, is the forming of tar babies, of traps. The Jewsus-loving Bible-beaters and the pro-infanticide psychopaths are all essentially a bunch of Hebrew zanies, street theater types not present in an Ayran civilzation.

    The notion that worshipping a Jew is the solution to Jewish power is a shameless imposition on a harrassed, weary White population. It’s the same old finklethink – a Kosher sandwich shoved down our throats. Reject it all.

  24. @Realist

    Cops only description of shooter: “a man between the ages of 18 and 20″… SO helpful.

    “A rifle has been recovered.”

    Let the Anti-2A, gun grabber Demonrat/Repukian/Corporate/Sniveling Cuckholdry/Stupid Bitchery begin…
    and be jammed up The National Butthole for at least 3 or 4 weeks…
    since Russia is WINNING in The Donbas, and (((Big Media))) and the internet (((rats))) don’t want to mention it.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Realist
    , @Realist
  25. The moral of the story is get a white friend.

  26. anon[390] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    They didn’t waste any time announcing that he was white. Probable a diverse one. Or maybe an Intel. Its news because its rare. Tip off is high number of dead…spraying a crowd is a black thing.

  27. Realist says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    Let the Anti-2A, gun grabber Demonrat/Repukian/Corporate/Sniveling Cuckholdry/Stupid Bitchery begin…
    and be jammed up The National Butthole for at least 3 or 4 weeks…
    since Russia is WINNING in The Donbas, and (((Big Media))) and the internet (((rats))) don’t want to mention it.


    I live a few miles north of Highland Park. The description is a white male with long black hair…there is something wrong there, white people do not have black hair. Perhaps his hair was dark brown or he was wearing a wig.

  28. Glob degeneratives live on a conceit, that they are so ‘more evolved’, more educated, and more sophisticated than all those lame Middle Americans.

    So, they fall for anything that caters to this CONCEIT and fall for garbage like this.

    Since globo-homo is the thing among the fancy elites and disdained by Middle America, one must be ‘more evolved’, hip, and sophisticated to take one’s kids to drag shows.

  29. @Poupon Marx

    Hi P.M–

    You know me: I’m no believer in morality, in the existence of intrinsic, objective right or wrong. Morality is opinion. The seeming validity of value judgments is perspectivist–merely relative to the value-judge.

    There is love. But my love is all for the Caucasoid ethnic/genetic mega-cluster–in vulgar terms “the White Race.” I have none at all for blacks, that branch of the human tree farthest from ours genetically, physically, cognitively, and very harmful to us.

    So again. I don’t know about what’s right or wrong; I simply love my extended family and want it protected and prosperous by any means necessary….

    (Nor am I believer in Samsara, you ol’ cobra. And even if I were, I wouldn’t suppose that selfish and violent acts are objectively evil.)

    You talk of a “clean conscience remedy.” Well, conscience doesn’t say the same thing to everyone. Given my unbelief in right and wrong, and my utter partisanship toward Whites, my own conscience couldn’t feel clean unless I were supportive of anything protecting Whites–irrespective of what that might mean for a trillion black fetuses, for which you have a touching concern lol.

    Unlike the ideas you discuss, there was a real thing, Roe V.Wade, that kept the black pop from being twice as big as it is and at least twice as destructive and costly…. And there still is a real thing, abortion, which can still have very valuable eugenic and protective effect. I hope the optimistic view that the loss of Roe can be gotten around isn’t a pipe-dream. So far I’m not encouraged. There’s talk of corporations sending their employees to pro-abortion states to get abortions. But so far that’s shaping up to be an appalling anti-eugenic disaster! See my reply here to Ron West.

    P.S. You’re still active at TOO, I guess? After getting censored there literally 19 times in a month, by the resident Censor Tomas de Torquemada, I said “No mas, Tomas.” At the same time I lost respect for the intellectual fiber of the establishment there. I learned that the pro-Judeo-Christian protectionism there, with Tomas often coming to the rescue of bible-thumpers, wasn’t without Kmac’s knowledge and blessings…. I fear that dementia doesn’t afflict Joey Biden alone.

    And you too have been censored there too, more than once. If I’m going to be silenced, I’d rather it be by Shitter and Fakebook which don’t pretend to Conservative values like free expression. Best wishes, L.V.

  30. @Lucius Vanini

    You need to take into account where the blex live, and how likely it is that blek-heavy parts of the US legislate abortion bans that can’t easily be circumvented, and how that changes from the current situation.

    I was slightly shocked to find out (just now) that 56% of US blex the US live in the South –

    It also turns out that Southern states are leading the table when it comes to the proportion of blek abortions (although that proportion is [blek abortions]/[total abortions]).

    Note that the total number of abortions by state varies pretty dramatically: for example New York has roughly the same number of abortions as the top 5 blek-abortion-rate states (MS, GA, AL, DC, MI) combined.

    I can’t be fucked joining the two tables and calculating the actual number of blek abortions by state, but just eyeballing it (and guessing that CA is as abort-y as NY) I would estimate that NY + CA would generate enough total abortions that the blek numbers in Blue Havens would constitute a majority of total aborted blex nation-wide. Hard to tell because the KFF data has NRs for important cells.

    The data on abortions by state can be found at KFF – Abortions by State

    The data on blek proportion of abortions by state can be found here KFF – State-level Abortion Levels by Race.

    So anyhow… once the various States pass their own legislation, and people adapt their behaviour, it’s likely that the number of aborted blex will not change appreciably – and nor will the aggregate number of abortions overall.

  31. @Ron West

    Ron, yes, abortion will be allowed in some states. and so it’s theoretically possible for blacks and low-class Whites (mudsharks and/or Leftists) to get abortions there, though they reside in anti-abortion states. But so far this isn’t happening like the optimists among us think it will. In fact it’s looking like the beginnings of a dysgenic nightmare.

    So far there’s only talk of corporations paying the travel expenses of their employees who want abortions. Solid, productive women, aborting! What about the unemployed, feral blacks–reckless women without self-control, who get repeated unwanted pregnancies? Or the unemployed low-class Whites, mudsharks, liberal, often substance-abusing? Who’s going to send such people, whose abortions we need most, to a pro-abortion state, pay for their accommodations, etc.?

    The way things look now, the women capable of responsibility, industry, self-support will abort, won’t reproduce. On the other hand, unproductive and costly and troublesome elements will proliferate. This not only means their being a greater criminal and political menace via expanding numbers, but also their passing on their genes, their mental and behavioral traits more than ever before….

    I’ve long and fondly believed that political differences can balkanize America. But I don’t see any more than a relatively few blacks and mudsharks leaving their native states, just to have the continuous availability of abortion. For one thing, they’ll be well-paid by the state in terms of welfare.

    It would appear that Roe presented an alternative to making money by cranking out chillum. I suspect that many Tyreeshas and La Tuvas decided that all those children were a bother. If they can’t abort, they won’t have that alternative, so rather than upset their whole existence by going to a blue state, they may well be consoled by mounting welfare payments with each child they produce. And the Bible-Belt states, which will ban abortion, are loaded with blacks, increasingly criminal ones. If no more than a third of them migrate (and I think that’s optimistic), the remaining blacks will proliferate more than enough to overcome the diminution.

    No, losing Roe is a disaster. And I’m furious at those utterly stupid bible-thumpers….

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Arminius1933
  32. Dude, it’s the Israelis who have the Moonbase … that’s why TPTB need to cut to black.

  33. @Lucius Vanini

    my love is all for the Caucasoid ethnic/genetic mega-cluster–in vulgar terms “the White Race.”

    That’s madness.

    There are elements of the Caucasoid megacluster that represent a very clearly identifiable threat to the rest.

    Protip: their ancestors generally hail from what is now Lithuania, Moldova, 404, Byelarus, and parts of Eastern Poland – what used to be called the Pale of Settlement… the core identifying characteristic of which, is that it was still a primitive backwards shithole well after the rest of the Caucasoid megacluster had experienced the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

    I have more affinity with an American quadroon or octoroon, than I have with anyone who actively identifies as part of a Bronze Age cock-mutilation cult – even if the latter have the fair skin so ill-suited to life in Palestine.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  34. Realist says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    The asshole has been identified. His name is Bobby CrimoIII his father ran for mayor of Highland Park and lost. He is Italian…and a freak for sure. He is a rapper of some repute with a hit song…On My Mind. tried to include a video of the song, but YouTube took it down. But people keep posting it back up.
    You may be able to view it on other media or catch it on YouTube before they take it down.

  35. “If I was the cops, I would have unloaded with a machine gun …”

    My only criticism of the shooting is the apparent disregard for what’s downrange behind the target.

  36. @Philmuhcrevis

    “when you don’t cooperate with cops when they pull you over it’s almost never going to end well for you,”

    Thugs who flee in vehicles have a pretty good chance of getting away now. In many jurisdictions, LE now is terminating car chases early. But you are correct that once the cops have you cornered, it is stupidly and dangerously futile to resist. Blacks and wokesters seem to expect the right to a ‘fair fight’ in violent encounters between blacks and LE. Where this plain ignorance of the law comes from, who knows?

  37. if these deaths by cop is not require Post-mortem, i bet this murder victim will had his ears cut off as souvenir for Supremacist cop. at least he run away and try to save his life, as we all know he is a goner whether he follow dirty cops instruction or not

    • Thanks: Truth
    • Troll: Richard B
  38. You are ever making up arguments, apparently something of common practice with increased frequency or maybe I have just ignored it until the discussion of the Russian invasion an issue rife with made up contentions.

    I would be curious who is making this contend,

    “Claiming that blacks are allowed to fire on cops but cops aren’t allowed to shoot back is even more extreme than the George Floyd mania.”

    Aside from you, I have never heard any such position. The reason for lethal force has to be justified. for example, if the young man had actually fired a weapon, if he actually turned to fire said gun . . . or fired his weapon from the vehicle, etc.

    and that is the generally understood grounds regardless of a persons skin color.

  39. Alrenous says: • Website

    Claiming that blacks are allowed to fire on cops but cops aren’t allowed to shoot back is even more extreme than the George Floyd mania.

    Uhh what? I’ve never not seen that as the obvious subtext. I wasn’t paying any attention at all before Zimmerman, but it was already the whole message by Zimmerman. Hell, it’s in Moldbug.

    However, the official presumption is that, in any conflict between a noble and a commoner, the noble is right and the commoner is wrong. Therefore, by default, the noble should win. […] For example, if a noble attacks a commoner, we can presume that the latter has in some way provoked or offended the former.



    I’m confident that this bizarre version of what we can call ignoble privilege would take no more than two generations to produce a culture of worthless, unredeemable scoundrels. Applied to populations with recent hunter-gatherer ancestry and no great reputation for sturdy moral fiber, noblesse sans oblige is a recipe for the production of absolute human garbage.

    Not that this was any mystery to the opponents of “”civil”” “”rights.”” They thought e.g. affirmative action would promote unqualified yobbos and would then make those exposed to them believe the whole subspecies is made of only unqualified yobbos.

    Weird. How do they come up with these things.

    Of course the latest the crime wave started was 1898. Police promote crime; Conquest’s Third Law.

  40. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Lucius Vanini

    Who’s going to send such people, whose abortions we need most, to a pro-abortion state, pay for their accommodations, etc.?

    George Soros, same way he pays to bus rioters across multiple state lines. It would be very in-character for him. He might choose not to for whatever reasons, but it’s not like he’s spending his own money. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Regardless, America per se isn’t going to last long enough as a going concern for it to have serious genetic consequences. Further, the fact the Bantu are there at all is already too much. Unless Americans wake up, get a cup of coffee, and realize ethnic cleansing is cool actually, the populations are going to miscegenate themselves into the dustbin of history, exactly the same way the Greeks (present IQ: 92) and Romans did. America will become the Brazilian banana republic it always secretly was. The Amish would be an exception, but they are pacifists and at the first sign of trouble, will keel over and quietly die.

    It’s a shame the Chinese can’t into science. Looks like the Athenian tradition’s run is now permanently over.

  41. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Lucius Vanini

    Morality isn’t even opinion. Universal morality is a plain, unadorned crime.

    However, there’s a few things nearby that are very real. They’re all mere prudence, not morality, but they’re there.

    The main thing about so-called morality is the tension between long term and short term. You want the long term because it’s longer than the short term.

    E.g. Augustus was good for the Empire in the short term, not the long term, and thus was thing-often-called-immoral. Of course Empire itself privileges the short term over the long, so Augustus screwed up when he became an Emperor in the first place. E.g. the colonies made Britain money, but the Empire was a giant money sink. Shouldn’t have nationalized, idiots.

    The other rule: cooperate with cooperators, defect on defectors. Although this is merely an important special case of privileging the long term over the short term.

    So-called morality, when it’s not a lie and a crime, is merely certain accounting realities.

    P.S. Higher IQ is more “moral” because they have less difficulty appreciating the long-term consequences of their actions. Necessarily true for Darwinian reasons; a species which is less “moral” when it is more powerful doesn’t survive enough of the long term to discuss morality.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  42. Jiminy says:

    Wouldn’t it lighten the mood at the media scrum afterwards if they ran a black and white scratchy film similar to the keystone cops. Perp in a striped shirt running in circles while the cops are bumping into one another and falling over.
    The family wouldn’t mind because the con always wanted to be in the movies.

  43. @Mike Tre

    My buddy is just running down the clock on his pension before he quits the force.

    He’s a good guy and it is unfair to expect him to quit physically. I think he has already mentally checked out of policing.

  44. @Lucius Vanini

    Numbering 40+ million, they’ve waged an immense criminal war on Euroamericans, inflicting (according to the DoJ) an annual average of 540,360 violent crimes. That’s 85% of violent crime involving blacks and Whites, and it figures out to 1480 crimes per day. Per day.

    Please! The vast majority of black crime goes unreported, and not just in the hood.

    Speaking as a veteran of the big bad city (two in fact) I can tell you that all of us learned quickly not to report incidents of violent crime, and the perps were invariably blacks.

    Trouble is, the cops don’t want to hear about it. It’s just more boring work for them, and it’s been many decades since cracking a case with negro perps might help a cop get promoted. In recent decades it’s become close to grounds for dismissal.

    What I’ve just related is just one of several reasons to be extremely suspicious of official crime stats. Most of us here know many more.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  45. @Lucius Vanini

    Is it always wrong for anyone to torture babies to death merely for their personal pleasure?

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  46. @gutta percha

    Blacks and wokesters seem to expect the right to a ‘fair fight’ in violent encounters between blacks and LE. Where this plain ignorance of the law comes from, who knows?

    Good point. They always demand a “fair fight” when the other side has the upper hand. (But never when they do.)

    As for the ignorance of the law thing, well, they expect those laws to be changed. And they’re well on their way.

  47. @american are simpleton mind

    Hey mon. You forgot to add “Ooga Booga!”

  48. @Kratoklastes

    Aw, my in-group preference doesn’t meet with thine approval?

    Sorry, my swadharma is to feel affinity and loyalty vis-a-vis those to whom I’m more closely related. I rather think you are mad, if you think that’s mad.

    And you don’t like it? LOL lump it! If ever we meet, get in my face about it and we’ll see where that leads!

    Maybe you too feel the pull of ethnic/genetic nearness, so that you feel affinity with quadroons and octoroons? Well, there’s nothing unnatural about being drawn to one’s own!

    • Thanks: Kim
  49. throtler says:
    @american are simpleton mind

    Hey, foreigner your English is terrible.

  50. @Mike Tre

    Actually, the common street negro and semiliterate spic scum are often synonymous with the street gang on welfare( i.e.,police) that the Jews use illegally surveil, harass, entrap , frame , prosecute and, yes, kill law abiding political dissident whites, like the subhuman, black African immigrant uniformed freeloader taxfeeder bum who killed Ashli Babbitt in Washington DC on January 6th,2021. The Jews and their ass puppet, prostitute-politicians want politically reliable law enforcement agencies and military forces: should healthy white Americans who actually work for a living and earn their own keep( unlike the welfare recipients wearing the cheap, polyester ,made in Pakistan, taxpayer funded uniforms) ever their act together and kick off organized resistance the Jews and their mass media controlled federal government stooges, you’re not going to find too many sympathetic uniformed subhuman leeches supporting them.
    That was the “logic” behind the purge of the military led by General Milley to get rid of capable ,white officers, noncoms and enlisted men who were suspected of “extremism”.
    And you are absolutely correct: the white leadership of te military and police are sadistic, criminal and deracinated white degenerates who will do everything that they are told to do by te Jewish controlled politician-prostitites, like opening fire on starving Americans while suppressing food riots.
    Support the police , the right are of the Jews as they complete their genocide campaign against white Americans.

    American Freedom Party.

  51. @Lucius Vanini

    Excellent points. Abortion should be allowed were it preserves the mother’s life from an unnecessary threat ( e.g. , an ectopic pregnancy) or where it serves a eugenic purpose, e.g. sterilizing criminals, perennial welfare recipients etc.
    A fat, tattoed , substance abusing, miscegenating, SJW ,dumpy white trash slut is by no means advancing Western civilization or those who sustain and perpetuate it, by giving birth to illegimate , half wet back, convicts-in-training.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
  52. dimples says:
    @Poupon Marx

    “This is a clean conscience remedy that is consistent with Buddhist principles. ”

    Are you sure? I thought Buddhist principles were about suffering. Does the aborted proto-human suffer or is it aware? Having been a proto-human once myself in my experience I can say definitely not, but that is only anecdotal evidence.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  53. @Mike Tre

    “Claiming that blacks are allowed to fire on cops but cops aren’t allowed to shoot back is even more extreme than the George Floyd mania.”
    The point is right — if the individual did shoot.
    I believe the black narrative as much as I believe the police narrative. Both are renowned purveyors of B.S.

  54. @Poupon Marx

    Watermelons & fried chicken — oh dear, you can’t beat the oldies & goldies!

  55. @gutta percha

    Thugs who flee in vehicles have a pretty good chance of getting away now. In many jurisdictions, LE now is terminating car chases early.

    The rationale behind the decisions to terminate car chases is debatable and advisable when there’s no discharge of firearm’s, but in cases where a perp has fired on the cops (and I know quite a few of them) the chances of that chase being terminated is basically zero. The mindset is if this person is willing to kill police they’ll kill anyone, so they don’t take the chance of just letting them scurry off. Like I said, with many of these mental midgets there really isn’t a lot going on inside those empty heads. The real sad part about that particular incident is that because of the number of rounds fired, (as if that matters somehow) some or all of these officers may be terminated and possibly charged with crimes because the perp was a “good boy, just on the verge of turning his life around.” Translation, blek.

  56. @american are simpleton mind

    if these deaths by cop is not require Post-mortem, i bet this murder victim will had his ears cut off as souvenir for Supremacist cop.

    There’s enough ignorance in this one statement that it’d probably take a two terabyte hard drive to hold the corrective responses. You know shit about our country, and obviously less about what our cops deal with on a daily basis from these evolutionary rejects. In the future when you have a thought, go take a shit instead, you’ll feel better and we won’t lose IQ points from reading your drivel.

  57. Catdog says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    If banning abortion is bad for whites, then why are the same Jews who are pushing for white replacement hopping mad about Dobbs?

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  58. @Hangnail Hans

    I haven’t the ghost of a reason to doubt you! I was merely quoting from the DoJ study headed by Rachel Morgan, PhD, thinking the figures shocking without considering them necessarily complete.

    Everything I’ve seen and reasoned, from evidence, shouts that blacks are a simpler, primitive type, less endowed with intellect and accordingly more prone to express their needs and resentments physically. Long ago the Arabian scholar al-Jahiz (776-868 CE) wrote: “We know that blacks are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.” Since then, as far as I can tell, observation and science have only corroborated the Arabian’s statement.

    What many may not realize is that stratospheric rates of black violence are all but global. The black-American rate may seem outrageous, hovering as it does around 21 per 100,000 in population (eight times the White rate and 15 times the Asian-American), but not compared to what I’ve seen for South Africa and Jamaica, 36 and 57 per 100k respectively. I think I mentioned here that, with the biggest black pop outside Africa, Brazil has an annual average of about 60,000 homicides, overwhelmingly black, and a rate of about 30 per 100k in pop.

    A report in 2019 stated that Sub-Saharan Africa’s overall rate was 13 per 100k–over twice the world average of 6.1. Such a rate is unheard of in Eurasia….

    To put it in even better perspective, consider my country of Italy. In the South of that European land there are three sizable criminal syndicates–the Mafia in Sicily, the ‘Ndrangheta in Calabria, and the Camorra in Naples. Nevertheless the Italian homicide rate in that same year, 2019, didn’t equal 1 per 100k. It was 0.6, around which it stays. And some or many other European lands have lower rates, as do East Asian ones. Japan’s, if my memory serves, is 0.3.

    From whatever angle he looks at it, a Pro-White must conclude that having many blacks in one’s land is a problem, and that anything limiting black numbers, like Roe-guaranteed abortion, has a precious eugenic and protective effect on his society.

    To think…. mind you…. Roe V. Wade kept at least 40 million blacks off the streets, preventing the black pop from being twice as big as it is. After America’s leaders failed the country in 1865 by not sending the blacks to their ancestral continent, there was nothing that Whites could do vis-a-vis blacks that was anywhere near as salutary as blacks themselves did freely under Roe–cull their own numbers, limit their power to harm Whites in the street, the voting booth, the wallet. All Conservative Euroamerica had to do to retain this inadvertent service done it, was do nothing! Let sleeping dogs lie! But no. Advantages which cost nothing in terms of risk and effort were unacceptable, because their source was immoral, sinful!

    Yes, somewhere Rabbi Saul of Tarsus is having a great belly laugh! “Dumb fucken goyim–haw-haaaaaawwww!” Oh and he ain’t wrong….

    Yes, I know that the end of Roe hasn’t ended abortion. But while I hope it can be gotten around in various ways, I can’t think that any arrangements can equal omnipresent legal, safe, easy abortion, such as existed under Roe.

    • Replies: @Kim
  59. Truth says:

    You’re right Philly, if I had to deal with those people every day, I might be a little trigger happy too…

    • Replies: @Philmuhcrevis
  60. Truth says:

    . But once the nation is majority hispanic/asian, somehow I don’t think that American blacks are going to like the change all that much.

    Maybe, but I can give you one prediction that I am pretty confident of…

    You’ll like it even less.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  61. @Ron West

    I recant and reverse my recommendation upon reflection. I recognize wisdom. No dogs or pets, except insects.

  62. @Lucius Vanini

    LV- I’ve always read with interest your comments. And yes, I am finished with TOO. Similar to the old Darkmoon site, mediocrity and favoritism is letting the air out of the tires of Old MacDonald. No denying the good he has done, excepted for his crackpot theory of Hunter Gather-Farmer dichotomy effecting the “Individualism” and altruistic malappropriation of the “White” Western Euro Peon. Well he IS an academic, after all.

    I redouble my advice to you to apprehend C. G. Jung and Buddha’s teachings. This is practical advice.

  63. @dimples

    Are you sure? I thought Buddhist principles were about suffering. Does the aborted proto-human suffer or is it aware?

    I am quite sure, and you thought wrongly, due no doubt to a breezy and superficial “understanding” of Buddhism. Son, Buddhism is not an operating manual, nor is it a legalistic bird’s nest of Western Christianity. See my advice to Lucius Vaninni above.

  64. @BananaKilt

    Is it always wrong for anyone to torture babies to death merely for [one’s] personal pleasure?

    Art thou asking my opinion?

    My own swadharma (wonderful Sanskrit word denoting a kind of self-law, which I understand as being one’s constitution as conditioned by everything that’s led up to oneself) excludes torturing babies to death merely for my pleasure. It excludes my deriving pleasure therefrom.

    My opinion therefore is that it’s a very unattractive pursuit. And in a society composed entirely of people like me, it’d never be chosen.

    But that’s just opinion based on what I am. There will be others with different impressions and value judgments, based on what they are; and if they derive pleasure from torturing babies to death, no amount of reasoning and argument can determine who’s right, I or they.

    Oh, my kind generally outnumbers them, and we can stop them, kill them, confine them. But that doesn’t prove who’s right, unless we can agree that might is right. (I agree that might is right, but not at all in a moral sense.) The same kind of power can stop things like truth-telling, as when the Church forced Galileo to quit teaching that the Earth is in motion around the sun. He was correct and the Church, as usual, stood for falsehood; but the Church could burn Galileo at the stake.

    Yet autres temps, autres moeurs. Ever hear of the Natchez? They were an Amerindian nation on the lower Mississippi R., in what’s now the state of Mississippi; and the town of Natchez, MS is named after them. Anyway, they were sun-worshipers, and they called their Chief the “Great Sun.” And when a Great Sun died, it was considered a privilege, and wholly proper and virtuous, to perform human sacrifices in honor of the departed Chief. A great many mothers sacrificed their infants, and no doubt many or all of them did so with pleasure, believing they did a good thing.

    I think that in most respects the Natchez were a healthier society than this one, though that’s not saying much…. In any case, I don’t see any way of determining who’s right about what they did–we who are horrified by the thought of killing our own children, or the Natchez mothers who believed it an admirable thing to kill theirs…. Again, value judgments are opinions based on what we are; and we widely differ.

  65. @Truth

    You’re right Philly, if I had to deal with those people every day, I might be a little trigger happy too…

    Sad story indeed. Too bad he didn’t end up like the munt in Akron. But that’ll happen from time to time when cops are dealing with someone armed with an IQ above 68. Not to mention this wasn’t a simple traffic stop you imbecile.

    • Replies: @Truth
  66. Bernie says:

    Hahaha …. “unarmed black man” who had just shot at cops!

  67. Truth says:

    …It wasn’t your daddy’s simple Honkee, either.

    • Replies: @Philmuhcrevis
  68. @Catdog

    If banning abortion is bad for whites, then why are the same Jews who are pushing for white replacement hopping mad about Dobbs?

    Interesting question, one I’ve considered myself.

    By a quirk of history, the Left, despite itself, has favored a measure having definite eugenic effects and, since blacks so avidly avail themselves of it, clear benefits for White America. Of course, the Leftists/liberals, not only Jews but non-Jews as well, have entirely different reasons for favoring abortion–feministic ones. That they’ve thereby helped to spare Euroamericans much unnecessary grief is a lucky accident, a gift horse in whose mouth I don’t look.

    Also, elements of the Left commonly are at cross purposes, sometimes coming to blows over it. The ongoing trouble between feminists and the purveyors of the transgender myth, over things like men entering and dominating women’s sports lol, is an example.

    Besides, most people don’t notice the connection. Even White Nationalists haven’t, for the most part, nor advocated that abortion be preserved if not expanded. As far as I know, I’m the only “europatriot” online to write of abortion’s racial value, the dangers of losing it and the advisability of defending it. Cf.–

    Talk about it, as I have, and people quickly understand and many, if free of certain “moral” and superstitious prejudices, as quickly agree.

    But I do worry that Talmudic Jews will realize that if abortion were banned they could soon enough have 40 mill more bio-weapons to wield against us, the Europe-descended goyim, in their minds the perennial enemy. Many Jews seem to suffer from what I call “the Samson Syndrome,” wanting the ruin of Western Civ though they must realize that the falling edifice will devastate them too.

    Then again, there seem to be some Jews who’d prefer to avoid catastrophe. Some are highly conscious of the fact that the overwhelming majority of physical attacks on Jews, in the USA, are by blacks. And they don’t especially like it, nor black “antisemitism” in general. Consider a couple of articles in the generally far-Left, Jewish news-publication The Forward

    “Why No One Can Talk About the Attacks Against Orthodox Jews,” 12-29-19;
    “Why No One Talks About Black-Jewish Relations,” 8-18-11.

    Or Caroline Glick’s “The Silent American Jews,” in Israel Hayom, 6-26-20, in which Glick accuses fellow Jews of avoiding condemnation of black “antisemitism” so as to be politically correct.

    Nor are these the only complainants. Perhaps such Jews can moderate their brethren’s lust for goyischeh blood, since Jewish blood might otherwise be unnecessarily shed?

    In any case, I think the old saying “It’s an ill wind that blows no good” is an apt one. I don’t see the Jews as doing no good in Western Civ at all. I see that they’re hugely disproportionately represented among donors to the fine arts. If you look at lists of sustaining contributors to opera, ballet, symphony orchestras, spoken theater, art museums, etc., one finds so many Jews that one wonders whether the fine arts–chiefly European Classical Art–could survive in America without Jews. And it’s not as though they’re beating a drum for Hebrew Superiority: no, the art they help preserve is overwhelmingly the legacy of goyischeh European geniuses….

    I’ve never met an American White Nationalist who’s even heard of Verdi, let alone one who’s funded a production of La Forza del Destino. And how much use is enduring biologically if we never discover such things as make our heritage so impressive?

    The trouble, of course, is that Jews are hugely overrepresented also in everything assailing Euroamerica, from Third-World immigration to pushing CRT. But they have been important in the sustaining of the fine arts; and if I didn’t acknowledge that–poof!–there would go the intellectual integrity I claim to cultivate.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  69. I thought he was running away? How did he get shot in the face? Although given the messy nature of head shots, those cops handcuffing a headless corpse would seem to be a bit redundant.

  70. Kim says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Norway is 0.5. Indonesia, poor, crowded and pluralistic, 0.4!

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @Lucius Vanini
  71. @Lucius Vanini

    I’ve never met an American White Nationalist who’s even heard of Verdi

    You have now, and La Forza is one of my favorite operas. …And “Pace, Pace, Mio Dio” possibly my very favorite aria. Needless to add, you’ve met more than one of us, but Verdi just didn’t happen to come up in conversation! If it weren’t for Herr R.W., Verdi would be my favorite of all opera composers.

    Incidentally—speaking of favorites—Italy has always been my favorite place on earth, and I despair to hear what’s happening to it. That is, essentially what’s happened to my own country.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @acementhead
  72. Lurker says:

    Indonesia is pluralistic in total. But with all those islands is it actually the case that different groups are generally physically separated?

    • Replies: @Kim
  73. @Kim

    I lived in Norway for three years (2007-10), in a village of a few hundred. You know how the old-timers would say, “In my day you could leave the door unlocked all night, and never had to worry”? In Norway you can do that in the 21st C, though not, I’m sure, in Oslo, where there are aliens.

  74. @Truth

    It wasn’t your daddy’s simple Honkee, either.

    Nope.. But the boy in Akron was definitely your average dumbass nig-grow.

  75. @HammerJack

    “…I despair to hear what’s happening to it. That is, essentially what’s happened to my own country.

    Yes but fortunately there is still Russia(and Korea, and China too).

  76. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Everything in life appears in a different framed reference with a Buddhist framework


    Buddhist monks in Tibet forced orphans to be their monastery sex/work slaves.

    Plus the the CIA trained “peaceful” Tibetans to be Mustang guerrillas and Chusi Gangdruk.

    Hint: EVERY religion has hidden dollops of shite.

    An avid adherent of Judeo-Christian “faith,” Anglin no doubt opposed Roe V. Wade

    How so “Judeo”?

    Jews killed Jesus. Christians worship Him.

    Jews slice male baby peens…which molesting “mohel Lesters” then fellate. Compassionate Christians leave manroots uncut.

    Jews abide by the Old Testament. Christians follow the New.

    The USA is actually more Islamo-Christian. Muslims, after all, deem Jesus a prophet. And frown on usury.

  77. Me: An avid adherent of Judeo-Christian “faith,” Anglin no doubt opposed Roe V. Wade

    Poupon Marx: How so “Judeo”?

    How not “Judeo”?!

    Judeo-Christians–Christians–worship the god of the Judaic scriptures. They worship too the son of the Judaic god, once the carnal son who was a Hebrew or Jewish carpenter and a scion of the House of David, King of Israel.

    They regard this Jesus as Messiah. Where did this notion of messianism” come from? You think it’s a coincidence that the idea of a Messiah is central to Judaism?

    Integral to Judeo-Christians’ superstition are the Judaic books known collectively as the Old Testament. Take away the OT and you simply don’t have the same religion. Where’s the fable of Adam & Eve and the Fall of Man in the NT? Where’s the explicit prohibition of homosexuality without Leviticus?

    Like their cousins in superstition, the Jews, “Christians” accordingly revere as their divinely inspired oracles everyone from Moses and Isaiah and David and Solomon and Jeremiah to Hosea and Ruth.

    Judeo-Christianity was founded entirely by ethnic Jews–called Judeans, as all Jews were by the Romans, who accepted the hellenization of yahuda (Hebrew) and yehuda (Tiberian Hebrew) which mean Jew. (Here the “Judeo” is obviously apt!) Everyone involved with this heretical messianism, from the twelve disciples and the Nazarene carpenter to John the Baptist and Rabbi Saul of Tarsus–all ethnic Jews, Judeans, Hebrews….

    Judeo-Christianity is certainly not the same as Judaism. But it’s strongly linked with it: it is, with its incorporation of the OT, something of an offshoot or extension of it. All the Jew-derived superstitions vary: Reform Judaism isn’t Conservative Judaism. Liberal Judaism isn’t the same as Orthodox Judaism, and you see things in the Talmud that you don’t in the Torah. Judeo-Christianity too is different from all these, yet it’s impossible that it could ever have existed without Jews and Judaic belief–something you can’t say about Hinduism or Buddhism or Zoroastrianism lol.

    The matter is too plain to warrant it, but I love quoting Nietzsche, who writes in The Anti-Christ that “Christianity” was “possible only because there was already in the world a related, racially related megalomania, the Jewish….” Indeed Nietzsche finishes the aphorism (44) with “The Christian is only a Jew of a ‘freer’ confession.”

    Protestant sects differ from Catholicism in rejecting the Trinity, the holiness of the pope, the sainthood of almost all the Catholic saints, the priest as “essential middleman,” purgatory, the divinity of Mary, several biblical books the Catholics deem sacred, etc.; but both Protestantism and Catholicism are Christian; and given their common intimate connections with Jews and Judaism are properly considered Judeo-Christian as well.

    • Replies: @Kim
  78. @CelestiaQuesta

    Welcome to the FBI terrorist list.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  79. @Curmudgeon

    If fbi terrorist profilers are unable to distinguish satire and sarcasm between real threats against society, then they sure as hell need to fire all the AA/diversity, brainwashed on CRT/Zionist protocols hires and clean up or defund it.
    Besides where am I going to find tactical nukes and giant ovens on the Do you know something I don’t know?
    Blink blink.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  80. Kim says:

    No. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, animists, Hindus, all live together. Except in Aceh, where the Saudis troublemake, there are never sectional problems.

    The constitution is Pancasila – all 5 religions are recognized and protected. You get out of line on that issue, you and your group, company, whatever, get slapped flat like a bug bcs the army won’t accept anything diversive or subversive. 1965 well and truly proved that.

    It is nice. I had a muslim neighbor one day bring me a big slab of pork that he had acquired from the christians (chinese) bcs he thought I might miss it. And despite being the world’s biggest muslim country, people still live out lots of their ancient hindu, animist traditions. It is not Saudi and the indonesians are naturally a non-violent people. You put your hands on someone, you will get six months in the big house, guaranteed.

    On a physical level the low crime levels are remarkable given that there are 850 people per square mile in java, with 140 million people!

    It is funny, compared with the very similar but poorer and more violent Philippines. I attribute that in part to the land redistributions and the social shock after what happened in 1965. No one was safe. Very very sobering for everyone.

    The Philippines has not had any land distributions and the huge landowners still rule there. Much more grinding poverty.

    • Thanks: Lurker
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  81. Kim says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    The jewish holy book is the talmud. They despise and vituperate Christ.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  82. @Alrenous

    But to a suicidal person, who wants out of life now, both the short-term and the long-term are undesirable, valueless. Those alternatives are of value only to those who want to live. And for that matter, I think that there may be more aficionados of “a short life and a merry one,” or “short and sweet,” than those of long-term benefit. Many people want out of life, only they want out gradually, and less frighteningly than though jumping from a bridge….say through alcohol or drug abuse. Not surprising in so sick a society.

    Swadharma is all–the basis of all valuation. No notion of “good” or “bad” has objective validity.

  83. @Kim

    The jewish holy book is the talmud. They despise and vituperate Christ.

    That they do, outside of Jews for Jesus and Liberal Jews and even Fran Taubman here. So? Protestants despise and vituperate the pope, and many of them, once many millions, have hated Catholics as “papists.” The Thirty Years’ War is a fine testament to Christian brotherly love. And yet both Protestants and Catholics have been and are Judeo-Christians.

    Most Jews may dislike “Christ,” and no doubt a great many others are smart enough to see that “Christ” must be a fable. But Judeo-Christians revere and believe Moses and the rest of the Judaic prophets and soothsayers: they share the Torah and Old Testament with even Orthodox Jews.

    Obviously, Judaism and Judeo-Christianity aren’t the same–but just these links justify the Judeo in the name of the latter.

    Then you can add the fact that all the founders of the latter cult were ethnic Jews. Jews have been a nation, an ethnic group, as well as a religious denomination. In the era when Judeo-Christianity arose, the Romans ruled what’s now Israel and called it Judea. Judean is a hellenization of yahuda, Hebrew for Jew: it was the ancient Greek way of saying Jew. The Romans adopted it. And interestingly in Italian, even today, the words for Jew are, masculine, giudeo–which sounds precisely like Judeo–and, feminine, giudea, which sounds exactly like Judea. (Also there are ebreo and ebrea–Hebrew=Jew, masculine and feminine.)

    In any case, the Judeo in Judeo-Christianity is perfectly apt for this reason too–that all the creators of the superstition were Judeans, ethnic Jews.

    Nor is the Talmud the only sacred book of the Jews. There’s the Torah, five books shared by Judeo-Christians.

    Actually, I rank the idea that there’s no intimate connection between Jews and “Christianity” with the idea that a man is a woman if he says so, or that riots featuring arson and mass robbery are “mostly peaceful protests.” It’s that absurd. And the Judeo-Christians who maintain it are like little children lying on the ground and punching and kicking it, and crying “It ain’t so! It ain’t so! It just ain’t so!”

  84. @CelestiaQuesta

    I don’t think it matters to them if it is satire, sarcasm, or real.

    I’m sure we both know things the other doesn’t. Other than abandoned smelters, I don’t know about giant ovens. Maybe you can find the 6 tactical nukes the US has “lost”.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  85. @Curmudgeon

    I’d like to believe there are many who are just doing their job trying to weed out crazies from friendlies, unfortunately their boss’s have their own personal agenda and that of their paymasters.

    Do you think they went after the two creators of Team America after they made fun of GlobalHomo Film Actors Guild (((FAG))) and incompetent CIA/Mossad?

    If you can’t laugh at it, then it’s not worth a pissup in a brewery.

    Maka laka haka laka shaka laka, derka derka Mohammad jihad, over and out.

    • LOL: Curmudgeon
  86. @Kim

    Bombings of churches, murder of Christian schoolchildren, thugs of the religious ministry attacking nightclubs. Indonesia non-violent? No ethnic strife?

    A blaze took hold as two gangs from rival ethnic groups in the province of West Papua fought to settle a quarrel. The two sides used machetes, arrows and Molotov cocktails to attack each other.
    Police in Indonesia’s West Papua province on Tuesday said at least 19 people died as two rival gangs fought, sparking a fire.

  87. Dan-0-lee says:

    So, some peoples solution to inability of the Democratic Party to impose the social discipline necessary to maintain a civilised society on a significant portion of their voter base is to advocate, in effect, the lynching of black babies in the womb.

    However, in an all-white society: this problem doesn’t arise.

    Does anybody believe that there is no connection between the rise of illegal drug use and criminality?

  88. Trevor says:
    @old coyote

    the niggas will continue to be eugenically cleansed in the hotbeds of crazed progressive blue-haired commies

    who are into beastiality.

  89. Atle says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    I just reread that. Really brilliant, man.

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