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#FreeAlexJones #SandyHoax #TheJuiceIsLoose #CrisisActors: AJ Only Ordered to Pay $4.2 Million
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#FreeAlexJones #SandyHoax #TheJuiceIsLoose

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The ruling has come in on the crucifixion of Alex Jones over calling out the Sandy Hoax crisis act as a sham – the jury has gone for a very mild crucifixion.

It might not sound like a huge win that Alex Jones was ordered to pay \$4.2 million for exercising his freedom of speech. However, the lawyers for the crisis hoaxers were demanding that Alex pay somewhere between \$150 million and \$3 billion.

The judgement is probably half of the amount that Alex has spent on lawyers over the last decade fighting off these actors. That is where the big, draining expense really is – it’s in the cost of the attorneys.

I assume Alex is telling the truth about not having any money is his personal bank account or in the Infowars bank accounts, but that is presumably because he moved the money to the accounts of family members and into cryptocurrency. Anyway, he can just do a fundraiser for this amount. It’s very easily doable.

I didn’t expect it to go this way. I thought for sure they would deliver a punishing verdict of a totally unpayable amount. But no. This is effectively a “not guilty” verdict, being less than 1% of what the attackers were demanding.

This is after the entire media demonized Alex and claimed he was an evil monster. It’s after that stupid Mexican bimbo judge kept claiming to the jury he was guilty of a crime he was never convicted of.

There’s a lot more that needs to be said about what happened with Alex Jones. Regardless of the fact he’s basically gotten off, he was technically convicted of calling someone an actor and ordered to pay an amount that no normal person could afford for having exercised basic speech rights. So while this is a victory for Alex personally, and a victory for freedom in that it shows that a jury of his peers were not interested in ruining Alex’s life, it still remains a kind of defeat for our basic speech rights.

It’s also going to be interesting to see what happens to Alex next. Thus far, the “destroy his life through lawfare” was the last action that ZOG needed to take to get someone out of the game. So what are they going to do now? They’re going to have to up the ante.

Alex will probably now be subjected to the same kind of censorship that we’ve suffered here at the Daily Stormer. That means being banned from domain registrars, and possibly having his domains stolen, as well as potentially having to pay tens or hundreds of thousands per month for a non-Cloudflare CDN. He will likely also get banned from normal banking.

It really does say something that the jury in this case wants to dial things back in terms of destroying the lives of people who disagree with the government/media at the same time as the government/media is upping the ante.

However, the next logical thing is for the government to either charge Alex criminally for his speech or to just have him killed. Even if the people on a jury will say this thought control is out of control, they’re not going to do anything to stop it.

People on the left were reveling in the idea of just completely destroying the life of Alex Jones. These tweets were all featured on Huffington Post:

This is the former comedian who got Sam Hyde fired and then tried to get Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska banned from everything:

“Total debasement” sounds like the name of a cuckold porno – very strange language there, no?

It’s wild to have persons openly bragging about wanting to destroy people’s lives totally over their political beliefs. But you have to understand that this is what these people are – they’re not going to forgive you, they’re not going to be reasonable with you. They would literally laugh if you died.

Anyway, for now – the SPLC guy just posted this:

I don’t think he understands how funny it is to post that without comment like that. Mark Pitcavage, a fat Jew with a patchy beard and receded hairline, claims to be an expert on white supremacy memes, by the way. Just to be clear.

Here’s Alex commenting on the jury’s decision.

Addendum: Daily Reminder: Sandy Hoax was a Crisis Actor Event

I just want to remind everyone that Alex had to say this wasn’t a hoax, or he would’ve had even more trouble. I don’t really blame him for backing down. It is cucking, but you do have to make some compromises sometimes.

But everyone should remember: Sandy Hook was a hoax staged by crisis actors. None of the questions we’ve had have been answered, instead people have been sued in a way that completely violates the First Amendment over a hoax designed to destroy the Second Amendment.

Watch this video:

Video Link

Those are a whole helluva lot of questions, none of which have been answered, and which you can have your life ruined for asking. Asking if this is a hoax is de facto illegal.

They are saying that it is defamation of the “parents” to call them actors, but none of them have been able to show damages. They haven’t even suggested damages. There is nothing along the lines of “people boycotted my business because Alex Jones said I was an actor.” It is all “I was emotionally disturbed when Alex Jones claimed I was an actor.” This brings into question whether it even amounts to defamation at all, and as an absolute matter, claiming hundreds of millions or billions in “emotional damages” is completely unreasonable. In my view, it is also unreasonable to expect someone to believe that all of these parents, weeping over the bodies of their supposedly dead children, would be obsessed with proving a political point.

Maybe it was all real. If it was, I don’t know why they won’t address any of the issues brought up by conspiracy people. But even if it is all real, this “defamation” hoax is unjustifiable.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. He may or may not be silenced, but there will be twenty others that will replace him, the iron heel of the state will never silence freedom loving people. A dying animal lashes out the hardest just before the end, those that are behind all this know that Alex Jones and others have awakened the public and everything’s downhill for them now, from their failed covid lockdowns and shots to their never ending shootings, they’ve failed to take away the guns of Americans, one court after another is ruling for gun rights. The destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones is symbolic of the turning point of them losing their grip and the forces of freedom are regaining their hold. Love him or hate him, Alex Jones has done more for freedom and liberty than almost anyone else in the history of the USA.

    • Agree: Dr. Rock, Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Does Alex Jones still advertise health supplements?

    I cannot imagine what goes on in the mind of a person who would place a value on an Alex Jones endorsement of a health supplement. This was before he was on my radar but apparently he was some resemblance of a Chad in his late teens to early twenties and his first couple years on Austin local access television. The first time I ever saw his face and Buy this supplement for great results! together he looked like shit already and he looked so bad that it looked like the results of far more years abuse than your typical supplement brand is on the market. Very strange.

  3. saggy says: • Website

    I’m a big fan of Anglin, but I don’t understand his game … why in hell would he write … “Daily Reminder: Sandy Hoax was a Crisis Actor Event” ? And his Christian schtick. He makes himself out to be an imbecile, what is the point?

    • Disagree: Kali, American Citizen
  4. Not sure Alex is out of the woods yet. Jury still has to determine punitive damages. Puntive damages have nothing to do with actual damages, but are used to punish the defendant.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  5. Jimmy1969 says:

    Alex Jones is a embarrassment to the right. He plays right into the hands of the middle and especially the moderate left. He antagonizes the swing voter who views him as a repulsive caricature. He hurts the moderate right, and it is guys like him that will hurt us at election time. He should be avoided and repudiated like a leper.

    • Disagree: Catdog
    • LOL: Kali
  6. @Emil Nikola Richard

    If the short fat Alex Jones takes all those gd supplements….he sure don’t look healthy…..

    In the meantime… Muslims in Our America….9/11 never happens….so why are Muslims being imported into our America?

    The Muslims did 9/11…

    The Muslims did Feb 1993….

    With all that \$\$\$\$\$\$\$….why does infowars have such a shitty commenting system…?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  7. AJ: allegedly loses everything, gets “banned” from everything. Still won’t name the jew. He’s a grifter and a clown.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  8. It’s the same as the argument for banning Holocaust denial or saying that men can’t have babies. Hurt feelings are the most important thing in the world, that is, as long as you’re not one of those BAD white people.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  9. 1922: Whites took blacks lives in the South by lynching.

    2022: GloboHomoSchlomoNegro takes our livelihoods by taking our jobs and assets, leaving us with nothing. Still a lynching. A litigious lynching.

    Ask commenter Craig Nelson.

  10. Dr. Rock says:

    Sandy Hook WAS absolutely a staged, false flag, government Op, HOAX.

    I just placed a large order with InfoWarsStore, yesterday.

    Even if I didn’t agree with 90% of what Alex Jones says, which I do, I’d still support him, just because he pisses off, all of the people that I hate!


    The First Amendment Today, The First Amendment Tomorrow, The First Amendment Forever!

  11. Catdog says:

    I’m not an AJ fan but I don’t punch right. The left never disavows their crazies, and they win. Learn something from that.

    • Agree: Wade Hampton
  12. Why the sudden revenge campaign on this guy? Sandy Hook was ten years ago. And whats the justification for punitive damages? Did the parents dead kid have a business and clients or something? Or perhaps the parents reckon they lost a substantial portion of donations because Jones somehow convinced a portion of the population that the whole thing was fake, no kiddies actually were shot, and therefore less money came in than they would of otherwise received?

    Of course, these rhetorical questions above are pretty black. I think its appropriate anyway given the insultingly stupid lawsuit.

    • Replies: @boomerfeed
  13. @Jimmy1969

    I’ve always suspected Jones was a CIA asset, so his trial was of little interest. Much more important was the 2019 trial of Jim Fetzer, who was ordered to pay \$450,000 for defaming a Sandy Hook “parent”, one “Lenny Pozner”.

    Professor Fetzer is a retired acadenic with a rigorous background in Mathematics. He has a strong reputation for honesty. He continues to dispute the decision. Essentially, he claims that Pozner is a crisis actor with no proven existence prior to the events of Sandy Hook 10 years ago. IMHO, he presents a powerful case to back this up. I do hope Mr Unz allows Mr Fetzer the opportunity to write articles in UR about this matter, but I suspect fear of litigation will preclude this.

    • Replies: @Jimmy1969
    , @TitusAlone
  14. @Fidelios Automata

    You’re right. It is a feminine way of thinking. It wasn’t this way when male gentiles ruled the world.

  15. Chris Moore says: • Website

    They are saying that it is defamation of the “parents” to call them actors, but none of them have been able to show damages. They haven’t even suggested damages. There is nothing along the lines of “people boycotted my business because Alex Jones said I was an actor.” It is all “I was emotionally disturbed when Alex Jones claimed I was an actor.”

    Isn’t everyone on the left a crisis actor, spreading to the right via neoconservatism? The ((Jews)) are the ultimate crisis actors/method actors, with their Holocaust shtick, pre-dated by their religious shtick.

    Really, what is the message if Jesus Christ in a nutshell? “Calm down, kikes. Take a chill pill. Quit foaming at the mouth. Your own melodramatic hysteria just makes things worse.” And they had him crucified him for that, proving how unhinged they truly are.

    That’s message could equally apply to the ((Jews)) and their massive army of Bolshevik and neocon Zoglodytes of today. Most of the crap generated by their hysteria is worse and more destructive than anything Jonestown could come up with. I mean, these kikes are profiteering off of the warfare/welfare state, Hollyweird, MSM hysteria, Big Pharma toxins, bioweapons, transgender surgeries, legal industry shakedowns etc.

    And that last is really what this judgement against Jonestown amounts to.

    This all happens like night follows day when you allow ((Jews)) and their stooges to set up shop in your nation.

    • Agree: Dr. Rock, Mario Partisan
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  16. eah says:

    James Fetzer is also a victim of this Sandy Hook lawfare (link).

    … I don’t know why they won’t address any of the issues brought up by conspiracy people.

    It’s reasonable to wonder about that.

    I paid no real-time attention to SH (I have no interest in such ghoulishness) — in general, random, motiveless, extreme stranger violence (mass homicide) is very rare, but I suppose it can happen.

    It wasn’t until years later I encountered some of the SH ‘hoax’ material (including the video We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook linked here) — I found it interesting, and since by that time the results of the official investigation (there never was a trial of course) had been released, I took at look at it — in particular, I looked at the PDF files containing alleged crime scene fotos — and I was surprised to see a number of them were entirely blank — on each page there was some identifying info for the image, but the image itself wasn’t there; just a black, blank page — not a single drop of blood — even a foto allegedly depicting the hat worn by Adam Lanza looked like just a hat on the floor — a few shell casings with evidence markers placed next to them — ?

    The crime scene fotos were supposedly heavily redacted to protect the feelings of the parents — yet it all left me with the impression that no one could be convicted to beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime based on the evidence I reviewed.

    • Agree: dcthrowback
  17. What is he fighting for? The business enterprise masquerading as a “country”? The whole pie is rotten; what “ideals” and other pc pr nonsense is all this ‘outrage’ directed at? The US empire is over.

    The caravan has moved on, yet the dogs still bark.

    Just like the 17 year old refrigerator that needs repairing regularly. Just replace it.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  18. @Emil Nikola Richard

    I cannot imagine what goes on in the mind of a person that watches Alex Jones for any other reason than to laugh at his idiocy.

  19. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    So, Bill Hicks Alex Jones won’t have to once again fake his own death?

    *Alex Jones and Bill Hicks look very much alike and have the same gait, mannerisms, voice, and facial biometric features.
    *They have the exact same crooked teeth and tooth spacing.
    *They have the same friend and co-producer – Kevin Booth.
    *They have both produced documentaries in Waco and have an affiliation with Sacred Cow Productions.
    *Alex Jones received a picture and plaque from Bill Hicks as an award before a connection was made between him and Bill Hicks.
    *Alex Jones was largely anonymous until after Bill Hicks’ alleged death.
    *They both lived in Austin, Texas, and have a close connection to that city.
    *They were both active as comedians.

    • Thanks: Mario Partisan
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Fidelios Automata
  20. @CarthageUnderground

    Punitive damages are to teach AJ a lesson about slandering people he knows little to nothing about. Compensatory damages are in exchange for loss of business and the like. Just like AJ, you’re running your mouth about things you know nothing about even though you could just Google before typing. Why are you wasting everyone’s time with this verbal diarrhea?

  21. Rurik says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Muslims did 9/11…

    The Muslims did Feb 1993….

    The Muslims did USS Liberty too!

    It was Egypt the whole time!

    Just like it was Muslims who pushed though the The Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 using Teddy Kennedy and throngs of Jewish agents as their stooges!

    It was actually Muslims all along! They just used all those Jews lobbying for it and funding the passage, to trick us all!

    Just like with the ADL and SPLC and the American Civil Liberties Union! They simply use all those Jews as cover for their sinister designs to trick Americans into thinking it’s Jews that run CNN and the NYT- that relentlessly demonize white Americans as evil and racist. But it isn’t and never was the Jews! That’s all a monstrous Muslim conspiracy cooked up by guys like Osama Bin Laden to trick us all into thinking the future of white America is being systematically sabotaged by Jewish supremacists, when the whole time it’s always been Muslims!!

    And the obvious reason those clever Muslims did 9/11, was to get America to bomb the snot out of ‘seven Muslim nations in five years’, whereupon millions of Muslims have been slaughtered and maimed and displaced, and their nations in smoking ruins, exactly as Jewish supremacists wanted.

    But that was all a calculated ruse by those clever Muslims, who orchestrated all that carnage and horrors upon the Muslim world, to trick us into thinking it was Jewish supremacists like Larry Silverstein and Bibi and gobs of other Jews who did 9/11.

    Those darn sneaky Muslims!

    Look what the do to their own cities and entire nations

    while posh new settlements are constructed with U.S. tax payer dollars in Israel

    and all to trick us Americans into thinking 9/11 was done by Israel to get Americans to destroy Muslim nations in the Middle East and to further Zionist interests.

    Those Muslims are too clever for words.

  22. Where’s the “judge’s” mask? Gotta be “safe” ya know…

  23. Dr. Rock says:
    @Chris Moore

    And I’ll go a step beyond that-

    If AJ is just an unhinged nutjob, pushing a ridiculous narrative, with no foundation in reality, why bother prosecuting (persecuting) him? Why not just ignore him, and dismiss him as a nutjob, without ever acknowledging his existence at all? Give him the “not even worth responding to” treatment?


    Because is was right, is right, and was/is right over the target! They have to crush him, because he is dangerously correct, which is proven every day.

    Is he kinda nutty, extreme, hyperbolic? Sure, but he has an absolute Right to be all of those things.

    Hell, he’s a somber member of the civilized intelligentsia compared to Keith Olbermann! Is anyone suing him for all the outlandish garbage that has fallen out of his face!? Provably false BS that doesn’t pass the smell test? Nope!

    The actual reality is that NOBODY is forced to listen to AJ (unlike CNN in an airport). Most people think he is a nut, because he is kinda nutty, but that doesn’t make him wrong, and it still doesn’t mean that anybody has to listen to him. Also, it isn’t like the MSM reports nightly on everything he says, either.

    You literally NEVER have to know about anything that he says, unless you CHOOSE to listen to him, period!

    Art Bell, George Norry, etc., had/have a nightly show that discusses every crazy thing in the modern America lexicon: bigfoot, aliens, Dreamland (Area 51), UFO’s, ghosts, demon possession, psychics, seers, sacred math, numerology, ancient societies…. literally EVERY crazy thing you can think of, and does anyone care? No. Does the news report on every crazy phone call they get? No.
    Because they don’t take it seriously, and if they thought AJ was just a meaningless windbag of bullshit, they’d ignore him too.
    What’s the difference?
    AJ reports on stuff that IS REAL, and it’s the stuff that the (((deep state))) or whoever you want to say “they” are, doesn’t want reported on.

    If he was just a clown, they wouldn’t bother responding to his existence.

    Sandy Hook was a hoax, a farce, a false flag, deep state fake MCI performance. It was done terribly, it was transparent to even a cursory examination, and AJ, and others, embarrassed them for it.

    That’s not even the worst part! The worst part is that it was probably the last time that “they” tried to fake one of these, and because it was a farce, they decided that instead of faking them, they do them for real, Operation Northwoods-MKUltra-Style.

    That’s why now, when these events happen, the bodies, and deaths, are 100% real, it’s just the pre-planning and set-up that was fake.

    If anyone every truly investigates Sandy Hook, it will be proven a total fraud!

  24. @Chris Moore

    Really, what is the message if Jesus Christ in a nutshell? “Calm down, kikes. Take a chill pill. Quit foaming at the mouth. Your own melodramatic hysteria just makes things worse.” And they had him crucified him for that, proving how unhinged they truly are.

    Brian: Oh, fuck off.


    Crowd of worshippers: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

  25. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The Zionists are just going to keep repeating their dogma, facts and logic be damned. And projecting their own sins onto the opposition.

    Oy! Arabs and Muslims did 9/11! Oy! Whites and Christians did the Holocaust and slavery! Oy! Opponents of shitlibs, rabbi molesters and neocons are evil!

    A guy like Jonestown sees this insanity and reacts by going insane himself, slipping in and out of coherence. The nest of vipers and Synagogue of Satan grows stronger. But parasite “strength” is destructive, which is why the US is now going to pot so fast. The stronger these lying and schizo ((Jews)) and their stooges get, the quicker the decay.

    • Agree: Rurik
  26. @Gary Sudder

    What is he fighting for? The business enterprise masquerading as a “country”? The whole pie is rotten; what “ideals” and other pc pr nonsense is all this ‘outrage’ directed at?

    Schopenhauer, or The Last Real European, as I call him, had our number (or “The United States of North America” as he calls us) two centuries ago, in his essay “Government”:

    The United States of North America exhibit the attempt to proceed without any such arbitrary basis; that is to say, to allow abstract right to prevail pure and unalloyed. (*) But the result is not attractive. For with all the material prosperity of the country what do we find? The prevailing sentiment is a base Utilitarianism with its inevitable companion, ignorance; and it is this that has paved the way for a union of stupid Anglican bigotry, foolish prejudice, coarse brutality, and a childish veneration of women. Even worse things are the order of the day: most iniquitous oppression of the black freemen, lynch law, frequent assassination often committed with entire impunity, duels of a savagery elsewhere unknown, now and then open scorn of all law and justice, repudiation of public debts, abominable political rascality towards a neighbouring State, followed by a mercenary raid on its rich territory,—afterwards sought to be excused, on the part of the chief authority of the State, by lies which every one in the country knew to be such and laughed at—an ever-increasing ochlocracy, and finally all the disastrous influence which this abnegation of justice in high quarters must have exercised on private morals. This specimen of a pure constitution on the obverse side of the planet says very little for republics in general, but still less for the imitations of it in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.

    (*)”A constitution which embodied abstract right alone would be an excellent thing for natures other than human, but since the great majority of men are extremely egoistic, unjust, inconsiderate, deceitful, and sometimes even malicious; since in addition they are endowed with very scanty intelligence there arises the necessity for a power that shall be concentrated in one man, a power that shall be above all law and right, and be completely irresponsible, nay, to which everything shall yield as to something that is regarded as a creature of a higher kind, a ruler by the grace of God. It is only thus that men can be permanently held in check and governed.”

    What would Schopenhauer think of Christian Nationalism: bring back the good ol’ days of worshiping Jews and lynching bleks?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. We are forced to listen MSM propaganda in the airports bc that corporate “news” network pays to show their propaganda to the imbecilic masses.

    AJ is a target bc he likely knows too much. Hence, he must be silenced.

  28. We are forced to listen MSM propaganda in the airports bc that corporate “news” network pays to show their propaganda to the imbecilic masses.

    AJ is a target bc he likely knows too much. Hence, he must be silenced. Anything counter to the dominate US empire narrative is seen as a threat.

    One only catches flak when they are over the target.

  29. Rurik says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Where is Betty Ong, for that matter?

    Where are the black boxes and a thousands of other anomalies and questions, that are all ignored by the media (owned and controlled by Muslims) and our government and investigative institutions like the FBI and Justice Dept., (also all controlled by Muslims).

    If I were to speculate, then all the passengers and crews of the respective jets were all unloaded at an Air Force Base or CIA site somewhere in the vicinity of Pennsylvania where the jets were supposedly flying around for an hour or two, specifically not being escorted by Fighter Jets that were specifically not scrambled as protocols demand by all the Air Force Bases that were all being controlled by Muslims on that day.

    Once the jets were unloaded, and the specifically-outfitted remote controlled jets were flown in their stead, then the passengers and crew were likely liquidated and/or transported to some offshore black site for purposes I’d rather not know the details of.

    From what I understand, not one passenger’s or crew’s DNA was found at any of the crash sites, and certainly not at Shanksville, PA, where there was no actual plane crash at all, or at the Pentagon (controlled by Muslims, and not by Rabbi Dov Zakheim – who was the comptroller [in charge of the money] when two \$ trillion went missing from the Pentagon).

    If you get a chance, check out the good rebbe, he’s often considered the mastermind of 9/11, and was certainly positioned as well as anyone to control the levers and secure the funding.

    that’s just one link of many that I came up with a search of his name. But you can find tomes of information on this Muslim.

  30. @War for Blair Mountain

    If you believe fantasy tale you just told than utterly insane….the conspiracy widens and becomes even more freakishly complicated…

    The remains of the passengers on the passenger jet that hit the Pentagon were identified through DNA testing..but you will claim that that the people involved with the testing were involved….the conspiracy circle expands___

    Is Ted Olson part of the conspiracy?

    How about Ann Coulter?…Barbara Olson’s closest friend…is Ann part of the conspiracy?

    Creepy short grifter Alex Jones made millions of fools such as you…with his 9/11 conspiracy theory…..speaking of Jews….who made the 9/11 conspiracy film Loose Change?

  31. Republic says:

    Check out the writing of Bill Hicks who was the real deal,he made a lot of predictions in the 90s which turned out to be true,like the coming medical dictatorship and the cashless society

    • Agree: Gary Sudder
  32. Alrenous says: • Website

    Re: Alex
    Step 1: “They’re an invasion of interdimensional devils, they’re not even human.”
    Step 2: Rely on the good will of these devils to support free speech.

    Don’t be Alex Jones. Secure your shit. Believe what’s coming out of your mouth.
    P.S. and make sure the crud that’s coming out of your mouth is what you actually believe.

    Say something like this: “If I tell you the truth about Sandy Hook, I will be sued. The first amendment is as dead as a doornail, and they have to rely on its deadness to defend that narrative.” Functionally the same message, 100% fewer legal repercussions.

    Ironically Sandy Hook doesn’t matter at all. Merely another variety of deck chair on the Titanic.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  33. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Freedom of speech means exactly that. The guy shouldn’t owe a dime. You should not be tried for having an opinion in this country. If he appeals to the Supreme Court he may win the case on free speech grounds.

    • LOL: Kratoklastes
  34. Jimmy1969 says:

    Andrew you are like a trapped animal out in the forest crying out for help like your buddy Alex. Soon both of you will be reduced to putting up posters on Telephone polls

  35. Dumbo says:

    I never paid much attention to Alex Jones and he seems a gatekeeper or a buffoon to me, but he’s right about Sandy Hoax. It was a hoax.

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  36. There’s much about this case that is indeed political, an act of lawfare.

    But there’s a fine line here which Jones may have crossed.

    It’s one thing to suspect that the Sandy Hook shooting was an ‘inside job’ or some such.
    But it’s a whole new ballgame when you specifically call out the parents as having been part of a conspiracy.

    It’s like with those Catholic kids in D.C. who were smeared by MSM, which accused them, especially one particular kid, of having done what he most certainly didn’t do.

    So, yes, this is lawfare, but Jones needs to understand the difference between hypothesis and naming particular individuals as being privy to some conspiracy. That qualifies as defamation.

    If some crazy guy kills your family members but then if someone like Alex Jones says took part in some fake stunt and that your family was not killed, you’re not going to take it well, especially if you get crazy phone calls who make crazy accusations.

    So, even as I understand bad-faith actors took advantage of this situation, Jones needs to be more careful with his antics, some of which are truly batshit crazy.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Justvisiting
  37. A couple million for a guy who makes \$240 million? No skin off his nose. Look, I support Alex Jones’ right to say whatever he wants. However, I condemn him as a human being. I worked for this man. It was the most abusive workplace I have ever worked in. Don’t work for him unless you want to be endlessly criticized and viciously made fun of, especially in front of others. He has the personality of a high school bully. On the air, he pretends to be the outraged activist. It’s an act. He’s an actor. He’s not the “patriot” you think he is. He is an execrable human being. He has nothing but contempt for his fellow humans. Is this the kind of “spokesman” you want? A sociopath with an eating disorder?

    • Troll: Legba
  38. Rurik says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Alex Jones made millions of fools such as you

    Jones is correct about some things, but I confess I can’t stand to visit ‘alternative’ sites that peddle snake oil. That’s why even tho I like Natural News most of the time, I can’t stand to visit the website. Too much shilling for \$\$.

    As for Sandy Hook, wasn’t there a drill being run for just such an event?

    Like the Boston bombing, and London bombing and of course, 9/11

    Did you know that?

    Did you know that their excuse for the failure of air defenses (NORAD) on (((9/11))) was because they (the Muslims orchestrating the whole thing) tricked the U.S. military and air defenses into running a ‘drill’ for hijacked jetliners on the morning of 9/11. And that’s why the jets weren’t scrambled as per protocol. The Muslims didn’t just wire the buildings for controlled demolitions and fake the crashes at Shanksville and the Pentagon, they also took control of NORAD and SAC and the entire U.S. media to perpetrate their nefarious scheme (to get America to bomb the snot out of and destroy several Muslim nations that were hostile to Israel).

    Those Muslims in a cave are more clever than you think!

  39. Anon[172] • Disclaimer says:

    The moderate right is our worst enemy. It should be hurt.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  40. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Dr. Rock

    AJ reports on stuff that IS REAL, and it’s the stuff that the (((deep state))) or whoever you want to say “they” are, doesn’t want reported on.

    I agree. He’s brought a lot of info to light that otherwise would have remained buried. But he’s done some damage with his hucksterism, too. His vascillating on ((Jews)) and 9/11 is probably the biggest issue I have with him, and that alone is enough to discredit him.

    The man is a Barnum & Bailey circus act, like a lot of American hucksters. But you’re right, if someone doesn’t want to imbibe, they should just ignore him.

    The fact that they work so hard to discredit him — particularly since he’s been associated with Trump– shows how fanatical and psychotic these ((Jews)) truly are.

    In fact, Jonestown is a lot like Trump, and Trump is a lot like Jonestown. They should be thanked for what they’ve done, but they’ll never lead us to the Promised Land. They’re too comprimised by their hucksterism and by their close association with the same Zionists that are cousins and partners with the ((Jews)) that are destroying the country.

    These men are schizos, like so many Americans, and like nearly all ((Jews)).

    These ((Jews)) seem to think if the whole world is as schizo as they are, they can be normal for once. That’s not how it works. If the whole world is schizo, you’re in hell.

  41. Punitive damages are \$45,200,000. Sure the plaintiff’s lawyers were doing it pro bono. For the good of the ‘community,’ they will not see a nickel of that \$…. LOL.

    Apparently best to simply state explicitly that these are just opinions only and speak generally w/o names to potentially avoid persecutions by shyster lawyers.

    The usian court jesters are there for a reason. Silence dissent. And it is now precedent for others to shut their mouths and smile/clap/and sing along to the us empire beat.

  42. Anon[172] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Aside from hurt feelings, what are the damages? None were claimed in this case. None were incurred in this case. Hurting people’s fee-fees is not a tort, except in the imagination of wet bitches like you and this utter abomination of a judge.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  43. mijj says:

    it’s better to be honest and be forced to retract than to have never been honest at all.

  44. Mac_ says:

    Is important to remember natural law, that anyone claiming to be ‘govmt or ‘courts’ is taking over our place, as we are by natural law the first judge, and by ability of force, executors of what judgments we make. The failure to judge and execute action on our judgments, and instead hand strangers position of ‘judge’ or ‘govmt ‘over’ us, is suicide. The people murdered by the fraud cabal are billions, not milions, false wars, poison, other. Second, remember there was no supposed govrmt or ‘courts’ or fake ‘money’ or monothiesm ‘religon’ only twelve or thirteen hundred years ago. Not two thousand, it’s less than that, even the ‘year’ people use is a con by the cabalists, stop and think. The choice of people to become feminized goobers, who sat while others were labeled ‘heretics’ and murdered in ‘inquistions’, and those otherwise continue to sit for every incursion, is how situations continued. Now it doesn’t matter if anyone goes along with ‘religion’ or not. No one is immune. Though the cabalists are more now, about a half million, we are many more, so no excuse for what’s going on, this situation is one of many.

    Ability to speak is the first exercising of our judgment. Failure to use natural right ability, means we lose it. The answer is take back position of judge, each of us, and execute on our judgments, by speech, sharing info and energy where we live, help others engage, and also speak against those who refuse to see facts and make effort. Its key, as they don’t want people to share, or face off go-alongs, because then people make cells of peers, which further exerts pressure, then more go-alongs make effort sensing power, instead of go-along to their demise, dragging us with them by failure to do their part. There is no ‘neutral’. Some people just need a bump to see or share info, others are beliergant, which by ignorance helps the destroyers. That’s why speech matters, and why the cons want to stop us, by fraudulent ‘court’ oppression, or ‘masks’. Then only the smiley psychos speak. Speaking in real life, overcomes trols and media. We can defeat them, just takes effort, not joining phony groups, and watch for infiltrators, among us in every neighborhood, remember again half the cons are females.

    Read the supposed ten amendments and constitution, gibberish, also ‘state’ con situtions, you can’t ‘contract’ ‘for’ others. The ‘first amendment’ was only for ‘them’, not us. They act as gangs, using a con of false ‘govmt, courts, media, doing fake ‘protector’ femy cover con over what is male force dominance. Natural law, force rules. The supposded jury were cons, same as the actors, lawyers, judges. The system are fake judges, because people ignore that they are stealing our first position as judges and executers. Best imo, turn off ‘tv’, phones, web. Nothing wrong with checking into unz .com here and there, point is focus in real life, with others, where we live. Please do not copy paste any of my comment, if want a few notes to remind use paper pen. Appreciate the article.

  45. Anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet they appeared on stage together, seen by people.

    theres audio of their appearance, AJ was comparing a comedy show. BH doing his routine.

    on YouTube and similar video channels. they have different voices.

    look at AJ at Waco and how he behaved towards the feds to their faces. a manic 20 YO

    contrast BH and his appearance at Waco, a different approach, an older persons.

    its heartwarming to think BH didn’t die, he just changered personaes.

    but go look at BH during his last appearances, he looks and sounds very sick.

  46. @War for Blair Mountain

    Yes of course your 9/11 truther conspiracy theory evolves into more and more 9/11 Truther Conspiracy Theory-just like the Jan 6 Conspiracy of Adam Schiff….what about this..what about that….zzzzzz

    Barabara Olso died in the passenger jet that slammed into Pentagon…a passenger jet that was tracked by air traffic controllers moments before it slammed into the Pentagon…Many eyewitnesses saw a passenger jet heading-aiming for the Pentagon right before it slammed into the Pentagon….but for the very very dishonest Truthers…this passenger jet magically disappears…even though the remains of the passengers at the Pentagon were identified through DNA testing….

    9/11 Truthers basically are playing the Ol’brains in a vat game much loved by worthless philosophers….such as Robert Ray Griffith who has a known nasty political agenda which is to increase Muslim immigration to America…with the open intent of allowing Muslims to vote Whitey into a violently persecuted white racial minority within the borders of America…

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  47. @Anon

    I see your point, and that’s why cases like this deeply disturb me.

    Law becomes murky when it’s all about feelings.

    But this is somewhat different because it’s not just that Alex Jones hurt some feelings.

    Some feelings are hurt on this site(or any other side) by hostile remarks. People hurt feelings all the time.

    But here, parents really lost their children in the most horrible way. Even without Jones nutty antics, they will be scarred for life. Bad enough to lose children, worse to have them die in the most horrific way by a crazed nut with a gun.

    So, Jones didn’t merely hurt feelings but rubbed salt on the worst possible wounds of people undergoing the blackest tragedy imaginable.

  48. @Priss Factor

    ” by a crazed nut with a gun.”

    A crazed american with a gun.

    What was it abt the US empire’s structure that caused these chronic massacres? What was so sick and vile abt the US, that people did horrible things ?

  49. Deadbeat says:

    It’s the now the “ChiComs” who are the boogymen.

  50. @Jimmy1969

    Yeah, okay, fair enough about Alex Jones, but more importantly, when are you going to shut your lying kike facehole?

  51. Bill says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t Puritans?

  52. @DCThrowback

    Jury just awarded \$45 million in punitve damages. Do you know how they got around the Texas law limiting punitve damages to \$750,000?

  53. @Dr. Rock

    I have no love and no respect for Jones, but the smart move here for the dissident right would be to use any punitive verdict against him as precedent, and then go after all the public leftist wokester zanies on the exact same grounds. Goose, gander, math is involved.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  54. If the US had any decency, people would sue George Soros and all those BLM-pushing Jews who brought about devastation city after city.

    Jones said dumb things about Sandy Hook but had nothing to do with the violence.

    In contrast, Soros and his allies have taken actions that caused serious harm to entire communities, indeed to entire nations.

    But people who spread lies that lead to more urban crime or foreign wars don’t pay the price. They are ‘made men’ in the Jewish Supremacist Order.

    Consider all the damaged lives and destroyed property as the result of BLM pogroms pushed by Jewish supremacists. Consider what happened as the result of the Covidian Plot. But the scum who did all the real damage are sitting pretty.

    It isn’t fair but that’s why people have to play smart. Jones played dumb with Sandy Hook and fell into the trap.

  55. @Anon

    Adam Schiff is actually Andy Kaufman. Prove me wrong.

  56. @War for Blair Mountain

    The more extreme 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories (particularly that pile of crap called “Small Change”) are obviously false to discredit disbelief in the official theory and stop investigation into WHO bankrolled it and WHY the FBI and CIA failed to stop the attacks despite having foreknowledge.

  57. Trinity says:

    Alex Jones should know all about acting. This fat turd is a (((clown.))) I thought this lard ass had become a punchline long ago. Alex Jones? Rotflmmfwao.

  58. meamjojo says:

    “I didn’t expect it to go this way. I thought for sure they would deliver a punishing verdict of a totally unpayable amount.”

    Ha ha. He’s now on the hook for another \$45 million. And that is just to one family.

    This should be a lesson for everyone to be honest in their communications or risk having to pay the cost of lies.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  59. I’m not very familiar with Jones (or the Sandy Hook incident) but if Jones’s life can be turned upside down because of a unsubstantiated theory of his about a mass shooting, why can’t the same authorities who bankrupted AJ pursue the various provocateurs who proclaim that the 1969 US moon landing was a hoax?

    Have we now arrived at the slippery slope?

    If so, then there are many other hurtful ‘unsubstantiated theories’ involving Covid, the Holocaust, and even anthropogenic ‘climate change’ that can be pursued in the courtroom.

    I foresee a wide array of new opportunities to engage in politicized lawfare.

    Target: Free Speech and anti-woke denialism.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  60. @Priss Factor

    So, Jones didn’t merely hurt feelings but rubbed salt on the worst possible wounds of people undergoing the blackest tragedy imaginable.

    Well said. Speaks badly of his basic decency as a human being.

  61. @Priss Factor

    bad-faith actors took advantage of this situation

    Good short summary.

    Alex Jones made a great pinata, but the goal was to chill speech.

    When you have to start walking on eggshells for fear of litigation, free speech is toast.

  62. I really don’t know anything about Alex Jones. But I know this, every time he is in the news, I can read comments on stories like this for days and come away without any enlightenment on the subject from either the pros or the cons.

    What does that say about our culture and our cultural commentators?

    On the subject of government psyops, I believe more and more that the sinister people in FedGov are capable of anything and have been since at least 1941 December 7, but it remains difficult to find the smoking guns, doesn’t it.?

  63. As a man…how does Alex Jones live with himself? These parents lost their children in a mass slaughter….Why accuse these eternally suffering parents of being part of an insane conspiracy? What kind of a man would do this?

    Alex Jones did it so he could pump up sales of male enhancement herbal supplements….and make millions off of the senseless death of these children. What a greedy sociopath Alex Jones is ….and Alex Jones is not a man either….And Jones has no shame slurring these parents….

    Alex Jones is a filthy fucking degenerate cockroach….as bad as Jeffrey Epstien….

    • Replies: @Mario Partisan
  64. @Priss Factor

    So expressing doubts about the narrative of a news event constitutes “defamation” if the event was really sad? In other words, the more outrageous a false flag/hoax the more critics need to keep their mouths shut?

    If these parents were so hurt by the loss of their kid, why the heck do they care what some widely ridiculed shock jock with a website says about them? I mean how much does it take to not pay attention to what Jones says about you. All you have to do is not watch his videos. Is Alex Jones responsible for these peoples’ lack of basic agency?

    What about the Holocaust? If I make a YouTube or Bitchute video saying that a person who claims the Nazis made their brother sit in a tree pretending to be a rooster until he died (actual claim) is full of shit, am I committing “defamation?” Someone dying from playing a rooster is really sad, especially when it’s your brother, so do I have to hand over \$5 million? Where does shit like this end?

    Jones did nothing wrong.

    • Replies: @TitusAlone
  65. @War for Blair Mountain

    Whether Alex Jones is a “filthy degenerate cockroach” is in the eye of the beholder, but what is objectively true is that you are a faggot, but not as bad as Jeffrey Epstein, because Epstein wasn’t a faggot.

  66. @Jimmy1969

    Alex Jones is an embarrassment to carbon-based life-forms. I suspect he is the ‘crisis actor’, working for the CIA or some such organisation in order to denigrate by association those cogently criticising the ruling elites’ behaviour.

    • Replies: @Jimmy1969
  67. @meamjojo

    That’s lunacy for several reasons. First if all, we should tolerate error so long as reason is free to combat it (TJ). Only by doing so can we ever reach toward truth.

    Second, tens of millions in damages due to someone’s hurt feelings is prima facie insanity. Otherwise lots and lots more money should be changing hands, and you won’t like the result.

    Finally, who’s to say whether or not this guy believes what he says? There’s no guarantee that someone wont be offended either way. However tragic the circumstance, the parents haven’t somehow achieved privileged status such that no one can ever be allowed to say something they don’t like.

    Look at all of the victims of violent crime in this country—uncounted millions by now—who are subjected to endless gaslighting and slurs on the order of “you deserve it, racist!” We’re racist if we dare to speak up about the epidemic of violent crime in this country. We’re silenced by people with deeper pockets than AJ.

    When is it our turn to sue the NYTs and CNNs of the world? Where are our lawyers?

  68. @Priss Factor

    But here, parents really lost their children in the most horrible way. Even without Jones nutty antics, they will be scarred for life. Bad enough to lose children, worse to have them die in the most horrific way by a crazed nut with a gun.

    A horrible tragedy, but guess what? Horrible tragedies happen all the time. They don’t confer immunity upon the survivors nor do they confer tens of millions of dollars when the survivors claim offense because someone somewhere says something they don’t like.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
  69. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    Consider that Schopenhauer was a Christian, and stop opining in ignorance.

  70. onebornfree says: • Website

    Jones is far from perfect, but: “Know These Things About Alex Jones”:

    “Let’s start here. While Jones was supporting Trump, he also mercilessly attacked the horrifically destructive COVID vaccines. In the process, he forcefully awakened millions of Trump followers to a truth they were unaware of or didn’t want to face. In the process, lives were saved.

    Decades ago, long before it was fashionable to do so, Jones explained and righteously attacked Globalism, the Rockefeller Empire, and the designs of the Chinese regime.

    Perceived by the public as living on the political Right, Jones confounded that perception by attacking both big government and big corporations, while so-called conservatives were routinely and conveniently letting criminal corporations off the hook……”:

    Regards, onebornfreeatyahoo

  71. Jimmy1969 says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Your name sums you up for all of the world to see.

  72. Richard B says:
    @Joe Paluka

    The key point is the hostile elite’s continued success at punishing dissent while forcing everyone to believe their lies, will result in civilizational-wide cultural impoverishment and societal collapse. A process already well underway. Talk about a Pyrrhic Victory.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  73. @Richard B

    US and Western societies are so rotten, like a stump riddled with termite holes, it was going to collapse anyway. The collapse needs to happen so that a new system can be built from the ashes of the old. I’m looking forward to how that society will look, I’m not pessimistic because I have no stake in the old system.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Richard B
  74. Anymike says:

    People do not understand the way that the verdict against Alex Jones and his previous cancellations are an attack of free speech. I never took Jones literally but understood him to have a symbolic meaning which transcended the literal context of his rants.

    Jones’s method was pure expressionism. Its literal content did not have to be real for it have a real meaning. Control over how you say things is control over what you can say also.

    As far as the issue of crisis actors is concerned, well, there are actors who are specifically trained for various functions. You have to be trained to be a soap opera actor, whether it is in an English language or Spanish language soap opera. The presentations of supposed victims and bystanders at crisis scenes seem a little too poised and slick.

    I am going to call the issue something that is in need of investigation. Television is so phony and contrived, you have to consider whether they are using crisis actors. With contemporary technology, they wouldn’t even need to be at the scene. I’ve worked as a print reporter. I’ve been at emergency scenes, and how these were presented on the TV news sometimes was not consistent with what actually happened at the scene. Just keep in mind, the rise of pro wrestling and the rise of television occurred at the same time. Pro wrestling admits itself to be a scripted athletic exhibition – a circus in a word. What does television admit itself to be?

  75. Richard B says:
    @Joe Paluka

    US and Western societies are so rotten, like a stump riddled with termite holes, it was going to collapse anyway. The collapse needs to happen so that a new system can be built from the ashes of the old. I’m looking forward to how that society will look, I’m not pessimistic because I have no stake in the old system.

    Overall I agree.

    However, one might find reason to be very pessimistic indeed if the same parasites were able to infiltrate and subvert the new system the way they did with the old one.

    So if the new system were to have some kind of built-in parasite repellent then there might be cause for genuine optimism.

    Otherwise, it’ll just be a case of Rinse and Repeat.

  76. @Verymuchalive

    “a crisis actor with no proven existence prior to the events of Sandy Hook 10 years ago.”

    A very expensive opinion to voice … so …

    I have noticed odd aspects to the Sandy Hook drama. The families complain that they were driven out of their homes, and had to move numerous times, because of harassment by people inspired by Alex Jones. But such threats and harassment are a criminal matter, and the people concerned should be charged … if they exist.

    The mother of one of the children at Sandy Hook confronted Jones in court, and the video appeared on social media. “Sandy Hook is a hard truth”, she said. I noticed that she gave a long blink every time she said truth … Her testimony made me uneasy, but perhaps I am being over critical of a grieving person.

  77. @Mario Partisan

    why the heck do they care what some widely ridiculed shock jock with a website says about them?

    I wondered about that. Alex Jones is often ridiculed, and his opinions are never quoted in respected publications. His ability to affect anyone’s reputation seems limited – he has no reputation himself.

  78. apollonian says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Smug, Patronizing Acceptance Of ZOG Lies Is Real Problem

    I submit that YOU are the problem. U say and blithely tell everyone,

    “But here, parents really lost their children in the most horrible way. Even without Jones nutty antics, they will be scarred for life. Bad enough to lose children, worse to have them die in the most horrific way by a crazed nut with a gun.”

    So the question is where and how u come by this wisdom and knowledge? “Parents really lost their children”?–HOW do u actually know this?–u don’t, do u? U just repeat crap put out by ZOG like all the other fools.

    “Nutty antics”?–what was “nutty” about anything Ajax said or did having to do w. Scarlet and Neil?–HOW were they “scarred for life” by the Jewwy shill, Ajax Jewns?–that was the real pt. to the trial which was never addressed and NEVER proven, regarding the crucial issue of DAMAGES. The psychopathic control freak of a “judge” merely DECLARED Ajax to be “defaulted,” hence guilty of damages, etc.–just as u DECLARE “parents really lost their children…,” blah, blah, blah.

    “Crazed nut w. a gun”?–where do u get this so-called “info”?

    U forget sooooo easily and conveniently the idiotic statements, smiling, and demeanor of the so-called “parent,” Robbie Parker, and the other parents, like the McDonnells, so happy and glowing as they babble about their supposed dead daughter, Grace–strange and fakey at best–along w. all the other moronic anomalies having to do w. Sandy Hoax.

    The inductive logic screams out that the event was a false-flag, this for the obvious purpose of gun-control which is gross, treasonous outrage against the people–which a fool like u excuses because u’re so soft-minded and “compassionate,” right?

    YOU are the problem, buddy, u and the weak-minded, patronizing, “liberal” fools like u. With so-called “friends” and “patriots” like u, the cause of gun-rights, self-defense, Constitution, and Law is lost. Ajax, even though he’s disgusting shill for terror-state of Israel, at least kept his eyes, at first, before he “changed” his mind, on the pertinent issues of gun-rights and Constitution whereas u’re so easily led astray by idiot lies and liars.

  79. camus10 says:

    that SH pathologist in the crisp white coat surrounded by immaculate state pol uniforms

    Dr Grover, who was asked by a journalist at the scene how many lil boys girls corpses he counted by gender. He said he didn’t know. Turns out there is was no official AMA profile on that date, Grover had no professional biography

    so why the spotlight on AJ, the tabloid artist. lottsa other missing details. ask James Fetzer

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