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Fake Afghan President Fled with Huge Sacks of Cash
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Where did the cash come from, I wonder?

Hint: it wasn’t from the Afghani taxpayer.


The Western-backed former Afghan leader, Ashraf Ghani, departed his country with so much money that it couldn’t all fit on his helicopter, and he was forced to leave some cash at the airport, the Russian Embassy in Kabul has said.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, its spokesman Nikita Ishchenko dubbed Ghani’s escape an “eloquent characterization” of the fall of the “regime.”

“Four cars were stuffed with money. [They] tried to fit all the money on the helicopter, but not all of it fit. Some of the money was left lying on the tarmac,” he explained, without elaborating how he obtained the information.

This news being made public is further humiliation of the Western system: no one in Afghanistan supported it because they really believe in true democracy values and really want women to rule over them.

They did it for the money.

All of which was provided them by the American taxpayer, mind you.

To help you visualize, this is \$150 million:

Four cars stuffed with \$100 bills would probably be \$250 million or so.

Of course, that is only a fraction of the amount that the Jews pumped out of my country on the basis of the claim that they were going to establish a full-anal democracy fun by women in Afghanistan.

The basic estimate of the cost of the war tends to run around \$2.26 trillion.

Seeing them fail is almost worth \$2.26 trillion.

But, you know – not quite.

Probably, I’d preferred if that money would have been spend repatriating the blacks back to Africa, which I’ve estimated should only cost \$600 billion – without needing to fire a shot or harm a pube on a burrhead.

You’d have enough left over for a full socialized medicine program and free college for everyone, along with enough to rehab every Holocaust memorial in America as an Adolf Hitler Accomplishment Center.

But, I wasn’t given that option.

So, as it is – I’m happy just seeing ZOG lose this badly.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Goddard says:

    Incompetent narcissists orchestrated the Afghanistan disaster. The narcissists stood however on a substrate of apathy and “muh Murka” patriotism on the part of flyover Whites. Whites need to stop signing up for the military. I will no longer bow my head with respect and gratitude the next time my interlocutor reveals that he is or was U.S. military. We have lost the country, and members of the military are mercenaries at best.

  2. g8way says:

    It’s been made clear for several years that Israel and the internationalists (Globohomo) were having US/NATO move out of Afghanistan to make way for the Belt and Road, which has been their big project. Trump was pushing for this 5 years ago. I’m not sure why Andrew Anglin is pretending it’s unexpected or some sort of defeat for “ZOG”. It’s the next step in the destruction of the West that’s been ongoing for more than a century.

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  3. Unit472 says:

    No country should admit this cowardly criminal. Take his money if they want but see to it he is frog marched back to Afghanistan and let the Taliban hang him.

    • Agree: AnonFromTN
  4. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:

    Ghani in helicopter or millions more in helicopter?
    Some poor decision making.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  5. @Goddard

    I will no longer bow my head with respect and gratitude the next time my interlocutor reveals that he is or was U.S. military.

    So quick on the uptake. Another 300 years, no telling what you’ll figure out.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  6. Wokechoke says:

    Our ally head of state ran off and embezzled. He should be arrested. But you know he will just put that in a bank like Coutts or Barings.

  7. yes, part of the nation state system.. 256 different nations states under one common control. the governments in each nation state manipulate and use the people they govern for the benefit of the oligarch that own the particular nation state.. Global-ism, by and through the nation state system was endorsed at Breton Woods. 1944, but it began with Westphalia.

    one of the monster bureaucrats in charge of a government deptartment ask how should a post Afghan policy be formulated to go forward. The answer given observed that policy was the source of the problem.. Government can make policy all it wants, but unless it puts that policy to a vote of the masses that are governed, government should not be allowed to implement any policy. The answer suggested no policy by any government or agency of government should be allowed unless the policy has been presented to the people who are the governed, and the governed have returned by a vote of at 70% of the voters, to endorse government to take measures necessary to implement the voter approved policy.
    I thought that was a good idea.. to have those who are the governed to approve before implementation of any and all policy that nation state dreams up..

  8. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:

    Anybody know how many pallets of 100’s L. Saul Bremer
    flew out of Baghdad?

  9. VICB3 says:

    Why am I not surprised.

    My only question is why wasn’t he moving out the cash/monies sooner? But then again, perhaps he has been, secret accounts and corporations and all that, in which case this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    You know, it just occurred to me that the United States is roughly in the position of the French just after the American Revolution. They financially aided the revolution – successfully in that case – but it bankrupted them and helped to bring about the French Revolution and Terror.

    I’m wondering if this might have the same effect, not on its own but in combination with other factors, same as the French ~240 years ago. (Forget angry peasants with pitchforks; a deeply disaffected, economically stressed and polarized middle class looking for answers did the deed, egged on by a bunch of radicals of all leanings, same as now more or less.)

    I hope not, but we are at the end of an 80 year cycle, same as then. And 160 years ago – 2 x 80 – you had the American Civil War.

    I like reading history, but I don’t want to live it.

    Just a thought.


  10. Anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    This is the guy who oversaw the U.S. military withdrawal

    🤡 country

    • LOL: Rich, g8way
    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  11. @Goddard

    We have lost the country, and members of the military are mercenaries at best.

    Members of the military are obeying orders to fly foreign invaders – often infested with COVID-19 – to different locales across the territory formerly known as the United States. That’s actually worse than being a poorly paid mercenary for the banksters in far-away Trashcanistan – it’s an open act of treason. In sharp contrast to Clown-World, the Taliban know what to do with who betray their own for a few fake-dollars. Judas at least was paid in real silver.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Goddard
  12. Goddard says:

    So quick on the uptake. Another 300 years, no telling what you’ll figure out.

    That’s a highly uncharitable way of welcoming a new member of the team.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  13. Goddard says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    So much short-term thinking. So much eating of the seed corn. I shudder thinking of the cruelty that awaits as the pendulum swings back and the reckoning comes.

  14. Thanks for your govt message, Taliban.
    To everyone and especially to the Palestinians.

    And congratulations to all, including Alaska Bread.

    am Ende steht der Sieg.

  15. Don’t conflate atheism with Zionism!

  16. R.C. says:

    What’s changed since April 75? Nothing of import (except what we’ve imported – and that’s nothing but bad..)

  17. @Goddard

    Being uncharitable is the deeply frustrated’s wont.

    How this would end was clear from the beginning — and I’m talking Carter’s sordid betrayal of the Shah* and Carter’s irresponsible financing of religious extremists in Afghanistan to spite the Russians.

    Anyone who uttered a word of warning was insulted by the mainstream know-alls.

    Pray tell: would you be charitable?

    *Please do not believe what pseudoleftists say about Reza Pahlewi, google the Shah’s take on neocolonialism and his role in OPEC for a better understanding of this tragic precursor of the arab spring “revolutions”. The fact that it got out of hand at once makes it all the more inexcusable.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  18. Goddard says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    The Founders determined that they and their posterity would improve on the White man’s civilization on the tabula rasa of the New World. They wanted a mega-Switzerland, serene and isolated from the Continental maelstrom. Postwar America has betrayed that vision. We are a multicultural Empire, comically and futilely attempting to orchestrate the political trajectory of Eurasia. Americans have traded splendid isolation for the hard-on of power and got caught with their dick in their hands. What an inheritance Americans are throwing away. The country could be just a few years away from disintegration; I am beginning to think the end is not decades away. Violence, I fear, impends.

  19. @g8way

    USA has done enough destroying over the past few years all on bogus BS —Building 7 was pulled-it was wired to collapse as were 1 and 2 ——war on terror –the only terrorists are in DC –manipulating the CIA – Pentgaon and providing fake news for FOX CNN CBS NBC ABC and PBS to spew out nonsense —let alone Dr Laura on late night radio. Korea ( With Fort Detrick biological weapons) Vietnam—-Afghanistan—–Iraq —Lebanon–Palestine—Libya–Sudan- Syria—- ALL have their origins in the DC-Zionist lair…… now since these forces have returned home—let them loose on Portland and Baltimore—-

  20. @Anon

    WE need someone with a set of balls –someone like Sergeant Slaughter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. True Aim says:

    It’s called hazing. All new members get hazed. At least you didn’t get your noggin rubbed hard like I did.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  22. Goddard says:
    @True Aim

    I’m in now. Let’s get to work …

  23. The US could have given every Afghan family of 5 a quarter of a million dollars and said “sort out your own problems.” Could this have turned out any worse?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  24. @A Call for Honesty

    If they did that, the children of defense contractors and cia spooks would’ve been left hungry and shoeless. 🙁

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  25. The money the afghan rat stole should come out of Israel’s annual multi-billion dollar allowance.

  26. @Goddard

    USA freezing all Afghan assets at Bank—this blackmail is ained to hurt 99% of the Afghan population–the 1% became very wealthy and are now being airlifted from Kabul —

  27. jimothy says:

    None of this was a ‘victory; for the Taliban, American forces withdrew so what we already knew that. The Taliban survived for 20 years which is their “victory”, while being fed by NATO the whole time.

    The only Palestinians are now called “Israelis”, who are mostly the same native levantine people also very similar to Afghans and Persians. The Mujahedin never “defeated” the USSR either, it was all supplied by the West. Moslems are still a rabble that rush in where force is weak… hopefully China will rule them now.

    You are all a bunch of ignorant faggots

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