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Germany Is a Bitch Country. US Destroys Their Entire Industry, They Just Sit There and Take It.
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Germany is the number one pussy ass bitch country. Everyone understands that they are a broken people, having been blamed for a fake genocide, but wow. This thing with the pipes is beyond comprehension.

The media and government can say whatever they want. Okay. But everyone knows the US bombed those gas pipes. Everyone knows that, other than American fat-brains and stupid women. Saying that Putin bombed his own pipes is like the tranny thing – you pledge allegiance to the ZOG regime by saying something you know for a fact is false.

Russia will abide without their pipes. But Germany is completely doomed. Germany put their entire industry, their entire economy, on the promise of cheap Russian gas, and now it’s gone forever. Those pipes can’t be fixed. Salty water is going in the pipes and the inside is going to rust.

Germany’s entire industry is going to shut down, while the population is forced into poverty. That is going to happen. You can’t run an industrial country without energy. Russia was supplying 55% of Germany’s total energy. They’re just not going to be able to produce anything at all.

It is simply amazing that people in this country, Germany, are just sitting there and taking this from the US. If you will take this, you will take literally anything. That’s basically what this is: it’s the US proving that it dominates these people. Kamala Harris could go to Germany and put on a strap-on dildo and demand every German man show up with their asses in the air, and they’d all do it. These people will take anything.

It’s like this:

It’s repulsive. It’s like a bukkake.

The US does this in public, right in front of everyone. Everyone knows they did it, and the Germans sit there and smile, like “please sir, can I have another?”

Germans will come at me for saying this, like, “oh, but it’s not all.” I suppose that’s true. But it is the nation as a whole.

Of course, the US is in some ways worse, depending on how you look at it. We’re getting the same treatment, but it’s our own government. So is that better or worse? I don’t know. Both are disgusting humiliation rituals by the Jews.

This pipeline situation is just so extreme, however. This is going to totally wreck Germany for decades, and these people are just sitting there smiling with fear in their eyes, like abused puppies.

People will get whatever they’re willing to take. Germany last week proved that it is willing to take anything.

“Please oh please, you can blow up our pipes and destroy our entire country – just don’t call us Nazis, master Jew!”

Even the Jews themselves must be disgusted at what Germany is willing to take.


There is one white nation on earth that is willing to say “no,” and that is Russia. In Putin’s latest Ukraine speech, he basically declared war on the United States, and the entire Western faggot order, saying that Russia will not tolerate being lorded over by these weird faggots.

The only thing these Jews do is go around messing with people. You can frame it as some kind of grand agenda, but in practice, it is just evil Jews going around the world and abusing people. Why do they need to force child trannies on everyone? Why do they need to put nukes on Russia’s border? They can rule the world through the global banking system, why do they need to get in everyone’s face all the time with this weird stuff?

The explanation is what Putin said: these people are satanic. That is the animating characteristic of the Western system: satanism. There’s no other explanation that really makes it clear what is going on here. It is a satanic order. It is as bad as anything has ever been, and it is just going to keep getting worse until it finally ends.

The fact that Russia exists, and they are standing up to these people, means that it will not go on forever. In the end, evil will not triumph. The future of the world will be determined by this conflict that has broken out in the Ukraine, and ultimately, Russia will win. There is no other option but Russian victory. If they lose, then the entire world falls into an abyss, and humanity itself will be destroyed short of the return of Christ.

America is literally “The Great Satan.” Anyone who supports this Beast is on the side of Satan. There is no excuse. In that way, Americans actually are more disgusting than the bent-over German lapdogs, because Americans will actually go out there and cheer for the Beast.

But all worship it, don’t they?

They say “who can make war against it?”

But one man stood up and said “yeah – I’ll make war against this Beast, actually.”

And his name was Czar Vladimir I.

Thank Christ for that.

Thank Christ for Vladimir Putin.

One man staring into the eyes of the Devil and saying “nope, nope, nope.”

Figure out where your allegiances are.

As for me and my house: we stand with Jesus and Vladimir Putin.

America is a country. I wish the people all the best. Those are my people. But the government is satanic, and the people are standing by and watching, allowing the most evil things that have ever happened to happen, and they are saying “oh golly gee, shucks.”

Everyone is going to be held responsible for this. Silence is consent. No one can say they didn’t know. No one who stood by while these people were killing infants and mutilating children’s genitals can say “oh, I didn’t know.”

Everyone is going to Hell for this.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. doctorb says:

    It would be well worth looking into the personal finances of the players in our administration – for instance, Amos Hochstein (senior advisor to the president for energy affairs, that is, a guy in the room for these decisions) worked up until the election for Tellurian, a company developing liquified natural gas export terminals in Louisiana. He got paid a lot, and mostly in stock options.

    Hochstein also happened to (contemporaneously) serve on the supervisory board of Naftogaz, the Ukrainian state gas company, which owns the pipes that the Russians will now be forced to use.

    You know, it’s hard to imagine anyone better positioned to profit from the destruction of the Nordstream pipes. What a coincidence.

  2. Apart from the comical insistence that Russia is a “white Christian country”, while in reality the Russian government is full of non whites from Shoigu to Nabiullina and the Russian economy is owned by oligarchs (who are largely guess who), the idea that the pipelines were blown up only to show Germany who’s boss is asinine. The pipelines were blown up because the Bidet regime has decided to asset strip its west Europistani vassals of everything that can be ripped out of them, so as to keep its own finances going. And it will succeed as long as there is anything left to steal, not only from Germany, but from every Europistani country. There won’t be any uprising except (predictably) France, and the Macronist regime has had years of experience crushing uprisings. France in any case is belatedly in the process of losing its African colonial empire; Mali and the Central African Republic gone, Burkina Faso with its coup the other day going (people rushed into the streets waving Russian flags to greet the coup forces), and with them the colonial taxes France still extracts from them. So France has other reasons to hate Russia.

  3. @doctorb


    Is there anyone in the American financial system who is not a Jew?

    Asking seriously. I would like to know.

    • Replies: @American Citizen
  4. Notsofast says:

    naftogaz, lol, it should be natzogaz, thank you, good doctor, for your very interesting posts, please keep them coming.

  5. Durruti says:

    There is no other option but Russian victory. If they lose, then the entire world falls into an abyss, and humanity itself will be destroyed

    French philosopher Alain Soral holds the same view.

    The Weakness of Our Race

    It appears that Anglin is advising that we just sit quietly and wait for someone else to save our lives.

    We exist in an Orwellian Society, much as he pictured it in his remarkable Novel, 1984.

    There is another option to waiting for, and passively hoping for, a rescue by someone/s who are willing to, and courageous enough to, and DRIVEN to FIGHT!, although it is a stretch.


    The Regime of Power is only experienced through the exercise of the force of Violence. Armed Violent Revolution by the aggrieved is the order of the time, of all time, for all time.

    There never has, is, or will be an exception to this. To Restore the Republic, OUR REPUBLIC, destroyed by armed violence on November 22, 1963, the principles of Returning Fire must be followed. Lexington-Concord, (where 16,000 Minutemen chased the British Army back to Boston – & inflicted high casualties upon it, & captured more than 300), is a fond memory.

    The French failed, when their Gilets Jaunes refused to FIGHT! They demonstrated, were pushed around, and hoped for someone else (always someone else), to save them from their own sad inadequacy. Soral, hoping for a Russian march towards Berlin, and the shocked establishment of a Russian Puppet Government in France, declared that he would be proud to serve in such a government.

    I was a teenager in November 22, 1963, and I hoped for some guidance from the local Marxist Lemonists – Trotskyists, Stalinists, whomever. They ALL rambled on about ‘too many guns in Texas.’ The Coup D’état, complete with the assassination of the elected President, and the ‘Marxists’ so-called ‘revolutionaries’ proved their loyalty to their Coup Masters by misdirecting all thought, all knowledge, and all resistance, from the most obvious Coup, Seizure of Power, in History. Liberals, Conservatives, and the other political gangs, were no more helpful.

    Understand: To this day, there has been no serious discussion of just how America has become an OCCUPIED Slave Plantation.

    A slight digression:

    Where have been the articles clarifying that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist Agent – from the moment he left Vienna. Explain his “Night of the Long Knives.” His SS executed some 8,000 Nazis, mostly of Rohm’s SA, who actually opposed the Zionist Oligarch Money Changers. After cleaning house, the Financing needed to rebuild Germany’s War Machine (1933-1940), miraculously appeared. The attack, always intended to be on Russia, was being prepared. Putin and other Russian leaders are only now beginning to see the light.

    Back to the Point:

    We experience a failure to BE, (To Be or Not to Be); and we have to live (as SLAVES), for the rest of our lives. The bullets of Dallas, & those following, R Kennedy, M L King, 9/11, LIBERTY Vessel, etc., must be returned. There is no other way, BUT THERE IS THIS WAY!!!

    *I would write more-here, but our web master will not print my articles.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  6. Derer says:

    Germany is not free country, they are occupied militarily by a narcissistic bully, but not for long. German people will expel the bully along with the present ruling gang after this winter. The U.S. envy Germany’s hard work and progress – reason for blatantly damaging their energy supplies.

    • Disagree: Rich
  7. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    LOL, I just checked your “website”. You Chris Chan wannabe mofo. You are lucky kiwifarms is shutdown.

  8. There is some extreme cynicism in the comment section here. Also some unrealistic discussion of Putin in the article. I’ve lived in Putin’s Russia since 2014 as an American man. He’s not the savoir of the West, though his actions may bring about the changes we need. He doesn’t care about Europe or America. He’s a Russian nationalist in his own right as he should be. I love Russia and Russian culture. Yeah I actually bothered to learn the language. Putin is better in the original BTW, same as Dostoevsky. When the dust settles I hope we can imprison those who’ve tried to enslave and bask in the beautiful freedom. The West needs to stand up for itself against those who seek to destroy it from within. I’m calling on my fellow vikings, Scandinavian brothers, we must do it boys. They’ve won (shape shifting Jew cunts) unlike out dear Ron when we give into Nihilism. Til Valhall!!!

  9. Vasilios says:

    Lord have Mercy

    • Replies: @ProfessorChops
  10. I think it’s God’s will for people to be so ignorant about the evil stuff that’s going on. It’s the only possible explanation that makes sense to me. I’m thinking it’s just part of the plan or something like that.

    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  11. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Gotta be some black tokens.

    But as to people who actually make decisions? None of the tokens go to those meetings.

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  12. Rich says:

    By cutting off Germany and other European countries, the US has sealed the market for lng shipments. Check the stock purchases of congress critters and I’ll bet there was a lot of lng company purchases just a little while ago. The US played the Europeans and now they own them. Israel has a little gas field off the coast of Lebanon that you’ll be hearing about soon, too. The owners of America may have pulled off a great money making scheme for themselves. I don’t see how the Europeans get out of it. Of course, the best laid plans often go awry.

    • Replies: @William Williams
  13. Steve says:

    When Putin’s regime stops losing large chunks of the smallish part of Ukraine it has taken/annexed so far via its bizarre ‘non-war’ mode of ‘special military’ operation, and drops some real truth nukes to demolish key props of the Western Satanic ‘Empire of Lies’ it rants about rhetorically whilst leaving its elites (aka ‘our Western partners’) intact in their unchecked evildoing, which it has been so keen for so long to get back to ‘business as usual’ with, then we might start to be able to believe that it is serious about facing down the Beast. Until then, yawn.

    Start with truth-nuking the rancid lie of ‘Mutti Angela Merkel’ for a start, and reveal with hard evidence that she was a true traitor to Germany and Europe all along, even if, a (co-)asset of Russia, after all, her ‘work’ for the ‘Center’ has all turned to crap anyway, as doubtless intended by her other handlers, and Germans et al need a mind-bomb like nothing yet to get them wise to reality. Otherwise the garbage just goes on and on, and nothing worthwhile changes. When it happens then other truth-nukes can alter the narrative also, like regarding Russia’s own overall position, which it has done a very poor job of framing in some key regards, along with its legion of blogger-backers, simply lacking the unique knowledge and perspective required.

    • Agree: repsinec
  14. Germans are not the good guys. They shut down their nuclear energy to appease their green fanatics and left themselves open to this kind of blackmail. And they’re supposed to be the ultimate high future time orientation wypipo, the kind of people who would have backup plans and redundant systems to handle this thing called “winter.”

    But it’s quite interesting what’s going on in Poland right now. What do you know, they have a brand new Baltic Sea gas pipeline going to Denmark, then Norway. Germany can get in on the action, for a price. So who would benefit from nuking the Gazprom pipeline? Poland.

    Their government’s tweet “thanks USA” was a classic bit of misdirection and clearly designed to bait the Russians into some kind of hysterical reaction. But Russia didn’t bite. I’m sure they know who did it.

    Poland’s got another incentive, to “punish” Germany for being squishy on the Ukraine war and cutting back weapons deliveries. Notice how in the last few days Poland suddenly brought up WW2 reparations from Germany?

    Using Anglin’s Jewdar to explain every messy situation that crops up in the world, Poland must be infested with Jews. Somehow I think it’s something else.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Lurker
    , @Realist
  15. @Wokechoke

    In re the BBC link, I am stupefied that the story makes no mention of the fact that the 1936 Montreux Convention, to which Britain and the USA are signatories, bans the presence in the Black Sea of warships that are not registered to one of the nations bordering the Black Sea.* In other words, the Russians would have been within their rights to sink HMS Defender rather than simply shadow it. Put otherwise, by passing through the Straits and approaching Crimea, Defender was committing an act of war directed against Russia.

    This counts as yet more proof that the United States and other Jew-controlled nations recognize no restraints, even ones they have bound themselves to under oath. When old rules become burdensome, they are discarded, and new, more appealing ones are created to replace them.
    *The Black Sea is for all other purposes regarded as international waters and thus is of course open to commercial vessels of all nations in times of peace.

    • Troll: All in All
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @nokangaroos
  16. @brostoevsky

    Fellow Viking here! Til Valhall!!!

    • Replies: @René Fries
  17. One of the pipes is not damaged and the others can be repaired, so the game isn’t over yet for Germany.
    “And just when it seemed that all was lost, well, not really. The engineering marvel theme resurfaced: the pipes are so strong they were not broken, but merely punctured. Gazprom revealed there’s an intact string of NS2 that may “potentially” be used.”

  18. Anonymous[474] • Disclaimer says:

    Germany is an occupied nation. This has to become an understanding first. Only with the truth can one even identify his enemies. I’m optimistic.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  19. @Anonymous

    Yeah okay.

    George W Bush wanted to close the Baumholder military base in Germany. German officials lobbied Washington to stop it and succeeded. Then the issue came up again with Obama. Again, Germany had a freakout. That’s quite an “occupation.” Sounds more to me like German grifting, but then again, this is UNZ, where Europeans have no agency, yet are oddly the smartest people alive.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  20. Morgenthau Plan finally overtakes fruits of Marshall Plan.

    • Replies: @fnn
  21. Lurker says:

    Somehow I think it’s something else.

    Do (((you)))?

  22. JR Foley says:

    It is this Christianity nonsense—-GOD is going to arrive and Help Germany—–Earlier it was GOD put Trump into power. It is a stupid -lazy –entitled –self-aggrandizing —–which is the bane of both the USA and Germany. Wake the HELL up and realize your enemy resides in DC and Tel Aviv.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @in the middle
  23. Rich says:

    If the Germans elected AfD they might have a chance, but there will never be a nationalist election victory. There would have to be some kind of military coup, which the US would immediately attempt to quash and would leave the Germans open to invasion by it Nato “allies”. I think Germany will break up into city-states before it stands up again. Unfortunately. A little remembered, mustachioed war hero turned politician, is rumored to have said, from a bunker in Berlin, “All the good Germans are dead.” Times like these make me believe he was right

  24. JR Foley says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    God has given up –if the Almighty has any brains. If Jews are his chosen people I would hate to meet His adversaries !!!

  25. Wokechoke says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Is that technically true about the presence of warships? That’s literally mind blowing. Obviously the Admirals wanted it sunk.

    I thought “hey oop, why did the Admiralty dangle that bait out like that?”

    Didn’t realize that there’s a law in the Black Sea like that. fuuuuucccckkkk. No wonder Vlad invaded Ukraine then.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  26. Hitmarck says:

    “It’s like ..”
    No. It is not.
    Nothing is comparable to us.
    Maybe, Angloid excuses for human beings, u spineless spawn of the spinlessed there ever were, stop coping that pathetic way over the grave – mankind as we knew it destroying – mistakes of you greatest generations.

    Anglin, u godless dickface, you, who you are as much a Christian as Poles are Catholics, None at all.

    Go down onto your knees.
    And counter the Floyd signal.
    Maybe kneel and apologize towards the German Nation.

    Aren’t you wannabe excuses for humans ruled by your string-ding-jews by their abuse of morality?

    ONCE. Once do the moral right thing.

    Hint, it isn’t blaming the people with the most bombs on their soil ever dropped, with the most foreign troops ever left as occupation force, with the most warcrimes committed against them after the war, like good honkeymerican heroes do, right?
    And, oh what, rumor says you guys even dug some nukes in in our backyard.

    So, how upstanding are you not even good to kneel correct Angloidic Arse Anglin, if you get 50k troops holding a gun to your head, a nuke under your ass and for sure enough bad memories about your raping greatest granddads ever?

    You “Christian” Nation.

    • Agree: HdC
  27. @Durruti

    My impression was that the Night of the Long Knives was an anti-homo operation to remove the pederasts and other remnants of Weimar perversity and deviancy in the Nazi movement. But you claim that it was actually aimed at the real socialists and the workers movement. Perhaps the Strasser brothers are worthy of mention in your context.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  28. Alrenous says: • Website

    Anglin is advising that we just sit quietly and wait for someone else to save our lives.

    I wonder where he got the strategy of waiting for a Savior…

    • Replies: @Durruti
  29. @Derer

    The U.S envy Germany? Three times? I, II and now, to the III war world? Fuck Germany and the U.S.

  30. AA’s core points are correct.
    Germany has debased itself for so long that it’s now habituated to acting the slave.
    Mein Gott, how low must a nation’s sense of itself, it’s pride, slip that it just swallows this abominable treatment ?
    It’s as if the US (Poland, Ukraine etc) have spat in Germany’s face, then repeatedly kicked them in the balls – & the guts, & head & the knees & ….
    AA speaks of the US as “satanic”. I agree, although I take “satanic” as an accurate metaphor rather than a literal truth.
    Should Germany continue in its doggish historical course, the odds are Europe itself will suffer ever greater decline….

  31. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    But everyone knows the US bombed those gas pipes
    No, Andrew. Not everyone. Not those of us who know it was your hero, putin the thug, who did. Hopefully, once he’s out of the picture, you will disappear as well.

  32. @Durruti

    A regime based on violence, such as ANY Western ‘liberal democracy’, cannot be removed but by violence. The lynching of Corbyn, election theft in the USA, the TOTAL dominance of capital, the untrustworthiness of politicians, the totally partisan and corrupt ‘Law and Justice’ apparatus, the deliberate fomenting of internecine Divide and Rule hatreds, the relentless brainwashing of the public, the interference of the USA worldwide to destroy ANY independent Government etc, make ‘peaceful transfer of power’ a sad, sick, joke.
    But violence is the ruling psychopaths’ strongest suit, and their preference. China was liberated only after 200 years of hideous struggle, killing tens of millions. And using violence makes one identical, or approximating to, our enemy. How do you use violence, then abandon it, when the rest of the world is still run by violent psychopaths? A real Fermi Paradox resolving conundrum.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  33. @Pierre de Craon

    The Montreux Convention does not outright forbid “visits” from non-riparian
    combatant vessels below a certain size (usually understood to be heavy cruisers)
    but limits the duration to three weeks, so technically it was not a violation;
    the wording is somewhat obsolete but Turkey has jealously guarded it even
    through WWII (Plans are underway to build a canal that is not covered by it
    as in wartime the straits are closed to all warships).

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  34. Charles says:

    The bombing of Ft. Sumpter doomed the Confederate cause, despite the fact that the Confederates took possession of it. In a roughly similar way, Hitler’s 1930s bombastic denunciations of Jewish power and wealth in Germany SEALED the fate of Germans as a conquered people – precisely because the world’s most powerful Jews (as always, in the US) took notice of Hitler and started the vast machinery to effect Germany’s destruction.

  35. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    The only thing these Jews do is go around messing with people. You can frame it as some kind of grand agenda, but in practice, it is just evil Jews going around the world and abusing people.

    In Christian teaching (i.e., Catholic teaching) God is Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (the transcendentals, which are convertible, e.g., what is true is good and the less true is less good and less beautiful, etc.).

    It does no good to come with some facile explanation and vilify a whole group out of some emotional frustration to express the level of lies, distortions, and evil we are seeing at the present. Never before have there been so many means (esp. social media), and more efficient means, of propagating lies. And to a degree never before seen.

    Now, if you look at some of the indefatigable warriors fighting back against the lies and distortions of the Official Narrative you can’t help but notice that many of them are Jews. Jeffrey Sachs, Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Ron Unz, Alex Berenson, Naomi Wolf, Darren Beattie, et al.

    The hurricane-force level of shit these aforementioned people get for openly challenging the Official Narrative and standing up for truth is more than most of us could deal with even for one day. I know I couldn’t. Most of us would quickly fold and be like the writer of this column and default to some emotional outburst like:

    “Everyone is going to Hell for this.”

    Again, it does no good to come up with some facile explanation and vilify a whole group. It’s lazy and stupid. Defenders of the true, the good, and the beautiful are in diaspora.

    “Anyone who seeks truth seeks God, whether or not he realizes it.” —St. Edith Stein (philosopher, Carmelite nun, martyr at Auschwitz)

    Saint Edith Stein, pray for us.

    • Agree: repsinec
    • Replies: @kihowi
    , @HeebHunter
  36. fnn says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Marshall Plan was basically a hoax:

    As economist Tyler Cowen has noted, the countries that received the most Marshall Plan money (allies Britain, Sweden, and Greece) grew the slowest between 1947 and 1955, while those that received the least money (axis powers Germany, Austria, and Italy) grew the most.

  37. @American Citizen

    I hear a lot of wishful thinking. Ain’t gonna happen –sorry. These people are too cucked.

  38. Kamala Harris could go to Germany and put on a strap-on dildo and demand every German man show up with their asses in the air, and they’d all do it.

    They’d have to line up behind the wimmyn-folk, who seem to crave dark meat.

    • Replies: @Bruce Arney
  39. Realist says:

    Germany Is a Bitch Country. US Destroys Their Entire Industry, They Just Sit There and Take It.

    That is for sure. I am amazed at the degree of subservience acceptance by the Germans. Their balls have been totally absorbed into their bodies…but this seems to be a condition of most Whites.

  40. Realist says:

    It would be well worth looking into the personal finances of the players in our administration – for instance, Amos Hochstein (senior advisor to the president for energy affairs, that is, a guy in the room for these decisions) worked up until the election for Tellurian, a company developing liquified natural gas export terminals in Louisiana.

    Why would it be well worth looking into? You, and most everyone else, have no plan or desire to do anything about it.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  41. I wish people would stop referring to the United States’s European “allies” as vassals; it’s unfair to vassals. In the Middle Ages, most men above the level of a serf were someone’s vassal; it was an entirely honorable relationship. If the vassal owed his lord a duty of service, the lord owed the vassal the duty of protection. Vassals were generally free to manage their own estates, so long as they fulfilled their duty of service to the lord.

    The real relationship between the U.S. and its NATO allies is more one of puppet master and puppets. Or maybe the U.S. government is the manager of a Mexican donkey show who tells the performer which degrading acts they will perform tonight.

  42. anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Americans are the biggest cucks of all. Talking a big game, bragging about how tuff they are, and then sitting back and allowing ZOG to commit one evil after another, and usually against them. News flash, Muricunts: the same people who want to sexually mutilate your son, call you a domestic terrorist, and destroy your ability to live life on your terms, are the same ones who want Russia destroyed and dismembered. It’s the k****; it’s always the k****.

  43. Germany has been a stupid country. They were warned about becoming dependent on Russia for gas. They didn’t listen, and now the pain comes.

  44. Realist says:

    Germans are not the good guys. They shut down their nuclear energy to appease their green fanatics and left themselves open to this kind of blackmail. And they’re supposed to be the ultimate high future time orientation wypipo, the kind of people who would have backup plans and redundant systems to handle this thing called “winter.”

    Well, Germans sure as hell are not the smart guys. In the face of all the recent events, Germany is still scheduled to shut down its three remaining nuclear power plants by year-end.

    Using Anglin’s Jewdar to explain every messy situation that crops up in the world, Poland must be infested with Jews. Somehow I think it’s something else.

    It most definitely is something else, it is those that are avaricious and power-hungry…whether they be Jews or gentiles.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  45. Durruti says:
    @Commentator Mike

    My impression was that the Night of the Long Knives was an anti-homo operation to remove the pederasts and other remnants of Weimar perversity and deviancy in the Nazi movement.

    No. That “operation” took a great deal of preparation, and would have been an extreme over-kill, if it had been aimed (or mostly aimed), at enforcing some kind of sexual orthodoxy. It was AGENT Hitler’s first assignment as the New German Chancellor, which was the VERY IMPORTANT removal of all anti-Zionist Leadership from the Nazi Movement.

    In 2022, the Zionist/Entity/Puppet USA use of Nazis in East Europe – to attack Russia, should awaken some thinkers on this website. Hitler was theirs. The Nazi philosophy is a carbon copy of the Old Testament-Talmud rulebook. Extermination of whole nations, and the entire population of the Planet (minus one privileged family), to steal their land/property, (Jericho, the Ark, etc.). Hollywood just made another Ark movie, – starring their number 1 actor, Russell Crowe. The Nazi philosophy/advocacy, is a bit less extreme than that of the Zionists. After all, they are actively recruiting. “””Jews and Nazis???””” What!!!

    The attempt by some to Lionize/praise/revive the adulation of Hitler, is MISDIRECTION.

    The link of Agent Hitler to the Zionists is KEY – to understanding the History of the 2 World Wars, 1914, – 1945. Season with Churchill and Roosevelt, add a dash of Djugashvili, and you have the dish.

    • Troll: Alexandros
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  46. Durruti says:

    I wonder where he got the strategy of waiting for a Savior…

    Alain Soral, most of the writers on this website, many writers/advocats who do not write for this website, FEAR, as well as “waiting for a savior.” Are you aware of any writers, on this website, or anywhere else, who advocate RESISTANCE?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Alrenous
  47. Durruti says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    But violence is the ruling psychopaths’ strongest suit, and their preference.

    You are mostly correct. The Ruling “Power Elite” (C Wright Mill’s term), have other tricks, brainwashing, bribery, etc..

    We who resist must recognize the danger of coming to love the Means of our Liberation. We must reserve our goal as that of a Restored Republic, with its many checks and balances, and a (mostly) Honest Electoral Political Culture.

    Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.

    ― Friedrich W. Nietzsche

  48. We could tell Germany was no better than a prison bitch bending over a stainless steel prison toilet and ready for anal insertion when they welcomed a million brown rapeugees into what used to be their nation.

    And I’m not celebrating it! The Germanic people have contributed greatly to modern life.

  49. DanFromCT says:

    When Jews fart, Germans say “Excuse me.”

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  50. kihowi says:

    how do you do fellow Chrstians

  51. My younger German neighbor is a literal bi-continental cuckold. Just adding that to the data.

  52. repsinec says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    It’s true that Russia is no Christian country, given that most of it’s population is atheist and hardly anyone goes to Mass. In fact, I find it ridiculous how Putin goes on about Russia’s attachment to “Christian values” when the country has amongst the highest suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse rates in the World – not exactly a paragon of a functional Christian society.
    However, I agree with Andrew concerning the Satanic nature of the West, dominated as it is by Jews who only want to see goyim either serve them or die fighting each other, and if Russia can stand up for the rest of Humankind then fair play to them. The Beast must be slain, and I will be the first to congratulate the Russian people if they manage such a feat.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  53. @Quartermaster

    Germany was warned about picking fights with far stronger countries for no good reason.

    Germany was also warned not to help its master, the US, hurt average Russian people with sanctions.

    Germany was further warned that it should condemn rather than make excuses for the US regime putting biowarfare laboratories in the ukraine and using Eastern Slav DNA samples to develop targeted bioweapons against Russians.

    Germany was also warned that it should separate itself from the thugs in the government of “the ukraine” who spent 8 years murdering and terrorizing Russian speakers in southeastern and eastern oblasty — bombing them in their own homes, schools, and churches, including unarmed unsuspecting men, women, children, and the elderly just going about their daily lives peacefully — and from the US, which encouraged the slaughter.

    Germany was warned not to act like unrealistic retards and shut down their nuclear power plants without a ready alternative energy source in place.

    Germany was further warned not to submit to an instantly self-destructive “ban” on the import of nearby, affordable, reliably supplied Russian oil and natural gas.

    Germany didn’t listen, and now the well-deserved, easily avoidable pain comes.

    There, government guy, I fixed it for you.

  54. @Durruti

    Peaceful, lawful resistance, yes. I don’t support any other kind.

    And if other people are thinking about some other kind of resistance, I won’t join them, and they’d be extremely unwise to post thoughts of violent and/or illegal actions online anyway.

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Bruce Arney
  55. @DanFromCT

    Instead of “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you,” it could be “The Jew cries, ‘Gross!’ as he shits on you.”

  56. Dutch Boy says:

    I agree with all but the last sentence. It is imperative to settle this war ASAP without some kind of total victory for either side (nuclear weapons, ya know). Reasonable settlement terms have already taken shape: Russia has seized the pro-Russian parts of Ukraine, and Ukraine has made some face-saving advances. Having large numbers of people in one’s country who want to be part of another country is not a good situation, so Ukraine might actually get some benefit from a transfer of territory. Ukraine would renounce any NATO ambitions and we could throw in an aide package to help out with recovery (a better expenditure of money than the megabucks worth of military supplies we are sending now). The sticking point is our crazy government, which seems hellbent on provoking an all-out war with Russia. Nobody will win that, which previous American and Russian governments recognized all too well.

  57. @Rich

    >>>I don’t see how the Europeans get out of it.

    They won’t. Still, a properly structured sex-tourism business can do quite well.

  58. Durruti says:

    Peaceful, lawful resistance, yes. I don’t support any other kind.

    And if other people are thinking about some other kind of resistance, I won’t join them, and they’d be extremely unwise to post thoughts of violent and/or illegal actions online anyway.

    Have you tried “Peaceful, lawful resistance” against a Nazi, a Zionist MOSSAD, or an old fashioned NATO/US Imperialist? I dare you!!!

    Thanks for the warning about exercising my Freedom of Speech online, and for defining “illegal actions online.” Do you intend to attempt to, or support an arrest of someone – who you declare is advocating “illegal actions?” You apparently support the State’s definition of “illegal actions.”

    Was American resistance at Lexington & Concord “illegal”? It was “violent.” Should we arrest George Wahington?

    Your “Center” is not very “Radical.”

  59. Alrenous says: • Website

    Resistance is a trap. It’s good that you consider their power illegitimate, but you undermine yourself when you attempt to seize it for yourself. It’s the power itself that’s illegitimate, not (merely) the person wielding it.

    Simply decline. You can just not take the vaccine. So don’t.

    They’re weak. They can’t stop you.
    It is the Empire of Lies. Their power is based on trickery and illusion. If you disbelieve the illusion, there’s nothing to RESIST. If instead you cast yourself as a heroic RESISTANCE fighter, then you prop up their illusionary narrative.
    When you RESIST you accomplish nothing but handing the Satanists your own power to use against you.

  60. Is anyone in the German media or social media making these kinds of severe criticisms? (I mean absent the Jewish angle which would get them arrested in Germany.)

    AfD for instance. Are there ***NO*** torches and pitchforks for Scholz?!

  61. It will be a cold winter, in Europe, this year!

  62. @Quartermaster

    In other words the (((Usual Suspects))) are now an unabashed Mafia operation –
    the sooner they are exterminated the better for all concerned.

  63. jmank says:

    Andrew you are correct when you call USA a beast ,but it is not the beast of rev 13:4. In the Bible beasts are used to describe territorial spirits that rule over the dominant nation of an empire . You will notice in Rev 13 there are two beasts described, the first beast comes out the sea and the second comes out of the earth. The second beast is given a name the FALSE PROPHET. This second beast is the USA and its vassals.

    So then who is the empire described by the first beast? The answer is the state of ISRAEL, which was wounded to death ,but its deadly wound was healed in 1948. Thus the reason that USA and ISRAEL have such a close relationship is that they have a spiritual bond . USA role is to cause all nations on the earth to submit to ISRAEL [ rev 13:12].

    The good news is that their dominion is coming to an end. cheers

  64. Rex Ruby says:

    Andrew Anglin says ” There is no option but Russian victory, If they lose then the entire world falls into an abyss and humanity itself will be destroyed short of the return of Christ ” Perhaps its time to step back and take a good look at what is happening.

    2000 years have gone whizzing by since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nearing the end of his earthly ministry he spoke of His Return, and he said very clearly he would return…. This has been called several things, but is generally known as ” the second coming of Christ “. It will occur at the end of a 7-year period of time, known as The Great Tribulation. This event is described in numerous places in the Gospel writings, but the vast majority of these warnings and description of what is to come occur in the Book of Revelation.

    For many years I ignored the Book of Revelation, because it didnt seem to have any relevance. Not any more, when I read Revelation today its like reading and watching the NEWS ! If you wonder why the actions of Nato and American foreign policy dont make any sense, its because you havent realized yet that their actions and motive are Satanically driven, only when you realize this, will it all make sense. They WANT to destroy the world, its preordained, and this period of the Great Tribulation is now beginning. Time to solidify your faith in Christ, thats all you will have.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  65. “ Anyone who supports this Beast is on the side of Satan. There is no excuse.”

    Alt-Right has met Rad Trad. Welcome to the party, pal.

  66. @jmank

    Whether these two nations truly are the beasts of sea and land, at the very LEAST your speculation here is completely true insofar as it is typological.

    There’s typological examples of the “Beast arrangement “ EVERYWHERE these days.

  67. You hit the mail right on the head. Wonder why no one else said this. It’s no surprise when you recall that its military used to be headed up by Ursula the titless trying to find a pair of cojones. Then there’s Baerbock who tells the Germans on TV that she doesn’t give a crap what they think. What is important is what the
    Ukrainians want. What ever happened to all those studs that worked for Hitler. Get over it, Germany. Don’t you know when you’re being played? It’s time to tell (((Uncle Sam ))) where to get off.

    As far as the pipelines are concerned, whoever did it is a gutless coward for not owning up to it. Much worse is trying to blame it on someone else. Someone we know did it. It’s going tk come out.

    Now why was this stupid in addition to being cowardly. Have you ever heard of retaliation. Now, these pipelines are the property of Gazprom, a Russian company.An attack on them is an attack on the State of Russia? So are the Russians going to take this lying down like the Germans?

    Remember, Vladimir Putin does NOT cross his legs when he sits down the way Biden does. Retaliation will be the order of the day, because the perpetrator made it so easy. First to mind are those LNG ships that bring VERY expensive liquified gas to Germany from Houston, and , since they are the property of an American company, they will be fair game for any submarine crossing their paths. What can the Russians do – turn about is fair play, but deny it?
    Being underwater, who will be the wiser?

    • Replies: @HdC
  68. When the Navy P8 submarine hunting jet launched it’s late night/early morning attack on the Nordsstream pipelines, it was an act of war against Germany, as well as Russia. The entire flight path from takeoff to landing, is pretty well documented in Nearly everything is documented except the names of the flight crew, which could also be revealed, very shortly, for historical purposes only, of course.

    • Replies: @Pontius
  69. @RadicalCenter

    Right, turning the other cheek as we kneel in submission always works miracles. It has been known to stop rapes-in-progress and homicidal killers dead-in-their-tracks.

    • Agree: Durruti
  70. @The Alarmist

    Kamala Harris may very well be an opportunist moronic skank but she is not evil, per se. Hunter Biden and Mr Harris however do seem to relish the act a wee bit too much.

  71. @jmank

    I believe the first beast of Rev 13 is not the state of Israel but the collective we could describe as “the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees” – as per “the beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Rev 17:8). Remember what Jesus said about the Pharisees (John 8:44).

    I believe the second beast is the end-times office of president of the U.S. into which practically all political power has been consolidated – thanks to the efforts of the first beast – which greatly accelerated in the aftermath of 9/11. The two horns of the beast (Rev 13:11) apparently represent the legislative and judicial power which have been de facto ceded to the executive. I believe Daniel saw the same scenario but he described it a little differently. He saw the illegitimate consolidation of power in the U.S. as three horns on the beast being uprooted and replaced by a single “little horn” So Rev 13:11 = Daniel 7:8. And the “U.S. government” which is presided over by the illegitimate super-executive – no longer having any moral or constitutional legitimacy – has become an “image of the beast.” That is, it exists only to do the beast’s Satanic dirty work.

    The first beast’s deadly head wound which healed is apparently a reference to WW2 on the European continent. (I believe the beast’s seven heads represent the seven continents of the earth). At first Germany was successful, and had this success continued with Germany eventually winning the war, Jewish influence in Europe would’ve been eliminated and there’d have been no NATO and the world would not now be on the verge of WW3. But Germany made a big mistake and attacked Russia whereupon the tide turned against Germany and Germany lost the war, whereupon the beast’s head wound was healed.

    The beast’s “mouth, as the mouth of a lion” apparently refers to the collective’s monopolistic control of modern mass communications i.e. radio and TV broadcasting, the motion picture industry, and the book, magazine and newspaper publishing industries. The beast’s “feet…as the feet of a bear” is apparently a reference to the fact that Satanic communism first got political traction in Russia “the bear.” The comparison to a leopard may be because a leopard is a predator with “spots” i.e. rosettes, which may represent diaspora which are physically separated but which all work together for the benefit of the leopard.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @HdC
  72. @nokangaroos

    The Montreux Convention does not outright forbid “visits” from non-riparian
    combatant vessels below a certain size (usually understood to be heavy cruisers) but limits the duration to three weeks, so technically it was not a violation …

    You are correct, and I was wrong in my across-the-board-ban recollection. Thank you. This is a link to a pretty good article about the current state of the convention.

    Moreover, I now think that I was also wrong in saying that the USA is, formally speaking, a signatory to the convention—that is, I can find no confirmation of US agreement, which I thought had taken place under the auspices of the UN during the Truman administration. (Truman was, if anything, even more heavily Jew’d up than FDR.) I would now say that though Washington appears to have backed off from open defiance of the convention on a score of occasions during the past seventy-five years, it seems that fear of Russian reprisal more than respect for the law of the sea has been the prime motivator of Washington’s naval discretion.

    With regard to HMS Defender, there can be little doubt that it was 100 percent in the wrong. It was either so close to Crimea as to be in Russian territorial waters or was simply lingering so long on their outskirts as to constitute a provocation, despite the skipper’s spurious claim that they were just sailing along in a widely used sea-lane, minding their own business. Had a Russian destroyer chosen to cruise so near to Newport News or Portsmouth or San Diego, the US Navy might well have gotten orders to respond with a ten-ship escort off the premises.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Troll: All in All
  73. @Wokechoke

    Please see my more detailed reply to commenter nokangaroos. He was right, and I was wrong with regard to the absolute nature of the ban on foreign warships in the Black Sea.

    • Troll: All in All
  74. Notsofast says:

    don’t you think it’s a little insulting to refer to 99.9% of the world’s population as gentiles? may i suggest that we refrain from using the bigoted term gentile and replace it with 99.9%ers, that will also solve the issue of the lack of capitalization on the racist term.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  75. anonymous[156] • Disclaimer says:

    So much slavoid cock-sucking. It was a nauseating read. But, you got to let a man have his kinks….

    Nah, not really. Somebody throw this faggot out the window!

    Everyone is going to Hell for this.

    At least Anglin got this right, even if not quite to his expectation. Indeed, all demented pagan mangods-worshipping vermin are going to Hell, and especially soul-diseased supremacists of his ilk.

  76. @Anon

    How do you do, fellow Catholics?
    Muh Auschwitz. Muh Lampshade.

    This is why God is letting the Church go into decline.
    Catholics should have worked harder to influence Hitler and the National Socialists. Instead, Catholics acted like the poles and handed Europe to the godless commies.

    Also, the kikes are a Sub-Human, Christ-killing race. Any kike who hasn’t embraced Christ, our LORD and SAVIOR is burning in hell. Try to worm your way out of this point, you fuck.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  77. @Notsofast

    No, that suggests Jews are some kind of legitimate ruling elite.

    We should ironically use GOYIM to highlight the extreme racism of Jews.

  78. HdC says:
    @Robert Keith

    Have you ever heard this little ditty: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
    The Russians and the Germans will pick the time and place when to act.
    I strongly suspect it will be an act in the fiscal sphere, where the USA and Britain are particularly vulnerable.

  79. Pontius says:
    @Bruce Arney

    I tried to make a jpeg of that famous Biden “I did that!” meme photo pointing at the roiling Baltic Sea where the gas was erupting, but, alas, my meme creation skills are sorely lacking.

  80. RestiveUs says:

    Step up to the plate then, Mouth. Show ’em how it’s done!

  81. @Derer

    With an ally like America, Germany doesn’t need an enemy.

    • Agree: HdC
  82. @JR Foley

    I am inclined to believe that God is not in the political business, He is in the touch your heart business. There is a plan where two nations are the main players, Jacob, and Isau/edom (means red), in hebrew. just think, who names its dominions red? Red army, red square, red star, red October, Edom!! Red flag, etc. So, yes, Edom, Idumeans permeate the centers of power, they came to their dominion when the Edomites created the federal reserve; before that, the bank of England, the east Indian company, etc. For further information, I recommend a book I just read, who is modern Esau/Edom today.

    Weisman Charles A. – Who is Esau-Edom.
    Obviously, they have nothing to do, with the descendants of Jacob, for those who believe the OT.

    Remember also what Christ called them “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44. since John Circanus converted the Idumeans to Judaism, they became the Jews as shown in revelation 2:9

  83. anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Til Valhall

    Until Hell?!!

    Why this perverted yearning to inflict sadomasochism (a fiery one) on your pagan godless selves?

    Pagan cockroaches!! Smh!

  84. anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Any kike who hasn’t embraced Christ, our LORD and SAVIOR is burning in hell

    Humans are lowly creatures in front of the Almighty One, even the most blessed of us all (prophets, some of their mothers, etc.)

    All pagan in-his-image mangods-worshippers are destined to burn in Hell… Kikes, Chrizzies, dot-Dindoos, Buddhists… all of you.

    So, your emotional outburst is amusing to say the least, for little do you realize that you are including yourself in this curse.

  85. @Vasilios

    Please have mercy, yet they call for the white tribes to organize, get people elected fast and the suicidal leaders out. The puppet masters will have to follow. We must also reintroduce and celebrate our cultures and like Russians and Jews, swear to protect our religion, faith, and unity by any means. I am open to a peaceful discussion with others on forming a group to confront lawmakers, find our own researchers, volunteers, to devise the best possible plan for electoral or, in an emergency collapse of the existing system, to have trained cadre of men and women who desire the same and are willing to strike back but also striking out on their own to protect the new communities we shall build together. This is a long-term project to defray nuclear war that the West may initiate during the current crisis. The next war is around the corner if we mange to save the planet from the current one ( or at least the northern hemisphere); these cultural and security conscious communities will be required whatever the outcome of the Ukraine crisis. We must not let our corrupt leaders continue to divide us by race, gender, leftist slander…..most of all, we must protect our wives and children by living in communities where history, amongst STEM subjects, will be taught from various perspectives and will not downplay the role of European achievements these past 500 years, while acknowledging how they have helped the word as well as damaged it. We must bring back the family and allow our men to excel in whatever they choose to do for the new world coming. This is the role in which men have no peers as we are hard wired for it, see it as our life duty and meaning, and possess the evolutionary gifts that make us natural leaders.

  86. conatus says:

    The Germans live in the ghetto, in one of the worst pieces of real estate in Europa. Their enemy is right across the river, not across the English channel or the Atlantic. So they have been screwed with, since Charlemagne, who beheaded 4500 Saxons(180,000 now) in Verden in 782. To bring peace and love to the recalcitrant pagan Germans, Charlemagne chopped off their heads and relocated every third family. We love Jesus.
    Once the Germans were quiet Christians tending their cows, and all divided into little principalities the powers that be decided to decide the Catholic/ Protestant question in the Thirty Years War(1608-1638) by quartering their armies all over Germany and fighting the war there for Thirty years.The Swedes made the Germans ingest shit or Schwedentrunk to reveal the whereabouts of their hard grown food. A third of the population died.
    So Frederick the Great, former homo, was born, de-homocized, then he made Prussia, “an Army with a country.” He came to power and immediately conquered Silesia and presto the militaristic Germans were born in the European mind(“Please leave us alone, we do not like Schwedentrunk”).
    The Germans fight few wars but the Brits fight four or so before WW!. The Russians mobilize 7 days before the Germans and boom WW1 starts.
    WW1 was going fine for the Boche, they were winning until the USA(great and good) came to the rescue of perfidious Albion, and the Germans lose. France and Britain starve them for 7 months after the Armistice so the Germans sign the guilt clause and the unfair, outrageous Treaty of Versaille was signed, Germany losing ten million of its people to the self righteous allies.
    Thus birthing Hitler, a populist(not a Junker) who comes to power with the aid of 600,000 White Russians who saw how the Bolsheviks democided(R.J. Rummel) (murdered 6 million Russians) to maintain power and fear of democidal Communism. This fear of similar treatment by communists powers the Germans into WW2.
    The US(great and good) allies itself with USSR, after USSR invades Poland 16 days after the Germans(no one declares war? Why?).
    Germany is leveled by Bomber Harris. Morganthau discusses turning Germany into a field but it takes 80 years, until now, to actually complete the de-industrialization of Germany.

    You can look at the history of Germany and see how these people have been attacked repeatedly by the civilized moral world? over and over and over again.

    • Replies: @HdC
  87. SteveK9 says:

    That logic is ridiculous. Germany decides to take part in an attempt to destroy Russia, and it is Russia’s fault that they are not getting gas from Russia? Why Russia did not simply shut off the valve 100% months ago, I do not know. Germany is sending weapons to Ukraine that are killing Russian soldiers.

  88. @Pontius

    1. Get an image of the sea with the explosion. Open with Paint.
    2. Get an image of Biden I did that. Open with Paint.
    3. Copy image 2 to clipboard.
    4. Paste clipboard on image 1.

  89. If anything doomed the Condeferacy: it was Lee’s decision to go gallivanting in Pennsylvania instead of relieving the siege of Vicksburg as Jefferson Davis wanted.

    It should also be understood that the Lincoln administration was committed to war with the South if they refused to allow the Federal government to collect its imposts(tariffs) in Southern ports.

  90. We will see. The logical step for German industry is crush the Green Party out of existence at next election. They are an indulgence that a civilised society can no longer afford.

    If Germany can do that then everything isn’t lost.

  91. Sholtz looks like a pathetic, timid little man that’s been told what to do all his life by women, from his mother when he was young, then Merkel to the present day mistress with a strap-on he pays to humiliate him. I doubt if he is gueer like Macron, Trudeau or Rutte, but he’s just as pathetic. The picture with him at the big table with Putin is a hoot, it speaks a thousand words.

    • Replies: @HdC
  92. @Rex Ruby

    As a (churchgoing) Catholic, may I point to the fact that the apocalyptic literature as present in our Bible is by no means original; writes Robert M. Kerr: “L’ancien modèle rituel de conflit cosmique consiste donc à s’approprier la victoire du Guerrier Divin, la destruction finale des ennemis répréhensibles et le rétablissement ultime de la paix (…) Ici, comme dans la tradition sémitique occidentale du combat cosmique divin, Marduk contre Tiamat dans l’Enuma elis [foot note: (…) The Standard Babylonian Creation Myth Enuma elis (…)] ou Baal contre Yamm dans le Cycle de Baal ougaritique [foot note (…) Textes ougaritiques, t. I, Mythes et légendes (…)], Yahvé et son Sauveur terrestre (verset 9; Peshitta pārūqā) doivent restaurer la définition théologique d’Israël, idéalisée par l’anéantissement et la conquête // The ancient model of cosmic conflict thus consists in appropriating (to oneself) the victory of the Divine Warrior, the final destruction of the reprehensible enemies and the ultimate re-installation of peace (…) Here, as in the occidental Semitic tradition of the divine cosmic battle, Marduk against Tiamat in the Enuma elis [foot note: (…) The Standard Babylonian Creation Myth Enuma elis (…)] or Baal against Yamm in the ugaritic Cycle de Baal [foot note: (…) Textes ougaritiques, t. I, Mythes et légendes (…)], Yahvé and his terrestrian Savior (vers 9; Peshitta pārūqā) must restore the theological definition of Israel, idealized by the annihilation and the conquest”, in Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion VI, Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin und Tübingen 2021, p. 472

  93. @Durruti

    You’re being a dick for no reason. My message to you was not rude. But now I’ll correct you with a similar tone.

    There also is absolutely nothing in my years of comment history, or this comment, suggesting that I agree with the thug government’s definition of legal. But you knew that and just wanted to throw a little bitch fit for some reason.

    Keep writing what you write in support of violent resistance — it may hurt you but won’t help any of us.

  94. HdC says:

    A good nutshell summary. Thanks.
    Let me add that over a period of 400 years France invaded German territory 40 times.

    After WW I when everyone in the victor countries was whining and moaning about how war-like Germany was, painting them with the blackest brush possible, 4 studies were conducted, 2 by British, and 2 by American professors.

    These worthies determined that the exact opposite was true, and that Germany was, in fact, the most peaceful country in Europe, having started the fewest wars.

    The winner was Britain, having started the most wars, and at war the longest, far ahead of any other European country. France was close behind.

    An essay was published about this some years ago in Chronicles, a Magazine of American Culture.

  95. HdC says:
    @Joe Paluka

    You should write books.

  96. @Bragadocious

    That’s quite an “occupation.” Sounds more to me like German grifting,

    That how the smart guys do occupation. You pay 10% to the guys who’ll sell their country out.
    Ask Biden.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  97. @Durruti

    It’s obligatory now on the internet to declare that one doesn’t support violence and Andrew Anglin has to do the same, but I think many know what is the solution. It is safe to mention historical precedents, like say how the French people reacted when the price of bread was raised and heads rolled. Of course the MSM and system politicos are allowed to call for violence, wars, murder and mayhem as they’re the ones in charge.

    • Agree: Durruti
    • Replies: @Durruti
  98. Dutch Boy says:
    @Bill Jones

    In my GI days in Germany back in the 7os, there was definitely an informal German lobby in favor of having American armed forces in Germany (and not just the bar owners and hookers). Germans supplied our food, German contractors refurbished our barracks, German apartment owners rented to GIs who didn’t want to live on base (it was called living on the economy). One young German guy told me he liked having American soldiers in Germany because it meant he need not serve two years in the army. I’m sure many other German men felt the same, whether they liked American GIs are not (n.b.: GIs are NOT good ambassadors for the USA).

  99. HT says:

    How bad has America become since WWII where we allied with the most brutal dictator in the world? America now defines morality as destroying it’s white population in order to appease savage ungrateful blacks and their endless demands.

  100. Durruti says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Nice comment.

    History covers many horrors and a few triumphs.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  101. Schlomo says:

    You’re irrational and irrelevant comments about Jews make you seem mentally unhinged. That’s a shame because your basic point is absolutely correct. Oh, and Jesus was 100% Jewish. Apart from that, Slava Russia!

  102. Interesting article.

    But/And just as thought exercise-
    Could alternative provocative headline maybe also be (when employing same nomenclature) :

    “Andrew Anglin is bit…ing about Germany being a bit..state!” ?

    All fair enough of course, one of or both assertion could well be correct.

    If investigating that hopefully fair to all sides:

    1. Question: How much does the author/ claimant actually know about the topic he writes (quite loudly) about purely factually?

    Regarding the country of topic- Germany:

    Purely factually- Andrew Anglin – taking into account earlier pieces/interviews by you, in- and directly regarding this topic according to what I have read you write/heard you say sofar, am I correct in the thus arrived at impression/assumption that :

    a) you dont understand/can speak a single sentence of the german language?

    b) you have never lived in the country for any extended timespan ?

    c) your purely factual knowledge of the country`s history and present constitutional/judicial/societal system is very small and regarding the latter categories actually close to nil ?

    Is that so?

    If not please correct, this is not meant as an attack, simply to know the facts/ basis you go on when writing about this topic!


    And I fully get that writing in a provocative style is -as it seems- your way of presenting, the emphasis not necessarily being to go into great depth of the topic thus presented, but simply starting a discussion. All fair enough, even have to admit me finding it quite entertaining at times as well.
    (As for myself- I am a citizen of Sweden, but have lived in Germany as well for some years.)

    Nonetheless, at least to me what makes your writings worthwile reading is that there actually often is a certain depth and thoughtfull analysis packed within as well, usually them not just being boring loud-mouthed Jester- acts.

    If going a bit into the depth of this piece then-

    You are presenting the behaviour of the country of Germany (in this particular international conflict) as cowardly, being a “bitch”-country.

    According to the online dictionary meaning:
    “a person who is completely subservient to another”.

    Which- according to my impression at least- is factually actually correct, the behaviour of the german state in this particular incident (and infact countless others before, f.ex. CIA/military incursion into communication systems and infrastructure, permanent military bases, shutting down of Nord-Stream 2 project on pressure from Washington…the list is actually an unbroken row of such events all way back to 1945..) is highly surprising in its subservience and seeming blind acceptance of almost anything without rebelling.

    And usually if the “what” seems absurd (in this case taken into account Germany`s greater history going back thousands of years- purely statistically also quite “out of character”) and impossible to understand- the “why” is were the answer lies.
    And to come to the “why” one just has to follow the data-row of the “what” upstream.

    Fun Fact 1.

    The german judicial system prosecutes an average of 10 000 cases yearly against its own citizens on the basis of exclusively politically right-wing “incitement”, i.e. round 30 german citizens per day find themselves standing before the court of their own country, accused of “breaching the peace/incitement of the masses”.
    Practically/judicially those cases mostly consist of indictment on the basis of “right wing/nationalistic ideology “/ “hate speech”/ “holocaust denial”, all summed up under the umbrella of “breach of the constitution”.

    These prosecutions/ their results used to be even publicly viewable:


    The question then being:

    -What is this “constitution” of Germany under which they are prosecuted (and what about the constitutional right to “free speech” in it)?

    Fun Fact 2:

    The interesting answer is: legally/constitutionally seen Germany infact does not have any real constitution.

    Its socalled one is the “Grundgesetz” (abbreviated GG), a substitute, which was established in May 1949 actually partly written by the occupying Allied Powers themselves and only ever meant as a temporary Basic Law, later to be replaced with a real independant constitution, but interestingly this never happened.

    Even after (West-/East-)Germany`s re-unification in 1989 instead of making good on that promise/provision, it was that temporary surrogate Basic Law that was taken over instead and so as of today is still the only and legally binding Judicial foundation of the german state and its judiciary.

    The fascinating thing being that despite its own constitution and international law requiring it, none of this basic law was ever “freely adopted by the German people”. To be “allowed” to be re-united in 1989 Germany`s then heads of state waved that right under perveived pressure -surprise-by the Allied Powers.

    Regarding free speech the Basic law (Grundgesetz) says:

    Article 5:

    “Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources.(..)”

    The caveat following:

    “(2) These rights shall find their limits in the provisions of general laws, in provisions for the protection of young persons and in the right to personal honour.”

    Meaning in practice:

    If a (constitutional) general law exists that a certain topic of (freedom of) speech falls under, that law overrides all rights to free speech by technicality in every case.

    Now, if going back full circle and purely hypothetically, since it was actually as seen above the Allied Powers who insisted on partly writing/dictating the very same Basic Law, would not that be something if they ingeniously had put a kind of perpetuum mobile article (and thus by technicality law) into it which not only forced Germany to be and stay subservient to their will internationally but also to infact inforce that foreign dictate-insert domestically against its own people perpetually…?
    Purely hypothetically: would be awe-inspiring ingenious, would it not….

    And thus.
    Fun Fact 3:

    The infamous Art. 139 of the Basic Law.

    Article 139
    [Continued applicability of denazification provisions]

    “The legal provisions enacted for the “Liberation of the German People from National Socialism and Militarism” shall not be affected by the provisions of this Basic Law.”

    -This means in practice that every legal or illegal court decision taken, official history-narrative censored/ law imposed, measures inflicted under the Allies` (interestingly purely judicially under national law itself illegal) forced Occupation of Germany 1945-49(/89)are not only forever to be regarded as legally unquestion- and un-opposable internationally, but also to be handled as such -and be enforced- nationally against its own citizens through its judiciary system.

    The ingenious part being, as the saying goes “All ways lead to Rome”- in daily practice that means, if someone (even a judge) – in his/her delusion-in Germany should get the absurd idea of regarding this article as unconstitutional- woops he find him/herself in court/jail because of “unconstitutional” behaviour.
    If someone would in turn find such “constitutional” “unconstitutional” prosecution to be unconstitutional- same place…
    (Not to say anything about those legions of delusionals who maybe even go so far to utter doubt about the Allies version of history/ behaviour in Germany during/post war..).
    Thus the 10 000 cases mentioned as Fun Fact 1…

    – As maybe illustrative side note: in practice all the socalled Holocaust -memorial sites and former camps in Germany proper have as result of that law and Allied decree to be preserved in perpetuity by the german government and taxpayers, it being forbidden(verboten) for the german state to even change a single letter/ number of the exhibited plaques (even if still portraying officially proven erroneous numbers/claims of victims f.ex.) without consulting the former Alied Powers!

    Interestingly as saddeningly I myself did get to know some quite high up german politicians when I lived in that country and in my experience the daily reality of those was simply to have no other choice than apply the attitude of simple Realpolitik,.

    Most of them are patriots and in private of course see how illegally imprisoned Germany is internationally and even forced to go against its own people, but since there is absolutely no way out at this point in time, just like a prisoner in his cell their only focus here and now seems to be to control/change what they can and accept what there captors insist on they can`t and wait for other/better times/opportunities…

    In general their (except the obligatory corrupt ones of course, found there as in any other government as well) main goal seems to be to keep war/conflict away from their citizenry, if necessary by compromising acquiescence internationally, so be it, for all of them remember/know what the other countries are capable/willing of doing to them without any legal or moral conscience nor higher authority to appeal to.

    As also described in detail by Ron Unz`s great articles on WW2/ postwar Germany, especially the part “The Enormous Scale Of Allied War Crimes”.
    And about post war Germany.

    All these are very interesting articles for foreigners to read and muse about, but for Germans the (too) real experience of it is still everywhere remnant and a constant remembrance in the background, every single small town/ village has still today whole cemetery-segments and memorial sites of destruction and mayhem and of course most of all the witness stories of the affected older generations in pretty every single family, constantly reminding those living/growing up there.

    And of course, last but least least, as final straw/cake icing:

    -the absolut constant and endless (at purely factual average rate of ca once per week) barrage of international media and entertainment industry and politicians and even a global inforced “Holiday” (27th january) as eternal reminder of the HOLOCAUST and Germany/ Nazi`s – eternal fault.
    Personally I am infact surprised that the Germans and their politicians are not even more nuts than they actually seem to be, I sure would be if living there…

    But all this is still just the domestic part. As for the -in this articles theme- international political part:

    Fun Fact 4:

    Germany was never allowed to sign an official independant peace treaty with the Allied Powers, thus although officially being presented as “independant” is internationally legally actually in a limbo-state, somewhere between independant and still occupied.

    Most interestingly:

    Fun Fact 5:

    Germany is still, as of today, – 2022-, officially regarded by the United Nations charter (articles 107/ 53) as an “enemy state” (as is Japan), with military actions against it being legally possible at any time without Security Council authorization “as a result of WW2” should it do anything that could even remotely be interpreted as “aggressive policy”.

    Both Japan and Germany have of course repeatedly asked to remove this -still binding-clause for over 30 years and it being refused with the excuse of “the complex amendment process”.

    Admitted, in these our days of (with some exceptions obviously) mostly “cold” (in opposit to “hot”) warring-techniques, a real military invasion against Germany is practically unlikely, but this is not necessary either.
    Germany`s only international power is economical and since this its wealth is totally dependant on constantly exporting its – highly valued- products worldwide, a simple disgruntlement among those other UN- Allied nations by some “too independant” policies, leading to direct or indirect sanctions and thus loss of this trade-income, can (and does- as we see today) bring it to its knees economically anytime.

    Its military power is insignificant at this point, for of course since 1945 is/has been constantly under the forced supervision -of course since its official “independance” after 1954/1989 disguised under the term of “collaboration” and NATO-alliance -of the Allied Powers, it being not allowed any independant atomic policy nor millitary build up unless ratified by the other Nations.
    Illustrative thus, its annual total military budget is ca 50 billion Dollars, the US`s 800 billion.

    So, to come full circle, many articles in the alternative media and here on actually have taken up the topic of Germany, especially since the happenings of this belligerent year and talking about the still active “Occupation of Germany” often presenting it as some obtuse/psychological influencing “behind the scenes”.
    And thereby interestingly neglecting that there is absolutely nothing “behind” or obtuse, purely legally (nationally and internationaly) and practically Germany (and partially Japan)as of 2022 does not have independancy rights/status equal to the other United Nations and is both morally and legally forced to abide by the rules and will imposed on it by the Allied Powers since 1945 with both politically and legally no way out and no chance for appeal, for amusingly-
    it is the internationally highest instance -the United Nations- itself that enforces these rules.

    And so, regarding Andrew Anglin-

    As a citizen of the main (perpetually) occupying/ mistreating Allied Power of Germany (And other Axis Powers) and someone who (please correct as stated of course if I am wrong) knows- hopefully fair to say- factually very little actually about the country you talk about:

    Do you think (to use your own nomenclature) “ about another country being a bit..” is really a courageous way to go or would you agree that maybe also the question could be asked “who is who?” since by definition is actually the main characteristic of a …well, you know….?

    According to your logic here you would f.ex. accuse Julian Assange as well of being a bitch for not leaving the Ecuadorean embassy (before they hauled him out anyway that is)?

    Or maybe would a general Gnothi Seauton-approach be a more heroic way?

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  103. @Erian Skyesse

    The Germans were the most obedient to authority figures in the Milgram experiments. All the scores were awful – they were the worst.

  104. HdC says:
    @Harold Smith

    “…But Germany made a big mistake and attacked Russia…”

    The USSR was poised to invade Germany, which simply struck preemptively about 1 month prior to the scheduled USSR invasion.

    “Icebreaker” by Viktor Suvorov describes what the USSR was up to, and what Germany was up against.

  105. @Durruti

    Interesting comment, but please substantiate it with documentary evidence or assertion.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  106. Durruti says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Interesting comment, but please substantiate it with documentary evidence or assertion.

    If I could document this – with documentary evidence or assertion, then my “Interesting comment” might not be so interesting.

    1. Thinking: is a lost art.

    2. The fact of Adolf Hitler being an Agent (specially of the Zionists), is not well documented. I wonder why?

    3. I have cited the action of The Night of the Long Knives, and just who was killed (as best we know), to support my thesis. A key to understanding this week of butchery – is the DATE it was committed. It was launched shortly after Hitler was made CHANCELLOR (the official Leader of Germany). CHRONOLOGY (time & timing are vital clues).

    Try explaining this act. Cui bono? Who benefitted? This week of butchery is poorly documented, poorly explained, and mostly ignored. This is a CLUE.

    Understand: as a Historian (whose articles are not printed -Blacklisted- on this website) and whose only History -Book (from my dissertation at Lehigh U) was suppressed, I have no illusions as to my ability to EXPLAIN to a large audience.

    4. This assertion is NEW HISTORY. It has not been made before.

    5. That Hitler was employed as a Messenger for the German Army, and after the war (WW-I), had his employment continued as an Agent of the German Army/Government, is not controversial information. Hitler was employed as an Agent, until he was appointed CHANCELLOR of Germany (the equivalent to our American Presidency).

    That Hitler was an agent, serving others, is incontrovertable (well documented). Exactly who he was working for is the question – I have attempted to answer. The fact that few (other than yourself & a few others), are willing to question, examine, discuss, this MOST VITAL Analysis, is a clue as to the importance of Placing Hitler in his correct place in History.

    The role of ZIONISM & ZIONISTS in History is much obscured/hidden/distorted. The Zionist Oligarch’s military outpost’s role in training, motivating, arming, educating the current Nazi revival in East Europe is a clue.

    The Zionist Newspaper Haaretz pretended an expressed HORROR at Jews supporting Nazis in E. Europe.!&&p=7dbbf6a2cd0dcdfeJmltdHM9MTY2NTcwNTYwMCZpZ3VpZD0yZmFmZmE2Yi1mY2RhLTYzZGUtMTY5Yi1lODU2ZmQ4YzYyYjAmaW5zaWQ9NTE2OA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=2faffa6b-fcda-63de-169b-e856fd8c62b0&psq=haaretz+covers+israel+supporting+nazis+in+Ukraine&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaGFhcmV0ei5jb20vaXNyYWVsLW5ld3MvMjAxOC0wNy0wOS90eS1hcnRpY2xlL3JpZ2h0cy1ncm91cHMtZGVtYW5kLWlzcmFlbC1zdG9wLWFybWluZy1uZW8tbmF6aXMtaW4tdGhlLXVrcmFpbmUvMDAwMDAxN2YtZTA4MC1kN2IyLWE3N2YtZTM4NzBlMWMwMDAw&ntb=1

    There is a LINK for you. Some evidence & assertion.

    6. I appreciate your interest & contact. I admit to one thing! I plead Guilty – to Thinking.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

    * Do some digging – yourself. See what you discover.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  107. The fact is that Germany has been an American colony since WW2 and their ruling class are comprador allied with the White House, who don’t give a fxck about the German citizens.

    If Germany wants to regain its pride, then it must free itself by simultaneously overthrowing their elite comprador class, running the yanks (i.e. American military bases, biolabs, and embassies) out of their country, and leaving the transatlantic-aligned EU and NATO.

    Germans will not be free people until they accomplish that.

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