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Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin Make the Facebook Hit List! Dangerous & Banned!
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Sam Biddle of the Intercept obtained a copy of Facebook’s blacklist, which includes “dangerous individuals and organizations” that are not allowed to be “freely discussed” on the platform.

This website is actually the single most banned thing on Facebook, as you are not allowed to link it, even in private messages. That happened after a member of the British Parliament demanded we be wiped, I think maybe in 2018. I don’t remember, exactly.

I assume that this kind of “super ban” exists for other web domains now, probably mostly related to Moslems. This ban list that the Intercept has published just features people who they don’t want discussed, which doesn’t mean “your message returns an error if you try to post a link to them.” What I assume it means is that messages that mention these things are de-ranked.

But I looked for my name on the list…

And I was like “whaaaaaa??? No Hoax Watch????”

But then…


The saddest part was the Faith Goldy is listed as a “member” of the Daily Stormer.

Poor Faith.

I can say definitively: she is not a member of this organization, nor am I an organization.

Anyway, this isn’t much of an achievement. This is an ultra-comprehensive list of basically anyone who has ever said anything negative about any aspect of the globalist agenda.

It lists people like Gavin McInnes and Matt Forney, along with organizations like A Voice for Men and Proud Boys.

It’s a very, very long list. It’s literally the liberal “everything bad” dream list.

I would say the most interesting thing about the list is who is not on it.

You can open that pdf there and do your own searches with ctrl+f, but I was very interested to find that Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, and Paul Joseph Watson are not on the list.

This list is so long that it is actually absolutely damning to not be on this list, and it effectively classifies you as being considered an asset by the state.

Of course, there are many known state actors and informants on the list. So being on the list just means that you’re disliked by Facebook bluehairs. But with someone like Ben Shapiro, who is a mainstream figure who is constantly called a “white supremacist,” to not be on this list means that he was explicitly removed from the list so that he could be promoted by Facebook.

But this has been known for a while, specifically with Shapiro. Some shitlibs have actually gotten angry about it, and claimed that Facebook is involved in a right-wing conspiracy with Lil Benny.

Canada’s Ben Shapiro, Ezra Levant, is also not on the list.

I recently explained that half of his material is about the Chinese (the other half about Israel), while he attempts to frame himself as the leader of the Canadian anti-lockdown movement. And he (along with Shapiro) have actually posted information that I agree with as regards the virus hoax. So you just know they are controlled opposition. The overlords know that a certain number of people are going to be opposed to the virus hoax no matter what, so they want to make sure that those people are fed into a system that they control.

I will note that Tucker Carlson isn’t mentioned, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t censoring him. The way these lists work is that people who mention these things are delisted, and Facebook has a deal with Fox News, so Carlson can’t be on this list specifically, because that would lead to Fox News being deranked.

As I said above – this domain is completely blocked from being shared at all, even in private messages. So just that fact alone means that there are different sets of lists for different types of censorship. This list is just a “suppression list,” where anything that mentions these key words gets targeted for suppression by the algorithm. It’s not a ban list.

As far as why this list was published – I have no idea. It could be a real leak. I tend to think that anything that is a real leak gets buried, so I guess we just see how the media responds to this.

We know that the recent “Facebook whistleblower” who appeared before Congress was part of a hoax, someone working to call for more censorship.

I think this is a situation where she was literally told by Facebook to go to Congress and say these very specific things. Even if that is not the case, she’s clearly working with someone, and the media promoted her because she is calling for even more censorship.

There are all types of weird things going on with the censorship agenda, as the government/media/big tech establishment solidifies total control over the internet, thereby securing total control over people’s thoughts.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Facebook 
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  1. Well, did you see Ron Unz on the list? Or Brother Nathaniel?

  2. This website is actually the single most banned thing on Facebook, as you are not allowed to link it, even in private messages.

    I have an old FB account under an assumed name that I use to read mom and pop restaurant menus
    and church events. I have no friends nor do I post. But I just tried posting a link to I instantly got this message:

    “This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:
    To protect people on Facebook from spam, we don’t allow content that contains such URLs.”

    Funny thing is Unz Review isn’t Spam, or Treet, or bologna – it’s pure red meat!

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  3. gottlieb says:

    Congratulations you subversive twat. And yet it’s interesting that the newest craze of FB ‘whistleblowers’ want more folks/organizations added to the list and perhaps have the government add to the list a la ‘airline travel bans.’

    I suspect though Anglin, what ‘they’re’ most pissed off about is not your dangerous satire, but your BTC millions as you routed ‘their’ attempts to ban reader-contributions for your work.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Troll: R.C.
  4. It must have felt like Christmas morning to discover your name on the Facebook shit list!


  5. Congrats!

    And shapiro is a schmuck.

  6. Emslander says:

    We know that the recent “Facebook whistleblower” who appeared before Congress was part of a hoax, someone working to call for more censorship.

    That person certainly looks like a “T” from LGBT. I guess that’s okay, though.

    Censorship is hard to do. It almost always confers power on the listed untouchables. I guess Zuckerberg either doesn’t realize that or, more likely, he has a bunch of idiots working this thing. A lot of the idiots, unsurprisingly, are in Congress, granted.

  7. Andrew, sorry for multiple posts, but lunch hour came and I finally read the list. I see that Antifa is not on the list, but two anti-Antifa groups are. No surprise there. I also see that the Knights Templar International, whose motto is “Defending Christianity,” is on there.

    You know, that’s an awfully lot of people on Faceberg’s list. As in enough to go off and be their own social media. A critical mass has been reached.

    • Agree: Rich
  8. I’ve been banned by so many sites that it reminds me of that old negro blues song ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’, “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”
    Now I sing, “If it wasn’t for UNZ, I wouldn’t have no Funz at all.”

    InfoWars, Alex Jones have mastered the art of URL chasing. By the time GlobalHomoZioBIGs3MIC ban one of his sites, he’s got another and another jumping all over the internet.

    It pays to have multiple backups, especially ones not connected to the

  9. Damn, I didn’t make the FB list, though they disliked me and my views enough to close 3 different accounts I had. On the plus side, I know minimally the SPLC has my name for being a naughty boy in the past.

  10. So then, all “truth” is to be in the hands of other people. One select group. It’s insane. These clowns are using the infrastructure that American taxpayers paid for. On that basis alone, they should be sued and broken up. It’s outrageous what Americans are being put through.

  11. Catdog says:

    Sailer and Unz aren’t on the list. Jared Taylor is.

    • Replies: @L. Guapo
  12. Yesterday Jason Whitlock was discussing the NFL cancelling John Gruden and he goes “well look what we have here: super bowl half time show. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem.”

    Great stuff on the biggest mainstream entertainment stage of the year.

    Leave it to the audience to ponder the standards recommended here.

    • Replies: @Rich
  13. FaceBook is a steaming heap of shit. If you use FaceBook it’s Okay with me. But I don’t want to know anything else about you.

  14. Antiwar7 says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    That’s right: Facebook and Messenger banned the use of any links to soon after Ron pointed the finger at the US over Covid. Very suspicious on their part.

    It also shows there are different layers of suppression there, and probably at most large social media sites.

    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  15. Well, AA, you go after the jews, and just go see who the content officer is at FB, let alone Jeff Suckerberg. His top censor is Israeli. This is a surprise? Notice the jews and it’s off with your head at FB.

  16. Rich says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Any White person watching the NFL should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  17. Daemon says:

    Made it to the big leagues, congrats Anglin.

  18. Anyone who in 2021 still uses any Zuckerberg owned site is either ignorant or choosing to be censored.

    Apart from which Fakebook – I deleted my account 4 years ago and Fakebook didn’t make it easy to do so either – is deliberately structured to act like an addictive drug. If it sold pills or powders instead of your personal data it would be banned as a narcomafia gang.

  19. R.C. says:

    gottlieb: Ass, mine, kiss. (Ask your handler for a new handle.)


    • LOL: gottlieb
  20. ‘…Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, and Paul Joseph Watson are not on the list…’

    All three support Israel.

  21. R.C. says:

    Keep up the good fight AA!*
    *N.B. You ought to use that acronym for you and folks ought to call you that. Given all the drunks out there their efforts to shut that down will crash spectacularly.

  22. Shapiro is a transparently twisted apartheid supporting individual and such people never do well long term.

  23. kihowi says:

    The obvious solution (if we care about this enough) is to, a la rappers, just name ourselves after existing famous people, ideally liberals. There’s nothing against calling yourself Joe Biden on your on Youtube Channel/Twitter account/whatever, or at least phrases that can’t be banned like “Joe Biden’s Speech” or “Joe Biden’s Wife”. Important news phrases work to: “The Economy” or Middle East” or just “Racism and Sexism”. We have to become cleverer and understand we’ll be banned anyway, so start thinking about ways that being banned would be disruptive.

  24. @Antiwar7

    Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest of the post AOL “social media” are at their core, ethno-racist pro-war propaganda platforms. No matter what shit lib corporate drag they dress up in for their white western hostages.

    Everyone thinks the old internet is the same as the present internet. It’s not. This present day shit is 100% lethal. Weaponized to move the ball on multiple genocides on multiple fronts. When you sign up for a Facebook account and click the TOS, you are volunteering to be a captive. A hostage to their ethno-race-state agenda.

    Nationalism isn’t white guys who aren’t fags, drink beer and watch sports on TV. Nationalism is every ancient language group on the planet. The bad guys want one language. One currency. One clone slave race created in a lab designed with no dick or pussy.

    At this early phase, it can still be stopped. People who don’t speak the chosen language merely need to find common cause with each other to stop the threat in its tracks.

  25. Everyone is dangerous to the left or to those who control them, when they don’t obey their agenda.

    Everyone should be locked up, put in prison, if they won’t take a vaccine, won’t believe in climate change, or the right for a hairy dude to enter the women’s public restroom, or won’t laugh at the lefts unlaughable jokes, etc. Off to re-education for you. Off your platform. You must give up your ideals. Your kids must accept the teachings of CRT. You must do some kind of penance the left prescribes, if you resist these things.

    It’s a Brave (cowardly) New World.

  26. While I never read him via Facebook, Twitter, etc. (I’m no longer a user of any social media for many years) I find it amusing that Unz was ever allowed on these. 😃 Unz has mentioned in some of his articles how Amazon et al have censored their listings in recent years. Again, it’s curious that even five or ten years ago many now-prohibited works were even allowed to be sold there. The noose continues to tighten. Here’s a shout of thanks to ADL, SPLC and many other guardians of the public morality!

  27. anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    lol, nice screenshot with Weev right before Anglin’s name for the Daily Stormer. Is not hiding your jewish connections part of the con? Like Mike Enoch with TRS/NJP?

  28. schrub says:

    After reading this article, I decided that it might be time for UNZers to pay particular attention to their computer security, specifically their VPN service. I just came upon this article about the increasingly dubious ExpressVPN company.

    Express VPN is Dan Bongino’s principal sponsor. It is also a major sponsor of the tiny Ben Shapiro.

    Israeli companies are buying up VPN companies. Be very wary when you pick your own.

    • Thanks: schnellandine
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