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Media Claims That Anyone Who Questions the US Government/Media Is Brainwashed by Russia
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Previously: People Disagree with Great Satan Because China Spends Billions on “Disinformation” Campaign, US Envoy Says

It is the official policy of the US government/media that it is impossible to genuinely come to the conclusion that you do not support the US government/media.

Instead, anyone who thinks they do not support the US government/media is brainwashed by Russian and/or Chinese propaganda.

This makes perfect sense, given that the US government/media claims, as a religion would claim, that they are the one true path to ultimate truth and reality. However, religious men will admit that there are things beyond human understanding, whereas the US government/media asserts that it is itself able to define reality.

The final truth of ultimate reality, the US government/media claims, is that the meaning of life is found in gay anal sex. Therefore, the assertion that anyone who disagrees with them is in league with the Russians/Chinese would mean that anyone who has a Christian faith – and therefore opposes gay anal, including licking and fisting – is brainwashed by the enemy.

Of course, the details of all of this are never really broken down in the way I just broke them down. Instead, we get baby type gibberish.

The Guardian:

As Russia’s ruthless war against Ukraine has faced major setbacks since it began a year ago, the Kremlin has deployed new disinformation themes and tactics to weaken US support for Kyiv with help from conservative media stars and some Republicans in Congress, according to new studies and experts.

Moscow’s disinformation messages have included widely debunked conspiracy theories about US bioweapon labs in Ukraine, and pet themes on the American right that portray the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as an ally in backing traditional values, religion and family in the fight against “woke” ideas.

The thing about the ultimate truth of the US government media that confuses a lot of people is that it’s totally based on easily disproved lies.

Victoria Nuland claimed there are biolabs in the Ukraine.

So is she a Russian agent? The main Jew pushing for total war against Russia is a Russian disinformation bot?

It doesn’t make any sense.

None of this makes any sense if you just think about it for three seconds and ask any basic question, which is why censorship is so important to this regime. It cannot tolerate people asking questions.

Further, new studies from thinktanks that track disinformation have noted that alternative social media platforms such as Parler, Rumble, Gab and Odysee have increasingly been used to spread Russian falsehoods since Facebook and Twitter have imposed more curbs on Moscow’s propaganda.

Now, that is them calling for these alternative platforms to be censored to prevent this “disinformation,” which is in reality just people posting the clip of Nuland talking about biolabs in response to the Guardian saying biolabs are “debunked.”

Other pro-Russian messages focused on the economic costs of the war for the US have been echoed by Republicans in the powerful far-right House Freedom Caucus such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Scott Perry and Paul Gosar, who to varying degrees have questioned giving Ukraine more military aid and demanded tougher oversight.

Since Russia launched its invasion last February, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Trump ally – turned influential far-right podcaster – Steve Bannon have promoted some of the most baseless claims that help bolster the Kremlin’s aggression.

For instance, Bannon’s War Room podcast in February 2022 featured an interview with Erik Prince, the wealthy US founder of Blackwater, where they both enthused that Putin’s policies were “anti-woke” and praised Putin’s homophobia and transphobia.

That is not even an informational claim.

Do you see the way that this is just gibberish?

It’s not “disinformation” to say that you agree with Putin’s anti-homo positions, it’s just stating your view on an issue. That is, unless the Guardian is claiming that Putin is actually pro-gay, and therefore Bannon was lying about them being anti-gay, which I don’t think they are claiming, given that Putin’s anti-gay stance has consistently been used by the media as a justification for the war against Russia.

Last month too on the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion, Carlson revved up his attacks on US support for Ukraine claiming falsely that Biden’s goal had become “overthrowing Putin and putting American tanks in Red Square because, sure, we could manage Russia once we overthrow the dictator”.

“Claiming falsely” is again something I have to take specific issue with. Biden said outright that the plan of the US is to do regime change in Russia.

Various people came out after that and said he didn’t mean that, but this is what he himself said.

Furthermore, if we go back to Nuland, who is again the top official at the State Department running the war, we find her saying over and over again that the goal of the war is regime change in Russia.

All of this is to say: if “disinformation” means “untrue information,” this Guardian article and other articles like it in the WaPo, NYT, etc., are spreading disinformation.

That said, I think “disinformation” doesn’t actually mean “untrue.” It’s just a codeword for things that the US empire doesn’t want people knowing. They seem to admit that when they talk about disinformation “harming US goals.”

Analysts who track Russia’s disinformation see synergies between the Kremlin and parts of the US right that have helped spread some of the biggest falsehoods since the start of the invasion.

“Russia doesn’t pull even its most outlandish narratives out of thin air – it builds on existing resentments and political fissures,” Jessica Brandt, a policy director at the Brookings Institution who tracks disinformation and foreign interference, told the Guardian.

She added: “So you often have a sort of harmony – both Kremlin messengers and key media figures, each for their own reasons, have an interest in dinging the administration for its handling of the Ukraine crisis, in amplifying distrust of authoritative media, in playing on skepticism about the origins of Covid and frustration with government mitigation measures.”

The issue is: Daily Stormer is not considered “authoritative media” and yet we’ve never been wrong about anything. The media that is considered “authoritative” is constantly wrong, as we can see with the multiple lies I’ve pointed out in this very article.

This is because the word “authoritative” used in this context doesn’t reference accuracy, but instead “the narrative of the authorities.”

“That was the case with the biolabs conspiracy theory, for example, which posits that the Pentagon has been supporting the development of biological weapons in Ukraine. The Charlie Kirk Show and Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, among others, devoted multiple segments to the claim. It’s not so much that we’re witnessing any sort of coordination, but rather an alignment of interests.”

If they had any interest in even analyzing the narrative of the right, they would note that the basis for much of this discussion was the planner of the 2014 coup and the current head of the war in the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, saying that these biolabs exist, and that information from the Russian military and other sources is now supplementary to this admission, under oath, by such a high level figure.

Somehow, however, they don’t even mention Nuland and her testimony at all.

Brandt also noted that Russia had an “interest in promoting authentic American voices expressing views that align with the Kremlin’s foreign policy goals. And that’s why you often see them retweet Americans that make these arguments.”

Likewise, two reports issued separately last month by the Alliance for Securing Democracy and the Atlantic Council, reveal how Russian state media have shifted some messaging themes and adopted new tactics with an eye to undercutting US backing for Ukraine.

The Alliance report documented a shift in messaging in the US and Europe from directly defending Russia’s invasion to stressing the energy and economic impacts that it was having, themes that seem to be resonating with some Republican politicians.

In another twist, Bret Schafer, who leads the Alliance’s information manipulation team, told the Guardian: “In response to restrictions and crackdowns by major tech platforms, accounts and channels affiliated with Russian state media outlet RT, which has been banned entirely on YouTube, have fanned out across alternative social media and video sharing platforms like Rumble and Odysee that have less restrictive content moderation policies and that allow RT to operate without labels or restrictions.

Those platforms also tend to cater to audiences who are not necessarily pro-Russian, but are certainly more apt, based on the other videos found on those platforms, to oppose continued support for Ukraine.”

The bottom line here is that these narratives attacking people who oppose the war in the Ukraine are used in place of any kind of argument supporting the war in the Ukraine.

There are in fact no detailed arguments supporting the war in the Ukraine. They are very surface level statements, which rely on slogans and buzzwords like “democracy” and “rules-based order,” terms that have never been defined.

The message the left gets, which I think is true, is that the war is about opposing white people, heterosexuality, and Christianity, all things that Russia theoretically represents in a kind of Platonic form. To the left, the war is not so much about strategic military objectives as it is about hurting white, heterosexual Christians.

What we see with China is that there is a left narrative that is about forcing the Chinese to accept gay sex, feminism, and mass African immigration, and a separate narrative for the conservatives relating to “national security” and the supposed threat of a Chinese invasion of America. Given that claiming there is going to be a Russian invasion of America is simply too dumb, the media has a hard time selling this war to the right – and in fact, the left’s enthusiasm for the Ukraine war serves to make conservatives even more skeptical, as the right does see this (as the Guardian mentions, with regards to the Steve Bannon segment about Putin not being woke and pro-gay) as an extension of the culture war and a war on whites and Christianity.

This is one of many reasons that so many in Washington are now calling for the Ukraine war to be ended or at least scaled down in favor of focusing on a war with the Chinese. Anti-China war has bi-partisan support, given that the left is just generally pro-war and will support any war if it has a rainbow flag on it, and the conservatives will support a gay anal war to force people to become trannies if they believe the victim represents a threat.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, China, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. The issue is: Daily Stormer is not considered “authoritative media”

    Well, even in the alternative world it ain’t taken seriously because of nasty stuff like this.

    the US government/media claims, is that the meaning of life is found in gay anal sex…gay anal, including licking and fisting

    Really, OK, it was funny the first time I saw it, but now seems to creep up in every single diatribe of yours. Unless there is a specific article on the subject, and even there it turns it gross, simply saying “the nasty stuff they do” without graphic descriptions shall suffice? That’s the complaint about Hollywood, we used to have PG, then somewhere around the time of Clinton’s second term they started showing nastier and nastier graphic adult situations. You missed your calling working for Tarantino or someone like that putting gimp scenes in movies. If you want your articles to be read seriously, cut out the LQGTLMNOP “gore.”

  2. What we see with China is that there is a left narrative that is about forcing the Chinese to accept… mass African immigration.

    The (((globalists))) have pushed the propaganda about declining birthrate as the death knell of a civilization rather then merely part of the vicissitudes of nature.

    Yeah, the faithful servants of Satan— aka, (((globalists)))— have the destruction of China in their sights. From their contract killers, the military, to all the media now hyping declining birth rates in China (and Japan and Korea) and the need for immigration. As if people from Africa can even function and behave themselves in a highly organized civilization let alone maintain it. China doesn’t need replacement people who can’t function in a modern civilization and who will be a burden and need to be taken care of and who will bring rape, robbery, murder, and slaughter of cities.

    The (((globalists))), who serve the devil, seek to bring disorder, lawlessness, and death into the world wherever or however they can. Homogeneous societies and societies not under their direct control enrage them and are their enemies.

  3. Notsofast says:

    so is she is a russian agent?……well duh, of course she’s a russian agent, who has done more than the cookie monster, to promote the russian agenda, under her influence russia has regained crimea and the donbas and would have recovered odessa, if you hadn’t blown her cover.

    the real war is china vs. russia, over who will get the salvage rights to america.

  4. This has been going on since Trump walked off the escalator at Trump Towers in 2015… yawn…

  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    This makes perfect sense, given that the US government/media claims, as a religion would claim, that they are the one true path to ultimate truth and reality. However, religious men will admit that there are things beyond human understanding, whereas the US government/media asserts that it is itself able to define reality.

    But ((Jews)) and Zionists claim to be “chosen” and thus infused with all the knowledge of the universe. They’re not “wrong” about anything (in their warped, delusional, mentally ill, egoistic minds) but their knowledge might be incomplete (they’ll only admit this in moments of weakness).

    How do they square that with LGBTQ sex and child rape? First of all, the ((Jew)) child is but on object to be hammered by the rabbi’s blade and cult brainwashing into an extension of the tribe. And secondly, it’s only natural that that child will grow up to be dysfunctional, so unnatural sex acts will be part and parcel of that.

    Jesus was basically saying, “These people are inhuman freaks, and unnatural in the way they view themselves and the world. It may have to do with the sick rabbis and cult brainwashing and inbreeding — that’s why I call them the Synagogue of Satan.”

    That Satanism manifests in Zionism, and Zionism rules the US right now and has since the end of WW2, which is why we’re in the toilet and swirling down the drain. The sane world (including the sane elements of the US and the West) is saying to itself: “Wow, these kikes are as crazy as shithouse rats. We’re not going to let them take us down with them.”

    • Replies: @saggy
  6. @Sebastian Hawks

    Agree! Anglin regurgitates the same old “shock and awe” one liners over and over and over. He must see himself as a bald, non Jewish Howard Stern wanna be.
    His occasionally insightful commentary is undermined by his high school “dude bro,” clownishness.
    Amusing at first, like Fast Times at Ridgemont high, but once you’ve seen it, you don’t feel compelled to see it again, and again and again.
    No one with two brain cells to rub together is going to take a “dude bro”talking head seriously.
    Even a skate board punk like Tim Pool has shed some of his “dude bro” mentality with age.

    • Agree: Inverness
    • Replies: @No Worries
    , @Wokechoke
  7. @Poncho’s Pilot

    Read Deuteronomy. All gentiles are the enemy. All gentiles must be either enslaved or exterminated. There are no exceptions. That includes Chinese and Africans, as well as white Christians.

    The fact that this poisonous text has been included in the Christian bible for centuries, stated clear as day, and explains the otherwise incomprehensible evil of monsters like the Bolsheviks, and yet Christians can still blabber on about God’s chosen people, just boggles the mind.

    Christian Zionists are truly the most ignorant and gullible, least intelligent people who ever lived. The have destroyed the civilization they claim to have created by their sheer stupidity and lack of education. They are easily duped because their religious beliefs are laughably absurd. If you will believe a man can live inside a fish for three days, you will believe anything including the obvious nonsense that a universal God could have a chosen people.

    I hate and despise all religious fundamentalists, but especially Christian ones for the amount of damage they have done in their arrogant hateful certainty.

  8. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:

    There is one (1) response to this shit.

    Article 19 per General Comment 34,
    supreme law of the land, suck it.
    Continuity of obligations, suck it raw.

    Then scoop out your interlocutor’s eyes and skullfuck him.

    • Troll: Inverness
  9. I was pro-Russian and pro-Chinese before it was cool. Anyone paying attention could see how Jewish oligarchs were raping Russia. Vladimir Putin came along and said “No!” I also supported China putting naval bases on islands in the South China Seat. They’d be idiots to let the American Navy encircle them.
    Speaking of idiots, Republican retards are now calling senile Biden a Chinese asset. Yes, he’s a worthless crook who takes bribes from anyone, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do their bidding. Consider how well Israeli leaders pay back America for all the cash and butt-kissing.

    • Agree: Vito Klein
  10. saggy says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    The sane world (including the sane elements of the US and the West) is saying to itself: “Wow, these kikes are as crazy as shithouse rats. We’re not going to let them take us down with them.”

    If only. It is not happening. The holohoax is taken as gospel in, as far as I can tell, all parts of the world. Ending Jewish rule will not happen until the holocaust is exposed as a preposterous hoax. After reading a Romanoff article I tried to ascertain the Chinese take on the hoax, and it is … they accept it to the last letter. Russia has a law against denial. The Jews control not only the western mind, but the Russian and Chinese minds.

    The astounding thing is the holohoax is the lynchpin of Jewish thought control, and even as the US is being deconstructed ethnically by open borders, morally by satanic transgender sacrifice rituals where young people cut off their breasts, vaginas, penises, and perhaps finally physically by pressing Russia to launch a nuclear attack on the US, …. all this is happening ….. and the holohoax, the foundation of Zio power, is sacrosanct worldwide. Several times at Berkeley (years ago) I tried to engage students in the pro-Palestine group in a discussion of the hoax, they reacted as if I was a leper.

    In short, the picture is incredibly grim. It would be unbelievable if it were not happening.

    Note: denying the hoax will still get you bounced on Twitter.

    • Thanks: HdC
  11. bert33 says:

    The problem is that MSM’s public credibility today is deeply in doubt and now that we have learned about state dept. involvement in censorship of public discourse online, well, the hits just keep on coming. Not that the US is alone in squelching/attempting to squelch public discourse, the EU i now going after people squashing dissent and so forth.

    CENSORSHIP DOES NOT WORK, at best, you end up with ‘the emperor’s new clothes’. Do we really want to go there, or is it maybe time to cut the BS finally and see entities like PNN retired, finally. There is strong merit and benefit to reading news and information provided by entities not under the editorial control of the federal govt. apparently, and maybe they, ‘government they’, should make a regular habit of reading foreign publications in the interest of seeing to it that their own in-house ‘experts’ are not lying to them or just presenting their incompetence as the ‘last word’ on a given subject or issue. ‘The greatest wisdom, is knowing that we know nothing.’ And in a day and age when China apparently knows us better than we do, maybe its time to put down the govt. doughnut and really start reading, thinking, referencing, asking questions, and also asking ourselves how well we honestly understand the world given all available informational resources, even if they happen to be uncomplimentary or flat-out contrary to established ‘fact’ or doctrine, because the world is always changing and not necessarily in ways that we would like, and if our worst critics end up being our best friends by stating the god’s honest truth on a given matter then a little of that intellectual humility might be just what the doctor ordered.

    • Agree: MarkU, Decoy
  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The Holohoax is only “believed” because the non-Christian world thinks something is in it for them to “believe” in it. As they realize they’re the ones paying for their “faith”, they’ll drop it like a social disease.

    Russia is just getting a taste of the cost of believing in fabulist kike stories, China is now getting a taste, the USSA is getting a taste…

    Only Zionists aren’t really getting hit with the cost… yet. When they finally do, it will be bigger than the price anyone else pays.

    • Replies: @saggy
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  13. NWO/WEF. Ideology of Global Tyrannical Technocracy.
    Neo-Feudalism. Absolute Control. Subjugation/Slavery Out Of Chaos.

    Video Link

  14. Successful empires NEED other succesful empires to compete with. When you’re uncontested, you get unproductive and degenerate.

    So yeah I support Russia and China. Their continued success may be the kick in the ass that the US needs to get its priorities straight. Not optimistic that it’ll happen in my lifetime though; we’ve got a few too many people who can still thrive or at least survive while maintaining a decadent and parasitic mindset.

    Ironically the same generations that slap “coexist” bumper stickers on their imported cars are somehow too mentally invested in a bottom-line warlike mentality to consider what mutually beneficial coexistence really looks like.

  15. @Sollipsist

    The Atlanticist Reich is nothing if not totalitarian. The Guardian sewer is filthy beyond words these days.

  16. saggy says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    The Holohoax is only “believed” because the non-Christian world thinks something is in it for them to “believe” in it. As they realize they’re the ones paying for their “faith”, they’ll drop it like a social disease.

    Maybe …. but …. the thing is …. the hoax is truly so extraordinary, so monstrous, that for me it defies any sort of rational explanation. Consider, the # of Jews that were killed in the camps for being Jews is zero. And yet the world believes the number is 6 million or in that ballpark!!! The Jews push the horrific photos and film footage of emaciated typhus victims, it’s all easily documented now on the net, and no one, not one academic in the US or anywhere else AFAIK besides Arthur Butz points that out ????? The hoax is just to0 incredible to be ignored …. and yet …. it is.

    Consider this ….. the most widely read book on the hoax, ‘Night’, written by Elie Weisel who was a prisoner at Auschwitz when the Nazis were supposedly killing 10,000 Jews per day in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms …. doesn’t mention gas chambers and says the Nazis killed the Jews by throwing them alive into burning pits, one of adults, one for children. And that is the centerpiece of the book, witnessed by Wiesel on the night he arrived. And this is the book the Jews have in every school in the country !!!!!!!

    They are rubbing our noses in it ….. and no one notices ?????

    • Agree: HdC
  17. @Bill Jones

    The US rose to pre-eminence riding a tidal wave of blood and terror. Those days are OVER, and the USA will now fall apart, hopefully peacefully. After paying trillions in restitution for its Imperial crimes, it will be poor, but there you go.

  18. @Chris Moore

    The Judeocide was real. The ‘Holocaust’ is a pseudo-religion designed to raise Jews up as a people above the mere goyim. It’s worked extremely well, so far.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  19. DanFromCT says:

    That last graphic from Iria Puyosa is probably a re-labeled map of an Israeli troll network.

  20. It’s funny how Jews use all the ‘antisemitic’ tropes against Russia.

    So-called ‘anti-semites’ blame everything on Jews, and Jews blame everything on Russia.

    This Anti-Slavicism is the irony of ironies.

  21. @Vinnyvette

    Immature shock jockery is not the point of it, though. It’s about reminding you of the absurdity and ugliness at the core of all of this.

    • Replies: @Vinnyvette
  22. @Sollipsist

    The US really no longer has the raw material to work with to shape up in to anything that could compete with those empires. Diarrhea diversity beasts make up a huge percentage of the population, and the whites are almost all hopelessly mutated and mutilated by jewish ideologies and pharmaceuticals. It’s over for what was once a great country. The bad guys won definitively.

    • Replies: @Decoy
  23. USA and NATO are the biggest war criminals, liars and thieves since WWII. So whoever is opposed to them is fine by me.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  24. ia says:
    @Sebastian Hawks

    We’ve moved on and he’s just not up to date. I agree, enough already with the gay anal sex stuff! Why didn’t Anglin mention sexually mutilating children?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  25. @Sebastian Hawks

    And his constant belittling of women doesn’t help either.

  26. @No Worries

    So fight absurdity, with absurdity?
    Brilliant! Anglins’ really showing them!
    I’ve been following him for a decade,
    We’re on the same side, he’s become a parody of himself!

  27. Wokechoke says:

    Will you recommend Jordan Peterson next?

  28. Wokechoke says:

    Most of this does stem from Russia’s refusal to allow Homosexuals in the US and Europe to adopt Russian children. This refusal to ferry children to the western fags predates the Maidan Riots in Kiev.

  29. @Poncho’s Pilot

    The Kalergi plan describes a future slave class of Africans mixed with Asians. I believe the horrid Kardashian family’s son, Rob is or was dating a prototype named Blac Chyna. Angela Merkel won a Kalergi award for flooding Germany with muslims. They really are Satan worshippers at the top. Money, power, evil – breeding the little people as they see fit for their agenda.

  30. Anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Another day, another article by anglin shoehorning the news with his obsession with “GAY ANAL!!!!11111.”

    Remember to always carefully make that distinction, you double standard faggot.
    Everyone can see you have no problem with a man stuffing a woman’s shitter all year long.
    You probably do it yourself.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  31. Decoy says:
    @No Worries

    I’m more optimistic than you. I think there is still a 50/50 chance that two more election cycles might turn the ship around. And our natural advantages remain. The United States is a very large land mass, protected by oceans on two sides and not at risk on other two sides by smaller, weaker countries. Of all the countries in all the world, we have the most (almost) natural protection and thus we should be in the lower not higher end of military spending per capita.

    We have great farmland, lakes and rivers, good 4 season climate, and vast amounts of oil, gas, and minerals in the ground. Our forefathers were brilliant men and gifted us with our Constitution.

    Our foreign policy needs a 180° reversal as it has been in the wrong direction since at least the 2003 Iraq debacle. A government in Washington DC not beholden to our Military Industrial Complex is step 1.

    Okay, after re-reading my last paragraph, my optimism is now down to 40/60.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @Decoy
  32. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The Judeocide was real. The ‘Holocaust’ is a pseudo-religion designed to raise Jews up as a people above the mere goyim.

    Were the Judeo-Marxist exterminations of Christians under Bolshevism prior to the Judeocide real too? Were the Judeo-Maoist exterminations of “class enemies” real too? And dating back long before those, were the Anglo-Zionist exterminations under Imperialism real too?

    Yes, they were. So the Judeofascists got some payback in WW2 that took out a lot of carved-up, brainwashed, kosher-branded, rabbi-captive lower down Jews. And the Judeo-fascists and Zionists have since blown up this atrocity that they participated in (as primary instigators of the World Wars) into “a pseudo-religion designed to raise Jews up as a people above the mere goyim” that’s going to end in another “Judeocide” of brainwashed useful idiots that the evil kosher oligarchy is using for cover, and another World War that they again are responsible for.

    The Zionist/kosher oligarchy as epitomized by the Epstein crowd and Soros crowd and Cousinhood crowd and those that run cover for it and profit with it and launder money for it (Jamie Diamond?) and any left-right tools who get in the way must be brough to justice. In other words, the Judeofascists and their Zoglodyte tools must be brought to justice and destroyed before they destroy the world.

  33. Chris Moore says: • Website

    B.S. You’re weaving fantasy, myth and Hollywood endings. You’re trying to cope with unpleasant reality and sweep the trash within under the rug.

    Lincoln was assassinated before he was able to complete the Civil War against Zionist slavers and repatriate the Blacks. Those Zionists were allowed to fester and grow, instigate World Wars (contra Lindbergh and Ford), flip the Blacks into their Zoglodyte tools, do the USS Liberty, do 9/11 and the Mideast wars, do the “refugee crisis,” do Ukraine…

    We need to finish Lincoln’s Civil War against the Zionists once and for all.

  34. Decoy says:

    Your reply has ventured far off course. I posted reasons that our inherent benefits give us the ability “to turn the ship around” .

    You in turn went off on a rant about what the country has already done wrong. I’m looking at the future, you are looking only at the past.

    Am I correct about the inherent benefits the United States has?

  35. Wokechoke says:

    Rus banned fags from adopting Russian children right before Maidan Riots and Coup.

    On Sanctions for Individuals Violating Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms of the Citizens of the Russian Federation

    Territorial extent Russian Federation
    Considered by Parliament of Russia
    Signed by President of Russia
    Signed 28 December 2012
    Effective 1 January 2013
    Legislative history
    Bill published on 29 December 2012
    Status: In force
    The Dima Yakovlev Law (Russian: Закон Димы Яковлева), Dima Yakovlev Bill, Dima Yakovlev Act, anti-Magnitsky law, or Law of Scoundrels (officially Federal Law of 28 December 2012 No.272-FZ “On Sanctions for Individuals Violating Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms of the Citizens of the Russian Federation” is a law in Russia that defines sanctions against U.S. citizens involved in “violations of the human rights and freedoms of Russian citizens”. It creates a list of citizens who are banned from entering Russia, and also allows the government to freeze their assets and investments. The law suspends the activity of politically active non-profit organisations which receive money from American citizens or organisations. It also bans citizens of the United States from adopting children from Russia. The law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 28 December 2012 and took effect on 1 January 2013. The law is informally named after a Russian orphan adopted by a family from Purcellville, Virginia, who died of heat stroke after being left in a parked car for nine hours. The law is described as a response to the Magnitsky Act in the United States, which places sanctions on Russian officials who were involved in a tax scandal exposed by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky; Magnitsky was alleged to have been handcuffed and tortured while in jail, albeit without supporting evidence for claims of torture.

    Fags were barred from adopting Rus kids back in 2012, so the human trafficking yids panicked and turned to Kiev to keep the child brothels full. ICC wants Rus children for Gay adoption.

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. Anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    you non sequitured my post as bad as anglin does his articles, but alright
    even if these kid brothels exist, you goyim and your jews aren’t filling them with just boys, but with girls as well for straight white men to sodomize
    but let’s keep focusing on that ” GAY AYNAL!!”
    because it’s not anal that we hate…… just the gay kind

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  37. Wokechoke says:

    There’s a good case that this war is rooted in these adoption bans.

    Putin is getting charged at the ICC for attempting to protect Ethnic Rus children from NATO bombings. The ICC wants the Jew King of Kiev to orphan then enslave these Rus children.

    • Replies: @don't care
  38. @Wokechoke

    >there’s a good case
    Yeah, if you’re completely insane.
    Even anglin isn’t so obsessed with the fag issue to believe that.
    Imagine…. superpowers going at it over access to boy pussy. Motherfucker, these people could just hire kidnappers and buy their sex slaves with a tiny fraction of the money they’ve wasted so far on the ukraine. The conflict is about murika’s dying hegemony. Its roots go deeper than your demented and superficial view.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  39. @saggy

    Holocaust is a good tool for the Yellow, Brown and Black worlds to beat the White world with, to say that a pure White country is racist, and therefore White countries must allow Brown and Black hordes to swarm in and settle there.

  40. Wokechoke says:
    @don't care

    The timeline on these sanction and banning issues is consistent with the line of argument that human trafficking is a big fucking deal with the Maidan riots, and to top political figures. Ukraine under Zelenskyy is a brothel. What do you think Transatlantic Slavery did to line the pockets of the richest (((people))) in the world? Crimea was a Slave Emporium when the Turks ran it. You reckon this profitable business stopped?

    • Replies: @don't care
  41. @Wokechoke

    not getting sucked into your red herring conspiracy theory

    amurika just wants to rule the entire world, it has been inching NATO and ABM systems toward russia for ages to help realize that ambition, this ukraine business is based on that

  42. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s true! Moscow’s sinister disinformation claims include everything Dago Mengele and that pedo Farrar dreamed up to hide CIA germ warfare.

  43. Remember when Michael Rapaport was asked by the The Hollywood Actors Guild to provide this community service announcement?

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