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China Responds to Joe Biden’s Declaration of War
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Wang Wenbin did not cite a pop song when responding to Joe Biden’s war declaration.
Wang Wenbin did not cite a pop song when responding to Joe Biden’s war declaration.

In Tokyo on Monday, Joe Biden effectively declared war on China, saying he would attack China to steal her territory.

China responded in an adult manner to the senile coot Biden who is in his second childhood.


Beijing warned on Monday it would take all necessary measures to defend its territorial integrity, and urged Washington not to “underestimate” the resolve of the Chinese people.

The rebuke came hours after US President Joe Biden vowed to use military force to defend Taiwan if necessary. China considers Taiwan an inalienable part if its territory.

“The Taiwan issue is a purely internal affair for China,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters, adding: “on issues touching on China’s core interests of sovereignty and territorial integrity, China has no room for compromise or concession.”

China has asked the US to “earnestly abide” by the “One China” policy, under which the US and other nations recognize that there is only one China, led by Beijing. The Chinese government will take “resolute actions” to protect its sovereignty and security interests, the ministry spokesman said.

“No one should underestimate the firm resolve, staunch will and strong ability of the Chinese people in defending national sovereignty,” he added.

Earlier on Monday, Joe Biden said Washington could intervene militarily in case of a conflict between China and Taiwan, calling it America’s “commitment.” The president insisted that the US abides by the ‘One China’ policy but that Beijing has “no jurisdiction” that would allow it to “go in” and use force against Taiwan. Biden also criticized China’s increasingly assertive stance on Taiwan by accusing Beijing of “flirting with danger.”

Joe’s got his war face on. His war face is, however, a national secret.

Imagine that we are at war with Russia ostensibly to defend the territorial integrity of the Ukraine while also ready to go to war with China to violate their territorial integrity.

If borders are sacred, why are we flagrantly violating China’s borders?

I won’t even do the boomer thing and ask what is going on with America’s borders.

As the Russians are constantly saying: the United States does not have any principles at all. They will throw out multiple sets of conflicting principles to promote their interests. And their only real interests are a global gay sex party managed by satanic Jews.

China is actually ready for a war.

You can look around at the American people and see if you think they’re ready for a war.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China, Joe Biden, Taiwan 
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  1. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be great if all the white guys who were recently purged from the military are left safe on the sidelines, oh the sweet irony.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @USA1943
    , @neutral
  2. The USA is ruled by the Khazarian sect. To Khazars, judgment is more important than principles. You wondered why they are so judgmental while being so unprincipled? Ask Noam Chomsky, he’s got the perfect pilpul to explain it.

    • Disagree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  3. anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    America is run by the Military Industrial Complex. Talking up war threats everywhere increases weapons sales to the region. It worked like a miracle with Ukraine with all European pansies falling in line by buying more weapons or joining/coughing up more dough for NATO. Same strategy will now be applied to Taiwan. In addition to selling more weapons to those LGBTQ-loving US-worshiping Taiwanese, South Korea and Japan are also scared into coughing up more dough for America’s “protection”. The only ones not buying into the BS are the ASEAN countries thanks to wise Muslim leaders like Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia, who knows too well of the treachery of the Jews, which is why he keeps all with Israeli passports out of his country.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  4. Mr. Grey says:

    How can we go to war with China when most of our stuff is made there?

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @Passing By
  5. Notsofast says:

    the russians and chinese have just flown bombers in a joint 13 hour patrol over the east china sea and the sea of japan. it seems they are ready to respond to any provocations the failing hedgemon may want to incite. this all seems like a desperate attempt to create a bizzaro version of ww2 where the western powers join the axis powers in attacking russia and china.

    • Replies: @ProfessorChops
  6. anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    LOL probably actresses and models doing a photo shoot for Louis Vuitton.

  7. Thanks to Biden, America is offering free castration services to all active duty servicemen transitioning to eunuchs combat status. and specially designed maternity flight jackets to pregnant Top-Gun fighter pilots. The end is clearly visible.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  8. @Mr. Grey

    Stop asking relevant, embarrassing, and revealing questions.

  9. @Mr. Grey

    Don’t underestimate the idiocy of your political leadership.

  10. anon[305] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Next China will have Eileen Gu stage a photoshoot on the island for SI swimsuit issue, now that she is of legal age. Commies never come any hotter:

    OTOH it might backfire as it might entice US Navy to attack the island sooner in search of other sexy mermaids.

  11. US radio host warns ‘super gay soldiers’ will invade America

    Right-wing conservative Rick Wiles also claimed that US gay rights activists are secret Nazis

    “The German Nazi party was homosexual,” he said. “Hitler was a homosexual. They were trying to create a homosexual special race. It wasn’t about an Aryan race of blonde people, Hitler was trying to create a race of super gay soldiers… It will end up in America just like it was in Germany, but it won’t be the Jews that will be slaughtered.”

    Rick Wiles Warns Adolf Hitler’s ‘Race Of Super Gay Male Soldiers’ Is Taking Over America

  12. neutral says:

    What they should be really doing is overthrowing the ZOG regime.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  13. @anon

    America is run by the Military Industrial Complex.

    No it’s not; it’s run by jews.

    • Replies: @anon
  14. @Notsofast

    Biden and BoJo are tapping into their inner Roosevelt and Churchill. The only difference is, this time, we are on the side of the Nazis. My father and uncle turn over in their graves, insulted even in death.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @HeebHunter
  15. @Fidelios Automata

    Second from the left looks like HOT Sino-Trouble.
    Me rikey velly much.

  16. meamjojo says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Try some real analysis of the political situation….
    On Taiwan, Biden Should Find His Inner Truman
    May 24, 2022, 4:34 p.m. ET
    By Bret Stephens – Opinion Columnist

    The White House insists that President Biden did not break with longstanding policy when, at a news conference in Tokyo on Monday with the prime minister of Japan, he flatly answered “yes” to the question, “Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that?”

    Don’t believe the diplomatic spin that there’s nothing to see here. Don’t believe, either, that the president didn’t know what he was doing. What Biden said is dramatic — as well as prudent, necessary and strategically astute. He is demonstrating a sense of history, a sense of the moment and a sense that, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new rules apply.

  17. Notsofast says:

    are you suggesting he nuke taiwan to scare the russkies? you know he’s just senile enough to do that.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @Badger Down
  18. @Passing By

    The USA is ruled by the Khazarian sect.

    This is just the up-and-coming red herring of the moment. Like its companion red herring, blaming the world’s ills on the Boomers, all talk of Khazars and the Khazarian sect has one purpose only: to deflect attention from the Jews.

    Don’t fall for the hasbara. Don’t feed the trolls.

  19. @Here Be Dragon

    “It will end up in America just like it was in Germany, but it won’t be the Jews that will be slaughtered.”

    It wasn’t the Jews that were slaughtered in Germany either.

  20. anon[305] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harold Smith

    Jews also run the Military Industrial Complex, both directly and indirectly via Wall Street.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  21. Notsofast says:

    my father and uncle as well. my dad was in the philippines and my uncle survived the battle of the bulge. my father hated the japenese for the rest of his life. i once bought a mitsubishi car and all he would say was, “you know they made the engines for the zeros”. i hate to say it but i’m almost glad they don’t have to see what’s become of this country.

  22. @ProfessorChops

    Your grandfathers were pieces of shit who built the foundation for bidet, rosenfeld, churchill and the rest of the commie scum. Good riddance. Hell is forever.

    • Troll: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @animalogic
  23. Notsofast says:

    hey hunter why don’t you lay off the crackpipe for a bit, you’re getting unhinged again, go do some “blow art” with you coke straw it always calms you down.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  24. Anymike says:

    It’s the WOG machine, not the ZOG machine. They all march together in McNamara’s band.

  25. Don’t count trannies out. One just killed 18 kids and 3 teachers in Texas.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Wielgus
  26. Alrenous says: • Website

    Peasants refuse to defend themselves, and I refuse to value their lives more than they themselves do.

    • Replies: @Richebourg
  27. meamjojo says:

    No, I’m suggesting you read the article and try to learn something, old dog.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  28. JR Foley says:

    Ger someone with a set of nuts in DC –someone who can LEAD —-like Justin Trudeau and Christia Freeland —-then USA will be great Again !!!!!!!!!

  29. @meamjojo

    He is demonstrating a sense of history, a sense of the moment and a sense that, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new rules apply.

    He’s just anticipating most sheeple Americans will follow the 1984 script; “Ignorance is Strength”.

    There is the need for the citizens to subvert their will and their awareness to accept the contradictions the government puts forth.

    Imagine that we are at war with Russia ostensibly to defend the territorial integrity of the Ukraine while also ready to go to war with China to violate their territorial integrity.

    They are expected to bury the truth and accept irrationality. Ignorance is therefore strength as it is the willing ignorance of the people who ignore obvious contradictions. They fail to investigate such inconsistencies as a non-threatening war with an ever changing enemy. It is this ignorance that maintains the power of the government and the seeming coherence of the the society. It is only through ignorance that people can find the strength to live in their “false democracy” where the government oppresses them (masks, lockdown, forced vaccinations etc..) even while communicating to them how fortunate they are.

    • Agree: Kali
  30. @Notsofast

    he suggesting nuke Hawaii to stop China bringing Freedom and Democracy to the Pacific. US feeling verry threatened!

    • LOL: Notsofast
  31. repugnant says:

    It’s the money. It’s the people that print the money that run the show. Everything goes back to the people who print the money. Problem is what they print in the West isn’t worth anything. When they can no longer print the money, it’s game over. Complete societal collapse. So was this the plan? Or was it because of the act of a psychopath? I do know one thing, should the printing stop tomorrow, the nation is in no shape to handle it. I’ll make a prediction and state that any gold that’s been stored in Fort Knox was stolen long ago.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @animalogic
  32. @Here Be Dragon

    Hitler’s “super gay soldiers” ?
    If it’s a joke, it’s not funny.

  33. @Alrenous

    I’m not sure 8 year olds can be charged with that. How this tranny just walked into a grade school with rifles is worth a question or two.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  34. @HeebHunter

    Distinguish between the individual soldier etc & their political masters. Don’t blame the one for the other.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  35. @repugnant

    “I’ll make a prediction and state that any gold that’s been stored in Fort Knox was stolen long ago.”
    Man — I’d love to know the truth about physical gold & the US Gov….

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  36. @Notsofast

    Not my fault your granddaddies are burning in hell having fought for kike interests and never repented for it.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  37. @meamjojo

    Oh boy, oh boy. That said, you’d be a perfect guest for dinner.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  38. PJ London says:

    Like Kamala, Joe’s mouth is not connected to a brain.
    There is no point in anyone taking any notice of either of them. The Russians, Chinese and Indians know that he is irrelevant and confine their discussions to the ‘players’ in their private meetings. Unfortunately both Kamala and Joe say things in front of cameras and have to have a response so that no-one is allowed to think these fools are for real. Both the USA and China et al. then have to repudiate everything these two and a number of equally stupid, loud and camera seeking idiots spew forth.
    It doesn’t really matter as the game is being played out, the end is clear for anyone with two or more brain cells.
    Fortunately it is the Russian vision that will be dominant in the West and not the ‘Banker/Elite/Illuminati/Globalist’ objective.

    “Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” ~
    Edgar Cayce circa 1935

    Which is why they are willing to confront, fight and if necessary die for their neighbours and brothers in Syria, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and half a dozen other countries.

  39. Alrenous says: • Website

    Peasant children’s parents refuse to defend their own kids, and I refuse to value a child’s life more than its own parents do.

    If Americans were serious about stopping school shootings they would have shut down the school system a long time ago. “Common-sense school control. Shut down the “””education””” system until we figure out what the hell is going on.”

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  40. Alrenous says: • Website

    It was “leased” to folk like jewellery-makers.

    “Of course the Wall Street bank has to pay the loan back in gold at some point, but the central bank is always happy to roll it over.”

    “this story chimes oddly with [the claim] gold is a money of last resort in a crisis. As, of course, it is. But leased gold will not magically reappear in a crisis.”

  41. Notsofast says:

    my senario is more likely than the one described in the times. you know the motto of the nyt: all the news that fits the narrative, stop reading mockingbird media dogboy, it’s rotting what little is left of your brain. does the times have an online comment section (i doubt it) but if they do why don’t you comment there? your pavlovian view point will fit in better there, with the rest of the drooling dog brains.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  42. Notsofast says:

    given your stupid name and your even stupider comments, your smelling like a mossad troll, paid to stupid up the thread. either that or you shit yourself again, they smell about the same. it’s so sad that the once proud hunter biden has to make a living in this manner.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  43. anon[565] • Disclaimer says:

    Takes two to tango. China needs to stop referring to Taiwan as “internal affairs” and simply call it “private matter between us”. Perhaps Taiwan wouldn’t feel as threatened then.

  44. 5/06/2022 文贵直播:中共重蹈慈禧的覆辙愚蠢地向全人类发动了战争,俄乌战争让王沪宁和习太阳更加相信莫德尔斯基的理论和轴心文明的概念;习深信未来是中共的天下,只要世界爆发大战,中共就能干

    The CCP made the same mistake as Empress Dowager Cixi by foolishly launching a war against the entire humankind. The Russia-Ukraine war made Wang Huning and “Xi the Sun” further believe in George Modelski’s theory and the notion of axis civilization. Xi is convinced that the CCP will dominate the world and that as soon as a world war breaks out, the CCP will be able to take out the US dollar, replace the US as the world’s hegemon, and recover as quickly as Japan and Germany did after WWII.


    4/8/2022 文贵盖特:郑州、上海、长春的同胞们所遭受的灾难让文贵一时语塞;有战友买的NFT被中共拿枪抢走,中共的邪恶远超劫富济贫;上海封城中最惨的是受过高等教育而且还相信共产党的人,同胞们

    The suffering of the fellow Chinese in Zhengzhou, Shanghai, and Changchun left him speechless. A fellow fighter’s NFTs were robbed by the Chinese Communist Party at gunpoint. The evil of the Chinese Communist Party goes far beyond “killing the rich to help the poor”. The most miserable people during the lockdown of Shanghai are those who are highly educated and still trust the CCP.

    Scared and shivering with fright in hot Mumbai, Mehool Bhai

  45. @Alrenous

    Clarification: Agree with the second paragraph. I can’t agree with the first without lots of qualification.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  46. meamjojo says:
    @Passing By

    “That said, you’d be a perfect guest for dinner.”

    I’d eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti…

    • Replies: @Passing By
  47. meamjojo says:

    If you read the articles I posted, instead of spending all your time replying with your current limited knowledge, you might learn something new, including that the NYT does indeed have reader comments on selected articles.

    I have made thousands of comments there but of course under a different pseudonym. I doubt they would allow any of your comments through their moderation though. So sorry…

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  48. Taiwan is the property of the Republic of China, not Xi’s red China.

    • Troll: Bro43rd
  49. @Notsofast

    Nothing you say will ever wash away the fact of what your unrepentant granddaddies and daddies did.
    Burning in hell for eternity, knowing you are there because you murdered people for kikes and commies. How pathetic.

    “your smelling like a mossad troll”

    Are you sure I’m the little yid here? Are the kikes too arrogant to train their employees in English now?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  50. Notsofast says:

    i doubt they would allow any of your comments through… because being the flagship mocking media outlet and they only let deepstate trolls comment.

  51. Notsofast says:

    hey the devil called to leave a message for you. he said your grandma’s down there and she sucks cocks in hell. don’t take it personally, i’m just relaying the message. have a nice day.😇

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  52. @meamjojo

    Boo-hoo, I’m scared. Nah, still can’t take you seriously momma’s boy. That said, I think that you should quit political commentary and try comedy instead, it’s definitely more your shtick. And given that your kinfolk run the entertainment industry, you’ll have job security.

  53. @Notsofast

    Mad little mutt, lol. My grandma is still alive, healthy, and wholesome. She has many children and the best part is none of my immediate family was ever a part of any commie subhuman organization nor did any of us ever support them, directly or indirectly.

    The same cant be said for the majority of amerimutts and slavs.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  54. @Mehool Mehta

    Is there anything more repellent and pathetic than a psychopathic Sinophobe sepoy, kissing the White Bosses’ arse?

    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
    , @IreneAthena
  55. Notsofast says:

    what about your other grandma?

  56. @anon

    Jews also run the mass media for example but that doesn’t mean it’s not incorrect and misleading to say that “America is run by the mass media.”

  57. @animalogic

    Distinguish between the individual soldier etc & their political masters. Don’t blame the one for the other.

    The thing is, it’s always “the individual soldier” who does the dirty work for their political masters. And the individual soldier always has a moral choice. Anyone who chooses to just follow orders is generally choosing to do evil.

    For example, the jew-controlled U.S. “president” sits in an office far away from where people are being killed. All the “president” does is shuffle papers, make speeches and give orders. The only power the “president” and his handlers have to actually hurt anyone, anywhere, rests exclusively on the willingness of his subordinates etc. to carry out the evil orders.

    This is one reason why jews always seek to corrupt people. The more corrupt the society, the more jews are able to manipulate people into doing their dirty work; i.e. the more power the jews have in that society. The deception and corruption of the people – creating masses of morally incompetent, easily manipulable order-followers – is the sine qua non of jewish power.

  58. @mulga mumblebrain

    Is there anything more repellent and pathetic than a psychopathic Indophobe White Aussie thief, kissing the CCP Bosses’ arse?
    Chinese demons and White Thief like you want to break up out Great India apart, we know your tricks. you will fail. The proud sons of India will defeat you.
    —Mind it
    Mehool Bhai

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
    , @fjwieo
  59. IreneAthena says: • Website
    @Mehool Mehta

    Is there anything more repellant than [any repellant thing you could name]? I know one:

    She and her ilk are enemies you and mulga mumblebrain have in common:

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  60. IreneAthena says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes. One “suitable-for-display-at-the-range” photo immediately springs to mind.

  61. fjwieo says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    lol, fools, just u r demons

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