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China Deletes Dozens of LGBTQ WeChat Accounts from University Students
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I read on GETTR that it is very bad for the Chinese to censor the gays.

GETTR is the Donald Trump social media site that was created by Falun Gong to stop Donald Trump from being censored, and it is apparently big on the gays.

The Guardian:

An online clampdown of social media accounts associated with China’s campus LGBTQ movement has sparked outrage, solidarity and backlash against the authorities’ treatment of the country’s sexual and gender minorities.

Dozens of WeChat accounts run by LGBTQ university students were blocked and then deleted on Tuesday, without warning. Some of the accounts – a mix of registered student clubs and unofficial grassroots groups – had operated for years as safe spaces for China’s LGBTQ youth, with tens of thousands of followers.

Attempts to access the WeChat accounts were met with an error message which said the content had been blocked and account deactivated “after receiving relevant complaints”. Other messages said the accounts “had violated regulations on the management of accounts offering public information service on the Chinese internet”, Reuters reported.

The shutdowns have added to concern over China’s worsening intolerance for sexual and gender minorities and activism, which has also targeted feminist groups and individuals who have sought to push back against discrimination.

Tencent, the parent company of WeChat, did not explain the reasons behind the mass take-downs, and declined to comment when contacted by the Guardian.

Homosexuality in China was illegal until 1997, and classified as a mental health disorder until 2001. And while public acceptance – and commercial capitalisation – of the LGBTQ community in China has grown, authorities have not followed in step. The authorities’ slow squeeze of China’s LGBTQ community has been going on for some years – but until recently were often met with activists’ pushed-back.

In 2015, a Chinese film-maker sued state administrators in a quest to discover how and why his gay-themed documentary was removed from local streaming sites. He eventually won the case. In 2018, after outcry, social media platform Weibo reversed a controversial publishing ban that lumped homosexual content in with pornographic and violent material.

But activists said the space for activism has become visibly smaller in the last few years. In 2019, another social media platform Weibo reportedly purged all comments and posts that feature the hashtag #les, in reference to lesbians. Weibo users also reported that they were no longer able to use the rainbow flag in their bios.

By “activism” they actually mean “promoting gay anal behaviors to children.”

In New York, a spontaneous art exhibition to commemorate the deleted WeChat accounts is being planned for later this week. Organisers of the event called on participants to bring their own poems, graffiti and rainbow flags to highlight censorship.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the department was aware of the shutdowns and was concerned that China had restricted the accounts of groups which were “merely expressing their views, exercising their right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech”.

Homosexual speech does not actually pass the Miller Test, and therefore is not covered by the First Amendment in America.

Many people don’t know that. But we never allowed these faggots to run roughshod on us. The promotion of homosexuality was always considered obscenity, and not political speech.

Theoretically, you could talk about homosexual political issues under the First Amendment, but the outright promotion of man-on-boy anal which is so popular now would have been illegal all through history, for the same reason pornography is illegal: it is not political speech and it has no artistic merit.

A lot of retards on the internet – both left and right – do not know anything about how the First Amendment actually works, and therefore think that anal speech is protected speech. Again, some of it might be, but not the normal anal propaganda that we are all familiar with – that is simply obscenity, by any normal, accepted, historical definition.

China has more free speech than America, and their system of regulating speech is closer to the traditional American system. China also bans pornography.

Obviously, China bans some kinds of criticism of their government, and that would violate our First Amendment, but on the whole, their current situation is much closer to our traditional situation.

This is how the Founding Fathers themselves would analyze it.

Thomas Jefferson himself argued for the death penalty for faggots.

Again, I’m sure he would have allowed discussion of the issues – but not the propaganda promoting the act to kids. That is not free speech, it is obscenity.

Go read the scholarship, find out about the Miller Test and the other SCOTUS rulings, and realize that the First Amendment is perfect.

Do not forget what they’ve taken from us.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:

    The more prominent an anti-China agenda becomes in China, the more exponentially the risk of both popular and official backlash. Popular backlash IS official backlash, and vice-versa.

    One thing you can say about the Chinese (and Russians, Iranians, Turks and Arabs): they are not in any way attracted to modern Western cultural norms.

    No agenda, no matter how entrenched or widespread, is ever safe if it promotes values that are deemed inimical to their society. The reaction can be swift, ruthless and quite brutal.

    Different civilization.

  2. Meh, when the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Depravity got started, homos and lesbians, they said they wanted to be left alone to do their thing, live like they wanted. After a while, they weren’t the New Thing anymore, they were left alone. But that wasn’t enough, oh no. Then they wanted to adopt children, get ‘married’, then the queers wanted to drop their infected blood into the supply even knowing they had AIDS. Then came trannies. But it isn’t enough to leave them alone. Because they’re ALL, without qualification, deviant and mentally ill, they aren’t happy being left alone, they have to constantly move the bar on their mental illness and perversion and especially, stay in our faces. No amount of attention is ever enough for these freakos. Then it was parades, advocacy in the schools, now a tyranny against noticing what sick fuckers they ALL are. It’s all gone on way too long. They don’t understand how many political enemies they make for themselves, me being one of them. I don’t want them hurt, jailed or re-educated (as if that’s possible, they’re sick puppies). I just, like them 40 years back, want to be left alone and freed of this. Since they don’t shut the fuck up, I don’t. I despise them.

    So Russia, Hungary, Poland and China, whatever society/government has the balls to stand up to the sick, demented, anti-social queer tyranny agenda and army is ok with me. China has a problem in that the race to pervert the Taiwanese society is well-on now. The sooner they take it back the better. It isn’t as if we can do a thing about it militarily, this weekend would be ok with me. I didn’t used to give a shit. Seeing their destruction, I do now. Anywhere they’re seriously opposed or crushed back into their closets has my full support.

  3. Is China acting wisely?
    Again, is this a matter of ‘Diversity’ that destroys culture?
    The more a person deviates from the normal required by culture, the more difficult it is to live in a community that requires adaptation to the norms it sets.
    But anomaly and maladaptation can also be produced and activated in the same way as normalcy.
    Is it therefore necessary to act like China so that culture does not fall apart?

  4. Its time to stop pretending that gay is only wrong when promoted to kids. Gay is always wrong and they should be excluded from all societies. Especially since we know in the end they always come after the kids. But stop pretending that any of them don’t go after kids.

    • Agree: picture111
  5. 1st Amendment:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    The way I read it, there can be no law that in any way restricts speech or the distribution of information of any kind. Any test invented by the legal eagles is null and void as it violates the explicit wording that’s as plain as day. All the ‘hate speech’ nonsense is not legal even though the courts disagree. That’s because the courts are corrupt.

    Once you agree with obscenity laws, for example, you’ve allowed the camel’s nose inside the tent and the rest of what we have is the result. We may each find certain things objectionable, but to make them illegal puts us on the slippery slope we’re currently experiencing. Be careful what you wish for – you may get it in spades.

    • Agree: Realist, acementhead
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Anonymous
  6. jsinton says:

    Simply discussing homo topics does not violate the “Miller test”. Sending out nude homo photos unsolicited does. Therefore the “Miller test” standard does not appear to apply here to Chinese homos simply discussing their thing unless they upload graphic content. More to this story than simply “homo=bad=illegal” with regards to the “Miller test”. Author should know that. Free speech is free speech, whether you like it or not. In fact, that’s the whole point to “protected” speech. You’re not supposed to always like it.

  7. Rahan says:

    Once you agree with obscenity laws, for example, you’ve allowed the camel’s nose inside the tent and the rest of what we have is the result. We may each find certain things objectionable, but to make them illegal puts us on the slippery slope we’re currently experiencing. Be careful what you wish for – you may get it in spades.

    And yet the West is where it us after it begun dropping obscenity laws, not because it begun enforcing them. Counterintuitive as it may be, first the West had to allow pipi and kaka into the publics discourse, and then it began amplifying it and making it the most important thing in the world, while restricting trad free speech and rights and the same time.

    A pipi and kaka civilization. It’s come to this. “Pipi and kaka is our core values. It is who we are.” And now it’s an exported value too. “Become fixated on pipi and kaka like us or face punishment.”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  8. Every society on Earth must have gay bowel syndrome literally shoved up their collective assholes by the Judeo-Masonic/Communist satanists.
    To refuse to allow the pedophilic-animal rapists the legal protection of law is their ultimate goal. Yes, Rothschild and Rockefeller wish to rape children and animals legally and openly. Why? Because it pleases their master, Baphomet, aka Satan, Ishtar, Inanna, Osiris, Seth and Baal Hammon.
    Don’t forget to be a good sport and get your death injection from Pfizer, 99.9% graphen oxide for the perfect blood clot to your heart-brain-lungs every time. The globalist judeo-satanists want all gentiles dead so be a good slave and die.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  9. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    There must not be a lot of Jews living in China, or rather, those Jews who live in China must not be very prominent in the government and in shaping popular cultural norms.

    In fact, one can identify those nations with strong, healthy sense of their culture, their history, and fewer social problems and correlate it to how little influence and political power that Jews have in their countries.

    Thus China’s Jewish population must be even smaller than the US’S.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  10. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Uh, China’s laws aren’t based on the US Constitution. They really don’t “owe” the rest of the world a reason as to why they ban what they ban. It’s their country, not ours.

    • Replies: @jsinton
  11. Good for China…….children (older teens) should be protected from choices that damage their health – mental and physical.

  12. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Judgement after death based on moral conduct appears first in Ancient Egypt. It is alluded to in surviving texts from the 3rd millennium bc, but explicit in the 2nd. A multitude of surviving texts described how the recently deceased come before Osiris for judgement. Those who pass inherit eternal life. Those who fail are first punished and then annihilated.

    Among the sins they had to declare to be free from (either by abstinence or absolution) is found in the following declaration the deceased has to make to Osiris “I have not committed adultery, I have not lain with men”

    Seth is a more ambiguous character. In one form he becomes the Satan of Christianity and Islam yet at the height of Ancient Egyptian religion they sought to integrate his place in the divine economy. The religions of the book have also always struggled with the problem of evil and omnipotence.

  13. anon[367] • Disclaimer says:

    Good on China. Acceptance of homosexuality was the beginning of the end of the West, because it never ends there. The (((left))) doesn’t know when to stop pushing. Now we’re beyond acceptance of trans, they are actively pushing it on kids to “seek their true selves”. CA and WA already passed laws that mandate public schools begin teaching gender ideology starting in K, and homosexuality starting in 4th grade. In 6th grade, kids have to do a secret school survey that declares their (likely) gender and sexual orientation. My kids’ mandatory HS sex ed preaches sexual violence prevention by using homosexual couples to normalize things: “Kristal doesn’t always feel like having sex with Diana but she felt pressured…” Kids are also taught that it is perfectly safe to have sex with people with HIV as long as you use a condom, no mention that not all condoms protect against it, or that condoms could break, or what happens when HIV infected do not get access to medication.

    The West has been sold a bill of goods on homosexuality. Much has been made of Catholic priests’ molestation of altar boys, what was left unsaid was that these men were all homosexual pedophiles. I used to be on the fence about gay marriage, thinking as most “right-minded” people did that as long as it’s between consenting adults…this article from Boston Magazine changed my mind by opening my eyes to the deep link between homosexuality and pedophilia (warning: it is a sick read, the equivalent of a red pill on homosexuality)

    In the article, the owner of a gay theme bookstore said that if he stopped selling literature on man-boy relationships, he’d have nothing left to sell. The central character in the article is a guy named “Socrates” who adopted over 30 teenage boys(or younger) from foster homes, plied them with drugs and alcohol and lured them into relationships with him — sounds just like former Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who only got exposed because some of the foster kids he molested were black. Oh what a quandary for the libtards at the Seattle Times, if they exposed him they’d bring down a gay icon, if they didn’t they could be accused of racism. Even then they waited until the fourth accuser who came forward to expose him.

    Gays molest little boys often because they were themselves molested growing up, often by people they knew. But few have the courage to tell themselves “the buck stops with me”, instead they grow up to repeat the same sick acts on other children. It is also a way for them to grow their population, so that they can have more potential partners down the road.

    Once a society accepts homosexuality, it has no place to go but down. The West is on an irreversible decline because of it, thanks to the depraved Jews who run our media, academia and entertainment industry. Now thanks to the internet, they can spread their message far and wide, bypassing the traditional movie and book censors of most countries. China is not helping things by bringing 5G everywhere through BRI. No country, even China, can have an effective firewall to protect their citizens against this Western rot. It’s time for the CPC to rethink BRI, or come up with an alternative to the world wide web.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  14. Please support all gay non-Whites.

    Less violent and (usually) don’t breed.

  15. Alfred says:

    By “activism” they actually mean “promoting gay anal behaviors to children.”

    Few people seem to realise that the risk of sexually-transmitted infections such as syphilis are 100 times higher among homosexual and bisexual men than among heterosexual men. In view of this, I think it is quite reasonable, as a public health measure, to discourage such behaviour – especially among children and adolescents.

    The Chinese authorities would do well to quote this statistic.

    Data from 2015, analyzed with a new methodology, show that the incidence of primary and secondary syphilis among MSM was 309.0 cases per 100,000 people, compared with 2.9 per 100,000 among men who reported sex with women only, according to Alex de Voux, PhD, of the CDC’s epidemic intelligence service, and colleagues at the CDC and Emory University in Atlanta.

    The disparity was even more marked when the rate among MSM was compared with the 1.8 cases per 100,000 population seen among women, the researchers reported in the April 7 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

    Syphilis Now Primarily a Disease of Gay Men — Incidence rate more than 100 times greater than among other men (2017)

    The reason women have a much lower rate than “heterosexual men” is because a lot of bisexuals pretend to be heterosexuals in these surveys. The true increase in risk is more like 160 times

    • Thanks: Rahan
  16. @Rahan

    To remedy a situation, one must first discover the root of the problem.

    It is the law, the legal system, that is at the root of the problems with the freaks in the society. The law has granted them privileges above and beyond what the rest of us are offered. The sexual freaks couldn’t indoctrinate the children in schools if there weren’t any gov’t schools. They couldn’t influence the curriculum if there were no school board or teachers union. It is the law that puts the busy bodies in their positions to overrule what the average person wants.

    There should be no laws against homosexuals, transvestites or other freaks or mentally deranged individuals, just as there shouldn’t be any laws for them. The entire civil rights scam needs to be done away with as it encourages every freak to seek a legal status that enshrines their activities as legitimate under law.

    Every person should be able to choose with whom to deal with according to their personal judgement. It is when the law steps in to force unnatural associations that a never ending escalation ensues to try to fix what the previous law created with a new law.

    • Agree: acementhead
  17. anon[728] • Disclaimer says:

    The elites in these countries (East Asia, Mideast, Eastern Europe) may not be into LGBTQ, but the young ones are susceptible to Western(really Judeo) influence through the internet. They think adopting the Western lifestyle means accepting LGBTQ, associates both with “coolness”, and that it is old-fashion, uncool, even “mean” to not accept gays and trans. Acceptance by the unsuspecting public is always the first step, and first through the young and educated, like college students who dream of coming to the West, before it becomes “the law”.

    I recently started watching a series called “The Duchess of Duke Street” on Amazon Prime which was filmed in the mid ’70s. The synopsis of the show tells us it’s about a woman named Louisa Trotter (played by Gemma Jones) who wanted to become “the best cook in England”. After the first episode, the show took a turn. It became about “exposing” the rot of Victorian high society – starting from the highest level, with the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward, son of Queen Victoria, who started an affair with the married heroine, down to the licentious lords and ladies, dukes and duchesses, and all the crooks and swindlers in London. We are made to believe that a Victorian “gentleman” is one who has affairs left and right with married women. The show was produced by a “Jack Rosenberg”.

    The Victorian era was known to be a period of utmost conservatism in English history. Queen Victoria and especially her husband, Prince Albert, were known for encouraging English high society to embrace and extend conservative values such as integrity and self-restraint. The Victorian era also saw the height of English culture that included the second industrial revolution. Jews in the entertainment industry on both sides of the Atlantic have been working hard to tear down those conservative values for the past century. Every show produced on that era has been about licentious extra-marital affairs, out-of-wedlock pregnancies of the upperclass, and/or making a laughing stock out of the “stiff upper lip”.

    “The West” is no more. It’s time to refer to it as what it really is — Judea. “The West” has adopted Jewish values wholesale — depravity, greed, unscrupulousness, over sensitivity, greed, narcissism, selfishness, licentiousness, pleasure seeking, unctuousness, vengeful, punitive, blame everyone but yourself. The rest of the world would do well to avoid Judea at all cost. The internet is the final frontier, where Judea spreads it’s rot to affect hearts and minds, esp. the young. The rest of the world has no chance of fighting this Judea rot unless they block the internet or start a new one completely separate from the WWW.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Tsar Nicholas
  18. jsinton says:

    Uh, author makes the “Miller test” point to demonstrate how it’s “theoretically not covered by the First Amendment” in the US. I point out that “yes, it is”, and that the author makes a false point.

  19. Vinnie O says:

    Ya gotta READ more, guys. In the Classic era, both Romans and Greeks practically REQUIRED sexual relations between boys and adult men (Q: In Greece, how do they separate the men from the boys? A: With a crowbar…). This was because female humans were considered to be “malformed” (i.e., because the women had a big hole where their penis should be…), and so a man could ONLY establish a mature, romantic relationship with another man (and then occasionally boink a woman to produce children).

    But as WIDELY as Greek and Roman men boinked boys, this was ALWAYS “between the thighs”. That is, the man lay on top of the boy, and they rubbed winkies together. Anal intercourse was considered an abomination, although it was apparently popular with Roman men. Lesbian sex between 2 women was some kind of joke.

    And of course the Old Testament’s ONLY statement about homosexuality (at least among males) runs, “For a man to lie down with another man [as if he was a woman…] is an abomination before God.” (period. end of discussion)

    But then Moslems are forbidden ALL alcoholic beverages. So ya might wanna closely review the list of Sins before ya settle on a religion. (I’m pretty sure God don’t care: EVERYBODY goes to heaven. “Sin” is an excuse for PAID professional priests…)

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  20. I sent the Guardian LGBT article to a Chinese professor friend whose personal life I know nothing about. Here’s his reply:

    I, myself, monitor a very active LGBTQNB+ WeChat Channel that is still operating in China as I write, and which has never suffered any CPC interference despite occasionally criticising the Chinese government! Of course, most people in the West are not members of WeChat and cannot see for themselves about whether the AP is ‘lying’ when it asserts that the CPC has ‘closed-down’ gay chat-rooms and channels on WeChat. Despite the terrible behavior of the Western colonialists – modern China is still developing a rapprochement with the LGBTQNB+ community and has every intention of pursuing this objective. 

  21. @Anonymous

    According to the American Jewish Year Book 2015 there were 2,500 “core Jews” in China. If you add on those with 1 Jewish parent it gives 2,700. Adding in the non-Jewish spouses of the children with 1 Jewish parent brings it 3,000. Adding in quarter-Jews and their spouses brings it 3,300. That is certainly not a large Jewish population.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  22. The crude homophobic hatred of the author, mirroring his misogyny, is pathological. China knows that LGBTetc agitation is just another tactic to spread social discord. The presence of the Evil Falun Gong cult, ie the CIA, tells you all you need to know. Queers will not be persecuted in China, so long as they remain loyal to State and culture, and attitudes will definitely slowly change to quiet acceptance. As happened in Cuba. Belligerent, Western-directed, outbursts won’t be tolerated, nor should they.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @Rahan
  23. @Godfree Roberts

    The West will exploit ANY social tensions in order to attempt to spread discord and social hatred, following the Western model, in China. They main audience, however, is the dullard Western masses, who must be agitated to HATE China, preparatory to war. That process is working well, as the Sinophobes have 100% dominance in the sewer that laughably calls itself the ‘Free World’.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  24. @Vinnie O

    I can just hear Sappho and her friends laughing.

  25. @Jim Christian

    Jefferson on the death penalty for faggots, poofters, was right. Traditional American culture has been preserved in Iran but not in America.

    What amazes me is the total power of the Pervert Lobby. Why are all EU rulers instantly down on one knee to it when the ruler of Hungary talks like Thomas Jefferson? Well, no, gets very slightly out of line? Goes slightly Jeffersonian?

    And what’s this stuff about sexual and gender minorities? There are no such things! Can’t be! There can only be mental illness on sex.

    Murderers are a minority. There are such. Genuine minority! But they are discriminated against. Why?

    • Disagree: Jim Christian
  26. Conzos keep characterizing Jewish-Style Censorship(aka Censchwarzship) in the West as ‘Chinese-Style Censorship’, but in point of fact, CSC is in style and substance nationalist, normative, anti-degenerate, moralist, pro-majority, and patriotic. It is the opposite of JSC that is anti-moral, pro-degeneracy, anti-goyim, anti-nationalist(at least for goyim), and pro-minority.

    If indeed the US had CSC, the corrosive influence of Jews, homos, and various degenerates would be greatly curtailed.

    China suppresses globo-homo degeneracy. That is CSC, pro-majority and nationalistic.

    US encourages BLM lunacy and ‘gay’ poo-ride celebration while white resistance and moral courage. That is JSC, pro-minority and globalist.

    It seems CSC would actually do wonders for the West. If white folks acted like the Chinese and used the power of censorship to favor white moral majority over Jews, blacks, and homos, the West would be much better off. Whites should call for CSC and oppose JSC that rules the current West.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  27. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I suspect that Western propaganda simply aimed to suppress all news of ‘Communist’ China’s accomplishments and exaggerate or fabricate all bad news.
    I also suspect that, to the degree that the goals were discussed, the aim was to wait for a Soviet style collapse.
    Now there are more hungry children, drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, and imprisoned people in America than in China and nobody knows what to do.

  28. dimples says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    That’s sad. Here was me hoping that the slopes would invade us and liquidate the LGBTQNB+ community forthwith. It is surely better for us to trust in hope for the goodness of the CCP that you assure us is true than to be forever oppressed by Jews, faggots, trannies and dykes.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  29. It’s understandable that China would seek to stifle anything that promotes homosexuality, pornography or anything that goes against traditional marriage, family and the raising of children, considering their aging population The Chinese authorities only need to look at the mess that western Europe and North American have become since homosexuality was at first tolerated and now rules the roost. Traditional sexual relations are now treated as if they were deviant. The Chinese authorities know that every LGBTQ movement in their country has western money funding it. These things need massive amounts of money to promote them or else they would go back in the closet where they belong.

  30. Seraphim says:

    The backlash against LGBT+++ is gaining speed. Look what happened recently in Tbilisi and Hungary. But the brain-dead EU-Sodom commissars refuse to see the writing on the wall.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
  31. Anon[244] • Disclaimer says:

    Adopted Jewish values wholesale? Sad but true. For example, only Jews celebrate the child-sacrifice holiday Passover. “Christ our Passover lamb is sacrificed for us,” reads the Jewish-authored Jew Testament. Another example: Jews identify by their sick genital mutilation. “We are the Circumcision,” reads the Jewish=authored Jew Testament. That blasphemous book does indeed define the Jewish-inspired values of The West. Rabbi Jewsus’ statement that “Salvation is from the Jews” is false. It’s time to consider that you were born right the first time; it’s ok to be white.

  32. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Disagree on the execution of the poofs. I’m not Saudi. I just want them to fuck off, do their thing and STFU. The trannies are really a particularly sick group. That mentioning a tranny man-to-woman conversion cannot carry a baby to term will destroy the one who noticed is the absolute sickest fucking aberration in our society. In pushing these sick, demented notions they turn out lots of enemies and opposition. Like China, Russia, the Muslim peoples that are simply, in their societies, not going to tolerate these sick freaks. And hopefully hasten the rescue of countries like Taiwan from the mental illness of the sexual perversion of the west. South Korea and Japan and most of Asia is long-perverted. Hopefully China will arrest the spread of this mental calamity.

    • Agree: El Dato, Ann Nonny Mouse
  33. Rich says:

    Do you believe that the men who wrote those words would have allowed pornographic publications? Tracts extolling the virtues of homosexuality Bestiality? Necrophelia? Pedophilia? Of course not. There is an argument for absolute free speech, but it’s not a Constitutional argument. Unless your position is that those who wrote and voted for the 1st Amendment didn’t know what they were doing.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Jim Christian
  34. @Rich

    You’re attributing something for which there is no proof.

    What they thought is unknown unless they wrote it down. What they did write down in plain English does not in any way allow for any type of speech censorship. What is written down was codified into the laws that created the country. To second guess what you’d like it to say does in no way change what it actually says.

    By making an exception, you start the process of adding more exceptions and soon the 1st is no more. I prefer an absolute interpretation, exactly as written, so that no politician can make any claims against speech he doesn’t like.

    Each of us may object to certain speech, pictures or more generally information transmitted from one person to another. To deny one person their speech, no matter how offensive or benign, can’t be justified on any rational basis because it’s just an opinion and thus should have no effect on the speaker.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Disagree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
    , @Rich
  35. @Rich

    Free speech is one thing. Noticing the wars brings no notice. Noticing the sick fucking trannies brings hatred that overwhelms the murders of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Iraqis and Afghanis in the press. These cunts are sick beyond redemption. It will take 3 generations, but eventually even the sickos and psychos will be flushed down the toilet. They are beyond any redemption.

  36. They, the founders, would have had you drawn and quartered for pushing sexual depravity that advocates tranny-tyranny. Are you fucking kidding? With the free speech sensitivity of 1750-1776 America? They would have done the right thing, for that age, hung you by the NEC. I do NOT advocate that or mean it personally you understand. Just pointing it out for that age the mention of such horseshit would get you killed. Just saying…

  37. Rahan says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Queers will not be persecuted in China, so long as they remain loyal to State and culture, and attitudes will definitely slowly change to quiet acceptance.

    The Chinese gay dating app blued is so successful that it entered the stock exchange last year.

    “Gay oppression” in China (or Russia, Hungary, and Poland for that matter), is as much of a myth as the imaginary “Christian oppression” in China, which is set to become the most Christian country in the world within a decade (

    The Chinese gays are so oppressed the govt allows their dating apps to become leading corporations, yeah right. They are so oppressed that the local alternative to Amazon (Alibaba) sells a million types of gay sex toys and uniforms.

    When globohomo says “they oppress gays over there” in the current year this means “they do not allow us to use gays as a virtue symbol to transform their society as we see fit”. Globohomo media and talking heads lie about everything, all the time, from the smallest topic to the biggest.

    In today’s China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, the lifestyle situation is Reaganist libertarianism. Do what you want behind closed doors. Do not be an antisocial freak when outdoors. Thus we all many happy national family harmony great prosperity chop chop.

    • Replies: @Smith
  38. @RoatanBill

    One obvious issue for me is “how should free speech apply around children?” The basis for movie ratings G/PG/R/X/XX was always the premise that some things shouldn’t be broadcast around kids. I doubt that any of the politicos today would tolerate a special meeting where boys 7 years old are told ways to get into a girl’s pants. People still understand the idea of standards of decency before children when it comes to advocating heterosexual behavior. However it becomes more common to say that one should be able to talk openly about homosexual behavior in front of underage children while cultivating ideas that they might be trans. That is pure lunacy.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  39. Dumbo says:

    Why so much LGBTQphobia?

    Here, watch the SF Gay Men’s Chorus telling you to “Vaccinate”:

    You would do what pederasts and transgenders tell you to do, wouldn’t you?

  40. Dumbo says:

    I have no idea of what the Founding Fathers thought at the time, but I doubt that they had “WeChat” and promotion of homosexuality in their mind as “legal free speech”.

    Otherwise, they would have been called the “Fondling Fathers”.

  41. Was surprised to see Anglin pick up on this so quickly. Thankfully my uni has banned its Pride org in lockstep with the Weibo crackdown. Unsurprisingly, it was started by a gay student with an older Jewish-British lover.

    • Thanks: Rahan
    • LOL: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  42. Realist says:

    A lot of retards on the internet – both left and right – do not know anything about how the First Amendment actually works, and therefore think that anal speech is protected speech.

    There are a number of commenters on TUR that have mastered the ability of anal speech…some are quite long-winded.

  43. @Patrick McNally

    We can all agree that children need to be cared for properly. That’s the parent’s job. To have the gov’t make things illegal because parent’s don’t want to be bothered raising their children isn’t the solution.

    We can all agree that certain speech should be frowned upon. My list of what I don’t like would be different from your list of what you don’t like. When gov’t steps in to make laws, only one OPINION becomes what constitutes normalcy under the law. That’s illogical.

    The issue is in the law. The law doesn’t prevent speech we don’t like, it just creates a penalty after the fact that allows gov’t to do more of what it does best – screw the population. Today, we have ridiculous ‘hate speech’ laws that can be applied to almost any utterance pertaining to a controversial topic. It is in the law making that the trouble starts and then more laws are made to try to overcome the inadequacies of the previous law, ad infinitum.

    Trying to limit speech causes more harm than the speech itself.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  44. Yee says:

    To my best understanding, gay on social media is not banned in China. However, public “Proud Gay” events are discouraged. I remember one such event got cancelled a couple of years ago.

    If those accounts really got deleted, I believe it’s for something else, not for LGBT.

  45. @anon

    I really China is in a flux even with all it muscle flexing on the international scene. The difference is (I will say for the US, not the rest of the West) that the majority of its people are not down with the woke agenda the regime is pushing and increasing not down with the globalist regime that has been pushed by all past American regimes for decades. In countries like China Russia and many Islamic nations the governments and a large part of the populace share the same or similar values. It is the systemic corruption that is being challenged. The average Chinese person has too much on his/her plate to really give a rat’s ass about gays, trannies or pink unicorns farting rainbows. But they are very concerned about corruption. Can someone give me an independent critique/analysis as to why the Chi Coms are so opposed to Falun Gong? No I do not want the Falun Gong website. I have very little knowledge or info on them.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  46. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Good post. Sometimes I browse the comments more thoroughly than other times and I had found an article referred to which gave a rather good analysis of Communist infiltration of gay circles long before Stonewall. It makes sense when one takes into account the constant pushing of the envelope. Yes, we all know at least one narcissistic faggot who never wants to get of stage, but the organized homosexual agenda stems from a deadly combination of personal narcissism mixed with an organized push for the destruction of traditional society. Gays could have never done what they have done without the aid of Marxists (and I don’t mean Groucho or Harpo).

  47. Petermx says:

    One more reason to like and admire the Chinese.

  48. @Jim Christian

    Yeah you would think Conservative Republicans would support the Chinese government.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  49. @anon

    Indeed it brings about the destruction of society because it destroys the family… Yet anti family doctrines are seen as “enlightened”. Scary times. They will also pretend that it doesn’t increase STD’s also…

  50. @Brooklyn Dave

    Falun Gong is a religious cult. I believe the headquarters has shifted to rural NY state. They run Epoch Times and China Uncensored with the help of the NED.

    • Replies: @picture111
  51. An online clampdown of social media accounts associated with China’s campus LGBTQ movement has sparked outrage, solidarity and backlash against the authorities’ treatment of the country’s sexual and gender minorities.

    Yes indeed, a spontaneous demonstration of outrage, solidarity and backlash took place in the Guardian’s canteen over this; at least eight and maybe as many as eleven “journalists” and other unspecified employees were involved. Kitty McHawke, toilet cleaner and LBG spokesperson who is said to change gender no less than five times a day, gave an eagerly-awaited interview to the BBC. Sadly much of this consisted of profuse weeping and incoherent rage, giving rise to the speculation that the canteen uproar was related to the alleged poor quality of the sausage rolls. However, no less than the august figure of the Editor is reputed to be calling on PM Boris to send out the aircraft carrier, if they can arrange a temporary loan for the fuel oil and borrow a few aircraft. “That’ll show them,” s/he is reported as declaring, “after daring to throw us out of Hong Kong … it’s also the very last time I order General Tso’s chicken … ”

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  52. @anon

    You are quite correct. Vast majority of Chinese people could NOT care less about the gov. delete some LGBTQ wechat account. As a matter of fact, they may actually approve this. Almost all Chinese parents would feel so ashamed if they have had a child who becomes LGBTQ. No right or wrong, just a fact.

  53. @showmethereal

    yes, anti China cult fa lun gong headquartered in Dragon Springs, a 400-acre compound around Cuddebackville in Deerpark, New York. They are a sweetheart of the U.S. gov.

    • Thanks: Showmethereal
  54. Anonymous[738] • Disclaimer says:

    No, along with free speech is what is known as RESPONSIBILITY which is seldom practiced in school or home for that matter, you know it’s a lot like lying everyone does it, so it’s o.k. even the high court ruled that lying is alright in political discourse.

    I mean after all don’t you like to be lied to just because its “so-called free speech’ free from libel suit or anything else, and then people say oh where has America gone pumped down the crapper with endless lies and propaganda lol now ain’t that free speech wonderful.

  55. Smith says:

    There’s a gay dating app in China?

    Wow, just wow.

    Though I guess this is no surprise considering the popularity of yaoi/Boy love novels in China, to the point of them getting live action. What a weird development.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  56. And then there was that Finnish song “Join Me In Death”: good tune, exciting guitar, persuasive vid enticing young people to suicide. Well, rumour has it the song was banned in Japan, because teens there are easily led astray.

  57. @Smith

    That’s how its started in the West, with gay bookshops stocking whatever novels their readership preferred that you couldn’t find in regular bookshops. Now the Internet has replaced the bookshops and dating and chat sites are the gay bars where they meet. Once you let them get the foot through the door … they’ll have a foot up your ass in no time.

  58. Mike Tre says:
    @Jim Christian

    “Meh, when the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Depravity got started, homos and lesbians, they said they wanted to be left alone to do their thing, live like they wanted. ”

    This was never their plan, but their plan depended upon the naive to believe as much. Groups of people don’t just go from “just leave me alone” to demanding homosexual themed cakes be baked or organizing Show of Force Marches (aka gay pride parades) rife with open displays of sodomy in the streets.

    Homosexuals want power*, so they can achieve their political interests (pederasty) regardless of the effects on the entire society. Just like every other ethnic minority group. It’s almost like a pattern.

    *From homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood (access to children), to bathhouse riots, to a massive sympathy HIV campaign, to don’t ask don’t tell (access to young male adults), to homosexual boy scout troop leaders (access to children,) to homosexual marriage (health insurance for AIDS riddled “spouses” annnnnnndddd… access to children via adoption), all the way to transsexualism (access to children via kindergarten story time); homosexuals have always sought more power. And it’s all driven by their want to groom and sodomize teenage boys (thus creating more homosexuals via sexual abuse and the associated mental illness that develops). They are a blight on all humanity, and tptb in China are wise in their attempts to contain them.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
  59. @jsinton

    Free speech as you define it and as true liberals define it (“I really dislike what you are stating, that’s the kind of ideas I have devoted my life to fight, but I will hear you expose them as many hours you may take and I will fight to death anyone who tries to gag you”) has never been America’s forte : nearly all Americans look for intellectual comfort zones, not for vivid intellectual exchanges, which they consider as a loss of time, inner peace and ressources that should be reserved to gainful work of some sort. I shall give herein an example of mine : I once congratulated Mr. Fuerle for his effort of having put together his e-book “Erectus walks among us” but I also wanted to make some remarks.

    His main idea was an axis going from individuals and races obsessed with their genital functions and behaving in an irresponsible towards the future, to those rather concentrating onto long-term planification, resulting in higher IQ’s, an axis with Blacks on one side and East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews on the other with Nordic Whites not far behind. I provided him with one devastating counter-example : the Irish who for a considerable scored as low as the Afro-Americans on the same tests disqualifying most the latter, up to the late fifties and early sixties when all of a sudden these Irish-Americans became indistinguishable from regular Yankees. I also spoke of my own experience with African Blacks as a teacher and interpreter : the most sex-obsessed ones are NOT the ones with lowest IQ or lowest grades at school, it rather seems that the ones not denying their hypersensual nature have often a surprizingly keen wit and taste for puzzles (even if they are not world champions) compared to those who behave as browner versions of Western human stereotypes.

    The guy was too busy working for his survival to go on with that casual conversation as he said. In other words he implied that he had produced his book to capitalize on his status as a talking head show star, and enjoy the revenues to be derived thereof, even if it meant being an official enemy (negative publicity is better than no publicity and even positive), not to look for any truth. The guy should have had the decency to cancel me for my lack of more abundant academic sources and experience.

    The US First Amendment is what I call a civilizational lie, that was put there mostly to charm the most enlightened fraction of the European population (especially the French, who have always been the main target clientele for world wide sold lies) into utter lack of critical sense towards the young country (which was deserving of far more mistrust as the most clairvoyant intellectuals saw it could become one day the whole West’s nemesis), like later on in history Stalin’s constitution for the USSR which was on paper the most democratic in the world ever. In reality the US have always been a mosaic of intellectually safe spaces hermetically closed onto each other by the means of religious sects, or progressive doctrines behaving exactly on the same mode as religions. The US traditionally extols freedom of faith but has a very hard time with freedom from faith, and the freedom of faith was always within the confines of a catalogue. The First Amendment was written for one practical purpose : giving the new country the best tool to combat its arch-enemy of then, the Catholic religion, and the whole of Christianity and the very roots of common sense on a more long-term planning, at the benefit of Judaeo-Masonry. In practice it deferred the power of censorship to the private sector as the word of publishing has always been in very few hands in the US.

  60. @Patrick McNally

    3,000 Jews is way too many among a population of 1.4 billion.

  61. @Godfree Roberts

    suspect that Western propaganda simply aimed to suppress all news of ‘Communist’ China’s accomplishments and exaggerate or fabricate all bad news.

    What’s bad about keeping queers from taking over your country?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  62. The real problem isn’t that there are homos in China who want to be boofed in the ass — yes, there are, and such people exist in all societies — but that globo-homo is a weaponized proxy of Jewish Hegemony. And it’s not about ‘gay rights’, or the freedom of homos to be homo, but Gay Rites, a sacralization of homo/tranny stuff into magic and sacrament. Excrement into Sacrament, that’s what globo-homo is all about.

    Without globo-homo agenda, we can all be far more tolerant of ‘gay’ stuff. Let homos be homo, live and let live. But because homos are encouraged, funded, and weaponized to subvert the entire culture, they must be opposed. Homos are not working to win the right to be homo but to mandate us into celebrating their lifestyle as wondrous and ‘rainbow’-like and shutting down any voice that dares to oppose the sheer degeneracy(kink) and lunacy(tranny men as ‘women’) inherent in the agenda.

    It’s like the JQ. Almost no one has any problem with the Jews having the right to be Jewish and practice their religion or their customs. But Jewish Agenda isn’t about the right to be Jewish. It’s about Jews taking over goy societies and dictating what is what, which usually comes down to “Goyim must forsake their own identity, territory, and culture BUT totally support and serve Jewish identity, territoriality, and hegemony.”

    Jews and their proxies the homos are not calling for tolerance but demanding subservience. Subservience to their supremacism and privilege as neo-aristo rulers of the world.

    This is why all sane nations must oppose globo-homo at this time. It’s been weaponized.

    It’s like there’s a difference between sane socialist proposals and communism. Socialism seeks to balance the extremes of capitalism. In contrast, communism seeks to destroy capitalism and make everything socialist.

    Jewpremacism and Globo-homo are not about getting along with the majority communitites. They are about gaining total control over the majorities.

  63. Globo-Homo agenda against China is ‘kink-the-chink’.

  64. @showmethereal

    Well, it shows you where their values really are. The most sensible ones are too propagandized to see what it’s like over there, and the rest have objectives that do not connect to anything traditionally considered “Conservative.” This is why they are as dangerous as the nut job radicals. A subtle knife.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  65. @dimples

    God helps those who helps themselves. Tough fight though, here.

  66. @Supply and Demand

    Sounds like a nice place, and the eternal anglo at work (but not even the fun 19th-century world strider).

    Here, the only beings who publicly rejected the rainbow were the racoons at the animal exhibit. They tore the cardboard rainbow right up, they did.

    • Replies: @anon
  67. @Priss Factor

    If white folks acted like the Chinese and used the power of censorship to favor white moral majority over Jews, blacks, and homos, the West would be much better off.

    They did, and still would, if Jews didn’t own the MSM, and all 3 branches of the US government.

    • Replies: @Gugwee
  68. @RoatanBill

    The US Supreme Court has ruled that the right of free speech does NOT include the right to yell FIRE inside a crowded theater.

  69. Mike Tre says:
    @Carroll Price

    The entire “yelling fire…” hypothetical completely misunderstands the specific intent of the 1st amendment. It’s a straw man riding on the back of a unicorn.

    Freedom of speech applies to the limitation of what the government, specifically Congress, can legislate in regard to the ability for people to speak against the actions, laws, etc. of their own government. A theater owner, or any business owner has (or at least used to have) the right to dictate the speech and behavior put forth within their own establishment. The 1A was never intended to give anyone the right to speak or yell or shout whatever the hell they want where ever they happen to be at any time of the day. Further, it was never intended to protect the creation and or display of pornography or homosexual buggery.

    It’s actually shocking, in an irritating sort of way, that lots of people who think they are smart don’t seem to understand that the Bill of Rights applies to limiting the power of the government, not regulating private citizens/businesses.

  70. @Godfree Roberts

    Why violence, of course-the West’s last remaining strength. The sheer villainous viciousness of Sinophobic hatred here in Australia, now increasingly racial and cultural, not ideological (although that remains)is simply beyond belief. So deranged are the local White, Western supremacists that they appear to think that China is Iraq, and that it will soon ‘collapse’ (as that deranged thug Gordon Chang has been predicting for thirty years). War on China will end Australia, but they are out of their minds with racist fury at being so comprehensively outdone by ‘mere Asiatics’.

  71. @Carroll Price

    Or, as with anthropogenic climate destabilisation denial, to shout ‘There is no fire, and block all the Exits, as the building burns down around us’.

  72. @Carroll Price

    As that well-known queer chappy, Noel Coward said in The Italian Job (the Italians just returned the favour!)’ Freddy, everybody in the world is bent!’. No doubt even you Carroll has a little queerness in you.

  73. Rich says:

    Well, Bill, we can look at the laws that existed at that time. We can read the writings of the writers of the Constitution. They didn’t exist in a vacuum. How recent was the Supreme Court ruling that legalized pornography? A week ago? Homosexual “marriage”? Two days ago? I’m always amazed at how historically illiterate mist people are.

    Anything can be twisted and changed to mean whatever the owners of America want, and the easily swayed will go along with whatever lunacy they’re told to believe.

  74. @anon

    “The West” is no more. It’s time to refer to it as what it really is — Judea. “The West” has adopted Jewish values wholesale — depravity, greed, unscrupulousness, over sensitivity, greed, narcissism, selfishness, licentiousness, pleasure seeking, unctuousness, vengeful, punitive, blame everyone but yourself.

    It is Judah in time span of King Manasseh who sacrificed his sons to the fires of Molech. (2 Kings 24 in the Bible).

    Manasseh repented and turned back to God but society had been destroyed very effectively during his fifty year reign.

  75. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:

    Here, the only beings who publicly rejected the rainbow were the racoons at the animal exhibit. They tore the cardboard rainbow right up, they did.

    Nature cares nothing for human sexual politics and other silliness.

    If we were a more enlightened society, we would observe the ways of nature and learn its eternal wisdom.

  76. Gugwee says:
    @Carroll Price

    But we let them take over. We swallowed their lies, hook, line and sinker. We made their lies our religion. We were dazzled by their Hollywood razzle-dazzle. We borrowed their money to buy their crap. We voted for them. By “we”, I mean Americans in general. A people without a strong bullshit radar are a people who will not last. It’s survival of the fittest on this brutal planet.

  77. The term “free speech” is commonly taken to mean “free expression” and as such understood to license insults, blasphemy and obscenity. A clearer term would be “free debate”, which is a necessity insofar as debate is indispensable to lucidity in political, religious and moral issues.

    The author is totally right that China, because it does not equivocate on the meaning of “free speech”, effectively affords more free speech to its citizens than the US (and satellites).

    A society that passes off antisocial speech acts as “free speech” is insidiously and deliberately impairing freedom of debate. This is why we have both the ADL and politically-backed obscenity. These are two sides of the same coin.

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