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I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win
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A few days ago, I started reading the BBC Ukraine live thread. It’s a surreal experience, contrasting it with what is actually happening. Even if you weren’t contrasting it with anything, it would still be surreal, as there are so many different conflicting claims.

This is significantly more information than gets published in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Basically, the British people apparently want more information than the Americans are interested in, so the BBC is obligated to publish something. So, in order to deal with the fact that they have no reporters on the ground, and couldn’t tell the truth about what was happening even if they did, the BBC just publishes statements from the Ukraine government itself as if they are fact. Of course, they publish these statements alongside statements from Western governments, NATO, and the various globalist groups. On the whole, they seem to be sticking to a narrative of “the next round of weapons and the Ukraine will take Moscow.”

I assume that the journalists themselves don’t actually know what is going on. You find this a lot with British media – they have many fewer Jews, so they have a much harder time sticking to a narrative.

For example, here’s from 4:30 this morning:

Russia’s capture of the eastern city of Severodonetsk is a significant achievement in the context of its revised and reduced ambitions, the UK’s ministry of Defence says.

In April, two months into the invasion, Russia revised its immediate campaign plan from aiming to occupy the majority of Ukraine, to a more focused offensive in the Donbas.

Capturing Severodonetsk was a key part of that plan because it’s a major industrial centre and occupies a strategic position on the Siverskyi Donets River.

However, the MoD says in its daily Ukraine update, “it is only one of several challenging objectives Russia will need to achieve to occupy the whole of the Donbas region”.

“These include advancing on the major centre of Kramatorsk and securing the main supply routes to Donetsk city,” it says.

Here’s 5 minutes later:

The missile strike on Kyiv comes as G7 leaders are gathering in Germany.

They are expected to promise fresh military support for Kyiv and impose more sanctions on Russia.

Here in Kyiv, the air raid sirens have gone off again.

And here’s 12 minutes after that:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will promise further financial support for Ukraine as he meets world leaders at a series of summits.

He is expected to urge allies to continue backing Kyiv against Moscow’s “barbarism,” saying now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.

And Johnson is set to pledge £429m in guarantees for World Bank lending.

He’s attending the G7 summit in Germany and Nato’s meeting in Madrid today – with Ukraine set to be high on the agenda for both organisations.

Ahead of those meetings, Johnson said: “Future generations will be awed and inspired by the truly heroic Ukrainian resistance in the face of Putin’s barbarism.

“Ukraine can win and it will win. But they need our backing to do so. Now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.”

He warned Ukrainians should not be encouraged to “settle for a bad peace” where they were “invited to give up chunks of their territory in return for a ceasefire” in the war against Russia.

So, the big picture is that there was a series of stories about Severodonetsk falling, which was inevitable, then they hit you with Boris Churchill telling you to not take it so bad, the winning will come after the entire Donbass is taken.

But there are all kinds of weird things going on here.

Firstly, I think it is necessary to just take a moment and note, once again, how bizarre this change of language actually is. It is jarring to anyone to have the “the” dropped from “The Ukraine,” and it is probably even more bizarre to change the spelling and pronunciation of “Kiev” to “Kyiv.” As I recently wrote, they now pronounce it “Keev.” The claim is of course that they want to show sympathy for the people of the Ukraine by using “Ukrainian” spelling/pronunciations instead of “Russian.” But both languages use a different alphabet than English, and neither of the two English pronunciations are really exactly like Russian or Ukrainian speech.

(For the record, “Ukrainian” is just a bastardized version of Russian that incorporates Polish words and bizarre grammar. It’s creole.)

As I’ve pointed out, this would be exactly the same as saying that in order to show our sympathy with Mexican unaccompanied minors (or whatever), we started calling Mexico “Meh-Hee-Ko.” It is nonsensical and bizarre. This is a psychological technique, to dazzle people with jarring new language. It puts people off-kilter, and when people don’t feel like they understand what is going on, they are more likely to listen to authority. If you ask why they changed these words, the explanation obviously becomes more confusing. So if you are someone who more or less is inclined to believe the media but also try to think about it, this automatically hits you with a brain-shutdown jolt, where you subconsciously think “clearly, I don’t understand what is going on here, so I’d better listen to people who sound like they do.” It is a natural human instinct to listen to people who speak authoritatively, because we didn’t use to live in a society completely built on lies and hoaxes. Particularly, this is true in a crisis-type situation: in a crisis, people feel they should put their own thoughts and feelings aside and follow the leader. Remember 911? (You were supposed to never forget.)

Second, something other than Russia has apparently decided what Russia’s objectives are, and that she now has “revised and reduced ambitions.” There is no citation there, but what they’ve done is declare that Russia wanted to take over the entire Ukraine, then said they failed to do that, but they’re winning at taking the Donbass. Russia never claimed to want anything more than the Donbass – they are, however, going to have more than the Donbass when this is over.

BBC’s map:

Russia’s initial plan was clearly to force a surrender, which everyone thought would happen. But the US and NATO started sending all of these weapons in, and all of this money, and the Ukraine people started squatting in cities and firing weapons from residential neighborhoods. I don’t think anyone on either side really could have imagined that the policy of the United States would be to fight to the last Ukrainian, or that the Ukraine people would go along with this project of total destruction of their country.

But the territorial objective was always simply the Donbass, and the Russian objective of demilitarization remains their objective. “Revised and reduced ambitions” sounds like some kind of “Putin’s price hike” style focus-grouped language, presumably coming from some UK MoD think tank.

Further, the claims of the MoD are published without comment, and don’t make any sense, or are just meaningless – “yes, Russia is gaining territory consistently, but they are going to continue to gain territory.” The reason Severodonetsk fell, as you can see in the above map, is that it was surrounded in a “cauldron.” This is what Russia does. It’s the only way to deal with the Ukraine strategy of squatting in a city and refusing to directly meet the Russian military. This is just a grinding process. Russia is grinding it out. I suspect that after the Donbass is secured, they will do some kind of shock and awe from Belarus on Kharkov, although, who knows. The area between the river and Donetsk is just fields.

This population density map should get a lot more play than it does, frankly, as it makes the war maps make a lot more sense. The Ukraine people won’t fight in a field, they will only fight from densely populated urban areas, because their entire war strategy is based around human shields, as even the Washington Post and others have admitted when explaining that it would be impossible to prosecute Russia for “war crimes” because of this.

(I don’t really know why they admitted this. I guess it was just a backpage thing, where if someone sees the videos of how the Ukraine is actually fighting this war, they can look it up and find the Washington Post assuring them that “it’s complicated.”)

Then you have the strikes on Kiev during the G7-NATO fiesta. Germany to Spain!

NOTE: Well, it’s happened again. I woke up and wrote this, then left, then came back again. No idea where we’re at. I’ve been suffering from internet issues all day.

[Sloppy mode: Activated]

I once took a plane from Germany to Spain – it was like climbing out of a cave into the warm sunshine.

Here’s cave mode:

Video Link

No offense to Germany; I enjoyed my time there, but it has a dour air. It’s not nearly as bad as America, of course. And Germany has reason to be dour.

I lived in Athens for a while, and lived at a hostel. That’s actually where I started this website, 9 years ago. Anyway, in exchange for rent and food, I did the walking tours of the old city. Then, I would tell people (particularly women – this is before I became an incel) that I could give them the “night tour,” which was bar hopping. This was mostly always going to be people under 25, pretty much always under 30. (If you’re over 30 and staying in a hostel, you’re either super cool or a weirdo.) I would meet people from everywhere, but you know me – if it was Germans, after a couple of drinks, I had to say “you know, the Holocaust is a hoax – Auschwitz was just a work camp where a lot of people died of typhus and starvation because the Allies committed an international war crime and bombed the supply lines. So, you shouldn’t feel bad about that.” If I told this to men, their eyes would kind of glass over. Multiple German girls started crying (even when I wasn’t an incel, I would rather see a woman cry over the Holocaust than have sex with her). The one German that I really hit it off with who was going along with everything I was saying eventually told me her father was a French Jew. That was kinda funny. I was considering asking her to marry me before she told me that.

Point being: if girls like you, they will usually go along with whatever you are saying. They don’t really care about words, let alone ideas. It’s all just about emotions with women. There is no real information transmission. So if a woman likes you, anything you say is basically “oh wow!” Men, conversely, if they are not fags (I never invited fags on the night tour), will typically just engage with what you are saying, even if they don’t agree. So, if girls who liked me started crying and men who were not fags just had their eyes glass over and go into some kind of a daze, you can tell these are serious trauma victims. Just for the record, I also went out with a half-Russian girl from East Germany and when I said the Holocaust was a hoax, she didn’t just go along with me, she already knew. She was like “OMG I know, that is such bullshit.”

Germany has this kind of ghost hanging over it.

The ultimate point is: the BBC is still doing “I believe that she will win.” You had all this constant attempt by the left to draw parallels between Donald Trump and Russia – well, the Ukraine is the Hillary Clinton of countries. It’s a very uncool, hyped-up loser that commits atrocities, and the dumb masses of women and faggy men continue to support it despite the fact it is totally, obviously doomed.

Boris Churchill, the fat drunk, is still doing it. You want to talk about sloppy mode, check this guy out.

Here he is a few minutes ago talking to Jew Jake about “Ukraine fatigue.”

He says we Americans need to “step up” and go to war with Russia.

You step up, you fat slob. Step up on a fucking stair-master. I don’t give a shit about the Ukraine, and I wish your stupid country would have lost to Hitler.

This entire media landscape has gone beyond me. I do not even know what their goals are at this point. Are they talking about World War III, or do they actually believe that the Ukraine is going to build a whole new second army and reclaim the Donbass and Crimea? I suspect that their concepts vary between that dialectic, but it is increasingly looking like there is no plan at all.

I wrote an extra sloppy piece of art about this earlier today, in fact. They are no longer coherent. As soon as the Russian economy didn’t collapse they should have just said “okay, fine – keep the Donbass, we’re making our own Ukraine and it’s gonna have blackjack and hookers!”

But instead they did whatever this is. I am just telling you: I don’t know what this is. I do not know what is going on. And I’ve not read or seen anyone who does, beyond “they’re just stupid.” I don’t think they can be this stupid. But hey – there are all of these prayers in the Psalms about “Lord, send confusion on my enemies, and turn their evil works to good.” Maybe Russians have been praying those Psalms?

This whole thing is just blind Jewish hatred of Russians – the people who they hate most of all. Here’s an article about that – mild sloppiness. It’s when I was first beginning my transformation to full sloppy mode a few days ago. Now, I am become Sloppy, the destroyer of promising half-written articles from earlier in the day when my testosterone levels were higher.

God wins in the end, always.

So, we should remember that, and stop acting like Jews are gods.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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