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Nonsensical Race War: NYC Flooded with Anti-Kyle Protesters
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Well, at time of writing, there is no riot yet in Kenosha.

However, the blacks are rioting in New York City, and calling for the murder of cops – in response to Kyle Rittenhouse being declared not guilty.

This entire race war is really nonsensical.

It is just 100% manufactured, and no place has that ever been more obvious than in this place.

Kyle killed two “white” people, and shot a third. Actually, at least two of them were Jews.

So then the Jews just go out and tell these blacks that he killed black people.

Literally – these people are out there saying he killed three blacks.

The media categorized it as a “racial injustice” story.

They know that blacks are too stupid to know what is even going on. They purposefully confused these blacks, and incited them to hatred.

Glenn Greenwald showed that all of the big news outlets in Brazil were reporting that the people Kyle shot were black.

The Dutch as well.

The Jews who control the media understand that they can shape a narrative, cause people to believe something different than what happened, without actually saying it outright. They did say over and over that Kyle is a “white supremacist” who “murdered innocent people,” but they never actually said he murdered black people.

But the general idea that the overwhelming majority of blacks hold, as well as huge numbers of white liberals and women, is that Kyle went to a black protest and then just started opening fire on a crowd.

The courts let him go because they are run by white supremacists who hate black people.

It’s just all so utterly nonsensical – the exact opposite is true. Whites are the most oppressed class, and they almost put this white kid in prison for defending himself after he was attacked by violent criminals, including a gay who sodomized five boys aged 9 to 11.

The other Jew was pulling a gun on him, and should have been charged for attempted murder. Instead, he’s been presented as a victim, and praised as a hero.

The facts just simply do not matter at all, given the clamp-like control that Jews have over the media.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Renoman says:

    BLM are a shit for brains do what they are told bribe taking ridiculous horde.

  2. Biff says:

    Entirely deliberate.

    It seems the truth has no place in the American media. The world needs to know this – or should I say the world out side Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and a few others who “get it”.

    • Replies: @Nancy
    , @Derer
  3. Easy to organize paid for Black demos and riots in NYC! NYC is usually full unemployed actors and sundry riff raff!

    Might be a lil’ difficult in Kenosha where people got to go to work the next day

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  4. BuelahMan says:

    Wasn’t it Anglin who wrote here that Kyle would NOT walk, and I corrected him in comments?

    Yeah. Happened.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  5. I’m on the opposite side of the planet and I knew in 2020 that everyone involved was white (I didn’t know two were Jews, but in any case Ashkenazi, like it or not, are white). So it takes some special effort to imagine that they were black when you’re right there in the vicinity of the event in question.

  6. Biff says:

    Advice for Kyle:

    Lay low for a while – the public has a short memory.

  7. But how do the elites lose in the event of Race War!!?

    It’s fine for us! Make the workers annihilate each other!

  8. Rich says:

    If I remember correctly, the NAACP was started as a Jewish “civil rights” organization. Guess blm is the same thing. Blacks are just running low on some of the gadgets they looted during the St George shopping spree, they’d do the same thing if the Knicks won a a game, if the government and media gave them the wink.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  9. “Racial Justice” = Rich shit libs blaming oppressed whites for the blacks being oppressed…

  10. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    I didn’t know two were Jews, but in any case Ashkenazi, like it or not, are white

    No they’re not, and they sure as hell don’t think so either. Saying Jews are White is like saying that people from India are black because they often have the same skin color as Africans.

  11. @Rich

    how do we discern what is looted and what is not in the whites’ trove of possessions? Which was/is still being looted from them in turn by the Khazars…

    Or are those all white and among such ‘loot from loot makes god laff!’

  12. @Ben Sampson

    Easy to organize paid for Black demos and riots in NYC!

    Same in Hong Kong. The rioting in 2019-2020 was organised, and paid for, by some organisations in murrika. Let the same happen in NYC! 😀

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  13. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Apparently You haven’t been on Twatter lately. Take a few minutes and do a search, you’ll find that Jews of all types make it a point to disavow all whiteness in favor of their chosen status. Take it a step further and call a few of them white. Then sit back and laugh at all the kvetching.

  14. This is good enough history for a generation that is going to believe Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter.

  15. The Ogs says:

    Here in Toronto Canada where the population is 50% ‘other’, miscellaneous brown people have really become the norm. It’s the face of the city.
    Sure there are still really pale people and really dark, but they are more and more rare as time passes.
    So we don’t even really notice race, I mean it’s non-sequitur mostly.
    We do however notice the American fascination with race! Down to the smallest most relentless detail.
    Obscure automobile collision reported “African-American man in collision with Latino” heheh… this sort of thing. Obsessed.
    It’s actually pretty comical to Canadians really… (um, no offense). Gotta take yer humor where you find it in these dreadful times.

  16. Anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Ogs

    You’re not a real Canadian.

  17. @The Ogs

    It isn’t an “American fascination with race.”

    The focus on race does not originate with the American people; it comes from organized jewry.

    Organized jewry teaches non-whites to hate (and kill) whites, and teaches whites to hate themselves.

    The jewish elite pits blacks and asians and hispanics (as well as gays and lesbians and trannies and feminists) against innocent white people in a divide and conquer strategy.

    Innocent whites are blamed for every ill under the sun and all failures of non-whites are blamed on white “racism.”

    It’s stupid and absurd…..but it’s worked for a long time because whites have been asleep.

    But the scam cannot continue to work because it is based on lies, hate, unfairness, and injustice…..which happen to be nose specialties.

  18. @Deep Thought

    it would also be interesting to know what Black people in Kenosha and that region think of the Rittenhouse affair?

    I would bet good money it is mostly in support of Rittenhouse!

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  19. This just in from the (((NYT))):

    “In accord with the long-held Jewish tradition of ‘Welcoming the Stranger,’ Israel is offering all Blacks in the US refugee status in Israel.”

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  20. @The Ogs

    Yeah well, the Canadian fantasy is denying race and getting everyone to rally around hockey, or Molson, or some other bit of Canadian cultural crap.

    Canadians separated Native children from their parents, dressed them in monkey suits and ordered them to like hockey, or, more likely, murdered them. The ones who survived ended up hating their lives, turned to alcohol and now die 15 years before Canadian whites.

    Assimilation: Canada’s greatest strength!

    And no, automobile collision stories here don’t mention race, you Canuck imbecile.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
    , @Brian Damage
  21. Derer says:

    Blind, dark side of exploding matriarch assisted by “kibbutz” media. A schizophrenic brain, historically characterized by 1+1=2.5, a brain unable to play chess or create quality art or meal, a brain preoccupied by transformation from miserable A to double D. Unfortunately, the other superior half cannot live without them.

  22. @Renoman

    Every act of violence that these idiots perform only makes Rittenhosue look that much better! What morons!

  23. Mojoincc says:

    Stop watching the mainstream dinosaur media. It will only lie to you.

  24. @Pat Kittle

    what’s the catch?

    Or is this another of those Black fake ‘Noose’ pranks?

  25. @Bragadocious

    Pheeeew! Very strong response that!

  26. BorisMay says:

    Sooner or later you are going to have to round them all up and stand them against a wall and shoot them. Ovening is too good for them and the physical cost of shipping them all to Israel is too great. Besides, the true Semites, the Arabs, don’t want them and they don’t want to go to either Madagascar or the Jewish territory in Siberia. Mind you the blacks might be happy in Madagascar and the other immigrants too.

    Ultimately you’ll have to clear the US of all those useless eaters and other parasites, including the utterly useless Canadians who are just a bunch of bed wetting pansies anyway.

    Then there are the political classes and the jobsworth civil service and other brain dead political hangers on, the lobbyists, the military industrial complex, the LGBTXYZ creeps, the paedos like Biden, Prince Andrew and Maxwell family. Just stand them against a wall and deal with them like blat-blat-blat and hey presto you’ve got a new country.

    Simple realty when you get down to the nuts and bolts.

  27. “……who are just a bunch of bed wetting pansies anyway.”

    Is this is the same guy – 2-300 million strong who allowed a few million Khazars take his whole country, all his banks, all his money, bleed him for generations now, by giving him cash made of thin air?

    That is exactly how come they can look him in the eye and give him vaxx set to kill himself, telling him “Take them! They are good for you! We do not need to set up any compensatory packages because they all set! perfect! nothing can go so wrong that compensation will matter!”


  28. @Johnny Smoggins

    I wouldn’t trade places with any of them.

  29. One of the most pro-white and pro-America things Kyle could do is denounce Donald Trump as the life-long shit-lib democrat tool he is. This would totally confound the media and greatly alarm the CIA and military.

    Trump and his Fauci psyop are what caused the violence in Kenosha. Their desire to impose Globo-Gaza.

    Trump absolutely hates having to acknowledge that a white boy with a rifle beat them. This has to be eating at Maga man’s rancid insides like acid. I can see it in his face. Nasty money grubber that let Gates-Fauci rip up the constitution.

    Let’s Go Brandon and Fuck Trump too!

    • Replies: @AKINDLE
    , @Veteran Aryan
  30. martin_2 says:
    @The Ogs

    So we don’t even really notice race, I mean it’s non-sequitur mostly.

    Who is the “we” in this sentence? White people, of course. Only white people think it is virtuous to “not notice race”, or at least pretend to do so.

    • Replies: @J
  31. @BuelahMan

    Wasn’t it Anglin who wrote here that Kyle would NOT walk, and I corrected him in comments?

    No one knew the outcome. Anyone stating explicitly what would happen (and I don’t think that includes you, since it appears you simply offered a countering opinion, like many others) was counting on it being forgotten if wrong. It’s a common and cheap trick. You take the other cheap option, which is to solidify ex post facto your opinion into a ‘correction’.

    Anglin took a shot and missed.

  32. Remember OJ? Remember all the other tempests in a teapot that “grab” all the headlines (or, more precisely, “are given” all the headlines) and then evaporate?

    When is everybody going to learn that they are just yanking your chain? There is no Rittenhouse. There is no OJ. There are just itty-bitty images resembling people in bad color on your TVs and computer screens. Like cartoons.

    When will everybody, you rightists, leftists, outside-the-boxists, regular normal people, when will you realize that this is all just a bunch of nothing, and all that it is is a chain-yanking mechanism, probably meant only to divert your patheticly attenuated attention spans from them handing each other big gobs of money. Again.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
  33. @schnellandine

    What a great thing to be wrong about, right?

    Ha ha, I can understand the doomerism though. It’s a time of much doom, but apparently there is still some light.

  34. R.C. says:

    As re their next gambit of federal REprosecution, I’ve previously noted several times that demands for such, which is a violation of the Double Jeopardy Clause, were going to happen if there was a hoped for acquittal here. Indeed, the moment when the ACLU sold out to the PC BS dates back to the Rodney King riots after the cops were first acquitted. At that time, the ACLU dropped their founding principle against double jeopardy prosecutions in order to get a ‘fair’ result in the second prosecution of the LAPD cops by the feds. I had a depressing series of letters with some Commiefornia law professor who tried (in a desultory and dispirited fashion) to defend that ‘temporary’ set aside of that founding principle’, (she LITERALLY was using the argument ‘it was only temporary, just for this case’.) I told them I quit. Bye!

    They’ve never been the same They’ll join up on the side of evil this time too.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  35. Dani says:
    @The Ogs

    Robert Dolan – I absolutely LOVED your most perfect summation of the anti-white race insanity being carried out here by the jews. It should resonate with any white American (or non-white) who considers him or herself awake.

  36. These leftist and far leftist’s are so WILLFULLY stupid and misguided, that it’s clear by now, or should be, that they can no longer be reasoned with. Stay away from this type no matter where they come from, even if they come from your own relatives, or you will be sorry..

  37. Ragno says:

    Doncha get it? The whole point is that the media create riots, and they want you to know it. You’re not allowed to SAY it, of course – no one is – but if you know that know that you know, that’s just as good. Even better, actually.

    What are you waiting for? Sea monster Joy Reid to fess up and apologize? Michael Eric Dyson interrupting another panel member to point out, “Actually, the only people shot and killed were white. Also, it turns out that Jacob Blake isn’t dead”…? AOC to grin and admit she’s just in it for the money and power?

    And don’t kid yourself – don’t expect, even for a minute, fishwrap like The Independent to angrily point out they were deliberately deceived by false/misleading US press coverage. They’re all in on it – it’s not called an “international Communist conspiracy” for no reason.

    What this past week’s coverage is all about is the lugenpresse flexing their fake-news muscle like a Cuomo brother’s bicep, only minus the Winstrol. (They’re likely waiting for someone to hit them with “lugenpresse” so that they can go directly into their Hey Look – Nazis! freestyle.) The entire point was to trigger a few major riots, in the (not unreasonable) hope that America will sooner bow down and wash their feet in complete supplication than throw down and open fire on campus Commies and useless Negroes putting the nation through an encore performance of last year’s ordeal.

    And why not? These “journalists” can’t be touched, let alone hurt or killed in street fighting, because this generation of Fake News poohbahs , besides farting through silk, never leave the comfort of the studio. The only “journalists” in any danger here are Andy Ngo, Fox News/Newsmax employees, and/or unlucky stringers hoping to catch on with a network or legacy paper. For a fully-vested member of the lugenpresse to enter harm’s way in 2021, they’d have to be caught in a pro-riot puff piece that somehow backfires.

    Plus we already know members of the fake news under no circumstances will face the prospect of prison….even if the riots they go out of their way to foment result in dozens of casualties, you won’t see a single high six/seven-figure “news” salary booked or printed or arraigned or even get their hair mussed. Unlike the Rittenhouse trial: in this case, the fix….she is in.

  38. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    “Rittenhouse” looks like an Octoroon

    All 3 of his victims were MUCH whiter

    Looks like half the whites are Jews

    Looks like White is code for “lower class moron”

  39. @Angharad


    It depends.

    JEWS ARE WHITE if you notice (((who))) runs (((Wall Street))), ((((Hollywood))), (((media))), (((government policy))), (((The Fed))), (((etc.))).

    So when are Jews NOT White? Have you ever heard of the “6 million Whites”? Of course not — when (((they)))’re claiming victimhood, JEWS ARE JEWS!

    • Agree: mark green, Nancy
  40. AKINDLE says:
    @Smashed Squash

    So true. Trumps stood down to Burn Loot Murder and denounced White Nationalism because he thought by doing so he would get the black vote. Truth be told, Rittenhouse did more for law and order than Trump ever did. Trump then leaves his stupid Oct 6th supporters in jail and pardons jewish crooks and black rappers.
    Have you seen the shipping containers they placed on the Teaxas border…. where is the wall Trump was building?

    Biden then turns around and claims Kyle was a White Nationalist or racist and in some form of a “militia” during the election, again for the black vote. Both are anti-White pandering blm BS artists.

    The most appalling thing about this however is that now under Biden you had a sitting president, vice president, and most of the media trying to influence the outcome a trial, with no presumption of innocence. Rittenhouse was being railroaded.

    Agreed…..Let’s Go Brandon and Fuck Trump too!

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  41. Mr. Anglin, who were these “Jews” whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot? I’m not aware of him having shot any Jews. Are you unable to distinguish between a German name and a Jewish one? This reminds me of WNs who insisted a year after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, that Zimmerman was a Jew.

    • Agree: Realist, Hibernian
    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Pat Kittle
  42. @Angharad

    Of course Ashkenazi are white and they racially discriminate against Semitic Jews (Sephardim). You don’t have to like it for it to be true. Saying Ashkenazi Jews are not white is like 19th century Brits calling Spanish people dagos and Italians wops, as though they were another race entirely.

  43. @Johnny Smoggins

    The phrase you’re seeking is White Gentile. Say it with me: White Gentile. Ashkenazis are White Jews, to be constrasted both with White Gentiles and the Jews that are not White (like the Cochin Jews of India). Just because you don’t like ’em doesn’t mean they aren’t White.

    If you have to sleuth around the early-life section and conduct surname alchemy to distinguish two groups, it might be a sign that the difference is more like Sicilians and Spaniards than like Japanese and Bushmen. Do you ever ask yourself whether Kim Jong-Un is an Arab? Huh.

    • Replies: @Rebel Roy
    , @Realist
  44. @The Ogs

    Oops! You forgot your shamefast acknowledgement of the everlasting land rights of the First Nations of Canada. An innocent mistake, I’m sure…

  45. Learning says:

    Northeast DC, heavily working class black neighborhoods. BLM has only small influence. Mostly virtue signaling whites -radical chic reborn.

  46. Bernie says:
    @The Ogs

    “So we don’t even really notice race.”

    Said no non-white person ever.

    • Agree: martin_2
  47. @Ben Sampson

    “the Rittenhouse affair” is not the issue that I want to discuss. Read my post more carefully.

    Will “Black people in Kenosha” support murrika’s subversions of countries around the world, that do NOT suck up to it?

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  48. Nancy says:

    Satan is the Father of Lies. The Synagogue of Satan is the Fountain of Falsehood.

  49. Rebel Roy says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Unfortunately and in spite of your smugness Jews are anything but White.They are a racially mixed but distinct bunch being mostly Asiatic.Whites are Northern European.Bet you think Mexicans and Tunisians are White as well.Didn’t you also think Rosa Luxemberg and Elke Sommer were twins.Or confusing Brett Eckland with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Not to bust your chops but you really should know these basic truths.

  50. Rebel Roy says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Wow you aren’t smart are you.The people in Spain have very little White blood,they are heavily North African(Moor)and Jewish.Same with the southern Italians: North African and surprisingly large amount of Jewish genes.I just saw a few old photos of Franco and his crowds,noone could mistake those black-haired,black eyed faces for White.Take a look at Al Capone,his fat face looks three quarters Jewish and one quarter Algerian.Check out any photo of an Italian village and you’ll see a group that looks like Gypsy rabble and not Nordic noble blood.Unless you’re just a hasbara troll you really need to learn some basic facts on race and the movements of people in the last 1000 years or so.And get back to us.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  51. Derer says:

    This is an American style cultural revolution. The mail-in fraud elected anti-American ticket of Biden/Harris that stole the election from pro-American ticket Trump/Pence. This is a lawless cultural revolution of destruction and anarchy of founding fathers successful model of democracy that the present leadership is unable or unwilling to stop. In fact, there is an evidence of VP participation.

  52. Rebel Roy says:
    @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    Incredible.Are you two both working in the same barracks,dishing out that simple-minded hasbara.Only a moron refers to himself as a Gentile,or a Jew troll posing as White.No Jews are White.They may have seduced and coerced a lot of White girls but they are still an Asiatic race and all that comes with that.Add some negro and you get the Jew fro,add some White victim girls and you get blonde hair,but they still are not White.THEY do not like White people and certainly do not refer to themselves as White amongst themselves.They use the White card to deflect from themselves and to bludgeon Whites.You sound so much like a Jew that I can’t believe you aren’t here to sow misinformation.Surname alchemy sounds exactly like something a Jew would write and pat himself on the back thinking its so clever.But it sounded retarded.

  53. J says:

    Yes. All other human varieties are obsessed with the shading of their skins. Americans of mixed heritage talk a lot about being less or more pale-skinned.

  54. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    There still is no evidence that any of these 3 were Jews. While one can always hypothesize, the only argument offered so far has been their names. Yet it’s a fact that Evangelicals have for centuries made a practice of adopting Jewish-sounding names such as “David Hilbert” for Gentile offspring. No one has yet provided any real confirmation that any of these 3 were Jewish. This is starting to resemble the Chertoff-hoax launched by Chris Bollyn back in the day. The rumor still flies around claiming that Benjamin and Michael Chertoff allegedly shared a common grandparent even long after it was cleared up that they did not.

  55. RobinG says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    (I didn’t know two were Jews

    No reason you should, because they weren’t.

    Anglin rightly slams MSM disinfo that those shot were Black, but substitutes the disinfo that 2 or them were Jews. (Rosenbaum may have a Jew somewhere in his family tree, but even that isn’t clear.)

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Reg Cæsar
  56. Miro23 says:

    The facts just simply do not matter at all, given the clamp-like control that Jews have over the media.

    These are amazing examples. They’re major newspapers like Holland’s De Telegraaf telling obvious lies.

    In their daily meeting to determine the correct world news, the Jewish media owners no doubt conclude that if they can succeed in fabricating a story like the “Arab terrorists of 9/11” then they can succeed in fabricating any other narrative fitting story they want.

    This is actually a step further than only burying/promoting stories that fit the propaganda line. It’s constructing complete new lies rather than lying by omission.

    If there’s one feature that defines the Jewish run West more than any other it has to be “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”. The war is on the people of the US and Western Europe and each successful lie seems to be some king of trophy that they can brag about to their friends.

    The West has been converted into a Marx Brothers film where clever Jews celebrate and laugh about fooling the dumb trusting goys.

  57. Miro23 says:

    The facts just simply do not matter at all, given the clamp-like control that Jews have over the media.

    Another aspect is the obvious importance to the Jewish media of the “White Supremacist” narrative. Embedding this looks like their Nº1 priority. Why would that be?

    On possibility, given that Jewish control of the US is starting to become impossible to hide – is to anticipate some kind of nationalist reaction (already much repeated in their international history).

    So, they want the US public to be mentally ready to interpret dissent along the lines of, “We’ve been warned about this for years! – the White Supremacists are here !!”

    However, by that point, and after all the lies, the public may not actually care, and just let the “White Supremacists” get on with it.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  58. Orcs have never needed a reason to riot.

    A small coterie of Kyles in every city would give them a reason not to.

  59. Jiminy says:

    Clearly the moral of the story is that you should never kill a pedo-jew. Or any jew for that matter. They are a sacred beast. I wonder what would have happened if a black had shot the three of them though?
    Here after people protested and said that Victorian Premier Andrews new pandemic laws were reminiscent of those of Hitler’s nazi party, the jews came out and basically said how dare you, for nothing can be as terrible. There can be no comparison. We were thankfully saved the trauma when they didn’t mention the lampshades.
    Hey, maybe there could be a way to immortalise those three who were shot dead in Kenosha last year by bringing out a limited edition brand of soap to celebrate their lives.

  60. Realist says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    …but in any case Ashkenazi, like it or not, are white

    That is correct…and many here don’t like it, and will deny it.

  61. Realist says:


    No matter how much you shout it (all upper case) Askenazi Jews are an ethnic group of the White race.

    • Replies: @Realist
  62. Realist says:
    @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    The phrase you’re seeking is White Gentile. Say it with me: White Gentile. Ashkenazis are White Jews, to be constrasted both with White Gentiles and the Jews that are not White (like the Cochin Jews of India). Just because you don’t like ’em doesn’t mean they aren’t White.

    You are absolutely correct. Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group of the White race. There is quite a number on this blog that hate Ashkenazi Jews so much it has turned them into morons.

  63. When people are dumb shits, they are dumb shits. To those with some brain cells working on the hard-Left, they know that mentioning race even though the facts are totally manufactured, is totally incidental. The hard-Left knows that Normie Whites are very susceptible to any mention of race or accusation of being a racist – so that is why they never let up on this and always double down on this tactic, no matter divorced from fact or foolish they sound. What they will never say or admit to is the ideology of those involved. Rittenhouse, although White, is not in the least a white supremacist. He is just a young man who didn’t want to see Kenosha trashed to shit by thugs. He is a young man with a civil conscience. You want to talk about his intent – that was his intent. Of the three that were killed/shot, two were definitely ideologically AntiFa, and the third was some thug who was on his way to get some boy bootie but got turned on by the riot instead. But the hard Left will always feel that one has to make issue of race because it has more of an impact on the Lumpen. This may have been true – but it’s getting old and tired -and even Normies are catching on.

  64. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Note the Palestinian flag.

    A timely warning to all ‘woke’ Jews.

  65. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Ogs

    Presuming you are white – which I doubt – you, or more likely your grandchildren won’t find the Guyana or Trinidad style engrained ethnic conflict which will most certainly break out in the future Canada, very funny.

  66. @Deep Thought

    The outlook of Black Americans used to shock me because I thought it was opposite to what it should be, by their experience we have lived al our lives, and have learned from the history books.

    And our history books, those of every nation I know though filled by elitist lies still convey enough about our elites to show them clearly for the absolute apex of the cannibalistic animal world they are…and we too now behind them, allowing them to do all they have all along the way, which was and is clearly opposed to our own existential interest as ordinary people

    I found that to be the same among Black people: from the Caribbean and from Africa as well, indeed from everywhere.

    I find it to be the same among all ordinary people everywhere especially among white people. There are people here on the Unz whom I imagine are white, who sing the inferiority of ‘niggers’ and superiority of whites. Then in order of capability and value as people…Chinese second to whites, Indians from India and last of all again niggers! who are so poorly as a people we wont ever capitalize the descriptive, niggers!

    So man most Black people I know personally are the same all other people…accepting the minority capitalist suicide dogma and willingly lining themselves up to die. I have never seen Black people any different from Whites, Chinese, Indians etc. Black Americans supported Obama and still do… and he certainly was not president in their behalf. I reason that Black Americans are smart enough not to allow themselves to be railroaded over Rittenhouse. regular Black people won’t I think go out and riot over the acquittal of Rittenhouse. Such rioting I think is strictly cases of FBI/CIA activity
    be a case of created

    But I find the vast majority of ordinary people to be similar basically everywhere…unable to deal with the truth of life we live every day and make the obvious, correct and direct responses they should to all the elites do!


    And a relative situation to this in the world: ‘all really smart people are , sequestered and living as they can or else fighting back and under sanctions. and what the really smart people know and live by is simple: we know with whom we deal. we know systematically by what we live and what it has produced and what it will produce as it goes because the nature is the arbiter of existence and natures way is cause and effect.

    Cause and effect cannot be avoided. Motion or to be part of motion cannot be avoided. We must move to live, to do that which is required to live. We must eat to live and what we must eat is alive – all of it. we must kill and eat. and we too are food for what can kill and eat us – including each other. We are all therefore subject to the problems of personal security as a result, and our conscious make-up reflects this fact. It is the same with the conscious make-up of all that lives… a subjective consciousness…which means that we were born insecure and looking after ourselves period. We would not have made it otherwise.

    But that does not mean that is the only limited way to be subjective. By now we realize the the entire thing universally is indeed interconnected and we can prove a magnitude of it that corroborates this truth, and that to actually win survival in nature indefinitely, our subjectivity, individual/collective must come to reflect an inclusive objectivity possible on the basis on what we know on any day we are still here that can continue to achieve, to win survival for us as we go. If we do not become so comprehensively objective we will be as destructive as we are currently as those who have achieved the social power subjectively destroy the planet and kill off humanity in the process.

    It means what we have believed and lived by up to now is wrong and we must change into what we know to be right in order to win a chance at going on indefinitely. We can see also that that content has been deliberately constructed to fool the people, that that is clear now and available to all to undertstand and change the way we live and so survive. But we refuse to do it rendering the few who simply cannot make accommodation with the suicide to become victims sanctioned killed off, assassinated etc.

    In the process we have produced and allowed a lot of great men and women to come into the world and sacrifice for us. In the USA alone we have had a bushel led by MLK, JFK and his brother, Malcolm X and many more. As far as I see enough is enough! Not another sacrifice should be made in the name of the people. the situation is clear. we know, have known for a long time, since the days of Karl Marx what the analysis is and what the medicine m the sure is. The people must make that cure. None others can but the people in collective action producing the break-up of the elitist world construction, and a restart to what would be accurately democratic, popular social organization this time from the bottom horizontally.

    That is the simple truth of it all, that we all live and know the solution too yet we refuse to act, to respond as we should to the elitist stimuli forced on us every day. Well its direct genocide now so if we do not rise up now we are all dead. The capitalists have no answer for this stage of capitalism, to be able to continue fooling the people by providing games and lies that appear to work to keep the system going. The capitalists know that their potential has been exhausted and now its time for a basic solution to the question of their own survival at the top of the social pyramid in permanent charge of the world

    By long experience, by history, by current reality ordinary people should have long risen up and arrested the entire western elite, in every country, put them on trial for their millennia long crime spree against humanity, if they they thought the had the time for that, or simply if they did not, executed them all summarily, broken up global structural top-down organization – the UN, IMF and all such elitist forms of bureaucratic dictatorship.

    I don’t understand it at all! What on earth can the people be fooled by? What all the sick genocidal religions starting with the Catholics? They are all the same…lies! There is and can be only one truth about reality…reality itself! we go by what we prove so far to make of life the best we can as we plough on. We argue about what is unknown as we battle to expand out knowledge of reality. But we have simple reality around us, out of which we came that simple logic les us a long way into the understanding of that allows us to see the obvious lies of the elites, the games they play.

    Look at how simple it is to see the likely truth of the vaccinations we are now given and yet the people go take them in the full awareness of the danger to life they pose, yet the people will not move. Look at the deliberate creation of global economic chaos that is going to create massive shortages where there are no, famine and hunger where there is only abundance and blame it on population so that the people may agree with their own demise as the elites move to cement iron clad social control in the confusion they are creating

    No one is calculated to escape this time around. There are the scientific and technological means to get , which is why it is happening the way it is happening. And despite the apparent confrontation between the Chinese, Russian and American so call tripartite, there s enough evidence to suggest that the elites of those 3 powerful countries, are in fact all in on a game to shut down and control the world, which game includes a major depopulation of all the peoples of these countries

    But had the ordinary people moved to carry out their basic interest in indefinite survival of the human species the potential for this would have long been wiped out, the world “global” nonsense would been eliminated, the world rendered into all its natural administrative/national/cultural parts, as it took shape in the freedom such development would bring into the world.

    And the very same ordinary people who would rid the world of the elites, rendered the world into it’s particulates, would create the many societies relative to their needs, in the conditions in which they exist, would relate globally on the basis of what would have been the need for their action in the first place…the need for humanity to develop what would be our best chance of going on indefinitely, to make permanent human existence in the universe or as close to that as we can achieve, if that is potential and possibility for humanity

    That is not what we are doing now as we have been living capitalist suicide and its various imperial precursors for millennia now and that cant work anymore. The suicide is about to be actualized.

    Humanity must cleanse itself of capitalism and all capitalist existential paraphernalia, while evolving a life informed by the truth we have proven to this point, in the process of carrying out the clear, basic principle of living, of existence, what is the clear principle of succeed at living.! to win indefinite existence in nature

    And to succeed in this project humanity must come together not in the elitist nonsense ‘democratic’ talk that has been bandied about as cover for exploitation, but by the basic facts of existence – cause and effect- which defines clearly how humanity is to develop and exist, in cooperative effort at successful living along the way–as the only efficient way to go in this our basic project

    Democracy is a part of successful living, it’s basis, a product of the development of successful living itself, the actual way of survival, that is easy to prove…the maximization of life, the expansion of humanity to the max, on this planet, by which time we would be able to move on and out as well… just like we once did out of Africa and populated the planet. It does not, cannot and will not stop there! Those who control this planet are the worst, most backward, murderous, flesh eating monsters so far evolved by nature! And they have managed to get us all to live opposite to the truth of life, opposite experience they have forced on us the genocides, slaveries, financial slavery getting us to work for nothing by inflationary financial practices.

    Where we should have long seen their crimes and informed by this experience and directed by our existential interest as a class of people, arrested them and rid ourselves of them and changed the world as a survival response into forms of organization directed by our own popular collective interest

    And if we do not do exactly that! as soon as possible! the elites will succeed in their project to keep the world for themselves but for however long I have no idea. They elites are killing off the people of the world as we speak, including the children. They are introducing basic elements into human biology that expands what has been going in all along, put in earlier into the food supply, into previous medical programs of mass vaccinations etc. into all the manipulations they have already done and continue to do, even with Covid going on. What is that going to do to human biology?

    It is going to create some kind f monster biology of humanity that’s what, if we get past their over Covid attack/war on us . Humanity is likely to evolve into a hideous caricature of what nature has made of us to this point, by our own insane manipulations

    And what kind of science, and what kind of creations of forms of consciousness can the elites create to replace us, that they can control, to work for them, that would allow them to live-on indefinitely as a small minority, in good existential shape, never expanding as humans should, by the numbers as we go, to be always growing and comprehensively socially fit, for humans live by that essential fact as well? The elites are killing the very nature of life itself, to replace it with its limited opposite in order to own everything permanently…that would allow them to be unchallenged socially for ever!

    And have let them do it so far, despite the fact of their behaviour for a thousand years that made clear to us who they actually are…and what they are doing contains the very most nasty and hideous consequences for us all the ordinary classes of humanity…ALL REGARDLESS OF RACE AND SKIN COLOR! Class is all! not race!

    • Troll: Pat Kittle
  67. Realist says:

    Should read…Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group…

  68. @Ben Sampson

    I went as far as the 2nd paragraph and can’t bare reading any further. Can’t see what relevance your post have to mine. It looks like an IQ85 black trying very hard to write like an IQ150 jew!!!

    God luck. Wish you every success.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  69. Pheeeew! massive Insult. what you insult is not in there man.

    I was up all night handicapping some horse races at Del Mar in 2 hours. just popped back to warn you to avoid reading because its a sleepy disjointed mess.

    too late!

    ordinary people are the same all over – suicidal.

    we should have had the revolution to end capitalism already, avoided this Covid nonsense, set up a progressive future

    if you could not get that out of that sleepy jumble without massive insult what can I say…
    I lost my way trying to prevent the very thing that happened

    so be it. Del Mar here I come…all day long. wish me luck!

    ( must stay away from UNZ, Saker and company. keep coming back! there is nothing here but white intellectual perspective that’s ridiculous war zone. piss on this! if I ever come back remind me at least once)

    • Troll: Pat Kittle
  70. @Deep Thought

    I am really pissed!
    I responded earlier only because it was Deep thought whose comments I found to be somewhat humane. here was a good poster so I responded and was trying to not to leave anything out to be clear and to say what I thought was important

    race means nutten to me at all. all this white elitist crap sinking the planet. I don’t care about it at all. and here I was under pressure by it this morning making an ass of myself.

    piss on it all. I cant wait for it to implode taking itself with it but nothing slse

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @Badger Down
  71. Yep, a bunch of people who definitely haven’t any sense.

  72. Yesterday’s ‘Flash Looting’ of a Nordstrom store in 90% white city of Walnut Creek California by a pack of 100 black burn loot murder hoodrats, straight outta Oakland, blocked traffic while loading cars up with Wakonza bling faster than a speeding poleez car on its way to a donut shop.
    These Federally protected niqqaz are now traveling further out from the hood into all white suburbia using tactical snatch and grab maneuvers acquired while living as government plantation slaves in section 8 projects.
    Since there’s not enough major city riots to burn loot murder and rape, niqqaz now roam the countryside in battalions of armed ‘Flash Looters’ doing the best they can under such dire circumstances put forward by white Supremacists and their relentless evil attacks on niqqaz in the hood.
    Jaymeal and Kameal are gonna have a very merry Wakonza this year, thanks to all the self hating whites and race pandering politicians in America.
    God bless black Jesus and his patriarchs, George Floyd, Trayvor Martin, MLK, ………..

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
  73. Wokechoke says:
    @Rebel Roy

    Franco was a Celto Iberian through and through. Wtf are going on about?

  74. @BorisMay

    Just as 2SLGBBTQQIAPWXYZ+ – Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Beastiality, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual people, and Pedophiles. + added to cover the overlooked, keep growing as more sex perverts come out of the closet, those that now rule over us GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM keep growing as more money surrenders under the weight of censorship, boycotts, trade embargo’s and free shit until it’s all gone.
    It’s enough to drive a sane human crazy.

  75. @Ben Sampson

    race means nutten to me at all

    SAME for me. You should try to write shorter and clearer messages so that people might WANT to read them.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  76. @Nicholas Stix

    Some WNs think anyone with a German name who does something bad is a Jew. The lowlifes who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse are an example.

  77. Anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:

    Hopefully you croak soon, Uncle Ben. Much less cluttered while you were laid up.

  78. @Nicholas Stix

    …who were these “Jews” whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot? I’m not aware of him having shot any Jews.


    “Jews now trying to disavow Kenosha antifa shooting thugs”:
    — (

    Apparently the Jewish Chronicle ran the following laughably flimsy alibi, and then decided to retract it:


    As if a Jew has to be “practicing” to be a Jew!
    You & your (((media))) have mostly disappeared the evidence — but not entirely.

  79. @Deep Thought

    yo! I try to write well all times. what the hell else would I do… try to write badly?

    I never try to write like a Jew but like me! I don’t even know how to write like a Jew!

    I went back and read what I wrote and its not so bad after all, given the state I was in. it is not how it was said it but what is said there-in. there is stuff in there that displeased you terribly. that seems clear enough now

    you refused to concede in your response, that I wrote in confidence of your knowledge and ability to make sense of what I said regardless…unless it was utter gibberish. and you did understand! did make sense of it. again! its now how I said it that pissed you off but what I said.

    I have confidence that some people read what I wrote, and understood it. a few always do! no diff I am sure with this comment here. its you! I took you for granted…the mood I was in I guess.

    Its the same thing I was talking about with ordinary people relative to the elites. I did with you the same thing I accused the people of…relating to you opposite than experience with you as a white person taught me how to, over long years

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  80. @Ben Sampson

    you are full of knowledge and know more than I do about what I spoke Deep Thought!

    and again I did no come to the UNZ, The Saker and more to engage in this nonsense we are in here. I could not imagine all I found here.

    I came to these blogs to engage in what I expected would be genuine struggle against the real and massive threat to human existence from the economic purpose and corresponding social structure we live by, from those who benefit and dominate from this way of life especially the Jewish people who are an incredible threat to human existence on this planet.

    the reason I am here is I came back to get Linh Dinh’s article, up today and there he explains aspects of the situation I have know about for years that are prolly finding expression through this Coronavirus fake pandemic that is killing humanity. look at that eh.

    our purpose here is to help stop the genocide in place right now, to help solve the social problems leading to the end of humanity. and if we run into something like my extensive comment today they make some sense of it or part of it and help us along. I see guys baiting me all the time, and right or wrong I am not going to bite unless there is benefit to it. I did no expect such a response from you at all

    but I am done with. I got lots to do!

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  81. @Rebel Roy

    I don’t usually “refer to [myself] as a Gentile” for much the same reason I don’t usually refer to myself as a gaijin. But some people here seemed to be confused about the difference between races and the ethnicities that comprise them.

    As long as White is a race on the level of Black or Yellow or Red (Amerindian), then Jews are White. If we start splitting hairs about Nordics and Mediterraneans, then sure, Jews may not be Nordic. But it makes no sense, unless one be blinkered by a sputtering kind of hatred, to exclude Jews from the White race.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  82. Twatter feeds…?

    Well, then it must be true!

    Greenwald nurtured the Snowden files well…

    Where are they today…?

  83. @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    But it makes no sense, unless one be blinkered by a sputtering kind of hatred, to exclude Jews from the White race.”

    But jews exclude goyim from their own branch of history…

    Does that account for anything…?

  84. @Smashed Squash

    And just imagine, we could have had ¡JEB¡

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  85. All of you commenters arguing about whether or not Jews are white, there is only one thing that is important: They are determined to demean, demonize, and demoralize the Western Civilization white Chritian Gentile world, or what’s left of it. That’s really all that matters – their subversive and nefarious actions, not their skin.

  86. @Ben Sampson

    I was under pressure by it this morning making an ass of myself


  87. @Ben Sampson

    I wonder about two things: “Ben Sampson” is that a double-Jewish name?
    How did you get past the “three posts and you’re out” rule? You’ve flooded this thread with your little bits.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  88. @Veteran Aryan

    No we couldn’t. The only person capable of beating Hilary in 2016 was Trump. Strangely, the only person of that group not capable of beating Biden in 2020 was Trump.

  89. The controversy about whether Jews are White illustrates the extent to which the “Race is just a social construct” people have a point.

    Any partially inbred extended family (Sailer’s term) develops group-average characteristics which distinguish it from other such families; Anglos, Scandinavians, Jews, South Europeans, Mestizos, Indians (feather), Indians (dot), Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asians all differ from each other in ways which are obvious to most observers and could be measured by geneticists. How these groups are classified, and which ones are lumped together and called a “race”, is a social construct. It’s not random or arbitrary–no one claims Anglos and Japanese are part of the same race–but around the edges, opinions differ. Jews are one of those edges.

    Bottom line: there are differences between Jews and the various flavors of European which most everyone calls “White”. Those differences are what they are regardless of how you classify them.

  90. Hibernian says:

    (Rosenbaum may have a Jew somewhere in his family tree, but even that isn’t clear.)

    Sort of like Mark Wahlberg with one branch of the family – from which comes the surname – being Swedish, and the rest Irish. And Irish surnamed 7/8 hispanic jim Plunkett.

  91. @Daniel Rich

    I’m sure the Armenians pay little heed to the Finns when telling their own history. “White” is necessarily a big-tent term. If you are concerned about historiography along cultural lines, the main Gentile White strands of history are Western-Christian, Eastern-Christian, and Mohammedan. (Wiccans notwithstanding, the pagans are not presently a main strand.) But as a biological descriptor, Jews are White.

    At a time when the Jewish question was not as buried as today, and when frank discussions of racial interaction were commonplace, thinkers divided the world into Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid (or Congoid and Capoid), with the Dravidians of India, the Aboriginal Australians, the Eskimos, and the New Guineans often cloven off into their own races. But I am aware of no such anthropologist that thought to exclude Jews from Caucasoid, a group which also included the Arabs, and which neatly corresponds to common usage of the term White (as Mongoloid to Yellow and Negroid-Congoid to Black).

  92. @BorisMay

    Establish Canaan on Occupied Palestine, where Jews and Palestinians can live together, under UN Protection, for say fifty years. Return stolen land to the Palestinians, and enact the Palestinian Right of Return. Jews who cannot stomach that, can go ‘elsewhere’. Give ’em New York-it’s about the size of Gaza, and nobody will be bombing it.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  93. @R.C.

    The Justice Department yeshiva will hound him for attacking the victims’ ‘civil rights’, and the families of these rather unsavoury chaps will be financed to sue him in civil court. His travails have barely begun.

    • Agree: René Fries, R.C.
  94. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Askenazim are Khazars, who are Turkic I believe.

  95. @RobinG

    Anglin rightly slams MSM disinfo that those shot were Black, but substitutes the disinfo that 2 or them were Jews.

    And in neither case is it a mistake. A shorter word comes to mind.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @RobinG
  96. The Dutch newspaper De telegraaf until today was part of the internet sites (in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch) I regularly visit.

    No more so.

  97. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Return stolen land to the Palestinians

    Zahir Muhsein, PLO executive committee member, said on March 31, 1977 in an interview with the Dutch daily Trouw: “The Palestinian people does not exist”,

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  98. BuelahMan says:

    Wait. I took the shot and was right, but in your stupid mind I was wrong for being right.


  99. @BuelahMan

    Why should I read that again? I researched my earlier reply to you; went through your comment history. It is as I stated.

    Here am I predicting KR would do okay, days before your earthquake pronouncement. And prediction was all it was. I didn’t ‘correct’ someone. You didn’t ‘correct’ anyone and still haven’t. None of us knew. Here I am agreeing with someone, days before your ‘correction’, that KR would walk and Anglin was wrong. Please direct me to the trophy department.

    Had KR been trounced by the jury, you wouldn’t be publishing what a dumbass you were, posting links to your error. That’s the point. It’s all cowardly cherry-picking because you threw a dart and it landed near the target. BFD. Track record is what counts, and Anglin has it, failures included.

    On ignore.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  100. @Renoman

    Rittenhouse has stated he supports BLM.

    The dark side has him now.

    Needs an exorcism maybe?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  101. Gabe Ruth says:

    “But he shot huwhyte people” is the hook that Con Inc. just can’t resist. Like that matters at all, and he should have just let the goons do what they wanted if they were black.

    That black jump kick man got out without a scratch makes me think Kyle might be a cyborg sent back from the future. Maybe that means the antiracists will win, and that’s why he didn’t shoot (well, hit) the black guy. But they’ve at least become slightly more sane, since he did improve the huwhyte gene pool a bit.

  102. Jiminy says:

    Of course those three white men shot by Rittenhouse weren’t jewish. How could they be when clearly they were god damned nazis. The world is now so much safer with three less nazis goose stepping around. Also I’m sure the black kicker did a hamy.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  103. whatwho says:

    its all psyops and psyops doesn’t have to make sense, as long as it gets into your head. if this is the jews best shot, we’re in good shape

  104. Sulu says:

    The Jewish Media is in overdrive telling deliberate lies about Rittenhouse. Not so long ago when caught in an obvious lie the media would at least be somewhat contrite. No more. They double and triple down on every lie they tell hoping enough rubes believe them and it will somehow turn things their way.

    It’s time we got a sitting President that takes the media away from the Jews. Government is good at confiscation. They confiscated probably billions of dollars worth of property during the “drug war” years. Why not declare those that own the media traitors and confiscate all their property and bank accounts? Until the lying Jewish press is held accountable there will be no peace in this country.


  105. RobinG says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Hmmm, would that word be lies?

    For anyone who hasn’t seen, I think this is all that was aired. (They must be saving more for Tucker’s documentary.) Very interesting. “Never before revealed facts,” as they say.

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/22/21

  106. Miro23 says:

    Until the lying Jewish press is held accountable there will be no peace in this country.

    They’re not going to politely give up their power .

    They’re part of the ZioGlob Deep State Empire, for example employed to lie about 9/11, lie about WMD and lie about “White Supremacy” to further Jewish power.

    The issue for everyone has to be that violence and anarchy are escalating (i.e. peace is receding) – so who is going to act to stop it? Or does it just continue until armed mobs fight it out in the streets? Spartacist Uprising style Berlin 1919.

    • Replies: @sulu
  107. @René Fries

    Zionazi hate propaganda, dehumanising their victims in order to justify the ethnic cleansing of 1947-8 and 1967, and the ILLEGAL occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and Golan Heights, and the continuing oppression of the Palestinians, their murder, torture and defamation. If the Palestinians say that they exist, they have as much right to do so as Jews.

  108. @Jiminy

    Do you really think that Jews cannot be Nazis. The history of Israeli barbarity, ethnocide and land theft in utter contempt of International Law proves you wrong.

  109. @Sulu

    That bare-faced, impudent, lying is a very old feature of Judaic life vis-a-vis the goyim. Lying in courts, lying in the MSM, lying about well-established facts etc. Lying justified, even advocated, by Talmudism.Not by any means the only liars about, but among the very worst and most impertinent.

  110. sulu says:

    They’re not going to politely give up their power .

    How right you are. They must be made to relinquish power at the barrel of a gun. Quite a few guns in fact. My guess is it must come from inside the military. We have already seen a few cracks appear. The officer that spoke out on the incompetency of the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan debacle. Also, if memory serves, the head of the national guard in Utah that refused to enforce vaccine mandates. There was once a time that acts such as these were unheard of in the U.S military. So quite a few inside the military must want to see the democrats gone.

    I think the democrats are going to take a drubbing in 22, probably loosing both the house and the senate. This will effectively neuter the Biden administration. Then, perhaps Trump will win in 24 and this time he will take his enemies more seriously. Hopefully he can take a page from history and start replacing officers in the military with those that have taken an oath of loyalty to him personally. I would love to see him reinstate General Flynn as head over all our forces. There is a man with a legitimate ax to grind and I’m sure he knows that it was the Jews that were the author’s of all his misfortunes. I can’t offhand think of a man more suited to use the military to destroy Jewish power here in America.


    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  111. BuelahMan says:

    Had KR been trounced by the jury, you wouldn’t be publishing what a dumbass you were, posting links to your error.

    Well, you can write such a thing and as is your wont, you would be wrong. But what’s the point?

    Anglin (and you, apparently) were/are wrong and BuelahMan WAS/IS right.

    But let us hear you try to dismantle the obvious truth in my comments by protecting the guy that was wrong.

    Dumb ass.

  112. @Bragadocious

    You forgot to add “White” looking “Natives” bled the system dry by playing the victim narrative over and over again while the rest of the Natives just wallow in self-pity and not doing anything else other than waiting for crumbs. Imagine a population of less that 5% of the Canadian population taking in more than 5% of the GDP and has control over a large swath of land and natural resources but still it is that pathetic.

  113. @Smashed Squash

    Rittenhouse has stated he supports BLM.

    The dark side has him now.

    I got a lot of flack here for saying that Kyle was naive.

    Yea well sucking up to BLM shows that he is naive.

    Running into a snakepit of leftists by yourself with a fire extinguisher is naive.

    I am glad he survived and was acquitted but he should have stayed home.

    The Iranian car lot owner actually testified against him. Some gratitude.

    Don’t stick your neck out to save some Democrat’s business.

    • Replies: @littlewing
  114. I am an intuitive and things just come to me out of the blue.
    “Living Color”
    I am old enough to remember black and white TeeVee only.
    Once ‘living color’ came out in the mid 60s suddenly what they were saying on TV suddenly became ‘real’.

  115. @John Johnson

    Why I worry for him.
    He is naive, was naive to show up and try to help those demonic cretins.
    He needs constant handling for the next 5 yrs. Maybe Sandman will be his mentor for this time.

  116. @Badger Down

    ‘Jews get away with everything’ Unz let them through as light comedy

  117. RobinG says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Strange. Another try.

    Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview

  118. Miro23 says:

    It’s time we got a sitting President that takes the media away from the Jews. Government is good at confiscation. They confiscated probably billions of dollars worth of property during the “drug war” years. Why not declare those that own the media traitors and confiscate all their property and bank accounts?

    That’s the only way to go, and get it over with a quickly as possible – including the owners of collaborationist information monopolies like Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter. National 9/11 arrests and trials for treason (with the death penalty) would already fix much of the problem. It would go to the heart of the deep state – Israel/ media/ CIA/ FBI and catch many of the key players.

    The “President” concerned would need sufficient power – so it’s someone from the military.

    They’ve all taken their Oath of Enlistment so they’re already half way there:

    I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    • Thanks: Sulu
    • Replies: @Sulu
  119. Sulu says:

    I have always imagined that the President will have to selectively purge the military and replace key officers with people that are loyal to him. Then, not unlike Caesar, make a hit list of people that need to go. Turn off the cell phones and the internet for a few days and turn the military assassins loose to surreptitiously take out a few thousand of the key people. It shouldn’t even be immediately obvious that the military is involved. Just suddenly, over the period of a few days, the right people get whacked. Then the internet and cell phone networks come back on and the government has had time to take control of the media and they just conveniently neglect to mention that a bunch of people have been whacked. If some people notice there were a lot of hits it could be blamed on a period of lawlessness that happened during the power outage.

    If this should happen within a short time you would see the high level Jews heading for sanctuary in Israel in their private jets while the lesser Jews would be clogging the airports taking one way flights to Israel.

    2025 or so is going to be the peak of the suns normal 11 year cycle of activity. It might even be possible to time it with a coronal mass ejection from the sun. That way the news would be telling people that a power outage is possible in a few days. Then people wouldn’t be too startled when the cell phones and power goes out. Without cell phones most millennials won’t be able to wipe their ass and will be totally lost. If the military uses the time to whack enough key people and to take control of the major news media it might not be immediately obvious to the Rubes what just happened.


  120. @Patrick McNally

    The thought of ANY US regime apparatchik being prosecuted for ‘colluding’ with Israel is risible. Colluding secretly perhaps, because proper Sabbat Goyim collude with their Chosen Masters openly and proudly.

  121. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ben Sampson

    Cause and effect cannot be avoided. Motion or to be part of motion cannot be avoided. We must move to live, to do that which is required to live. We must eat to live and what we must eat is alive.

    Then plenty more gems like these:

    A thousand years that made clear to us who they actually are. And what they are doing contains the very most nasty and hideous consequences for us all.


    Thanks, Captain Obvious. Er, Polonius. “Never a lender nor borrower be. A stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates is lost. Man who fart in church must sit in own pew. Pull my thumb.”

    And so on.

    You must routinely win the gold at the Bombastic Olympics.

    Keeeee-rist! A 2,221-word “comment” to declaim…bupkis.

    Think how much damage was done to poor Ma Earth with all that hot air?

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