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Massive Strikes in the Ukraine as the NEW RUSSIAN ARMY Masses on the Border!
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The walls are closing in!

It’s freezing in Kiev and someone just bombed the water pipes!

We can’t say who it was that dropped all these missiles – the Ukraine might have done it themselves, after all! Just like Russia may well be bombing their own nuclear plant, the Ukraine could be bombing their own cities!

No one can really say!


Russia has apparently targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in a large-scale missile attack on Wednesday, striking multiple targets in the capital Kiev and elsewhere across the country.

Emergency power outages have occurred in all regions as a result of the assault, Ukraine’s national power grid operator Ukrenergo has reported.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said that there were explosions in various parts of the city and that water supplies had been cut off. He also mentioned power shortages.


The walls are closing in!

According to Kiev’s military administration, a projectile hit a residential building, killing at least three people and wounding six others. However, it’s not yet clear if was a Russian missile or one fired by Ukrainian air defenses.

The whole of Odessa Region has been left without electricity amid the attack, local authorities said. In Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkov, the subway system has been paralyzed due to a power outage, with people being evacuated to the surface, the mayor said.

The South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant in the southern city of Nikolaev has been forced to shut down all of its reactors, according to media reports. The plant became the largest in Ukraine after Zaporozhye Region, which hosts the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, joined the Russian state last month as a result of a referendum.

The local authorities have also confirmed the stoppage of reactors at the Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant in western Ukraine.


You should have surrendered! PIGS!

Strikes and power outages have also been reported by officials in Lviv, Nikolaev, Khmelnytsky, Sumy and other locations.

Russia has stepped up pressure on Ukraine since October 10, when it accused Kiev of using “terrorist tactics” and of targeting Russian infrastructure, including the strategic Crimean Bridge. Since then, missile strikes against Ukrainian energy facilities, including power stations, have led to rolling blackouts across the country. Kiev authorities said that at least 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been knocked out by the Russian attacks so far.


During his interview with the BBC at the weekend, Maksim Timchenko, the head of largest private power utility DTEK Holding, said that Ukrainians should consider going abroad during the winter. “If they can find an alternative place to stay for another three or four months, it will be very helpful to the system,” Timchenko stated.

Say goodnight, hohol pigs! That water isn’t coming back on! You can’t even go out in bathe in the mud like the pigs that you are, because the mud is frozen!

And the Russians are going to use that frozen mud to roll in their heavy machines!

We have an army of 700,000 men amassed on your border!

We’re putting out propaganda videos that look like they’re from Arrakis!

It’s all over!

It is very, very over!



Every single faggot and cocksucker who said Russia is losing is going to get their comeuppance right along with the hohol dogs!

Your weird crisis actor bullshit can’t save you now!

Your slut army is of no use!

Next time, stick to beating up old women. You don’t want to fight Russia.

It’s so over.

This party hasn’t even begun.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Notsofast says:

    disagree with the last line, in the words of the immortal bard willie nelson,
    turn out the lights, the party’s over.

    • Replies: @gidoutahere
  2. good stuff. But still waiting for Babyface Tsar’s

    Grosse Winterschlacht. Still


    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
    , @Passing By
  3. Summer warfare in Ukraine was sleeping under the stars in a cheap sleeping bag. The conscripts didn’t even need camping experience.

    Winter warfare separates the amateurs from the professionals. Those who have good logistics get their calories, fuel, and replacement hardware. Those who are inexperienced suffer frozen feet and hands, lack of potable water, insufficient food to sustain body heat, and diminished will to operate weapons effectively.

    The thermal signature of open fires, heated tents, and vehicles with engines running will be targets for Russian guns.

    Defense in depth? The Ukrainians won’t have enough manpower. The Russians have enough boots on the ground to chase them into encirclements and ‘Stalingrad’ them.

  4. Sulu says:

    Loved seeing the bitch getting her head smashed against the window. Don’t even know what the discussion was about but typical stupid female tactics. Trying to attack a man and never thinking about consequences. Hey cupcake, if you don’t want the horns don’t mess with the bull.


    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  5. Global ‘War’ of the (((Trans-National Elite))).

    Endless (((Rothschild))) Conflicts.

    Video Link
    (((Media Lies))) Cultivate Ignorance and Create Wars.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Thomasina, Rurik, dogbumbreath
  6. Biff says:

    A whole bunch of dead Ukrainians sacrificed by Washington.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  7. Anon[647] • Disclaimer says:

    2 more weeks !!!

  8. @beavertales

    Good points – the cold separates the pros from the cons; I remember
    winter/mountain … hah! Two weeks of -25°C at noon in the sun.
    Hmm – maybe this is what the gurrrlz are intended for? The Inuit do use
    them as hot-water bottles with benefits …
    But seriously – the Red Army´s winter training was legendary brutal, introduced
    after they lost entire battaillons to the cold in Manchuria; I doubt that either side
    has forgotten everything, and I hope they don´t send freshmeat.
    Item, sensors aren´t everything: It took the VC 3-5 men to simulate an entire
    battaillon cooking, and most bombs fell on empty real estate.
    In WWII the fight over heated space was desperate, but I expect it to be
    mostly artillery and drones …
    Let it be over quickly (though Surovikin seems to have different ideas).

  9. SteveK9 says:

    A small correction. They did not bomb the ‘water pipes’. Simply speaking, no electricity, no water … pumps my friend. They’ve been bombing conventional power plants and as importantly, the electrical substations, where transformers and switches control the flow of power throughout the grid.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  10. @beavertales

    hope you are right. But Haxo fears

    that today’s Russian Army is not remotely the Russian Army of 1944,

    but more like Tsar Nicholas II’s Army of 1914:

    an ill-led, half-demoralized rabble.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Colin Wright
  11. stozi says: • Website

    hey boys this blog gives your retard normie friends a good faceslap about what’s going on in Ukraine:

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  12. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh no! What about all those Polish, UK, U.S. mercs and CIA contractors in Ukraine fighting for The Gay Disco?? Especially when the cold winter descends upon them! I hope they’ll be ok!

    • LOL: Realist
  13. @beavertales

    Defense in depth? The Ukrainians won’t have enough manpower. The Russians have enough boots on the ground to chase them into encirclements and ‘Stalingrad’ them.

    You really believe that demoralized conscripts are going to defeat Ukraine in some great Stalingrad battle?

    Turn off the TV.

    Attacking infrastructure isn’t a sign of strength. It means they are running out of ideas.

  14. Boy alt-right really went downhill after the virus.

    It was fun for a bit but now it’s choose your own reality like everywhere else.

    A pig cartoon……scenes from Mortal Kombat………some real in depth analysis.

    Colonel McBootlicker has been saying that Ukraine is doomed every two weeks. Where is the evidence of 700k troops on the border? Who is even interviewing him? His uber driver? His last interview will be in a padded room where he tells himself that a major offensive is about to happen.

    Anglin, Whitney, McBootlicker, and Giraldi have all decided to go down with the dictator.

    Have it your way.

    • Troll: pyrrhus, RedpilledAF
  15. Cook says:

    The electrical grid of Ukraine is all but smashed, its time to take out all fuel depots, once the inability of Ukraine to feeds its troops and keep them warm it will force them into rash assaults.

    And taking out all crossing point over the Dneipro as far north as Kiev will further weakon Ukrainians ability to conduct war.

  16. FKA Max says: • Website

    We’re putting out propaganda videos that look like they’re from Arrakis!

    I’m pro-underdogs as well and following is my favorite “meme-magic” pro-NATO propaganda video of the war so far (Ukraine thanking Germany for the high accuracy and precision weapons it has supplied):

    Supergeil – Ukraine Ministry of Defense – Video to Germany

  17. Rahan says:

    Just a reminder about General Winter and Russians handling it differently from Europeans.

    Ukrainians are Russians. When you read memoirs of invading German or French officers on how Russians fight, how they handle the winter, what their character is, more than half the time by “Russians” they mean what we call today “Ukrainians”. This is where the bulk of fighting and retreating and guerilla warfare happened.

    You ask any cold warrior or larper like Tom Clancy back in the 1980s are Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa Russian cities populated by Russians they would say of course.

    Sadly, even in winter, this will be Russians against Russians. With thousands of “Polish volunteers” on one side, and possibly Belorussian ones on the other.

    Let us hope this is the very last time that overseas handlers manage to set brother against brother.

  18. Notsofast says:
    @John Johnson

    pig cartoon? i thought that was your photograph, i was going to compliment you on your mustache.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  19. gkruz says:
    @John Johnson

    Anglin should have to register as a foreign agent. Maybe once Vlad rasPutin has won his war he can deed Anglin a dacha in the Donbuss and the whigger manlet can finally leave his mudhut in his Nigerian exile.

  20. I want WWIII. Still waiting for Russia to invade Poland and make NATO invoke article 5.

  21. “Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies… Rivers and seas boiling… Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Ukies, we warned you!

  22. @Rahan

    Overseas handlers are forcing Putin to launch missiles at civilian areas?

    The copium levels here are off the charts.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Derer
  23. Russia is losing, Anglin. Their “new army” will not get far. An army that is not adequately supplied and fed will go no where. General Winter won’t serve Russia this time.

  24. Biff says:
    @John Johnson

    Have it your way.

    Thank you. I believe I will.

  25. Once again, the Russians launched an aerial attacked that damaged Ukraine electrical grid and killed a dozen civilians. Savages! Has any other nation in history done such terrible things?

    • LOL: Sulu
    • Replies: @Odyssey
    , @saggy
  26. @Notsofast

    Uh, the lights are out. The toilet doesn’t flush and its fuckin cold in here.

  27. @Rahan

    Set brother against brother. You mean like what’s happening in The United States?

  28. @Haxo Angmark

    You don’t have long to wait. Once the ground freezes, the Ukro-nazis are over.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  29. Rahan says:
    @John Johnson

    Overseas handlers are forcing Putin to launch missiles at civilian areas?

    The copium levels here are off the charts.

    Diletium axe-woundium, another boosterium, and goy-slopium with soy milk.

  30. Sulu says:
    @John Johnson

    Attacking infrastructure isn’t a sign of strength. It means they are running out of ideas.

    Bullshit! Attacking infrastructure is what the U.S. did to Baghdad in the Gulf War part 2. It’s also what England and the U.S. did to Germany in WWII. It most certainly is a sign of strength if you have the ability to do it and the enemy can’t stop you.

    Putin probably had hopes of taking Ukraine quickly and, of course, he wanted to leave the infrastructure intact so he wouldn’t have to spend so much time and money rebuilding, and also to capture hearts and minds. But now he is taking the gloves off and is willing to destroy infrastructure to accomplish his goals.

    But really, why do you care? I would think your main concern would be how it affects Israel since you have been cheerleading for the Jews on this site from day one. If I had a suspicious mind I would think you are a Jew yourself. My guess is you are a Jewish woman masquerading as a man so you can gain that extra bit of credibility that goes along with being born male while at the same time avoiding the obvious stigma that comes with being a Jewish woman.


    • Agree: AmerimuttRetard
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Alrenous
  31. Odyssey says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    US/Nato (including Germany) did this in Serbia (1999).

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  32. @Sulu

    It’s also what England and the U.S. did to Germany in WWII.

    US/British bombing of Germany was a war crime. So was the siege of Leningrad.

    If you want to rationalize killing civilians for some greater cause then that is your burden and not mine.

    Putin probably had hopes of taking Ukraine quickly and, of course, he wanted to leave the infrastructure intact so he wouldn’t have to spend so much time and money rebuilding, and also to capture hearts and minds.

    Yea nothing captures hearts and minds like telling a country that they shouldn’t exist and will soon be under the boot of a dictator. Gosh why ever would they resist?

    But really, why do you care? I would think your main concern would be how it affects Israel since you have been cheerleading for the Jews on this site from day one.

    Supporting Ukraine is cheerleading for Jews? The whole world is against this war you dope.

    Would you have a different opinion of the war if Zelensky wasn’t Jewish? One Jewish president makes it a war against Jews even though Russia has more Jews than Ukraine? Even though Putin flies to Israel to kiss the wall and makes deals for oil and diamonds?

    Zelensky couldn’t get the weapons he wanted from Israel:

    There goes ONE BIG JEWISH CABAL theory. Right out the f-cking window.

    Putin goes and kisses the wall but I must be a Jew lover because I don’t like to see White women and children buried in rubble. Your mind is warped and you can’t even see the reality in front of you. You imagine some war against Jews and it is Orthodox Russians and Ukrainians that suffer. Putin doesn’t give a damn about you or his own people. He happily sells oil to Israel to fund this war. You and others here want Putin to be your next Hitler. Well Hitler would think you guys are complete idiots for getting on your knees for a half-pint Slav Tsar who has billionaire Jews in his inner circle.

  33. Winter Has Arrived.
    The wrath of God shall rain down on Zelenskyy’s ZioNazi’s like fiery rain in hell.
    Hail Russia,
    God bless The Mother Land.

  34. Dumbo says:

    Let’s hope so, and that this stupid war ends, but that nonsense of Covid lasted two years.

    Perhaps Putin should have focused on regime change. It’s the Ukrainian government that is stupid and suicidal.

    But maybe Ukrainians are stupid too. Too many of them seem to think they are not Slavs, cousins of Russians. They think they are Germans born in the wrong body.

    • Replies: @brostoevsky
  35. @SteveK9

    Correct; though I hope they remember to drain the pipes …
    the Ruskies have now isolated (not “attacked”) the three remaining NPPs.

  36. Alrenous says: • Website

    Russia to the Empire of Lies:
    “Thanks for giving us an excuse to fully test our warfighting machine on a hapless punching bag. You dumb motherfuckers.”

    I don’t think Putin ever genuinely thought it was only the ukronazis. He just wanted to give the USSA-nazis a chance to save face by giving up after it was clear Putin wouldn’t politely surrender at the first sign of meaningful resistance (like the GAE pussy always does). “You can have your faggot comedian-usurper Kyiv regime if you want, but tell them to fuck off with the literal terrorism and negotiate a surrender.” He didn’t think they would be dumb enough to triple and quadruple down on the story and let him bleed the Pentagon (like a stuck pig) through proxies.

    Russia playing Civ4 and giving all her units five levels each.

    As I said much earlier: “Oh, NATO wants missiles on our border? Cool, cool. We’ll take Ukraine real quick, and now NATO is right on our border, like you wanted. Happy?”

    The fact they had to lie about everything showed they had no confidence in victory. The USSA knew that if Russia didn’t become demoralized and quit, Russia would inevitably win. Putin: “You…you think you know more about demoralization than the KGB? …bro…dude….bruh……”
    It backfires if your opponent isn’t Bantu-level dumb. I guess the proud students of Al-Ghazali also fall for it.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  37. “We have”, “we’re” – is Anglin now sheltering in Russia and maybe even a permanent resident or citizen? At least they won’t deport him to the US to face all those charges. If they gave him a separate sentence for each time he uttered a “hate” crime it would probably add up to more than 8658 years that Turkish cult leader got handed down to him.

  38. Alrenous says: • Website

    Suicide bombing that bridge really was a wonderful excuse. Thanks, morons! Putin can claim all day he tried to play nice, but they wouldn’t let him. And now, nobody can say boo.

    These little details do indeed tell you all you need to know about a guy.

    Musk could have kept his trap shut about Alex Jones. Maybe there’s some backroom reason he can’t unban Jones, but he didn’t have to say anything.

    Putin could have not seized the truck-bomb opportunity with both hands. Yet, here we are.

    Putin knew. He just didn’t want to say anything, to let them see the error of their ways. As opposed to letting them get…physically disciplined.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  39. @stozi

    Gee, thanks … the dude is good (the True Rome number leaves a tiny
    aftertaste, easily accounted for by differences in upbringing).

  40. Alrenous says: • Website

    Off topic:

    “I mean…I’m not going to tell you or anything. But you absolutely deserve to be told! I just wanted you to know that!”

    …not that it matters at all since your vote doesn’t count, and even if it did POTUS can’t even build a fence around his back yard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  41. @Quartermaster

    You’d think after getting it so wrong for so long that Anglin, Girardi etc would give up. Shame, because I tend to agree with most of the other stuff they write.

    They’ve used their highest trained troops (which is still pretty fucking hopeless, their infantry I’ve seen in videos are retarded) and best equipment. They’re sending people who are untrained and don’t want to be there. This isn’t going to go well for Russia.

    The real question is what is the next line all the shills are going to use to move the goalposts again?

  42. @Haxo Angmark

    There will be no big offensive until the lines that the Ukrainians have been building for the last eight years in the Donetsk region are broken, so save a sudden and unexpected collapse, it is unlikely to happen until January. There is wishful thinking and there is reality. Surovikin gives me the impression as being one who prefers to stick to the latter rather than indulge in the former.

  43. Good one, Anglin!
    Like it – you – when you are subjective and taking sides. Struth!
    I hope you fucking mean it too?!
    (Don’t like your endless twitter sourcing much – fuck twitter, fuck Jew cunt Musk)

    Your “massive strikes” are for many Russians pussy-footing… many Russians have enough of the chess game and are asking for a Stalin approach; i.e. to steamroll Jewkraine without mercy.

  44. Hitting the power generation of Ukraine is to disempower, is to disorganize the Ukrainian rear, to make it difficult for Jewkraine & hyena to conduct combat operations, as well as impossible to prepare any meaningful own offensive. The RF are disempowering (with strikes on the Ukrainian energy system aka power supplies) the Jewkrainian rear and prepare for a RF winter offensive.
    Re. whore women in arms: Hope the Jewkrainian whore zvod will meet Achmat Silat in order to feel like woman “again” a gain they obviously have not had so far.
    Glory to Russia; death to Judaism & hyena.

  45. anonymous[153] • Disclaimer says:
    @Shitposter_in Chief

    Watch this shabbos goy suck his ((master’s)) pecker at every turn. Shithuman in Chief is more cucked than a Ukrainian tranny at a jew office party.

    • LOL: Ulf Thorsen
  46. @beavertales

    Yeah, anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. The Russian Army has been preparing for the right moment to strike. These tactics are quite common for the Russian military historically speaking. They don’t want to make the same mistakes they did in WWII, when millions of men were thrown into the meat grinder. They’re still trying to recover population-wise from that. The NAFO trolls are getting quite annoying. I’d love to see them rage when the Russian steamroller kicks in.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  47. @Dumbo

    Yeah, it’s kinda effing weird. All of these Azov and Right Sektor douchebags pretending to be Germans or Vikings. They’ve appropriated a lot of Viking runes and symbols for their cause. They say they’re white nationalists, but they kill white people (Russians). It doesn’t add up and they’ve misappropriated my cultural ancestry. At this point anyone in the Ukrainian army with sense or decency has already surrendered. For the rest of them I say light them up. The list of atrocities committed by these “nationalist” battalions is staggering and doesn’t help people who want to protect and support interests of all white peoples.

    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @Alrenous
  48. @John Johnson

    The bone of contention at Leningrad was German bombs filled with liquid air –
    which were not technically illegal but the effects were like thermobaric
    ones without the thermo, and the Soviets threatened reprisals
    (a somewhat funny move from a nonsignatory of the Geneva Convention
    but either way the Germans relented).

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  49. Mike Tre says:

    Problem is the people who are going to freeze aren’t the people refusing surrender. Zelenskyy, the absolute scum of the earth, is sacrificing his “own people” (but not his (((own people)))) to this fate because he has been instructed to provoke WWIII.

    • Agree: inspector general
  50. Lurker says:

    Back in 2014-15 there were online (((trolls))) trying to recruit people to join Azov. One of them said to me on Disqus “You’ll get military training and a chance to kill Russians, what’s not to like?” I told him I didn’t want to kill Russians and why would I? Told him to fuck off.

    • Thanks: Twodees Partain
  51. Wokechoke says:

    I disagree with this opinion. Look at were to Germans swept in and where the Germans were stopped. Moscow and Leningrad.

    The Germans had little trouble in the USSR until the approached Smolensk and Vitebsk on top of that. Kiev was an easy enough speedkill.

    Ukraine looks like a suspiciously easy pushover for the Wehrmacht. There were a few garrisons who put up a good fight like in Odessa but there were Naval Infantry and were plucked out to be repositioned in Sevastopol. What fighting occurred around Kiev was over quickly and the locals were clearly more committed to leading Jewish neighbors out to nearby ravines to be shot than fight Germans street by street.

    This isn’t a criticism, but clearly the locals were indifferent to the Germans rolling in or supportive. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Thanks: Rahan
  52. Realist says:

    Much to my chagrin…this current effort should have been the initial undertaking.

  53. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    I certainly don’t want to see any European state headed by a Jew. Yeah.

    There is NO JEWISH CABAL because Israel proper is not openly providing weapons? What difference does it make if the US arms the Ukraine? Israel would have trouble arming itself without the enormous US and German subsidy it gets. If the coterie of Jews in the US make sure Ukraine is armed that’s Tribe Israel too.

  54. Sulu says:
    @John Johnson

    US/British bombing of Germany was a war crime.

    More Bullshit Ms. Streisand. Just saying something doesn’t make it true. Who determines what is and is not a war crime? The winners of the war, not the losers. If Germany had won the war your statement would be correct. No doubt members of our civilian government and military would have been tried and executed for war crimes. But Germany lost the war. And the U.S. held war crimes trials at Nuremburg.

    Besides you sidestepped the issue. Your original statement was that attacking infrastructure isn’t a sign of strength. Which is a completely erroneous and laughable statement. Then when I called you out on it you completely failed to address the statement and replied that the US/British bombing of Germany was a war crime. Another erroneous statement.

    You even argue like a fucking Jew!


    • Thanks: RedpilledAF, Mark G.
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  55. @brostoevsky

    You won’t see them rage. In fact, you won’t see them at all because they’ll do what most do when they talk too much and have to eat crow. They’ll run away.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  56. Sulu says:

    Musk could have kept his trap shut about Alex Jones. Maybe there’s some backroom reason he can’t unban Jones, but he didn’t have to say anything.

    My guess would be the ADL has warned Musk that if he reinstates Jones the Jews will make Musk’s bank accounts disappear. Even Musk would have a hard time fighting that.


  57. @John Johnson

    If you want to rationalize killing civilians for some greater cause then that is your burden and not mine.

    LOL! Apparently you’re looking at it the wrong way. On the contrary, such a “burden” would be on the corrupt Ukrainian “government,” its corrupt Western backers/enablers and on their apologists; i.e. it would be on those who are morally responsible for the whole thing.

    Maybe an analogy will help:

    Suppose terrorists hijacked a U.S. commercial jetliner with 150 passengers and crew onboard, and the terrorists refused to negotiate. And suppose the U.S. “government” determined that the terrorists were members of a group whose ultimate goal was to destroy the United States. And suppose the U.S. “government” determined that the terrorists were going to fly the plane into a nuclear power plant – an act which could result in the deaths of thousands of people and tens of billions of dollars in damage. So in order to prevent that, the U.S. “government” shot the plane down, killing everyone on board. Who would be morally responsible for the deaths of the passengers and crew on the plane? Answer: Of course the blame would be on the terrorists, right?

    Presently the Russian government is in exactly the same unfortunate situation that the U.S. “government” would be in in the above hypothetical scenario. In February 2014, Ukraine was hijacked by terrorists who are part of a larger terrorist group whose obvious ultimate goal is to destroy Russia. Since that time, the terrorists have engaged in various terrorist acts targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure and they are also apparently engaged in dangerous, illegal activities that threaten not only Russia but the people living in Ukraine (e.g. doing research and development of biological weapons).

    The terrorists refused to negotiate in good faith and made war inevitable. Since the war started, the terrorists, who still refuse to negotiate an end to hostilities, have engaged in various war crimes and terrorist acts and have even gone so far as to try to cause a radiological catastrophe by shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

    By now it’s indisputable that Ukraine has been hijacked by a group of fanatical terrorist suicide bombers and who are prepared to destroy Ukraine for the sake of their hopeless evil agenda, and they obviously don’t care how many people have to die, including Ukrainians.

    So having tried everything else to no avail, what choice does the Russian government have at this point but to escalate and try to bring this war to an end as soon as possible? Yes people are going to suffer and die in the process, but the moral responsibility is on the terrorists who hijacked Ukraine, not on the Russian government.

    • Thanks: Passing By
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  58. Lira. Power out in Kharkov.

  59. anaccount says:
    @John Johnson

    First, shut up Jew. Secondly, we’re tired of betacuck faggots larping as right wingers. We aren’t interested in being good little boys like them. There is no use for decorum in a profoundly sick ‘society’. I know that’s of concern to you and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

  60. @Ulf Thorsen

    Nah, most of them are Jews, they have no shame, they have chutzpah.

  61. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Haxo, you’re a black pilling idiot.

    Black pilling is not called for, and only reveals that you’re nothing but a doom and gloom moron.

  62. Derer says:
    @John Johnson

    Johny…I see a sign of desperation…do you have emergency close by.

  63. Derer says:

    You are nothing but a member of a vitriolic lying propaganda. That is what is left for a losing side.

  64. @John Johnson

    Attacking infrastructure isn’t a sign of strength. It means they are running out of ideas.

    Are you stuck in the pre-WWII days when the Treaty of Westphalia still applied? The All-Lies bombed the shit out of German civilians and infrastructure contrary to that Treaty, then made turned parts of that Treaty into “war crimes”, before ditching it completely. It has been the (((Western))) way of war ever since, including by your favourites in the shitty little country on the Mediterranean.

  65. @John Johnson

    Rephrased: “Beating your enemy to pulp is a sign you are running out of ideas.”

    Sorry Johnnyboy, this is not Creative Writing 101, this is war.

  66. This is a very good article by AA. If I were a Jew Troll, I think I’d be too embarrassed at this point to shill for the Zelensky’s Ukraine even for great $. Even JewTube is allowing strong doubt to show on their platform, as they know that it’s all over this Winter for the Ukies.

    Two main questions remain:

    1) Do they have any FFs left that can possibly hold up more than 12 hours?
    2) How are they going to make up for all the Laundered Money that the Ukraine gave them?

    Really Trolls, shilling for the likes of Zelensky … you should ask for double money for backing that super-prevert.

  67. Wokechoke says:

    It’s true, he does.

    a 1000 bomber raid on Hamburg incinerating 40,000 in one night, was a sign that the RAF was wielding the power of a god.

    They were also doing what a shady German emegre (possibly Jewish) was telling them to do. Lord Cherwell, Frederick Lindemann.,_1st_Viscount_Cherwell

    whatever it was, it was a demonstration of absolute power.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  68. borris says:
    @John Johnson


    I am sorry to see people calling you Troll, worst than being called As…Ho….

    It is so sad to see above video where American backed Ukrainian hero banging and old cranky lady’ head against the metallic wall in a train. you and your American soldiers should be proud of. After all they did worst in Afghanistan and Iraq. Brave soldiers urinating over dead enemy soldiers.

    This is a Chechen no nonsense fighter unlike most US fat, flabby, over weight,, over paid, over rated rocking chair Generals Milly or Schwarzkopf. Iraq war like a high school football team playing Superbowl winner.

    Chechen are coming. Chechen are coming.

    • Replies: @borris
  69. borris says:

    Check this movie Siberian Sniper against a porn sniper movie made by Clint Eastwood recommended for best picture of the year before it was released.
    Unfortunately, the Siberian Sniper is only available with English subtitles on Amazon prime.

    • Replies: @borris
    , @nokangaroos
  70. @Alrenous

    Russians have seen the depths of demoralisation too, in the 1990s. And that is well within living memories.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  71. Colonial MacGregor should have a zoom chat with these Russian soldiers instead of his uber driver:

    Maybe he can explain the great offensive they will be taking part in. I’m sure they would like to know what the hell he is talking about.

  72. Sulu says:

    I have read of the Bomber Harris raid. I hadn’t realize that the British had the capability to mount a 1000 bomber raid that early in the war. When America joined the war and started bombing Germany the writing was on the wall.


  73. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Shitposter_in Chief

    You’d think after getting it so wrong for so long that Shitposter_in Chief would give up.

    But, you see, if they were the kind of person to react to feedback they wouldn’t be getting it wrong all the time in the first place. There’s a selection effect.

    Many religions have “be profoundly stupid” as a display of loyalty, so there’s that too. “What’s the dumbest shit I can say right now? I know!” Yes yes big sister loves you too.

  74. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Harold Smith

    In February 2014, Ukraine was hijacked*

    *Allowed to be hijacked, by Ukrainians, because apparently they like terrorists.
    “Yes, this government is definitely legitimate. Everything is fine. Why, I think I will join the army.”

  75. Alrenous says: • Website

    When someone feels the need to ape a foreign culture, they implicitly condemn their own culture. “These foreigners deserve to win.” Who is not winning when foreigners are winning?

    If they really want to condemn themselves, they should do it openly. Otherwise it’s the worship of lies.

    Intent matters and Ukraine is clearly getting exactly what they want: a foreign power is winning over whatever they have locally.

  76. @borris

    Rumor has it that Kyle´s father threatened to sue the living Bejeezus out of
    Eastwood if he so much as stuck to what Kyle himself admitted in the book;
    in a similar vein Wali the “Canadian” Supersniper ™ returned home posthaste
    after a Russian tank took out his entire team at 2000m with the first round …
    UNFAIR!!! This was supposed to be leisurely plinking at goatherders like
    in Iraq, Afghanistan and the West Bank!
    These same wankers belittle Hetzenauer and Häyhä for “not shooting at distance”
    and the DPR Militia for taking M1930 sniper rifles out of storage
    (the ones used in your movie – not good (the scopes) but better than nothing).

    Reality is a harsh mistress 😀

  77. Ed Case says:

    Are the Gypsies Serbs too?

  78. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Old Brown Fool – That you are not. I had a close friend who took a tour in 90’s Russia. She said it was very sad seeing old Russians sitting beside the road with a little table holding their little “treasures” for sale (kitchen utensils, clothes, etc. – one big yard sale); children running the streets (and alleyways); obviously prostituting themselves; and rich gangsters eating expensive meals in restaurants whilst everyone else went hungry. My friend said that even the tour group were not fed well.
    Meanwhile, a lot of smart-assed American “advisors” were encouraging the drunken Yeltsin Government to give the oligarchs everything not nailed down.
    God forbid that America should be given the treatment that we gave to Russia when it was down. And do not ever doubt that America will go down, sooner than later,

  79. george 1 says:

    Old Russian Proverb:

    “Revenge, like counteroffensives, is a dish best served cold.”

  80. Truthor says:

    Russia has lost the war. That is evident. The only reason it is still functioning is because the U.S. has Ukraine on a short leash to stop it from radically destroying Russian infrastructure — but that may come at some point.

    An old saying is that Russia is the White people who failed. This has been evident since the beginnings of Putin’s War as they failed again in Ukraine.

    • LOL: Commentator Mike
    • Troll: Odyssey
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  81. @Truthor

    Russia has always been the land of excuses.

    First the Tsar was blamed for them being behind. That was in fact part of the justification for the revolution. It was supposed to get rid of that damn monarchy that was supposedly holding back the economy.

    Communism definitely held them back but Stalin’s stupidity in economics made it far worse.

    Then after the fall of the USSR they were supposed to become first world and it never really happened. They have a lot of oil cash but don’t know what to do with it. They let a bunch of government heads become billionaires overnight. That was part of a BS libertarian theory of “shock doctrine” that they bought into during the 90s. So first they buy into Karl Marx and then later Ayn Rand. Sigh.

    Then Putin came up with the genius idea of spending their oil cash on a needless war. Spend your oil cash and kill family aged men at the same time. GENIUS.

    Well I guess they have a new excuse at least.

  82. @Wade Hampton

    You don’t have long to wait. Once the ground freezes, the Ukro-nazis are over.

    So early December then? What do you imagine this offensive to look like? Bakers and barbers in T-62s?

    Even Colonial MacBootlicker hasn’t explained exactly how General Winter is going to help the Russians more than the Ukrainians.

    Ukraine has vast distances of land which is what the Nazis learned the hard way.

    But unlike WW2 you can’t sneak around large amounts of troops.

    You start building up masses of troops and they show up on satellite. No one even knows what Ukraine has access to in terms of satellite technology. We really don’t the full capabilities of NATO. They could know far more than the Russians realize.

    But let’s say you put 200k troops on the border.

    Then what? Put them in APCs and move them towards Bakhmut? Russia doesn’t have air superiority so Ukraine can sit back and wait with artillery. They could easily route the Russians in freezing weather. Troops have to be highly motivated to fight in freezing weather.

    US military analysts think Putin wants to wait until next year for a new offensive. Only MacBootlicker is talking about this great offensive.

  83. @nokangaroos

    “The bone of contention at Leningrad was German bombs filled with liquid air – which were not technically illegal but the effects were like thermobaric ones without the thermo”

    Got any references for this? I’ve never heard of it and a quick search doesn’t enlighten me.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  84. @YetAnotherAnon

    IIRC it was a passing mention in Bekker´s history of the Luftwaffe;
    what he meant was probably this guy:

    (the use of soot soaked in 96% O2-azeotrop for mine and quarry blasting had
    been pioneered in Germany during WWI – saltpeter was in short supply and
    the Haber-Bosch process couldn´t keep up with demand)

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  85. @nokangaroos

    Thank you. It sounds as if then it WAS a form of thermobaric weapon in that an oxidant (dispersed coal dust) was ignited with an oxidiser (liquid air) to make a big bang.

    I wondered why anyone would drop liquid air as a weapon when liquid air plus say kerosene would be far more destructive.

    from wiki via translate

    “The most effective results were achieved with 60 percent liquid oxygen and 40 percent coal dust. The range of destruction in Döberitz is said to have been 600 meters, with the improved 25 to 50 kg bomb over Lake Starnberg 4 to 4.5 kilometers. At the end of the war, the production of larger bombs with liquid oxygen was in Nordhausen in preparation.”

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  86. @Haxo Angmark

    ‘that today’s Russian Army is not remotely the Russian Army of 1944,

    but more like Tsar Nicholas II’s Army of 1914:’

    That’s a strange comparison. To say the least, it’s questionable if the Russian army of 1914 was worse relative to its foes than the Russian army of 1944.

    After all, while the Russian army of 1944 was finally able to overwhelm the exhausted Germans by sheer weight of numbers, and the Russians of 1914 were beaten by the Germans, those same Russians definitely beat the Austrians and utterly routed the Turks.

    We could go on and on about this — but I think you underestimate the Russian army of 1914.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  87. @Colin Wright

    After all, while the Russian army of 1944 was finally able to overwhelm the exhausted Germans by sheer weight of numbers, and the Russians of 1914 were beaten by the Germans, those same Russians definitely beat the Austrians and utterly routed the Turks.

    Well I think he means Tannenburg. That is what Russia is known for in 1914.

    I would say that they have the morale of Russian soldiers in 1914 but lacking the equipment of Red Army soldiers in 1944.

    I honestly don’t think Putin understands modern warfare or even winter camping.

    You can’t send out troops into freezing weather with anything less than proper equipment. The weather will get them before the enemy.

    They are actually dropping conscripts on the front without any sort of plan or even tents. Does Putin imagine them charging across the snow with bayonets fixed? He is a madman.

    I don’t know why the Ukrainians are even bothering to advance. Might as well take a two week break and let the Russians freeze. Eastern Ukraine is supposed to be in the 20s next week. You can’t just camp in 22 degree weather under a tree.

  88. Massive Strikes in the Ukraine as the NEW RUSSIAN ARMY Masses on the Border!

    Massive Strikes in the Ukraine as the NEW RUSSIAN CANNON FODDER ARMY Masses on the Border!

    Fixed it for you. Stock up on Bourbon. You’re going to need it to drown your sorrows.

    • LOL: John Johnson
  89. 700,000 troops but only 200,000 winter uniforms still being made in North Korea. Right.

    Russia couldn’t supply 120,000 troops during the initial part of the invasion. They’ve lost half the territory they invaded in FebruaryMarch. More troops makes that worse. In 1941 they defended Moscow with British supplies. Their later logistics and supply chain depended massively on US materiel. Afghanistan whowed they hadn’t learned that lesson.

    Russia has no functional NCOs. The sergants are like corporals. New troops will be even less capable. So their campsites are a disaster, they don’t wear helmets at all times, they light fires.

    And then trenchfoot. Footwraps contribute to trenchfoot as the British Surgeon general found out in 1915. Expect 20-25% functional losses to trenchfoot with Russian boots (Argentines had this casualty rate in the Falklands). British had trenchfoot too but only in handfuls. The Russians needed 15m pairs of British boots in WW2 to stave off trenchfoot and frostbite. They don’t have them now.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  90. @Philip Owen

    The Ukrainians have received at least 200k sets of winter gear from Canada. That is in addition to their own stock. Supposedly Canadian gear is some of the best in the world.

    Maybe Anglin can do a blog post on how 90% of Canadians must be Jewish for supporting Ukraine.

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