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Jewish Pop Musician Antony Blinken Again Threatens War Against China
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My major China-Taiwan-America primer: What About China, Then?

The US is continuing its aggressive global harassment campaign against anyone not totally on board with their deranged globalist agenda.

The sickening Jew Antony Blinken is now pivoting back and forth daily between threatening Russia and threatening China. It looks like we might start seeing some threats against Iran soon as well.


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the Reuters Next conference on Friday that Chinese leaders should think carefully about their actions toward Taiwan, warning of “terrible consequences” if China precipitates a crisis across the Taiwan Strait.

In an interview, Blinken addressed multiple foreign policy challenges facing the administration of President Joe Biden, including faltering efforts to repair the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, and the spiraling conflict in Ethiopia.

Can’t forget Ethiopia.

Gotta go harass them niggas as well.

Most acute may be China’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its territory. Taiwan’s defense minister has said tensions with China are at their worst in more than 40 years adding that China will be capable of mounting a “full-scale” invasion by 2025.

Asked if China was going to invade Taiwan, Blinken said “that would be a potentially disastrous decision,” repeating Washington’s position that it is “resolutely committed” to making sure Taiwan has the means to defend itself.

China had been trying to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait in recent years by engaging in provocative military maneuvers and trying to isolate Taiwan from the rest of world, Blinken said.

“I hope that China’s leaders think very carefully about this and about not precipitating a crisis that would have I think terrible consequences for lots of people and one that’s in no one’s interest, starting with China,” Blinken said.

It’s wacky the way the media just lies.

Firstly: virtually the whole world, including the United States, agrees that Taiwan is China’s territory.

Anyone can find this map on Wikipedia:

Taiwan is not a country, no serious person believes that Taiwan is a country. Not even people who live in Taiwan believe it is a country. It’s an absurd and idiotic lie told to the dumbest people on earth: American peasants.

Secondly, China could launch a “full-scale” “invasion” of Taiwan ten minutes from now and it would be over about 90 minutes later. No one in Taiwan is going to take up arms to defend the American occupation of the island. The so-called “Taiwanese military” would just be like “yeah, nah.”

At least 60% of the country would cheer for the PRC as liberators. The other 40% would briefly look at whatever PRC forces were in the streets, as one would briefly look at a cat chasing a squirrel, and then go on with their daily business.

Everyone in Taiwan saw the Hong Kong reunification and they know that virtually nothing would change if Beijing instead of Washington was their head government.

Thirdly, no one on earth believes that “Taiwan can defend itself” from China. That is again just something so stupid that only a Jew could say it without blushing.

Neither could the US military move enough forces into the region to “stop the invasion.” That stupid quisling woman who runs the US occupation of Taiwan would be on TV within an hour resigning and apologizing to all Chinese people for “mean-spirited and disrespectful behaviors and actions.”

Xi would be on every TV in Taiwan telling people it is a happy day when all Chinese people can once again live in tender affection and joyful happiness together, and assuring the country that their current government system would continue, with only the top authorities being forced to resign and be replaced with existing pro-Beijing politicians.

Emperor Xi does not make Chinese people nervous. He does the fatherly leader thing better than anyone else on earth, which is one reason why he has approximately a 99% approval rating in China – and a very good rating around the rest of the world, that isn’t moronic omicronic America.

There would be no “invasion.”

There would be a peaceful, rapid annexation of China’s internationally-recognized territory, which is currently under an illegal occupation by the US government.

So then the US would do what?

They would do a revenge attack against China? Once the government of Taiwan surrendered, the “Taiwanese military” would be in the full control of the PRC, with all of the troops having sworn allegiance in a few minutes. So then Blinken would do what? Invade Taiwan and try to reestablish a puppet government that had already resigned? Along with fighting the Chinese military, US forces would have to fight the Taiwanese military that they themselves armed.

But let’s forget all of those obvious facts.

What if China was planning to go into Taiwan and literally commit some kind of organ harvesting cannibal genocide?

Who cares?

Do you care?

What does this have to do with me and my problems?

What does it have to do with your problems?

Make me a bullet point list of the reasons you support democracy in Taiwan.

You a big anal marriage guy?

Afraid the big bad commies will ban the biggest anal parade in Asia?

Because if that’s your main concern, then I do understand where you’re coming from. There’s not much chance Beijing is going to allow the America-funded buttfuckfest to continue.

But unless you were planning to go to Taiwan and get a rimjob on the public street, how does this affect you?

Frankly, even if you are a big rimjob guy, or a big supporter of Antifa or Islamic terrorism or Vietnamese fishing rights or any of the other reasons the Biden Administration and the Republicans are saying we need a war with China, don’t you think we need to put this planned world war on hold until we get a few things figured out in this country?

Why is the US government effectively committing to fight a world war with China to protect “democracy in Taiwan”?

Do we not have problems in this country that our government should be working on?

Frankly, if there is a war, I hope [redacted] and that every single US military tranny faggot [redacted][redacted][redacted].

I’m really, really sick of this gay shit, man.

The US government is turning little children into trannies.

They’re injecting them with hormones and they’re cutting their dicks off.

I’m on the side of whoever is against that.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
The China/America Series
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