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Candace Owens Goes All In on Anti-Semitism Hoax – Shapiro Lashes Out!
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I wish Candace and Ye could just get married. They look so nice together, but this Jew culture they grew up in convinced both to marry outside of their race.

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Candace Owens still works for Ben Shapiro’s “Daily Wire,” despite the fact she is friends with Ye. Apparently, Shapiro doesn’t like the optics of “canceling” the black woman for being friends with someone who talks about Jews.

Sunday, however, the little man in the tiny hat lashed out at her for quote-tweeting anti-Zionist Jew Max Blumenthal. He called her “garbage.” Candace responded without bowing, saying Shapiro should have contacted her privately.

This is pretty based.

(Note: calling Blumenthal “an anti-Zionist Jew” sells him short a little bit. I actually really like Max Blumenthal. I also feel a bit of animosity, because he says so many of the same things that I say but he’s allowed to say them because he’s Jewish, whereas I get totally shut down. But I do like him, and I agree with him.)

Candace has been walking right up to the line on the Jew issue in other tweets. In particular, she’s defending Kyrie Irving, who is being brutally hounded and persecuted by the Jews.

It’s fascinating that even Matt Walsh – a fellow Shapiro employee – was agreeing with her about the Jews.

It appears that Candace’s boldness inspired Walsh to stand up.

This thing with Kyrie, as a kind of addendum to the thing with Ye, is serving to reinforce the point. You now have all black people and most conservatives saying that this entire “anti-Semitism” narrative is just used to control people.

You better get your house in order, Benny! Your people are rising up against you!

Not even your own staff is willing to push this “anti-Semitism” hoax anymore!

The people are waking up to your swindle, Benny!

If I hadn’t been shut down by the Jews, I would have ten times your traffic right now!

It’s over, Benny!

Listen closely, Benny – you can hear the hoofbeats!

It’s happening again, Benny!

The goyim know!

Time to pack up and flee to Israel!

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Alrenous says: • Website

    When the pie starts shrinking in earnest, the coalition of the margins immediately cracks along the obvious lines.
    Will it turn out that blacks have the most intersectionality points, or Jews? Which is worse, slavery, or the holocaust? In-fight! In-fight! In-fight!

    • Agree: Atle
  2. Another black is stepping up against the kikes. While the “huwhite race” of the Negro-Saxon stock cower like the dogs they are. Well-bred goyim.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
    , @Irish Savant
  3. Notsofast says:

    here’s the old “self-hating jew” slur, they like to hurl around. candince is a coward for pretending she doesn’t know who max blumenthal is, she should have called shapiro out on his “anti-semitism”. i have respect for max blumenthal and i agree with every one of his positions, that i remember. his lineage makes me a bit nervous but i never believed that the sins of the father are automatically inherited by the son.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  4. Just from reading your headlines here on The Unz Review, I get the feeling that you think Twitter is life itself. Get a job, man.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Thanks: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @DCThrowback
    , @Irish Savant
  5. Fr John says:

    The entire world is waking up to the lies of the Deicides. Kanye merely said it as simply, as sophomorically as the average dumbed-down ‘Murrican,’ and suddenly, everyone is noticing.

    Shut it down? I don’t think so, Gab is aflame, and more and more historical quotes are trending over at Torba’s place. Thank God.

    We are ALL Kanye now.

    And Shapiro, Kushner, Schumer and the other members of the pseudo-Tribe had better start practicing apologies… not that it will do them any good.

    Cf. Killing’s The Saxon Awakes

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  6. Notsofast says:

    we must all point out that slavery is worse because jews profited from the slave trade but blacks didn’t participate in the holocaust. if any argue against this, make them go the the slavery holocaust museum for a proper reeducation and to apologise for the sins to of their fathers.

  7. Bro43rd says:

    Nobody, I mean nobody is braver with words than you heebyjeeby.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  8. Shapiro is first and foremost a grifter. If the climate changed such that Jews were expected to self-criticize, he’d be right there with Max.

  9. I wonder what Ben Shapiro would admit to thinking about Ron Unz.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Thomm
  10. @Achmed E. Newman

    It’s not so much that AA or even you or I believe it to be so, but our enemies do…and it was their home field until about a week or so ago.

    That that home field advantage is at least in question is what makes all of this so interesting.

  11. @HeebHunter

    Yeah but they have the force-field of their colour to protect them. But that will take them only so far. Still, let’s be glad for the infighting. May it grow and prosper.

  12. @Achmed E. Newman

    Agreed with the wrong comment!

    • Disagree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  13. neutral says:

    Shapiro is first and foremost a grifter

    He is foremost a jew, that explains everything about his grifting and everything else.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe

  15. For CQ, Kandace and Ye have become the real voices of black Americans who are just as fed up with reverse discrimination as any of us. To say there are no blacks or non whites speaking up to the powers that be would be foolish, Candace and Ye are just two examples of what could be the tip of a black iceberg waiting to be heard.

    It’s the ADL/SPLC/DNC/JDL/IDF and a thousand different alphabets who have made attacking whites a popular and normal part of society. They did it the UK/EU/Asia/everywhere their media maggot empire controls the narrative and casting selection.

    It’s about time the vail is lifted off these despicable parasites and the GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM empire crushed.

    • Agree: Richard B, A. Clifton
  16. Getaclue says:

    Whites were the “Slaves” from the 1600’s until the 1800’s – Indentured Servitude was Slavery and this is endlessly lied about. Children were kidnapped and put into it. Elizabethan England made being poor a crime.

    You got 17 years or more for being poor and most died during their servitude in the USA and never saw any freedom. Massive rapes. Irish, Scottish….– the USA was called “The Plantation” not “The Colonies” then, more lies- the entire history is hidden bc it proves it’s all about Class Warfare and pitting races against each other so they can be controlled and screwed over.

    Washington “freed” his “Slaves” the same time he brought in an equal number of German “slaves” to replace them bc Black Slaves were not allowed in PA then….The history is there for anyone who wants the truth — what we are now seeing with the Great Reset NWO bs is a return to those days – owners at top and “servants” below – Peons/people, Black or White, are too stupid and brainwashed to see it…This has some good citations to the historical truth:

  17. @Bro43rd

    Mad little negro-saxon, lol

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  18. Sorry Candice, but why on earth should Kyrie Irving knuckle under to the PTB and lose millions of dollars by walking away from the NBA? That would be a cowardly act. Stand and fight Kyrie!

    Have you ever seen a picture of its ghoulish Jewish commissioner Adam Silver? A positively repulsive looking man who required all NBA players to take the shot. Irving lost millions while standing for principle by refusing to be vaxxed when he was barred from playing in NY by idiot Mayor DeBlasio. How many of its players will eventually die from cancer or blood clots? I’d be surprised if some of them haven’t collapsed already.

    Conservative black journalist Jason Whitlock said that Irving’s suspension is more about revenge for defying Silver than from his critique of that 3 plus hour stupid film (don’t know its name) that no one’s watched. The black players, who have the power to control NBA policy, should demand that its Jewish commissioner be fired immediately.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @RegretLeft
    , @true.enough
  19. Tony Hall says:

    Max Blumenthal does left gatekeeping on 9/11 and its Israeli angle, as do Assange, Greenwald, Hedges, Tiabbi, Hudson etc etc etc.

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @Adam O'Donnell
  20. Notsofast says:

    brilliant insights, we must see to it, that this information is well represent in the slavery holocaust museum.

  21. @Notsofast

    This is logical but logic hardly seems relevant with this subject and actors.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  22. BOYS as young as 12 might be asked if they are PREGNANT in latest woke language storm to engulf health service

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  23. Diff between Jews and blacks.

    Jews pretend they don’t have the power they have and blacks pretend they have the power they don’t have.

  24. Kyrie Irving said real Jews are black. BIG PROBLEM.

    Jewish Media say Europeans were black. NO PROBLEM.

    • Agree: YesYesCircle
  25. @Notsofast

    There were a number of responses available that would have made the anti-Semitism narrative the joke that it is.
    1) Refer to the ADL as the Arab Defamation League;
    2) State that his “Jew haters” actually means those who “hate” the behaviour of some Jews, not Jews for being Jews;
    3) Question why the destruction of the US and the other “Western liberal democracies” along with the destruction of the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran are acceptable, but the destruction of Israel is sacrosanct.

    As I have said many times, Auntie Shem-itism is old and haggard. Dragging her out for the latest slutwalk is like putting lipstick on a pig.

  26. Just saw where this (((Yoel Roth))) guy tweeted (he’s allowed to tweet, must be nice) that “we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.” I thought it was yet another fascinating example of the jew crying out in pain as he strikes u. So these people don’t just fly over us (“get away, leave us alone” lol), they’re in our media, living rooms, schools, banks, governments, they’re involved in our Speech… they’re 24/7 destroying us…and we are victimizing them. If only we would leave them alone!

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  27. sulu says:

    It’s starting. People are beginning to discuss the fact that the Jews can simply shut people down that they don’t agree with. People need to bring up the point that if someone criticizes the Jews the first question that should be asked is, “Is it true?” Once we can get passed the knee jerk claim of antisemitism and move on to whether the claims are true the Jews will be in a very disadvantageous position.

    AA, you have an article up on your website that compares the America of today with Weimar Germany. You really should post it here because it was quite good and predictive of where the Jews are pushing us. Besides I have been telling people for the last dozen years or so that America seems to parallel Germany between WWI and WWII. And we all know how that worked out for the Jews.


  28. Realist says:

    Since Carlson is so fond of Ye an Owens maybe he will go anti-Zionist. LOL

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  29. Realist says:

    State that his “Jew haters” actually means those who “hate” the behaviour of some Jews, not Jews for being Jews;

    It would be good if many on this blog would state that…instead of the all-inclusive comments.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
    , @Brosi
  30. Anon[197] • Disclaimer says:

    “The black players, who have the power to control NBA policy, should demand that its Jewish commissioner be fired immediately.”


    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  31. Realist says:
    @Kinky Friedman

    I wonder what Ben Shapiro would admit to thinking about Ron Unz.

    Great point.

  32. @Curmudgeon

    Beating around the bush helps no one. The kikes, by religion, creed and blood think of non-kikes as Sub-Humans/goyim/cattle. Even the ones dumb and evil enough to have taken the Vax on their own *sarc.

    There is not one race on Earth as harmful as they are.

    >but da anglo

    They are already jews by blood.

  33. @follyofwar

    I don’t know – if I were Kyrie – surely he must have a couple million squirreled away – why not just F-it – walk away – there are pro leagues in Europe -there’s a Pro team in Budapest – the Hungarians would love him! – he would tear up that league – people would flock to games – he could earn a living wage … why not?

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  34. Notsofast says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    logic is all we have left, unfortunately. the only way to confront an illogical situation is with logic.

  35. Candace Owens should talk about this on Nick Fuentas’ show and then we can watch Ben Shapiro try to figure out how to respond to it.

  36. lloyd says: • Website
    @Tony Hall

    Max Blumenthal goes real grumpy on Alison Weir when she goes into pre 1948 Zionist history. Self defining leftists always do. That goes back to Karl Marx who after trenchant criticism on Judaism, went completely silent after he was granted asylum in England. I have speculated there was a pact with the Foreign Office. Allow revolutionaries asylum in England as the Great Game to de-stabilise England’s rivals, and in return keep silent about the British Empire and the Jews.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  37. DanFromCT says:

    Great points. The poor Jews who’ve never done anything wrong, thereby making any criticism morally repugnant. In 1982, the Israeli army besieged the Palestinians’ Shatila refugee camp and the neighboring town of Sabra in Lebanon, and then sent in the Lebanese Phalange to massacre several thousand men, women, and children. Mass murderer Menachem Begin then cried out in pain before the Knesset, “Goyim kill Goyim, and they come to hang the Jews.” As you say, if only others would leave the poor Jews alone!

    • Replies: @Cruelnunusual
  38. Heartful of hole.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  39. @neutral

    Note Well:
    Shapiro and failed rock star Blinken have the same pursed mouth, staccato speech mannerisms, the shit spewing kike poisonous toads.

  40. Ben Shapiro is an evil Jew corporate propaganda whore for the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    Ben Shapiro is a Bolshevik Jew. Ben Shapiro is actively pushing immigration policies and other anti-White policies that are a clear and present threat to the safety, security and sovereignty of White Core Christian Americans.

    Ben Shapiro is doing everything he can to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the United States of America.

    Ben Shapiro’s attacks on the European Christian ancestral core of the United States are much more damaging to the interests of White Core Christian Americans than the outgassings of random corporate propaganda whore Blacks such as Charles Blow at the New York Times.

    Ben Shapiro wants to continue to use mass legal immigration as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

    Ben Shapiro wants to continue to use the US military as muscle to fight wars on behalf of Israel.

    There is no such thing as so-called “Judeo-Christianity.” No eternal truth in the nonsense called “Judeo-Christian.”

    There is such a thing as Jew Bolshevism. Jew Bolsheviks such as Ben Shapiro are using mass legal immigration, mass illegal immigration, REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION as demographic weapons to attack and destroy European Christian nations.

    • Replies: @Kinky Friedman
    , @Mac_
  41. lloyd says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    I can’t see the relevance to the article unless you mean Jewish doctors are behind this surge in heart fatalities. A few days ago, Doctor John Campbell released a youtube video that a large survey by Israeli doctors shows there is no correlation between unvaccinated Covid infected and unvaccinated Covid uninfected. John gave a quizzical look then what is causing the surge.

    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  42. @DanFromCT

    yeah. Long time no vidi, droog, I think I remember you from disqus on the old DS.

  43. @Anon

    Two words: DONALD STERLING

    Donny wasn’t from Donegal.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  44. I think the ADL is a partisan hack organization, too — Ben Shapiro

    Really? But has he ever said so except now?

    But RTing Max Blumenthal, who spends his life covering for Jew-haters and stumping for Israel’s destruction, makes the conversation significantly worse. It’s garbage.

    And this helps explain why he never criticizes the ADL. He views them as benign/innocuous because they defend against “Jew-haters”. They can do whatever they like as long as they defend the “Jewish people.”

    It appears that Candace’s boldness inspired Walsh to stand up.

    But where does philo-semite Jordan Peterson stand? He should be feeling kinda sheepish, but I doubt it. He seems to be a determined shabbos.

    You now have all black people and most conservatives saying that this entire “anti-Semitism” narrative is just used to control people.

    If true, that should mark an earth-shaking milestone/event.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  45. Tony Hall says:

    Alison Weir skirts around 9/11 too.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  46. @Alrenous

    Yes, canibaliberalism is indeed my favorite ism.

  47. John1955 says:

    Anti – Semitism…Oy vey ist mir…Oy vavoy…6 Quadrillions…Never forget…Magic Negro Kanye just said we control evvvrythang (w/o providing any specifics – but it is Shot Heard Around The World !!!)…Ovens are waiting for you…Send your money NOW !!!

    “A sizeable portion of the scattered anti-Jewish groups in the United States are financed by grants of money from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, which in turn raises the money from American Jews who fear the specter of anti-Semitism. The ADL keeps them constantly aware of this specter by publicizing the anti-Jewish groups out of all proportion to their importance.

    Most Americans have no knowledge of the Jewish problem, and the few who do have no money to contribute to these groups, or they fear to do so because they would lose their jobs or businesses. Consequently, the ADL, as exposed in the newspaper “The Independent”, finances its own anti-Jewish movement. It spends four hundred thousand dollars a year for this purpose, but it annually collects from the Jewish people five million dollars! This is not a bad annual return.

    This enables the ADL to maintain a tight control over the Jewish community, and over the anti-Jewish groups as well. They know at any time the exact extent of anti-Jewish feeling in the United States. This practice accords to the traditional Jewish pattern of contributing money to all political parties and movements, a basic technique of the Jewish Parasite for gauging the temper of the Gentile Host, and for exercising control over its every activity.”

    “New History of the Jews”(1968) by Eustace Mullins, page 114

    What changed since 1968 ?

    1. $400K – > $5M… Those numbers probably must be adjusted for inflation then multiplied by the factor of 100.

    2. Returns On Investment(ROI) are even healthier now.

    3. “The Independent” does not expose these Jewy Hoaxes, Frauds and Scams anymore. Because, you know, “There is no business like Shoa business” (Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat).



    • Replies: @Alrenous
  48. @HeebHunter

    And that’s how come we have the Anglo-Zionist Empire and not a French-Zionist or Spanish -Zionist or Irish-Zionist or Russian-Zionist or Chinese-Zionist empire.

    And yet the VDare crowd, and half of the ‘Old South’ crowd that Boyd Cathey will associate with, just love all things Anglo empire.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  49. @Charles Pewitt

    Judeo-Christianity would be Judaizing heresy of Christianity. Anglo-Saxon Puritanism is a perfect example.


    Dinesh D’Souza and Ben Shapiro

    Dinesh D’Souza was Ben Shapiro before Shapiro was Shapiro, and I am glad that young Mr. Nick Fuentes and his Patriotic Groyper Army are engaging with the evil forces of Shapiroism every chance they get.

    Nick Fuentes patriotically pointed out that Dinesh D’Souza attacked Sam Francis by the most foul means and that D’Souza is no friend to FREE SPEECH nor honest intellectual enquiry.

    Sam Francis worked as a staffer in the US Congress and he had a PH.D from the University of North Carolina and Sam Francis was a wise man with guts and brains and heart and he was viciously attacked by that horrible ruling class stooge whore scamp Wog named Dinesh D’Souza.

    Conservatism Inc. and the Republican Party are inundated and infested with Ben Shapiro JOG and Dinesh D’Souza Nig Nog Wog type scoundrels, and they must be met on the battlefield of FREE SPEECH and OPEN DEBATE.

    The historic American nation must bang it out bravely against Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza and the horrible treasonites in Conservatism Inc. and the rancid Republican Party.


  51. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Kinky Friedman

    It is hard to let go of “huwhite nationalism”/(((angloid imperialism))) when you have nothing left. No pure blood, no country, no culture, no tradition. It seems that God has listened to the cry of mankind, and events are now arranged so that extinction is the only future for these jew-slaves, the anglo-saxon.

    And I say Amen and good riddance!

  52. @Tony Hall

    Ergo, the limitations of the Left… for all the sense that an outlier like Taibbi or Blumenthal might make on occasion, they’re not going (if they even can stop their own internal “crimestop”) to jeopardize their place on the likes of the Russell Brand podcast.

  53. Alrenous says: • Website

    What changed since 1968 ?

    Nothing of consequence. It was essentially the same in 1868 and 1768. The syndrome advances with time, that’s all.

    • Replies: @John1955
  54. @Curmudgeon

    2) State that his “Jew haters” actually means those who “hate” the behaviour of some Jews, not Jews for being Jews;

    Jews are a legalistic people. Words are reality and reality is words. You can’t be imprecise. You have to cover all the holes. They will always look for a hole. This is the game they play. They play word-games with God, why wouldn’t they play it with you?

    If you call them “Jews”, they will say they are “individuals”. (As Lex Fridman disingenuously told Kanye) If you treat them like individuals, they will act collectively as “Jews”.

    We have names like “Zionist” and “Neocon” that serve an analogously useful function. It identifies “bad Jewish behavior” without blaming all Jews for just being born a Jew. It also implicitly admonishes reform among Jews who fall into those categories.

    Reform is what you ultimately want. But to achieve that, you have to specifically identify what you need them to reform with a collective name that encapsulates the behavior. You can’t tell them to undo being “born a Jew”. But you can tell them to stop acting/thinking in a way that Jews are infamous for.

  55. lloyd says: • Website
    @Tony Hall

    The last American who covered the Israeli angle on 911 got shot by Somalis in an American car park. What she does cover is old reported stuff. Every public intellectual in America skirts around that.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  56. SteveK9 says:

    Can we assume anything? Or, must this phrase be inserted into every comment? That would be very tiresome for me. I get it. Not everyone in a group is exactly the same.

    • Replies: @Realist
  57. @Realist

    Perhaps he will actually hunt some heebs; not all, to be sure, just the avaricious, bolshevik, contemptible, diabolical, evil, feral, goyaphobic, homicidal, ignominious, judeophilic, kakistocratic, loathsome, mendacious, noisome, officious, petulant, quaestuary, rabulous, scatological, transgendered, usurious, vituperative, Wall Street, West Bank, Westside, Weinstein, and Wiesenthal type of heebs.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  58. John1955 says:

    JUDEA does not win all wars.

    Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome (in the West) were destroyed by Jews – yet Eastern Roman Empire aka Byzantium endured till 1453 AD thanks to it’s wise policy “Keep the Jew out of Banking, out of Education and out of Government” – see first chapters of Eustace Mullins “New History of the Jews”

    Persian Empire was reborn as Modern Iran where Jewy influence is a big round ZERO. There IS such thing nowadays as Chief Rabbi of Russia but NO such thing as Chief Rabbi of Iran (or Afghanistan or Egypt or China or India etc.)

    I sincerely hope that Germany, after long post – 1945 humiliation, will break Judaic chains and explode again like Super Nova star.

    I also hope that Vlad the Impaler will not tolerate Nuclear Khazarian Kaganate #2 at Russia’s doorsteps.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @anonymous
  59. gsjackson says:

    Not a bad suggestion. He grew up with an international perspective — I believe his father played in Australia. It would be nice if he left with great fanfare, saying he is going to a country where free speech is permitted. Important, though, that it not be one of the 23(?) European countries that throw you in jail for questioning the sacred myth of six million. The past two and a half years have not exactly revealed bastions of freedom around the globe to which one can retreat from authoritarian control. Hungary’s probably as good as any.

  60. Alrenous says: • Website

    Claiming the 1868 Regime differs from the 1968 Regime is a way of hiding the similarities and thus perpetuating them. It’s not dissidence, it’s defending the status quo.

  61. anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    China is key. If the Chinese decide to stand with Russia, the ZOG is in BIG trouble. I wonder if the Chinese are not thinking about ultimately betraying Russia. I believe that would be foolish, as the enemy of China is powerful and implacable, and holds many of the levers of global power. China needs determined friends with lots of hypersonic nuclear missiles, and it would be a grave error to stab Russia in the back for doing the heavy lifting against the Khazarians when China is a primary target of ZOG. The Chinese and Russians can form an imperfect union with China as the senior partner, but Russia as a respected and protected junior partner. Or, they can have a nominal partnership like North America. Russia receives immediate access to the end products of China on a favored-nation basis, and China gets first call on Russian raw materials. I hope the two nations can work it out, because a unified front terrifies Washington.

    • Replies: @John1955
    , @Graveldips
  62. @follyofwar

    The black players, who have the power to control NBA policy, should demand that its Jewish commissioner be fired immediately.

    Even my children can see how PERFECT Adam Silver would be for a stereotyped role in a film.

    “Straight out of central casting” as they say.

  63. Andrew Anglin is a very brave journo.

  64. John1955 says:

    Maybe they will form Axis #2 or Russia-Germany-China Alliance ?

    Maybe recent visit of German Top Honcho to China means precisely that ?

    Otherwise – let Germans go 100% green and chop wood in Schwarzwald during freezing winter 😀

  65. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:

    “Stumping for the destruction of Israel”? How can I help?

    When I listen to talk radio or watch politicians and talking heads on TV it’s troubling how often the twin poisons of Zionism and the “Russia is the enemy” world-view go hand in hand. Looking at you, Mark Levin, and now apparently Ben Shapiro whom I cannot listen to because of his puberty voice.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  66. @anonymous

    In the not-so-long run, China wants Siberia and all its resources. That’s why North America and Russia would be natural allies, were it not for the Neocons.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • Replies: @Bubba
  67. Tony Hall says:

    Some didn’t skirt around it. I try not to.

  68. These (((people))) have studied us. We need to study them back. When 10% of people have an unshakeable belief, that belief becomes unstoppable. Below 10%, the belief becomes impossible to achieve, researchers find. So, 10% is the magic number for consensus.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  69. Bubba says:

    Bingo! You definitely nailed it and win “Comment of the Day” at TUR!

  70. Mac_ says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    And there’s more, beside those telling postures, he’s said and repeatedly vaxs should be ‘mandatory’ -as in forced. Any individual that spews to ‘force’ something into others, physically, should have tanked whatever numbers were listening to him, though didn’t, or at least not all of them. So then, what is the real problem. Is it him, or the brainless militants who listen.

    Same could be said about Michael Medved or is it medyedev. That was another, don’t know if around any more, israel shill. Remember had some throat thing years ago and was out a time, and some people commented on some web page he had, get well soon etc and one guy said – ‘i’ve been listening to you twenty years’, and though I knew the followers are a problem, it was another hammer moment, that the jew joker pushers are a problem, but more so is those who listen. Twenty years, like you couldn’t figure out in a few months something’s wrong. By quantity, follower types, who go along and don’t question, are the problem.

    fal lowers. Send them to another country or out to sea with no gas, and the jabberers would be sweeping floors or in jail (forced vax) instead of jabbering authoritarian waste at obedient minions.

    Nothing will stop until either shut off people tv’s and dumb phones, or shut off the transmission, and the followers stop, so they’re required to think and make effort, instead of eating the bogus positions of someone else, and their own self destruction, taking us with them because they refuse to think and do their part otherwise.

    Core comment Pewitt, just adding note, and dedicate to one with many names.

  71. Brosi says:

    That tired old “good Jew” argument.

    Please list 10 proud, practicing jews who openly state that da goyim should be allowed to deny the “holocaust”.

    I know, I know, you can’t.

    List 3.

  72. Philo-semitism relies on Christianity which they killed with Covid when they convinced all the churches to shut down, and the same when they convinced all the celebritard pastors to be Never Trumpers too. Now the goyyim have no reason to view Jews as special. Congratulations Jews, your fake virus backfired on you.

  73. Polistra says:

    WWII was arguably the best thing that ever happened to the Jews. They’re the ones who won the war, and they got white men to do all the fighting for them.

    In the aftermath, they became unassailable, godlike figures who now own and run most of the western world. What’s not to like about that?

    • Agree: Inverness, Renard, Sulu
  74. Polistra says:
    @Liberty Mike

    And his name was tokowitz, not sterling.

  75. Thomm says:
    @Kinky Friedman

    I wonder what Ben Shapiro would admit to thinking about Ron Unz.

    er… everyone except the WN rubes on this website know that Ron Unz is a dutiful employee of Jewish Central Command. This entire website is a flypaper zone for catching WNs and getting their IP addresses into an FBI database. RUnzie Baby is just an employee hired to pretend that he runs this website.

    This website is about as Deep State as Deep State gets :

    • Thanks: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @HeebHunter
  76. Polistra says:
    @Man Of East

    “You now have all black people and most conservatives saying that this entire “anti-Semitism” narrative is just used to control people.”

    Yeah, that’s not remotely true, but it’s one of AA’s more appealing fantasies.

  77. Cruel, pitiless, eyes, and the twisted mouth of the habitual liar. Shapiro’s physiognomy gives him away. When will Judeofascists realise that over and over again they were the architects of their own disasters? Certainly not in Shapiro’s case.

  78. Blacks do have that stick-together tribal attitude that sometimes is useful.

  79. @Notsofast

    American black slavery was a relatively benign form of the practice.

    In 1863, Lincoln knew he was losing his treasonous War of Northern Aggression. He decided to change his war strategy into a war of extermination against the South, including directing the war criminals Sherman and Sheridan to murder Southern civilian noncombatants. Part of his genocidal war strategy was to issue the “Emancipation Proclamation”.

    Everybody knows that the EP did not free slaves in areas controlled by the North, but only pretended to apply to Southern blacks. Lincoln’s hope and expectation was that since 90% of Southern men were in the CSA Army and the plantations were staffed only by women, old men and boys that black slaves would rise up and murder these defenseless Southerners, a la the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804 where black slaves there murdered whites en masse.

    How did these Southern blacks respond? Some did run, but mostly they stuck with their plantations. Their loyalty provided one of the supports of the CSA during its waning days.

    The reason for the different reactions of blacks in Haiti and in the South was that slavery was a more or less benign institution in the South compared to how it was practiced in Haiti.

    Interesting read and background info on Blacks&Jews and the NBA.

    “America’s Axis of Offense—Jews, blacks, and LGBTs—have a tripartite pact; they generally (if sometimes grudgingly) have to join each other’s wars, because there’s a concern that if it becomes acceptable to offend one, it might become acceptable to offend all.”

  82. Realist says:

    Can we assume anything? Or, must this phrase be inserted into every comment?

    That is hardly the point. Many Jew haters on this blog make all-inclusive statements such as Jews are scum when Some Jews are scum would be more accurate.

    But you knew what I meant.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  83. @sulu

    “Is it true?” is usually my first response to anyone who accuses me of being hateful or intolerant if I make an assertion they don’t like.

  84. Petermx says:

    I do not know if all of this was planned to work out as it did for Jews but it certainly did not all happen by accident and at some point they realized what they succeeded in doing and it has worked fantastically for them. Dr. Kevin MacDonald has revealed, with the use of congressional records, Jews relentless push to change American immigration laws back in the 1920’s already. He quotes the Jews that often argued to open up immigration to others excluded, who suggested not doing so was “racist” or “bigoted” and he also quotes those who argued for not changing the laws, saying they wanted to keep the laws they had not out of any hostility or lack of respect for the abilities of other ethnic groups but because they liked the culture they had and didn’t want to change it. This went on for forty years until the 1965 Hart–Celler Act was passed opening US immigration to the whole world. I have always read the newspapers and had some interest in politics but I never heard of this act until the last ten of fifteen years. It changed the US completely and has rarely been mentioned. Even now, you don’t often see the name of the act (Hart–Celler Act). Emanuel Cellar was a active Jewish congressman that served in congress for almost 50 years. His primary interests were lobbying for Jewish interests, during WW II also.

    Other academics have supported Dr. MacDonald’s conclusion that Jews were the primary factor in changing the immigration law. Of course the obedient media usually attributes it to others, like Senator Ted Kennedy. One can see why, after what Jews have done to Ye since he said publicly how powerful Jews are. Jews certainly want to be powerful and respected but they don’t want that power to be recognized or discussed publicly if it could be used against them. A few years ago President Biden (when he was vice-president) cited Jewish influence in the media for changing Americans attitude towards homosexuality. He cited the influence of the TV show Will & Grace and added that the changes Jews have brought forth were all for the good. By complimenting them while citing their power he got away with what he said. In order not to anger the Jews, you will never see this anywhere in the media but here is where you can read about it.

    Joe Biden Acknowledges ‘Immense’ Jewish Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life

    With the recent controversy between Ye and the Jews in the media, one can easily see how making the US a multiracial and multicultural country has empowered the Jews far beyond anything they could ever do in a country where all or most of the people were of a similar ethnic background (for example, all West European) with the same religion (Christian). At the same time, Jews have made themselves out as purely innocent, powerless and good people, victims primarily of the Germans but also of all other Whites (Europeans). Add to that the destruction of Christianity in the West and you have peoples in most western countries with little in common that unites them. And while doing this, Jews have relentlessly promoted Blacks as victims of Whites. Add to that their ambiguous promotion about whether they are White or not and you have the state of affairs in the US. Blacks hold Whites responsible for being racists and against them, except for Jews, who are excluded from this accusation (implicitly and explicitly) because they are the world’s ultimate victim and any discussion of Jews role in the slave trade will be shouted down as “anti-Semitic”.

    This narrative has protected the Jews from any criticism while the largely Jewish media relentlessly criticizes and denigrates all Whites (except themselves) as racist. In any country where the majority of people were of the same race and religion this would not be tolerated and Jews would eventually be expelled from that country if Jews insisted on propagating such hatred. There are many examples throughout history of this happening.

    Here is the most recent example of Jewish nerve. Jewish congressman Jamie Raskin calling for a war against Russia and its destruction because it is a orthodox Christian country. If the US was still a Christian country, Christians would be outraged at this and behave as Jews or Muslims would when their religion is attacked. There would be huge protests in the streets overshadowing the BLM riots in size.

    Jewish Congressman Jamie Raskin: Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional values
    and that is why is must be destroyed

  85. @Priss Factor

    If my son were subjected to filth like this, I would tell him to whip out his pecker and piss right on the leg of such a piece of sub-human filth. I’d have a legal team revved up and standing by.

    After his reinstatement, he would be the champion of the student body and the terror of the teachers and admenstrualiton.

  86. anonymous[464] • Disclaimer says:

    Levin is a snake, but a cunning and clever one. Wraps himself in the now-mangled constitution his tribe always insisted was a “living document” that could be twisted and perverted to serve whatever project Jewish jurists favored in the moment. Once Israel uncouples from America, his real contempt will show. War by deception. Wealth by stealthy theft. Sex by rapine. Faith through lies. Peace through power.

  87. Bro43rd says:

    More brave words, thanks for proving my point.

  88. Bro43rd says:
    @Irish Savant

    One can change an auto-comment by clicking the agree/disagree/etc button & selecting another choice. Unfortunately we can’t delete an auto-comment outright.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  89. Richard B says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Though the photo doesn’t necessarily prove anything, it’s still good to keep a healthy dose of salt in one’s mouth if they’re going to visit and participate in sites like this. Though, on the other hand, I do have to say, that as sites go, this is the best there is. However one might want to take that.

    This entire website is a flypaper zone for catching WNs and getting their IP addresses into an FBI database.

    Although that might be true to a certian extent, I don’t think that is the site’s entire reason for being. It might be a data-gathering site. But I don’t think it’s limited to a particular type, or for such a limited purpose. Who knows for sure? Either way, and again, one would certainly be well-advised to a keep a grain of salt in one’s mouth.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  90. Bro43rd says:
    @Liberty Mike

    That list pretty much is all of them, ok 99%.

    Thanks for the LOL

  91. Some rapper should release a song entitled “Let’s talk about Jews”. Maybe it could be a hit.

  92. Do people get blacklisted for criticising christians?

  93. @Realist

    Do Jewish supremacist texts make a distinction between good and bad goyim? Well, maybe they distinguish between two types of goyim: those they plan to exterminate and those they plan to use as servants/slaves.

    Anyway, it is common to debate in terms of generalisations, with the unspoken understanding that there are exceptions. Is it really necessary to always qualify with “some/many/most” when discussing in terms of generalities?

    • Replies: @Realist
  94. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:

    No wonder why our favorite “good jew” is so adamant about protecting the vax policies.

  95. @HeebHunter

    They are already jews by blood.

    That may be, but they all do not think alike. Ask any Jew, male or female, what happens when they marry outside the “tribe”. Most often, their lives are made hell, often by family members. The kids may be “Jews by blood”, but are nothing like the grandparents. I am acquainted with several Jews who, despite directives from their employer to say “Happy Holidays” in the workplace, continued to say “Merry Christmas” to people they knew were Christians, saying the policy was insulting to Christians. Jews have “Happy Holidays”, not Christians. I have met devout Jews who believe the whole Hollow-co$t narrative and are big into Israel, but are anti-expansionist, including the illegal settlements, and appalled at the treatment of Palestinians. As I have posted previously, the only issue they agree upon, and I hesitate to use the word “agree” given the almost 80 year brainwashing project on all of us, is the Hollow-co$t. Even there, some have broken ranks, but have, like Norman Finkelstein with his mild condemnation, been savaged and had their careers destroyed by the “Big Jews” as a message to all others who step out of line on that narrative. There are strict religious Jews, like Neturei Karta who believe Israel should be peacefully dismantled, until the second coming.
    In short, it is not black and white, there is a lot of gray.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  96. @Curmudgeon

    How does this absolve them of anything? They, as a group, are still as guilty as ever.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  97. Realist says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Is it really necessary to always qualify with “some/many/most” when discussing in terms of generalities?

    Yes, if you want to be honest and accurate.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  98. Thomm says:
    @Richard B

    Though the photo doesn’t necessarily prove anything, it’s still

    By itself, you are correct. Maybe this was just when Kamala was shopping for a Jewish husband with no prior marriages and children, and Ron Unz was eliminated in the first round on account of his weak grip strength being tested here. Kamala eventually had to settle for a Jewish man with children from a prior marriage (and thus minimum acceptable grip strength).

    But tied with other anecdotes and patterns, this photo definitely is a crucial part of the puzzle.

    Although that might be true to a certian extent, I don’t think that is the site’s entire reason for being. It might be a data-gathering site. But I don’t think it’s limited to a particular type, or for such a limited purpose.

    It originally started out specifically to be flypaper for WNs. Now, they have directed RUnzie Baby to branch out into other areas like pressuring people to get the vax, and claiming that Covid is a bioweapon attack by the US against China (a theory that hardly anyone believes). This expansion is proving difficult, because the existing WN commentariat is uniquely suited to repel any other group of people. That is why the commentariat remains over 99% male, when the vax agenda was certainly meant to be flypaper for women as well.

  99. PolPhil says:

    While I like what Blumenthal says in a lot of respects, he ultimately pushes the neoliberal line in important ways, such as Assad and Syria. Neoliberals, liberals, leftists, feminists, etc. that speak up for Palestine always seem to collapse on Iran, Syria, Libya, non-Israeli Jewish history/actions, etc.

  100. Ben Shapiro Is A Bolshevik Jew Globalizer

    Ben Shapiro Is A Judeo-Bolshevik Globalizer


    Ben Shapiro Is Anti-White

    Ben Shapiro Is Anti-Christian

    Ben Shapiro Pushes Nation-Wrecking Mass Legal Immigration And Nation-Killing Mass Illegal Immigration

    Ben Shapiro Wants To Continue To Use Mass Immigration As A Demographic Weapon To Attack And Destroy The European Christian Ancestral Core Of The USA

  101. Vox Day has been warning his readers about Little Bennie’s poisonous Judeo tendencies for at least 15 years.

  102. @Getaclue

    Have you read Jim Goad’s “A Redneck Manifesto” on similar topics?

  103. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Blumenthal is a pro Putin Fascist pig who is happy to see Whites kill other Whites. He supports Chinese ethnic cleansing bog Tibetans and Uyghurs

  104. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Nonsense… Just as Whites should not be judged as a group… That’s tribal thinking

    • Thanks: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  105. @Realist

    OK, maybe we should then say “all Jews except Bobby Fischer et al.”

    • Replies: @Realist
  106. Nat X says:

    Candy Jones is a house negress married to a yt. One more time Ye is a double knot spy.

  107. Realist says:
    @Commentator Mike

    OK, maybe we should then say “all Jews except Bobby Fischer et al.”

    You are being childish. But since you like generalities, here’s one. Commenters with the name Mike in their pseudonym are stupid assholes. Eat it.

  108. Richard B says:

    In-fight! In-fight! In-fight!

    The more the in-fighting, the greater the explanatory collapse.

    This is no small thing, for two reasons.
    1.Explanation is central to human behavior, which in the end is all there is, people doing things.

    We can argue whether or not man is naturally social. But there’s no argument about whether or not social interaction is possible without explanation. Explanation is found everywhere you go and anywhere you look, at all levels of culture, in every kind of social organization, in every human situation. In short, explanation is ubiquitous.

    That being the case, why isn’t there an Explanation 101 in our universities. We were certainly moving in that direction post-WW II. But by the 90’s any serious study of explanatory behavior was disappeared so as to make room for, well, what we have now. And yet explanation as a mode of behavior is still with us, for a reason, we can’t live without it.

    But even the best explanation is only an explanation, only verbal behavior. Though that’s not to say that some explanations aren’t better than others (and the best explanations are the ones with the strongest drive toward reality; and that drive has been strongest in the geographical areas of Western Europe and North America, ie; The Land of Whiteness), which brings us to #2.

    2. Explanation functions by organizing our transactions with the world. The primary purpose of explanation is social managment, whether of ourselves or others. When explanations collapse chaos follows. And make no mistake about it, we are living in an age of explanatory collapse.

    If history has shown us anything it’s that when things collapse, whether it be a society, culture, or civilization, the thugs rise to the top. But Thug Life can’t last for long, and for a reason devoid of any complexity. Thugs are more interested in having power than in managing it.

    In short, Thugs are fast-brain, short-term, unreflective thinkers. In other words, they never quesiton their own assumptions. This is why they always need to believe they are right and so, can never admit when they’re wrong. Hence their laughably impossible to believe in Myth of Innocence and corresponding need to scapegoat. And the thugs in charge today literally invented it.

    And to the extent thugs are reflective, even then they are still entirely dependent on the very people they are violating. When the people they control are violated into submission it doesn’t take long before cultural impoverishment sets in and things come to a screeching halt.

    This is not to suggest some kind of salvation system, as in, If it weren’t for the thugs we’d be living in utoptia. Because social institutions are run by human beings none of them work as well as they could, which is why there’s always room for improvement. No. The point is, with thugs the social instutions of the culture they control can only ever be run into the ground. The explanation for this is simply because their interests are limited to plunder and ill-booten gotty. I mean ill-gotten booty.

    Anarcho-Tyranny? We’re way past that. We’ve devolved into a Sadomasochistic Police State. Evidence can be found primarily, though not exclusively, in the relationship between social interaction and explanation. And now we’re back to just how central explanation is to human behavior and how we can’t live without it (a fact easily tested; just try living without it; and by all means, if you try such an experiment, let us know how it goes; I’m sure many here would be interested to hear your explanation).

    Explanation isn’t simply necessary for the healthy functioning of our social institutions. A social institution is an explanation. Explanation is the lifeblood that flows through the body, as it were, as in the body politic. If it can’t flow the heart stops, and not just the heart, but everything else. And that is the position we are in today.

    This gives a whole new meaning to I can’t breathe. Only today it’s We can’t breathe.
    And the We, in this case, is everyone whose head has been forced under the boot of Jewish Supremacy Inc. That is to say, everyone. Even their paid proxies and useful idiots. Everyone.

    That’s why the cartoon photo at the beginning of this recent AA article is so appropriate.

    We are fast approaching JSI‘s worst nightmare. That all – all – of their victims (enough to form a critical mass) begin to do what it takes to get out from under – By Any Means Necessary!, to use one of their phrases against them (a phrase they whispered in the ear of black America over a half a century ago).

    The nightmare scenario for them is what is happening now, when their Coalition of The Fringes is transmogrified into The Coalition of The Victims ( of JSI). Not because people want to attack them. But because it’s what they’ll have to do if they want to survive (not that from JSI’s perspective there’s a difference). History just might yet have a Joker up its sleeve.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  109. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    P.S. Speaking of explanation. If anyone thinks that a religious or ideological explanation of the world inherited from the past, whether Christian, conservative, Right-wing, Dissident Right, or Fascist, is going to save them, or in any way get them out of their current dilemma, they are living deep inside an illusory world of their own making. There is not the slighest chance of that happening. One could still live by such an explanation in their personal life. But beyond that, forget it.

    One the contrary, JSI‘s nightmare, The Coaltion of The Victims (of JSI) as stated in the previous comment, is the only real potential for groups of people interested in getting out from under. It very well may be. Again, one’s personal life does offer alternatives. But they’re limited. One thing’s for sure, the situation today is as unsustainable as it is intolerable. Acknowledging that would be anyone’s first move to get out from under their obnoxious and tyrannical lust for power and illegitimate, self-serving rule.

  110. @Bro43rd

    Unfortunately we can’t delete an auto-comment outright.

    True enough, needless to say. In this instance, however, had Irish Savant been able to delete the comment outright, Achmed E. Newman wouldn’t have had the chance to make his extremely clever automated reply—the first one that has ever made me laugh out loud as I read it.

    As Irish Savant also has a well-developed sense of humor, I’ll be very surprised if he too didn’t get a kick out of Achmed’s “disagreement.”

    An appreciative tip of the hat to all concerned!

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  111. @Anonymous

    Oh, ok. Niggers, Arabs, and Turks shouldn’t be judged as a group then. We should continue the multiculti experiment. It seems to be working!

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