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Google’s Black Diversity Chief Criticized Israel in 2007 – Republican Media Whines and Gets Him Demoted
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Colored folks are coming around to acknowledging the Jewish question.

This is good, because colored folks are invincible and cannot be fired.

This is leading to witch hunts by the likes of Washington Free Beacon.

(Fun fact: The Free Beacon is run by Jewish neocon William Kristol’s daughter’s husband and was the original entity to hire Fusion GPS to do opposition research on Donald Trump during the GOP primary [they were backing True Conservative and pillar of Our Values Marco Rubio]. This project was later funded by Hillary Clinton, and eventually became the #pissgate dossier – which served as the centerpiece for the entire Russian spying hoax. It was used by then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign in the first place, then it was used by James Comey [and Rod Rosenstein] to establish the Mueller Sanhedrin.)

Washington Free Beacon, June 1, 2021:

Google’s head of diversity strategy said in a 2007 blog post that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for war” and an “insensitivity to the suffering [of] others.” The comments were part of a longer meditation from Kamau Bobb, now head of diversity strategy at Google, that also slammed Israel’s military actions in Gaza and Lebanon that same year.

Bobb was at the time a research associate in technology at Georgia Tech, according to his LinkedIn. The post, titled “If I Were A Jew,” described how he believed Jewish people should view the Middle East conflict.

“If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself,” he wrote in a Nov. 30, 2007, post on his personal blog, where he was still actively publishing as recently as April 2021. “Self defense is undoubtedly an instinct, but I would be afraid of my increasing insensitivity to the suffering [of] others.” The blog features commentary from Bobb on a wide range of issues, including racial equality, U.S. politics, and education policy.

Bobb identifies himself as a Google employee in his blog’s biography section.

Google and Bobb did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The post is likely to cast a new light on Google’s diversity strategy in the wake of demands from a group of employees that the company cancel its business contracts in Israel and publicly condemn Israel’s military defense operations in Gaza. While Google has been a vocal supporter of diversity initiatives—the company released a statement about its “commitments to racial equity” in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests last year—it has not commented on the recent spike in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Bobb’s blog post was heavily critical of the Israeli government and argued that Jews should be “tormented” by the country’s actions.

“If I were a Jew today, my sensibilities would be tormented,” he wrote. “I would find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the long cycles of oppression that Jewish people have endured and the insatiable appetite for vengeful violence that Israel, my homeland, has now acquired.”

Bobb wrote that the history of Jewish suffering, particularly the Holocaust, should theoretically provide Jews with more “human compassion.”

Kamau Bobb is a very wise man. He actually reminds me of another very wise colored gentleman – the owner of the Saint Louis Beef Co.

If they were all like that, we wouldn’t have so many problems.

Imagine what it took to find these posts from almost 15 years ago.

This was also reported by Breitbart, which is a Jewish hate machine.

The article was written self-hating Pakistani Allum Bokhari, who is a masochistic servant of Israel. (Fun fact: Bokhari was one of the many victims of Lauren Southern when she was going on her “sex for clout” AKA “suck to play” operation.)

Many other cuck-right publications picked it up.

They were partially successful in their attempt to shut down Diversity Bobb, as Google announced on Friday that he’s been demoted.

NBC News:

Google has reassigned global diversity lead Kamau Bobb after it deemed his past comments as antisemitic.

Bobb, a global lead for diversity strategy and research at Google, has been in the role at the company for nearly three years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The Washington Free Beacon recently surfaced a 2007 blog post by Bobb about Israel in which he wrote that Jewish people had an “insensitivity” to suffering and stated “If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself.” He also imagined if he were Jewish, writing, “I don’t know how I would reconcile that identity with the behavior of fundamentalist Jewish extremists or of Israel as a nation.” The post has since been removed, but is duplicated here.

A Google spokesperson told CNBC that Bobb has apologized for his remarks and will no longer be part of the diversity team going forward. He will work in STEM education at the company.

Presumably, a Republican Congressman will bring this up in the next hearing with Google. Republicans have not even tried to stop big tech’s censorship, and instead they’ve called for reverse censorship (censorship of the left).

This is the microcosm of the entire core strategy of the GOP: allow the left to establish a narrative, then use the exact same narrative to attack them. The is what “Democrats are the real racists” is and it is what the latest “Democrats are the real science deniers” is.

Ted Cruz earlier this year went so far as to claim that Democrats are the real global warmers.

Calling for censorship of the left makes it impossible to argue that you are against censorship. Cruz does this all the time.

His most recent “grilling” of Mark Zuckerberg included many such cases.

He always says “you censored [X Republican thing], but allowed [X Democrat thing].” The clear implication is not that there should be no censorship, but there should be some kind of “censorship equity.” Otherwise, there would be no point to bring up the fact that the left isn’t getting censored by the left, because everyone knows this.

The only reason you would hunt down this Google diversity negro’s posts and make a thing out of it is that you want to promote censorship of the left when it comes to Israel. That’s of course exactly what the Jews who are censoring right-wingers want, and they called for it all throughout the recent massacre in Palestine.

Related: Israeli Justice Minister Benny Gantz Calls for Social Media Platforms to Defend Jews

As I always say: the only reason you would want any censorship is that you can’t defend your own positions. There is no other reason for it.

What these companies now claim is the reason for it is that it is hurting people’s feelings. They totally refuse to acknowledge that they are attempting to shape the opinions of the people. However, it is very obvious that if the companies believe that they have a duty to protect people from certain content because it causes them emotional distress, these companies should create blocklists for people to opt-in on. That’s all that was ever needed.

Clearly, they are identifying politically charged accounts, because they are banning people and using other forms of censorship on them. No one would be opposed to these companies using that data to create “safety lists” for emotionally unstable people. If you say “trannies aren’t women” or “nigger,” or post an image of Palestinians getting slaughtered, instead of sending you a notice that your account has been banned or your tweet deleted, they could send you a notice that you’ve been put on an opt-in “safety list.”

The Soy-Left could opt-in for a censoring of anti-tranny speech and racial slurs, and Jews and Judeo-Christians could opt-in for censoring of Israel massacring Palestinians.

Boom. Problem solved.

But of course, these companies won’t do that, because this isn’t about protecting feelings, it is about shaping public opinion. Republicans in Congress won’t ask why they don’t do this, because they’re stupid, and the only thing they actually care about is trying to censor criticism of Israel.

Criticism of Israel is what they’re paid to try to prevent.

It’s just utterly and completely exhausting to lay out all of these obvious facts and have people respond as they do. The masses of people are so moronic.

On the bright side, @jack claimed at the Miami Bitcoin conference that he’s developing a new anti-censorship platform.

You can say “oh well, I doubt it.” But Dorsey isn’t Jewish, and he’s been an advocate for freedom of speech up until he wasn’t, and it was obvious to everyone he was being forced to cuck like he did. Dorsey is a weird person, but every time he tries to explain censorship, it looks like a hostage video. Remember that when he agreed to go on Joe Rogan to get grilled by Tim Pool, he had to bring that horrid Paki woman to explain censorship because he doesn’t grasp the narrative and isn’t in charge of the Twitter censorship program. He appeared to genuinely not know Alex Jones had been banned.

The Paki woman gave the standard “protecting people’s feelings” narrative, which as I explained above could easily be dealt with using opt-in block lists (a function that Twitter specifically already has).

Consider: I don’t think it’s a coincidence @jack shaved his head for the conference.

If Blue Sky really is what Dorsey is saying – a blockchain-based social media platform – then it couldn’t be censored, technically. Basically, he’s talking about a protocol, like email is a protocol, that will be open source and allow for anyone to post anything to the decentralized blockchain.

However, with the ever-present threat of child porn, there would have to be some way for the site to moderate what is visible on the front end. And we know that he’s got all these people breathing down his neck – people who claim that “hate speech” should be completely cleansed from the internet in the way child porn is cleansed from the internet. He is a weak personality and drug user who can’t stand up to this sort of bullying. So, I wouldn’t get too excited about this specifically.

However, even though the establishment has been attacking Tor and trying to close off exit ramps of the censorship regime, it’s possible that a blockchain-based system could be inevitable. It’s at least something to be hopeful about.

Tranny Watch will be celebrating our 8th birthday next month, and we’ve stayed online – or should I say weev stayed online. Despite overwhelming pressure, there is still some freedom on the internet, in “dark corners” such as this, and I think that situation will remain (for all the good that’s done us).

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Govt by the retarded, for the retarded, of the retarded.

  2. Here we go again. Jews use the Diversity Stick to beat up whites(and conzos), and white conzos condemn the stick as a danger to Jews.

    The mental picture: Jew hits whitey with a stick with ‘diversity’ written on it, and the white guy comes between the stick and the Jew to protect the Jew from the stick the Jew is using to hit the white.

    So pathetic.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  3. I appreciate, Mr. Anglin, your insightfulness. Cutting through all of the baloney is valuable in and of itself, when it comes to analyzing our “morally illiterate” modern society. And you do it with such panache. The lighthearted crudities are more than welcome in an age of prissy delicacy with respect to any controversial topic.

    I particularly appreciated your “takedown” of Senator Cruz. I saw him at one time as a possible savior of Trump with respect to the election litigation, and that pleased me. But as soon as he got criticism and thought that he might be tarred with supporting the antifa fake assault on the Capitol, he retrenched into traditional Republican nonsense to save his own butt, complete with his own carefully nurtured vitriol on behalf of Israel and against China. What a horrid hypocrite he turned out to be. I recognize his legal tricks. As a lawyer, I can appreciate them, even though I see right through them. You pointed out his turning the censorship argument on its side rather than on its head, for example. That is a lawyer trick to avoid the issue and try to score points (cynically) for having confronted it. It is frankly nauseating to watch. Lawyers rarely take anything head on. The side step is more akin to a “soft shoe” routine, designed in the courtroom context only to mislead, not to enlighten.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are insanely violent and criminal in the US, being the prime source of homicide, carjacking, assault, gang shootings and all other felonies. Yet this black diversity honcho calls some other group “insatiable” in its penchant for violence? What planet are we living on? Who hired this weirdo at Google anyway? People like him are nothing except that they get sponsors who give them a position or podium somewhere. We’ll see who really has the upper hand in all this when the dust settles. In addition to the usual suspects we now have the next variety of anti-white American infusion dribbling in and that’s the sub-cons. Those lefties are the worst and most insufferable, especially their women. America has become a big zoo. There’s nothing to hold this country together. I don’t want to be there when it implodes.

  5. nsa says:

    The ever vigilant AA spots a contradiction: Joogle promotes joo diversity stuff while joo loving cuck-cons whine about it like teen girlies. Quite a revelation.

  6. Good thing for him he did not criticize google diversity policy on internal discussion board.

    Oh wait a minute; he had line authority over the google diversity policy.

    Lucky for google they already settled Damore’s lawsuit. : )

  7. How retarded are conservatives? Get a load of this:

    This is so cowardly. Jewish Supremacists attack free speech in the US, and cowards like Ben Garrison blames China. If this is conservatism, it’s totally useless. Does anyone really believe Jews who control America take their orders from China? Who believes this? Only retards and cowards who dare not name the Jew.

    It’s like blaming ‘Marxism’ for all the cultural degeneracy spread by Jewish-globalist capitalists or blaming ‘socialism’ for all the black pathologies.

    P.S. Pope John Paul was right. When communism came down, he warned that capitalism would pose a threat to mankind as well. Hyper-capitalism had led to a soulless disgusting world.

    • Agree: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  8. The opt-in idea makes perfect sense, especially with platforms that depend on algorithmic “review” of potentially provocative content. Maybe offer the idea to a platform currently under scrutiny, like Substack…

    I’m also interested in the percentage of readers who will immefiately get the weev reference.

  9. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    People who have yet been not dethroned or sent to jail .

    1-Jonah Goldberg: Caring about Muslims is a hate crime against Real Americans

    2 Memo to EU: we call it Islamic terrorism because it is terror inspired by Islam
    Nick Cohen

    3 “Just like mowing your front lawn, this is constant, hard work,” David M. Weinberg of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security wrote for the Jerusalem Post this week. “If you fail to do so, weeds grow wild and snakes begin to slither around in the brush.”–

    THIS NEEDS SOME CONTEXT- What about US senators and Congress members calling for vigilance against the ADL AIPAC and JINSA and against visits by Israeli leaders because of their known histories of thuggery ,bribery, incitement, and demonization of those who speak up against their thuggery ,bribery, incitement ? They sure will be dethroned .

    4″The big story in the Republican Party over the last 30 years, and I’m very happy about this,” said Kristol, is the “eclipsing” of the George H.W. Bush-James Baker-Brent Scowcroft realists, “an Arabist old-fashioned Republican Party … very concerned about relations with Arab states that were not friendly with Israel … .”

    What would happen to those who might look at Kristol’s dirty lying scumbag face and demand dethronement from CNN MSNBC from Fox and from any party platform because of real harms caused by his PNAC,Weekly Standard many other works?

    5 “I ask: What’s wrong with Palestinian surrender?” wrote Ambassador Danny Danon in a New York Times op-ed.

    “Surrender is the recognition that in a contest, staying the course will prove costlier than submission.”TOI
    Why are the current Americans attempts to extricate itself from costly destructive pointless Iraq war was ,from Iran imbroglio and from Afghanistan or from Yemen/Somalia or Syria being portrayed as anti Americans and sometimes even as anti semitic ? Why was it allowed to dominate for last 20 years ?

    6 “The Israeli military made precise calculations of Gaza’s daily calorie needs to avoid malnutrition during a blockade imposed on the Palestinian territory between 2007 and mid-2010, according to files the defence ministry released on Wednesday under a court order.”

    7 “A US diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks last year quoted Israeli diplomats as saying they wanted to “keep Gaza’s economy on the brink of collapse” ( Guardian -above)

    8 In early 2006, Dov Weisglass, then a senior advisor to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, explained that Israeli policy was designed “to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”

    Why does US allow person like Dov or Danon to enter USA ?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anonymous
  10. anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Judeo-Christian is an accurate, yet redundant term; it’s the only kind there is. “Christ our Passover lamb is sacrificed.” Only Jews celebrate the bloody child sacrifice holiday Passover. Christianity is to the Jews what Rachel Dolezal is to the Blaxx: Other-worship.

    Cuck-right? The cuckold fetish is glorified every Christmas with the divine cuckolding of the Cuckold Carpenter by Jewhovah. Joseph made a huge mistake raising the bastard, but try explaining basic moral principles to one of the Cuck-Right-Judeo-Christians.

    You were born right the first time; it’s ok to be white.

  11. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Sam Harris made a career out of running a business based on hate .

  12. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Why does US allow person like Dov or Danon to enter USA? Same reason Americans invite a Jewish Rabbi “into their heart,” as the faithful put it. It’s because Americans largely believe the blasphemy in the Jew Testament that, “Salvation is from the Jews.” The worst of the Jew-worshiping bunch are the fanatics here at Unz, who are aware of the Jew Problem, but concoct excuse after lame excuse how Americans just need to squeeze their eyes tighter and more fervently worship the Rabbi who said “Salvation from the Jews.”

    • Replies: @Stan
    , @Franz
  13. I won’t be too surprised when Ted Cruz says that democrats are the real Trump voters, or the real deplorables or the real conservatards. That shit has gotten good to him.

  14. @Adam Smith

    See? This is why we need a RETARD tag.

  15. Ted Cruz earlier this year went so far as to claim that Democrats are the real global warmers.

    Actually, Canadians are. Look it up.

    The Faulty Logic Behind the Argument That Canada’s Emissions Are a ‘Drop in the Bucket’

    The is what “Democrats are the real racists” is… [sic]

    Democrats are the real racists because they have the most experience with race. They are more likely to side with the darker-skinned in the Near East than the GOP is. Just like here.

    Criticism of Israel is what they’re paid to try to prevent.

    The ADL and SPLC don’t like “Islamophobia” either. Whatever the hell that is.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @HdC
  16. @Reg Cæsar

    Come on Reggie! Where is Austfailia? Our per capita emissions outdo the poseurs in Canadia any day. Real Men Fondle Coal!

  17. The harm that the James-Younger gang did to Minnesota was nothing compared to what the black gangs from the South did.

    But if Minnesotans repelled the James-Younger gang and said good riddance, they seem to praise blacks ever more despite all the mayhem. Blacks don’t hold white lives precious and burn down cities…and whites wave BLM signs. What a world.
    It’s like Jews kick Trump in the ass, but he bleats out, “Can I suck your dic*?”

    What kind of country is this?

    Btw, if people in Minnesota really wanna dwell on historical guilt, they took the land from the Indians, not from the blacks.

    • Replies: @anon
  18. anon[100] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    What kind of country is this? Christian. Christians consider Blaxx their “Bruvahs in JewChrist.” The Jew Testament features the conversion of an Ethiopian faggot in Acts 8, and by Acts 13:1, Simeon the immigrant Nigger is prophesying in the Antioch Church. Sheeyit! Catering to Africans have always dominated the Christian religion. Gotta save all the poor baby niglets for Rabbi Jebus, lest you piss off Jewhovah on Jewdgement Day and not get to spend eternity with “The Tribe” (straight outta the Revelation of St. Jewn) in heavenly Zion.

    P.S. Nothing puts America’s Christian Negro-huggery more succinctly than The Battle Hymn of the Repubcuck: ♪ As he died to make men holy let us die to make Nogs free!

  19. Stan says:

    Stop parroting the Jewish caricature of Christianity and learn about real Christianity.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. Anon[100] • Disclaimer says:

    Stop pretending that Christianity is anything but a sick Jewish cult. “We [Christians] are the Circumcision.” That’s a direct quote from the Jewish-authored Jew Testament book of Philippians. Who else but Jews identify themselves by the that perverted genital mutilation ritual? Your denial is deeper than whale shit in the Mariana Trench.

  21. Franz says:

    It’s because Americans largely believe the blasphemy in the Jew Testament that, “Salvation is from the Jews.”

    There’s probably lots of reasons. But the current version of Christianity in the USA is responsible for most of our other problems. A major shift away from Jehovah would make more of a difference than any political movement.

  22. Dickhead Dorsey is a billionaire. How is a billion dollars not enough ‘Fk You’ money?

  23. HdC says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Canadian here. As to our per capita carbon dioxide emission: I DON’T CARE! Ours is a country of extreme weather. Very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. And the standard of living we have worked so diligently for permits me to have my home at 72 deg. F in the winter and 73 deg. F in the summer, regardless of outside ambient conditions.

    Further, we have a lot of forest to absorb CO2. I certainly have known that CO2 is NECESSARY for healthy p;ant growth; without CO2 we’d all be dead for lack of food. As an aside, green house operators increase the CO2 in their grow operations to as high as 1000 parts per ….

    A recent study by a German research institute concluded that, due to the higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet is greener than ever, and agricultural productivity has multiplied a number of times.

    Only mentally challenged call CO2 a pollutant.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  24. @HdC

    Canadian here. As to our per capita carbon dioxide emission: I DON’T CARE!

    Canada’s primary pollutant is hot air. Canada is the new Sweden.

    Of course, Trudeau the First tried his best to keep up with the Palmes, Myrdals, and Hammarskjölds.

    • Replies: @HdC
  25. HdC says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Your point being?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  26. If I my,

    I want to congratulate Mr. Unz as many have. I don’t always appreciate his perspective.

    However, I do appreciate his willingness to allow most comments to be as hey are. And I am fully aware of my on writing weaknesses, but I appreciate his generosity in providing a very open forum, perhaps too open, buy I appreciate the possibility of erring on the side expression.

    It is unfortunate that responsible, insightful inciteful free rhetoric has been tattered over the last twenty years or so — perhaps longer.

    No pandering here, just my appreciation.

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