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No, There Is No New Virus. the Flu Was Renamed "Covid-19."
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Someone recently came at me with “Anglin is wrong – there is a real coronavirus because people are sick at the hospital.”

So, it’s that time again. The time that happens every month or so when I meticulously explain that there is no evidence of a new virus, let alone a “pandemic.”

I might use hyperbolic language sometimes, but I have always said that “coronavirus” could be some new strand of the flu. But there are new strands of the flu every year.

Every year, people die of the flu. Tens of thousands of people in America die of the flu every year. In 2018, according to the CDC, 80,000 people died from the flu.

During the 2018 flu season, “hospitals were overwhelmed” without sending home huge portions of the staff and firing people for refusing the vaccine. “Flu hospitals overwhelmed” is another round you can play with the dated Google search game, which I will give full instructions on in due time.

That means that people were in the hospital, dying of a respiratory virus, on those dates that you can see below those news articles. Just like the videos you see on CNN of people in flu wards – which have been renamed “covid wards,” because all respiratory infections are now “covid-19” – sick and dying from the “covid.” In those above years, there were nurses rushing around, families crying as loved ones died. Because deadly respiratory infections existed before 2020.

The only difference would be that more people now would be on deadly ventilators, because the CDC changed their standards for putting someone on a respirator when they changed the name of “the flu” to “covid-19.” They presumably did this so more people would die. Although I can’t prove that, I can’t think of any other reason. Everyone who died from ventilator-related pneumonia, or any of the other complications caused by a ventilator, was recorded as a “covid-19 death.”

Note that hospitals were paid by the federal government for:

  • Diagnosing a person with covid-19
  • Putting a person diagnosed with covid-19 on a ventilator
  • Writing “covid-19” on a death certificate

I really don’t want to put too fine of a point on this, but here’s a 2018 report on the flu, which was that year classified as an “epidemic,” from ABC News. You will notice that this is pretty much exactly like any daily coronavirus report.

To be very clear: “I know someone who works at a hospital and they are saying that people are dying from respiratory infections” is not an argument for the existence of a new virus.

This is like saying “I know someone who fell down the stairs” and then claiming that earth’s gravity must have been altered by cosmic rays.

The Testing Hoax

The flu has basically never been tested for, as it is so easily identified by standard symptoms. My initial thesis, in March of 2020, was that they may have identified a standard annual strain of the flu, and then claimed it was a “new virus” (whilst in fact every year the flu is a “new virus”). At this point, I’m not confident that it is possible to map the genome of a virus at all, but that’s a small detail.

The PCR test is an absolute joke, as we’ve all been over and over again. We’ve known this since they began using it. The Nobel laureate who invented the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said it couldn’t be used to test for an infectious virus, and nothing about the technology has significantly changed since he said that.

The fact that they are telling you that all of these people who have no symptoms actually are sick with a virus because of this test should be enough for you to observe with your eyes that this is bullshit. The entire basis of this hoax was the theory of “asymptomatic spreaders,” which is justified by the PCR test. “Asymptomatic spreaders” is something which was never considered to be a thing before 2020 (at least not a relevant thing). Here’s Anthony Fauci saying that.

Of course, I don’t care what Anthony Fauci says, because I’m aware that he’s a moronic hoaxster, psychopathic liar, and Bill Gates Great Reset agent. But you must care what he says, if you believe in Asymptomatic Spreaders, because he’s the one who came up with the concept (again, after denying it in early 2020).

Without this blatantly nonsensical theory of people with no symptoms of a disease secretly having a disease and being able to spread it (how?), we would have no lockdown, social distancing, masks, vaccine mandates, or any of this other bullshit – instead, if a person was sick, they would just stay home, and that would be the end of it. The nonsensical and unscientific theory of asymptomatic spreaders is the fundamental lie that makes this entire scam work. It is only viable because of this goofy PCR testing system.

My basic thesis has remained the same: there is no difference between “coronavirus” and the respiratory illnesses we’ve always had, and the only reason people believe there is a “pandemic” from a “novel virus” is that the media/government have hyped this up as part of a conspiracy to restructure society.

If you study what they are saying at the World Economic Forum, then you cannot argue that what I am saying with regards to the plan by the most powerful people on earth to use the alleged virus as a means to transform global society is simply a fact. It’s not something that is debatable. You can read Klaus Schwab’s two books on the matter – “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” They are very easy books to read as he wrote them specifically to make them very easy to translate into every language.

You can also just go on the WEF YouTube channel and watch their forums, where they discuss this stuff openly. There are many other think tanks discussing this. You can go all the way back to the Club of Rome in the 1970s, talking about manufacturing crises, and all the way back to the turn of the 20th century and then the formation of the League of Nations to see a plan for a global government run by an elite minority. Population reduction is a huge part of this.

You can also watch this video from October of 2019 with Anthony Fauci and other government scientists talking about how they would need to create a crisis to start deploying mRNA vaccines.

Then you can check out Event 201, put on by Johns-Hopkins and Bill Gates. It’s an exercise on how to deal with a coronavirus pandemic.

If you believe that all of this was planned in such detail over a period of decades, and then prepared intricately in the months before “the pandemic” began, and then out of pure luck the exact type of coronavirus they were talking about emerged from bat soup, or an accidental lab leak, then you are unfortunately a moron. I’m serious. If you believe that, you are both delusional and stupid.

So then you get into the weeds with this “they released it on purpose” – but why? What for? What would be different if they released a virtually harmless virus or if they just renamed the flu and then laundered a bunch of deaths to bolster the count?

Obviously, nothing at all would be different.

What believers will do is try to claim that there is some specific symptom that defines “covid” and makes it different than other respiratory viruses. Since March of 2020, I’ve played a little game, where you set the Google search to only search posts before December of 2019, then type “flu [alleged symptom unique to covid that was never caused by the flu].”

Please understand: I’ve been doing this for two years now, and encouraging others to do it, whenever this issue of “a unique covid symptom” came up. Recently, on the Gamer Uprising forum, I had a minor meltdown (I’m not proud of it) after someone came at me with “long covid, bro – the flu did not ever have lingering effects.”

Here’s my response:

You can all go do that search, and find thousands of scientific papers about people who had the flu experiencing lingering effects, exactly the same as what the media and government medical establishment has termed “long covid.”

This is not the first time I’ve gone through this exercise with “long covid” claims. I’ve also done it with “serious lung damage,” “loss of smell,” “potential heart damage” and every other single claim that people have made as being unique to coronavirus, and every time, you will find scientific papers about the flu potentially causing these problems in rare cases (just like they are rare cases with the alleged coronavirus, that the media blows up with fear hysteria).

If I’m mad and drop f-bombs, that is why – I’ve done this so, so, so many times. Given that the people who make these claims are stupid, I’ve actually gone through and explained how to set the date range on Google, so that they don’t get confused trying to perform this process themselves.

Here – let’s just go ahead and do it one more time.

Step one: Type “” into your “web browser” (the web browser will come already installed on your “computer machine”).

Step two: Type the word “flu,” alongside the alleged new symptom or condition supposedly caused by “covid-19.”

Step three: Click the word “tools” at the far right of the top of the Google internet web page.

Step four: Move your eyes back to the left side of the “internet” screen, and click the words “any time,” then scroll down to “custom range.”

Step five: Enter the custom range that ends before the emergence of the alleged coronavirus by typing dates in the boxes (November 1, 2019 is a good end point), then click the word “go” using your computer “mouse.”

Step six: View a list of articles and scientific papers about the flu causing the thing that the media told you was unique to coronavirus.

Yes: you have just been talked to as if you are retarded. If you’ve already understood this little game you can play with the media’s “different from the flu hoax,” then I apologize for talking to you like you’re a retard, but I hope it amused you. If you still don’t understand this and are still talking about how “covid is different from the flu because you lose your sense of smell,” after reading me explain this to you for two years, then you literally are retarded, and you deserve to be talked to like a retarded person.

None of the claims that I have made have been outrageous, none of them have been disproved, all of them probably qualify as self-evident.

What we appear to have here is another “midwit crisis.”

When I tell some guy working at the Sunoco, “this is all just a big hoax – they just renamed the flu,” the standard reply is “man, that’s what I been saying!”

Meanwhile, most intelligent people on the internet have completely given up on all of this bat soup and lab leak gibberish, and have come around to agree that the alleged coronavirus is a rebranding of the flu.

This is what I have said:

  • It didn’t come from bat soup
  • It didn’t come from a laboratory
  • The government is openly faking the numbers
  • Hospitals are openly being paid by the government to fake numbers
  • Hospitals are being paid to put people on ventilators that kill them
  • It is not more deadly than the normal flu (we have no way of knowing exact numbers because of all of the fakery, but none of you know anyone who died from it)
  • It does not have unique characteristics that have not been recorded in previous flus
  • The way it was allegedly isolated is absurd, and proves nothing
  • The PCR test is a joke
  • Antibody tests pick up antibodies for the common cold, which is also a coronavirus
  • The widely-distributed vaccine is now causing a disease indistinguishable from “covid-19”

And, most importantly:

  • If the media and government wouldn’t have mentioned the existence of a new disease, no one would have noticed a new disease. That includes hospitals.

There would have been back page news stories about a flu outbreak in Italy and a malaria outbreak in India, like there are back page articles about regional disease outbreaks every year. It’s possible that papers in medical journals would have been published about differences in the 2020 flu strand, but it’s unlikely, because there are no identifiably unique characteristics of “coronavirus” in comparison with the normal respiratory viruses we’ve always had. That’s all.

The “coronavirus pandemic” is a complete creation of the government/media, and of the lying medical industrial complex, with the obvious purpose of completely restructuring global human society at rocket-pace.

They want you to stop working, they want you on a digital currency UBI system, they want to cram you into high-rise tenements where you can watch Netflix and porn until you die.

That’s what’s up.

No one is making real arguments against any of this.

“But my friend works at a hospital and people at the hospital are sick” is not an argument.

If you ignore the way they are classifying these laundered deaths as “covid” and just look at total death numbers, what I’m saying is obvious.

Total mortality rates did not increase at all during the “height of the pandemic” in 2020, according to official CDC data. They have increased now, but that’s with a massive dose of suicide and drug overdoses, murders, and God only knows how many deaths from the vaccines.

General health has also gone down significantly, as a result of the government pandemic measures.

People are:

  • Eating less healthy (to an extreme degree in many cases)
  • Lying around at home
  • Going outside less
  • Gaining weight
  • Being denied all kinds of medical treatment, including all elective surgery and treatments for chronic and potentially terminal illnesses
  • Living with increased fear and stress (often full-on mania, now regularly leading to psychotic breaks)
  • Engaging in less social activity
  • Being socially isolated and alienated by distancing, masks, fear and hysteria
  • Being turned against family members (especially after the introduction of the vax and the agitation by the government/media)
  • Working less
  • Drinking a lot more alcohol
  • Doing a lot more drugs
  • Devolving psychologically, in general
  • Experiencing break-ups, divorce, domestic violence, and other domestic problems
  • Wearing masks that restrict breathing and cause people to inhale their own CO2 (which you don’t have to be a scientist to realize is going to have a very negative effect on respiratory health)

That’s without mentioning the vax. All of that stuff is going to severely affect your health, and when you combine it all together, you’re going to have significantly higher mortality rates and – wonder of wonders – significantly lowered immune responses, which lead to more seasonal respiratory infections.

So I expect people to be a lot less healthy. I expect more people to die in 2022 than did in 2019.

But that does not mean there is a new virus.

There is no new virus.

They renamed the flu.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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