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Donald Trump Joins Rumble – Rumble Bans Criticism of the Jews!
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The real president Donald Trump was banned from most of the internet after the FBI organized a fake riot at the Capitol on January 6.

At the same time that Trump was banned, the Twitter alternative Parler was also totally banned from the internet. (Arguably, Parler could have fixed the situation using methods similar to what the Daily Stormer used when it was banned, but they didn’t, and just remained banned.)

However, one alternative social media site, which has maintained some resilience, stayed up: Gab. I have my own issues with that site, and don’t personally use it or encourage others to use it (at least not without a VPN, and good op-sec to not put any private information into it). But here’s the thing: Gab was there and it was online and Trump could have been posting on it as soon as he was banned from Twitter. Yet, he chose not to.

Back in May, Gab founder Andrew Torba told TruNews’ Lauren Witzke that after Trump was banned from Twitter, Gab was contacted by Trump’s team.

According to Torba, he was told that Trump might be interested in posting on the site, but that Jared Kushner had some demands for changes, including that Gab ban all criticism of both Israel and Jews generally.

There was no way to confirm these claims by Torba, of course, but it seemed true.

As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner. So it is common sense that Kushner would be the one subverting Trump’s ability to contact his supporters.

This week, Torba’s claims appear to have been confirmed when Donald Trump announced that he had signed up for the alternative video-hosting website Rumble – and Rumble changed its terms of service (ToS) to explicitly ban criticism of the Jews.

On Sunday, Torba posted on Gab screenshots of the Rumble ToS from before and after June 6, showing that “anti-Semitism” is now mentioned as a bannable offense.

Torba used the Wayback Machine, a website that archives old versions of websites, to show the change.


This might seem like a small thing, but it really is the veil being drawn back on the machine that destroyed Donald Trump, his presidency, and his political movement.

We’d already heard a whole lot about Kushner’s various issues with so-called “anti-Semites” in Donald Trump’s base. It appears now that he played a key role in undermining Trump’s most aggressive supporters in order to push his Jewish agenda.

Although I do not personally credit Daily Stormer as being responsible for electing Donald Trump in 2016, several high level Jewish think tanks published papers claiming that our memes and trolling efforts played a significant role in the election. Certainly, at the time of the election, so-called “anti-Semites” had a lot of influence in the MAGA movement.

It’s ancient history now, but the way the censorship came down on the Daily Stormer was clearly a result of our support for Trump, and the way our prominent role in making memes gave us influence over normal Republicans. After decades of “Judeo-Christianity,” the average white American conservative was being asked for the first time why they support the Jews, who have been the enemies of Christendom for thousands of years (and the enemies of Europeans before Christendom even existed).

While we were being banned from everything, people like Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich were exposed as cleaning their Twitter feeds of any mention of Jews or of white identity issues.

Before Trump won the election, both Posobiec and Cernovich were very open to talking about Jews and white identity.

That was all deleted.

What’s more, Baked Alaska posted messages from Cernovich giving him an ultimatum to clean his feed of anything related to Jews or white identity.

This was clearly being orchestrated by someone. Shortly after Cernovich cleansed his Twitter, he was given a press pass by the Trump Administration.

Posobiec literally took a trip to Israel.

Over a period of months, virtually everyone who talked about Jews and white issues was banned from social media. People who did not talk about these issues were allowed to remain on social media. To this day, Posobiec and Cernovich remain among the most trafficked MAGA accounts on Twitter. They do nothing but spew straight narrative, overlapping in an identical manner with Breitbart, which is now totally controlled by Jews.

At the same time as Posobiec and Cernovich (and others) were cleaning their feeds of mentions of Jews, various intelligence operatives were turning the “anti-Semitic” and pro-white side of the MAGA movement into a disaster. FBI informant and emotionally unhinged steroid user Christopher Cantwell and several other freaks were put out by the media as “leaders of the Alt Right,” and the whole thing fizzled into an embarrassing mess. Cantwell and fellow FBI informant Paul Nehlen doxed Ricky Vaughn, who was the single most effective bridge between normie conservatives and white identity ever.

Jack Posobiec pictured with prolific FBI informant Joe Biggs
Jack Posobiec pictured with prolific FBI informant Joe Biggs

Then – very conveniently – QAnon appeared, and filled the void, providing a weird new narrative for Trump’s most devoted supporters. The people who followed Q would have been the same kind of people who would have been open to looking at the Jewish Problem. But information on the Jewish Problem was banned, while Q material was spammed all across Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Gavin McInnes was ousted from the leadership of the Proud Boys and replaced with Enrique Tarrio, who has been confirmed as a long-time FBI informant (who effectively works as an undercover agent).

FBI informants Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs
FBI informants Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs

I know some of the inside baseball here, but I obviously can’t say who told me what (I have the zippedest of all lips). But you don’t really need insider information to piece this whole thing together: the feds were working to destroy any movement towards white identity growing within the Trump movement. At the same time, Jared Kushner (and probably Steve Bannon and some others) wanted to build a support base for Trump that was not explicitly pro-white or anti-Jew.

Therefore, the agenda of the FBI – Trump’s main antagonist throughout his presidency – overlapped with the agenda of his son-in-law, who was serving as his most trusted aide.

I have spent such effort documenting this not only so that you, the reader, understands – but so that the historians of the future have something to guide them in deconstructing this mess. Hopefully, the historians of the future will have access to some of the private communications of the rats involved in all of this. But they won’t necessarily need them. Though we don’t understand all the details, the general picture is very clear.

The Jews Destroyed Donald Trump

You must remember that the whole way through all of this, Donald Trump’s instincts were correct.

You must remember that after Charlottesville, Donald Trump went ape on the media, telling them that their entire narrative was a total hoax, and that it was Antifa who created the violence.

You must remember that it was Jared Kushner that convinced Donald Trump to apologize for these accurate and truthful statements.

From there, you have a very straightforward downward spiral.

Having taken a stand against the Charlottesville protesters, Donald Trump couldn’t defend freedom of speech on the internet. This led to a situation where by mid-2019, there was literally no one on the internet allowed to defend him.

Going into the coronavirus hoax, the internet was completely shut up, locked down like a gulag.

Along with giving birth to the Black Lives Matter chaos, the virus hoax was the justification for the mail-in ballot hoax, which was used to steal the election.

I don’t play myself up much, but I can say as a matter of fact: if I had normal internet access, and my Troll Army intact, there is zero chance that the coronavirus hoax would have been possible. It was simply too dumb and too easily picked apart with very simple sound bites/memes.

It is truly astonishing that even after Kushner enacted policies that led to Trump being run out of office in an election hoax, he is still running the Trump operation to the point where he decides what social media Trump is allowed to use.

All of history would have been different if Donald Trump’s daughter had not married this Jew.

Now, all is lost, and the only thing any of us can do is wait for this system to destroy itself.

The other fact of reality is that Trump cannot possibly be of any use now, because Kushner is still controlling him.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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