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NYC: Homeless Black Previously Convicted of Murdering His Grandma Beats Female Mexican in Subway
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To be fair, this nigga was trying to holla at a bitch, and she ain’t holla back. Refusing to holla back is a microaggression.

I’m not sure what relevance it is that he killed his own grandmother. The only reason he did that was because of whites doing microaggressions against him.

New York Post:

A homeless man who was captured on surveillance footage beating a woman inside a Queens subway station last week was arrested as a teen decades ago for killing his own grandmother.

The suspect, 41-year-old Waheed Foster, has a lengthy criminal history, including a bust for beating his grandmother to death in 1995 when he was just 14.

The elderly victim, Ariela Mascha, had 20 broken ribs, a stab wound in the leg and a punctured liver, police said at the time.

The brutal attack was sparked over a fight about money, police said then.

He was later convicted in her death, but it’s unclear how long he served.

He was living with his grandmother at the time of her death and later confessed to killing her days after the fatal encounter when he was confronted by detectives about inconsistencies in his story, Newsday reported in 1995.

Last week, Foster allegedly launched at a woman after she ignored him on a train, police said Monday.

The attack happened just after 5 a.m. Sept. 20 as the 33-year-old victim tried to exit the northbound A train at the Howard Beach stop without engaging with the man, cops said.

Foster allegedly chased the woman off the train, attacking her near the subway entrance, cops said.

Judge Denise Johnson ordered Foster held without bail during his arraignment, records show.

The victim told ABC 7 she hasn’t slept in a week as her head pounds with pain.

“Do you know how scared I am now? I was never a person to be scared,” victim Elizabeth Gomes told the television station.

She said Foster was incoherent leading up to the attack.

Watch the video:

That’s what happens when a nigga tries to holla, and you ain’t holla back cuz you be rassis agan he black ass.

This bitch is basically Derek Chavin with a vagina and a Mexican name.

She’s worried about losing her eye, after having her optical totally smashed up by the oppressed BIPOC gentleman.

The national media isn’t reporting it, but that local media report says that victim reported that the black was “muttering incoherently about Satan” in the moments before the attack.

That checks out.

This is just what we have now. It’s really not even worth reporting on.

Blacks are going to do whatever they want to anyone, and no one is going to do anything about it.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Crime, Blacks 
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  1. There will be an ugly, violent, backlash and the good Blacks will suffer for it, just as innocent Jews suffered for the crimes of their coreligionist bankers and Communists in Germany. Good job, Demo-satanists!

  2. Hitmarck says:

    I don’t even know if that makes sense in the context.
    But I like looking at Gwen.

    • Replies: @Truth
  3. Trinity says:

    The poor victim IS NOT a Mexican. She is a Black Hispanic, probably Dominican or a Puerto Rican with negro blood.

  4. “Woman Allegedly Raped on Train While Bystanders Watch”

  5. Trinity says:

    Beating up or killing grandma, defenseless women, elderly men, 98lb Asian women, or ganging up on lone victims = TNB.

    So many nigras are raised by their grandmas after being dumped off by their “mothers.”

  6. OK says:

    Jes keepin’ it nigga rearl, Main…

    • LOL: true.enough
  7. OK says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    99% of the “good blacks” support wild niggers making war on whites. They deserve whatever they get.

  8. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are being systematically cleansed by the powers that be from Los Angeles. So what’s New York’s problem? The old political system of dunnage-to-darky in exchange for votes must be too entrenched.

    If New York wants to become classy again they need to get with it just like those Martha’s Vineyard people did when those subhumans arrived.

  9. Telenon says:

    The Wizer of Unz from behind the Purple Curtain. Usin’ that urban tawk. Thanks for the message, o Wizer! Keep going, not kidding.

  10. Freddo says:

    To quote Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard”. Anyone still living in NYC deserves it gooder and harder.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldlan
  11. When yo gonna hab niggas beatin on Mexicans and others, it beeez possible dat de Latinxyz will start beating on de niggas like dey doos in Cali. Really, what really needs to happen is that blacks will become so afraid to pull this shit. Will they ever get it through their Jabba the Hutt skulls (dim possibility – but some hope). The Po-Po won’t do anything. More women, especially younger women, need to start carrying. This city has become such a shit hole (and I live here) especially since Big Bird DeBlasio and now Rastus Adams (Not exactly Gomez’s younger brother) have decorated City Hall.

  12. @Fidelios Automata

    Backlash???? Concentrate on the body language. Just because the person is black (even a younger black man) and they’re sitting quietly minding their own business, chances are they are not going to pull this crap. But if you see the Home Boys all fired up, shuckin & jivin and swingin from the subway poles the chances are better more likely they’re going to something crappy. After masking, the body language skills have really taken a beating along with a lot of other things.

  13. I avoid niggaz like the Black Plague, it’s not that I’m scared of feral hoodrats, I just don’t want to face life in prison for defending myself, because the only way to stop them from killing you is to put them down, that’s why I don’t leave home without being armed.

    I wouldn’t have to resort to armed self defense if our woke justice and LEO’s did their job. Now I’m the one being hunted and entrapped for non existent imaginary crimes by being declared a white Supremacist – domestic terrorist.

    Here’s a big two fisted middle finger salute to government officials and their disgraceful armies of thugs with a badge.

  14. Sounds like an impromptu diversity celebration.

  15. He scared away two ‘men’ with his psychotic aggression.

    In Russia they’d send this man to work on a prison farm in Siberia for the rest of his miserable life. He’d weigh 125 lbs and be no threat to anyone. If he stepped out of line, there’d be consequences.

    Fuc=k BLM. You don’t allow psychos to eat and live among us.

    • Agree: Bernie
    • Replies: @brostoevsky
    , @GomezAdddams
  16. Jews unleash 24/7 Negro pogrom on the population.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  17. martin_2 says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    There will be an ugly, violent, backlash


    • Replies: @Meretricious
  18. Blacks are going to do whatever they want to anyone, and no one is going to do anything about it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe black Americans are around 13% of the USA population, while Hispanics are closer to 20% – and white honkies (together with the realtively small cohort of asians) a much larger number again.

    At some point, as the situation deteriorates to the point of existential urgency and the prevalent societal paradigm loses its grip, I’d expect those numbers to translate to a tangible shift in outcomes.

    Meaning, some retard beating up a little woman in a subway might expect some serious ethnic-based repercussions in the future. Ethnicity be damned – righteous outrage should make it so.

    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  19. When I was out driving with my son the other day, we saw a black guy swaggering down the sidewalk, decked out in dreads and a hoodie. I told my son, I know it sounds racist (because who know what government school indoctrination he’s gotten), but when you see black guys that look like that, you need to walk in the other direction. He was like, yeah Dad, I know. As if I had just pointed out to him that snow was cold. So maybe there is more hope for our youth than we realize.

    • Replies: @Jim Richard
  20. Richard B says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    “muttering incoherently about Satan”

    In other words, The Devil Made Me Do It.

    And by Devil is meant, Jewish Supremacy Inc. Of course!
    From that perspective this attack is what is known as Collateral Damage.
    You can’t weaponize blacks against whites without a little of that now can you?

    Naturally, we can expect JSI to spin this in no time flat. Good news is, the spin isn’t working quite like it used to. People can say that No one’s waking up. But that’s a lie.

    They can also say, Well maybe they are waking up. But not enough. Which is to grasp the situation while totally missing the point, which is that change has never – ever – depended on the masses operating in unison. That comes later, if at all, and it’s not even necessary that it comes at all.

    What matters is that enough people to form a critical mass wake up and respond accordingly. That’s when change happens. Even JSI knows that much. Hence their hysteria. Because they know it’s already happening.

    As someone once said of them, They always go too far.

  21. @CelestiaQuesta

    And when they find out you’ve been visiting sites like this then it won’t be considered self-defence even if it was.

    • Disagree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  22. @Commentator Mike

    Sites Like this do not influence my opinion or motivation for self defense or for being self aware of the threats government pigs and useless LEO’s have bestowed on myself and fellow citizens.

    We are at war, and my right to defend is activated.

    • Disagree: American Citizen
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  23. @beavertales

    Yeah man, for this reason I’m glad to live in Russia. Right now in Moscow we have too many Central Asians. They’re a bit uncultured, especially if they’re from the village, but at least they’re not violent. Only a couple of newsworthy brawls with each other over border disputes in the Fergana valley (they can thank Comrade Stalin for that). I definitely don’t advocate for mass immigration from there, but I have to say Moscow is a much better mega city than NYC. People can feel safe here, despite being in the eye of the storm from the current situation. God I hope America and NATO back down or it’ll get fucking ugly.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  24. Trinity says:

    Put the animal in a cage with a 500lb silverback gorilla. Purposely piss the gorilla off before turning him loose on this savage negro.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  25. Alrenous says: • Website

    If you’re dumb enough to live in NYC you deserve to get crime’d on.

    I’m not going to care about them more than they care about themselves.

  26. @Alrenous

    Or Chicago. Or San Francisco. Or St. Louis. Or Minneapolis. Or Altoona … oh, sorry.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  27. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Yes, crime is optional, and America has chosen to be crime-positive. I sometimes unfairly call it a continent-wide slum.

  28. I think people ARE waking up… sister (who is apolitical) just mentioned that her daughter told her that crime is off the charts, the economy is crashing, and it’s time to stock up on food and ammo
    (My niece is a prepper)

    The daily dose of black on white rapes and murders and black mobs looting stores…..and whites defending themselves and going to jail for it…’s waking people up…..the jews can only push this shit so far and KABOOM. (That’s why they are trying to get ahead of the blowback by labeling us as terrorists before we’ve done anything at all)

    Whites might be pussies, but even pussies have their limits.

    • Replies: @Marcus T
  29. @CelestiaQuesta

    And in New York City, where this homeless black chimpout took place, half the police department is composed of the same two racial groups in New York City that commit the vast majority of the felonies: nam3ly, subhuman niggers and spics from the ghettos, deputized off the welfare rolls and pressed into service harassing and illegally surveilling any citizen who criticizes the Jewish controlled politician-prostitutes who sign their taxpayer funded ,government welfare checks and puree public pensions. A street gang on welfare. Yeah, support the police, the right arm of the Jews as they hunt down white nationalists and ignore y he raping robbing and murdering subhuman nigger and spic ghetto scum action attacking innocents in the streets.

    Remember Ashli Babbitt.

  30. hey, Waheed Foster wuz juz’ tryin’ to git himself on the cover of True Crime Monthly. Theyz got sum money fo’ the bruthuh who gitz himself on that magazine, d’ya know wuddam sayin’?


    all joking aside, what a horrible and degraded place those ‘Murican cities have become due to the black problem.

  31. @Trinity

    Bad idea. The Negro would probably mate with the Silverback ape, since they are the same species and then go on to shit out ten more bastard simians for working class white taxpayers to support with free housing, free food, Medicaid etc. The new couple would probably apply for a Section 8 voucher to move into a two bedroom cage at the Bronx Zoo.

    • Agree: Clark Kent
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  32. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Agreed. Much of black social failure and pathology is due to low intelligence (average IQ 85. Retardation cutoff=70 IQ). The lack of intellectual capability means that blacks very seldom think about anything too deeply. Low intelligence ,coupled with poor impulse control and an inability to consider consequences of immediate actions, is the reason for the high crime rate, particularly violent crime, among them, and why blacks are indeed 13 percent of the United States population, yet overrepresented in the prison system(approximately 33 percent black). Your very astute observation concerning racial backlash against the existential ,criminal threat posed by these ugly, feral ,subhuman ghetto scum is on target: most white Americans (ESPECIALLY coke sniffing, white liberal hypocrites) find the blacks to be socially undesirable and dangerous. But this is also true of the vast majority of Asians and even Hispanics, the latter group not as surprisingly, as they often live in very close proximity to the subhuman black living fossils. Identity politics is actually a blessing and a gift from the Left: as whites increasingly become targets of vengeful and envious black and Brown ne’er do wells in the cities, whites will also begin to coalesce as an ethnic group and advance their collective ethnic interests on that basis, just as every other group does. If the gun sales remain brisk , and the stagnant, inflationary economic environment continues its rapid descent into the toilet bowl, as the welfare leeches(of all races) discovery that entitlement checks do not magically appear in their mailboxes every month without productive white taxpayers who are gainfully employed, and that food does not magically arrive in the local grocery store free of charge via an EBT card, without being grown and harvested by white agricultural workers on farms and distributed to the urban slums by trucks driven by whites, as the starving uran parasites grow evermore restless and violent, the armed,collective white working class backlash could be cataclysmic. And from the wreckage and bloodbath that would ensue, a new nation may finally be born.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @Meretricious
  33. This just proves what many of us have thought for many years, negroes and Chimpanzees are the same species. We have been conditioned by the televitz to think that Chimpanzees are cute and funny little creatures, that just make funny noises and swing in trees. The reality is that Chimpanzees are vicious killers that will turn on their handlers after working with them for years, Chimpanzee handlers are always on guard around them. The same thing goes for negroes, avoid them at all costs but if and when you need to have any contact with them always be on the alert and have the necessary means to protect yourself. In a sane society, that feral negro would have been shot on sight by the first white male that saw what he had done.

    • Agree: Lucius Vanini
  34. @Freddo

    The Jews do,as well as the liberals!

  35. @Alrenous

    B-b-but that’s where most of our beloved financiers work!! The Masters of the Universe! You don’t care if they are safe as they drive their Mercedes thru the streets?
    You are a divider!! Good day sir!

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  36. Things like that black animal need to be put down. They don’t even deserve a trial.

  37. @Arminius1933

    ‘…The Negro would probably mate with the Silverback ape, since they are the same species …’

    But would you get vicious Silverbacks or gentle Negroes?

  38. Anon[333] • Disclaimer says:

    What should be done about it? Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper? (Better not – Garfinkel will put you on a list for doing that.) Pray to the golem cooked up by Saul of Tarsus and John of Patmos? Vote for the orange jailbreaker again? Hob nob with the Derb in Tennessee?

  39. Marcus T says:

    Messed up situation all around.

    A feral negroid goes on the attack and two men run from him, leaving him to go all Chimp on the female victim, and the person filming it just films and doesn’t do anything to help either. Typical of a 3rd world city really.

    A White man not that long ago would have at least stood up and fought, even longer ago, you’d see a mob form and they would hang the perp from a tree. Both of those never happen anymore for “DAT’S RAYYYCIST” reasons – and if it does – the person is demonized and has his life ruined over it by the ((media)). Not worth it.

  40. Marcus T says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Whites are pussies today thanks to the Jews winning WW2 and pushing non stop guilt on every successive generation. But it’s not a innate trait of Whites. The world was conquered by brave Whites who sailed into the unknown and conquered vast empires with only a few dozen men, colonized lands and built cities, first to circumnavigate the globe, and this long tradition goes back to the Romans, Vikings, Normans and even before them who also took no crap.

    Whites are gas lit 24/7 into being guild ridden pussies by the Jew media because Whites lost that war despite being told other wise, that’s the real reward for “winning” WW2, along with mass immigration to replace Whites with easy to control Brown and Blacks.

  41. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Definition of racism: Weaponized truth.

  42. Don’t you know that the US’s real problems all revolve around Keev, which rhymes with skeeve for a good reason. Maybe the US should unleash a couple batallions of guys like Waheed on the Russian border towns. Two birds with one stone.

  43. Tarlach says:

    Stop blaming victims.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  44. “Gomes” is Lusophone, isn’t it? Gomez is Spanish.

  45. Anyone not carrying a pistol is more afraid of the police than the criminals. Looked at objectively, both the police and the criminals are the enemy of the common person.

    Therefore, you must choose which to guard against. I choose to carry a pistol. Figure it out for yourself, but not deciding is actually deciding to become a victim.

    • Agree: H. L. M
    • Replies: @H. L. M
  46. I was about to criticize the guy in red who tried to intervene but had second thoughts when I recall that the main thing that always went through my mind when I was in similar situations was what will the cops do to me after I ‘neutralize’ said ape.

    I am white, a big guy who knows how to handle himself in the classical sense (no weapons). If they figure that you are a white racist type (I look it, cowboy boots etc.) then the cops can make your life very difficult. The law where I come from, written by nerdy Nancy Boys who have never been in a real fight, states that you can only use enough force to defend yourself to the point where the danger has passed.

    In the real world you are pumped full of adrenaline, you don’t know if your opponent is armed or not and knowing that most fights start and end within 30 seconds you are now supposed to analyze every second with a view as to when the danger has passed and then you should pull up. Sweet.

    If you paste the other fellow real good, and the cops are ‘wokeish’ you will be questioned on this. Chances of walking away with a civilian citation passed decades ago. Added to which, certainly not in this case, there is a very real chance that the female who was being pummeled by lover boy Shitavicious will jump up and scream at you for hurting her man and the cops will realize that what would normally be a star witness for convicting the original perpetrator has now turned into a star witness for convicting YOU.

    I will defend myself, my family and my friends. The rest of the people can make their own plans. I would bet that if I glanced at their social media I would conclude that they deserved it anyway.


  47. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Instead of fixating on how to fight back on the fist-fight level, why not raise our sights a little higher and aim at the cause of these problems? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – B. Franklin

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  48. @martin_2

    it’s already started–look at the comments section in NY Post, a mainstream paper–they are virulently antiblack. Affirmative action is being rolled back. Negroes are an expense US can no longer afford

  49. @Arminius1933

    “Retardation cutoff=70 IQ”–that’s the cutoff for caucasians. A black can get into Harvard with a 70 IQ

    • Agree: Rich
    • LOL: Arminius1933
    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  50. @CelestiaQuesta

    You yourself said that you avoid them because you don’t want to get in a situation where you have to defend yourself and I agree.

    You said you will defend yourself if you have to and I agree.

    I just added that sites you visit may be used to paint a different picture of you in court and that your self-defence plea may not be believed.

  51. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Sadly, I wish.
    If it becomes a real problem for them, they will Martha’s Vinyard the place, so…
    In the meantime, I expect armed guards that somehow never get Chauvin’d.

  52. Alrenous says: • Website

    Ah, so Americans are so hapless they can’t even choose where they live? Or are they too dumb to look up crime stats? How exactly do they divest themselves of the responsibility for self-defence?

    Seems like “blaming the victim” is merely the most basic form of respect. Your bottomless contempt for your fellows is noted.

  53. Alrenous says: • Website

    I wouldn’t have to resort to armed self defense if our woke justice and LEO’s did their job.

    Conquest’s third law. The job of the LEO’s is exactly to suppress self-defence so as to encourage crime. They’re performing splendidly.

    If crime went down, what would happen to their budgets? Goodness, can you imagine if crime actually vanished? Can’t have that. No, the point is to make crime go up as much as possible short of literally paying cops to rob stores.

    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  54. Truth says:

    But I like looking at Gwen.


  55. Truth says:

    I avoid niggaz like the Black Plague, it’s not that I’m scared of feral hoodrats,

    Yes CQ; it is.

    • Replies: @Meretricious
  56. I’ve come to believe that the entire Chauvin- Floyd episode was a stage-managed hoax acted out deliberately. I mean how else do you get everyone to kneel down for blacks and start BLM riots that nobody opposes? Straight out of Hollywood.

  57. @Alrenous

    Not to mention that most cops in New York City are no longer poor ,uneducated, unskilled and unemployable white trash bums who can’t make it in the private economy but rather ugly, borderline retarded ,subhuman niggers and spics from the ghettos, who signed up for the free dental, free pension, freeloader taxfeeder bum benefits package to avoid camp8ng out in Grand Central Station. Support the police, a subhuman army of sadistic orcs hired by the Jews to beat down any white taxpayers who don’t think the United States should be transformed into a totalitarian third world Marxist shithole slum.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  58. Alrenous says: • Website

    If they had hiring standards the hires might get confused and suppress crime now and again. Best to get employees so incompetent they can’t reduce crime even if they want to. It’s so hard to get everyone on board with encouraging crime when you have to keep claiming the point is to “serve and protect.” No amount of winks and nudges seem to fully work.

  59. @Truth

    EVERYONE is scared of the ferals, including other ferals. DEPORTATION is the only solution. Why should taxpayers pay for prisons for these social parasites?

    • Replies: @Truth
  60. @Truth

    Truth, nice try changing the subject. Suggest changing your name to CONFLATE

    • Replies: @Truth
  61. Truth says:

    How is that conflating?

    You have two groups of people stealing your money, health and lives, the melanin-challenged group steals much more, and goes to jail much less.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  62. joohater says:

    only in joo America are wild gorillas celebrated

  63. @beavertales

    I want to open a jail in Africa to “house” these type of violent crminals in USA/Canada/Australia/England and it would be basically –I pay them for each crimiinal they turn over-. They would reside on an island with food and basic lodgings and free to move around –or even swim to freedom. About a couple of miles to the other shore –in the water are big crocodiles whose only chow is these potential escapees.

  64. @Truth

    the melanin-challenged group

    Lol still straining to make yourself believe that a feces-colored complexion is beautiful? Eh, Troof?

    • Replies: @Truth
  65. At the risk of going to the well too often, I simply must ask whether, with this endless and nauseating procession of black outrages, it was a rational act to overturn Roe-guaranteed abortion, which kept black numbers and therefore outrages at half of what they’d have otherwise been. And does it make good sense to try to abolish abortion altogether, though the lowest-IQ and highest-crime-rate group uses it so much more than we do, freely culling its own numbers?

    Never lose sight of the fact that we don’t have to abort. We can be completely “pro-life” where our progeny are concerned, while a primitive, backward type does us the inadvertent service of limiting its power to harm us.

    And do White women also abort? Yes, but who are they? Which White women? Any whose progeny we can’t afford to be deprived of? Aren’t they almost entirely liberal or left, likely mothers of antifa scum, mudsharks breeding mulattoes and voting Marxist (i.e., “Democrat”)?

    I hate and stalwartly oppose all Leftist desiderata save one–namely that Roe V. Wade be federally codified. For that one indeed I’ll lobby and agitate. Again, none of us would have to use it, ever; but the groups with which we’re engaged in mortal struggle will use it, big-time, and that will greatly benefit us–not only in ensuring more physical safety but in limiting our foes’ electorate and the cost of social welfare.

    Only mental children who live in a fantasy world, hallucinating from swallowing Semitic snake-oil, can feel righteous for shooting themselves in the foot. We others, we who can think, need to offset them and stop them from further harming our chances of preserving our civilization and what well-being we still enjoy.

    • Replies: @Truth
  66. @GomezAdddams

    I doubt these black crims from America and Europe would survive long in Africa if they behaved in the same way. They’d get the necklacing treatment in no time.

  67. Truth says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Aren’t they almost entirely liberal or left, likely mothers of antifa scum, mudsharks breeding mulattoes and voting Marxist (i.e., “Democrat”)?

    Uh… no.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  68. @GomezAdddams

    They would reside on an island with food and basic lodgings and free to move around –or even swim to freedom.

    Something tells me you’ve been watching Papillon – all very colonial, but it seemed to do the job.

  69. @Truth

    Lol what’s THAT supposed to mean? That you have intestinal disease?

  70. @Truth

    Uh… no.

    Uh…. yes.

    You think there are no liberals in North Dakota and Montana? Further, truly Conservative women are perforce much less likely to abort than are liberals or leftists, and indeed constitute the bulk of anti-abortion constituencies.

    I addressed my remarks to the truly Conservative, so many of whom characteristically oppose abortion, as opposed to people who support it and accordingly use it more. All I ask of them is that they choose just for themselves and let your kind choose for itself. Only good can come of that.

  71. Truth says:

    I was showing you a “feces-colored complexion” that you think is beautiful.

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