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Iran War Next? John Bolton Assassination Hoax and Salmon Rushdie Fatwa Stabbing
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At this point, these government/media are just going nuts making up completely ridiculous bullshit because they know no one can question them.


Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Thursday that he was “embarrassed” by a low price tag that had allegedly been put on his head, as part of a would-be plot to assassinate him, planned by an Iranian national.

On Wednesday, The US Justice Department announced criminal charges against Shahram Poursafi, a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), for allegedly orchestrating an assassination attempt against Bolton, a long-time anti-Iran hawk.

According to the DOJ, Poursafi wanted to take out Bolton presumably in order to avenge the death of Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian general and leader of IRGC-Quds Force, killed by a drone strike on the orders of US President Donald Trump in early 2020. The department said that Poursafi attempted to pay someone \$300,000 to murder Bolton on US soil.

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer what he thought about the DOJ announcement, Bolton, who also served as US ambassador to the United Nations, responded that he “was embarrassed at the low price.”

“I would have thought it would have been higher,” he admitted. “But I guess maybe it was the exchange rate problem or something.”

That’s… mildly funny, actually.

But this is so obviously fake that it makes me wonder if the fatwa attack on Salmon Rushdie wasn’t some kind of MK Ultra hoax.

Firstly, Moslems haven’t been doing these fatwa assassinations in forever. The last one I remember was Theo Van Gogh. Fatwa assassinations have been replaced with mass killings of randos, probably because that is more exciting.

Plus, the Rushdie fatwa was from 1989. Who is even thinking about that? I dunno, maybe there is an Arabic version of 4chan somewhere and this is like a Moslem meme stabbing. Maybe the stabber went on a board and was like “bros I’m going full akbar, any suggestions?” and someone was like “that fatwa is still out on Rushdie lol.”

But otherwise – how would anyone even remember this fatwa? Rushdie isn’t writing best-selling books, and a lot of professionals have admitted that those books he wrote are actually total garbage.

Conversely, it’s perfect for the media, who can make this whole thing of “we’ve been at war with Iran since the 1980s! For them, this never stopped! They’re still worried about some fat novelist no one has cared about for 30 years!”

I wonder if it is even legal to say that the Salmon Rushdie stabbing was a hoax? It’s apparently illegal to call out obvious crisis actors at this point. So are you just not allowed to say something is a hoax?

I don’t know. Who cares.

I’ll just say: it’s super convenient for Rushdie to pop up with a knife in his flabby fat neck just as the US is trying to figure out someone other than Russia or China to start a war with.

I told you this: after losing against Russia, they are going to try to look for some kind of quick win. Iran wouldn’t be a quick win, but whatever morons, women, and niggers are running the White House and the State Department would listen to the Pentagon and the Jews saying “no bro, Iran will be way easy.”

This is what the Pentagon is thinking, I promise you: if they can get a win, they will build up more energy for wars, and then be able to try Russia again, or attack China in the Indian mountains or whatever. So the fact that we have all these news items and events circling around Iran is extremely suspicious.


Just to be clear – Salmon Rushdie (you pronounce his first name like the fish) is a Persian novelist from India. He wrote a novel insulting Islam in 1988, and in 1989, the Supreme Leader of Iran (Ayatollah) put out a “fatwa” against him, which is a general order for Moslems to kill him. For the last 33 years, the UK taxpayer has been paying for his extreme security detail.

It’s possible he’s gotten lax with his security, since it’s been so long, and he isn’t really a relevant public figure anymore. But the security is paid for, so…

And then you’ve got this question of why any young Moslem would even be thinking about this.

I mean, who knows. Maybe it’s real.

But in my view, Occam’s Razor is that this guy was groomed by the security services to do this stabbing. They found some slightly unhinged, socially alienated young Moslem, and gave him the backstory, and told him it would be an epic win for Allah to get this pretentious garbage novelist from the 1980s.

Then, possibly, they could have set it up so there was a hole in security that allowed the guy to get up on Rushdie’s fat ass.

But even if it is completely real, it is totally convenient. Because there is no way this John Bolton thing is real.

Here’s the fact: you don’t have to be a conspiracy kook to think things are fake. Look at the chemical gas attacks in Syria. These were literally staged with actors.

And the US State Department itself has said that Russia stages things with actors.

So everyone agrees that this is possible.

People were calling me a “conspiracy believer” for saying that Sandy Hoax was fake. Honestly, I don’t even know if it was, I just think it’s funny to say that. Frankly, if you watch that documentary from Bitchute, I don’t understand how you can think there wasn’t something weird going on there.

Video Link

What’s more, the whole fact of these alleged parents waging a decade-long legal battle against Alex Jones is not really believable. If your kid was murdered, would you wage a decade long legal battle against some guy you think is a kook who supposedly hurt your feelings? Like, imagine if your son died and someone said your son didn’t really die. I guess I could see getting mad, maybe, but it would be more like “oh, that’s really weird, I don’t want to think about that.”

Then you’ve got that David Hogg thing, which is possibly even more ridiculous than Sandy Hoax.

Video Link

But back to the point: the US State Department says that staged events with crisis actors are a thing, and we have proven examples of this. We have like 5 solid examples of majorly fake events in the Ukraine since February (not with crisis actors, but just total hoaxes). So, you really have to be willing to ask if something is fake. There is nothing kooky about taking the time to ask if something was faked.

Anyone who can’t understand this is actually just stupid, frankly. If you can’t understand the difference between someone who says everything is fake and someone who just takes a step back and says “well, there are fake events, so we have to ask if something is fake if it looks fake, because it could be fake” then you are just dumb and not capable of complex analysis of the reality situation.

At this point, any event that benefits the Jewish narrative is just as likely to be some kind of staged/framed hoax as it is to be an organic event.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Iran, John Bolton 
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  1. pretentious garbage novelist from the 1980s


    • Replies: @Bob - Enough
  2. Notsofast says:

    matt lee seems to be one of the last mainstream journalist still working. quite frankly i can’t figure out why he hasn’t been blackballed or met with some terrible accident.

  3. The amerimutts and the Negro-Saxons are perverted, satanic subhumans. They no longer find life in God, in righteousness and wholesome things. They exist only to bath in all things kosher, like these ridiculous hoaxes, and among other travesties created by these Sub-Human in the (((West))).

    A much-deserved fate for lowly worms who think they are “gods”. Anglin is very precise. This is the start of your suffering.

  4. It is the fatwa that actually made Rushdie famous b/c his book was utter garbage. I tried to read it, after thirty pages it became a torture and after a hundred, I definitely gave up. Why did I bother to try? B/c it was a birthday gift and since I am polite, I unwrap and keep the presents I’m given.
    As for Bolton, you know it’s fake b/c he’s obviously overpriced. I am certain there are people who’d do him in for much less, if not for outright free.

    • Agree: Emslander, Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @c matt
    , @Face_The_Truth
  5. You know it is fake when anybody in the MSM gives a rat’s bottom that John Bolton is a target.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  6. Dumbo says:

    I never read Rushdie and I doubt he’s a genius novelist, but then again, a knife attack seems a bit harsh as a book criticism…

    Could it be a hoax? Well, if anyone had a good reason to fake his own death was Rushdie, although perhaps it would make more sense to have staged this years ago. Or maybe he was useful before and now isn’t anymore. I don’t know. Guess I’ll wait on Miles Mathis’ take on this one. 😀 😉 😛

  7. Emslander says:

    Going after Rushdie pursuant to a Fatwah 35 years after it’s issued is the most effective kind of message. It says, “we will get you in the name of Muhammad for your blasphemy, even if you are on your deathbed begging for just another day of life.”

    That is a statement!

    • Replies: @Unit472
  8. Biff says:

    What do all Islamic terror events have in common?

    They always have an Israeli intelligence operative in the right place at the exact right time with his camera ready.

  9. @HeebHunter

    That’s about enough, rabbi

    • Agree: Automatic Slim, Rurik
    • LOL: Kratoklastes
    • Troll: spacewanderer
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @spacewanderer
  10. Why does the fat greedy homosexual pig Alex Jones hopes that Trump will bomb Iran?

  11. And then you’ve got this question of why any young Moslem would even be thinking about this.

    Isn’t there a million dollar bounty/reward attached to the Ayatollah’s fatwa? I suppose someone could be prepared to go to jail and have the reward paid to his family. But did Rushdie survive the attack?

  12. Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Clarion Project, that whole circle is a giant Zionist psyop. Good riddance

  13. @Biff

    Wherever the media is present to document an event that implies many, almost all those MSM reporters, Israeli intelligence operatives are in attendance. And then you get the news broadcast on an Israeli intelligence channel masquerading as CNN, BBC, ABC, etc. whatever MSM station or reported in some Israeli intelligence print or internet media like the Guardian, New York Times, and so on. And then an Israeli intelligence enterprise called Hollywood may even create a movie based on real events but skewed to serve Israeli propaganda purpose.

  14. SteveK9 says:

    The revolting hoax in Bucha Ukraine changed the whole nature of the ‘special military operation’. The Russian went in with a lightning stroke, hoping to topple the Kiev government. It didn’t work, so they had to regroup and they began the long grind in Donbass. So, they left a lot of towns that they had occupied briefly, one was Bucha. The Ukraine thugs then murdered a bunch of people they considered collaborators (taking aid from the Russian Army). They arranged their corpses carefully, then made a video claiming the Russians killed them (2 days earlier the mayor had stated that there nothing happened in the town while the Russians were there).

    That convinced the Russians that they could NEVER return ‘liberated’ territories back to this government, unless they wanted their own people/sympathizers to be murdered wholesale. That initiated the thinking that they would have to annex large parts of the territory of Ukraine, which is going to happen. Russia cannot give a shit what the West thinks at this point, if they want to survive.

  15. @Biff

    Funny how that works, eh? Yet, it goes unnoticed by the vast majority.

  16. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    300K to whack Bolton? Fuck, I bid 500K, right here, Monero on the barrelhead. And for any Anon who puts his weak-dick Plato’s Retreat orgies up on /b/, 750K! I hear the Mossad hookers look like walruses too!

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  17. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    “The amerimutts and the Negro-Saxons are perverted, satanic subhumans.”

    That’s what I like about this website.

    The measured intellectual analysis.

  18. @traducteur

    You and me have been played, lied to, manipulated and brainwashed for at least 50 years (I say longer) – the World’s a stage and whilst you are correct, think of the bigger picture.

  19. @The Alarmist

    Faker than Bolton being a target would be Biden, Harris or Pelosi being targets. America’s worst foes want them to have long safe tenures in high office.

    The damage Iran, China, Russia or North Korea could do to this country is nothing compared to what Biden, Harris and Pelosi now are.

  20. @Anonymous

    I suspect that there are at least a few unhinged old drunks who hate Captain Kangaroo and would do Bolton for a sixpack if told that he was actually the actor Robert Keeshan reincarnated.

    It could happen, y’know.

  21. Unit472 says:

    True but Rushdie had a \$3+ million bounty on his head so the fame, glory and bounty made Rushdie a legitimate target. Bolton is the curiouser case. No way would the Iranians think he was worth a Soleimani. I don’t think the US government has anyone equivalent to a Soleimani unless it is Merrick Garland or Chris Wray. It sure isn’t Joe Biden or anyone in the White House.

  22. Q: what kind of failure cannot finish the job on an elderly man, melee point blank, with all the advantage in your own hands?!?!?!

    A: a muslim

    • Replies: @Stan
    , @anonymous
  23. This was very sloppy and unprofessional writing … I expect more from him than this…
    while 3/4 of the US comanoid population (ARE) sporting a deep double digit IQ,
    it doesn’t justify falling off the integrity wagon so hard..

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  24. Stan says:
    @rushed boob job

    The trial will be used to convince Americans to launch a war against Iran.

    • Replies: @Biff
  25. Such a wasted effort when they could have killed a conservative white writer instead.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  26. mh505 says:

    He wrote a novel insulting Islam in 1988

    That is hogwash. Everyone who read this book (which admittedly is not a masterpiece) will have to admit that there is no insult of Islam given. Mr Anglin, like so many others who condemned it, obviously was too lazy to read it and simply repeats these statements without verification.

    Of course, he is no exception. True journalists no longer exist.

    • Agree: pyrrhus
    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
    , @anon
  27. Midnight’s Children is excellent.

    Rushdie is one of those novelists who is finished with one wad. : (

    Satanic Verses was metaphorically a Hail Mary pass. : )

  28. “Banning Assault Weapons Steak Knives”

  29. anonymous[854] • Disclaimer says:

    The Army is not ready for war with Iran. Not only because of the recruit shortfall. The Army budget was actually cut this fiscal to make funds available for the Navy and Air Force to counter China. Israel Lobby strategists are doing a bad job of setting priorities. Why proxy fight Russia and prepare to fight China when the next direct fight is with Iran?

  30. phil says:

    As mentioned by Victoria Nuland in her famous testimony about bioweapons labs in Ukraine, “accuse them of doing what you are already doing or plan on doing.” The allegation that Russia stages hoaxes with crisis actors is conceivably true, but it is more likely to be the case that Nuland and her cronies are the ones staging hoaxes with crisis actors and planning to use bioweapons against Russia and other adversaries.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @anonymous
  31. @spacewonderer

    What is with some weirdoes taking usernames and changing one or two letters?

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  32. Zumbuddi says:

    Anglin also failed to notice that ALSO ‘injured’ in the attack was (((Henry Reese,))) who with his wife Diane Samuels was motivated by Rushdie’s plight to turn their slum-rental crackhouse in Pittsburgh into a City of Asylum.

    It’s not clear that Rushdie ever sought or used shelter in Reese’s Pittsburgh venue.

    But Reese & Samuels sure have benefited from the project: with the aid of several millions in government grants, City of Asylum purchased and renovated a Masonic building, turning it into a bookstore-cafe, offices and apartments, parlaying a crack house into most of a city block.

    Pittsburgh City of Asylum did host Iranian novelist Yaghoub Yadali after he spent a year in jail over passages in Rituals of Restlessness.
    Yadali wrote that

    “the case that resulted in my imprisonment, the person who made the complaint against my novel was from a local minority community, not the government.”

    hmm. what groups are “minorities” in Iran?

    To my knowledge, (((Reese) and (((Samuel))) have never hosted David Irving. Or Germar Rudolf. Or Ernst Zundel. “Persecuted writers” is a uniquely defined category at City of Asylum.

  33. I think the extreme security detail provided by the English government went away in the late 90s when Iran revoked the fatwa

  34. I told you this: after losing against Russia, they are going to try to look for some kind of quick win. Iran wouldn’t be a quick win, but whatever morons, women, and niggers are running the White House and the State Department would listen to the Pentagon and the Jews saying “no bro, Iran will be way easy.”

    This line of reasoning is just stupid enough to be actually what our Feral Government is thinking.

    Invading Iran would make their current Ukraine adventure look like a walk in the park. Russia is defending their co-ethnics in the Donbas because of racial fellow feeling. Iran is a strategic partner key to Russia’s domination of Central Asia. Plus Iran has nukes which they will no doubt use if push comes to shove. It won’t be a “special military operation” if NATO decides to invade Iran. The full weight of the Russian military will be brought to bear to defend their ally. And maybe the Chinese as well.

    The list of shit-hole countries that the American Ruling Class can push around to demonstrate its “global hegemony” is getting pretty short, since most of them are allying themselves with the BRICS. Maybe Bolton can agitate for an American invasion of the Solomon Islands. I hear those guys are commie bastards.

    • Agree: pyrrhus
    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  35. Rabb says:

    Are you controlled opposition? Your use of racial/ethic slurs mixed in with the truths you write make me suspect you are …or perhaps you’re just an ignorant click baiter working for the bad guys without knowing it.

  36. @spacewonderer

    I know one can’t expect anything better from a negro-saxon subhumans, but seriously, do you think this is fun, anglo?

  37. Biff says:

    The trial will be used to convince Americans to launch a war against Iran.

    Those false flags do come in handy.

  38. Patriot says:

    Government and law-enforcement officials and Military leaders everywhere are loudly proclaiming that we cannot disparage Muslim immigrants based on this single, rare event (stabbing Rushdie in his eyeball) Furthermore, immigrants make the most wonderful citizens and we all benefit from their presence.

    Meanwhile, government and law-enforcement officials and Military leaders everywhere are doubling down on surveillance, arrest and prosecution of all radical White Supremacist, such as those who believe immigration should be reduced. “We will not stop until every one of these NAZI haters are in prison. We must never, never forget the HOLOCAUST and what White Supremacist did to the Jews.” said one Democratic Senator.

  39. Patriot says:

    Because a Muslim immigrant tried to kill another Muslim immigrant, the USA ABSOLUTELY needs to go to war against Iran, the only remaining Islamic country that stands up to Israel.

    Because the King of Saudi Arabia had that Journalist killed and dismembered, we ABSOLUTELY need to remain friends with Saudi Arabia, that Islamic country that is friends with Israel.

    That’s how USA morality works! We are a nation of principles.

    • Thanks: TitusAlone
    • Replies: @anonymous
  40. c matt says:
    @Passing By

    Yeah, I thought that price tag looked about \$299,999.99 too high.

  41. @Wade Hampton

    Why not both, or better yet the trifecta (Russia, China and Iran)? The prospect of three self-licking ice-cream cones going at one time must have Llord General Austin and his owners at Raytheon into states of serious salivation. That’s how they can burn through literally trillions in fake-money (always sending 10% to the ‘big guy’ naturally) in a record short time – with 87,000 shiny new federal thugs to collect from the zeks here in Murika. Perhaps the hairy Ayatollahs will surrender immediately at the mere sight of the Great Pink Fleet with Admiral Levine at the helm. Besides, with this fearsome warrior in charge of nukes, Xi and Putler are no doubt already shakin’….

    • Replies: @Anon
  42. Bubba says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Are there any left? All novels seem to be chick lit these days…

  43. @Commentator Mike

    The prospect of a reward from the Iranian govt was cancelled, during the 2000s, when the reformist Iranian govt of that time withdrew the fatwa.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  44. For the last 33 years, the UK taxpayer has been paying for his extreme security detail.

    No, that was cancelled years back. Rushdie got tired of living in hiding, and security checks, etc., and decided to take control of his life and live as if the fatwa didn’t exist. He then moved to the USA. The fatwa was lifted by the Iranian govt a few years later anyway.

    But the security expenses are not very important. It is the whole timing of this Rushdie thing which is odd. He has been living a public life for decades, untouched, but now this violent event … it could merely be the random decision of some nutter. But I do suspect other forces at work.

  45. @Commentator Mike

    I’m not up to date here — so: was Rushdie actually stabbed? Was he stabbed with dangerous consequences? Is he in hospital?
    As for the fatwa motives – likely we’ll never know. The usual infinite fractile [?] rainbow of conspiracy theories & non conspiracy theories will rule as usual.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  46. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    The book was commisoned ,I heard. I know one book – Leon Uris’s EXODUS was commisioned by Israel.

    The book isnt an insult to Islam . Even it it were an insukt to prophet, thats was nothing new. In his own lifetime people have ridiculed and challeged him from within his own community and his own followers questioned him . He was riduculed and disparaged even when he were an accecpted leader of the community.

    • Replies: @mh505
  47. @animalogic

    Apparently he is off the ventilator, getting better and joking.

  48. @Passing By

    Passing By says: It is the fatwa that actually made Rushdie famous b/c his book was utter garbage. I tried to read it, after thirty pages it became a torture and after a hundred, I definitely gave up.

    Face_The_Truth writes:

    Absolutely correct assessment, in my experience.

    However, I have to admit here that I am not the best arbiter when reading fictions, because I mostly read non-fictions as I haven’t read a fiction for a long time other than classical literature.

    My preferred fiction writers are those evergreen authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Miller Hemingway, William Cuthbert Faulkner, and Thomas Clayton Wolfe!

    Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Suzanna Arundhati Roy, Kiran Desai, and Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul are simply waste of valuable time, in my humble opinion.

  49. @Commentator Mike

    For the umpteenth time a fatwa is not a contract on someone´s head,
    nor a death sentence, nor even an exhortation; it is a religious legal opinion
    along the lines “it is permissible to kill an innocent goj if a Jew needs his liver”
    (and roughly as actionable/consequential).
    In Rushdie´s case the question was whether his blasphemy voided the (strong)
    Quranic injunction against killing another Muslim, and the answer was yes;
    everything else is public relations (but made him a nice living).

  50. Anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    quote “with this fearsome warrior in charge of nukes,”

    Yes puppy power to the rescue. lmao

  51. anonymous[269] • Disclaimer says:

    ((Juwes)) gonna jew. Accuse others of what you are doing. It’s classic jew projection. Dershowitz and others have made lucrative careers out of it. The gutlessness of the average Americunt is that dershowitz can lie and smear with impunity because he knows his tribe intimidates the backbone out of Americans. Hate crime legislation was just an excuse to make it legally impossible to criticize the Jbanksters and thugs like Dershowitz. The slanders against Russia should awaken Americunts, but these people are much too stupid to be awakened by anything. America deserves its plight.

  52. U.S. Debt Clock

    Rothschild Trust-Fund Children’s Oppressive Authoritarianism

  53. anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:
    @rushed boob job

    Q: what kind of bastard race of human cockroaches are completely impotent at excising the in-your-face (((parasites))), foreign and local, who are dead set at destroying their accursed pagan godless (but still beloved) evilisation?!?!?!

    A: the albinonigger

  54. anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:

    to kill another Muslim immigrant

    “Salmon” Rushdie is not a Muslim. The accursed man was born to non-practising “muslim” parents. I doubt he ever believed in the true monotheism of Islam, notwithstanding the fake conversion on account of the “fatwa.”

    Remember, names don’t make a blessed true monotheist… only practise does.

    But, will an accursed pagan godless vermin such as yourself listen to reason? 😉

  55. @SteveK9

    But Russia still refuses to acknowledge it is fighting the NATO in the Ukraine.

  56. So the only freedom of speech we are allowed to support is to trash Islam and celebrate gay pride and child trannies? I think we got fooled again.

  57. “I would have thought it would have been higher,” [Bolton] admitted. “But I guess maybe it was the exchange rate problem or something.”

    It’s not so much that you are a low value target, John, it’s just that there are lot of people happy to do the job. It’s a buyer’s market. Hold your head high, brah.

  58. @Matslinger

    … very sloppy and unprofessional writing …

    Apropos your comment, I’ve been of two minds as to whether AA actually thinks that Rushdie’s first name is Salmon (i.e., rather than Salman). When he declared that it should be pronounced like the fish, however, I decided he was being cute, although heavy-handedly so. I certainly hope he doesn’t expect to be taken seriously.

    Not that it matters, but even the name Salmon P. Chase isn’t correctly pronounced “sammən.”

  59. @HeebHunter

    You have lost the plot though due to internalized self hate, like those White Russian expats in Nazi Germany calling for the extermination of their own people because of the USSR taking over (turns out, they were actually wrong about their own people, go figure.)

    The masses follow their leadership. You can hate them for it, but it’s always been the truth, so instead of wishing for their deaths (which brings a curse upon you), do the Godly thing and figure out how to save yourself or change the leadership. If a people are truly damned, they will be, but you slide yourself into abomination speaking as you do.

    Basically, you’re internalizing Bitter American Jewish Discourse (S&D brought it with him to China, of all places…the cruel irony.)

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Dave Bowman
  60. @Boomthorkell

    You have lost the plot though due to internalized self hate, like those White Russian expats in Nazi Germany calling for the extermination of their own people because of the USSR taking over (turns out, they were actually wrong about their own people, go figure.)

    Your opinion would have been valid had I had been an amerimutt. Too bad, my country comes from a long line of muttmerica’s and negro-saxons’ victims. So I don’t feel like crying for these subhumans who screwed the entire West for the foreseeable future. And since I’m not even 30 this ride which I, my people and entire generation do not deserve are going to last a while.

    We are so fucked, the best case scenario is literally to arrange trade deals in advance with Russia and China and beg them to help us topple our ruling elites, who are mostly of our same ethnic stock. Of course they are traitors and puppets, but still they are in a position to do something about it. And they don’t. They actually believe in muttmerica and the old coots who keep funding them. It has gotten so bad even a WHORE like Sanna Marin gets to be the PM of a pure country like Finland. And Finland is now inside Russia’s nuclear crosshair for no fucking reason. Central Europe is fucked with the gas situation. People are starting to think it might get apocalyptic. And that is a realistic forecast.

    Between all amerimutts have done against Europe and are still doing, you expect me to listen to what you just typed? The righteous thing to do would be to pray and beg God to stop you cunts at all cost. And it seems that the Creator has been at work moving the chestpieces, as always. The inevitable moment when Russia, China and BRICS announce that they need volumteer to hunt down all amerimutts and their Anglo-Jew masters, I will give up everything to join. Give me a gun, a loadout and a blade. I will decorate the hall of every town with mutt and kike heads.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  61. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    [Plus, the Rushdie fatwa was from 1989. Who is even thinking about that?]

    No one was thinking about it, that’s why they designed this zionist plot to spread hatred against Iran to create more obstacles to prevent US and Iran come close into an agreement on JCPOA.

    All these security shit is nothing but propaganda. I met, twice, Salman Rushdi in the street who was walking ALONE, no guard, no one was with him. He was walking around bookstores on the main street alone, before his talk. I went to him to tell him that why did he sign a letter with the zionist propogandist figures like Bernard Henri Levi, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Maryam Namazi and other zionists who were agents of the western intelligence services. As soon as I started talking he got angry and left me.

    Don’t forget that Salman Rushdi was part of the international zionist campaign against Muslims and I consider him an agent of CIA/Mossad who has done very well made millions of dollars using the hoax fatwa.
    For the past few weeks, there is a zionist campaign run by the AIPAC and FDD and ADL members against Iranian government to put pressure to give more concessions to the criminals in Washingron and Tel Aviv. First, you heart the FAKE kidnapping plot of an Iranian opposition (Masih Alineja0) who is 100% in the service of the Mossad/CIA and was used by Trump, but now no one gives her shit only the zionists who recently gave her an award for her services to the mafia against Iran. That’s why she circulated her FAKE kidnapping story in the zionist media and few zionist sites like Mark Dubowitz, FDD, Roya Hakakian, a zionist propagandist, Marjan Keypour Greenblatt, ADL the wife of Greenblatt who just went to Israel with her husband Greenblatt to kiss the new PM’ hands and to congratulate him for killing many Palestinians including more than 16 Palestinian children. All these agents are spreading lies in their twitter accounts nights and days.

    Few days later, it came the Bolton HOAX assassination where is not even worth it to talk about, but you should not believe it otherwise people call you dummy.

    Now, the Rushti plot, who is close to both CIA and the Jewish mafia. But the mafia does not care about his friends, only use them and if it is important to burn them if is necessary for the survival of the Tribe. It is possible that they have sent their ‘agent’ to attack Rushdi to frame Iran. If you read all these zionist twitter accounts, it shows that they are happy with the propaganda campaign and they are brainwashing the gullible people lies to feed them them with hatred against Iran and the Iranian people. For example the zionist propagandist Roya Hakakian who tried to frame Iran for Lockerbie bombing on ’60 minutes’, now is trying to FRAME the Iranian government for the attack on Rushdi, where most likely has been designed and carried out by the zionists themselves. Roya Hakakian, the zionist propagandist, in her twitter account deliberately is spreading the following LIES:

    {{Salman Rushdie Stabbing Suspect ‘Had Contact With Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’
    Intel officials told VICE World News Hadi Matar had been in contact with members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. There’s no evidence Iran was involved in organising the attack.}}

  62. @HeebHunter

    I understand the use of the term, as there really isn’t a good insult for Americans (even if the average American is genetically 98% European, with the founding Americans being basically entirely Northwestern Euros, like me.) Ah, that’s different then. I can understand a foreigner feeling such wrath. I thought you were an American, or at least one of those bitter descendants of recent migrants.

    Ha ha, well, that thing about “deserving” is an interesting point, because it would imply that we know what anyone or anything deserves at all. I agree that one should not choose to do evil unto others, though (and the West has done much evil recently.)

    You are dead right about the trade deals with Russia and China, and it is a god damn tragedy. Especially with how the ruling classes successfully and largely purged any elite dissent within these regions, co-opting, killing, or replacing those who would oppose them. Only the Hapsburgs and Hohenzollerns retain any of the traditional nobility and honor about them. Chances are soon, though, Europe will be freed from the Globalist Transatlanticists who rule both our lands soon enough.

    Ha ha, it takes two to tango (collaborators and rulers). You also don’t want to do the work of the Globalists for themselves. The Germans had the same attitudes towards the Rus in WWII: A lost and damned people in need of extermination or slavery at best. It turned out the Russians would be the ones to save us all (not to forget China), simply by saving themselves. Still, I don’t blame you, per se. The empire is ending, and I will admire if you manage to help end it within your own country.

    I myself will be working on the crusade here or living in Russia. Just one that doesn’t feed the cosmic evil (Chinese style revolution, ritual humiliation and restructuring of rulers, and uplifting of the people wouldn’t be bad at all, though.)

  63. @Boomthorkell

    Thank you, Sir, for bitch-slapping the deranged, yapping, hate-filled cur.

    Whilst I have every understanding of – and sympathy with – the view that we need to remove the destructive force of the insane mankind-hating, Satan-worshipping Talmudic filth from our lives and our dying world as soon as possible, Heeb’s increasingly-unhinged diatribes against his favourite targets, “Amerimutts” and “Negro-Saxons” (laughable adolescent hate-labels which make as much sense as the phrase “philanthropic Jew moneylender”) have become increasingly predictable, tedious and increasingly-violent as of late. Poor Heeb’s primary problem seems to be a painfully-limited understanding of the period of our recent history called the second world war – possibly largely derived from Jew-Hollywood war films watched in his basement – and believes that Britain and Britons were directly responsible for the destruction of Hitler’s Reich and the rise (again) of international Jewry. The final lines of his response to your comment here also appear to show him reverting further, to the mental outlook of a disturbed or retarded teenager who fantasises about setting a very topsy-turvy world which confuses and frightens him rigidly straight – quite literally, into a highly-simplistic black-and-white world again – by personally becoming a Rambo-commando and “righteous” mass-murderer.

    If I gave a shit, I’d probably advise someone to get him some psychological evaluation.

    But then… even if I did, that would still leave Dumbo… Wizard… Supply-and-Demand… John Johnson… etc, etc.

    So many escapees from asylums. So little time.

    • Thanks: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
    , @HeebHunter
  64. @Dave Bowman

    Well, yeah.

    Our close friend has a similar feeling towards the American people, who would be his own, except he rightfully points out the migrant flood in the mid-19th century that replaced the early Republican stock with Slavic Mir and German Rule abiders. Still, they are all our people, and people must be led appropriately.

    If you’re going to fantasize about massacreing them, at least have the willpower to cleanse your own land. Even so, most of the nationalists I know abroad understand the peasantry are peasants and the leaders and thought-makers decide the culture. Heeb would see the Anglos annhilated only to have a different race need extermination down the line, when their leaders take upon the crown of the Great Work (of Satan).

    And yes, the British ruling class really did work with international Jewry, but the joke was on them, and also on the Americans. It was also on the Germans and Soviets and Japanese, and everyone danced a long to the stupid little tune that slaughtered Europe and the rest of the Old World, and in a way, they all deserved it for making such bad choices (the Jews too, who don’t truly run everything). The countries that were abused in a sense also deserved it for being weak. That’s the tyrannical, spiritless, pragmatic view though. When you bring in the soul, it becomes about how to defeat evil and uplift people.

    This is why too I disagree with anyone calling for purging all the Bantus or ending the Yellow Peril, etc. We live in Atlantis, and it’s ran by Demon-Worshippers, and it will be a joy when we can end it and replace it with something better, and the goal should be something actually better.

    Basically, Heeb is giving into wrath and sorrow, S&D embraced “elitist” genocide in his bitterness ages ago after his first wife, it seems (The Feminen & Spiritual Urge to be a Jewish Conspirator and betray family to the Secret Police of the GAE-ZOG-Neoatlantis, lol.), and end up basically becoming a lesser version of the same Satanic globalists who think most people on this planet will be dead soon, and more importantly, should be dead because it is doing them and everyone else a favor.

    Purposefully lessening God. Sick, really.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  65. @Boomthorkell

    As I write this though, I also had a really good laugh at the Chinese class that scared their libshit teacher away with their extraordinary level of patriotism and nationalism. Awe inspiring and beautiful, and I have no issue with Russians or Chinese embracing the concepts of nuclear war against the American Empire. Partly because I think the world is a safer and better place when people really, truly, deeply care about what is important to them and are willing to kill and die for it.

    Just simply, that the hate is put into the context of geopolitics, ha ha.

    “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

  66. @Dave Bowman

    Thank you, Sir, for bitch-slapping the deranged, yapping, hate-filled cur.

    primary problem seems to be a painfully-limited understanding of the period of our recent history called the second world war – possibly largely derived from Jew-Hollywood war films watched in his basement – and believes that Britain and Britons were directly responsible for the destruction of Hitler’s Reich and the rise (again) of international Jewry

    >Bitch slapping
    The only bitch slapping I know of would be this!

    Monkey scum.

    You seem to think that I ever thought the anglo island monkey is in any shape or form a human being with soul and agency. I don’t. You are half-conscious kosher bio automatons, or golem to be precise, who regurgitate the worst anti-German propaganda there is. Though poland has a massive Holohoax industry, it was the Negro-Saxon Sub-humans and their Amerimutt descendants who put forth the Holohoax machines. Do you deny what the ever so pitiful english peasant trashes say about the Axis heroes? I think you are a slightly more advanced golem with probably a modicum of shame installed, so you would not flat out deny their slanders and hatred against my people.

    Adolf Hitler may have failed, but he stood a giant of virtues over the Archetypical negro-saxon obese demon, winston churchill. And of course the cripple kike FDR. Who were best buddies of Uncle Joe, btw.

    Sow the wind reap the Whirlwind!
    Hail Sadiq Khan!
    Hail Priti Patel!

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  67. @HeebHunter

    I think most of our issues with Hitler and the Fourth Reich is that they put exterminating Eastern Slavdom over winning.

    It would have been a beautiful world if the Fascists in Germany could have treated the Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians like they treated the Romanians, Bulgarians, and Italians. Instead, they had to double down on Lebensraum. They even let Italy invade Fascist Greece, and the Japanese China!

    Fucking insane. They could have had millions of Russians joining them to create a Free Russian State, and then with a united Europe, likely ended the growing hegemony of liberalism in America and Britain. From there, our own revolts could have upended things. Instead, it was Germans mercilessly being ground down while butchering the Russian people, seeing the whole of Europe torched but artillery and strategic bombing, and Anglo-Communist Ascendancy.

    Codreanu was a far better man than Hitler, because Codreanu understood the spiritual beauty of Fascism as a movement to reform the people, and all people could be reformed.

    Hitler just got Germany partitioned by Stalin and Churchill.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  68. @Boomthorkell

    True. This is why in modern occupied Germany all the puppets are strong-armed into destroying our industries this winter. Central Europe – Russian alliance is something natural and left alone will grow by itself as God intended. (((NATO))) can have fun with a reliable ally like Poland. This winter will be very resource intensive for Germany, so you can uproot all the bases and transfer all the troops in Germany to Poland, as per the wish of the poles, so they can defend themselves against Russians.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  69. bwuce wee says:

    JOHN BOLTON IS THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE DEEP STATE. he is like the ‘uncle sam’ character- a figurehead PR guy they send out to do the spin and the photo ops. PNAC says it all.

  70. @HeebHunter

    God, it’s pretty terrible. The Elbe has sunk low enough that it’s hitting the levels it was at during the early 17th century during the Maunder Minimum, and now the “Hunger Stones” have been exposed. It’s going to be a brutal winter, followed by a merciless Spring, and then an unforgiving Summer.

    Ha ha ha ha ha, yes, I think Poland definitely should take on this honorable mantle. It’s a shame too, because Poland really did have a legitimate nationalist party that wanted peace with Russia and sovereignity, but as always, the people were largely brainwashed by the pre-existing secret police and security establishment. There really isn’t much of a Europe outside the Atlantic Establishment. Not currently, at least.

    You are right though, too. They are breaking free! Slowly, and most of it will happen once the old system itself can no longer maintain “prosperity” (and hard power).

    Which nation are you in? I’m here in the “heart” of the Empire, on the Blessed Coasts.

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