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Federal Agent in Buffalo Shooter’s Discord Chat, Parents Arrested and Tased for Telling Cops to Stop Uvalde Shooter
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Both of the big mass shootings of the last few days are unraveling, exposing a sloppy mess of lies and hoaxes.

As I reported earlier this week, in Uvalde, 40 cops were outside of the school for 40 minutes and refused to enter the building while the shooter was killing everyone. They were apparently waiting for the shooter to run out of bullets.

The parents were ready to rush in themselves – so the police had to arrest them to… protect the shooter?

Fox News:

On Thursday, the Uvalde Police Department Chief Daniel Rodriguez released a statement saying its officers responded to reports of a shooter “within minutes,” alongside school district officers. Two responding officers sustained gunshot wounds.

“This is an ongoing investigation that is being led by the Texas Rangers. I understand questions are surfacing regarding the details of what occurred. I know answers will not come fast enough during this trying time, but rest assured that with completion of the full investigation, I will be able to answer all the questions that we can,” Rodriguez wrote.

Angeli Rose Gomez, a parent of two children in second and third grade at Robb Elementary, told The Wall Street Journal that Texas Rangers arrested her for intervening in an active situation after she and other parents urged police to enter the school building while the suspect was believed to be inside.

“The police were doing nothing,” she told the outlet. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

Authorities have said the shooting suspect barricaded himself inside a fourth-grade classroom before fatally shooting 21 people. An agent with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), is believed to have fatally shot the suspected gunman.

Videos posted on social media from the day of the shooting show frustrated parents and onlookers begging police to enter the building.

“Go in there! Go in there!” onlookers shouted at the officers soon after the attack began, said Juan Carranza, 24, who saw the scene from outside his house, across the street from Robb Elementary School in the close-knit town of Uvalde. Carranza said the officers did not go in.

Javier Cazares, whose fourth-grade daughter, Jacklyn Cazares, was killed in the attack, said he raced to the school when he heard about the shooting, arriving while police were still gathered outside the building.

Upset that police were not moving in, he raised the idea of charging into the school with several other bystanders.

“They were unprepared,” he said of first-responders.

Minutes earlier, Carranza had watched as suspect Salvador Ramos crashed his truck into a ditch outside the school, grabbed his AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle and shot at two people outside a nearby funeral home who ran away uninjured.

There were also multiple conflicting reports regarding whether officers confronted Ramos at the school’s entrance. At first, law enforcement officials said Ramos “encountered” officers outside the school, though other reports suggested officers and suspects exchanged gunfire. Then, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) said Ramos shot at two Uvalde police officers as they arrived outside the school, behind Ramos. On Wednesday, TDPS South Texas Regional Director Victor Escalon said Ramos was “not confronted by anybody” and that no armed security guards were stationed at the school’s entrance when the suspected gunman entered.


The official explanation right now is that they couldn’t kill the shooter because the door to the room he was in was locked. They needed a key for the lock. They had to wait for the janitor.

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of cops opening locked doors before.

Of course, this is an obvious lie besides, because they didn’t even go in the school at all until after shooting had stopped. So it wasn’t a matter of the door being locked.

The cops are blaming a teacher at time of writing.

The pigs were literally jogging around the school to hold a perimeter to keep parents from going in to try to save their kids.

I guess that’s one Border Patrol agent and one local cop. Those two look like some kind of spooks, frankly – but hey, who knows, right? Maybe everything they are saying right now is true. The story keeps changing and they keep admitting that they were lying, but maybe right now we caught them at a time when they are telling the truth?

As far as the theory that they are cowards – there were 40 cops outside the school, and the feds were in charge. The feds could have just told the local cops to go in. Even if everyone there was a coward, someone had the authority to force someone else to go in.

Speaking of authority – the feds are now claiming that the local cops stopped them from entering the school.

According to the sources of the New York Times:

When specially equipped federal immigration agents arrived at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, the local police at the scene would not allow them to go after the gunman who had opened fire on students inside the school, according to two officials briefed on the situation.

The agents from Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrived at some point between 12 and 12:10 p.m., according to the officials — far earlier than previously known. But they did not breach the adjoining classrooms of the school where the gunman had locked himself in until a little before 1 p.m. Members of the federal tactical team killed the gunman.

The officials said that members of the Uvalde Police Department kept the federal agents from going in sooner.

The new details deepened questions about the tactics used to respond to the shooting and the length of time it took officers on the scene to end the carnage.

The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety was expected to hold a news conference about the shooting and the police response Friday.

The federal agents reported that they arrived to a scene of chaos — people pulling children out of windows while the local police, carrying only handguns and a few rifles, were trying to secure a perimeter, according to one official, who like the other spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The Border Patrol and ICE agents did not understand why they were left to wait, according to the official. Eventually, the specialized Border Patrol team went into the building.

Don’t federal agents have rank in a situation like this?

Even if they didn’t have rank, it seems like if you were anything other than a total piece of shit, you would just go in the school and stop the little kids from getting shot – right?

And there really isn’t much risk here anyway, frankly – if you’re a cop with a crew going in to face one untrained insane teenager, you can take him out, bing, bang, bong.

It just doesn’t seem like cowardice and/or incompetence explain this. They could have just let the Mexicans in.

What is appears is that they wanted as many dead as possible. It also appears that they sent multiple law enforcement agencies so that they could all blame each other.

Officially at time of writing (though it might have changed since I started typing this sentence!), the excuse is that the police chief changed the status of the situation from “active shooter” to “barricaded suspect.” That meant that they just establish a perimeter and run around in circles.

Also interesting – he was in a group chat with you know, whoever, talking about doing a shooting.

New York Post:

He then engaged in an Instagram group chat Feb. 28, 2022 about him being a school shooter. On March 1, he discussed buying a gun. On March 3, another four-person chat he was asked if he bought a gun.

“Just bought something rn,” Ramos said, according to [Col. Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety].

On March 14, he made the chilling message “10 more days.” A user replied “are you gonna shoot up the school or something?”

“No, stop asking dumb questions” and “you’ll see,” he replied, according to authorities.

So… wonder who else was in the chat?

Well, we now know about someone who was in another chat.

No one could have predicted anything like this.

Oh well, sure – that Anglin fellow predicted it. But that doesn’t count because he predicts everything, and no one is allowed to listen to him because he’s pure evil because of those jokes he made about fat people and the Jews.

The Buffalo News:

Law enforcement officers are investigating whether a retired federal agent had about 30 minutes advance notice of a white supremacist’s plans to murder Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, two law enforcement officials told The Buffalo News.

Authorities believe the former agent – believed to be from Texas – was one of at least six individuals who regularly communicated with accused gunman Payton Gendron in an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed, the two officials said.

The two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation stated these individuals were invited by Gendron to read about his mass shooting plans and the target location about 30 minutes before Gendron killed 10 people at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue on May 14.

The News could not determine if the retired agent accepted the invitation.

“These were like-minded people who used this chat group to talk about their shared interests in racial hatred, replacement theory and hatred of anyone who is Jewish, a person of color or not of European ancestry,” said one of the two law enforcement officials with close knowledge of the investigation. “What is especially upsetting is that these six people received advanced notice of the Buffalo shooting, about 30 minutes before it happened.

“The FBI has verified that none of these people called law enforcement to warn them about the shooting. The FBI database shows no advance tips from anyone that this shooting was about to happen.”

Agents from the FBI are in the process of tracking down and interviewing the six people, including the retired agent, and attempting to determine if any of them should be charged as accomplices, the two sources with close knowledge of the probe told The Buffalo News.

The two sources did not identify the agent by name and could not confirm what federal agency he worked for.

The Buffalo FBI Office declined to comment on the investigation. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo declined through a spokeswoman to comment.

Attorney Terrence M. Connors, who is representing several families who lost loved ones in the shooting, said: “As outrageous as this may sound, based upon what we are finding in our investigation, it is not surprising.” He declined to reveal the evidence his law firm has collected.


The New York Times reported May 17 that Gendron invited a small group of people into a private chat room on the messaging platform Discord to review his plan about 30 minutes before the massacre at Tops. The Washington Post reported two days later that 15 people accepted Gendron’s invitation into the Discord chat room and were able to review his plan and watch his live stream video as he committed the killings.

Federal authorities are investigating if the retired agent provided information to Gendron before he went on his shooting spree, the two law enforcement officials told The News.

In addition to law enforcement sources, two other individuals with knowledge of the mass shooting investigation have also confirmed that federal authorities are looking into the former agent’s relationship to the shooter.

The Sandman

FBI agents are also trying to determine the identity of an individual Gendron calls “Sandman,” and “Saint Sandman” in his lengthy social media diary that appeared on Discord 30 minutes before the attack, the sources said.

In the diary, Gendron indicates Sandman counseled him on manufacturers of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and their quality. The shooter purchased and allegedly used that type of assault rifle in the rampage, which local authorities have said was fueled by his racial hatred.

In the document Gendron posted on Discord just prior to the shooting, he references Sandman three times.

In a passage dated May 2, he quoted Saint Sandman as saying: “When the time finally comes to deal decisively with a whole host of society’s problems, and not go to prison for it, you’ll know. Just be ready. You have spent your entire life, from the day you were born, right up to this very moment, reading this sentence, coming to where you are right now. Look around you. Are you content with where you are right now? Are you where you want to be? If so, continue to march. If not, what are you going to do? What’s your plan? Get and keep your mind, body, and spirit right. Pray. Lift. Run. Read. Shoot. And teach your kids to do those things.”

A third law enforcement source told The News they are aware of Gendron’s writings involving the quality of different rifles. The shooter ended up using a Bushmaster X-15, a version of the AR-15 rifle, police have reported.

Of course the feds are the Sandman – which frankly sounds like some kind of MK Ultra trigger word.

Maybe it’s not this same “retired” federal agent. But who else is going to groom a mass shooter, other than the feds? No one with the level of intelligence needed to groom a mentally ill teenager into becoming a mass murderer thinks that a mass shooting is a good idea for… white supremacy, or whatever it is they’re saying.

But the feds aren’t going to admit that to you, just like they’re not going to admit that in Uvalde, they refused to enter the building so as many people as possible would die. They never admit anything, and they never catch themselves.

I will say – I’m surprised that the local news was able to print this information. It’s of course not making it to the national news, despite the fact that a lot of people would probably be interested in a federal agent grooming a “racist” mass shooter.

The left should be very interested in this, in theory, as they are constantly alledging that the government is run by a racist conspiracy. But there is no piece in the WaPo from Taylor Lorenz about the federal agent grooming the neo-Nazi shooter!

Taylor – what’s going on, big guy???

She’s got bigger problems to worry about – like the fact that all of the fat off her face is about to slide right off her chin.

I wondered what Taylor meant when she said “I’m the ice cream man, but I ain’t got no fuckin’ ice cream.” I thought she was talking about selling crack, but she was talking about her face melting off. It also turned out she actually did have ice cream.

This bitch is brilliant – she literally changed her age to make herself six years older to explain why she looks so rekt.

This bitch is also involved in a serious scandal where she’s trying to cause global warming.

Besides the fact that putting your heat at 90 degrees is insane and will change the warming… climate change atmosphere or whatever (how dare you?), Lorenz is also a huge supporter of the war against Russia, which is causing the heat to go out in Europe. The bitch actually went so far as to complain that TikTok allowing people to make longer videos would make it harder to censor videos from the Ukraine that she doesn’t want people to watch (like the ones where the Ukrainians are committing war crimes, for example).

So it’s really a nasty thing, saying “go forth and fight, Europe!” and then mocking the fact that their heating bills have gone up by 500%.

I’m not trying to flip the script and make this all about Taylor Lorenz, I’m just making a point here: this bitch is obsessed with hunting racists.

Remember that time she announced that she was stalking Marc Andreessen by sneaking into private chats to try to catch him saying naughty words? She caught him talking about the reddit “Retard Revolution” – in a private chat, he was supposed to refer to it as the “R-slur Revolution.”

Before she decided this, no one even knew you weren’t allowed to say “retard.”

So this is a hardcore bitch who finds political incorrectness under every rock.

But no – she’s not interested in a federal agent grooming a neo-Nazi mass shooter.

That will just stay on the local Buffalo news.

Frankly, it looks like the second mass shooting is serving to prevent the first mass shooting’s narrative from unraveling.

And all of it is to distract from how hard the Ukraine is winning.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Mass Shootings, Police 
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  1. Notsofast says:

    while the cops did nothing, the kids trapped in the room with the shooter were calling 911 on a dead teachers cell phone. it seems they are not only conditioning the shooters, they are conditioning the public to accept any outrageous bullshit excuse they come up with and unfortunately it seems to be working on both accounts.

    “they were unprepared”….very strange considering they had an active shooter drill just two months before.

  2. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The cops and feds all like fancy combat gear and guns, dressing up to look like major commandos. Hair and beards groomed to look like warriors. All swagger and behind it all just some bullies out of their depth. With camera phones everywhere it’s getting harder to just flat out lie about things or about timelines. Right now it appears that the agent who actually did something went off on his own to do so. Maybe they should hire some Russians for this sort of thing. They’d certainly be cheaper by far than these employees with their absurd pensions and stupid tough guy costumes.

  3. The FBI/govt. allows these incidents, and encourages these incidents, to try to justify gun confiscation.

    This is simply one aspect of the anti-white agenda.

  4. Not you says:

    As I humorously pointed-out in another column, just close the doors of the .gov-run schools and shut them down since these events always seem to occur in .gov’s schools. We don’t ever hear about these problems in private schools. And why is it that the inalienable rights of law-abiding gun owners must always take a back-seat to the artificial construct of the States public-school system and those in their employ? Why is no one standing up and saying shut the schools down instead of violating peaceful, law-abiding people? Why do the guns have to go instead of the schools? The fact that this question is not raised as a solution to these events should be a tip-off that the premise that it’s for the children is pure bullshit. It really is that simple. Call people out on it every time the opportunity presents itself.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Former Fox News Neocon shill Judge Napolitona describes the Feds as heroes and the local police as incompetents. “The local police kept the Feds from entering the building… The [Feds] weren’t afraid… Let’s face it, all of this ended when border patrol sharp-shooters arrived… Eighty of them courageously ran to the school to go inside and kill the killer. What did these incompetent local cops do? Stop them from going in.”

    The Feds and their shills are throwing the States under the bus. Yet both are grossly incompetent, only the Feds are incompetent on an national and international scale. Incompetent and evil.

    And this:

    The agents from Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrived at some point between 12 and 12:10 p.m., according to the officials — far earlier than previously known. But they did not breach the adjoining classrooms of the school where the gunman had locked himself in until a little before 1 p.m.

    So much for Neocon Napolitano’s narrative about heroic Feds.

    One armed civilian could have stopped Ramos in his tracks; armed parents could have stormed the classroom. But in this “Let the gubmit handle it” culture, not only does the government stand around while a classroom full of kids is being slaughtered, but they apparently encourage nutcases like Ramos to do shootings. And then Neocons congratulate the government.

    “What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?… The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” –Thomas Jefferson

    We are now surrounded by tyrants. They’re called “liberals” and “neocons.” The original American liberal, an authentic liberal by the name of Thomas Jefferson, would have led a rebellion against this contemporary tyranny long ago.

    But Oy! Oy! He was a rayciss! F* you, Shlomo. Get your kike ass back in the ghetto where you belong.

    • Replies: @Dnought
    , @Realist
    , @follyofwar
  6. Anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Cops are trained to despise regular Americans.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Troll: Corvinus
  7. Dnought says:
    @Chris Moore

    Napolitano may be a lot of things, but he definitely isn’t a neoconservative.

    • Agree: Carroll price
    • Replies: @Bill
  8. FBI = Federal Bureau of Instigation

  9. The local police were cowards, pure and simple. No agenda to maximize death toll of kids was even remotely in play, no way. Pure cowardice, plain and simple.

    Also, the local police may claim they stopped the parents from rushing the shooter to protect the parents from their own folly and making the situation worse, but one cannot but consider the fact that if a parent rushed the shooter and disarmed him, or better yet, had concealed carry permits and shot the little sonofabitch dead on the spot, the cops would have really looked like complete pieces of cowardly, incompetent shit. Which they were.

    I distinctly recall an incident at a small church in Texas a few years ago where the shooter opened fire with a 12 gauge shotgun, killing/wounding a few church-goers before a brave gentleman carrying a handgun quickly put a round through the shooter’s head, instantly dropping him and ending the slaughter before it could really take off.

    I wish to God someone had done that here before all those kids (and the two teachers) were methodically shot in cold blood. Of course, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride…….

  10. Fred777 says:

    “How many cops does it take to take down an active shooter? Don’t know, they all went to change the lightbulb.”

  11. @anonymous

    Low IQ thugs LARPing. Looking tough for the camera.

    “Active Shooter for School-Based Law Enforcement” only 9 weeks earlier in the same location, Robb Elementary School.

    In the immortal words of Wendy O. Williams, “A pig is a pig, and that’s that.”

  12. Karl1906 says:

    Problem is not the increase in shootings per se, it’s the insidious method by politics and media to use them for political leverage. And it’s not only the Democrats doing it. Though they’re currently establishment’s favourite to split and balkanise the population. So they and their tools are doing it the most. To drive their racist anti-white ideology forward. Because that’s where this always ends these days.

    The shtick works like this:

    – white shooter, white victims -> 2nd amendment must go

    – white shooter, black victims -> white suppremacy, white racism, 2nd amendment must go

    – black shooter, white victims -> zip from politics, media stops reporting very quickly, done, maybe Whoopi does a whoopie

    – black shooter, black victims -> zip from politics, media doesn’t report, gone, maybe some serious race baters blame it on “whitee” (think The Reverend or similar very obsolete, very rich and very rabid racists such as Spike Lee)

    Asian and Latino depends. They’re either “victims of white racism” or turned “white” if they’re the shooters. But if the shooter is black and they’re the victims the media drops reporting about it very quickly in most cases.

    It’s also very obvious that the Democrats and the US establishment hate Asians even more than they hate white people. Because Asians cannot be turned into “plantation people” – they (mostly) want to integrate, remain independent and not become slaves of the welfare state. AND they think rather along the lines of merit and capitalism. In short: They want to work and be a part of society. And not just cattle and guinea pigs for the elites (though they take the vaxx poison rather without issues).

    Latinos mostly confuse the left and rabid establishment because while they’re (often) brown people, they’re mostly not plantation people either. And they trend rather conservative in their world view and want to integrate into society and work for a living. And have children.

    Middle Eastern people are considered “brown people” by media and establishment. Yet they’re also instrumentalised along the lines of Asian and Latino – either “victims of white racism” or “white”. And, yet, the more radical muslims are considered very useful tools and imported as much as possible. As this increases the split and balkanisation of society. While christians, moderates and conservatives from the Middle East are basically as unwanted as white people.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @James Scott
  13. To prevent the LEM (Law Enforcement Moron) who tased the parent attempting to save their child’s life from ever doing agaIn, I suggest bis hands be hacked off with a rusty aluminum can cover and the bones hacked off with a hammer and a cold chisel. Oh, and give him a bullet to bite on to ease his pain.

  14. Was Hitler ever gay?

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  15. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Not you

    I knew a parent who would physically “discipline” their kid for going outside in the rain “for his own good,” because he might get hit by lightning, you see.

    At the airport we all need six layers of security theatre.

    You can shut down a whole city with a few lite-brites; a college-freshman-tier prank.

    Parents who are allegedly this risk-averse don’t check if the local school takes basic anti-shooter precautions. Don’t even need the security theatre for schools.
    Even a grug-brain who can’t get more sophisticated than the knee-jerk would keep their kid home for the rest of the week after every shooting. If they were serious about risk.

    Note that roughly 7% of teachers are found to be pedophiles. As in predators of the prepubescent, not hot for teacher incidents. About the same percentage as Catholic priests, except teachers keep getting paid and don’t suffer any national news campaigns.
    There’s this big outcry about grooming in schools recently. Result: over 95% of students are still sent into the Prussian system.
    “Well, my kid has roughly a 60% chance of being sexually abused at school sooner or later, but Education is Important.” *(Homeschooled kids get into college at higher rates.)

    This is why I have concluded that Americans like being oppressed.

    Then of course there’s voting. Did you know a majority of Bantu-Americans support voter ID? Not to mention practically every country in the world requires it, including third-world banana republics. Security lol.

    Meanwhile if anyone actually decides to harm America they can shut down the entire country with a few sniper rifles used to take out transformer substations. At some point there’s a cascading effect and you can depower the entire grid.

    I fail to mention other critical weaknesses only because I’m a half-assed casual observer and haven’t heard about most of them yet. The country is a very soft target.

    • Replies: @Not you
    , @René Fries
  16. So the cops provided security for the mass shooter and then went in and killed him when his job was done.

    And the Internet is flooded with Feds grooming terrorists.

    Just so you know.

  17. Forfuxake, people- to exactly whom did this appear to be anything other than a redux of the same scripted false flag operation that’s been a regular feature of life in the USSA for the last half decade? Certainly no one with an IQ above freezer temperature thought that this was the sporadic act of a lone teenager with suicide on the brain.

    Seriously, if the majority of normies didn’t IMMEDIATELY think “ohforfuxake, not ANOTHER Deep State false flag distraction!” as soon as news of this thing broke, then this country is truly unsalvageable. Nations populated in the main by gullible, pliant morons devoid of critical thinking skills do not survive as free and independent nations.

    • Agree: SteveRogers42
  18. @Notsofast

    [T]hey are conditioning the public to accept any outrageous bullshit excuse they come up with and unfortunately it seems to be working on both accounts.

    They know that we know that they are lying, but they no longer care. They are consumed with hubris, and probably justifiably so. After all, no significant number of the 331 million sheeple over whom they rule with iron fists has made any significant moves to stop them in their totalitarian course (much verbal flatulence about “fighting for freedom” from certain quarters of said sheeple notwithstanding).

    This is Charlie Brown (the American normie) once again lying flat on his back after Lucy (the American Globalist Deep State) has pulled the football away for the one hundredth time. They never fucking learn.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  19. Poppie says:

    Were the 20 innocent))))))))) oiks that were killed in Uvalde Israeli killers of Palaestinians in past lives dying by the sword because they had lived by the sword?.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
  20. Ghali says:

    America (without exception) is a dirty racist entity that breed and narture racism and violence.

    • LOL: Mike Tre
  21. Alrenous says: • Website

    Because Asians cannot be turned into “plantation people”

    Envy regime.

    Blacks envy whites because +15 IQ.
    Blacks envy asians even more because +20 IQ.

    Much of the reason behind immigration was because the machine didn’t have enough envy to make it go, so the idea is to slam some Mexicans into people they would be jealous of.

  22. Alrenous says: • Website

    They never fucking learn.

    They like it. Nietzsche was right. Victory taken to be immoral.

  23. Nice mass shooter story, to distract from the black mass shooter story, that suddenly disappeared.

    Aw crap, now we have tahwooo mass shooter story, to distract from the black mass shooter story, that suddenly disappeared.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  24. anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    they were trained in anbar and helmand, now they’re being turned against the american people. still saying the pledge of allegiance? good luck with that. the american people have become two hundred million palestinians. three hundred million you say? they’re the government employees. as far as I am concerned, there are only two hundred million americans.

    • Agree: Richebourg
  25. “As I reported earlier this week, in Uvalde, 40 cops were outside of the school for 40 minutes and refused to enter the building while the shooter was killing everyone. They were apparently waiting for the shooter to run out of bullets.”

    That’s the difference between the White cops and the brown ‘police officers’ of Uvalde.

  26. Mike Tre says:

    People don’t join law enforcement to protect people. People join law enforcement to gain access to lavish salaries, medical insurance, and pensions. Some of the more demented also seek power.

    To a cop, do you think your kid’s life is worth more than their pension? Not a chance.

    Modern policing is welfare with a gun. 90% of cops do nothing but issue speeding tickets to normies running late for work. Everyday I despise them more and more.

  27. gotmituns says:

    I’m an experienced man, veteran (grunt), good citizen and support the constitution of this nation. But it’s obvious, just by the naked eye that our police are mostly taken from that element of society who couldn’t earn a decent living in the private sector. They are mostly lazy misfits who need a badge and gun to make themselves feel somewhat superior to the general public who they despise.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  28. onebornfree says: • Website

    This was obviously just another very badly, wholly faked event( including fake victims) just like its immediate predecessor in Buffalo , and just as with Sandy Hook and Parkland before- just another fed-run psyop designed to :

    1) Distract the sheeple from the concurrent Davos meeting of the criminals, event .

    2) Ram through more anti 2nd amendment laws in preparation for the complete subjugation of the US population to the one world government of the NWO.

    “Would you believe they held an “active shooter drill” just days before this event 22 March 2022 at the Uvalde High School where the shooter is supposed to have been a student? ”

    “The usual ingredients are all there:

    No blood
    No bodies
    No wounded
    No surveillance video of the event
    Cheesy “crying” acting
    Instantly obtained photos of all the victims
    Prearranged vigils popping up within 24 hours
    A “crazy” and dead gunman
    Conflicting and changing accounts

    All fake.”

    Jim Fetzer demolishes Uvalde shooting hoax on speakfreeradio:


  29. @Bardon Kaldlan

    If he was Jewish then it’s entirely possible that he could have been gay and hated both those groups.

  30. Kali says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The FBI/govt. allows these incidents, and encourages these incidents, to try to justify gun confiscation.

    I’d say it’s more than that, that they are deliberately and cynically provoking a back-lash and widespread civil unrest.

    This is simply one aspect of the anti-white agenda.

    This is the BATE! This is the provokation to entice the disenfranchised white masses to violence, having already cultured a ‘Woke’ and a ‘POC’ Army for them to fight against. – The oldest trick in the book.

    Some will escape the aproaching civilian war, I’m sure of that. Some have the wisdom, the intelligence and the gumption to act in their own and their families best interests, and the social skills to cooperate with others to ensure that mutual needs are met.

    ‘Civilisation’ is undergoing an engineered colapse, whilst the “leader of the free world” imploads… and Ukraine, and money-fux, and the WHO… and etc.

    And we either let those responsible for the carnage “BBB” us into slavery, or we build our own communities and our own economies for ourselves. Not to mention our own jurisdiction(s)!

    With love,

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Alrenous
  31. The best positioned person to stop the shooter would have been someone already inside with a gun. Even a tiny 22 caliber purse pistol at close range can take out a person. The people that are routinely inside the schools know the physical layout better than anyone else. The people with the keys to all the doors and with the knowledge of where everything is are the teachers and support staff that live inside that building for many hours per day. They are also the ones most in harm’s way and therefore have the determination to survive, but they must have the necessary resources.

    All the adults inside a school should have the ability to be armed. They are the ones that will encounter some malcontent first. All the cops standing around outside are at a disadvantage because they don’t know what they would be getting into simply because they are unacquainted with the facility. They are also trained to be useless in such a situation due to “officer safety” issues that effectively predetermine the outcome that everyone is lamenting now.

    If you eliminate guns, knives will be used. Eliminate knives, lumber or pipes will be used. There is no way to eliminate the weapons as they are all around us. People need to be armed to defend themselves and those in their vicinity as a side effect of their own desire to remain alive. Everyone that wants to be armed should have the absolute right to do so without any permission from anyone.

  32. anarchyst says:

    Every “law enforcement” type should be required to read and understand this tome…

    Here is a guest article that deserves the light of day:

    No One Cares If You Go Home Safe At The End Of Your Shift
    Jan 02, 201812:50AM
    Category: Politics
    Posted by: Michael Z. Williamson


    Here at the house, I have a couple of decades plus of military experience. I have tools to dig in or out of natural disasters. I have extinguishers and hoses. I have a field trauma kit and bandages. I have weapons both melee and firearm. I know how to use them. I know how to trench, support and revet. I understand the fire triangle and appropriate approaches. I understand breathing, bleeding and shock. I know how to detain, restrain and control. I have done all of these at least occasionally, professionally. I’ve stood on top of a collapsing levee in a flood. I’ve fought a structure fire from inside so we could get everyone out before the fire department showed up, which only took two minutes, but people can die that fast. I’ve had structures collapse while I was working on them. I’ve been in an aircraft that had a “mechanical” on approach and had to be repaired in-flight before landing. I’ve helped control a brush fire. I’ve hauled disabled vehicles out of ditches in sub-zero weather.

    My ex wife has over a decade of service and some of the same training.

    We have trained our young adult children.

    My wife is a rancher who knows her way around a shotgun, livestock, sutures and tools, hurricanes and floods, and works in investigations professionally.

    Our current house guest is another veteran.

    This means if anything happens at the house, and last year we had a lightning strike, a tornado and a flood within 10 days’ we’re pretty well prepared.

    Now, we’re probably better off than 95% of the households out there. The level of disaster that necessitates backup varies.

    If we find it necessary to call 911, it means the party is in progress and it’s bad.

    You will probably not be going home safe at the end of your shift.

    And you know what? If it gets to that point, I really don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit if you get smoked. I don’t give a shit if you fall under a tree. I don’t give a shit if you get shot at.

    Because at that point, I’ve done everything I can with that same circumstance, and run out of resources.

    If my concern was “you going home safe,” then I’d just fucking hunker down and die. Because I wouldn’t want that poor responder to endanger himself.

    Except, that’s what I pay taxes for, and that’s what you signed up for. Just like I signed up to walk into a potential nuke war in Germany and hold off the Soviets, and did walk into the Middle East and prepare to take fire while keeping expensive equipment functioning so our shooters could keep shooting.

    There’s not a single set of orders I got that said my primary job was to “Come home safe.” They said it was to “support the mission” or “complete the objective.” Coming home safe was the ideal outcome, but entirely secondary to “supporting” or “completing.” Nor, once that started, did I get a choice to quit. Once in, all in.

    When that 80 year old lady smells smoke or hears a noise outside her first floor bedroom in the ghetto, she doesn’t care if you go home safe, either. She’s afraid she or the kids next door won’t wake up in the morning.

    If I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. I expect you to wade in with me or in place of me, and drag a child out of a hole, or out from a burning room, or actually stand up and block bullets from hitting said child, because by the time you get there, I’ll have already done all that. And there will be field dressings, chainsawed trees, buckets and empty brass scattered about.

    I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don’t want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on , may have reached toward his waist band. Or that “the tree might fall any moment” or that “the smoke makes it hard to see.”

    Near as I can tell, I don’t hear the smokejumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things.

    But it’s all I ever hear from the cops. If you and your five girlfriends in body armor, with rifles, are that terrified of actually risking your life for the theoretically dangerous job you volunteered for and can quit any time, then please do quit.

    You can get a job doing pest control and go home safe every night.

    Until a bunch of fucking pussies with big tattoos, small dicks, body armor and guns blow you away for minding your own business.

    Because what you’re telling me with that statement is, your only concern is cashing a check. That’s fine. But if that’s your concern, don’t pretend you’re serving the public. If you wanted to help people at risk of life, you would be a firefighter, running into buildings, dragging people out, getting scorched regularly.

    If you’re cool with writing tickets, then there’s jobs where you can do just that.

    If you want to tangle with bad guys and blow them away, fair enough. But understand: That means they get to shoot first to prove their intent, just as happens with the military these days. Our ROE these days are usually “only if fired upon and no civilians are at risk.”

    If your plan is “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then if anyone is still alive try to ask questions,” and bleat, “But I was afeard fer mah lahf!” you’re absolutely no better than the thugs you claim to oppose. All you are is another combatant in a turf war I don’t care about.

    Since I know your primary concern is “being safe,” then I’ll do you the favor of not calling. Cash your welfare check, and try not to shoot me at a “courtesy” sobriety checkpoint for “twitching my eye “in a way that suggested range estimation.

    If you’re one of the vanishingly few cops who isn’t like that, then what the hell are you doing about it? If there’s going to be a lawsuit costing the city millions, isn’t it better that it be a labor suit from the union over the clown you fired, than a wrongful death suit over the poor bastard the clown shot? Both are expensive, but one has a dead victim you enabled. So how much do you actually care about that life?

    How is the training so bad that it’s not clear who is the scene commander who gives the orders?

    How is it that trigger happy bozos who, out of costume, look no different from the gangbangers you claim to oppose, get sent up front to fulfill their wish of hosing someone down because “I was afraid for my life!”?

    Why does the rot exist in your department?

    If you can’t do anything about it, why are you still in that department?

    At some point, collective guilt is a thing.

    You’ve probably not been a good cop for a long time.

    And I still don’t care if you go home safe. I care that everyone you purport to “serve and protect” goes home safe.

    • Thanks: follyofwar, Mike Tre
    • Replies: @vinteuil
  33. @Robert Dolan

    Why go to all this trouble and subterfuge? Why not just confiscate the guns?

    Same dumb arguments about 9/11 and Covid.

    • Replies: @Freedomstillisntfree
  34. Rooster15 says:

    No doubt many of the officers were “ex military” as well; does that really mean anything anymore? Unless you’ve been tested in direct combat, it’s really nothing more than glorified role-play. The neck-beards with bulletproof vests setup a perimeter to keep parents from taking down the shooter, with the excuse that the parents might become victims as well. Who gives them the right to tell a parent not to put themselves in harms way to save their child? The police got what they wanted, a nice clean crime scene, where it was easy to determine there was only one shooter and forensically pick through the corpses of children to determine they died of gunshot wounds. Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important thing – their pensions are nice and safe as well.

  35. Realist says:

    Every government and its enforcers in this country…are enemies of the civilians.

  36. Southie says:

    Last year the cops were called racists this year the cops are called cowards. Chiefs of police will fire a cop that post a joke about criminals they will not fire cowards who do nothing but do it well

  37. Realist says:
    @Chris Moore

    When Napolitano wrote an article some years ago on this blog saying that the SCOTUS was not political…I knew he was shit for brains.

    • Thanks: Realist
    • Replies: @usNthem
  38. Yes, if this is the police with funding, how bad can it get without? In absence of the police, parents would have wrapped this up in a few minutes.

    The US is a matter if a year or two from vigilante death squads asserting some form of order where public officials refuse to tread.

  39. We can’t necessarily assume that all Feds are on the same team. Are the Border Patrol on the list of Joe Biden nice list or the naughty list? My understanding is that the CBP is the red-headed stepchild because it’s evil to police our border.

  40. I remember when SNL did a sketch celebrating the fact that Dr. Ruth was now allowed to say “penis” on TV. It was a nudist colony sketch in which “penis” was in every line of dialog and the cast ended by singing “The Penis Song.” Now every month way have a word we CAN’T say. I’m going to celebrate by singing The Penis Song, replacing the word penis with Retard.

  41. @Chris Moore

    I have no idea any kind of conspiracy was involved. But what is obvious is that the democrats, led by the incompetent Biden Regime, are milking these killings for all they’ve got. The pro-2A republicans are now saying me-too regarding more gun restrictions or hiding under rocks. How many, I wonder, backed out of going to the NRA convention in Houston? Were any scheduled entertainers even left to perform?

    I’ve said all along that the republicans were making a huge mistake in crowing that they’ll sweep November’s elections. The democrats don’t take defeat lying down. They’ll ride this gun issue and the repeal of RvW (the majority want to keep it) for all they’ve got. Other issues, like the return of Corona, which they’ll blame on republicans for opposing lockdowns, will surface in the long, hot summer. By voting with the Biden Regime to keep his war going no matter the cost, even if it leads to nuclear war, the GOP has abandoned the American people. Of course, that’s nothing new.

  42. whataliar says:

    QUESTION….the buffalo shooter is said to have shared his plans 30 minutes before it happened. yet he also is said to have driven 3 hours to buffalo. when, in the timeline, did he send out his plans? on the road? did he sit in his car for 30 minutes in buffalo? neither scenario really makes sense.

  43. gotmituns says:

    All my racist friends are clean, decent, charitable, loving, tasteful people.

  44. MLK says:

    The place to begin isn’t by identifying purported similarities to the Buffalo shooting, even though Buffalo’s location raises the issues I will discuss forthwith.

    It is by looking at a map. As the Mexican cartels have been given free reign by the illegitimate Biden administration the border has been effectively erased. Uvalde is about an hour and a half inside the US. If this atrocity had occurred on the Mexican side of the border I doubt everyone would conspire to avoid mentioning the cartels.

    Uvalde is something like 90% Hispanic, and apparently has a large presence of CPB and other federal agents resident along with their families.

    Start with that context first and foremost when considering any of the inexplicable actions that have come over the transom. Nor do you have to assume that official inaction was of the “silver or lead” variety directly.

    Simplify. Regardless of how assiduously everyone ignores it, the message here is that the cartels are in control well into the interior of the US, and that they will demonstrate their power if their dark economy operations are challenged or disrupted.

    That how this incident played out —with authorities present — local, state and federal, subject to what was an information operation before and during the attack. Unless I miss my mark, there were clear warnings to the remaining feds committed to defending the Southern border to stand down lest they get taught a lesson up close and personal. Though I’m equally sure the media won’t be reporting on those warnings or warning signs.

    Perhaps the best historical analogue in terms contested borders and broader issues in play is to the Beslan School Siege in 2004. Take a look at a map and remember the broader context.

    We would all like to think that there was some version of this that through different official or even parental actions of those present averted or at least greatly mitigated the losses. If the above is anything close to correct that wasn’t the case.

    • Replies: @MLK
  45. I hear people saying that the cops “were standing around and doing nothing” while the kids were being shot.

    Not true. They were standing around and thinking about their sweet pensions.

  46. Another good article from Anglin.

  47. @Karl1906

    Latino’s come from Italy. Mestizo’s you are confusing with Latino’s are almost as worthless and violent as blacks. Your claims they want to work and assimilate means you either are never around them and ignorant or a liar.

    • Troll: Karl1906
    • Replies: @Karl1906
  48. MGB says:
    @Mike Tre

    “Make it home safely.” Sure sounds like the motto of heroes.

    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @Wielgus
  49. An additional elephant in the room was that this town looked damn near 100% hispanic.

    Latin American authorities are a conundrum. You could easily mistake the cops regularly extorting people as boldness, but as soon as their opponent starts shooting back, they shrink back to being cowards.

    That explains why criminal gangs run the entire South American continent.

    I heard from the boomer grapevine that even many years ago mexican building code inspectors around south Texas had a pattern of finding many ‘violations’ on ritzy estates and pegged the owners with some pretty heavy fines. The problem is nobody who is civilized wants to always front as a wild-eyed potential mass shooter psycho just so the hispanics don’t bother you with things like that.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  50. MLK says:

    A word to the wise, rather than give way to bias confirmation, which is really just being led around by the nose, speculate upon the following:

    What were the cartel connections of Ramos and his family?

    Why did his mother say “he had his reasons?” Ignore all the shiny objects like his sexuality.

    Saliently, his grandmother was shot but no fatally. Yes, I intentionally didn’t assume in that question that he was the one who shot his grandmother.

    Reverse engineer the role that Ramos played congruent with what we know of him and can reasonably adduce. He doesn’t at all fit the profile for an atrocity like this. Nor even for the purchase of the firearms upon his eighteen birthday. Where did he get the money and wouldn’t his type if he acquired the funds no strings attached spend half of it on his beloved grandparents and the rest on dresses and makeup?

    If you cut through the noise, it strikes me that he was targeted and directed for a particular role here. It makes the most sense that his grandmother was shot and his was told if he didn’t want her and other members of his family to die he was to carry out the incident as it played out outside the school. Crash his car, fire a few shots at people in the direction of the funeral home, not hitting anyone, and then per the prearrangement instructions enter the school through the door that had been left open for him.

    That may well have been when his part in this came to a quick end. There isn’t anything about Ramos that suggests he was capable of killing fourth graders, let alone encase, even under the threat of death to his loved ones.

  51. Bill says:

    Yes. He is vastly less enthusiastic about war than the neocons are.

  52. usNthem says:

    I seem to remember, pre-Trump, he was a reasonably level headed, fairly conservative guest commentator on fox. After Trump was elected, his true colors came out and he went off the deep end. Have paid zero attention to anything he has to say since.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Irish Savant
  53. usNthem says:

    All things being equal, I’d prefer to see cops coming home safely in one piece at the end of a shift. But if they don’t, well that’s the potential risk they take in the job they’ve chosen – not just collecting a paycheck and hassling generally law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to mostly be where we are these days.

  54. Wielgus says:

    I am wondering whether it is not just good old-fashioned cowardice. “I’m not going in there – he has an assault rifle or something.”

  55. Anastasia says:

    The cop tazering everyone to keep them out of the school was probably officer Ruiz. He led the investigation by police outside while his wife teacher Mireless getting shot inside. He didn’t go into school to save his own wife who is now allegedly dead. Yet Ruiz led the investigation outside and conducted all the active shooter drills for the Uvalde school district. Look on Uvalde high schools website for his photo and description of who he is and what he does for the school districts He didn’t bother saving his own wife. Maybe for him it was a cheap divorce

  56. Wielgus says:

    Yes. Not exactly “Death before dishonour” or “Come home with your shield or on it.”

  57. Anastasia says:

    The grandfather in his interview didn’t know the age of his grandson. Said he was 16 years old. Yet they just celebrated his birthday at Applebee’s the week before

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Alden
  58. The Uvaldes shooting was a staged event, no one died, crisis actors were used, it was a poorly staged event, they did not have any ambulances, no triage , no videos from the schools security cameras, and they had the standard AR-15, which is used in all the staged school shootings, just like Sandy Hook which was a staged event in which no one died, the deep state needs a new playbook, this one is played out.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
    , @Cuffy
  59. Wokechoke says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Hard to disagree with such a chain of thought. No parent got to do the natural thing.

  60. @Rooster15

    No doubt many of the officers were “ex military” as well; does that really mean anything anymore? Unless you’ve been tested in direct combat, it’s really nothing more than glorified role-play.

    The military has never been able to make brave men through training. Years of training can’t replace genes for courage and like everything else those genes are not distributed to suit egalitarians.

    That is a dirty secret that has been kept from the public.

    They figure out who the warriors are and then stick regulars behind them.

    There is an interesting paper somewhere on the internet where a commander talks about trading warriors with other officers to make sure every squad has least one or two killers.

  61. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    We Serve and Protect Our Pensions.

  62. If someone leaks the names of all the police officers who were waiting out while the kids were massacred, it will lead to them quitting and moving out.

    • Agree: TKK
  63. @Carthage Underground

    An additional elephant in the room was that this town looked damn near 100% hispanic.

    It is. This isn’t far from the border.

    Latin American authorities are a conundrum. You could easily mistake the cops regularly extorting people as boldness, but as soon as their opponent starts shooting back, they shrink back to being cowards.

    This is a problem that just doesn’t go away.

    Load them up with military hardware and they eventually go back to taking bribes to avoid getting shot.

    • Replies: @republic
  64. @RoatanBill

    If you assume that these mass shootings are real, then yes, of course you have made a good point.

    But if you bother to look into them and apply some commom sense, you will find that these ridiculous mass shootings are all hoaxes perpetrated by the criminal USG to promote gun control. End of story.

    “Yes, I said the shootings in Texas and Buffalo are faked. I will make this easy on you: THEY ALL ARE! How many of these do I have to uncover before you see the pattern? I have done extensive and in-depth research on literally hundreds of them, going back centuries. I have never found a major promoted event like this that was real. EVER. Your tax-funded Intel agencies like CIA, FBI, ICE, FEMA, ATF, and the military literally have nothing better to do than to run these terror events against you.

    You are paying the salaries of all these people to fuck with you 24/7. They aren’t fighting foreign terrorism or terrorists, since none exist. They are creating domestic terrorism to justify their multitrillion-dollar budgets and create destabilization. If you are afraid and confused by a constant line of fake events, you can’t find the footing to resist them in any meaningful way. Eventually you just give up and go along with it. You take your pills, watch your TV, produce your widgets or shuffle your papers, and dutifully give all your money and time and loyalty to people who are already filthy rich from robbing your parents and grandparents.

    They trick you into allying with one pack of these criminals, and after that you put signs in your yard for them and bumperstickers on your car. With enough disorienting drugs and a big enough stream of utter lies, they can trick you into anything, including killing yourself and your family with one of their fake vaccines, on cue from them. This is precisely what they have done, and you had better wrap your head around it as soon as possible.

    If you took the vaccine, you failed the biggest test of your life. But you may survive it anyway. If you do, you had better brace for the next test, since it is coming up soon. I will give you a hint: you won’t pass it by taking a drug, doing what you are told, believing the government, believing anyone on TV, believing anyone famous and promoted, or going along to get along. You won’t pass it by switching sexes, hiding at home, keeping quiet, investing in crypto, or attacking your family or neighbors. You won’t pass it by joining a gender war or a race war. You won’t pass it by waiting around for the governors or rich people to save you. You will pass it mainly by focusing and by refusing to be diverted.”

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  65. Schools are obvious soft targets… I recall the Parkland Florida Leo hid behind a car or something. He wouldn’t go in… heck! there’s a gunman in there! He’s alive and collecting his pension, which it appears is all the Uvalde cops were interested in as well.

  66. I am forced to conclude you really don’t like Taylor Lorenz.

    • LOL: TKK
  67. @Notsofast

    I posted very thorough tactical discussions of how this rescue could have been effected…Notice the no debriefing, review in specific terms is put forth ANYWHERE. Just “We should have gone in”.

    The poo lice have learned nothing and are too stupid to edify and refine. You are on your own, citizens.

    Just do a search in comments

  68. Not you says:

    “The country is a very soft target.”

    I can’t argue with you here.

    Anon here alludes to an answer; a real answer: “You goobers need to stop fondling those guns and posing for internet photos with them, and learn to assert your self-determination. If you know what you’re doing you’ll go over your government’s head to the world, and make your case, and you better know what you’re talking about.”

    If you read closely what he’s saying is very nuanced and that’s all I’ll say.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  69. TKK says:

    Slowly…slowly….America slips into rot as the Affirmative Action Hires dominate.

    Every single one of those “cops” were Mexican. Fat, slovenly useless eaters. Their kids were not in danger…who cares? Just like the black clerks infested in all levels of the government- they want their check… “I WANT MINES!!!. and excellence and duty are laughable concepts. Mexicans are simply the other side of the coin of blacks.

    Our clever white systems have held it off for a time, but all the AA chickens are coming home to roost. Now let that happen at Sidwell Friends and we might have something interesting to behold.

  70. The evidence of the retired federal agent’s involvement in recruiting Buffalo shooter doesn’t surprise me; shooter probably just jumped the gun. It was all supposed to end with him being arrested as soon as he’d clearly incriminated himself, dude gets his \$100,000 finders fee (sort of a retirement bonus), and everyone lives happily ever after.

    As to Texas massacre, thank God the shooter was Hispanic. I suspect the cops were allowing each other to reinforce each individual’s fears: ‘actually, I don’t want to go into that building, do I.’ Ironically, one or two or five would have been more likely to do the right thing, man up, check to make sure the pistol’s loaded, and go through that door, trembling in their boots or no. A larger group, and they could all assure each other,‘we’ve got to follow procedure, and wait for [somebody else] to go through that door.’

    Be that as it may. In light of this outcome, a commission or something needs to meet and recommend revisions to ‘procedure.’ Do not wind up waiting until shooter has shot all the available targets. That can’t be the ‘procedure.’

  71. @Ralph B. Seymour

    I can’t look into any of these events since I’m not there in person. The best I can do is take other people’s word for what they deem to be true. I don’t necessarily trust anyone to speak the truth, so I run stories through my bullshit filter but I’m never certain about many incidents.

    What I do know is that the 9/11 story is a flat out lie by using publicly available photographic evidence to draw my conclusion. I suspect Sandy Hook was a lie, again using recorded video evidence and some corroborating investigative evidence to form that opinion. The Miami and Las Vegas shootings either disappeared too quickly or I wasn’t paying attention enough to form an opinion.

    The Buffalo and Uvalde shootings are still too fresh to draw a conclusion. At present, I think the victims are real. The question that needs answering is were the shooters coached / enticed into these acts. I find it too implausible to entertain the notion that these are hollywood type manufactured theater.

    Since my wife and I never partook of the vax and would resist any forced injections with lethal pushback, we can be counted among the disbelievers of any official narrative.

  72. @Incisive One

    Note that the TX shooting also happened on a fairly relevant primary voting day in 5 states. Since many are now wise to the typical election cheating tactics, they have to create major distraction.

    After the TX massacre, it would have been crass for anyone in politics/media to bring up the laughable results spread between GA Gov Kemp and his challenger, former Senator Purdue. About 50 points – hilarious. Although some did mumble that GA SoS, Raffensburger, winning his primary was unlikely. Not sure what hinky things happened in other states elections.

    You can expect major distraction events around the Nov ’22 elections.

    • Thanks: Incisive One
  73. @Desert Fox

    Where are the photos of a bloody crime scene and dead bodies? Even if the Daily Mail wouldn’t publish them, American Free Press would.

    It will be interesting to see how this fraud is handled going forward. Will the “dead people” be buried——– or relocated.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  74. @TKK

    The police pension is the ultimate control mechanism.

  75. @Not you

    Could you please provide what comment number you are referring to?

    I have no idea where it is or which Anon you mean. Thanks…

    • Replies: @Not you
  76. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The FBI/govt. allows these incidents, and encourages these incidents, to try to justify gun confiscation.

    Agree. They know that a body count is needed to give the anti-gun crazies the moral high ground, galvanize the public and intimidate Republican legislators into rolling over. And it appears that might happen as turkey gobbler McConnell has instructed Texas Senator John Cornyn to start working with Democrats on a gun control package. National red flag laws are under discussion.

  77. @Ralph B. Seymour

    If someone were to claim that the tranny in Uvalde was killed before he murdered anyone and some CIA or other alphabet agency hitman went into the school and shot it up to produce real corpses, I’d say that was plausible.

    Given, the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Gladio, JFK assassination, Operation Northwoods, numerous head of state assassinations, attempts on Castro, and many other high profile stories over decades, there should be little doubt that the US Fed Gov is perfectly capable of murdering its own citizens for any one of numerous possible reasons. The response to covid in itself shows, without a doubt, that the gov’t is willing to murder countless people to further their agenda.

    What sickens me is that people vote to give the Fed Gov mafia the veneer of respectability and volunteer to become their costumed paid murderers for hire.

  78. How could it happen that his plan was posted for review on the ‘special chat room’ when it took him 2 hours to drive to Buffalo? This would mean he was texting while driving, or he stopped somewhere along his route to notify his followers of the upcoming event. That is, unless someone else downloaded his plan to the interent for him. Someone like a retired federal agent.

    • Replies: @Not you
  79. Corvinus says:

    Of course it was cowardice and incompetence. Anglin is pandering here.

  80. @Rooster15

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important thing – their pensions are nice and safe as well.

    US law enforcement officers are an integral part of destroying this nation, and in addition to their pension funds generally not being properly funded, there’s every chance we’ll run out of real money to pay them by the time they’re retired.

    I wonder what they’ll do then??

  81. @RoatanBill

    I’ll grant you these shootings are confusing. They are meant to be. And the Uvalde incident is too fresh to be able to figure. It’s possible that this USG terror operation did kill 19 children. One thing we do know about the USG is that they don’t care what happens to the general population as long as they stay in power. And they know that it is imperative that they disarm the public. But I would like to see some proof that people died. And so far I haven’t. Have you?

    Just ask yourself, where are the photos of a bloody crime scene? Have you seen any blood anwyhere? Where are photos of dead bodies? Why all the inconsistencies in the official story? It’s ridiculous.

    As far as I can tell, they just copied the Sandy Hook script.

  82. Alden says:

    I doubt very much the man who lived in the house with grandmother Ramos and Salvador Ramos is a grandfather or step grandfather. Just a boyfriend or roommate. His last name is Reyes.

    As for the “ where did Ramos get the money to buy the guns and ammo”. He had worked at Wendy’s for 2 years. Lived at home. No rent or mortgage utilities food to pay for on grandma’s family plan phone even. Not difficult to save 4 or 5K in 2 years.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  83. Corvinus says:

    It’s not a white system, it’s a system. Get it right.

  84. Was CARRIE the first great Angry Student Revenge movie? You don’t need guns when you got telekinesis.

    To be sure, there was IF by Lindsay Anderson, but that was British.


    HEATHERS sits on the fence. Though Slater’s character is dark, he is like the alter ego, the hidden Id, of the ‘good’ character.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  85. The Democratic Party certainly understands the need to disarm their political enemies.

  86. @Ralph B. Seymour

    It’s like ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW with guns.

    Killing kids…

    It was a big story with Laurie Dann in the 80s.

    Why kill children?

    Like Hatchet-Man in the Rye.

    But apart from all these physical attacks with guns, the higher institutions and big industries have been soul-murdering children for a long long time. All this tranny nuttery, all this anti-white vitriol, all this ‘woke’ garbage. So many millennials and zoomers are walking zombies. Physically alive but soul-dead. And Covid made it worse.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  87. SafeNow says:

    A traffic reporter here in California reported a “ladder in lane” traffic jam. Then, in an unguarded moment, he added: “This is the fifth ladder-in-lane I have heard about during the last hour.” I am pretty sure those ladders did not fall off the trucks of “John Smith, Electrician.” California job performance has unraveled, from proficient/conscientious, to “good enough.” I could detail dozens of examples of “good enough” from my own experience alone. I think this relaxed “good enough” philosophy was in play in the demographically skewed town in Texas. Those who were not “good enough” people by nature succumbed – – “mirroring” to use a psych term.

  88. geokat62 says:


    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  89. @RoatanBill

    I find it too implausible to entertain the notion that these are hollywood type manufactured theater.

    This will clear it up for you.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  90. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Yes, exactly. Like I’ve been saying for the last couple days – where is the school interior video of Ramos entering the building? And close enough that we can tell it is HIM.

    Where is video of him walking the halls with his weapon? Hello? Of course, if he was really there then video exists! We will never see it but, people should be yelling for it. Best I can tell, most normies buy the official narrative because the TV said so.

    How about this? Who can provide evidence that Salvador Ramos killed anybody that day? Or evidence that it was him that shot his grandmother? When interviewed on TV the next day, the grandfather was astonishingly calm given his wife was hospitalized after attempted murder and his grandson was DEAD and supposedly murdered 20+ people. Right….

    I say to everyone – trust your common sense and demand evidence.

    • Replies: @Not you
  91. @Ralph B. Seymour

    For decades, we haven’t been privy to anything but blurred out images of what some talking head tells us was actually photographed. The newspapers used to show mobsters full of holes with blood all over, but no more. It’s all a coverup supposedly to not cause mental distress to all the freaks in the society that can’t stand reality.

    I’d like some proof that people died. I’d like something more than Jose said this and Consuela said that, but we’re not going to get it. If TPTsB wanted to fake a crime scene I’m certain they have experience doing it, so even reporter photos don’t amount to much. Dead bodies with fingerprint evidence that they are as claimed and all from the people known to live in the community for years would be real evidence.

    Candidly, I don’t care that much about these types of incidents because I know they’ll just be used for more gun control hysteria and most of the perps reported to have done the deed are on SSRI meds and / or known criminals with long records. It’s the criminal justice system that catches some dirtbag and then lets him go to repeatedly offend. These incidents are to be expected when the gov’t needs to have them occur periodically to scare the shit out of the population so they demand more useless street cops. Anything for the children.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  92. @Priss Factor

    It’s absurd for the left to whine about guns when they have aborted sixty MILLION babies.

    Gun confiscation isn’t about the sanctity of life; gun control translates into white genocide.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  93. @Ralph B. Seymour

    I’m aware of that video and another that showed a person in a bright yellow jacket making a continuous circuit walking out one end of the Sandy Hook, closed down for years, school and then walking back in as part of some crowd of actors there to add realism.

    So far the evidence either way is lacking for the most recent shootings.

  94. Karl1906 says:
    @James Scott

    The whole Southern part of the American continent is called “Latin America”. And certainly not because it was settled by Italy, you fucking moron.

    • Replies: @Sisifo
  95. Not you says:
    @The Real World

    “most normies buy the official narrative because…”

    Most normies are like everybody else in the sense that that they don’t question their worldview. They don’t want to. We all believe we are correct and something within us recoils at even rethinking the possibilities because…it means we would now have to reorient ourselves to reality and admit that everything we believe is incorrect. Far simpler to get our dopamine fixes that soothe and satiate us than face scary things like truth and reality and fact.

  96. Art says:

    Will any government fed or state employee miss a paycheck over these egregious bloody irresponsible incidences?

  97. republic says:
    @John Johnson

    Town is 20 percent non Hispanic white

    • Replies: @JM
  98. They need to get the guns now for the Great Reset.
    They will keep doing this until they get them.
    William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse which I read 20 yrs ago.

  99. Fred777 says:
    @Ralph B. Seymour

    “Just ask yourself, where are the photos of a bloody crime scene? Have you seen any blood anwyhere? Where are photos of dead bodies?“

    You want to see photos of that? What the hell is wrong with you? Even if such pictures were published you would call them fake. Buy some more tin foil for your hat before bidenflation prices it out of your reach.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
    , @Mac_
  100. Alden says:

    Off Topic

    Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy was arrested last night, Saturday the 27th and booked into the Napa County jail for drunk driving. Since it’s the weekend he might have to stay till Monday morning. Ha ha ha

    The Pelosi’s really don’t live the in black crime ridden
    City of San Francisco They really live in their massive estate in Napa. Far from the high crime city Nancy has done so much to create.

    About Napa County. It’s a low crime rural suburban county. Where the big bad cops have nothing to do but hassle White and Hispanic motorists.

    • Replies: @nsa
  101. @gotmituns

    Some sixty years ago, police were there to play out the “officer friendly” role. Their purpose as understood by most of them was to ‘serve and to protect’.

    In this crazy, mixed-up deeply devolved Amerikkkan Kult-sure, their role is to harass and to intimidate…also to arrest ordinary folks for minor ‘violations’ and to get by with killing or maiming ‘in the line of duty’.

    Ask yourself who profits from this induced fear of the police?

    • Replies: @old coyote
  102. @RoatanBill

    Ok, Here’s one on Buffalo.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  103. Cuffy says:
    @Desert Fox

    Wish you were in that classroom. You dumb moronic baboon

    • Troll: SS-The Independent
  104. @Fred777

    What the hell is wrong with you?

    I’m a conspiracy theorist.

  105. Mike Tre says:

    One thing that makes me wonder – and I don’t consider myself to be a conspiracy guy* – is that why did he bring 2 assault rifles? You can only use one at a time, and reloading one takes less time than switching to a second rifle. What I do know is that for narrative purposes, two very “assaulty-rifle” looking AR’s, with 30 round magazines inserted, make for greater fear optics than just one.

    *Sandy Hook is almost certainly a hoax. One thing of interest, to this day, there is no individual wikipedia page for Adam Lanza, and no photo of him on the Sandy Hook shooting page. the reason being, is that the very few photos of him all seem to be renders of a human that did not actually exist:

    The copy and pasted looking locks of hair, the bizarrely elongated lower face and nose, the unnaturally wide open eyes under very low brows. Photo grainy and blurred. I’ve never seen a real human that looked like this. It looks like they took the photo of a 12 year old and tried to alter it to look like an 18 year old.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Gizmo880
    , @Alden
  106. Notsofast says:

    let’s establish what most nontroll unz readers can agree upon: if the event is fake, it’s our government behind it. if the event is real, it’s our government behind it. either way it is a flase flag. imo it is infinitely easier to brainwash one drugged up lost teenager and facilitate his weapons purchase. a few insiders prop the door open and then lock him in for an hour while they secure the perimeter to insure the deed is done. the other requires 20 fake families or witness relocations, in a town this size that would be tough, you can bet many people would know someone impacted by this.

    for those who are sure this is fake, this is your opportunity to go there and do an actual investigative report, get the word on the street, talk to real people that live there. pose as a concerned soul that wants to document the loss so when vulgar trolls call it a false flag, you have the evidence to fact check them.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Anon
  107. @littlewing

    How William Cooper and his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ planted seeds of QAnon conspiracy theory
    Richard Ruelas
    Rob O’Dell
    Arizona Republic
    Published 7:08 AM MDT Oct. 1, 2020 Updated 7:08 AM MDT Oct. 1, 2020


    The book has also attracted followers of the conspiracy theory known as QAnon, which falsely casts Democrats as doing the bidding of globalists in order to shield their perversions, including devouring babies for their nourishing blood.

    Jake Angeli, who supports QAnon, shouts about reopening schools in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic at the state Capitol on Aug. 12, 2020.

    QAnon adherents believe an anonymous figure inside government is sporadically posting cryptic clues to corruption and the perpetrators of child-sex crimes using various online bulletin boards — the shortwave radio of modern times. The anonymous source of the information is “Q,” named for the level of top secret clearance he’s purported to have.

    One adherent, Jake Angeli, has intentionally made a spectacle of himself by appearing at Arizona protests wearing a fur hat topped with horns and carrying a weathered sign that reads, “Q sent me.” Angeli said he has researched the secretive groups he believes control the world — Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group, among others — and felt validated by finding Cooper mentioned them in his book.

    Angeli said that the government needed to kill Cooper to silence him.

    “When you really do enough research, it all ties together,” he said.

    Another tie: In “Behold a Pale Horse,” Cooper claimed to have Q-level security clearance.
    Nearly 30 years after its publication, “Behold a Pale Horse” remains a bestseller, finding new audiences for whom Cooper’s warnings — of a cashless society, a socialist order that devalues work, the confiscation of weapons, global leadership usurping the sovereignty of the United States — still resonate.

    Though portions of the book are dated, some paragraphs can strike readers as eerily prescient.

    “Behold a Pale Horse” became popular in New York prisons like Attica and Sing Sing, especially among Black inmates, said Mark Jacobson, who wrote a biography of Cooper called “Pale Horse Rider.”

    Jacobson said he couldn’t find a practical explanation of why the book became so popular in New York prisons. His search for that first inmate who read it proved futile.

    But he said he found a philosophical reason for its popularity. Prisoners already think the system has lined up against them, Jacobson said in a phone interview. “Someone comes along like Bill Cooper, he’s speaking your language,” he said.

    The book was also sold from tables set up on sidewalks in Harlem, Jacobson said. And rap artists mentioned Cooper and the book in songs, Jacobson said, keeping curiosity alive.

    Jacobson said he was walking in his Brooklyn neighborhood in the early 1990s when he saw one of his neighbors, Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan, sitting on his stoop reading “Behold a Pale Horse.”

    Jacobson, in his book, quotes Ol’ Dirty Bastard explaining why “Behold a Pale Horse” was important to him. Everybody gets screwed, the rapper said, but Cooper tells you who is doing the screwing. That was, ODB said, “valuable information.”

  108. anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Gun Confiscation MEANS DISarming WHITES only…Blacks/Mexicans will be given more guns..

  109. @littlewing

    They realize that there will be a hard time getting rural America to comply to any gun edict they may create.

    So while the forces of evil will be tasked with damping down the countryfolk; it is more than slightly probable that with the heat directed elsewhere urban America–extending well into “comfortably numb” sub-urban America will get one intense case of George Floyding riots and property destruction on steroids.

    On a personal basis, I was temporarily living in a comfy suburb in the suburban Twin Cities during the George Floyd outrages, with Soro\$ sponsored BLM activists showing up from all over the country and ditto their Antifa storm-troopers. My old stomping grounds on Lake Street became a burned-out wasteland, where hundreds of small businesses were destroyed.

    Minnesota’s governor Walz, was totally on message with the Federal Diktat and refused to call out the National Guard to immediately crush the fun n’ games of wanton destruction. Ditto, the young Black mayor of St. Paul and double ditto the evidently connected Jewish barely dry behind the ears mayor of Minneapolis. As good Democrat operatives, they too were in on the game.

    However, due to the fact that rural Minnesotans had given up on the ruling Democrat Former Labor Party and voted heavily for Trump, whom they viewed as a genuine alternative; those countryfolk are not about to be unlawfully deprived of their Second Amendment rights.

    That, perhaps, is why the Biden Administration is bringing in through a near wide-open border, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom belong to Meso-American gangs and others coming from overseas who have had significant military training and experience as hired guns for the likes of Isis and Al Qaida.

    • Replies: @old coyote
  110. Alden says:
    @Mike Tre

    Yes, good point that’s it’s impossible to fire 2 rifles at once.

  111. Gizmo880 says:
    @Mike Tre

    Agree about Sandy Hook. That was almost certainly a hoax as you said.

    As a side, I’ll also mention that virtually all of the alternative informtion on this event has been scrubbed from the internet.

  112. @Ralph B. Seymour

    This video is the only actual footage (still footage) I’ve seen of the incident. Everything else has been news people talking about it and after the fact images along with that interview of the black guy.

    The investigator makes some very good points. The lack of blood at each body, no bullet holes in the wall, no blood splatter on the wall, a head still in one piece after being shot close range with a .223 round that is going to ricochet off the concrete floor like a fragmentation round, the lack of people in the store, etc all point to this being staged.

    The clip not being inserted and no round being chambered can be explained. I always manually insert a round in all semi automatics and then insert the clip. The clip in the image could be taped to the clip actually in the rifle; something is holding that clip in place. The shadow versus time deduction is a bit speculative since it would take more accurate measurements to narrow down the range of possible times.

    All in all a credible job to raise suspicion that this was not real. The authorities should have to answer with their explanations for why the investigator is wrong.

    Thanks for the link.

  113. The official explanation right now is that they couldn’t kill the shooter because the door to the room he was in was locked. They needed a key for the lock. They had to wait for the janitor. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of cops opening locked doors before.

    If any good can come out of this tragedy, it’s this: like the aliens in Signs, cops can’t enter through a locked door. This simple wisdom could be a game changer in police/citizen interactions.

    • Replies: @littlewing
    , @Alden
  114. @anonymous

    The cops and feds all like fancy combat gear and guns, dressing up to look like major commandos. Hair and beards groomed to look like warriors. All swagger and behind it all just some bullies out of their depth.

    Oliver Queenan: [during Costigan’s interview] We have a question: Do you want to be a cop, or do you want to appear to be a cop? It’s an honest question. A lot of guys just want to appear to be cops. Gun, badge, pretend they’re on TV.

    Dignam: Yeah, a lot of people just wanna slam a nigger’s head through a plate-glass window.

    The Departed

    Colin Sullivan: [to Barrigan] You got a nice suit at home or do you like coming to work everyday dressed like you’re goin’ to invade Poland? — ditto

    • LOL: Alden
  115. Notsofast says:

    dearest ma kali, i want to thank you once again for your voice of reason. they are attempting to bate us, by baiting us into acts of violence, in fact they wait with bated breath for an armed insurrection that they can then stamp out, to “protect” us from the “white supremacist terrorists” they try desperately to incite. the world is changing before our eyes, a new day, age and consciousness is being born. birth is painful and bloody but a miracle as well, so let not the ratfuckers, trolls, and “glowniggers” put us off our course. thank you for your beautiful message of self-sufficiency, continue to tend your garden kali.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Irish Savant
  116. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not a fake. Or a false flag. Greg Gutfeld said outright that had this not occurred the leading story would be about an Iraqi “terrorist” who was caught by the FBI and who was going to bring assassins from the middle east over, via the southern border. Aw shucks, this Chicano knocked that anti Muslim propaganda story out of the water. This was upsetting to Gutfeld and his ilk; the MSM. Of course the FBI offered the Iraqi 10 thousand dollars to do this, But the media was not going to talk about that. Watters surprisingly actually said he does not trust the FBI. That is a radical awakening on Watters part, considering the story involved “Islamic Terrorism”.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  117. You have to ask yourself why the World Economic Forum outted themselves now. Linked with the WHO and the UN to take national sovereignity from all nations.
    US miltary “we will act at a time of our choosing”
    They want us to rise up NOW.

    Be wise patriots.

  118. @RoatanBill

    If TPTsB wanted to fake a crime scene I’m certain they have experience doing it, so even reporter photos don’t amount to much.

    Well, of course this is the point. But now they don’t even make an effort to be clever about their deception.

    TPTB do whatever they want——– and then they rub your nose in it.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  119. Of course the feds are the Sandman – which frankly sounds like some kind of MK Ultra trigger word.

    Or a Metallica song.

    Maybe it’s not this same “retired” federal agent. But who else is going to groom a mass shooter, other than the feds?

    Maybe it was the feds, who knows? But they are not the only outsiders who manipulate chat groups. There are people who hang out in suicide chat rooms for the sole purpose of encouraging other users to kill themselves. They get some kind of sick thrill out of it. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that somebody that sick could also try to provoke a mass shooting.

  120. @Robert Dolan

    Having a gun is essential to being ‘White’??!! This has to be a simulation, surely. Evolution, or God or logic or science could not create America. Satan’s play-time.

  121. @James J O'Meara

    The door was opened by the teacher.
    It was normally locked.
    It’s how he got inside, if he even did.

  122. Alrenous says: • Website

    I’d say it’s more than that, that they are deliberately and cynically provoking a back-lash and widespread civil unrest.[…]This is the provokation to entice the disenfranchised white masses to violence,

    If so, it’s not working. Fear not.

    Some will escape the aproaching civilian war

    Boogaloo is a known clique on twitter, which is more than enough to prove there will be no civil war. The more everyone freaks out about a thing, the less it’s going to happen.

    ‘Civilisation’ is undergoing an engineered collapse

    Nope, merely the obvious consequence of looting everything not nailed down and then busting out the crowbars. Folk with long term plans build rather than loot, because they plan to be around in the long term.

    Some have the wisdom, the intelligence and the gumption to act in their own and their families best interests, and the social skills to cooperate with others to ensure that mutual needs are met.

    Meaningless. “Some will build a thing. A thing…with stuff. Using ideas.” I’m sure whatever it is will be very socially acceptable.

    I wonder if Americans have tried being socially acceptable before?

    build our own communities

    Americans used to build their own communities all the time, but they were Communities. Communist. They all failed.

    The Amish are of course German instead of American.

    Not to mention our own jurisdiction(s)!

    Just a little open rebellion, for spice. Regime-complete.
    Or, if not, this also meaningless. A jurisdiction without courts? What?

    • Replies: @Kali
  123. Alden says:
    @James J O'Meara

    The 100 % affirmative action police force and assorted feds are obviously too retarded to find the janitor or principal with a key until after an hour they tried to open the door and discovered OMG!!!!! It’s locked!!!!!!

    Who da thunk a door would be locked.

  124. Anon[301] • Disclaimer says:

    Whatever the facts, law enforcement has smartened up to the fact that the public expects them to do the job, and when they do and someone gets killed, said public and the politicians make hay with the incident and crucify them. And so they say fuck it, and lay back and hold back.

    One cannot have it both ways and so the innocent pay with their lives.

    Law enforcement and the legal system in the USA is now upside down and a man is dickering with his life and that of his kin if he does not look out for himself.

    The criminals are the pimps and the Police and Legal System the Johns and whores ! Until criminals get life sentences and are executed in a timely manner there is no incentive for them to stop playing the system.

  125. Alden says:
    @Mike Tre

    That hair style is identical to the very short with bangs hair styles young women wore in the 1920s and 30a. You see the style all the time in the old movies. The curls are the result of hair setting lotion and pin curls.

    Straight top and sides The curled bangs aren’t natural . Or maybe the natural hair is as curly as the bangs. And a straightening iron was borrowed from a black hair dresser. He also looks as though he’s dying from starvation.


  126. ANOTHER false f(l)ag operation ?!…After almost 30 years in Eastern-Europe, and almost 27 in the U(S)SA, I don’t believe anything anymore…nada, nema, nimic…Everything, or almost everything ( over 90% ) they told us back there, in E-E, and here, in ‘ The Empire of Lies ‘…is BS…propaganda at its ‘ finest ‘…Now, what’s interesting is that most of the sheeple don’t understand ( refuses to see ) that the same group of people are responsible/behind the fall of Russia and that of USA/W. Europe…Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said/wrote about, but most of the sheeple are deaf and blind. We are living in an open GULAG, high on HOPIUM…

    • Agree: Richard B
  127. To protect the shooter, yes. But why exactly?

  128. Richard B says:

    it seems they are not only conditioning the shooters, they are conditioning the public to accept any outrageous bullshit excuse they come up with and unfortunately it seems to be working on both accounts.

    You’re probably right. But in that case, why do they keep doing it?
    Two possible answers are: 1. they don’t feel it’s enough, ie; they haven’t convinced everyone. 2. it’s all they’ve got, ie; it’s all they know how to do.

    From the article:

    “These were like-minded people who used this chat group to talk about their shared interests in racial hatred, replacement theory and hatred of anyone who is Jewish, a person of color or not of European ancestry,” said one of the two law enforcement officials with close knowledge of the investigation.

    Right, like that wasn’t written in some ADL/\$PLC office (as if we don’t know that Mark Potok keeps a tally of the decline of the White population in the US posted on a wall beside his desk).

    How contrived can you get? This is why the correct answer above is #2. In the end, the whole point of this exercise is to befuddle and demoralize the public.

  129. JM says:

    Town is 20 percent non Hispanic white

    That proves that the culture of the town is Mestizo.

  130. nsa says:

    Some pigs are more equal department. Off duty and retired cops get pulled over for suspected DUI all the time, but invariably flash a badge and get comped. Cops are only too happy to cuff up and wreck the lives of normies, but not one of their own.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Wielgus
  131. Sisifo says:

    The whole Southern part of the American continent is called “Latin America”. And certainly not because it was settled by Italy, you fucking moron.

    Latin America because it was settled by Spanish, a Latin population strongly connected with Italy, linguistically, culturally, historically and religiously.

    A Mestizo is as Latino as a Mulatto is Irish.

  132. Alden says:

    That’s very true.

    But suppose there was a patrol car stopped when he was shooting outside the funeral home. And one of those officers had shot and killed him. Within hours. ADL ACLU SPLC would have organized a HLM Hispanic lives matter, and reactivated the White tranny weirdo anti fa troops. And hired some Hispanic rent a mobs to burn down the Uvalde city hall/ police station. Order the Department of Injustice to railroad the cops who shot him to life in prison.

    Ramos has no criminal record turned 18 8 days before the shooting. The Jew media would be evil cops slaughter innocent teen. Hispanic, probably Catholic, probably made his first communion age 7 or 8. West First communion picture would be plastered all over the news.

    That’s how the Jews work.

  133. Because a Mexican killed Mexicans this isn’t a hate crime, unlike if it had been a white. I guess he loved children, no?

  134. Kim says:

    Boston Bombing. A laughable hoax.

  135. Mac_ says:

    This is example of obedience or blank reality, as in every day consider false ‘wars’, also hundreds of thousands of kids disappeared, but he doesn’t want to look at the pictures, and yet, people let psychotic ‘horror’ movies’ be put on screens, while ignoring real horrors. The last one has been to condition ‘seeing’ the real thing at some point in front of us, and not react as we should. There is no reaction to things where there should be, which there have already been enough incursions on us if people were awake would mean jailing most cons in ‘goverment’ and ‘courts’ or others associated, and on any further threat on us, and could be said why not in the last two years –but for the ignorance of those who don’t learn or question, instead go along in obedience. Last, on tin foil, if you were going to make a meme to distract people opposite of something that should be considered, that could be one. Things are more advanced than people recognize. The world is being put into a black hole void because people let them, instead of see what’s actualy going on.

    On Seymour’s response saying he was a conspiracy theorist, when someone wants to challenge, though we are enough to just stand in facts, it’s nice to have other’s quotes such as

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy analyst. – Gore Vidal

    – and at this juncture though also should be more, making effort w/others.

  136. Wielgus says:
    @Priss Factor

    IF… has a subtext of left-wing rebellion appropriate to its time, the late 196os, and is even more an indictment of the British class system and how it operates in “education”. Neither is present in this case.

  137. @usNthem

    Apparently he thought Trump would appoint him to the SCOTUS, and turned on him when this didn’t come to pass.

  138. Dumbo says:

    Don’t call US cops cowards!

    They are being pro-active, they are arresting 10-year olds before they grow up and commit shootings.

  139. Breaking news: Biden had the US Army special recon plane from Ft Hood monitoring the Uvalde shooting in real time. This plane acts as a cell tower and can grab any and all communications- radio, phone, email. text. etc.,

    This plane landed in Uvalde 5 minutes before the truck crashed, and disembarked 5 minutes before the shooter was ‘killed’ ending the standoff. Mission Accomplished!

    Now you know where the ‘stand down’ and ‘do not breach’ orders came from. Now this is officially a False Flag attack orchestrated by Biden for his gun-grabbing agenda.

  140. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    The kid, or one of the kids, was 11 years old, which I thought was a bit old to be in the 2nd-4th grade.

  141. Notsofast says:

    if what you say is true, then it was most assuredly a false flag. they don’t want the boarders closed and launching this idiot assassin was the best way to keep that story out of the news and maintain the narrative of domestic terrorism.

  142. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    They don’t “allow” these incidents; they produce them, from the first idea to the neccessary instituting of an office and staff to continue to follow and support the lies of each hoax long after it happens.

  143. @RoatanBill

    Same old tired formula used in Uvalde: First there’s a drill, then it goes live.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
  144. Kali says:

    Thank you Notsofast. I do apreciate the encouragement. – But please do be sure to tell me if/when my various spins on the same message get boring.

    The gardens are coming along a treat, plus I just scored a big pile of manure courtacy of Gloria, the horse next door. Oh, and we now have two baby goats. My life is cuteness-central! 🙂

    Much love,

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  145. @emerging majority

    “who benefits from all this fear of the police”… unelected bureaucrats in the ‘apparat’ – the vast blob of ‘administrative functionaries whose sole role in life is to collect license fees, fine non-compliant businesses, etc etc. and grow their cancerous agencies to lord it over all the peasants ‘for their own good’.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  146. @emerging majority

    agreed: rural americans (Whites) must be getting their community defense orgs up and running NOW. planning for the war against rural White americans is vital for the future of our race. God speed all.

  147. Kali says:

    Boogaloo is a known clique on twitter, which is more than enough to prove there will be no civil war.

    Dear Alrenous,

    I’m perfectly happy for there not to be a civilian war, or even widespread civilian unrest. It’s much better that people take the iniative to see to the meeting of their existencial needs than engage in counter-productive violence.

    But for you to state that my exhortation to do that is meaningless, whilst telling me about some twitters twitting truly is meanigless to me. But at least you made me lol a little. Boogaloo is a good name for a thing, whatever that thing is.

    But to clarify, what I’m suggesting when I talk about people acting in their own best interests (contrasted to people acting out violenly) is that folks take a moment to think about what they need in order to live fulfilling lives – food, shelter, access to potable water, love, family, community. and what have you – and then begin taking the necessary steps to ensure, regadless of what Klaus Schwab, et al, do, they are in the best possition possible to meet those needs as the “economy-stupid” is brought down around us. – Things like growing a food garden, establishing garden-share schemes and gardeners cooperatives, establishing community stores and an alternative (preferably non-monetary) local economy, etc, etc (check my comment history for elaboration).

    As for jurisdiction, well we can either continue to accept the jurisdiction of a lawless and corupt state, or we can establish something based on sound principles -do no harm, cause no loss or injury, comcit no fraud, that sort of thing. Eventually we’re going to want to bring the evil fuckers currently in power to justice, so wise we start now to establish a system within which to do so. Yes, including with properly administrated public courts of record.

    Please forgive my not going into lots of detail here. I spent the morning making hey, and the afternoon tending the garden, the goats and the kitchen. Now a hot bath, and a little slice of bliss is waiting for me.

    Best wishes,

  148. Notsofast says:

    kali, your message never gets boring and is most important, as the other message we get is grab your guns and start shooting. your message is one of hope and love, the other message is one of hate and death. oddly enough, love can be akin to manure, in that the more you spread it, the more things grow.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  149. @Henry's Cat

    Because they want us to beg them to take our rights., that way they can say they were obligated to do so.

  150. fnn says:

    LOL, some sources have revealed Taylor is of Nazi lineage. She’s apparently descended from the Nazi Nobel Prize awardee Konrad Lorenz. This probably gives her more incentive to play the role of the Stasi thug-stalker.

  151. vinteuil says:

    I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away.

    And nobody ever paid any price for that.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  152. anarchyst says:

    You are correct. The “thin blue line” takes care of its own.
    This was the case of the murder of Daniel Shaver by Mesa Arizona police officer Philip Brailsford.
    Brailsford was intent on murdering someone, having the words, “you’re f#cked” engraved on the dust cover of his weapon.
    Shaver was ordered to crawl with his hands behind his back, something which is impossible to do.
    Despite video showing Shaver being murdered by Brailsford, he was acquitted by a cop-fearing intimidated jury.
    Not only that, he was “reinstated” (rehired) for one day so that he could receive a pension.
    The sad part is that none of the other police officers watching the murder on site was brought up on charges.

    • Replies: @Not you
  153. “And all of it is to distract from how hard the Ukraine is winning.”
    Is this “stormer” guy crazy or what? The Armed Forced Ukraine (AFU) lost the military action on day one. 80% of the AFU was surrounded in the first week. With Mariupol the Crimean Peninsula was secured and now that 80% in the east is being ground to powder or rather hamburger. Some of the videos on Bitchute are of gruesome wounds. To make a long story short, the US wants the military action to continue to the death of the last AFU soldier. If Zelensky had ever acted in the interests of the Ukrainian people, he would have ended the two things that the Russians could not ignore: US nuclear-armed missiles right on the Russian border, minutes from incinerating Moscow and the continuation of the eight year genocide in the east. The AFU had increased the artillery barrages on the cities in the east to 2,000 rounds per day. Shelling civilians is a war crime, Poroshenko and Zelensky both are guilty of allowing berserk militias to act with impunity. 6,500 dead, women and children among those and 15,500 wounded with the shelling suddenly increased right on Russia’s western border the Russians could not allow by international law that require action to prevent such war crimes and genocide if they are aware such are being committed.

  154. Not you says:

    I’ve seen some morally repulsive and disgusting things in my 55 yrs but the cold-blooded murder of Shaver by Brailsford ranks up there with the worst of them. If watching the video of what transpired and the subsequent events don’t convince one that law-enforcement, as an institution, is FUBAR, I don’t know what would.

  155. Come on Rufo, Disney = Jewish Agenda.

  156. @old coyote

    True about the administrative bureaucracy. For the most part they are otherwise useless eaters, college grads, even with multiple degrees, who figure that screwing in a lightbulb has something to do with their dicks.

  157. Both of the big mass shootings of the last few days are unraveling, exposing a sloppy mess of lies and hoaxes.

    Dudes, enough already!

    They want to take your guns, plain and simple.

    You OUTNUMBER them a thousand to one – and you still have your guns.

    The second American revolution is way, way, WAY overdue.

  158. Wielgus says:

    In Britain in 2021, a Diplomatic Police cop (ie. cleared to use firearms, one of a small minority of police in Britain) raped and killed a woman named Sarah Everard. He was convicted, the evidence against him pretty overwhelming. It seems that his proclivities were known at the station, as he was nicknamed “the rapist”. A protest rally by women was attacked by police who said it breached Covid regulations.

  159. G. Poulin says:

    That’s why people with names like “Ghali” keep coming here.

  160. Alrenous says: • Website

    It’s not real, it’s a performance. The solution to clown world isn’t opposite-day clown world.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  161. Notsofast says:

    sez you, what’s wrong with a message of self sustainability, what’s your solution to your clown world? what do you have to offer?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  162. 05/30/22 — Uvalde Police Chief Pedro Arremando has stopped cooperating with state investigators. Here’s the link. A Houston news channel said patrol cars have been cruising his house looking for him.

    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling
  163. @Alrenous

    About the same percentage as Catholic priests —

    In the German political magazine Die Brücke one can read in nr. 164, p. 73 that “according to a study of the New York Criminology Faculty, 4,5% of the priests – a majority being one-time perps – were involved in child abuse”.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  164. Alrenous says: • Website

    Need concrete, not abstracts. It’s not a message of self-sustainability unless “cars should run on atmospheric water” is a message of sustainability. Sure that would be great, and also it’s impossible, exactly as impossible as following a plan based on social signalling. Might as well claim to be in favour of unicorn-fart-powered toasters. That’s what’s wrong with it.

    Ironically, not literal concrete, at least not the Portland kind…

    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Kali
  165. Alrenous says: • Website
    @René Fries

    Okay. Good for the NY Criminology Faculty, I guess?

  166. Factorize says:

    Isn’t the solution to school shootings obvious to everyone? Harden up schools with gun turrets!

    If you look at ancient buildings, you will find elaborate and often extensive security features. For example, ancient pyramids had layers of protection at their entrances and medieval castles were robustly defended with moats, masonry etc.. Yet, for whatever reason, modern architecture has taken the philosophical stance that people should be assumed to be friendly and minimal security precautions should be designed into the built environment.

    The introduction of onsite armed security to protect schools and other buildings has largely been ineffective. Modern shooters are heavily armed and have firepower that typically overwhelms existing security arrangements. Once shooters gain entry into a classroom, the tactical environment highly favors the shooter. At this point, if trained tactical teams were not readily available (as in small towns), the shooter has an overwhelming strategic advantage.

    Installing gun turrets would dramatically overturn this advantage currently given to shooters. In fact, shooters might then not even be able to gain access to the inside of schools or other buildings before being neutralized. With gun turrets, neutralizing could mean simply incapacitating the shooter (possibly AI software could determine the correct injury to inflict once an operator identified the target). These gun turrets could be present at the major entrances, in the hallways and classrooms. As they would be designed as a defensive security system there would be no great need to have them armed with excessive amounts of ammunition etc.: the security system could be limited in such a way as to not invite those who might want to use it as an offensive weapon.

    In this scenario, school security would never be placed in harm’s way themselves, so there would never be any reason to hesitate to protect others. By not having to worry about their individual security they could defend others while remaining calm and focused on the task at hand.

    Such a security system would be highly cost effective. As it is now there is an escalating arms race within schools to add additional armed security to match the threat of the shooters. With the correct capital investment (i.e., gun turrets, etc.) such an arms race would never need to continue. One could imagine that hardening schools in this manner would actually be quite financially reasonable. Once it became obvious that schools were no longer easy targets anymore, shooters would no longer be as motivated to select schools for their attacks.

    This idea could be of great help in reversing the disturbing wave of schools attacks that we have seen in the recent past. I have thought about this carefully and I believe that this could be very effective in enhancing school (other building) safety. I am sure that if I were a student in a primary or high school etc I would want to be protected with such a security arrangement — it is not obvious to me how a shooting could be maintained even over the course of a minute or more with such defences. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    • LOL: Kali
    • Replies: @Not you
    , @Kali
  167. Not you says:

    Shutting them down is a far better solution in every conceivable way.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Factorize
  168. Factorize says:
    @Not you

    Thank you for replying Not you. I think the approach that I suggested would shut down most threats in a highly effective manner. If the community were to demonstrate mastery over its security with the system that I outlined, then potential shooters would eventually realize the futility of their strategy. The extremely inadequate responses that we have witnessed for many years now have merely encouraged an escalating tide of violence. With a well-designed system, the response would favor a deescalation of violence. Poorly considered security systems based on boots on the ground has not been effective.

    I think my idea would be so powerful: It could virtualize the entire security response possibly to a national level command center. It would allow access to expert level security for everyone. Security is one of the few remaining holdouts of the legacy bricks and mortar era; we have seen repeatedly the tragic results from such an approach. Hardening buildings would take away the soft targets that shooters often are attracted to. Importantly, response times would shrink from minutes to microseconds– reclaiming home field advantage.

    In the specific instance of Uvalde, the shooter would never have made it inside the school. The shooter had demonstrated his threat to others at the school for minutes before entry. My conception of a security system would have been able to respond immediately to such a risk. If the intention is to rebuild the school, then why not design the security enhancements suggested into the blueprint?

  169. Kali says:

    Al, dude, I and my hubby have personally been living as far out of the system as it’s possible to get for the last TEN solid/concrete years, during which time we have discovered and developed the ways and means of ensuring our continued free-style living both physically and spiritually. [Unless you cme to understand that money is a replacement for trust and faith in God, you will never be truly free!]

    This means that, as the “economy-stupid” implodes and your life becomes 100% controled by the orchestrators of that implosion, I will be just fine, and freer than ever. That’s a concrete fact.

    I have enough food in the ground and in the cupboards to feed us, enouch pure, clean mountain water for all of our needs, enough firewood to keep us warm, cook and provide hot water and enough solar-powered energy to keep the lights on… and etc.

    In short, I have nothing to fear from the civilisational colapse that you will experience first hand and that will result in your abject enslavement/serfdom UNLESS you develope the means of tour own economic independance, which, absent that old interloper – money – can really only be achieved through cooperation with others – a feature of our species that some choose to see as a flaw.

    During these ten years I have thought long about the systems by which we live as a species, about quality of life, about freedom, independance and sovereignty, and so I have one or two ideas to share that I hope may benefit others, caught in the system but looking for a way out: – Mutual support and cooperation, getting together with like-minded people to grow and share food, community stores to ensure everyones needs are met, plus the centrally important issues of the application sovereignty and jurisdiction… It’s all there in my comment history.

    All this and more, whilst you worry about water-powered cars and waffle on about ” concrete” solutions, as if independant supplies of food and fuel are not concrete solutions. Funny!

    You want to get real dude? Get some spuds in the ground!

    With love,

  170. Kali says:

    It’s not a message of self-sustainability unless “cars should run on atmospheric water” is a message of sustainability.

    Where did I say any such thing?

    If, when I talk about growing food in cooperative networks, garden sharing, community stores of essentials. including skills, tools, time, produce, etc, you interprate that as “build atmouspheric water-cars”, I think you have a serious problem.

    Notsofast asked you to share your solutions, but apparently you have none. That’s ok. You’re not the only one.

    But belitteling and mischaracterising those solutions put forward by others reveals a certain malice on your part that benefits no-one.

    I dare say there are folks out there developing transport solution that don’t rely on petrol or deisel, and that don’t involve horses and carts or pedal-power. [Sidenote: I’ve asked my hubby to design and build a clockwork rotivator for me, which is eminently possible, and which will save my back and my dodgy hip in the years to come if and when he gets round to doing it. 😉 ] But because you are so caught up in/by “clown-world” your vission is limited and your reactions predictable. And that, my friend, is why you are enslaved.

    I honestly hope that you will find your way to freedom. – As I often used to say, think outside the box, live outside the cage.

    Best of luck,

    • Replies: @Not you
  171. Kali says:

    Isn’t the solution to school shootings obvious to everyone? Harden up schools with gun turrets!

    Or maybe home-school?!

    Thanks for the laugh. Truly. 😄

    God bless,

    • Replies: @Factorize
  172. Not you says:

    “As I often used to say, think outside the box, live outside the cage.”

    I like that. What a great mentality.

    • Thanks: Kali
  173. Factorize says:

    Kali, I agree with you: Love is the answer. Thank you for spreading this message of joy and transcendence. I also agree with you that home-schooling is the answer.

    The problem is that some people have not received and/or read and/or understood and/or agreed with the memo. Hardening schools is a radical idea, though I am unable to imagine another response that could as effectively deal with potential threats as it could (given the current security environment). As soon as shooters breach the outer layer of security, they gain an overwhelming tactical advantage and then can inflict substantial harm as has been seen from incidents all over the world. It is simply very unclear how active shooter scenarios can be effectively managed with the current absence of structural security projection.

    For decades, police forces have resisted orders to run towards the gunfire to eliminate threats because that is so counter to basic human survival instincts. Continuing to blame them for millions of years of evolutionary programming has been highly unproductive. Yet, the notion that buildings should lack all defensive projection of force is itself a radical and only recently conceived security doctrine.

    What would help? Even something as simple as a security vent into a classroom. Go to a hardware store and buy one for ~\$20. If the schools can’t figure it out, perhaps citizens with a moral conscience can. Cut through the drywall and put in the security vent (before doing so turn off the electricity and check for live wires pipes etc.; consult the blueprint). The schools have heating vents, fire alarms, they probably have sprinklers etc. … yet, no security vent? Police are expected to move towards the line of fire when they are likely to be outgunned and are in a very weak tactical situation? The \$20 security vent would allow a response within a minute with no risk to responders. There would no longer be a reason not to respond; it would not be necessary to find the door key.

    Such an innovation might rapidly make extinct school shootings. If it instead provoked an even more homicidal escalation by shooters, then a fully virtualized security system could be implemented. Schools would then have fully virtualized security with internet connected gun turrets in classrooms, hallways and exteriors. If a teacher or other were to push the panic button, the entire school would instantly go online at the national command center, the system would be locked and loaded and any tactical response could be made immediately. Such a system would not resolve threats over the course of hours but possibly seconds. The children could be conditioned to feel loved and protected when they heard the booting up of their security system. Shifting the security response in this way might make things worse; however, to essentially make no substantive upgrade in school security over decades can hardly be seen as a viable alternative.

    This suggestion does seem quite warped. However, it is much more warped to continue to pretend that school children can be adequately protected after decades of evidence to the contrary.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  174. anarchyst says:

    We already have “hardened” facilities. They are called “prisons”.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  175. I am failing to understand why no one sees the glaringly obvious scenario going on right in front of their own eyes! Really, there are a lot of smart people here writing articles and commenting, and not one person has grasped the significance of the sequence of events unfolding this very month! Matthew McConaughey has been chosen as the next Democratic President. He is from Uvalde. Uvalde was chose as the ‘piece de resistance’ of the string of false flag gun murders designed to seize america’s firearms and usher in another Democrat regime to replace the utter failure of Biden. This means that Matthew McCONaughey was aware of the crisis in Uvalde before the murders, because it was designed to kickstart his campaign. Let that sink in, ‘aware before the day of the shooting’, because this was all according to plan. MM has already been given the go ahead, and received his official speech writer to prepare his campaign as the New Obama. Recall that Obama came out of obscurity with a speech that made him famous: a speech he did not write, but a speech prepared for him nonetheless. And the same playbook is being used right now to usher in Matthew David McConaughey as your next President, your GunGrabber-in-Chief! Wake up right now before it is too late! Unless you prefer the alternative, George Soros DAs in every city, Black gun crime the new normal, all white people disarmed, but it is OK because a dreamboat Hollywood Movie Star will save us.

  176. Factorize says:

    Send children to prison instead of school because … at least if they were in prison they would be safer?

    We also already have maximally “softened” facilities. They are called “schools”.

    Schools are by far the least tactically secure structures in my community. After walking 40 feet from publicly accessible sidewalks, I can breach their outer security layer without challenge. Once inside, from the best of my understanding, I would encounter no active projection of force even if I were to pose a blatant and imminent risk to others.

    It really is not so much that schools have not been hardened, as it is that there is a complete absence of any structural features that actively counter security threats. While in bygone times when the modern school system was first imagined, school yard attacks using military assault weapons might been unthinkable; clearly times have changed. Notably the only reason that school shootings have largely stopped over the last year or two was because schools were closed for the COVID pandemic. The bitter irony is that opening up schools again has already enabled the shootings to resume.

    Uvalde feels like such a line in the sand moment. I have noticed this incident in a way that I haven’t of the many others. It has provoked me to think about what might be done to stop the violence.

    Innovations could finally be introduced to make school safe for kids. For example, perhaps instead of bulldozing the school site the community could redirect the millions of dollars in reconstruction funding to introduce security enhancements to the existing site. Merely rebuilding the school with the same tactical flaws as the current school would achieve nothing and would not honor the memory of the victims of the shooting.

    There is now an enormous opportunity for the broader community to carefully think about ways to effectively manage the escalating crisis that is occurring in modern schools. Many helpful ideas to enhance security would be extremely inexpensive (e.g., ensuring a functioning and comprehensive locking system, security vents, etc.). Possibly allowing children to arm themselves might also need to be considered (armed, that is, with non-lethal weapons). Schools can be made safer if the community is willing to invest time and thought to achieve the desired result.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  177. anarchyst says:

    Actually abolishing the public education system would be the best solution

  178. Factorize says:

    Yes, I agree that more radical solutions will need to be entertained if no serious effort is made after the recent event to provide even basic security to schoolchildren. Bricks and mortar schools no longer have the air tight monopoly over education that they once did; online education has emerged as a viable contender. For me, it was such a relief to try virtual schooling. Beyond the risk of being shot, there was a pervasive social pathology that was such a burden to manage in bricks and mortar reality. Sitting in a home learning environment and realizing that I would never have to cope with our modern dystopia while studying made me feel jubilant!

  179. @Ralph B. Seymour

    I did not see any enormous parade of ambulances and stretchers as one would usually expect at the site of a mass shooting. On another note, the Funeral Home was right across the street from the school! Very good logistical planning there!

  180. Factorize says:

    The Uvalde shooting raises the interesting idea of centralizing the command response to shootings virtually. One of the most glaring confusions to arise from the shooting was the question of who the actual on site commander was. Further, even if the nominal commander did have command he was lacking a radio and thus did not have true situational awareness of the incident. Probably the most egregiously appalling aspect of the shooting was having the children continually calling 911 over the space of ~ 1 hour without any response by the tactical teams that were right outside the door from them. These communications were likely left out of the decision making loop in a way that would not have happened with a virtual command center.

    These observations suggest that command authorization possibly should be shifted to a virtual model. An expert active shooter command center could be organized possibly at a national/state level and all 911 and other phone calls, on site video etc., could be uploaded to this center. Such a center could have a comprehensive situational awareness and personnel resources that would not be available on scene in small towns or even big cities. It would equalize the geographical risk terrain and give everyone access to top of the line tactical guidance. Such an approach would mean that insights from one incident would be integrated into future responses in a way that training the last mile never seems to achieve. Those in the command center would be high level experts in active shooter incidents. This approach might still have some flaws if there were unique characteristics of specific locations, though one would expect that a virtual command center approach would improve overall outcomes.

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