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I Don’t Know Why Alex Berenson Attacked Robert Malone on Fox News – But It Was Sure Weird
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As the reader is aware, Alex Berenson has been a pretty consistently good voice on the issue of the coronavirus hoax, almost from the beginning. His track record isn’t as good as mine, but as a former New York Times writer and then a normal paperback novel writer, he was in a better position to share data with the population.

I have criticized him over some things. Firstly, though his tweets are now deleted because his account is deleted, here’s a March 14, 2021 piece where I responded to Berenson claiming that the whole hoax had ended because the CDC had lightened up the mask mandates. I addressed the fact that he is working with bad data, claiming that this hoax somehow “is not a conspiracy.”

In October, I published an entire analysis of how absurd it is for him to continue to claim this is “not a conspiracy: Alex Berenson Still Thinks This Isn’t a Conspiracy?

That piece ties in to a recent piece I wrote about the fact that the conspiracy is totally documented and not a secret: The Coronavirus Hoax is Not Slowing Down and Nothing is Going Back to Normal

So, I’ve had my disagreements with Berenson. However, I accept that he’s a life-long establishment-type person who is not likely to overcome his various hard biases in his fifties, even if he is uniquely able to acknowledge some obvious facts that others raised in the establishment paradigm can’t see, and I’ve mostly just been thankful for what he does say.

Robert Malone is a mainstream virologist who has been involved in government and big pharma his whole life, who has come out and spoken against the vaccine. He recently had a viral interview with Joe Rogan, which got huge amounts of media attention, and triggered recent calls for Spotify to shut down Joe Rogan.

Video Link

I also have my disagreements with Malone, who believes in the virus and claims to have had “long Covid.” As we’ve documented, “long Covid” is a fibromyalgia-tier psychosomatic condition. Malone also is very recently “red pilled” on the hoax, and is still in the process of being red pilled, and actually took the first shot of the vax – so one would wonder if he is actually experiencing health issues, why he’s not connecting them to the vax instead of the alleged coronavirus disease (which does not actually exist). I’m actually very impressed with Malone being open to new information at his age – I heard him on one interview say something to the effect of “people kept telling me about this World Economic Forum thing and it all sounded like a kooky conspiracy – and then I went to their website and read Klaus Schwab’s books and found that everything people were telling me was true.” With him, I also accept that as a life-long member of the scientific establishment, he’s got biases to deal with.

So, I have disagreements with both Berenson and Malone, and I have written them out, while also continuing to say that I respect and appreciate their work. I think whether you agree with me or them or disagree with all of us, we can all agree that this is fair enough, and in fact the way public discourse is supposed to function.

What I can tell you for certain is this: if I was invited onto a five-minute Fox News segment with Berenson and/or Malone, I would not use that opportunity to air my disagreements with them in an aggressive and demeaning manner – and yet, that is exactly what Alex Berenson decided to do to Robert Malone this weekend.

You should watch the clip. It’s really weird.

Video Link

To be clear, this wasn’t framed as a “Berenson v. Malone” segment – it was intended to have two people who disagree with the narrative come on and share their thoughts. Berenson, in a pre-planned operation, took the opportunity to publicly attack Malone over what people might call minor disagreements (they are certainly much more minor than my disagreements with both of them, and again – never in my life would I consider doing something like this).

I might go so far as to describe Berenson’s behavior here as “inexplicable.”

For the record, his disagreements are with Malone’s assertion that he has the patents on which the current mRNA vaccines are based, and that Ivermectin is successful in treating the alleged Covid-19 disease.

I don’t know how minor or major Berenson views these disagreements, but he appeared unhinged, opening his segment with vitriol against a man who is – by all available accounts – on the same team as him.

To frame the attack, Berenson noted that they are both banned from social media, and said something to the effect of “we should both be allowed to disagree about this publicly and have this conversation without being censored.”

Malone responded professionally, and then went on to conduct the interview normally.

Although they are both now very censored, they both have SubStack accounts that presumably have significant readership. Malone responded to the Fox News event in a long SubStack post, posting all of his patents and so on.

I was personally delighted he used the word “bushwhacked” in the title of his post. It’s not only accurate, but it is a great word that simply is not used enough.

With regards to the dispute – which honestly, I don’t care about at all – Malone obviously didn’t invent modern coronavirus vaccines. What he did could be called “precursor research and development” or some other term. He did this in the 1980s and 90s, according to that SubStack post I just read, so obviously, there’s been significant development in the field since then. But I’ve never heard Malone claim anything different than that. I’m sure he’s been credited as “the inventor of coronavirus vaccines” by boomers on Facebook, but this is really a petty thing to bicker about in any context, let alone the context Berenson chose.

As far as the Ivermectin thing – whatever, I don’t know. I don’t believe the disease exists, but it’s shown success in treating respiratory illnesses that do exist, so I don’t really doubt the idea that people who are sick and diagnosed with “Covid-19” are helped by it. But again, small issue.

Malone ascribes Berenson’s attack to professional jealousy, while also suggesting he could be controlled opposition (which in itself suggests Malone might be getting redpilled a bit too fast).

I don’t think Berenson is controlled opposition. I don’t really see what purpose that would serve. He hasn’t tried to lead anything, and most of the information he puts out is good, even if he does “gatekeep” on the Great Reset. The professional jealousy theory might have something to it. Malone has gotten a huge amount of attention, while Berenson, who has been saying most of the same things for longer than Malone (including on the Joe Rogan show), has gotten less attention. This is partially due to Malone’s background and credentials, but probably more so due to the charisma gap.

Professional jealousy is definitely powerful. I’ve been shocked by the amount of people who have come after me, who allegedly agree with 98% of what I say, simply because I’m more popular than them. It can get really gross and pathetic, like what Berenson did on Fox.

I also think Berenson might be having some kind of personal crisis. For many months, in every TV interview I’ve seen, he looks disheveled, with bags under his eyes. He is probably experiencing a lot of backlash in his personal life for what he’s doing professionally, and that can be very difficult (I also know about that). He’s probably getting harassed by feds, he could have even been threatened. He could be facing a divorce, given that women will more or less universally abandon a man who is going through any kind of basic professional hardship, let alone someone who has become a pariah.

Anyway, although I denounce Berenson’s behavior, I don’t think he’s a shill. But you do have to ask: should he be invited back on TV? Well, not if he’s going to act like this. He should have to agree not to do this again. This was very weird and it looked really bad for both parties, and for the poor Fox News host.

I also think Berenson should issue some kind of apology to Malone.

Instead, he’s posted on his own SubStack a screenshot of a reply he sent to the Daily Beast requesting comments on his interaction with Malone.

Calling Malone “self-interested” is at least as bad as calling Berenson “controlled opposition.” Malone is an old man who could just as easily retire – or better yet, be brought on regularly on CNN as an expert pushing the Fauci line. But he’s decided to do this instead.

Actually, just looking at Berenson’s SubStack now, he’s apparently continuing the “it’s all over, the agenda failed” narrative.

So, hey – maybe he is controlled opposition? It’s definitely really stupid to claim that the vax agenda is over because the WHO issued a statement saying the vaccines don’t work. The head of Pfizer has already admitted this, and said he’s coming out with a new vaccine in March, which will work this time. No one in the media has questioned this or said we should stop taking nonstop vaccines, and there is no reason at all to believe that narrative is going to change. There’s especially not a reason to believe that narrative is going to change if you’ve read some of the articles on the World Economic Forum website or Klaus Schwab’s books.

But yes: everyone is on edge, everyone is acting weird, that is just what is happening. We’ve all seen it in our personal lives, with people we’ve known our whole lives behaving in ways we’d never have expected them to.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. Dogs attack sometimes when they are in pain, humankind is the same in many ways.

  2. Was he thunderstruck?

    • Thanks: Liza
  3. How easy to be ‘far right’

    • Replies: @Tono Bungay
  4. I’ve been reading Unz for along time and have read Anglin for even longer. Robert Malone is controlled opposition. I can’t find the long and very well researched article about Robert Malone’s LONG TIME connections with the Pentagon but the Authors name is Omar Jordan and he seems to only have a video on bitchute about this subject that I could quickly find. Off to wage slaving so I don’t have the time to find the article and post here.

  5. BuelahMan says:

    Berenson was a known hack when he did the cannabis hit pieces.

    • Replies: @Curle
  6. I don’t watch much TV, and after watching this clip I am reminded of one reason why: The moderator here — I don’t know his name — strikes me as a low sort, ready to flatter the people he likes and to smear those he doesn’t.

  7. @Priss Factor

    I just read the Wikipedia entry on Greenwald. It certainly does not call him “far right”. Tell Alessandra she’s full of beans.

    • Replies: @WJ
    , @Henry's Cat
  8. @We are all dumb

    wow. “LONG TIME connections to the Pentagon.” THAT’S REALLY SUSPICIOUS MAN.

    Believe it or not people work for the government.

    It’s a mystery why someone who has read Anglin for a ‘long time’ would suddenly and immediately be persuaded by someone with the name ‘Omar Jordan’ who’s got exactly one video on bitchute. SURE this sounds like a person we should take really very seriously.

    But I have noticed a number of comments and crappy videos at the moment on bitchute declaring Malone ‘controlled opposition’.

    All of them just ignore all of Malone’s output, then complain that ‘as covid doesn’t actually exist and in fact viruses don’t actually exist therefore Malone is a liar. And HE TOOK THE JAB THIS PROVES HE IS A CONTROLLED OP’.

    These attacks on Malone, which are sometimes actually presented to look like they are coming from the right/dissidents/anti-vax with names like ‘ConservativeAmerica’ look exactly like another flat earth gov-op to me to get the most moronic dissidents into doubting someone who is actually trying to help them so they will splinter off and create their own moron movement of holograms and mininukes and flat earths and so the anti-vax movement as a whole will be less effective.

    So congratulations for your brilliant insightful comment.

    Your username seems to be what you would like to be true. Fortunately not everyone is that dumb or the world couldn’t function at all.

    • Thanks: anaccount, Nancy
    • Replies: @We are all dumb

    Very interesting for those who may care. I’m sure anglin won’t see it but for others still questioning everything,

  10. Athena says:

    As time goes by, i’m pretty convinced the main purposes of the hoax is:

    – Divide and conquer (or CONTROL)

    – Have people work at home to implement the digitalization agenda

    – Reset (rebuild the US dollar) by proceeding as follows: Restart the economy using small local loops, and once a small control loop (i.e., a loop used to control a local digital currency) becomes stable, integrate it into a larger loop. Once the larger loop becomes stable, further enlarge the control loop by merging it with other loops of similar sizes, until a very large, stable control loop is obtained. The purpose being of course to have the largest possible loop for a same (worldwide) digital currency.

    – The mask is a way to fake an opposition to the ”Chinese economy”, i.e., a system by which you have a social credit score that allows you to pay through facial recognition. Social distanciation: mapping every citizen for implementing the 5G requires that a certain distance be kept between individuals while they are scrutinized to register their individual ”characteristcs” into data centers.

    – Finally, the hoax is a way to kill people who are already doomed (on the list of the insurance companies) by keeping them isolated. It is also a way to bust all what is remaining of public health education systems. Without forgetting unions. Finally, the hoax is an IQ test. It allows bankers to make selections, and eventually brain drains.


    • Agree: Angharad
  11. I’m a paying Berenson subscriber, have bought and read his Covid related books. I viewed the interview video. And have read some (but not all) of his or Malone’s commentary upon it. Yes, very odd behavior for Berenson. I’ve seen a few of the long Malone interviews. I think Malone is the real thing. He certainly has (and does not deny) that he was and still is tightly connected to the medical and government research communities. Thus, he’d be a perfect operative for all the above. But his words and actions to date seem quite the contrary.

    Berenson’s motives are not easily determined. I take no position on his personal or mental state. Financially he should be in good shape, given even a fraction of tens (hundreds?) of thousands of his Substack subscribers paying \$6/mo, 90% of which he keeps. At least according to reader comments, he’s lost quite a few paying subscribers due to his irrational behavior on the recent Daily Beast Malone interview.

    As Unz welcomes or tolerates most all opinion, it’s worth mentioning that Ivermectin, HCQ and other existing drugs MAY indeed be efficacious in the treatment, especially early, of Covid-19. There are plenty of studies that confirmed these. These may not be “miracles” and no one, save slobbering lunatics, claims they are. But what’s much more odd is the stupendous efforts that powerful players made, very early on (as early as Jan. 2020, months before the pandemic was even widely recognized!) to restrict the availability of these drugs in many nations, to quash pro-use studies and commission ones that denounced them, to demonize any doctors or researchers using or advocating their study, etc. Have you ever heard of a doctor having his license suspended, or other sanctions against him, because he chose to treat a patient with an off-label product, one proven safe and in use for decades around the world? Pharmacies refusing to fill a lawful prescription? Drugs that had been in use for decades were suddenly deemed “hazardous” and restricted. Seems weird, doesn’t it? Almost as is powerful people were trying to restrict zero-profit, existing treatments so that experimental, monopoly, high-profit drugs could be fast-tracked and foisted upon hapless populations.

    Much of the above is backed up by publicly-available (well, not in the mass media) data. The best single resource I’ve seen in RFK Jr.’s recent book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Now, many of his claims may seem absurd. But I suspect a seasoned attorney like RFK Jr. is well aware of libel laws and would not claim anything he could not amply document. This doesn’t mean everything said is true, but it sure lends it a bit of authority.

    • Replies: @Presocratic
    , @Dutch Boy
    , @JM
  12. @We are all dumb

    Malone in his excellent Dec. 30 Spotify interview with Rogan (that has apparently gone viral; millions of views claimed) makes no secret of his past or present connections with DTRA and other government agencies.

    Now, I’m surely no expert in disinformation or cloak and dagger tradecraft. But it’d sure seem stupid to me to openly disclose one’s links to defense or intelligence agencies if he were an undercover operative for them. To me, Malone is saying “I’m not hiding my associations with industry, research, government, so keep that in mind when you evaluate what claims I’m making.”

    Of course, a man like him would likely have many past associations he cannot disclose. It’s entirely possible that he’s been asked to spin a narrative or spread disinformation. But the mere fact that he is — or at least appears — to have little to hide lends him credibility in my view at least. Even if he’s a world-renowned authority on a topic, which to this layman he would seem to have good claim, doesn’t exempt him (or anyone) from some background scrutiny. But the important thing is to consider his message. We should weigh it on its merit or lack thereof.

    None of this denigrates the man’s many accomplishments. He was in fact one of the early researchers into mRNA. His name is on several patents.

  13. Milo says:

    Both are controlled opposition

    Both have been promoting the Covid virus hoax

    The virus does not exist

    Anglin is the only one on Unz who gets it

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. gay troll says:

    Lol, retards whose comment history here can be counted on a single hand are shilling hard for Anglin.

    It’s OK Langley, we know the virus isn’t real and there is no such thing as a virus anyway. We really believe you.

    • Replies: @anaccount
  15. Anonymous[383] • Disclaimer says:

    The virus does exist, but it’s essentially just another virus in this family (coronaviruses). The only thing that sets it apart is that it’s new and that means 2 things.

    Firstly the human immune system has not had time to adapt to it properly, and that is in particular a problem for the old and immuno-compromised. And second the virus itself has not had time to adapt (mutate) to the human body.

    If the powers that be would have just left things well enough alone, in less than 5 years the death rate from this virus would drop to that of any other coronavirus. It would have caused a slight spike in mortality for the old for a few years and that would have been that. But by playing God with these “vaccines”, they will, in the long run, weaken the immune systems of everyone who takes the “vaccine” and make them dependent on more and stronger shots. It’s either insanity or a very evil plot.

    • Agree: RestiveUs
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  16. I was very surprised at Berenson’s behaviour on Fox. I’ve been following him on substack for a few months, and it seemed totally out of character… self-destructive even. I also listened to him in a recent interview with Kennedy and he was very civilized and polite.

    I was reminded of those persistent rumours of CIA mind control devices. I wonder if Alex was hearing the sounds of crickets in his head there in the Fox studio, or woke up the next day with a splitting headache.

    I’m also surprised that Andrew doesn’t mention (((religion))) at all in this article…

  17. @Ben the Layabout

    Agree with the points you make here. As far as motive, I think “professional jealousy,” as postulated by Anglin, is somewhat off the mark. More accurate to view it as Berenson’s desire to retain his status as the foremost critic of the Covid orthodoxy. That desire could be partly driven by economics and partly by emotional reasons. The life of a dissident is hard; the establishment sees to that by slandering and closing off many economic options. If Berenson is displaced by Malone, where does that leave him economically and emotionally?

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  18. Angharad says:

    Berenson is a Jew. They MUST control all “sides” of any given issue. Malone is Goy. How DARE an uppity Goy get attention and have clout in ANY sphere, let along the Kosher Kovid scam. Berenson’s bitchy little rant was the Jew coming out.

  19. @We are all dumb

    Malone hardly fits the label “ controlled opposition”. For a man of his background, he could gather all the media attention and beef up his retirement income exponentially by shilling for the medical establishment. He chose to speak his conscience in a land were such types get martyrised. Malone is the quintessential opposite of the most flagrant case of controlled opposition Mr. Noam Chomsky who made a little fortune pretending to be a maverick rebel while identifying himself as an anarchist only to go on bashing anti-vaxxers and advocating their total isolation without any regard to their basic rights for food and medicine.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  20. The thing about ivermectin is that it’s part of a treatment plan shown to work well in India and other places. The drug is cheap and even available over the counter in some countries. It is also one of the safest drugs available.

    There is no legitimate reason to deny people access to this drug.

    Something stinks. Big Time.

    After 28 Days On Ventilator, Family Loses Legal Battle To Try Ivermectin, Other Alternative Treatments, For Dying Father

  21. Andrew, I don’t pack the intelectual gear to get on these guys’ asses like you but this is more than most people can stand. Just saying.

  22. Ross23 says:

    Long Covid is the ultimate platinum sick note.

    If someones in the right job with good medical cover, get covid then its easy to claim they have long covid, then take a year off sick.

    Who`s going to challenge them? and most of the symptoms like tiredness & brainfog are completly psychosomatic and impossible to unprove by any boss/ company investigator, even if they are caught by a private detective on a sunbed in Florida, they can just claim its part of their recovery, the gov & CDC is on your side LOL

    • Replies: @Biff K
  23. I once subscribed to Berenson’s stack, but have cancelled due to annoyance at his insistence that there is indeed a killer plague virus named “covid19” and the erroneous conclusions that follow his belief in the fraud.

    I suppose that it isn’t surprising that he’s become unhinged, given that he is so immersed in the confusing beliefs he harbors and the workload he has taken upon himself. He and Steve Kirsch are liberal jews who admittedly vote democrat who are quibbling over some of the falsehoods of the pandemic fraud while publishing quite a few Substack articles per day denouncing the vaccines.

    Whatever his issues with Dr. Malone (who I also distrust), it is bizarre that he would pick a fight on Foxnews with Malone. Maybe he had recently read this:

  24. @Presocratic

    Berenson isn’t really a critic of the covid orthodoxy. He believes in the virus, but disagrees with the vaxxes. You could call him a dissident where the vaccines are concerned, but he’s very much onboard with the plandemic orthodoxy and opposes “conspiracy theorists”.

  25. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    First, I know nuttin’ bout nuttin’ when it comes to biology, virology, medicine, mRNA, vaccines, et al. But it does seem kind of weird that an NIH Nat’l Library of Medicine link on an article on developing mRNA-vaccine technologies from RNAbiology from 2012 doesn’t have one mention of Robert Malone (or maybe I missed a reference to him?).

    It’s kind of like Shiva Ayyadurai claiming to be the inventor of e-mail.

  26. @Joe Levantine

    Neologisms Phrases such as “Controlled Opposition” is not descriptive or expository speech, but political speech, for effect and digitalized categorization. It’s unfortunately the outcome of dumbing down everything, lowering standards, and emotive vocalization replacing eloquence and logic.

    Democracy, from demo, as in demote. My 9th grade english teacher, the sainted Mrs. Ritchie gave our class a stern warning to no fall into the use of cliches and the trite.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @JM
    , @Joe Levantine
  27. It’s quite plain. Berenson is controlled opposition, or a narcissistic egotist, or both, projecting his faults onto Malone. He has NO scientific kudos in comparison to Malone, who is the least egotistical leading scientist one can imagine. Malone freely admits that the CoViD shennanigans have opened his eyes, he was forced to be vaccinated by requirements for it in order to travel, he is viscerally opposed to the forced vaccination of populations, particularly children, who are at no risk from the disease, and as for IVM, Berenson’s hysterical opposition is the litmus test. IVM works, and Berenson just joins the conga-line of arseholes lying about its efficacy. A deeply implanted controlled opposition, coming out of the woodwork, or he’s just been bought, in my opinion at least.

  28. Dutch Boy says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    The mRNA vaccines could not have achieved investigational use status had any currently licensed drugs been shown to have efficacy against Covid. Fauci and the other Pharma shills in the bureaucracy were well aware of this.

    • Agree: Ben the Layabout
  29. @Twodees Partain

    Virus denial can easily be imagined as a tactic used to discredit those arguing against the carefully planned bio-warfare attack, followed by the previously inconceivable and illegal under International Law and all medical bioethics, forced injection of experimental gene therapy substances. The virus exists, it is a chimaera engineered by the US bio-warfare machine, but it is the ‘vaccines’ and the BigPharma ‘medications’ that will do the greater harms.

  30. @Si1ver1ock

    Cases such as this, medical murder or coercive euthanasia are RIFE in the US medical-pharmaceutical-insurance complex, one of the most Evil enterprises that capitalism ever spewed forth.

  31. meamjojo says:

    Kind of long-winded article that I couldn’t bear to finish.

    As to:

    As far as the Ivermectin thing – whatever, I don’t know. I don’t believe the disease exists, but it’s shown success in treating respiratory illnesses that do exist, so I don’t really doubt the idea that people who are sick and diagnosed with “Covid-19” are helped by it.

    Covid is an INFECTION, not a DISEASE.

    • Replies: @Biff K
  32. @We are all dumb

    You’re certainly dumb. Malone speaks OPENLY of his work for the Pentagon. Do you have something approaching a FACT to share, else one might assume that it is you who is controlled.

  33. @Twodees Partain

    “Berenson isn’t really a critic of the covid orthodoxy. He believes in the virus, but disagrees with the vaxxes.”

    I.E, Berenson is a limited hang out. I’m not surprised, as one-third of his vocalizations is “like, I mean, you know.” He’s an (((airhead)))

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  34. SteveK9 says:

    The evidence that Ivermectin is beneficial is overwhelming. The statement that Malone ‘invented the mRNA virus’ should be understood as a shorthand. People are always going to do that. I saw a long presentation by Malone with a great deal of technical detail. I know pretty much what Malone did (I have a background in some of this). It’s rare that any single person ‘invented’ something in Science (although it does happen). I don’t think Malone has exaggerated his contribution. If I were characterizing it I would say he was a major (or maybe the major) contributor to the fundamental Science behind the mRNA vaccine technology.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  35. @Vagrant Rightist

    If you read what I said I didn’t have the time to find the pdf which was very well researched by this man. Trusting a LIFETIME Big Pharma/Military Contractor is pathetic for someone who claims to be open to what is happening. Robert Malone comes across as a spook. Sorry you don’t get to be in the controlled opposition camp without clearance. Tell me when he names the jew and disavows ALL vaccination and maybe he can be believed. And I posted the well researched article later but I’m sure you didn’t read it because you are too emotionally attached to jew lovers like Malone and Rogan to think you are being led down the same path as previous Pied Pipers. Personally I think both Berenson and Malone are controlled opposition but trusting Malone I lifetime pharmajew is not smart.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Vagrant Rightist
  36. RestiveUs says:

    A new virus, as in “gain-of-function” new?

  37. Athena says:

    Who owns FOX news?

    “Oh, well, we didn’t cause a financial crash; it was the pandemic.”

    ”among the borrowers that received \$4.5 trillion in loans from the Fed were JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup, “three of the Wall Street banks that were at the center of the subprime and derivatives crisis in 2008 that brought down the U.S. economy.”

    ”And then the other point to add here is that this borrowing was happening in September 2019, and it was actually before the first case of Covid was identified in the United States. They point out that the first Covid case was reported in the U.S. in January, and then the World Health Organization declared a pandemic in March 2020. This massive borrowing spree of \$4.5 trillion was happening in September.”

    ”Why did the Fed refuse to release the names of these banks? And was there a financial crisis before Covid that the U.S. government later was able to blame on Covid, but it was actually a financial crisis in the making?”

    Excerps from : What Is Causing So Much Inflation?

  38. Pam Ho says: • Website

    Whether Covid is a flu or a corona virus is purely academic at this point because whatever you call it—it’s being used to con people for a variety of reasons.

    What is new is being treated as a criminal for contradicting official state pronouncements on what medicine can and cannot be said to work.

    We have seen for a long time politicians (at least in America) trying to corner the market on all medicine by trying to outlaw natural supplements for their big donors who invest in pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

    Allicin (created by the co-mingling of compounds when raw unheated garlic is crushed, it then oxidizes quickly and is useless after 30 minutes) is a well known anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal, including working against antibiotic resistant strains—because besides other things—it literally burns holes in the outer skin of viruses, killing them.

    Garlic organosulfur compounds showed antiviral activity against several enveloped viruses, including herpes simplex, parainfluenza, vaccinia, and rhinovirus (Weber et al., 1992; Rouf et al., 2020). These virucidal effects of garlic compounds were proposed to depend on the disruption of the viral envelope and inhibition of viral replication (Weber et al., 1992; Rouf et al., 2020).

    There are a bunch of studies showing just how powerful Allicin is–and from personal experience I know fresh Allicin works. It always always kills whatever virus or microbe is bothering me–from a cold, a flu, staph, or any other type of infection. Products selling isolated Allicin never work though because oxidation is too difficult to stop regardless of what the sellers say. I grate fresh garlic and then eat it with not-hot food–otherwise it will make you vomit if you eat it on an empty stomach. A couple large cloves a day is enough.

    I learned about Allicin after suffering from gum infections years ago which caused a lot of pain but it cost too much for me to go to a doctor. So I studied herbal books and they all recommended Allicin from fresh garlic–and it worked instantly. Literally overnight. Ever since I’ve never had any problem from any type of infection, or cold, flu–nothing has been a problem.

    Except for one time. 6 months ago I got a big rash which I had never had before and which seemed to have no cause I could determine. I researched it and learned rashes like mine can be caused by a flu virus or “covid”. But I had been taking fresh garlic every day–so what happened?

    Turns out the market where I had been buying garlic had just changed their sourcing to China. I noticed the new garlic because Chinese produce imported into the US is irradiated by law. The radiation, I know now, kills the garlic. It won’t create Allicin when crushed or grated. You can tell if your garlic is irradiated because it will be missing the stem which grows through the middle of each clove in non-irradiated garlic. Garlic cloves will naturally grow into a garlic plant if you let it. But the stem inside of the irradiated clove is either missing entirely, or is just a tiny stump.

    So when I realized the garlic was different than the usual garlic with a full stem in the middle, I switched to another market and bought American sourced garlic–and the rash was taken care of right away.

    Telling people that natural cures, like raw unheated garlic aka Allicin, works against many diseases, is being criminalized even though they are well attested in the literature through many studies. What we are seeing besides the NWO agenda to force centralization of control through passports, is an assault on the natural medicine market which is worth 100 billion a year, and expected to reach 300 billion by 2030. There have been politicians for years trying to get laws passed which would make it impossible for natural supplement companies to operate, they want supplements to be prescription only, which would put them out of business because it would cost too much to switch to the new rules.

    We are seeing organized crime on a new level. Big Pharma and their investors who control the MSM, politicians, NGO’s, corrupt unions, and their lackeys in big tech, are trying to corner the market on all medicine, natural or man-made, literally making it illegal to disagree with them or tell people about a different medicine from what they sell. They then create fake pandemics, and as we see, force people to take their medicine by making an offer we can’t refuse.

    See data at: Antiviral potential of garlic (Allium sativum) and its organosulfur compounds: A systematic update of pre-clinical and clinical data

    • Thanks: Nancy, Robjil
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Biff K
  39. anaccount says:
    @gay troll

    And the regulars have noted you frothing at the mouth every time Anglin writes an article here.

    Is it because Anglin makes fun of poop sucking faggots?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  40. @SteveK9

    That is what Malone says-he contributed greatly to the early research on mRNA as vaccines, after early gene therapy treatments elicited strong immune responses. That he claims to have ‘invented’ it is an obvious BigPharma agit-prop invention, intended to discredit him. It is how the system works. If you make trouble for the oiligarchs, they have ‘six ways to Sunday’, up to and including elimination, to make your life Hell. One sees Malone speaking and he is calm, lucid, informed and candid. The opposite of the trolls unleashed to attack him.

  41. JM says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Great comment and very true as a generalization.

    And yet to me, there’s something about him that doesn’t add up…that’s not a trite categorization, but a wait-and-see.

  42. JM says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    Always keeping in mind facts like the following (and those who don’t recognize them are provisionally suspect)…

    “(It’s)…a flu-like illness for which the survival rate is 99.85% (confirmed in October 2020 and again in March 2021; it’s also higher the younger and healthier you are), for which fully 86% of those who test positive for the disease have no symptoms at all and which disproportionately afflicts the old and frail, resulting in the median age of death with Covid being 82.4 years – higher than the age of normal life expectancy in the UK (81.1 years).”


  43. Anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    No kidding. If there is no virus, then Israel can’t be accused of going for world domination through bioterror by deception.

  44. Anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    Ivermectin drives the bio warriors crazy. I would bet any amount of money that Berenson is an active duty major or colonel in the IDF propaganda effort. But ivermectin must threaten one of the poison vaxx’s mystery ingredients/purposes (are the hydra real? Try wormwood.). So they gave Berenson a direct order, exposing him as the fraud he is.

  45. @We are all dumb


    It’s like you’re just making up stuff as you go along. You write you haven’t got time to post because you’re going to work, then a short time later make another post. It’s hard to believe I’m communicating with someone who works and interacts with other human beings in the real world much based on what you are writing.

    I’ve never claimed anything. But actually I’m not so open to stuff as to fall down a black hole of complete solipsistic myopic bullshit about how that all vaccines are a scam or viruses don’t exist. It takes a special kind of moron with their head glued into the dumbest zones on the internet to hold that position and then demand others adopt these ideas or they are controlled opposition.

    “Robert Malone comes across as a spook.”

    How ? Because he worked for the government and military ? Because he had a successful career ?

    You know I’ve got scientists and people who have worked for the gov in my own family. THAT MUST MEAN…. I MUST BE A CONTROLLED OP TOO! I JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT. I MUST BE ON THE PAYROLL OF THE JEWS!!!!!

    You have to be someone so detached from reality, who never leaves their basement to think that because someone works for the military or government they automatically are a bad guy/lizard man/illuminati/Jew puppet.

    The reason some people think this way is because thy can’t even begin to imagine having a career as a scientist themselves. And so people that do …well….they must be all be bad guys. THOSE PEOPLE ARE ALL TRYING TO CONTROL US FROM UP THERE.

    “Sorry you don’t get to be in the controlled opposition camp without clearance”

    You haven’t demonstrated he’s controlled opposition.

    “Tell me when he names the jew and disavows ALL vaccination and maybe he can be believed.”

    Exactly what I said. Why isn’t it obvious to you fuckwit if he did name the Jew that would be the end of all his good work so far talking about vaccines ? Why should he disavow all vaccination ? Nobody serious takes that position because it’s not a serious position. You seem to be lobbying for Malone and all dissident scientists and docs (because they mostly take the same positions) to throw all their credibility and what public influence they do have away over nothing.

    Now why is that ? Why do you want them to lose what credibility they have ?

    What is the campaign against Malone and others about ? It seemed to roughly coincide with the Berenson thing.

    Who is behind it ? Is this campaign coming from the Pentagon ? Israel ? How reliant are they on a sea of fuckwits to propagate these ideas for them ?

    “And I posted the well researched article later but I’m sure you didn’t read it because you are too emotionally attached to jew lovers like Malone and Rogan “

    Why is it on someone’s personal dropbox account ? Why isn’t published on a credible site by someone credible ?

    I’m someone extremely critical about Jewish power, however when I read 90% of the comments on Unz on these topics honestly I’m embarrassed to be White. I’m assuming most of these ‘viruses don’t exist/Malone must name the Jew/covid is a hoax/all vaccines are a hoax’ are coming from white people, or that at least a proportion of them are organic in so much there is a real white person behind the keyboard who has absorbed these ideas and it’s a not just a bot from Israel. And it is an utter shameful embarrassment. If this is truly how a lot of us think we are doomed.

    For anyone sane who is interested, sure privately I do bristle a bit when Malone et al start talking about Nazis and Nuremberg. But I also forgive this because it’s how a lot of normies think. If it helps the message then fine let it go. But there are obvious issues if we choose to inspect that comparison but I would not expect Malone to be pushing those boundaries, indeed it would be deeply foolish of him to do so.

    But people promulgating these bs ideas that covid is a hoax, that all viruses are hoaxes and all vaccines are worthless, or are trying to undermine good people doing their best are not hurting the CDC/NIH/Fauci/Gates/Schwab/big pharma or international Jewish power. In fact they are just empowering those forces who will say “look the anti-vax movement is a bunch of nutters and morons and antisemites” which is exactly what they want to say.

    And yes their power to scream antisemitism to impressionable normies is louder and harder than our power to deconstruct that word in a given time frame. It’s a worthless public fight in the current context of vaccines/mandate/covid measures.

    I’ll add that Anglin is a good writer, and has done much good work, but he’s just made a mistake on this. His mistake is a common one and it goes like this:

    Covid doesn’t affect me personally,
    I can’t see covid,
    The government are oppressing people with covid measures…

    …therefore covid is a hoax.

    It’s mix of ‘what I can’t see or directly experience doesn’t exist’ (flat earth) and lashing out at oppressive gov measures with counter theories intended to undermine and punish the government position. I understand it on a human level, but it’s an inadequate response to the problems we face.

  46. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pam Ho

    Interesting, thanks.

  47. WJ says:
    @Tono Bungay

    I didnt see it either. I might have missed it but I would be shocked for GG, a person formally adored by Rachel Maddow, to be labeled a RW extremist, even by the worthless wikipedia.

  48. gay troll says:

    It bothered me for a minute when Anglin was added to the Unzroll, but
    I came to realize that AA is perfectly representative of the ethos of this website. At times I have wondered why Unz would surround his own analysis of “American Pravda” with authors that he openly characterizes as trolls and lunatics. From Godfree Roberts and Larry Romanoff to Raches and Jung Freud, Unz has shown himself willing to feature authors with zero name recognition combined with zero analytical ability. This in addition to the washed up pundits of yesteryear like AA. This place is a big bowl of poison soup, into which Unz drops choice bits of meat from time to time. It’s a hangout for white supremacists run by a Jewish supremacist. You do the math.

    I’ll let your hyperbole slide and acknowledge that AA pisses me off, and part of the reason is that he is a very talented propagandist. But I am not a jealous person. What disturbs me is not AA’s ability, but his total lack of moral or ethical insight, coupled with an absence of intellectual integrity. I get the same feeling reading Anglin that I do listening to CNN: here is a person deliberately trying to inflame and misinform his audience.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @RedpilledAF
  49. @Vagrant Rightist
    Let’s start with the initial subject Robert Malone. I believe him to be a spook, controlled opposition, or at least an unwitting useful pawn of ZOG because of the way he is presented to us. He is presented as a dissenter. Is he? He stands to profit massively over “safer” vaccines and other treatments that big pharma is really all ok with. You clearly also didn’t read the article I posted which has too much cohencidence for me to accept him not being part of the shadow MIC. Like I said I don’t trust Berenson either.

    Now as for germ theory vs terrain/cell theory I think from the many books I have read and research papers I have read there are holes in germ theory. Automatically comparing it to flat earth is denigrating to the people who dissent from the mainstream orthodoxy not that “viruses” don’t exist but that we don’t really understand their function and what they really are. Saying the science is settled is just as dangerous as the people who say trust the Fauci science. Question everything especially where ZOG/globohomo has a deathgrip on the niggercattle thinking.

    Thirdly your defense screams of optics cycling which frankly if Hitler hasn’t optics cucked back in the war white people would have our own nations again. Enjoy the rest of your day its been fun disagreeing with you but back to wageslaving again.

    • Replies: @Vagrant Rightist
  50. anon[983] • Disclaimer says:
    @gay troll

    Agree (although I wouldn’t call this con-man talented)

    have you read this article ?

  51. B T. says:

    Yes,it is a coronavirus. it was enhanced. See the work of Dr David Martin on Fauci Dossier. It is nothing new but enhanced. It has the same spike protein as the injection. Both injection and virus are bioweapons. My 28 year old son had lingering symptoms that were very severe, neurological. It has already been proven it crosses the blood brain barrier. The virus and injection affect some more than others The work of Dr zelenko, Dr show that those at risk don’t have to be hospitalized or die with early treatment. They were tired of their patients dying and began these proticols.Most don’t need anything. Hospital protocols are a death sentence. PCR test don’t detect infection only fragments. Probably 90% false negative. They need testing and “cases”.

  52. I think the most obvious should be looked at first, just like looking at the vast majority of working MD’s behavior. Bribery and/or blackmail is a very effective tool, and I suspect Berenson may be a victim of one or the other- or both. His Ivermectin stance is very telling, since it is the biggest threat to Big Pharma profits, and its safety and efficacy is beyond doubt.

  53. @gay troll

    “It’s a hangout for white supremacists run by a Jewish supremacist. You do the math.”

    There are many posters who are not white supremacists (that term is ambiguous as well, different people have different definitions). Also, Ron Unz does not strike me as a Jewish supremacist. I really enjoy and appreciate the variety of social and political positions one encounters in the articles and comments.

    The math seems to work fine for me.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  54. 4justice says:

    Another possibility is they could be on competing teams hoping to profit from the virus.

    Malone wants to sell his new and improved jab made also from genetic engineering.

    If you are a critic of the COVID operation, you won’t trust either Berenson or Malone.
    If you are a critic of genetic engineering in medicine, you won’t trust Malone.
    Both can share useful facts that are targeted for silence. You can learn from both.
    But don’t be taken in by either as your noble leader.

    If Malone were apologizing to the world for advancing gene therapy, I would consider him a reasonable person with a good grasp of what we face. Trying to instead take credit for it and rescue it from the bad pr of the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J experience does not build my confidence.

    I am not a ludite, but I share the concerns articulated by Bill Joy about technology being used to either replace us or enslave us and I see moves during this COVID operation as providing a lot of evidence that he was very right to raise the alarm in the year 2000.

    I have a visceral distrust for any Jewish supremacist or water carrier for Israel, so I never trusted Berenson.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  55. Biff K says:

    I’ve had Covid twice (that I am aware of – both times in 2020, pre-vax days). And both times it was no biggie. Tired and a 100% loss of taste for a couple days, followed by a sporadic dry hacky cough the first time; pretty sore throat the second time. Little else. “Recovery” was complete in 3 days both times.

    I developed “atypical angina” about 5 years ago, got stents, and two bottles of nitroglycerine handed to me out the door, which I’ve never needed to use since …well…until a few months ago. So I saw my cardiologist to inquire why I now gulp a ntg every once in a while. He diagnosed me with mild heart failure, not present when the stents were placed, so probably “long Covid myocarditis.” Unfamiliar with the term, I exclaimed, I didn’t get the jab, just the bug, twice.” He replied that this coronavirus not only incites interstitial pneumonitis but also carditis, which is specifically why elderly people die from it. He added that these young “athletes” collapsing are not necessarily jabbed, most probably, some just have “post-covid syndrome” – since the bug is very contagious and floating around everywhere and in young people is usually asymptomatic. He added that proving myocarditis is difficult to do short of my autopsy – a procedure which, of course, I declined.

    But it got me to thinking. This gain of function thing they’ve babbled about, using (of all things) Adenovirus. If I recall the one feature of Adenoviruses that is unique to them, is that they can at times, cause carditis. It was the one point about Adenoviruses that appeared on the National Board exams years ago. Adenovirus – carditis. I distinctly remember that association from my scribe notes in med school.

    So, now I’m wondering if this possibly “engineered” virus (?) has incorporated a carditis-inciting component. And you don’t necessarily need the jab. Just the bug? And, could these jabbed people now be spreading a bug incorporating adenoviral components? Are they generating and spreading a modified coronavirus? Remember, many coronavirus infections are asymptomatic. You don’t know how many times you were exposed to it. Are the vaxxed spreading a modified version? Which can cause carditis? It’s important to note that carditis can be the result of an immune reaction to the virus, not necessarily the virus itself. This is difficult to sort out, since both scenarios are possible.

    Ironically, medical autopsies are rare as hens teeth these days. In this pandemic?

    Bet we’ll never know for, maybe, what…70 years?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  56. @mulga mumblebrain

    No, the position that the virus is imaginary doesn’t preclude acceptance that the “vaccine” injections are biowarfare. Pushing the idea of a new killer plague virus provides the pretext for everything else; lockdowns which damage national economies and all the rest, leading up to the actual assault with the injected bioweapons.

    Claiming that there is a new virus just laid the groundwork for the rest.

  57. @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    I can agree with that conclusion. He’s really a typical airhead liberal who caught a glimpse of something that spun up his cognitive dissonance levels.

  58. @Tono Bungay

    It was ‘hacked’ for something like 20 minutes and then got changed back.

  59. Biff K says:

    I’m not convinced about the “horse paste” success story.

    Why? Because too many proponents of Ivermectin, the wonder drug, later on, are seen “shootin’ at some food, and up through the ground comes a bubblin’ crude…” You know, …that bunch.

    I’m far too formally educated in medicine and pharmacology to take info from some toothless yokel. But I have yet to run across a true proven expert in the subject expounding on its usefulness or its folly. And the fact that I haven’t suggests to me that the rest of the bunch are in the same boat as I am. And you have to wonder why that is.

    It’s the times. anybody who can work a keyboard these days is making up for decades and decades of being told to “just sit there in the corner and shut up!”

    • LOL: meamjojo
  60. Biff K says:
    @Pam Ho

    OK, OK. Eat your raw garlic. Just make sure you don’t go out on a date for 72 hrs. The guy’ll think you’re a Hunkie right off the boat.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  61. @Biff K

    Lying troll. You are as much ‘formally’ trained in anything but lying as I am an astronaut. A few minutes research finds numerous highly respected clinicians and meta-analysts attesting to IVM’s great effectiveness. You’re a moron or a liar-or both.

    • Replies: @Biff K
  62. @Biff K

    Cunning hit job on adenovirus ‘vaccines’, leaving only those harmless mRNA vaxxes available. So it’s Pfizer or Moderna paying for your services.

  63. Ramzer is far too forgiving of the covid suckers.

    Video Link

  64. @We are all dumb

    You still can’t explain why the document in on someone’s personal dropbox account or where it came from.

    If it coincides with what you’ve said here it’s not worth reading.

    Malone is in a very poor position to influence the future of vaccines in general. I’ve watched a lot of videos of Malone have not seen him once try to sell ‘safer’ vaccines. He cautiously thought Novavax might have a better safety profile some time back, I don’t even know if that’s his position today.

    Personally I think vaccines should be safer though. I’m very open to the material RFK Jr has presented on this and clearly big pharma have abused vaccines as they have other medicines. But it doesn’t follow that vaccines are worthless and evil in principle across the board because big pharma have abused their deployment and got special exemptions by gov and so on to do so.

    I’m sticking to my flat earth. ‘What I can’t see doesn’t exist’. And I sense that is the crux of this argument and others like it.

    I didn’t say the science is settled. That’s the whole point of this controversy surrounding covid and vaccines. Science has to be prepared to be held up to scrutiny and revised. I just don’t see any kind of credible science about viruses being universally harmless or just artifacts of cells or any credible contemporary scientist holding that position.

    Do people who believe viruses don’t cause disease also believe that bacteria don’t cause disease as well ? And they are not actually treated by antibiotics ? And it’s just a coincidence that people get better ? Do they believe parasites cause disease ? Do they believe in any form of disease transmission ? There is some kind of bizarre religious thinking going on here. Clearly these are people who have never been sick in their lives which makes me think a lot of them are quite young.

    The issue is one of context. It’s what move is useful in a certain conflict situation. Some moves are clearly self destructive. Although actually I don’t care if others want to talk about Jews among themselves. Clearly Jews like the Sackler family have played a very serious role with bad stuff in pharma, and I’m sure there are many more. If dissidents want to talk about that fine.

    But trying to prod Malone and others into doing so is just a resentful obvious kind of sabotage and claiming they are a controlled op if they don’t is insane garbage.

    How did Hitler lose the war because of optics cucking ? He lost the war because of the enormous might of the combined forces against him and stood no chance.

  65. gay troll says:

    It seems to me that there are two main editorial thrusts to this website, and I’m not sure which one takes precedence. One is “human biodiversity” which may be summarized as a belief that genes govern intelligence and intelligence governs behavior, and therefore some races are smarter and better behaved than others. According to the HBDists, whites are smarter than blacks, therefore HBD is one articulation of white supremacy. The funny thing is though, those same studies that measure IQ and elevate whites above blacks also tend to place a different “race” at the very top of the pyramid. These are the Ashkenazim, whose centuries of sister fucking led to a continuous enlightenment, the same practice that had produced the genius Akhenaten millennia before, whose egg head birthed monotheism and iconoclasm and Habiru ascendancy in the Middle East in the first place. Now if white people are more stupid than Jews, are they not also more prone to violence? Should Jews not demand the safety of a nation defined by race, in which white people are not allowed?

    As for Unz being a “Jewish supremacist”, well isn’t that term redundant after all? What does it mean to be chosen, if not supreme? What does it mean to be Jewish, if not chosen? The Jews self identify as God’s most special people. Meanwhile Unz conducts himself like he’s the smartest person in the room, the creme de la creme of HBD.

    I almost forgot to mention TUR’s other editorial thrust: anti Zionism. I don’t think it would be much of an exaggeration to say that this website portrays Israel as the cause of all of America’s problems. This is a weird position for a racist Jew to take. When I was initiated into anti Zionism it was stridently anti racist. But in the fun house Overton windows of clown world, the foremost anti Zionist site on the web is also a cesspool of white nationalism, Christian fundamentalism, and dare I say conspiracy theory. This while continually whitewashing the CIA and fascism and Chinese communism, as if they weren’t all arms of the same Zionist entity that this website operates in service to.

  66. KenH says:

    Malone never claimed to have invented the mRNA vaccines for COVID but his name is on almost all of the patents for the mRNA technology without which the mRNA COVID vaccines could not have been produced.

    The CDC has told us that the spike protein in the vaccine is inert but Malone says that is wrong and its biologically active which is why some people, mostly men, are experiencing myocarditis and women are experiencing irregular and disrupted menstrual cycles.

    Berenson seems a little miffed that Dr. Robert Malone burst on to the scene and stole some of his thunder and I think his baseless and classless attack on Malone on national TV was designed to discredit Robert Malone but instead it discredited Berenson.

  67. Liza says:

    From the interview with Rogan:

    On Joe Rogan, Dr. Robert Malone suggests we are living through a mass formation psychosis. He explains how and why this could happen, and its effects. He draws an analogy to 1920s/30s Germany “they had a highly intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad.”

    It’s the Germans, toujours. Not just Malone – all of them. It’s almost as if this skepticism is nothing more than a life support system for the medical/scientific intelligentsia wanting to show that they’ve got the correct views. They are tripping all over themselves doing this.

  68. I have to say, as a follower of both these men, that Malone’s credentials as a scientist are far more credible than Berenson’s as a journalist. The controversy over Ivermectin is likely over, as Pharma has come up with a series of treatments and medicine that mimics it precisely.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  69. @Poupon Marx

    Controlled opposition, conspiracy theorist, White extremist, flat earth believer…all expressions created and marketed by the deep state to discredit anyone who dares to challenge the official narrative. That does not mean that there are no people who fit the label. But I totally agree with you that such expressions are by and large meant for political categorisations.

  70. Biff K says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    You sound very angry. Lemme guess: you own a Tractor Supply?

    My credentials training and experience are none of your effing business, so I’ll pass on that. And, by the way, your reading skills suck.

    I’m not one to ask for references, but if you read my post half ass carefully, you’ll see why in this case, I’m asking YOU to post references providing reliable statistical proof of IVM being the wonder drug that you so adamantly claim it is. Personal testimonials from Grant Stinchfield (the living breathing advertisement for Estee Lauder)… or any other announcer talking head don’t count.

    Lotsa luck.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  71. Curle says:

    You imagine cannabis is safe?

  72. lydia says:

    I read on natural news that they are building walls around government buildings in London and Australia too.

    After watching this video, I wonder if it has anything to do with this upcoming trial? Reiner states that their case is coming up in the next couple of weeks and that everyone who’s involved with this will be indicted. It’s an informative video and explains it’s a complicated case. Although, he does mention how Bill Gates is being charged with 1st degree murder in India and if found guilty, he’ll probably receive the death penalty. Reiner also said that he’s in touch with RFK Jr. regarding the Fauci case and this will be the turning point As well, Reiner says this will probably such a huge event that the MSM probably won’t be able to ignore it.

    As usual, time will tell…

    PREMEDITATED MASS MURDER? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Upcoming Legal Battle Against Gates, Fauci & Tedros

  73. @Curle

    As safe as any intoxicant. You can’t ban them. Treat over-use or use by those not neurologically suited to the effects, as a health issue.

  74. @Biff K

    IVM IS a wonder drug. How many Nobel Prizes have you won? But it’s off patent, so cheap, so anathema to the blood-suckers and their stooges. Knocking IVM is troll territory, so if it looks like a troll, shits on everything like a troll and does BigPharma’s very dirty dirty work for t-well, there you go, Grendel.

  75. @h74betatester

    Pfizer’s pfizermectin copycat, paxlovid, also contains a substance (ritonavir)to suppress hepatic metabolism of the IVM clone. This substance risks also causing ‘absolutely contraindicated’ interactions with various pharmaceutical agents that might lead to life-threatening adverse events. Examples of such agents are statins, steroids, sedative hypnotics, anti-coagulants, anti-arrythmics, all very rarely used by the elderly at highest risk from CoViD 19. The effects come on quickly. What could possibly go wrong? Needless to say IVM has no such effects, but it is dirt cheap, and THAT is anathema.

  76. BuelahMan says:

    And you don’t? Let me guess, you are 70+ years old and an ex-cop.

  77. @Biff K

    Since you are formally educated in medicine and pharmacology, are you implying that the Invermectin controversy arose from “toothless yokels” deciding to eat “horse paste” to cure their ailin’ and then posting their findings on their barely literate blogs? That there have been no studies done? That there are not known properties to a medicine that has been around for a long time and has been widely used? That there are no doctors who have prescribed it to patients during the period of idiocy this blight has occupied?

    Maybe it’s time to take some refresher courses. Or maybe, you’re just full of shit.

  78. @Black Maggot

    Boof, I’d say, is a lying troll. A sub-species of the type loves inventing credentials, but, when they show their pig ignorance (lying and hypocrisy are not evidence, because many medical goons are dedicated to both, plus greed and arrogance)and you ask for even a general description of their bona fides, they wax indignant and refuse.

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