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Jordan Peterson Tells Goyim to Call Their Congressmen and Tell Them to Overthrow Iran Government
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Failed internet father figure and failed pill addict Jordan Peterson has informed the goyim that it is really, really time for a war with Iran, and has encouraged his followers to call their Congressmen and demand an immediate attack on the country. The ghoulish weirdo Peterson said that we have to overthrow the Iranian government to promote women’s rights.

Peterson revealed in 2020 that he was addicted to benzos. He then went to Russia for some reason and had a coma induced so that he would not have to suffer the pain of withdrawal symptoms. This is the most extreme pussy way to deal with drug addiction, and you actually risk serious brain damage.

It’s not clear whether the coma gave Peterson brain damage, but when he got out of rehab he signed one of these death contracts with Ben Shapiro. He then went to Israel to promote Jewish world domination.

The fact that Peterson is pushing war with Iran really shows how this conservative scam works. Peterson is best known for whining about tranny pronouns. He eventually said that he would use the pronouns out of respect, but that he doesn’t think he should be forced to use the pronouns if he doesn’t want to.

He had some basic self-help material which I guess was okay. It was just simple stuff like “men should be assertive.” His philosophical material was confusing and probably schizophrenic. He is obsessed with Carl Jung, which is always a sign of serious personal problems. He doesn’t really seem to grasp the material.

He also took the vaccine, and now he whines about how he shouldn’t have taken it, but he felt pressured. This is not the sort of person that should be giving masculine advice. He’s a very weak personality.

He went on Piers Morgan a few weeks ago and once again cried in public after it was mentioned that a woman called him an incel.

He is always crying. He started crying to the Jews last year also – as he was telling them they’re the most important people in the universe.

He also cried in an interview with that Jew fraud Lex Fridman.

And with Andy Ngo.

He does nothing but cry while claiming to be a role model for men.

But that is his bit: he sells himself as a father figure to lost boys. I don’t understand how the emotional incontinence fits into that, but there it is.

He claims to be pushing back on political correctness. This material resonates. He gets you on board with what he’s saying, he says “oh yes, we shouldn’t have to use these pronouns and yes, oh boy, this vaccine was very bad – and hey, also, call your Congressman and tell him to bomb Iran.”

This is what they do: they get you to agree with them on something simple, benign, and safe, like “trannies are silly.” Then they take you in the direction of their agenda. In the case of Peterson, it’s not even his agenda – it’s Ben Shapiro’s Jewish agenda that he gets paid to promote.

Frankly, I doubt his podcast is making the money it was forecasted to make. Peterson was a sensation on the internet in 2017 when he came out against pronouns, but that was really short-lived. It turns out, he didn’t really have much to say. At least not much people cared about – he could babble incoherently about alleged philosophy.

Steven Crowder exposed the Daily Wire contracts, which are set up in such a way that if you are not making money they cut your pay. He’s probably getting his pay docked and so he’s kike-sucking extra hard. It’s really just going to be even more of a turnoff for people, however. I think even normies understand, at least to some degree, that Ben Shapiro is pushing this Jewish stuff, and Peterson saying “by the way, we should have a war with Iran for women’s rights” just comes across as slimy and vulgar. It’s something that is only going to slip past the dumbest morons.

I did a Twitter thread on this scam last night.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wokechoke says:

    I did think “Spiritual Sickness” when I saw these images of Jordan Peterson. The attack is a spiritual one.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @The Real World
  2. Dog barks for his master. Peterson, like so much of the Western World, venerates the Jews as the rightful master race. There are various kinds of Jew-veneration.

    1. Among Evangelicals, it’s Jews are the People of the Book, the Chosen.

    2. Among libertarians, it’s Jews are the richest and most successful. They are meritocratic masters.

    3. Among GOP whores, it’s Jews got the money, and you put out to moneyh.

    4. Among intellectuals, it’s Jews are the best thinkers.

    5. Among HBD types, it’s a combo of Jewish IQ, power of will, and ‘human accomplishment’.

    Even some neo-nazi types long for an alliance with Jews as the partner-master race, which we are seeing today: Nazis and Zion, or NaZion.

    Appeasing the Jewish God is what brown-nosing white world is now all about.

  3. You know what’d be cool? Another crusade, this time against the Jews for having turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Given Jewish roots in the Holy Land, one could understand why they wanted to reclaim that territory. But to turn it into the mecca of sodomy and tranny degeneracy? Why not just take it to San Fran?
    Why turn the Holy Land that way?

    Even atheists such as myself understand the historical significance of that part of the world.

    • Agree: Dr. Rock
  4. Whites really do come mainly in two flavors.

    Wheaks who aren’t dumb but weak of soul and agency. So, they rely on most with stronger will to put forth the gods to worship.

    Whummies who are indeed dumb enough to swallow every crock fed to them by Jewish satanists.

  5. lavoisier says: • Website

    This has got to be one of your best essays, AA.

    It reeks with what can only be described as the truth.

  6. @Priss Factor

    Great observation.

    Asian communism and some western communists are the bulwark against Jewish supremacy.

    Vote third party, build community networks, be resilient.

    my favourite Western commentators are Varg Vikernes and Caleb Maupin.

    • Replies: @Al Ross
  7. Crying can be a good thing, it is after all just a normal bodily function.

    Peterson, unfortunately, is a regrettable ambassador for that premise, cowardly Shabbos goy that he is.

  8. How someone reacts to Iran or the thoughts and opinions they hold on Iran are, to me, perhaps, the most clear indication of how truly free they are in mind and spirit or how enslaved they are. Sadly, it is only a small group of Communists and Anarchists in America and the West that seem to see, at least in regard to Iran, the truth of the matter.

    Iran has fought the evil power for a long time. They have been attacked and attacked and yet they have survived and they are strong enough to not only survive but still are feared enough that Israel, America, and Britain are scared to directly engage.

    Iran is symbolic of the Gentile spirit of resistance that still remains in the world. No matter how much power the Talmudists have, whether Israeli, American, or British, it cannot completely exterminate the Gentile, and most notably, Aryan, spirit of resistance. How fitting that the greatest threat and feared enemy of the Talmudists is a nation that is called–“The Land of the Aryans.”

  9. Get yourself a girl who loves you as much as JBP loves sucking Jewish dick

  10. Thomasina says:

    Peterson is an effective and worthy addition when he stays in his lane (psychology and human behavior), but he’s skidding all over the road when he enters into geopolitics. He’s totally ignorant on history. I don’t even think he realizes he’s interviewing neocons. He’s caught in a bubble of evil.

    He’s losing me. As soon as I saw who he was aligning himself with, I was gone. I hope he sees the light because, if and when he does, he would be a great advocate. I just don’t think he’s seeing the big picture. It’s a shame.

    Clean up your room? For what? For neocons?

    • Agree: Vito Klein, houston 1992
    • Disagree: Hitmarck, Not Important
    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  11. @RedpilledAF

    Jews feign horror at Iranian misogyny, but the (((they))) cozy right up to far worse Arabic sheikdoms.

    Even if Hitler did everything the (((shysters))) claim he did (he didn’t), Hitler would still be a rank amateur war criminal by comparison.

  12. Dr. Rock says:

    It is unfortunate to see relatively intelligent people get “sucked in” to these ridiculous narratives.

    Who the Hell thinks it’s anything close to our business, as to how Iran treats women? They’re a different culture, which I might add, is their Right. With ever decreasing levels of nuance, every other culture on the planet treats somebody different than we do. So what?

    Are we going to attack India because of their Caste System? “It’s so unfair, having some people considered untouchables!” Same thing, what business is that, of ours?

    Japan doesn’t let non-Japs emigrate and become citizens en masse, and I say “Good For Them!” It’s their country, Japan, for their people, Japanese, and that too is absolutely their Right.

    The insane hubris that leads a person, or anyone, to decide that they disapprove of how another culture and country, behaves, is literally “off the charts”.

    Brazil has a contest to find the woman in the country with the best looking ass. Do you think we could get away with that in America? Oh Hell No! But, should we tell them that they can’t? Better still, if they were a global super power, would we want them, forcing every other country on the planet to hold their own Miss Bum Bum contest, because Brazil does?

    That’s the way the US is with the whole rainbow flag/LGBTQ+ Super Queer agenda bullshit, and most of the world, fucking hates us because of it.

    When the goddamned French are warning that our cultural exports are caustic and destructive, you know we have jumped the shark completely!

    Hell, Orientals eat dogs, and we eat cows. Should we go to war with China, or wait for India to attack us?

    Seriously, multi-culturalism is a failure, so maybe we should just go back to some serious “live and let live”, and stop trying to mix everybody up, and instead, leave everyone the fuck alone, to live in their culture, and country, the way that they choose. Stop importing them here, and stop trying to tell them “what” to do there.

    If Liberians want to shit in their streets, then God Bless ‘Em, but leave them there, and leave them alone too.

    This world would be a much better place, if we had all just stayed with our own, and lived the way we wanted, instead of the US trying to homogenize the whole planet, by force, and by importing millions of foreigners, that come here, and refuse to “melt” in our so-called melting pot.

    It wasn’t very long ago, at all, that we actually respected other cultures, BECAUSE they were different; That’s part of what made them exotic. They were different from us, and we were different from them! The wore different clothes, ate different food, spoke in a different language, and had different societies, cultural norms, family structures, and roles… and it was just okay.

    Now, we seem to think that kinda like during the Vietnam War, “inside every Vietnamese, is an American trying to get out”. Well, there wasn’t.

    Do we even know that the majority of Iranians want us to “liberate them”, if it also means rainbow flags and drag time story hour for toddlers? Do they want to import a bunch of Northern Africans, so they can riot, destroy their cities, and rape their now, non burka clad women?

    What is America selling? Because from where I’m sitting, nobody is buying, at least, not if they are smart. For all I know, Iranians are more culturally secure, and perhaps, happier than we are, with all our multi-culture rot, and identity bullshit gender queer weirdos.

    Are there people in Iran that think they are one of the now extra 84 genders? How about people that dress like stuffed animals? Or get their body covered in tattoos so they can look like a snake or a demon?

    I’ll bet they don’t have 350 pound Shaniquas walking around WalMart wearing spandex tights, and a shirt that says “W.A.P.Tour 2020”.

    Frankly, Russia is looking better and better with each passing day, and we look like the result of 200 years of Satanism mixed with drug culture, and failed genetics.

    In 100 years, America won’t exist the way it’s currently constituted, and for all I know, Iran will, so maybe we should slow our roll on the whole “Exporting Culture From the End of a Gun” thing, and worry about how to un-fuck this shithole we have created.

  13. In a sound society, Peterson would be a nobody but he happens to be just the kind of white wimp that Jews love to highlight.

  14. Athena says:


    The Rothschilds’ puppets say they have ‘potentially won the war in Ukraine’:

    • Replies: @Telimektar
  15. @Priss Factor

    Given Jewish roots in the Holy Land, one could understand why they wanted to reclaim that territory. But

    No ancestor of Benjamin Netanyahu was ever within a thousand miles of Palestine.

  16. @Passing By

    In a sound society, Peterson would be a nobody but he happens to be just the kind of white wimp that Jews love to highlight.

    Except that he was viciously attacked by Jews when he first came on the scene.

    • Replies: @Not Important
  17. Peterson isn’t a Jew, what he is is a gentile Canadian who pushes British interests in North America. Right now the job of the UK and its privy councils is to shove America into the meat grinder of war. Same job they had in 1939 when Churchill named Canadian William Stephenson as his New York point man to whip Americans into a war frenzy. Stephenson was the Jordan Peterson of 84 years ago, without the washing your penis bit.

    As for the crying and drug taking, that sounds to me like a chemical breakdown in response to this immoral and disgusting assignment to push ww3, which is what Britain demands.

  18. Avery says:

    {and Peterson saying “by the way, we should have a war with Iran for women’s rights” just comes across as slimy and vulgar. It’s something that is only going to slip past the dumbest morons.}

    Nailed it Anglin.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  19. @RedpilledAF

    Iran hasn’t attacked another country in 2000 years. We attack someone every other Wednesday. (((We))) are evil.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  20. I’m a Lost Boy. I think. I only understand the cosmogony by inference.

    Anglin is a genius, a true American original. I would not want to debate him.

    So basically, daily wire traps these people in oppressive contracts and when they threaten to cut into their profits, they have coercive powers to get them to kow tow to Jewish issues.

  21. @Priss Factor

    Madagascar should have been the new homeland of the “chosen” people. Then a naval cordon sanitaire could have been put around it, leaving them safe from the dirty goyim and free to marry their cousins and swindle each other until the sun burned out.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  22. Anonymous[399] • Disclaimer says:

    What passes for ‘news’…

    House GOP demands probe into ‘antisemitic’ New York exam question’s ‘revision’ of history on Israel

    The question asks who benefited the most from changes shown on maps of Israel and surrounding areas from 1947 to 2017. The options were: Zionists and Jewish immigrants; the government of Jordan; Palestinian nationalists; or the citizens of Lebanon.

    “It is simply beyond comprehension that anyone at the New York State Education Department would approve a question on a statewide exam that blatantly promotes hateful anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric which only fan the flames of antisemitism in our schools,” the letter says.


    In other words, acknowledging that Zionists and Jewish immigrants benefited the most over those changes makes you an antisemite. There are a number of comments expressing bewilderment over the issue. Like Jordan Peterson’s confused positions, this sort of thing is bound to shift the right away from Con, Inc., and that can be nothing but good.

  23. I feel truly sorry for Peterson. It’s one thing to be a puppet, but quite another to be so obvious a one: the guy’s strings are visibly big enough that if he ever managed to cut ’em he could use them to tie his yacht (paid for with his ill-gotten shekles) to the harbor.

  24. @Avery

    I had little respect for Peterson before but now have even less. He needs to stick to whining about cleaning one’s room, not interfering in international matters, of which he knows little.

    And for pity’s sake, how slimy a worm must you be to make yourself a Keebler elf’s, (Shapiro), catamite?

    • Replies: @Avery
  25. @Prince Saradine

    You just know Peterson was stuffed into his locker and had “Kick me!” signs taped upon his back through middle school and high school.

    And if Peterson does have a yacht, it might be fun to sail upon it; but you wouldn’t want to be seen with him by your friends.

  26. America Is In Some (((Controlled Demolition))).
    U.S. Corruption Signals The Need For A Non-Cooperation Movement.

  27. Jordan Peterson is a closeted drama queen who gives head to shyster kikes for the privilege of collecting a few shekels.
    These are the enemies within who are given marching orders by a den of thieves representing synagogues of Satan.

  28. @Dr. Rock

    Doctor doctor
    Give the news
    I got a
    Bad case of hate’n Jews

    Where did I put my cowbell ???

    • Replies: @frankie p
  29. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Given Jewish roots in the Holy Land, one could understand why they wanted to reclaim that territory. But to turn it into the mecca of sodomy and tranny degeneracy? Why not just take it to San Fran?
    Why turn the Holy Land that way?

    Ashkenazim have no real genetic tie to the Hebrews. Ashkenazim originated as a Turkic people from north of the Black Sea with no real genetic ties to Jews of the Bible. This Turkic people (Khazars) re-created and converted to a religion called Judaism which is not continuous with the Jewish religion of the Old Testament. Judaism is a post-Christian created religion centered around synagogues rather the Jewish religion of the Old Testament which was centered around the Temple (which was destroyed in 70 A.D.). Nonetheless the Ashkenazim claimed to be Jewish and inserted themselves into Jewish history.

    Modern Jews are not the Jews of the Old Testament and have no genetic ties to Ancient Palestine.

    It’s a crazy story, crazy history, best told the late prominent Jewish writer, Arthur Koestler in his book, “The Thirteenth Tribe”.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  30. Mac_ says:

    Few thoughts, think peterson is doing distraction and self destruct of image, having said quite a bit to get people to grow up imo actual message at this point -stop watching or following me or any media and think for yourself. Peterson pushing false war is a puppet back flip. As to iran of itself comment eight is well said.

    The points Peterson had made about pronouns and transvestites situation is more important than people assume. Their hate speech bs and anti speech is bootstomping on our face, as people sit.

    Also Jung made some points that mattered, one of most important, One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. -Carl Gustav Jung

    The cons do everything to feminize and weaken others -because lazy people let them. Their bogus anti hate scheme is their biggest fraud over time. Should make note, hate or anger and acting against incursion on us is natural and required to be alive. People must snap out of it, throw out tv, stop following, focus local. Consequence of ignorance doesn’t go away, it increases.


  31. Chris Moore says: • Website

    It’s a crazy story, crazy history, best told the late prominent Jewish writer, Arthur Koestler in his book, “The Thirteenth Tribe”

    The Synagogue of Satan stretches all the way back to the Golden Calfers and all the way forward to the Zionist slavers, Marxists/Bolsheviks, and Neocons. Like the Serpent, stretching through generations.

    “The Snake is long. Seven miles… He’s old, and his skin is cold.” — Jim Morrison

    You and ((Koestler)) lie. Atheists, Zionists and Satanists are in bed. The Prophets knew what kind of scum the Hebrew people were, are, and will remain until their reckoning. Just as their Golem stooges are scum.

  32. Ummm. Why would Western men who have largely been cucked by their own women, who see white women dating blacks all around them, who have been through brutal divorces, who see their nations overtaken by foreigners and women holding positions of power and letting them in, who see white women broadcast to the world in porn; who are losing more and more power every day, often to the point of homelessness, go to Iran and fight for women’s rights? Anyone who can give me ONE good answer, will get a giant teddy bear you can’t even fit through your front door, to go with your man bun

  33. Avery says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin


    What’s even worse is that Peterson is smart enough, and educated enough, and knowledgeable enough about the foreign world to know that the BullS___ being promulgated by the Friends of Israel is such a vile lie, that it makes Peterson’s abject licking of Shapiro’s feet even more disgusting.

    Iran is a full democracy.
    Iranian women vote same as Iranian men.
    And a whole lot of other things.
    I disagree with Mullah’s many draconian edicts, but what so-called misogyny in Iran?

    In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — US and Israel’s current Best Buddy — women are treated no better than breeding stock. There is none of the vaunted “Democracy” that these hypocrites bloviate about constantly. Only very recently KSA lifted the ban on women driving there. Only very recently women were allowed to vote in KSA.

    Iran is being vilified for one reason and one reason only: they are the only country in the world that criticizes the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. And Iranians are not even Arab.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  34. Another war for Israel. just like Iraq in 2003.

  35. martin_2 says:
    @Dr. Rock

    What is America selling? Because from where I’m sitting, nobody is buying, at least, not if they are smart.

    This is precisely what I say. When the British were a proud and successful people with their great empire then it made sense that other nations would want to, and we would want them to, copy us, at least with our industry and institutions, but even with some aspects of our culture, since it led to increased prosperity. But these days the Collective West is in decline, for all to see, and within another generation or two countries like France and the UK will no longer be recognisable owing to non white immigration. Why on Earth would any normal Iranian, Japanese, Nigerian, and so on, want to inflict that same fate on their own country?

  36. emotional incontinence


    This is what they do: they get you to agree with them on something simple, benign, and safe, like “trannies are silly.” Then they take you in the direction of their agenda. In the case of Peterson, it’s not even his agenda – it’s Ben Shapiro’s Jewish agenda that he gets paid to promote.

    Noticed the same.

    Was never a big fan of Peterson, but I thought he was at least sincere and benign and good for “disaffected” young men. He had a message that was helpful. Some acquaintances were fans and encouraged me to give him a chance. So I tried to give him a chance.

    But his view on (Randian) individualism bothered me. He was teaching (sensitive) young men to avoid connecting and identifying with communities and groups, and view themselves only as detached selves. Personal identity should be limited to the atomic and singular, he said.

    And he (cruelly) mocked Palestinians and Arabs, and reduced their suffering to jealousy and envy. He said all anti-Semitism was probably related to jealousy, because Jews are just smarter and better than you. He admonished Muslims and the rest of us to “love Jews more.”

    Then he joined Shapiro. And broke bread with Netanyahu. And he gave that silly speech about Israel and their self-importance. And he almost cried.

    And now he wants the West to take kinetic action against Iran.

    Jordan Peterson was once benign and maybe helpful for young men, but now he’s dangerous. He’s extended his platform to geopolitics. His audience includes many impressionable young people, many of them religious or spiritual seekers. He is validating or preparing the ground for future Neocons and Zionists.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  37. Trinity says:

    Nah, my (((Congressman))) CAN’T even stop all those pesky annoying robocalls/scam callers. He said or a member of his staff wrote a letter saying he was looking into it.

    Haha worthless POS in Washington, man.

    Hey Jordan Peterson SUCK IT, loser POS.

  38. Steven Crowder exposed the Daily Wire contracts, which are set up in such a way that if you are not making money they cut your pay.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Sidney, but I bet every contract or licensing agreement or whatever could be summed up in exactly that manner.

    “I will give you 50 million dollars, because your content attracts x number of hits and I can sell advertising thereon. Of course, if you lose your audience, for whatever reason, I will reduce the amount of money I’m giving you, since your audience is now proportionally smaller.”

    DW is trying to make money — surprise! it’s not an NGO — and offering him 50 million dollars. Not because he needs 50 million. I need 50 million too, but I don’t have his audience. And so, if he audience declines, he’s worth less to DW. You don’t have to be Ayn Rand to see that this is how things work.

    Is DW supposed to continue to pay SC even if his audience declines, say, to 0? Why. out of the goodness of their hearts? This ain’t no charity. And he doesn’t need 50 million dollars (“What, reducing my pay to only 30 million? You lousy shylock!”).

    That would suggest an interesting scam: SC signs, then deliberately reduces his broadcast to him just shouting KIKE! NIGGER! FAG! until he’s deplatformed everywhere, and then DW continues, through Aryan integrity, to pay him. It seems to me that in that scenario the Happy Merchant is SC, telling the honest Aryan guy “fuck you, pay me.”

    This is being played as some kind of “revelation” that DW is somehow distorting dissident voices by locking them into ADL-friendly contracts. But of course no one is forcing SC to sign; he just wants 50 million dollars, risk free. Shekels, pleeze.

    The real scam here is trying to make dissident content creators, and readers, give two shits about whether SC makes 50 million dollars, while the rest of us dodge the censors and doxers.

  39. Is Anglinism spreading?

  40. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    Bwahaha, let’s go. Russia-China-Iran, the new “Axis of evil”, fight all 3 wars all at once, WWIII here we come! Let the empire burn down to the ground so we can rebuild.

    Zionist filth getting impatient. Good dog though, JP.


  41. Anne Lid says:
    @Prince Saradine

    I don’t. Some type of pity. He did not have to do this, he is rich, he could retire and write some books or not. He chose to do this, whether for money, or for the lime light, or the feeling of power and importance, who knows.
    His daughter was selling nutritional advice (that she was not qualified to), and interviews people. She sounds too young and narcissistic to be truly interesting but her short came up on yt, interviewing her own mother. What’s with this whole family building public personas?
    That fat guy writing Der Stürmer was hanged. He never actually harmed anyone, the war would have happened anyway. Peterson is actively war mongering, preparing an unjust and avoidable carnage, when he could have stepped back. Perplexing. What does he gain by committing such great evil?

    • Replies: @Anon
  42. All the Jew ass kissing has gotten Peterson nowhere.

  43. Anon[704] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Rock

    “The insane hubris that leads a person, or anyone, to decide that they disapprove of how another culture and country, behaves, is literally ‘off the charts.’”

    It’s jew aggression. They are the bearers of all holiness: “the nations” and the two-legged dogs who currently inhabit them exist only to be “repaired,” i.e., destroyed. So that the all-holy may reign on earth as promised in the book they wrote. Christian crusaders are merely junior jews.

  44. I wonder if the reason that Peterson has gone full Israeli sycophant is because the Mossad has something on him that he doesn’t want released? I’ve always figured that’s why Justin Castro does whatever they want, so why not Peterson. All it takes is a honeytrap.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  45. Anon[273] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anne Lid

    Maybe he’s evil. Have you considered that possibility?

  46. Italians are like gypsy scum. Just like in GOODFELLAS. A bunch of thieves.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  47. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile this is the same guy who made a name for himself by assailing wokism and transgenderism. Now he’s trying to help Globohomo bring all this to Iran.

    All those drugs he did are seriously effing up his brain, he can’t even see the cognitive dissonance anymore.

  48. @Simple Pseudonuymic Handle

    Lol exactly.
    “Freedom” for Iranian women means freedom to be sex trafficked by pornographers while doing unspeakable acts on film, to murder their children, to break up families and ruin lives, to flit from bad boy to bad boy, and to be sterile and miserable.
    I stand a thousand percent with the morality police and the Islamic Republic.

  49. “It can be pushed over and that would a nice object lesson to all totalitarian regimes the world over.”

    What totalitarian regimes have learnt from American intervention is that it pays to have nukes for protection. Just ask North Korea. NOBODY will ever regime change or topple them.

  50. @anonymouseperson

    Another war for Israel. just like Iraq in 2003.


  51. SteveK9 says:

    Peterson reminds of every pop philosopher that comes and goes. They seem to be making some sense, then they keep talking, and talking, and talking until finally the are going in a hundred contradictory directions, and making no sense whatsoever. They seem to be completely lost inside their own heads. Joseph Campbell is an earlier example that comes to mind.

    • Agree: YesYesCircle
    • Replies: @silviosilver
  52. @Сила в правде

    It was set up that way with the intent of hybridizing the West with the East. Pornography was dumped on us as a society under the banner “freedom of speech”. People did fight it, but too many were sucked into it as an escape – a culture ruining one. The East as in Middle East has women covered from head to toe. I doubt they enjoy this level of covering. When you mix the overly exposed with the overly covered you get a woman who dresses in a modest yet modern way. It’s social engineering, and it is very intense and comes from every angle. People have individual choice, but how much? If you pour blue food dye into a fish tank, it’s not a surprise that fish turn blue.

  53. @ AL,

    When Streicher was on the gallows he calmly said…one day they will come for you and then yelled Purimfest with his last breath.

  54. Pastit says:

    Peterson is a seemingly intelligent man, well versed anyway. But, he clearly has some deep issues of malcontent. The jew Shapiro easily conned him into becoming a pro-Israel Zionist, with a free trip to that wicked country. I will say one thing for Nick Fuentes, he was approached to join the Daily Wire, but when they tried to get him on a free trip to Israel-which is what they do with all their new hires- he told them to shove it.

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  55. Jiminy says:

    I don’t think there is a thing called women’s rights anymore. That was just a flash in the pan. Society has moved on. Here the rights of women seem to have crumbled in front of their very eyes. If a female goes to jail, there’s a chance of being raped by a male prisoner who wants to be seen as a female. If a girl wants to play sports then she has to accept playing against stronger and larger males claiming to be of the fairer sex. She’s not even safe in the confines of a toilet or change room. But you don’t see the women’s libbers coming out and saying anything. Where are the modern day Germaine Greer’s hiding? They’ve all been neutered.
    Over two years now where people have had to cover their faces, otherwise feel the wrath of authority. And yet I am to feel sympathy for Persian women who have to wear scarves, or else. I’d hate to have a daughter in today’s mixed up world, where men are women, black is white, up is down, good is bad. Men can’t be expected to fight their battles for them though, especially now that we are called out as white supremacist who ooze toxic masculinity. We’re poisonous to the touch.
    It’s as if the woman as a concept is slowly being made redundant. Once artificial wombs are patented, then their relevance will be no more. No, unfortunately this fight is for the women alone and I think they might just be on the losing side.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  56. @Priss Factor

    ‘There are various kinds of Jew-veneration…1…5…’

    It's also about hatred of Muslims. If the Palestinians were mostly Christian, that would virtually eliminate support for Israel.

    • Disagree: follyofwar, Liza
  57. Petermx says:

    Thanks for the article Andrew.

    “Jordan Peterson calls on “The West” to “get their act together” and overthrow the Iranian government in the name of opposing “misogyny.” I call on the countries of the UN that are not run by sexual perverts and under Jewish control (the USA and Europe), countries like China and Russia, to give Iran an award for opposing misogyny and not degrading women by helping them become prostitutes and unhappy, unmarried, unattractive men haters. The western countries should be overthrown for what they have done to their citizens, including women.

  58. Failed internet father figure and failed pill addict Jordan Peterson has informed the goyim that it is really, really time for a war with Iran…

    Jordan Peterson suffers from what psychologists call Krugman-Chomsky Syndrome, defined in the DSM-5 as “technical expertise in a narrow academic specialty misleading the expert into thinking that he has the competence to comment on a wide range of topics”.

    But he right although not for the reasons he states. American warmongers do think it is time for a war with Iran.

    America is a failing superpower. The “Empire of Chaos” is beginning to realize that it is about to get soundly defeated in war with Russia and this fact is going to be painfully evident to the entire world in the new year. If we can’t beat Russia, there’s no point going to war with China.

    As Randolph Bourne wrote, “war is the health of the State”. Neocons like Gramps and his regime must have war to demonstrate their global hegemony. The military industrial complex needs revenue. And don’t forget the opportunities for graft and war-profiteering generally.

    So being unable to compete in the First Division against countries like China and Russia, Team America must drop back to the Second Division. Who’s in the Second Division? Iran among others.

    It would be foolish to mess with Iran. Obama tried to overthrow Assad in Syria, has been at war there since then and now is on the verge of being expelled from that poor country. America would fail even more miserably with Iran.

  59. @Jiminy

    Women who oppose trannyism clearly exist. It’s been quite a hot topic in the news cycle at times. The result is vilification for them by the left. Germaine Greer, although part of the system herself, has talked about it in disparaging terms I think. These women have made some gains though it seems.

    What one could say is there was a time when it was useful to the system –in its state of artificial permanent revolution – to have feminism as the thing it pushed at that point.

    But the shock and awe of feminism has long since gone. You have to keep looking for ever more disturbing and outrageous groups to present as oppressed victims of systemic bigotry, so it’s now transexuals.

    The system and the left trying are wrestling internally with these conflicting forces. It would be fine with me if they tore themselves apart over it.

    But most women who oppose trannyism do so within the strictures of liberal democracy. They are – as far as I know, completely deaf to the wider problem of the construction of group victim narratives; race, sexuality and so on and how these have been used as a political weapon. They wish to uphold those, while maintaining opposition to trans.

    They remain highly resistant to the terrible impact of non-white males on women. Immigration, rape, all kinds of physical abuse… they don’t see. When they talk about male violence and oppression of women they mean white men.

  60. Some of Peterson’s observations – on say the trans question are well articulated as far as they go. But as others have said this also serves as bait to draw you in to other more destructive ideas.

    Right from when he first appeared Peterson was never on the same page as many dissidents.

    But he’s now become a conspicuous dancing puppet of Jewish power, mouthing talking points fed to him by his controllers with the goal of making sure white people looking for answers don’t step out of line and stay deradicalized and Jew-worshipping.

    It is a pathetic sad spectacle. Some of our people do still get conned by him it seems.

  61. @Thomasina

    JP got a taste of fame and fortune and realized he really liked it. Just like that low IQ, piece of shit Joe Rogan, they would sell their souls for a few more shekels and party invites. JP is just another one of the millions of attention whores. Find a new hero.

  62. @Pastit

    Nobody was conned. JP is only looking for fame and shekels. He’s a willing grifter, think 1980’s tele-evangelist. Fuck JP, he’s a piece of shit along with his whore daughter.

  63. neutral says:

    He needs the money, and being an arse licker to ZOG is one of the easiest ways of getting it.

  64. Ross23 says:

    Shame about Peterson used to watch some of his lectures on YouTube seemed he really had some unusual and brilliant views on life.

    Seems like he’s now having some sort of a breakdown personal crisis

    I heard his daughter left her husband for some YouTube star who used to run porn sites and recently got arrested for trafficking in Romania no doubt that probably messed with his head also.

    like a malfunctioning person crying all the time and now talking about Iran WTF.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  65. Alrenous says: • Website

    JBP merely thinks you can be half a Satanist. He thinks you can be “liberal” without being a “communist” or however you want to put it. “We were 40% Satanist in my day, and the kids turned out fine.” (They didn’t.) He’s following his principles properly, he merely doesn’t understand he’s ultimately an NPC.

    He had some basic self-help material which I guess was okay. It was just simple stuff like “men should be assertive.”

    And yet still politically radioactive.

    (Radiation is a nutrient and nearly everyone is deficient.)

    His philosophical material was confusing

    Although JBP is certainly no expert, it’s clear Anglin finds real philosophy confusing. Speaking of those who think you can stop at X% Satanist…
    This missing discipline has had extremely real consequences.
    Anglin: *impiety*
    Gnon hated that

  66. @Jiminy

    The foids have chosen the wrong side of history. They better get on their knees, pray to God and repent.

  67. @Vito Klein

    Iran has attacked North India (including today’s Pakistan) many times, the most recent being in 1739; after that, a Persian satrap raided Punjab many times in 1750s and 60s. Before that, Iran helped an Uzbeki adventurer to capture the throne of Delhi in 1555; before that, a raid in 1498 (Timur).

    But all these do not make Iran evil or imperialistic, I am just pointing out the common mistaken perception that it has not attacked anyone in 2000 years. Iran is to its eastern neighbours what France is to the Western Europe – a cultural superpower. Persian language was the lingua franca for the Indian Mughal empire and in central Asia.

    The ancient Persia was so powerful it could taken on the Roman empire many times, not a small deed. It fell into corruption and perversity, and was conquered by the new Arab upstarts; but not for long; its spirit asserted itself, it retained its history and culture, and devised a new script for itself, and even forked a branch out of Islam for itself. It was dealt a raw deal repeatedly after 1950. The very fact it had survived and is thriving is a great achievement. Once the dollar regime is demolished, Iranian oil will bring it wealth once more.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  68. @Joe Paluka

    I wonder if the reason that Peterson has gone full Israeli sycophant is because the Mossad has something on him that he doesn’t want released? I’ve always figured that’s why Justin Castro does whatever they want, so why not Peterson. All it takes is a honeytrap.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

    If I was to try and flesh out the argument, I would say it’s likely to be centred on his daughter – the same as happened to a former Australian Foreign Minister (or was it Attorney-General? I forget). His daughter was his pride and joy, but was encouraged to be ‘adventurous’ by her kike boyfriend, who seemed such a nice boy. They had him on a string for the last decade of his career.

    FWIW… Peterson’s daughter makes much of how her ‘carnivore diet’ made her chilblains better (or something along those lines)… and has a fondness for the Dark Meat. KEK.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  69. Anne Lid says:
    @Priss Factor

    Same eyes as the Theranos broad. These women are the cancer.

  70. Jim H says:
    @Priss Factor

    ‘You know what’d be cool? Another crusade, this time against the Jews for having turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah.’ — Priss Factor

    As a kid I was indoctrinated into the ‘Holy Land’ terminology, derived from scriptures of the Abrahamic religions, designating Jerusalem as a holy city.

    Now ‘Holy Land’ strikes me the same way as ‘Jewish state’ — a loaded term gleefully exploited by Israel to host tours for credulous Christian Zionists who fully accept Jews as the chosen people and Israel as the Holy Land.

    Actually the Holy Land is wherever you feel at home. Nobody can decide this for you.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  71. Anne Lid says:
    @Colin Wright

    No, it wouldn’t. I talk to a lot of Hungarian evangelicals, Pentecostals. They don’t consider Catholics and the Orthodox to be Christians, supposedly they belong to a Babylonian false religion. They consider themselves the “real” followers of Christ. Americans are hardly better than these Hungarian numpties, judaising heretics.
    I have spoken to them about the tremendous bloodletting of Orthodox clergy and laity – nothing. There are real martyrs not so far in time, space and culture, and the evangelicals are blind and deaf to their martyrdom. Just as they are blind to the Palestinian suffering. But bring up the Holocaust, instant pathos and reverence.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  72. I liked Peterson better when he was poppin’ pills.

    Ben Shapiro is a whore. However, I did like his encounter with Al Sharpton about 20 years ago…

  73. @Simple Pseudonuymic Handle

    Anyone who can give me ONE good answer

    Here’s several.

    Because it is the right thing to do.

    Because America is not just a nation, but a proposition- that all men, women, and other- are equal.

    Because that is who we are, as a nation.

    Because Women’s rights are Human rights.

    Because if not us, then who?

    There ya go. And I want a pink teddy bear, please.

  74. Richard B says:

    Then they take you in the direction of their agenda. In the case of Peterson, it’s not even his agenda – it’s Ben Shapiro’s Jewish agenda that he gets paid to promote.

    That’s what they got Louis C.K. doing now.

    A Supremacy Inc. rep called him up and said,
    Hey C.K. Wanna be famous again? And C.K. said, Hell Yeah!
    And they said, Ok. We’ll book you on Joe Rogan so you can trash Americans and push for open borders. And he said. Ok. And that was that.

    Of course, the rest of the people in the video linked above are doing their bit as well. Obviously! They’re all in on it in one way or another.
    That’s what is meant by Supremacy Inc.

  75. Richard B says:
    @Priss Factor

    Good list. But I’d make one correction.

    4. Among pseudo-intellectuals, it’s Jews are the best thinkers.

    Of course, anyone who thinks Jews are the best thinkers would have to be a pseudo-intellectual, since nothing about them could ever be confused with reason.

    Speaking of which. The fatal thing about celebrity intellectuals like Jordan Peterson is that their mediocre minds are extolled as great by a credulous public devoid of judgment and a cyuical elite devoid of conscience (and judgment).

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  76. anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    May be some Iranians from the Iranian Revolutionary brigade take a note,decide Patterson is now personifying a hateful misguided bribed regime that need to be overthrown .

  77. The money class buys out anyone who achieves a following, right or left.

    David Suzuki is a Japanese Canadian who became a TV celebrity as the host of a science show. He now has a David Suzuki Foundation. Although he once acknowledged the environmental damage caused by population growth and mass immigration to the Americas, he has gone as silent on this issue as the Sierra Club.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  78. @Colin Wright

    If the Palestinians were mostly Christian, that would virtually eliminate support for Israel.

    Russia is reviving Christianity but most Ameris support Jewish globo-homo satanism against Russia.

  79. @Colin Wright

    No, not nearly. It’s simply what the media power and governmental power in the US wants. It could be something different from Muslim hatred. Israel Shamir once responded to someone saying, “none of this would be happening if the Palestinians were black,” answering, “If the Palestinians were black, there would be a spate of papers out of academics proving the racial inferiority of blacks, and within two years, the United States would reinstitute slavery.” Lol, that may be hyperbolic, but closer to the reality of what would actually happen.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  80. @Athena

    I feel so blessed everyday that BHL is a “French” citizen like me, how would we live without his infinite wisdom and positive influence on the nation and the world !

  81. @Man Of East

    Peterson has turned out to be a phoney. He amassed a large following by pushing common sense ideas our grandparents would have recognized but had gone out of fashion. Then, with his audience seduced, he now feeds them bad advice, like some hoser Grimma Wormtongue.

    Was betrayal of his followers always Peterson’s intent, or did he undertake that only at the behest of little Ben Shapiro?

    • Replies: @Anon
  82. @Kolya Krassotkin

    I think that was Hitler’s idea, no? Also, the British at one point considered Uganda as a potential Jewish homeland.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  83. @Jim H

    There’s little holy about The Holy land. It is territory that sits upon the land bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe and is overly burdened with the tragedies and joys of countless hordes passing through the neighborhood.

    But Holy Land has a nicer ring to it than the more accurate name it should be given: foul, suppurating pustule. So the name stays.

  84. Warp speed murderer Trump, Epstein compromised RAPIST Trump, traitor that freed three Israeli spies including p0s Jonathan Pollard Trump. Fighting hard for GAYs Trump,  antigun bump stock, red flag, take guns first to Fineswine Trump…. McCarthy pusher Trump

    • Replies: @Black Maggot
  85. Peterson completely lost whatever credibility he had when he stayed silent during the covid scam,

    He is articulate and has challenged the gender and feminist nonsense but when the real issues come up he scuttles away,

    I remember seeing a video of his talking about a book entitled ‘Ordinary Men’ which is about the Germans allegedly murdering millions of people behind the lines on the eastern front in WW2, now he has to know that the book was complete rubbish, just like he has to know that the official ‘Holocaust’ narrative is simply scientifically impossible, but he is completely on board with that narrative, hence he cannot be trusted,

    Guys who had weak fathers are drawn to him,

    Says it all.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  86. Renoman says:

    I’d much rather see the West destroy Israhell than Iran. Iran’s not bothering anyone while Israhell is bothering everyone. If it wasn’t for their money they’d have never even have gotten a foot hold there. Nobody like them.


    Will the 51 intelligence agents who called Hunter laptop as ‘Russia interference’ be destroyed for election interference?

    Will the fake news media that pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax be dragged to court for defaming Trump(and Russia)?

    They go for little fish who go against the narrative but the bigger fish with bigger lies are protected for serving The Power.

    • Agree: fnn
  88. Legba says:

    I was only vaguely aware of Peterson until about 2 weeks ago when my youtube feed began to fill up with his videos. I don’t know what started it

  89. Emslander says:

    Peterson started out by trying to apply Jungian psycho-philosophy to modern dysfunctions in young people. That’s not a bad approach. I read a lot of Jung a long time ago and found him to be a very satisfying defender of the human being in a technically tyrannical world.

    Trouble is, you can try to apply Jung to everything and that takes you out onto a very thin limb. When you try to live Jungian principles, the flaws in any psychological approach to living soon show up. Peterson, being a psychologist, refused to identify that problem.

    Now he’s a mess.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  90. fnn says:
    @Colin Wright

    I didn’t notice much concern by American Christians for the Christians of Syria during the recent Syrian War. The only foreigners US Christians evince much concern about are blacks and Jews.

  91. anarchyst says:
    @Anne Lid

    The Protestant Reformation was an attempt to correct the abuses committed by the Catholic Church of the day such as “indulgences” promising a “fast track” to salvation, BUT there are still doctrinal deficiencies in Protestantism.
    It is Protestant doctrine that elevated jews into becoming “our elder brothers” while absolving jews of their responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ which they profess to this day, and totally discounting the extreme Talmudic hatred that jews (still) have for Christianity. This jewish hatred of Christianity is somewhat muted in order to keep the shekels and other support flowing from the misguided Protestant “evangelicals” who put israel and jews on a pedestal.
    Another questionable aspect of Protestantism is that of “good works” being of “no value” for “salvation”. It is the Catholic Church that established “institutions of higher learning”, hospitals and other charitable institutions. We will never know if “good works” can contribute to one’s personal salvation, but, it can’t hurt, can it?
    “Sola scriptura” is another problematic doctrine in Protestantism. The Bible has been “revised” and rewritten so many times that a literal interpretation is validly questionable. It is hustler Schofield who elevated the jews to “our elder brothers” and absolved them from responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.
    The “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” ran with it at the insistence of jews and Protestants.
    I am aware that Protestants are good people and want the same thing as Catholics but they are being used by the jews…not good.

  92. @beavertales

    Didn’t it take $50 million (back in the “eighties?) to turn the Sierra Club? Whores.

    • Replies: @Liza
  93. With all due respect, I doubt that Anglin has .01% of an understanding of Carl Jung’s works. If Peterson reveres the works of Jung then it is the only positive I have read about this fop. In my opinion Jung ranks among the top 1% of genuine intellectuals that humanity has ever produced.

    On the other hand, Anglin was recently frothing about YE being the next president who would not only single handedly right all the wrongs of the USA but also save the white race and Christianity to boot.

    So I guess that if Anglin thought that Jung was brilliant, I would be concerned so alright, carry on.


    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  94. It took me 5 minutes of exposure to Peterstein’s rambling back in the days of the Trump admin to realize he was a shabbos snake, but here we are years after his sudden appearance on the scene [wonder ((((who))) could be responsible for that?] and his followers are just now starting to have questions?

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
    , @Anon
  95. Anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pseudonymic handled correctly

    Here’s several.

    He asked for a GOOD answer.

    Those answers, uniformly applied, would have us rush to expend copious amounts of money and blood anywhere and everywhere human rights abuses are occurring. Not practical at all.

    You think America is the knight in shining armor? Buy a police scanner and keep it on for a month or so to see just how frequently calls for domestic abuse are made.

    Nobody’s calling Iran a utopia for women, but protests in Iran are limited to about 3-4 provinces out of 31 and to anyone following events over there for the last 40 years, it’s obvious that Israel is using Peterson as a tool for regime change.

    Israel is offended that Iran stands up for Palestinians. That is all there is to it.

  96. @Pseudonymic handled correctly

    You get an over-inflated pink condom as a prize. You really are brainwashed.

  97. Jordon is on obedience drugs.
    What a sad fall from credibility.

  98. @Avery

    What’s even worse is that Peterson is smart enough, and educated enough, and knowledgeable enough about the foreign world to know that the BullS___ being promulgated by the Friends of Israel is such a vile lie, that it makes Peterson’s abject licking of Shapiro’s feet even more disgusting.

    Avery, you are making a very basic mistake. It is quite possible that JBP is ignorant about the deeper issues of the Jewish and Israeli question. It could also be that his dislike of Islam makes him more prone to this behavior.
    But I feel the main reason is his love of power and lucre. Whatever, I never liked the man, in my mind I called him “Motor Mouth”.

  99. @Richard B

    I would argue that Jordon IS fearing for his life.
    I would also argue that whatever happened or is happening vis a vis Alan*(Andrew) Tate and his daughter is very much in the equation, especially his grandchild.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  100. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Birobidzhan is already for them, surrounded by Russia and China.
    And it’s real cold in winter!

  101. @Happy Tapir

    Most Palestinians of now do have a certain amount of black blood, since a great number of them actually came from Sudan from the British occupation onwards.

  102. @Joe Paluka

    There’s a bit of cosmetic surgery involved and she has auto-immune problems.

  103. I have to admit, Vox Day was spot on about Jordan Peterson from the git go. At first I didn’t understand his hostility but I really didn’t know much about Peterson other than the free speech crusade. The bizarre, frequent crying jags in public are the epitome of cringe. Stuff like that just makes your skin crawl. At this point the label “conservative” basically means controlled opposition. Nothing but corporate stooges, chickenhawks, attention whores, headcases and surrender monkeys.

    I wonder which “Anglin” wrote this article? It’s not as juvenile and cringy as the other Anglins.

    The only thing Conservatives conserve is the victories of their enemies.

  104. @Wokechoke

    More accurately, it’s called: mental illness.

    Peterson has revealed previously that he suffers from depression, at minimum. There could be more; he may be bipolar. Some of his conduct does resemble that.

    It would be appropriate to always factor the mental illness aspects when considering anything Jordan Peterson. Just like with Elon Musk, btw. He has publicly revealed he is bipolar and also evidences it.

  105. @Priss Factor

    1. Among Evangelicals, it’s Jews are the People of the Book, the Chosen.

    2. Among libertarians, it’s Jews are the richest and most successful. They are meritocratic masters.

    3. Among GOP whores, it’s Jews got the money, and you put out to moneyh.

    4. Among intellectuals, it’s Jews are the best thinkers.

    5. Among HBD types, it’s a combo of Jewish IQ, power of will, and ‘human accomplishment’.

    Perfect observation!

    Furthermore, if Iranian women and girls are actually dead-against Islamic Shariat (i.e., Islamic canonical law based on the instructions of Qu’ran and the lifestyle of Muhammad the Arabian), then let Iranian women and girls fight and die for their cause and determination.

    Apparently, vast majority of Iranian women and girls love Islam and Islamic hellhole where they live.

    Nothing good comes out of a Muslim whether that Muslim is a man or a woman!

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  106. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Picture looks either modified by some software, or taken at a weird angle.
    (she has a lot of enemies amongst militant vegan psychos for being 100% carnivore)

    She has had a terrible childhood due to interminable medical issues.
    Let’s cut her some slack.

    [The Talk TEDx Wouldn’t Post | Mikhaila Peterson]

  107. @anarchyst

    Indulgences reduce one’s time spent in Purgatory. They are of no help to someone who dies in mortal sin, no matter how many he bought. They do not buy salvation, that’s a Protestant canard.
    There were pastoral issues in the church that the Council of Trent addressed. The Protestant heresy was an extreme overreaction.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Troll: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  108. Dragoslav says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s really pathetic, and all to agree with this ” priss factor ” whose aliases and personalities we don’t count anymore.
    Even curmudgeon who had already unmasked him as the sad old pederastic negromaniac he is . You don’t even see that with his pseudo list he delights in glorifying the Jews and humiliating you. (In reversal of his inferiority complex, it is obvious) He even uses Nazi terms like master race in a grotesque inversion to mock you.

    Anyway, he uses exactly the same technique when he pretends to vilify or deplore the savagery of negroes while constantly showing his sick sexual obsession with them. And while humiliating all white men as weaklings and all white women as mudsharks attracted exclusively to blacks! This is called projection.
    This lunatic must be laughing when you ” like ” his nauseating posts. That this sicko is tolerated ( and even writes! ) on this website is incredible.

  109. Hrw-500 says:
    @Priss Factor

    And add to the list the Shah of Iran who turned against his puppeteers, the jewish lobby then he mentioned in an interview on 60 Minutes in 1976.

    In case if Youtube delete it, it’s also on Bitchute.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Pastit
  110. @Pseudonymic handled correctly

    Post when you go on tour. I’d love to see the rest of your routine.

  111. @Larry47460

    I scrolled back up and checked for you just to be sure, but this article is actually about Jordan Peterson.

  112. @Emslander

    Trouble is, you can try to apply Jung to everything and that takes you out onto a very thin limb. When you try to live Jungian principles, the flaws in any psychological approach to living soon show up.

    Mostly yeah, but it sure helped Hermann Hesse, judging from his post-Jungian therapy productions (from Demian on to the Nobel Prize, now held by Bob Dylan). But yeah, any ideological framework has to be taken with a grain of salt, as they say; otherwise it’s just another religious cult.

    Jung btw was pretty based, which is why the NYT still hates him, and promotes silly books about “Jung and the Nazis” or “The Aryan Christ” etc. Also, the Times editors and owners were all patients of Freudian quacks from back when it was so fashionable (like the jokes in old Woody Allen routines) so they were taught to hate Jung. That makes him aces in my book.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  113. @Timur The Lame

    In my opinion Jung ranks among the top 1% of genuine intellectuals that humanity has ever produced.

    Until I read Kastrup’s Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics he was pretty opaque to me, but now I would have some reason to agree with your assessment.

    • Thanks: inspector general
  114. @No Worries

    JP started out making common sense objections to compulsory pronouns, which in today’s world seemed to take some guts.

    As Dr. Johnson said about women preachers, it’s like cats walking on their hind legs, it’s not done well, but the miracle is that it happens at all.

    Then he started handing out life coaching advice that was so simple you wondered who could need it (make your bed, etc.) but OK, if someone does, that’s good.

    Then he had some kind of nervous breakdown, went to Russia, and came back a Zionist shill. Either they “got” to him in some mind control way, or else it was a brilliantly orchestrated long con from the start.

    • Replies: @Pastit
    , @Not Important
  115. @bike-anarkist

    Hmmm, Peterson, Tate, Dugin… daughters… Russia… a pattern begins to emerge.

    Three times is enemy action. — Auric Goldfinger

  116. @The Real World

    Well, he is a Professor of Psychology, so that would suggest some mental instability right from the get go.

  117. @Peter D. Bredon

    Jews love psychology, psychiatry, therapy. They detest sin, redemption, atonement, forgiveness, restitution, priests, pastors

  118. Frankie P says:

    Iran, like China, India and even Russia to some extent, is a civilizational state. Their civilization has very deep roots, far predating the arrival of Islam, which they DID influence and imprint with ideas from Zoroastrianism. Iran, or Persia, has a long history of excellece in education, science, medicine, and the arts. Civilizational states like this are able to withstand the sway of the evil usurers.

    I am not a Communist or Anarchist, and I see this as clear as day. I don’t even think I’m red-pilled. This seems to refer to partisan politics, specifically the Republican Party in the US. I prefer black-pilled. I oppose the power of the financial sector, the central banks and the central bank of the central banks, run and influenced by the Rottenchilds and their buddies, calmly and slowly destroying western civilization. I salute ANY nation who refuses to bow to the usurers and allow them to slowly take control of their nation.

  119. frankie p says:

    Doctor doctor
    Give me the news
    I got a
    Bad case of hate’n Jews
    Black pill gonna cure my ill
    I got a
    Bad case of hate’n Jews

    Keep recommending the black pill: anti-usury, anti-Jewish Supremacism, pro-goy=pro-human

  120. @Old Brown Fool

    Okay, agreed. Iran / Persia has not attacked any other country in over 200 years. What about America? How many countries in 200 years? None, a few, or many?

    It would be sneaky, deceptive, to reach back over 2000 years looking desperately for some way to defame modern Iran.

    Thanks for that information.

  121. Jordan Peterson has always shilled for Jews. This narrative that he only started doing so after signing with Daily Wire or going to Russia or whatever is false.

    It is true that he has made it a more central part of his schtick recently.

  122. Liza says:
    @inspector general

    If I remember right, it was far more than $50 million. More like $100 million.

  123. Pastit says:

    The Shah was laying down the truth and Wallace the weasel was trying to make him look foolish.

  124. Pastit says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    Shaprio and the Daily Wire got to him with their free trip to Israel and their zionist rhetoric.

  125. Butt-Tucker is being disingenuous. Hussein had real power over Iraq. In contrast, Biden is a puppet, and his ‘power’ derives from serving Jewish Power. So, the ‘saddam hussein’ of the US is Jewish Power, but Butt-Tucker(who caved on ‘gay marriage’) won’t go there.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  126. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Pseudonymic handled correctly

    Because America is not just a nation, but a proposition- that all men, women, and other- are equal.

    Indeed. And that’s what JBP believes. And that’s exactly the problem.

    So equal, the rich should envy the poor.

    So equal, men are literally women, and women are literally men (who are supposed to act like women).

  127. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Da's Reich

    It was provable he was going to go off the rails from day 1 when he didn’t quit his professorship. Bruh, what do you think a university is.

    The problem: if he had quit his professorship nobody would have listened to him. They need that Regime imprimatur. Credentialism is ad hominem, and only ad hominem works on voters.

    If you looked into his ideas, it was obvious he suffers agonizingly from crimestop.

  128. It’s like a cosmic law.

    Jews decree, goyim agree. Jew’s demand is the goy’s command.

  129. @SteveK9

    I agree. He talks too much about things he doesn’t know enough about. I still think he’s more useful than harmful, though. It’s better that he exists than that he doesn’t. You can’t take the fight to the left if you reject everyone who is less-than-perfect. That’s an idiotic and self-defeating standard.

  130. This guy has turned into a paid stooge of the Jews. Recently he made a few generalized right wing comments and now he is panicking and attempting to atone for it by making anti Iranian comments…which is just a code word for playing the Zionist game. The man should stick to Psychology and leave Politics to real experts…he is starting to sound like all of those British rock stars who claim that they really all wanted to be soccer players.

  131. George 1 says:

    As just a practical matter, JP should consider the ramifications of potentially going to war with Iran. I mean if you liked war with Iraq, you will love war with Iran. If he really thinks it is a good idea then he can lead all of the chicken hawks and go for it. Send his kids as well.

    Since Israel is ever so moral, they will have to send troops too. After all it would be immoral of us to just send goy troops. Just so they can share the glory, we need to see Israeli troops coming home in body bags as well. Why should we always have all of the fun?

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  132. @Сила в правде

    And blabblegab reduces one’s time in hobasomma. That is as coherent and well-supported as what you just wrote. But at least you have the confidence of a zealot.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  133. @Priss Factor

    On a lighter note, since you mention Saddam, here is the musical tribute of Russian “Mister Credo” to Hussein:

  134. @Vito Klein

    sigh….you really couldn’t see through transparent controlled opposition tactics?

  135. @James J. O'Meara

    Con from the start. A jew wrote the praise-filled intro to his book, and he was giving lectures on how totally eeeeeeeeeeevil big bad Adolf was back when he was still primarily just a university prof. Oh, and let’s not forget the famous moment when he said “I just can’t” discuss jewish involvement in communism, or when he claimed to have never heard of “200 Years Together” despite his endless rambling about Solzhenitzyn.

    • Replies: @dogismyth
  136. anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pseudonymic handled correctly

    If it diminishes white men, or kills white babies, it’s good. Damn, what a shit culture.

  137. Anon[252] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    It was always his intent.

    From the beginning, he was pushing atomic individualism on Whites only, particularly on young White men, and doing so on the grounds that this demographic is uniquely dangerous. His viewpoint here is that of the UN (which he did some work for, years ago) and all post-WW2 Western institutions in general – and that is, namely: the #1 priority of all politics must be to prevent the rise of another Hitler.

    He was working for the jews since Day 1, but why? I used to think that he was simply frightened at birth by hollow-hoax propaganda. But seeing the photos of the Soviet agitprop which he displays on many walls of his house showed me that he doesn’t actually mind collective political action or genocide.

    Is he a crypto-jew? This is the question that must be asked. After all, exactly what are the reasons for assuming that he’s White? “He’s Canadian.” There are no jews in Canada? Jews in Canada are strangers to crypsis? “He denounced pronouns.” Jew Ben Shapiro does the same; so do many other jews. “He doesn’t profess Judaism.” Plenty of jews don’t; jewishness is not a religious matter (except in the sense that jews worship their own blood or tribe as a god). Why did Peterson have an almost apoplectic reaction when a nobody on Twitter called him “Juden Petersohn”? Open jews like Sarah Silverman have a sense of humor and laugh at and even amplify such remarks; not Peterson. He acted like someone whose cover was blown.

  138. Anon[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @No Worries

    Boomers tend to take everything at face value.

    Faith in institutions is their default setting. If the MSM present something, they believe that presentation until, often years later, they begin to have “doubts.” Because they are such independent thinkers.

    I suppose we should be grateful that Boomers are waking up or trying to. But their pretenses to intellectual leadership are laughable. They are a bunch Hank Hills.

  139. Pamique says:

    Jordan Peterson isn’t perfect, but he’s in a class way, way higher than Andrew Anglin, by any measure. PhD Psychology (when such things were way harder to earn), long time full professor at Harvard and U of Toronto, clinician, researcher, and author of some decent books, many best sellers. He’s got a vast catalogue of podcasts going back quite a few years, and most are quite interesting for their scope and depth. His Bible series is very good. He’s an ardent anti-communist, and his commentary against totalitarianism in general and communism in particular is devastating.

    Plus he’s a Dostoyevsky, and Solshenitsyn (sp) fan. Man after my own heart.

    A general comment on Jordan Peterson: his approach is unique in that he thinks things down to the bedrock. I find it helpful, and millions of others do too.

    I’ve got my issues with some of his opinions, for example, I think his general support of psychedelics is a little irresponsible. And while his Bible series is very good, due to his thinking down to the bedrock, there’s a lot of research and scholarship that would probably be helpful to him, but he does not seem to be aware of it. He seems to get distracted sometimes and wander into the weeds, and can get confused. But in my judgement, sometimes, when exploring, a person can get lost, and Jordan Peterson finds his way back.

    As far as his personal problems go, well, living here in this glass house, I’m not going to throw stones. We’ve all got our flaws.

    But by and large, Jordan Peterson is a uniquely interesting intellectual.

    Judging from Anglin’s comments here, I doubt he’s paid more than superficial attention to Jordan Peterson, and it’s not to Anglin’s credit to criticize without knowing what he’s talking about.

    As far as Peterson’s relationship with Shapiro goes, my guess is that Peterson got the inside family deal from Shapiro. Jordan Peterson is a seasoned veteran of the media, and it’s just very, very unlikely that he’d sign the contracts outlined by Crowder. Call Jordan Peterson a lot of things, but you probably wouldn’t call him stupid. He’s got to be a huge draw to Shapiro’s platform, and both know it.

    (I listened to Crowder’s podcast about Shapiro, and okay, whatever. Crowder is swimming in a big vat of sour grapes. A lot of these media types are like junior high girls, if they don’t get their way, they get hysterical, and they are especially nasty to, and jealous of, other successful broadcasters. Like Michael Savage for example, he never has anything good to say about any of the other pundits. Crowder strikes me as the same type).

    I just can’t see Jordan Peterson being pushed around by Ben Shapiro. It seems to me that Shapiro needs Peterson way more than Peterson needs Shapiro. They have something mutual going on that both see an advantage to.

    So Andrew Anglin, give yourself some cred and listen to some of Jordan Peterson’s podcasts. There’s a good one that’s fairly recent with Joe Rogan, covering the Ontario Psychology professional board threatening to pull Peterson’s license. And his Bible series is worth the sixteen hours or whatever.

    Then, after a semester or two in that school, come back and criticize him. Meantime the way you talk, you just sound like an ill informed idjut.

  140. @Pamique

    Are you a Jew or a Shabbos Goy? I can’t tell.

    • Replies: @Pamique
  141. Pamique says:

    Name calling as argument. Now everyone knows just how smart you are.

  142. “Here’s several.
    Because it is the right thing to do.
    Because America is not just a nation, but a proposition- that all men, women, and other- are equal.
    Because that is who we are, as a nation.
    Because Women’s rights are Human rights.”

    Ohhh that is interesting

    a woman’s right to murder a child in or out of the woman is a human right that’s rich and nonsense.

    your list may be admirable ideals, but as issues of policy for war making — no. How nations decide to govern themselves is their business. Certainly we can advocate for this or that, but making a war for said purposes is beyond the scope of of who we are. Woman played that card in Iran, irag, and throughout the middle east and simply is untenable even as amoral crusade.

    There are plenty of reasons to mistrust Iran, but their social fabric id their social fabric. We’ve got western leaders zipping about the globe demanding changes to a nation’s social fabric as of what’s good for them is good for all and its nonsense — it simply is not accurate. There’s plenty of room to consider whether it’s for good for the west. if women want to suit up and join a mercenary crusade to transform iran — they can have at it.

    as for the comments about whites — good grief whites have been exporting nonsense for war since they arrived on the planet. The support for ukraine is not about defending same relational conduct. it’s about

    1. defending sovereignty

    2. defending the ability of the US and other nations to conduct peaceful affairs minus the aggression of one’ neighbors.

  143. @Pamique

    Surely Anglin’s got better things to do than listen to JP. Listening to JP is a waste of time.

  144. Pamique says:

    Thanks Mike, you make my point better than I did. Anglin has a long piece dissing JP, but he hasn’t even listened to JP. So, by definition, Anglin is uninformed. Maybe it’s just me, but relying on uninformed people for opinions is probably not a great idea.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  145. @Passing By

    Correct. When it comes to whites, they like soft men, funny men, silly men, gay men. They don’t like strong white men. Notice the white males they allow to have a platform on YT. The pattern is evident.

    • Replies: @Pamique
  146. Pamique says:
    @Simple Pseudonuymic Handle

    There’s exceptions to your theory. Is Joe Rogan soft, funny (well, JR is funny), silly, or gay? No. How about that Jocko guy? Michael Savage?

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  147. Anne Lid says:

    He has succinctly explained what Catholics really believe about indulgences. (Not what their adversaries state, i.e. buying salvation.) Why so hostile?

  148. Anne Lid says:

    Rogan’s wife is Jewish. M. Savage is Jewish. Jocko I’ve never heard about.

    About #145: that is the thing about Peterson: vast and interesting knowledge about something, but eluding the pith. You could listen to every word he ever uttered or wrote about Solzhenytsin and feel satisfied that you know so much more than before, never knowing about 200 Years Together. He can talk about the Bible but he never said he believes in Christ. It’s a bunch of brilliant words that come up empty. He doesn’t deny truth, he just smothers it.

  149. dogismyth says:

    What a douche!

    He’ll come sniveling back.

    jews are toast

  150. dogismyth says:
    @Not Important

    blackmail is a powerful thing. Ask the 535 imbeciles in washington.

    that’s gawd’s people for ya. Blackmailing, killing, stealing and pervertedness is the road to eternal life.

  151. Al Ross says:
    @anyone with a brain

    “Asian Communism?”

    The Chinese and later the Vietnamese only began to prosper when they ditched Judeo/Marxist economics and adopted ( and adapted ) Western Industrial Capitalism.

  152. @Pamique

    You are correct that we shouldn’t have opinions about things we have no experience of. But there is too much information in the world, with every Tim, Dick and Harry being a published author and airing their views all over the Internet that it is impossible to get informed about everything, and most isn’t worth being informed about as it’s garbage anyway. But then I suppose it’s OK to express an opinion about something you haven’t examined if you know in which kitchen it’s been cooked up.

    So I know little about JP: I heard his extremely long debate with Slavije Zizek, which was a waste of 2.5 hours, and saw his bestseller book on the stands in bookshop and leafed through it picking up the odd sentence and chapter title over a few seconds. Then I maybe scanned through what others may have said about him. I think it’s more than enough time devoted to this particular person as there are far better intellectuals worthy of one’s time.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  153. @RedpilledAF

    As in Ukraine, the USA overthrew the democratically-elected leader of Iran in 1953, replacing him with a puppet. Zelensky in Ukulele, the Shah in Iran. Same old same old with Tribalists.

    America is run by demonic, mendacious meddlers. Worse, our leaders are cowards. They emulate Israel, attacking only weaker others…often by surprise.

    If the Lolocaust was real, it was likely deserved. Sane people will take only so much from antijesusians.

    Peterson is not perfect, nor should he have to be. He was a role model for lost boys…which many Western males are. Yet he crossed the line, IMHO, when he signed on with Israel Uber Alles, Inc: Little Ben’s Zionazi cadre.

  154. @The Real World

    I find so many mental health diagnoses to be garbage.
    Depression – a chemical imbalance of the brain, resulting in a low mood, that can be treated with a pharmaceuticals
    versus – the natural consequence of an unfulfilling life of toil, absent of meaningful and satisfying relationships within a culture that limits a person’s expression of their true emotions about their plight
    Schizophrenia – a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally, requiring a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs to manage
    versus – the natural consequence of soul shattering trauma, shock or abuse within a society that prohibits you from destroying your abuser like any animal would, because of muh religion which says “thou shalt not kill” forcing you to let the SOB walk free and potentially harm others, until and if he is caught
    Bipolar disorder – a brain disorder that causes changes in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function requiring a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs
    The consequence of trauma and/or emotional or sexual abuse within a society that requires that the resultant emotions be expressed in a controlled way for the purpose of civility

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  155. Who’s behind Peterson? He is a MORON, an embarrassment to the species, the genus and the phyllum. The frantic boot-licking to the Zionazis must hold a clue to the answer.

  156. @Commentator Mike

    Peterson vs Zizek was an EPIC phony slap-down. I watched about an hour, long after anger had been replaced by mirth, then it by angst. What hope for a species that produces such prodigies of empty, meaningless, jabbering? The quintessence of meaninglessness.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  157. @Face_The_Truth

    Spoken like a TRUE Zio-NAZI. Picking a fight with 1.4 billion over your corrupt, racist, Reich on stolen land looks like a bad bet. I expect that you imagine your Western slaves will do the fighting and dying, and you’ll just get to nuke south Lebanon or something similar. Still, after 3500 years, raw hatred is very hard to kick as a habit.

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