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Censorious Lo Latine Lo Cubane Says He Was Not Aware of Comrade Nina’s TikTok Videos
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The censorious lo Latine lo Cubane DHS chief Alexander Mayorkas was questioned at a Senate hearing on Wednesday by Republican Senator John Kennedy as to whether he was aware of the TikTok videos posted by the new “Disinformation Governance Board” chief Nina Jankowicz.

Kennedy described the videos as “really quite precocious,” a deadpan reference to the Mary Poppins parody song Jankowicz uploaded herself singing.

I have no idea how many people would have gotten that joke – probably not very many. I have a newfound respect for Kennedy. Not that I was necessarily totally against him before (at least in comparison to the rest of these rats).

Lo Latine lo Cubane Mayorkas responded that he was not aware of these TikTok videos. That may or may not be true of him personally, but his organization must have known about them. Virtually all businesses do social media background checks now, and the feds do an FBI background check that includes a massive cache of public and private personal information.

But even if Mayorkas was not aware of these videos, if he was aware of Jankowicz at all, he would definitely be aware that her entire career has been devoted to pushing censorship, both via private companies and via government thought controls. The TikTok videos are the worst example of this heinous agenda, making the whole thing appear to be a parody of itself.

But she has written an entire book claiming that the internet is a “toxic environment for women” and demanding the whole thing be censored in order to protect the feelings of women. She says that “women” – whatever the hell that is, amirite? – can’t simply ignore mean things that people say to them because women are emotionally unstable, and therefore they need censors to protect them from people saying mean things.

Moreover, she’s gone far beyond “protection from mean things” – the whole “safety from harassment” thing – and gone into saying that people who use coded language to bypass censors must be hunted down and prevented from making jokes about protected groups in code between themselves. She calls this “malign creativity.”

Using coded language so you can talk with a private group of the initiated without being censored is literally the diametric opposite of harassment, and proves that she is not simply concerned about “online safety” for the feelings of emotionally unstable people, but with silencing the ability of anyone who disagrees with the government to be able to communicate at all.

What is the Point of This?

No one is explaining what the point of this “board” is. That is the real question here. What the hell are we even talking about?

The DHS already had the ability to spy on people and investigate them based on the theory they could be plotting violence. Every law enforcement agency has that ability. So what is this new group to fight “disinformation” if not a censorship organization?

No matter how many times lo Latine lo Cubane Mayorkas says it isn’t about government censorship, he will not explain what it is about. He is just lying to prevent this from being shut down.

Of course, no one is going to shut it down anyway. Kennedy and others will complain about it for public points, but they won’t shut it down. The right never shuts anything down.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    The background is important here. CIA set up DHS as its domestic Phượng hoàng center to destroy independent civil society. So monitoring and repression of unauthorized discourse is integral to DHS’s mission

    CIA uses trusted cadres, which gives their apparat that dynastic look. So naturally for their front-line secret police, they’re going to use a scion of Jew mobsters from Cuba. They helped CIA try to kill Castro. They helped CIA actually kill JFK.

    How did this wog Majorkas manage to pick a cunt loony enough to discredit his Soviet censorship effort off the bat? Majorkas is one stupid fuck. Imagine a Cuban kosher nostra mobster who got into Dartmouth for his treason, and he can’t even get his son into an Ivy League law school? How pathetic must that little dago be? Ali’s OK for core Phượng hoàng activities of arbitrary detention and torture. But subtle stuff like censorship is way over his head.

    Jew have been getting lazier and dumber as they prey on the subject population. But Majorkas is extremely dumb even by that standard.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  2. lavoisier says:

    Mayorkas is really an amazing liar. He does it so effortlessly and casually that the man really must be a sociopath.

    Imagine the depravity a society must have reached to allow such a scumbag and obvious enemy of the American people to be in charge of protecting your borders.

    In a sane society such a traitor would never come anywhere near such a powerful position in government.

  3. Anon[885] • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that she spends so much time mugging for the camera on Tiktok shows her emotional development is stuck at the teenager level. It’s weird for her to be so childishly gleeful about shutting up other people yet be a hardcore attention whore herself.

    It reeks an awful lot of, “I want to shut down the entire internet except for my videos, so that everyone in the world will be forced to concentrate only on me, me ME ME MY PRECIOUS PRINCESS SELF!!!”

    Her behavior shows her to be a narcissist with histrionic personality disorder.

    I think she has an underlying agenda she hasn’t told her bosses. They think she’s going to concentrate on politics. No way. She wants her job to be about nothing except promoting herself and shutting down everyone else for every reason imaginable.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
    • Replies: @Emslander
  4. @lavoisier

    Mayorkas is really an amazing liar. He does it so effortlessly and casually that the man really must be a sociopath.

    He’s Jewish. It’s as effortless as breathing for him. Attorney General Merrick Garland (Garfinkle) is the same way.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  5. No one is explaining what the point of this “board” is.

    To try to better stick to their adaptation of 1984 ?

    BTW, Mr. Trump was onto something when he tried to ban TikTok.

  6. Some people lie the way most people breath. Seems like we may have two of them here. Lying is a prerequisite for these type of careers. If Mayorkas did not know about her damaging videos and speeches he should step down right away and be given a blue collar job to re-educate himself and to live and learn what life is like for the people he is screwing. If he knew about the videos and speeches, which does have a high possibility of being true he should be jailed for attacking the First Ammendment…Treason!

    They play this guy as a “Latino,” aw, which he is sort of but it seems his White European Jewish heritage trumps that. Possibly why he chose Nina. Birds of a feather. C’mon they both have blueish eyes, that’s European. His story mentions immigration/ refugee status but to Beverly Hills! My folks were real WW1 and WW2 refugees and they went to low paid, hard work, factory/ sweatshop jobs in destroyed Paterson, NJ. They weren’t rich. Beverly Hills is rich and I’ve read and seen, heavily Jewish! They certainly did not move to a Spanish speaking Latino part of Los Angeles and there are lots of areas like that where most Latino “refugees” go to live.

    Often when wealthier White European Jewish “Latino” people moved out of Cuba because of Castro it was because many of them were in Cuba with various industries, legal and illegal, to exploit the labor of the people of Cuba and Castro put an end to that for them. With them it’s not about capitalism or communism just about making lots of money anyway possible except possibly actual physical labor. Even bending the truth. How else do you get millions to fund armies of NGO’s to attack anything that stands in your ideological way.

    Now many of them have set up shop in the USA to exploit us. The death of the casino world in Havana was the birth of Las Vegas with similar players. We have a government that creates things which exploit us and this “Ministry of Truth” is today’s example. At the end of Mao’s reign and the end of the USSR increased lying and censorship became the norm. When lies begin more lies are always needed for the ruling elite to maintain their power and more importantly their greed which buys power!

    A note on the NGO mention above. 26 NGO’s have sent a letter to Twitter advertisers bagging on the Musk take over with the usual BS. On the list were the Black Lives Matter the Global Foundation and the Women’s March among others. At the time I had a hunch both NGO’s were compromised and fully working for Clinton and the Democrats and this proves it! BLMTGF dialed up the aggression and was utilized after the women’s March didn’t deliver forcefully enough. A contrived incident of anti-Semitism seems to have ended that.

    But there are lots more NGO’s on that list and we’re now seeing public policy and law jobbed out to NGO’s, private entities and the growing alphabet of “security”services. There is no transparency and the private companies are protected by privacy laws to do things which the government can’t do. Just like Twitter where corporate executives see the Freedom of Speech law as their own personal choice. Generally the real scary part is that at the end of the day nothing happens to them. There must be some big bucks bribes out there to be sure!

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
  7. When the rest of the world sees these kind of idiots it gives other world leaders no reason to take us seriously.

    Hence Ukraine, and OPEC getting ready to give us the finger, and China slowing trade down because they can . . .

  8. “what we’ve dubbed ‘malign creativity’ — the coded language, memes, and context-based content which allow harmful posts to avoid detection,”

    That’s a pretty good description of apocalyptic religious texts, like the Book of Daniel or the Book of Revelation. Has anyone asked all those Evangelicals about them being characterized this way?

  9. @lavoisier

    Imagine the depravity a society must have reached to allow such a scumbag and obvious enemy of the American people to be in charge of protecting your borders.

    You seriously think the DHS is concerned with protecting our borders? Really?

  10. Emslander says:

    Her behavior shows her to be a narcissist with histrionic personality disorder.

    From what I’ve seen of them, this seems to be the shared personality of a large sector of American women born after 1980.

    • Replies: @JimB
  11. Emslander says:
    @Mr. Turtle

    To have a guy like this running “Homeland Security” indicates to me that we’re a lot further gone than even Donald Trump imagined. I think I’m lucky to be living in a part of the country that’s not very attractive to either illegal immigrant slime or power-hungry bureaucrats. It’s very attractive to those people who hope the system collapses sooner rather than later. We’ll be like a green meadow that the brush fire passed around.

  12. @lavoisier

    He can’t be a traitor because he’s only a rootless cosmopolitan paperwork American to start with.

  13. Hey Andrew,
    Where can we find the dailystormer? Is it up at the moment?

  14. Notsofast says:

    why can’t there be one honest journalist left, who would ask her, “who did you fuck to become so rich, famous and powerful?”.

  15. anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Majorkas is standing up his organization at warp speed. He has a very deep bench and key staff.

  16. meamjojo says:

    Why Biden is in Danger of Replicating Woodrow Wilson’s Propaganda Machine
    The administration’s new disinformation board is falling into all the same traps as a disturbing World War I initiative.

    John Maxwell Hamilton and Kevin R. Kosar
    05/05/2022 04:30 AM EDT


    John Maxwell Hamilton is the Hopkins P. Breazeale Professor of Journalism at Louisiana State University, and the author of Manipulating the Masses: Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda.

    Kevin R. Kosar is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. They are the authors of the research report “Government Information and Propaganda: How to Draw the Line?”

    In an almost offhand fashion last week, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told several congressional committees that his Department of Homeland Security had created a new body, the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB). He offered few specifics as to how it was combating disinformation, and few have come since, apart from his meaningless comment that the DGB would have no “operational authority or capacity.” In short, the message amounted to “There’s nothing to see here or worry about.”

    We disagree, and we have seen this saga before. An episode from over a hundred years ago tells us a great deal about how such a venture can go wrong, and to some extent already has.

    We refer here to the Committee on Public Information, created by President Woodrow Wilson on April 14, 1917, one week after the United States entered World War I. This was done through a three-sentence executive order that offered no meaningful specifics other than that the CPI would be headed by the pyrotechnic, muckraking journalist George Creel.

    Wilson seems to have had in mind that the CPI would be responsible for censoring information that compromised military operations. This, of course, was a matter of legitimate concern. But in the next 18 months that the war lasted, the CPI grew willy-nilly into a ministry of propaganda. “There was no part of the great war machinery that we did not touch, no medium of appeal that we did not employ,” Creel wrote after the war in his book How We Advertised America. It was one of the few times he made an understatement. The CPI soon began declaring “the facts,” calling out Americans who dared to dissent, and even chastising small town editors who took minor exception to administration policy.

  17. neutral says:

    Mayorkas is really an amazing liar. He does it so effortlessly and casually that the man really must be a sociopath.

    He is a jew, being an amazing liar is baked into the jewish DNA.

    • Troll: meamjojo
  18. Hey, Nina, go bake a pie…

  19. ‘Jane, you ignorant slut’ now needs to be changed to ‘Nina, you ignorant bitch’ to become a meme.

    I’m old enough to remember the Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin exchanges on Saturday Night Live. Dan would start off his comment with ‘Jane, you ignorant slut’. Today, we need another truth teller to discredit the whole Ministry of Truth that’s been introduced.

    The “reporters” in front of Jen Psaki at the lying sessions known as press briefings, need to start every question with : “Jen, you lying cunt”. Those that will eventually be in front of Nina, should in a similar fashion start every query with “Nina, you ignorant bitch”. That sets the proper tone for these meetings.

    When reporters are in front of Biden, it should be: “Joe, you fucking moron”.

    • LOL: Spanky
  20. Latine sounds like Latrine

  21. JimB says:

    “Her behavior shows her to be a narcissist with histrionic personality disorder.”

    From what I’ve seen of them, this seems to be the shared personality of a large sector of American women born after 1980.

    This is certainly true for young women whose parents are college educated liberals who can still afford the equivalent of a 1950s middle class lifestyle in a detached single-family home.

  22. I looked at the wikipedia. Bryn Mawr class of 2011.

    They did not say if she/he/it was transexual or jewish. She/he/it did have an excellent grade point average but I have never heard of a famous scholar who went to Bryn Mawr. Isn’t that like the 23rd most exclusive college in Boston?

  23. Wyatt says:

    Jankowicz, Psaki and before them Brzezinski. You don’t even have to factor in Polish jews like Bernie and Feinstein. Poles just seem to be white n!ggers with stupid, unpronounceable names and shit politics. I’m starting to understand why the Germans wanted them gone.

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