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Is Coach Red Pill Dead?
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Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira has gone AWOL, and is presumed dead or captured.

Coach was broadcasting from the Ukraine, mostly from Kharkov, since the beginning of the conflict, giving critical commentary on the conflict. We’ve posted a lot of his material here.

He would also say that if you didn’t hear from him in 12 hours, assume he’s dead or captured, and we’ve now not heard from him for more than 72 hours. His Telegram and all social media has gone dark.

He missed an appearance on George Galloway’s show on Friday. Galloway mentioned this again on Sunday.

Ukraine Maps on Twitter has been covering this.

There are rumors that he’s dead.

But it’s safe to assume there would be rumors that he is dead even if he wasn’t dead, so I’m not sure that means much until we get some kind of confirmation. I’m not really sure what a confirmation would look like, because if Azov/SBU is following this chatter, they might just claim they killed him even if they didn’t. The Ukraine has repeatedly claimed to have killed Russian generals that turned up alive.

There’s not really much else to report here. I’m just giving an update. It’s not clear if he’s dead.

It’s possible he’s just holed up somewhere without any internet after bombings in Kharkov. There was fighting in Kharkov over the weekend, and as stated above, in his last known communications, he could hear fighting.

That said, there do appear to be people using the internet from Kharkov.

Also, he was saying that people from the Ukraine were trying to kill him. He was telling stories about how he was like, climbing out of windows to escape assassins and so on. Maybe he was embellishing some of that, but he was definitely in Kharkov, he proved that repeatedly, and he was definitely speaking out against the Zelensky terror machine, both on Telegram and other social media and on Russian and international TV. So I don’t really see any reason why the Ukrainians wouldn’t be trying to kill or capture him.

The Ukraine has a policy of killing any journalists they see. They’ve killed several mainstream journalists from Western outlets. They attacked a Fox News vehicle and killed two people and blew off the legs of a Fox reporter who had been a regular on the scene.

Fox is obviously supporting the Zelensky terrorist regime and Azov, they just don’t want anyone filming anything that is happening. So there is no reason to doubt that they were hunting Coach.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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