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New York D.A. to Basically Legalize All Violent Black Crimes
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It’s time to free these niggas out the system.

And free the nuggets out the chicken.

This a fat nigga.

New York Post:

Manhattan’s new DA has ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing, according to a set of progressive policies made public Tuesday.

In his first memo to staff on Monday, Alvin Bragg said his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” except with homicides and a handful of other cases, including domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes and public corruption.

“This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma), and any other information available,” the memo reads.

Assistant district attorneys must also now keep in mind the “impacts of incarceration,” including whether it really does increase public safety, potential future barriers to convicts involving housing and employment, the financial cost of prison and the racial disparities over who gets time, Bragg instructed.

To be clear: reclassifying a black crime as misdemeanor is basically the same thing as decriminalization. They can’t go to jail and nothing happens if they don’t show up to hearings or pay their fines.

Here are a few great examples of this fantastic plan:

  • Armed robbers who use guns or other deadly weapons to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor, provided no victims were seriously injured and there’s no “genuine risk of physical harm” to anyone. Armed robbery, a class B felony, would typically be punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison, while petty larceny subjects offenders to up to 364 days in jail and a \$1,000 fine.
  • Convicted criminals caught with weapons other than guns will have those felony charges downgraded to misdemeanors unless they’re also charged with more serious offenses. Criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a class D felony, is punishable by up to 7 years behind bars.
  • Burglars who steal from residential storage areas, parts of homes that aren’t “accessible to a living area,” and businesses located in mixed-use buildings will be prosecuted for a low-level class D felony that only covers break-ins instead of more serious crimes. Those more serious crimes, class B and class C felonies, would be punishable by up to 25 and up to 15 years in prison respectively.
  • Drug dealers believed to be “acting as a low-level agent of a seller” will be prosecuted only for misdemeanor possession. Also, suspected dealers will only be prosecuted on felony charges if they’re also accused of more serious crimes or are actually caught in the act of selling drugs. That felony would mean facing up to seven years behind bars.

So, uh. Robbing someone with a gun is only a felony if you shoot them.

That is really pretty hilarious.

One of the only crimes that will remain a felony is “domestic violence,” which is even more hilarious. That isn’t even a real crime.

He likely also supports making it a felony for your cuck-mask to not fully cover your nose.

Obviously, this guy was funded by George Soros.

I don’t think black people in general like these policies, since they are negatively affected by them more than white people.

This is a Soros-Jewish policy of creating anarchy on the streets, while we have this lunatic crackdown on normal behavior.

It appears to be leading up to creating a situation that is viewed as universally intolerable, which will then lead people to demand some kind of solution, which will be the global totalitarian system.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this racist crusader deals with the people that defend themselves against his pets, especially when lethal force is used and there’s a racial component involved.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Bernie
  2. Realist says:

    New Yorkers deserve this in spades…pun intended.

    The shit libs elected these assholes now live with your stupidity.

    • Agree: Rurik, SBaker, lavoisier, BUBBA
  3. I guess I am going to jail soon if this chicken lickin phattangurang has his way. I refuse to put mask over nose. I am not a plant, carbon-dioxide is hazardous to my health. If the po-po enforce this shit they are just as guilty as the current mayoral administration. Proof Adams will be a joke.

  4. I support this brave initiative. It will greatly benefit our Jewish and communist brethren in these areas.

  5. Baxter says:

    The book San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities by Michael Shellenberger chronicles the misadventures of leftist policy in the that city. Maybe in the near future New York will have “poop map” like San Fransicko. Ha ha.

  6. BuelahMan says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    Leave that shithole. It’s ALWAYS been a shithole (you are just noticing).

  7. @Philmuhcrevis

    He’ll prosecute them with full force plus.

    His main purpose will be finding (creating) and prosecuting The Great White Defendant.

    • Agree: SBaker
  8. bro3886 says:

    New York has had a non-white majority for a long while, it’s only a matter of time before they plunge into the third-world. To be sure, they’ve been extremely resilient over the last few decades, patching together political coalitions that allow white/Jewish control to continue, leaning on the economic power of Wall Street. But it couldn’t continue forever. Biology and numbers will out. When Wall Street pulls out it’s over for the Big Rotten Apple.

    • Agree: simple mind
  9. Piglet says:

    This should be good news for real estate agents in sane states, to which New York residents will flee to escape negro criminality.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
    , @annonymous
  10. ricpic says:

    The future of NYC is…..non-existent. As a great city that is. Likely as a greater Newark.

    Why would law abiding family raising bright and productive Whites stay?

    They won’t. They’ll flee in ever greater numbers. Leaving a crater behind.

  11. @Brooklyn Dave

    Speaking of NY’s new mayor Eric Adams, a career cop, who has promised to be tough on crime. Will he be butting heads with this Soros-funded puppet? If what’s been happening in SF & LA is any indication, where there are efforts to recall leftist DA’s who refuse to enforce the law, things may not go too well for Alvin Bragg. Does Adams really want to become as unpopular as commie DeBlabbio? He will if he does nothing to stop that Soros idiot.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @AceDeuce
  12. How much of this is an attempt to drive real estate prices into the ground in cities, allowing for them to be scooped up at cut-rate prices by deep pockets who then re-institutes law-and-order?

    • Agree: Francis Miville
    • Replies: @Stebbing Heuer
  13. SafeNow says:
    @David In TN

    He’ll prosecute them (people who defend themselves) with full force plus.

    Yes, and I will add this: It does not matter if the prosecution’s case is ridiculous and certain to lose. That is because the cost of defending it is crippling. The goal is to bankrupt a few people with defense costs, so everyone else will take the lesson, and not resist crime.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  14. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Negros gonna Negro. Curtis Sliwa’s looking pretty good now, amirite?

  15. @follyofwar

    Speaking of NY’s new mayor Eric Adams, a career cop, who has promised to be tough on crime. Will he be butting heads with this Soros-funded puppet?

    Looks like Adams was all an act pre-election.

    Black leftist in disguise.

    Watch as he tries to work both sides while letting Black criminals walk.

  16. Soros is depicted by conservatives as an evil genius but this is really stupid strategy.

    He is getting super soft on crime DAs elected in heavily Democrat areas because those are the only areas that will vote for them.

    What does he really think will happen?

    Yes there will be fewer Black criminals in prison as they will be out terrorizing liberals and making them re-think everything.

    It is truly pathetic that even with a billion dollar backer the best plan the left can come up with is to let Black criminals run wild. Billions have been spent on liberal theories in the colleges and this is actually the plan. Let them run around and rob people.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @Francis Miville
  17. @David In TN

    He’ll prosecute them with full force plus.

    His main purpose will be finding (creating) and prosecuting The Great White Defendant.

    That’s correct.

    These leftists are bothered by unequal outcomes more than anything else. It would be an extremely bad idea to be a White criminal in that area, especially White collar.

    Rikers island looks like a prison in Nigeria and that is what drives them mad. Race doth not exist and NYC is a liberal area so such stark differences in prison demographics shouldn’t exist either.

    If Whites started committing street crimes in equal proportions then leftists would cheer. Outcomes are everything and victims mean nothing.

    The left is really losing it. They don’t seem to have any plan for Blacks and are content to unleash Black criminals against society. They are inching closer to being entirely driven by a desire to destroy. The leftists of the 1930s at least thought they were on the side of labor. These Soros leftists are obsessed with racial outcomes and really don’t care about wages.

  18. ricpic says:
    @John Johnson

    But liberals DON’T re-think everything. As a former New Yorker I can tell you liberals went right back to voting their own destruction after Giuliani saved their butts.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  19. This should be good news for real estate agents in sane states, to which New York residents will flee to escape negro criminality.

    Brother we don’t want ’em! Locusts from blue shitholes arrive not having learned a fking thing. They’ll vote democrap and ruin Red States, too.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  20. LOL.

    I support this Negro. Look at the silver lining. Most victims will be Democrats.

    I say decriminalize everything. Let blacks run riot in NY.

    From Stop-and-Frisk to Steal-and-Fight.

    Jews meant to use Negroes against whites, but it seems like it’s boomeranging on them.

    I’m laughing.

    Republicans beginning with Giuliani did much to save NY city. Did NY-ers show any gratitude? No, decreased crime only made them complacent and morally arrogant. Well, they got their wish, and they should sleep in the bed they made.

    • Replies: @Andreas
  21. @ricpic

    Bloomberg was even harder on crime and even said ‘racist’ things about crime and color. But paradoxically, reduced crime indulged NYers to idealize Negroes as poor innocents once again.
    And when Trump got elected and began to attract some blacks, NY Jews and whites went all in to show that THEY love Negroes more. As black, like Jews, have sacral worth in the narrative, there’s a Tug-a-Gro like there’s Tug-a-Jew — indeed, the main reason for Democratic Party’s moral advantage is it has the bulk of Noble Negroes and Sacred Semites on their side(and of course the homos as they’ve been sacralized too as holy homos, along with transcendent trannies). As long as blacks seemed stuck with the Democrats, the Party could push for tough anti-crime policies. But when Trump made the GOP more competitive for the black votes, the Democrats simply couldn’t tolerate bleeding Negro votes to the GOP. Never mind it was the ‘blue cities’ that had all these tough-on-crime policies since the Clinton years.

    It goes to show that policies are worthless in the long run without backing of the narrative.
    Even as the policies threw more blacks in jail, the narrative still kept with Magic Negro fantasies. So, when crime was reduced and whites had less to fear from street crime, they could easily be swayed into BLM hysterics.

    It’s like China from the end of the Great Leap Forward to the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution. The moderate reformers Liu and Deng restored the economy and brought back stability after the devastation by Mao’s policies, BUT the official cult kept with Maoism as the guiding light. So, even though China recovered and made progress with counter-Mao policies, the young ones were still raised to revere Mao as god. So, at the opportune moment, Mao could accuse Liu and Deng of counter-revolution. And as China was no longer starving, the young ones with full stomachs could run around as revolutionaries in support of Mao.

    “Handcuff Negroes while kneeling before their image” didn’t work out so well, esp as MLK is bigger than god and white kids look to black athletes and rappers as their ‘heroes’.

    It could have been different with “Lock up the Negroes because they’re more prone to criminality due to evolutionary factors.” But such enlightened race-ism was suppressed.

    “Lock up and worship the Negro” was bound to blow up. After all, if Negroes are so holy, why put them behind bars? If Negroes deserve to be locked up, gee, maybe they aren’t so holy.

    But then, the crazy paradox made sense as policy. In the 70s and 80s, the GOP made great gains as the law-and-order party due to rise in black crime. And yet, it couldn’t really do much out of fear of being called ‘racist’. So, only the Democrats could fully implement law-and-order polices as they were seen as pro-black. So, Clinton was the man to actually enforce GOP-favored policies. He could be ‘anti-black’ only because he was seen as the ‘first black president’. But over time, this contradiction was bound to cause problems due to the sheer illogic of it all.

    • Thanks: Mark G., houston 1992
    • Replies: @simple mind
  22. S says:

    Umm…okay. So, all that’s left now for New York to fully transition over to becoming the Forbidden Zone is for a nuke to drop on top of the place?


  23. @ricpic

    But liberals DON’T re-think everything. As a former New Yorker I can tell you liberals went right back to voting their own destruction after Giuliani saved their butts.

    Most don’t unless personally attacked but the ones that want or have kids pack their bags.

    The more liberals we can isolate in these cities the better.

    They will become further out of touch which will undermine their credibility.

    Lock them in their clowntopias and let the rest of the country see the results. Force them to spend their time looking over their backs instead of undermining rural America.

  24. @John Johnson

    NYC (((Liberals))) that get mugged become neo-cons, not conservatives. Like a Stalinist was a Trotskyst that had been mugged.

    • LOL: simple mind
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  25. Bert33 says:

    I think they will have to empty out all the jails for lack of operating revenues and that will be the end of incarcerating anyone for anything

  26. Anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    It is strange that innocent and seemingly innocuous actions can lead to opposed basic interests and major consequences.

    Frivolous example:
    The primal termite knocked on wood
    and tasted it, and found it good.
    And that is why my Uncle Ray
    fell through the floor last Saturday.

    Serious example:

    The NY DA’s move is inevitable.

    Lets try a Fermi thought problem (

    All of the cities had, by about 1970 (about 50 years ago) lost their natural monopolies in shipping, transshipping, and businesses that assemble items shipped to the cities into salable goods on their local market. The monopolies were lost when containerization automated port work and assembly into salable goods was moved to the countryside, where land and labor is much cheaper.

    While there were substantial economically productive activities that continued in urban areas until the advent of COVID-19 disease and governmental reactions to it. After the advent of COVID-19, every business that could move out of urban areas did so, at least partially. The secondary economy of shops and restaurants that the now absent economic activities shut down.

    It is very unlikely that this change will be reversed, the more so as the urban area’s infrastructure capital is not maintained and deteriorates. Anybody trying to re-occupy an urban area would have to pay to make the area’s infrastructure functional and safe — the bill would dwarf any economic reward for urban re-occupation.

    This left the urban areas reliant on political support, justified by the 1964 Civil Rights Act and a general desire among the public to alleviate human suffering, even when it was other humans doing the suffering.

    So the cities are left with one basic activity: Administration of government aid to the suffering (“welfare administration” henceforth). It is also left with one population: the sufferers. Note that a population that only a suffering population, which justifies appropriation of relief money for welfare administration, can persist in the contemporary urban area. There are simply very very few jobs available outside of welfare administration.

    So: The only thing the urban government can do is try to maintain enough control to permit continued distribution of welfare money. That’s it, no more is required.

    Welfare money can be distributed only when its recipients are not in open revolt and are not actively destroying urban capital (such as “burning down their own neighborhoods” or “destroying the retail shopping district”).

    Now, the chief grievance of the core population in urban areas, which is the Black population, is perfectly justified. These populations are perhaps 12% of the population (Blacks live in the countryside also). Half these are men — 6%. Say that 1/2 of these men are under 30 years old, 6/2% or 2% of the US population, but 1/4 of the Black population. Of the population of young men, about half will have an IQ of less that 85, and in practice be incapable of productive work in an industrial economy. Without any ability to get a paying job, the young men turn to crime, if only for their pride. That’s 1/8 of the Black population, but about 1% of the US population that are obligatory criminals in a industrial society, developed Whites and described as “White supremacy”.

    1/8 of a population is a very large number — everybody has a relative or knows somebody with a police record, who is still a criminal for lack of any other way to stay alive as a proud young man.

    OK, so 1 out of 8 Blacks will be an active criminal under current law . Way back when, US government decided on a policy of keeping the actual criminals incarcerated, “in jail” or “in prison”. Criminals in prison don’t prey on the general population.

    The problem is that something like 1 out of every 8 Blacks ended up in incarcerated. Right now about 0.6 million Blacks actively are incarcerated, 40% of the prison population. This is too little for the White population to notice, but too much for the Black population to ignore.

    Well, the same logic that says “Incarcerated criminals can’t prey on the general population” also say “If something isn’t a crime, than there is no criminal and my friends and relations won’t be sent to jail or prison”. In both cases, consequences are completely neglected in the service of a deeply felt need, in the first case safety from criminals and in the second case safety from government.

    And that’s a structural analysis of how something like the NYC AG could do what AG Bragg is proposing (

    • Replies: @simple mind
    , @Anonymous
  27. lavoisier says: • Website

    Liberals DON’t re-think ANYTHING.

    They don’t even think.

    If they did, it would be impossible to put up Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns.

  28. ***To be clear: reclassifying a black crime as misdemeanor is basically the same thing as decriminalization. They can’t go to jail and nothing happens if they don’t show up to hearings or pay their fines.****

    The author is a liar. A misdemeanor can get you a prison sentence up to a year. And that is per count.

  29. What are blacks supposed to do.? Their average IQ is 65 and most can barely read. Crime and welfare is all they have. Lincoln said send blacks back to africa and he’s right. There is no other answer.

    • Replies: @Truth
  30. El Dato says:
    @David In TN

    As shown in “Taxi Driver”. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    The dead guy is Nat Grant, btw.

    “Nat Grant is a composer and actor, known for Taxi Driver (1976), Classic (2021) and Chasing Planes (2010).”

    • Thanks: Richard B
    • Replies: @Rogue
  31. @Francis Miville

    Neo-cons don’t even really exist anymore as a political group.

    They are like libertarians in that they are around but no one on the right takes them seriously.

    The neo-con dream of “nation building” is buried in Afghanistan.

    Both neo-con and libertarian theories have been tried……….repeatedly.

    They are both heavily seeped in biology denial which is they failed so hard.

    • Replies: @annonymous
  32. @SafeNow

    Another possible scenario is that a million or so Newyawkers decide to do a Bernie. It could happen.

  33. @Priss Factor

    How about looking at the other side of it instead: the days of prison and copland are over. White people aren’t that tough anymore, and the system can’t handle it. If an entire race (or class) is inherently dangerous then remove them ALL from the AREA.

    When did “prison” become the answer to everything? Why should anyone be shut in prison instead of flown to Africa or Wyoming or anywhere else far away? And this on top of 50+ years of abuse and terrorism from the judicial system, the 100% corrupt police fraternity, and the endless lawyers, social workers & skool teachers.

    Find another way, think outside the box.

  34. @Anonymous

    The cities produce a lot more than “welfare administration”, unless you mean white people welfare like financial and law, universities and schools, cops and hospitals, etc.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Anonymous
  35. @simple mind

    What are you talking about? A qualified Black person will get the red carpet at any of those institutions.

    Universities and schools provide jobs for mediocre White liberal women but will happily shove them out of the way if a qualified non-Asian minority comes along.

    Police departments are always looking for Black candidates. The political leadership of Chicago and NYC deeply resent that their police forces contain so many Whites. When you see White male cops in Democrat areas it is only because they couldn’t find enough non-Whites or White females.

    Enjoy clowntown while it lasts.

  36. Anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:
    @simple mind

    financial and law, universities and schools, cops and hospitals

    OK, let’s take these in order given:

    Financial: Not a natural urban monopoly. Could be moved outside urban areas, is kept there only by political influence, and has moved much of its workforce outside urban areas.

    Law: Not a natural urban monopoly. Could be moved outside urban areas, kept there by political influence.

    Universities: Not a natural urban monopoly. Many universities exist now outside urban areas. Those inside urban areas are either ethnic (NYU) for ethnic groups that prefer cities, or are having serious trouble protecting their students from physical assault.

    Cops: A service activity. Not economically productive. You might as well say “criminals”, because they are the ones that make the entire criminal justice system happen.

    * Not a natural urban monopoly. People routinely fly to other countries to get cheaper or better medical care.
    * Probably a service activity. Health care is perhaps the ultimate consumer service, in that its products are entirely consumed by the people they are delivered to, and cannot be used as capital goods to produce other groups, however this is usually classified as preserving labor rather than preserving capital goods.

    Next question.

  37. Andreas says:
    @Priss Factor

    Withdraw all cops. Decriminalize all crime. Let’s take it to the logical conclusion now! We want to see these people nourished on their own feces. We want to see them: dark skin, flashing white teeth, eyes wide and poppin’, wrapped in turquoise suits, grinning and callin’ each other nigga, making us laugh, asking for our money, shuckin’-and-jivin’ in the negro streets, judged on their own merits at the alter of the White Bull.

  38. AceDeuce says:

    No niggro is a career anything–except for “career niggro”. This colored boy doesn’t give a crap about anything but blackety black black.

  39. Rogue says:
    @El Dato

    That scene is way too unwoke for a movie today.

    Races would have to be (very unconvincingly) reversed for today’s audiences.

  40. @Piglet

    The problem is that these soft headed idiots move to sane states and recreate the mess they left.

  41. Bernie says:

    You need only look at what happened to the McMichaels this week to see what happens when whites defend themselves from blacks.

  42. Anonymous[398] • Disclaimer says:

    Whoops, correction:

    The actual fraction should be 1/16 of the Black population causes half the crime. Works like this:

    (1/2 male)(1/2 under 30)(1/2 over 15)(1/2 IQ under 85, so no job except low paying crime) = 1/8 at most responsible for half of crime in US.

    OK, so for a population of 40 million, you get about 5 million active criminals. About 40% of the prison population of about 1.5 million is Black = 2 million, about half (40%) of the active criminals. Also about 40% of the young Blacks between 15 and 30. Assuming that some are out on parole and that some are not yet caught. the numbers are plausible. Actual % with felony records is about 30% vs. 8% for the general US population

    But that also means that about half the young men run the rather high risks of street crime. So if a Black woman has some boy children, she probably knows about half of them are going to prison.

    Black life in the inner city is chaotic. No fathers, mothers only sort of. There are Black mothers determined to raise good children, but it’s almost impossible because children pick up their morals from the surrounding society, not from their parents. I’ve seen at least one case where a cast iron willed Black woman managed to bring up her daughter well, and the daughter eloped with a Black bad boy. Kids realize that they have to live in current society, not the society that raised their parents.

    So: half, let’s say a third, of the black boys grow up to be prisoners (have a felony record). The simplest explanation for this (not the true one) is that White society is hostile to Black sons, and gives them felony records that would not be awarded to Whites who had done the same thing. The obvious remedy is to simply treat the Black sons the way the Blacks think that Whites are treated and not arrest the Blacks either. The Manhattan D.A. is simply doing that plus a bit of icing on the cake — “help” for the Black kids.

    Beyond the simple reaction of not arresting, you also get flat out revenge, as in the Arbury case (

    The simple fact is that Blacks tend to act as a group, and this makes them politically powerful. One place that I worked had, at every party, a sort of block dance by the Blacks. They would form a square formation, play some background music, and the caller would say things like “Take one step back” and “Take two steps to your left”. Close order drill for a phalanx, set to music. Apparently fun for the people participating, and also clearly meant as a demonstration of unity. Hispanics did not do that sort of thing, maybe from machismo and the like. Neither did the European descended.

    S0, the DA is doing what his Black constituency wants him to, and I seriously doubt that the constituency will change its mind. Even the Phoenicians only demanded the sacrifice of one child, not half the male children.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. Anonymous[206] • Disclaimer says:

    Whoops again. Second correction, this time for a typo:

    1/2 male)(1/2 under 30)(1/2 over 15)(1/2 IQ under 85, so no job except low paying crime) = 1/8 at most responsible for half of crime in US.

    should read:

    1/2 male)(1/2 under 30)(1/2 over 15)(1/2 IQ under 85, so no job except low paying crime) = 1/16 at most responsible for half of crime in US.

  44. @Piglet


    We’re running out of somewhat nice places to run away to find safety and White sanity.

    The white GOP Governor of Florida barely, barely squeaked out a victory over a Woke, Black homosexual Demorat.

  45. @John Johnson

    John Johnson says:

    “Neo-cons don’t even really exist anymore as a political group.

    They are like libertarians in that they are around but no one on the right takes them seriously.”

    I respond:

    They are just different disguises of the same J snake. The J snake sheds his skin/disguises many, many times – as often as the worst international Js like George Soros or Rahm Emmmanuel change their names or change their countries.

    How many countries/societies have Soros, Emmanuel or Trotsky/Lev Bronstein lived in, abused, subverted, enslaved? Must be dozens.

    Rahm Emanuel Obama’s Macher Chief of Staff and former (not real bad) Chicago mayor (Also IDF veteran) is apparently the new USA ambassador to Japan – probably looking to help his J Media Mafia take over the Japanese media, same as they control, monopolize the American and Swedish media.

    Js like the hideous ugly Tamar Jacoby can make the switch from hard core, anti White cult Marxist Lib Leftism at the NYC New School for Social Research to working for the Wall Street Journal as some type of “born again” free market libertarian.

    Tamar Jacoby is the same ugly, subversive White hating J hag she was and will always be. Tamar Jacoby promotes open borders mass 3rd world POC immigration to the USA, the White West and ALSO, insists that Israel must always be a J ethno state. She sees no contradiction.

    Neither do I.

    She’s just a stereotypical, ugly White hating J hag, she needs the Rosa Luxumberg treatment.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  46. @annonymous

    Pro-war Jews and Neocons likes Rumsfeld can take any form they want but both the public and political establishment have completely given up on turning third world sand pits into McDonalds loving democracies.

    That theory is out and it’s only a matter of time before the great lie of Wakanda Theory is put to bed as well.

  47. first chicago, then san francisco, now nyc.

    some of you guys may think this is funny but this is how it starts. wherever you live in the USA, this will happen to your area if you don’t make a fuss.

  48. @Brooklyn Dave

    Hope we get a chance to meet in Rikers!

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