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Brandon Says No New Missiles for Completely Felted Ukie Military
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Maybe Joe Brandon is just concerned about being responsible for the Ukraine launching missiles into Russia. But they’ve already been attacking Russia.

More likely, in the background, the Ukraine is losing institutional support in the establishment because they’re getting so felted.

Like, the war is basically over. What are they going to do with long-range missiles? If they went Samson Option and sent them into Russia, Russia would level Kiev.

Frankly, Zelensky is only demanding more weapons so he can sell them to terrorists.


The US will not supply Ukraine with long-distance missile systems that are capable of striking deep into Russian territory, President Joe Biden explained on Monday. Asked by reporters about the prospect of such deliveries, Biden flatly rejected the possibility.

“We are not going to send to Ukraine rocket systems that can strike into Russia,” the president said without elaborating.

Last week, multiple US media outlets reported that the White House was considering sending M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS rocket systems to Ukraine, which can have a range of up to 500km. The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) are two versions of US-made rocket artillery systems that can fire the same types of rockets. The advanced weaponry would have allowed the Ukrainian forces to strike deep into Russian territory and potentially target major cities.

Biden’s announcement on Monday was welcomed by former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who said it was “reasonable” to avoid supplying such systems to Kiev. Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov expressed hope that “common sense will prevail, and Washington will not take such a provocative step,” which would only lead to further “escalation” of the conflict.

Zelensky said last week that he’s losing both the Donbass and Kharkov and he will totally lose everything if the US doesn’t send many more weapons.

No one has any idea where that \$40 billion from the last package went, but apparently the government just sold all the weapons on the black market to criminals and terrorists, so now they need more.

Biden is getting AMOGed by people even more insane than he is, like Obama’s Russia ambassador Michael McFaul.

It was being reported the day before that Biden was going to send these missiles.

Russia has been saying this whole time that the only thing these weapons the US is sending are going to do is prolong the inevitable, while resulting in pointless death and destruction.

There might be more weapons transfers before it’s over. But maybe not? Maybe they’re going to cut their losses?

The only other option is to send in US troops. But word is, the enthusiasm in the Ukraine has collapsed.

The government is probably going to be facing some kind of uprising or mass support for Russians in the near future. The whole thing has gone totally pear-shaped. The people can barely eat.

Zelensky sending the military out into the streets of Kiev to forcibly conscript people into the military. They’re catching dudes at the gas station, or wherever the hell, and ordering them to go die for literally no reason.

They’re being sent to the front lines with World War I weapons.

If they’re going to send these poor stupid bastards to war against Russia with Thompson submachine guns, they should at least give them fedoras and cigars.

Zelensky’s only goal at this point is to get every young goy male he can killed, so that when they form new Galiciastan, the government doesn’t get overthrown. Zelensky is going to have to resign no matter what when these ukie morons finally realize what he’s done to them, but there will be a continuation of the current government, with Igor Kolomoisky picking some other Jew chucklehead to run the country. All opposition parties are already banned.

I told you all: as soon as Azov was wiped out/surrendered, the morale would collapse and the situation for the Ukies would very quickly completely deteriorate.

The entire Ukraine government was claiming that the surrender was “an evacuation” and “a special operation.”

I thought this was pretty funny from a Russian journalist in the Donbass:

Despite the lunatic claims of the government, no one can actually deny that Azov surrendered entirely, so now Zelensky is just telling commanders to shoot people who complain about how bad they’re losing.

Honestly, I’m really anti-desertion. I think military desertion is basically like pederasty in terms of permanently damaging a man’s soul in a way he can’t ever recover from. But when the military is literally your enemy, and just telling you to get felted for no reason at all, there’s a way to frame fleeing the battlefield as “not desertion.” Everyone in the Donbass is in a position where any normal military would surrender, the troops are begging to surrender, and the commanders are threatening to kill them.

Aside from desertion, you’re probably going to see a situation where the enlisted get together and kill their commanders so they can surrender.

We have all of these war myths about fighting to the last man, but the reality of reality is that while any good man will give his life for his country, no one wants to die for literally no reason at all. Furthermore, the Ukraine is not even a country. I wouldn’t have had any moral dilemma if I was a Ukrainian, because I would have defected in 2014. If I was in that situation, I’d fight and die for the Donbass – but that’s easy to say now, because they’re winning so badly.

I have no idea what the US is planning now. Obviously, there’s a big push in Washington to send in the troops, but at this point they’re running out of time. There are literally going to be no trained Ukraine soldiers left in a few months.

It’s possible that Brandon is losing faith in democracy, and just doesn’t really care anymore.

We’re already seeing the media pivoting and saying that Russia is going to win.

You know the jig. They do the dance.

I truly hope that every single person who put a Ukrainian flag in their bio or chuckled smugly when told Russia was going to win loses all hope and commits suicide.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Uhhh. That’s harsh. – If its right, we’ll see soon.
    (If we don’t see soon, this article wasn’ quite right. Could be. I wish not.)

  2. Zelensky is the very picture of Judaic pathology, the kind of individual Europeans spent centuries desperately trying to contain behind ghetto walls. Only in the US and in the other equally deprived countries of the Gay World could the likes of him be considered an inspirational leader and even a sex symbol.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  3. From the day this started I said the goal was to completely empty Ukraine out for the Jews and have the US taxpayer rebuild a modern Jewish homeland.
    I will be right.

  4. Notsofast says:

    democracy has never been good, but it worth fighting for…. words to live by, or rather die by. somehow he must have been given zelensky’s script by mistake.

  5. By now, hundreds of the much vaunted Javelin missiles have been dismantled and studied by Russian and Chinese scientists.

    In another month, the Chinese will be able to produce an exact working replica for 1/10 the price.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. but the reality of reality

    …is too much to bear.

  7. Fighting to the end like the Samurai Bushido is all admirable when you are facing an existential enemy who will genocide you. But in situations like this, or WW 1 where despite the differences, the enemy is not the Armies of Mordor but will simply continue business under a new boss it is a huge waste of life. It’s clear the Russians expected the Ukrainians to flee like the Afghan army when they went in originally and thought it would just be a Sunday drive and were rather unprepared for actual resistance. After a bit it appears different generals took over who realized they had to forget spreading out all over taking territory and concentrate on hitting the Ukrainian army. Either out of fear of a Nato invasion, or not wanting to show their full hand, they never committed their full military to this thing and it is pretty small scale compared to the devastation wreaked on Iraq twice. But after a certain point when the outcome becomes inevitable, it’s just a tragic waste of life. Zelensky probably wanted to get rid of this Azov and found a clever way to do it. I wonder who is the Hirohito in Ukraine who can step in and say “enough?”

    • Agree: Decoy
  8. “No missiles” means missiles.
    It is about time you learn the English language, the gangster lingo.
    When Brandon says no his nappy changers mean yes.
    When the little girl says no Brandon means yes.
    It is easy. Take some Jewmerican English lessons.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  9. The ADL

    Leo Frank


    13 year old Mary Feigin’s mutilated corpse-autopsy photo…google the photo

    The slaughter of the crew of the US Liberty….

    Dancing Israeli Art Students on a Hoboken NJ Rooftop…9/11…

    Leo Frank…The ADL…..Zelensky….

    I think I see a pattern here…..

  10. Andrew is a good guy.

    For your information, if anybody is interested, these systems that Ukraine is going to get do not have capabilities to use the long range missiles. Ukraine is getting the standard version of these launchers. Both the M270 and the M142 use the M26 rockets with 30 km range. They can also use the upgraded M26A1 rockets with 45 km range.

    The talk about 300 km rockets refers to a specific launcher model which has a different container installed. That container can host two MGM-140 ATACMS on the M270 chassis or one on the M142 chassis. The cost of one the MGM-140 rocket is \$2,3 million. Ukraine is not getting those models – they are new and expensive.

    And considering that Ukraine is now operating without any proper air defense, and not having any anti-missile systems, these launchers will not last a week in the field. And with only twelve or even six short range rockets there’s not so much of firepower as some people would like them to have. These are good machines but it won’t change anything.

  11. Alrenous says: • Website

    I heard a plausible theory.

    So yeah like Nordstream or something.

    But mainly it’s about terrorizing western Europe. “Side with us or the big bad Russians will come to get you! Look what they did to poor outgroup Ukraine!”

    Assuming Europeans are gullible enough to believe this, the operation has already concluded. They’re as spooked as they’re going to get.

    Q: Why would a smart person running this plan keep claiming that Russia was losing? A: When they inevitably win, it seems like even more of a shock. “Surprise! Putin takes Kyev!”
    “How could this happen! Oh my stars.”

    As America collapses under megatons of Communist corruption, they need someone to leech off. Especially as they’ve recently antagonized the hell out of China. Can’t have Germany getting cozy with Russia.

    Well, anyway, it’s a theory. Disturbingly plausible, but only a theory.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Kratoklastes
  12. Both sides are gay and jewish. We know why you woulda flipped Russian Anglin because you are another state actor. 2016 when the tensions were high in Ukraine and Azov stopped fighting in Luhansk and Donetsk they should have turned their remaining weapons on Kiev. That was when my support for them softened. Biletsky and his cronies turned out to be just more grifters. Azov should be a warning for all white nationalists, national socialists, etc GloboZOG will never allow us a white ethno-state

  13. @Johnny Smoggins

    In another month, the Chinese will be able to produce an exact working replica for 1/10 the price.

    I think you mean:
    In another month, the Chinese will be able to produce an improved working replica for 1/10 the price.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
  14. @War for Blair Mountain

    If you don’t think they were involved in the truck bombs in Beirut, I have a bridge to sell you.

  15. It’s all over but the shouting. That’s what ny grand dad used to say after watching the friday night fights when a title fight that was supposed to go 15 rounds ended in a 3rd round KO. Same deal here. Ukraine has gotten an ass-kicking from Putin. He knows it, the Ukrainians know it, Biden knows it. The media are the only ones who don’t know it. The joke is on them, and anyone ignorant enough to believe anything the MSM spews out. I knew the minute that it was announced that Biden was sending weapons that if they actually did receive any weapons, they would be outdated crap that would be useless or destroyed by Russina rockets at their arsenal locations. How did I know that? Biden is a crook, that is how. He got Congress to give him the billions, he pocketed it and sent bargain basement weapons instead of state-of-the-art 21st century armament. Every business deal he and Hunter scammed was like this. The real weapons, the good stuff, that is likely being sold to terrorists on the black market as we speak. Biden is making a killing off this ‘war’.

  16. @War for Blair Mountain

    The ADL is a terrorist organization that defends pedophiles.

  17. What the U.S. government and Zelensky are doing is cold-blooded murder, pure and simple.

    This is the most useless war in history and far from any justification for nuclear war(at least from the NATO side; Russia has good reasons to consider a first strike.)

  18. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Zelensky’s only goal at this point is to get every young goy male he can killed, so that when they form new Galiciastan, the government doesn’t get overthrown. Zelensky is going to have to resign no matter what when these ukie morons finally realize what he’s done to them, but there will be a continuation of the current government, with Igor Kolomoisky picking some other Jew chucklehead to run the country. All opposition parties are already banned.

    Who’s dumber, ((Jew)) stooges in Ukraine, or ((Jew)) stooges in the U.S.?

    At least the Ukrainian ((Jew)) stooges are only getting themselves killed (and, of course, some Russians); but the ((Jew)) stooges in the U.S. are getting millions killed around the world. I don’t know if that’s “dumb” in the Satanic NWO or “smart.” But either way, it’ll come back on them.

    Kike sucking is never a good idea. If the rabbis do it to infants to indoctrinate and imprison them, you know its bad news.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  19. Notsofast says:

    germany is the real target, they are smothering the german economy by starving them of fuel (just like the german army in ww2). after the german corporations begin to fail they will move in and loot them just like they did to russia in the 90’s. nato’s prime directive, keep the russians out and the germans down.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @HeebHunter
  20. @Here Be Dragon

    Here Be Faggot aka Here Be Dragon is slime.
    Here Be Faggot is like Brandon, saying one thing and just the opposite is probable.
    Jewkraine is moving long-range Jewmerican artillery to shell Lugansk
    Is your kollega queen_quer_dumb_fat coming later (all over the comment threads)?
    Or is it j2 & anonymous prime time of subversion today?

  21. Alrenous says: • Website

    “You’re welcome, England.”

    “Thanks mate, was too busy knoifing meself to take care of it.”

  22. @Here Be Dragon

    My understanding is that six of those operating together can blanket an area 1km x 1km with shrapnel, using multi-projectile rockets that launch an aerial spray of grenades. That is pretty serious capability.

  23. bwuce wee says:

    this ‘arming ukraine’ is really really starting to look like a repeat of obama’s famous ‘fast and furious’ SCANDAL! you know, from the ‘scandal free administraton’. huge sums of money are appropriated for armaments that get blown up as soon as they arrive, leaving the real arms shipment to be sold for profit somewhere else- can you say DRUG CARTELS? you know the guys who are profiting tremendously from the open borders. and just in time- biden announces that the border patrol- the thin blue line between us and the cartels, well, he says they will no longer be working in uvalde- which is where they were centralized to intercept the cartels. so we got:
    1. open borders to facilitate the transport of drugs, human cargo, as well as cartel soldiers
    2. removal of the border patrol to again facilitate the smooth transfer of cartel manpower and supplies
    3. endless supply of modern weaponry assuring that the cartels can easily outgun anything US law enforcement will ever have!
    from the cartel perspective, how sweet is that?
    and the big guy gets 10%- or is it more now, joe?

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  24. Dumbo says:
    @bwuce wee

    Hmm. Interesting. That would provide a reason for this Uvalde event.

    Meanwhile, here’s actor Matthew McConaughey meeting with the “distraught” families of Uvalde.

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
    , @bwuce wee
  25. peterAUS says:

    …the war is basically over….

    Stopped reading.

    23 comments so far. Fast skimming. The usual online support group stuff.

    For the rest: nothing new in that war going on there.
    The slow grind of the Syrian type attrition is on.
    Good for the TPTBs everywhere. Irrelevant for everyone else, except the cannon fodder there.
    For now, re “everyone else”, particularly in Russia and Europe, in that order.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  26. peterAUS says:

    It’s just funny:

    “They” are good.
    “We” are stupid.

    Nothing new there, but there WAS a hope that Internet could change that, uncomfortable, fact.

  27. “the Ukraine is losing institutional support in the establishment because they’re getting so felted.”

    What does this transitive verb “to felt” mean? I find no help at

    • Replies: @Billist
  28. ross23 says:

    Maybe but they wont have thermobaric warheads like the Russian TOS so wont be as effective.

    Considering also the TOS has only played a small part in the overall war anyway & its possible to build a picture of a nothingburger.

    Also the Russians can shoot these missiles down, the Ukrainians cant with their incoming

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  29. TG says:

    Hmm… minor point: Biden/Soros/Zuckerberg said that they would not give the Ukrainians missiles capable of hitting Russia, i.e., 100 km+ range. But accurate missiles with a range of around 50 km could be very very painful for the Russians. Remember, the Ukrainians are getting real-time satellite and drone and EW etc. intelligence from the Americans. They know pretty much where each Russian armored vehicle and a lot of their artillery and even senior leadership is, and even with their older shorter-ranged soviet-era artillery the Ukrainians have been giving the Russians fits – the Russians may well ‘win’ this war, but at least for now, are unable to conduct any sort of armored thrusts at all. I mean, they’ve been trying to encircle the pocket in the Donbass for over a month now and have failed utterly and are now doing a straight-ahead meat-grinder advance. Maybe the Russians are winning the war of attrition – I don’t know and neither do you – but they are not getting things all their own way. So if the Ukrainians can just dial in the coordinates of any Russian unit within 50 km and blast it, well, that’s not going to be fun for the Russians.

    • Agree: peterAUS
    • LOL: Kratoklastes
  30. @Notsofast

    Too bad there isn’t really anything here. Germany is actually post-industrial, except for the damn cars.
    As the matter of fact, I will say that apart from the East, the entire West is at this point post-industrial.
    Uncle Ted was right.

    Rheinmetall may have some value, maybe BASF too, but the rest? The whole West stinks, which is why they need to bribe the underclass with social welfare, alcohol, and weeds. No, we don’t need more cars. No, we don’t need more coonsoomption.

    We need Lord Jesus for this one. It is gonna be a bumpy ride.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  31. @Sebastian Hawks

    No, Russians DID NOT think Ukrainians would simply flee and surrender.

    Russians wanted Ukrainians to SURRENDER so that war could have been AVOIDED.

    Russians wanted military neutrality of Ukraine — just like existing political status of Singapore or Switzerland or Austria.

    Ukraine could have improved ECONOMICALLY, instead of militarily, by being or remaining NEUTRAL without bringing in North American and Western European weapons and bio-terrorism labs for attacking the Russian Federation.

    WITHOUT war in Ukraine, our gasoline prices would have remained \$2 a gallon this summer in the United States!

  32. Billist says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Poker term:

    To felt someone in poker is to take all of their chips (leaving them only “the felt” of the table in front of them, hence the term).

    • Thanks: animalogic
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  33. @ross23

    Good! Bomb the Ukrainians back to the Stone Age, and then prosecute the entire Obama regime and Blackwater for their role in the Maidan Massacre!

  34. @Here Be Dragon

    “Ukraine is now operating without any proper air defense”

    Why then, if they have no air defence, are the arms which US, UK, even Japan are delivering to Rzezow in Poland not being interdicted the moment they cross the Ukrainian frontier?

    This Ukrainian Antonov An-12BK transport, UR-11316, owned by a civil airline, leaves Uzhgorod, just inside Ukraine near the Polish border, but separated from Lvov by the Carpathians and with only single track rail links, heading for Istanbul. I’ve been wondering why that airport’s not used more, you can stay outside Ukrainian airspace til you’re practically on the runway. It apparently arrived this morning starting from Istanbul (home of the TB2 drone) with overnight stops at Suceava (Romania) and Budapest.

    I’ve watched 747s, Antonov 124s, Globemasters, Hercules etc landing at Rzeszow for weeks, presumably full of weapons. Why aren’t they interdicted the moment they cross into Ukraine? Why aren’t the rail lines to Poland/Hungary unusable?

    My theory is that any Russian plane in the area will be “lit up” by the US/NATO ELINT planes constantly on station over Romania/Black Sea/Poland, for missiles in Ukraine to target.

  35. @Face_The_Truth

    Well, er uh, very likely Biden would have come up with another scenario to raise gas prices if he didn’t have Putin to blame for all his Obama ‘destroy america’ policies! Like when he intentionally sent all that diesel to Ukraine when Amercian trackers badly needed it.

  36. Anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is the best insight in Andrew’s article:

    “Zelensky’s only goal at this point is to get every young goy male he can killed, so that when they form new Galiciastan, the government doesn’t get overthrown.”

    The Ukraine was a jew hot spot for a long time. Maybe the reason the jew is losing his shit over Russia’s special operation is that he cannot stand seeing the Cossacks moving in on his ancestral turf.

  37. Alrenous says: • Website

    Dry felt making involves repeatedly stabbing all the way through some material with a very sharp, barbed needle.

  38. @Dumbo

    If McConaughey wants to help out, he should run for Mayor of Uvalde. That is more his speed than Governor of Texas. I cannot imagine him helping solve any real crisis… And I take issue with these libtards who imagine they can start at the top: Beto, Mayor Pete, McConnaghey don’t feel they need to work their way up the political ladder, they want to start off as Governor or President. The DemocRATS are already heavily into buyer’s remorse with Joe ‘the training bra groper’ Biden! Besides, Texas needs a Black Trans Lesbian Governor- right? NOT!

  39. SafeNow says:

    Forgive my ignorance but I don’t understand why it will be easy for Russian rockets to destroy these new Uranian launchers. When the Russian ship was sunk, I read that at sea, it’s easy, because there are no competing heat sources or radar targets; but a landscape is “cluttered” and so the clutter makes it difficult for the rocket or missile to find its target. Thanks.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  40. @Face_The_Truth

    Before war in Ukraine, our gas prices were already rising. Before sanctions were even announced, they spiked.

    Oil companies look for justifications, not causes. And they’re profiting in a big way — a far cry from ‘passing along extra costs (if any) to the consumer.’

  41. peterAUS says:

    Forgive my ignorance but I don’t understand why it will be easy for Russian rockets to destroy these new Uranian launchers. … Thanks.

    Well…the answer depends on who’s asking (and how, of course).
    People interested in the topic here are divided into three groups: Putintards (majority), Rusophobes (minority, but quite vocal if you will) and the rest (tiny, tiny minority).
    So, answers are:
    Putintards: because RF armed forces are so good it will be piece of cake. It’s all part of the plan, actually. They could’ve destroyed those launchers as soon as they crossed into Ukraine but much better is when they are destroyed with their crews.
    RF armed forces are so well equipped and trained that they can track those rockets in real time all the time. Etc.
    Rusophobes: because RF armed forces are shit, Putin is dying of something and Ukrainians are excellent fighters. Etc.

    The rest:
    It won’t be easy for several reasons, both technical and tactical, later in particular. Boils down to proper deployment (with deception and/or camouflage and fortified fire positions) and immediate shifting of a firing position after firing its payload. All easy to accomplish by competent crew.
    Now, there is ONE thing most people don’t get/don’t want to get. Any weapon is good if used properly within a SYSTEM. Any…………….
    If the launcher is PROPERLY integrated in the system there, it will be very effective and very hard to destroy. If not it will be destroyed/damaged fast.
    Don’t think about a weapon. Think about the system.
    Ukrainian system starts with US satellites in the theatre. With full NATO intel, recce and CiC capabilities. It includes AA and counter-battery capabilities too. The rocket launcher is just a very small part of it.
    Try to picture that and how it works.

    My take anyway.

    • Replies: @j2
  42. The Pentagon intervened in Brandon’s plans, knowing that if long-range missiles were provided to Ukraine and they were fired at Russian territory (likely), Russia’s instantaneous and extremely deadly retaliation would go far beyond Kiev.

  43. @former-vet

    Yes those are very good machines. Excellent.

    My understanding is that six of those operating together can blanket an area 1km x 1km with shrapnel, using multi-projectile rockets that launch an aerial spray of grenades. That is pretty serious capability.

    That’s right.

    Let’s compare those with what the Russians have. There are two analogous systems which are not quite as good overall, given that the chassis is not armored and the crew is not protected, but effective range of these is a lot better. The BM-30 Smerch is comparable to the M142. The range is 70 km, Russia has about one hundred of them.

    There is another model on a different chassis with a twelve rockets container comparable to the M270. The rockets are the same as the BM-30 uses so it’s 70 km range as well. This is the older model.

    Then there is the most common type, the BM-21 Grad. This one shoots forty unguided rockets in twenty seconds. They are so cheap that Russia has a thousand of them, and can build more very quickly if needed. The range is 45 km.

    Finally there is the TOS Sunburn which is the only of the four that has an armored chassis and in that respect the only truly analogous to the M270, however it uses rockets with thermobaric warheads and these are therefore short range considering the size of the warhead – only 10 km, and Russia has about one hundred of these.

    What’s your opinion?

    My guess is that without proper cover those pretty launchers will be taken out with air to surface missiles pretty soon.

    • Replies: @j2
  44. bwuce wee says:

    here is more food for thought:

    US army recon monitoring the shooting in real-time- meaning they knew beforehand it would happen!

    more fast and furious stuff?

  45. @YetAnotherAnon

    They don’t have proper air defense, but still have a number of S-300 systems and hundreds, or even thousands of Stingers. However this is not why the railroads are not being destroyed.

    Why then, if they have no air defence, are the arms which US, UK, even Japan are delivering to Rzezow in Poland not being interdicted the moment they cross the Ukrainian frontier?

    Because they are not stupid. They move small arms in civilian trucks, bring them to a warehouse somewhere and later send them to the front line again in trucks, or sometimes they load them in passenger train cars.

    So the Russians hit those warehouses with cruise missiles when they detect them, they have also hit the bridge leading from Romania to Ukraine several times but haven’t destroyed it, they hit the power substations feeding the railroad quite often.

    There is not much else that they can do now.

    My theory is that any Russian plane in the area will be “lit up” by the US/NATO ELINT planes constantly on station over Romania/Black Sea/Poland, for missiles in Ukraine to target.

    There is no need to use a plane for that, a regular cruise missile works pretty good. So far Ukraine hasn’t intercepted even one of them – they have no anti-missile systems in that area. Those few S-300 that they still have are somewhere around Kiev.

    The problem is that even if Russia demolished all of the railroads these weapons would still be delivered, so it doesn’t make sense to completely ruin the railways, especially considering that there are millions of civilians who are still using them.

    There is food and other goods that are being delivered to civilians. Destruction of the railroars might cause humanitarian crisis.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  46. @Here Be Dragon

    Came here to say the same thing – no way that 404 was ever getting ATACMS.

    I would add that the logistics of replenishing ‘standard’ munitions for an M270, are daunting if supply lines are not completely safe.

    The M26/M26A1 weigh ~300kg each; so one volley from an M270 (12 rounds) weighs a little under 4 metric tonnes. That’s ONE reload.

    Want to fire it again? That’s another 4 tonnes you gotta have sitting nearby.

    This is not a trivial amount of ordnance to get to effective range, considering that Russia owns the skies of 404.

    TL;DR: resupplying munitions for MLRS systems is really easy when your opponent is a bunch of raggedy-assed goatherds with no air force.

    It’s pretty clear that when the Empire of Lies was brainstorming this latest “back the loser” event, someone thought “Let’s assume we have air superiority” and nobody said “Is that sensible?“.

  47. @Alrenous

    Q: Why would a smart person running this plan keep claiming that Russia was losing? A: When they inevitably win, it seems like even more of a shock. “Surprise! Putin takes Kyev!”
    “How could this happen! Oh my stars.”

    The retconning is already starting: people are changing jerseys faster than Team Doomer.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  48. @YetAnotherAnon

    Why then, if they have no air defence, are the arms which US, UK, even Japan are delivering to Rzezow in Poland not being interdicted the moment they cross the Ukrainian frontier?

    The Evil Rooooskie AtrocityMurderBots are being downright unAmerican, in that they are sparing civilian infrastructure to the extent possible – which means not splashing every railway east of 404’s western border.

    They are even (largely) refraining from splashing railways near the front; they are happy to destroy bridges designed for road traffic, but are mostly leaving rail bridges alone.

    Also… rolling stock.

    This is not a video game where resupply ‘just happens’: there have to be functioning rail lines, and available rolling stock. And for diesel-electric locomotives, there has to be tens of thousands of litres of diesel. It’s not just “star, star, triangle, X, circle” and off you go.

    About the 404 rolling stock – the locomotives are mostly electric, which is why targeting electricity substations that power the trains, works better than blowing up railways that might be useful for the Evil Rooooskie AtrocityMurderBots if they ever decide to help Poland take over Rump 404 (because you realise that’s what Poland intends, right?).

    Imagine being a resident of anywhere under a blue dot on the map below. Most of the air raid sirens will be false alarms, but with zero air defence apart from Kiev and (to a lesser extent) Lviv, everybody has to behave as if every siren means “Incoming“.

  49. @Here Be Dragon

    They move small arms in civilian trucks, bring them to a warehouse somewhere and later send them to the front line again in trucks, or sometimes they load them in passenger train cars.

    This is absolutely correct, and it shows a major analytic failing of the Impending Glorious Victory for 404 crowd.

    It’s relatively easy to supply small arms (and resupply ammunition for light infantry weaponry) by exactly the mechanism you’ve described.

    A standard station wagon can hold enough boxes of ammunition and grenades to resupply a platoon for a week; and although it should raise eyebrows if a station wagon is heading towards the combat zone, the Evil Rooooskie AtrocityMurderBots aren’t monitoring every station wagon on the road… and their CAP is not playing US-style “Highway of Death” turkeyshoot any time there’s a collection of apparently-civilian vehicles.

    On the flip side: you can’t fit a day‘s worth of artillery shells for a single howitzer, into a station wagon. It’s possible to break a towed field piece into components, but each piece requires something more like a Toyota Hi-Lux to transport it (and the breech and the barrel would strain the suspension, even then).

    Everyone’s got in mind that pallets’ worth of màtériel can just be pushed out the back of a C130 somewhere safe-ish, because that has been the reality for every Western person with battlefield experience since Viet Nam.

    That’s not the case in 404, because the Russians have the air.

  50. bert33 says:

    God bless th people in the ukraine just trying to live their lives in between waves of competing assholes, and god damn everybody else pretty much. War is always a crime and when you have civilians getting killed either diretly or indirectly as a result of these pssing contests, well, zelensky in’t the only guy that flat belongs in prison. He needs to man up and go make his moscow court date so this show can be over and basic folks can go back to their lives. no more weapons, no more sideline cheerleaders, end it now.

  51. You can tell the Ukronazis are losing by the increased HYSTERIA of the BBC, Guardian and Australian ABC and SBS sewers. The Guardian is SO rabid (amazing what a little talking-to from MI6 will achieve)that it ought to be put down, for humane considerations, before it chews its own three heads off, one by one.

  52. @Chris Moore

    Yeah-the Banderites are going to ‘resign’ ?elensky-with extreme prejudice.

  53. @Ray Caruso

    It was the rabbis keeping the Jews IN, not the goyim keeping them OUT, in most cases.

  54. @War for Blair Mountain

    Dancing mossad agents in a NJ carpark. (?)

  55. meamjojo says:

    Listen up aholes!
    President Biden: What America Will and Will Not Do in Ukraine
    May 31, 2022
    By Joseph R. Biden Jr.

    The invasion Vladimir Putin thought would last days is now in its fourth month. The Ukrainian people surprised Russia and inspired the world with their sacrifice, grit and battlefield success. The free world and many other nations, led by the United States, rallied to Ukraine’s side with unprecedented military, humanitarian and financial support.

    As the war goes on, I want to be clear about the aims of the United States in these efforts.

    America’s goal is straightforward: We want to see a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine with the means to deter and defend itself against further aggression.

    As President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has said, ultimately this war “will only definitively end through diplomacy.” Every negotiation reflects the facts on the ground. We have moved quickly to send Ukraine a significant amount of weaponry and ammunition so it can fight on the battlefield and be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table.

    That’s why I’ve decided that we will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  56. @Here Be Dragon

    “they move small arms in civilian trucks”

    I can see you can fit a fair few NLAWS in a Transit van, but it doesn’t seem very efficient. And they’ll have a job to fit HIMARs in a van, they weigh 17 tons before any missiles are added if Wiki is right.

    I guess it’s a balancing act – but these weapons are killing Russian and Donbass fighters.

    What’s the ethical/legal position on civil aircraft in a war zone? The chances of that AN12 carrying anything but arms must be pretty slim, but it was able to land at Uzhgorod unmolested, and given it’s probably picking up TB2s, will soon be on its way back.

  57. @Sebastian Hawks

    Putin’s goal was only and always to secure and re-orient the Donbass towards Mother Russia. Millions of words have been written about it, and endless hours of diplomatic efforts exchanged about it, not only since 2014, but echoes of this inevitability go back to the end of the Cold War and Ukrainian independence. Also, Russia’s strategy has been to destroy the Ukrainian military and hold them down in Kiev and Kharkiv while clearing out the Donbass, city by city, of nationalist paramilitaries, especially the Azov Batallion. Your bot blab is hackneyed, repetitive, and dumb at this late stage. How is it possible that you don’t know anything after months of opportunities to learn? How? You must have taken time out from Warcraft and porn just to post monkey-brained mainstream boilerplate.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  58. Alrenous says: • Website

    It’s clear they can say anything they want; when they turn on a dime nobody in their intended audience minds at all. Why bother doing any research when we’ve always been at war with Eastasia?

  59. @YetAnotherAnon

    ZZ175, RAF Globemaster, at Rzeszow, presumably another arms delivery.

  60. @Eric Novak

    “Putin’s goal was only and always to secure and re-orient the Donbass towards Mother Russia.”

    More important IMHO is ensuring that NATO missiles are as far away from Moscow as possible, given improved targeting techniques which make a first strike more tempting.

  61. Antonov An-26-100 arrived at Rzeszow from Zagreb.

  62. This Italian airforce transporter (Boeing 767-2EY(ER), MM62228) is apparently going to Rzeszow but by a very roundabout route. Currently over Romania and heading south.

  63. @Face_The_Truth

    Appreciate your comment. Agree with your observation that Russia would have been satisfied with a politically neutral ukraine that pledged (1) never to join NATO or other military alliance, (2) never to allow foreign troops and military equipment on its soil, and (3) to trade on equal terms with Russia/Belarus/Novorossiya as with the EU and USA. That was a reasonable demand, no more than what the USA would demand of Canada and Mexico. The USA would enforce these demands with military force, and Russia is doing the same near its borders.

    One quibble, though. Before this operation, the average price of gas at the pump in the USA was already over \$3.40 per gallon, in winter. Why would the price have plummeted from \$3.40 to \$2 per gallon absent this conflict?

    On the contrary, it would seem that gas prices would have increased even more as warmer weather and driving season approached.

    It certainly seems that the more-recent part of the spike in fuel prices can be reversed by repealing EU and US bans on the importation of oil and natural gas etc. from Russia.

    But there’s no reason to think that the rest of the spike in fuel prices can be reversed by ending the energy-import bans. That’s due to general inflation. That preexisting general inflation was caused by reckless “printing” / electronic creation and distribution of additional dollars — backed neither by any additional production of goods and services, nor by ownership of any additional valuable tradeable commodities (precious metals or otherwise). Russia didn’t do that. The people ruling us did that.

  64. @meamjojo

    Were the Pope to present a letter, complete with signature, that he claimed he had just received from Jesus Christ, I would sooner believe it was from the 2nd person of the Trinity than that Op-Ed from the NYT was written by Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

    (Looking forward to seeing Peter Doocy question the new WH press secretary about this.)

  65. SteveK9 says:

    It would need to be improved, since it doesn’t seem to work very well. I think Russia has captured a lot, because the Ukrainians basically threw them away.

  66. @former-vet

    back in my old FA days, we used to say a 6 pack of MLRS rockets could take out a grid square. checks out from here.

  67. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “My guess is that without proper cover those pretty launchers will be taken out with air to surface missiles pretty soon.”

    Could be that Scholtz cannot delay any more so effectively and the first German Iris-T is not coming to Ukraine in November but much sooner? Smerch is not quite comparable to HIMARS, does not shoot guided munition, only improved accuracy unguided, but it depends on what munition USA gives.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @Here Be Dragon
  68. meamjojo says:

    Olaf Scholz’s Kaiser complex leaves Ukraine in the lurch
    German chancellor’s approach is not only damaging to Ukraine, it also is undermining Berlin’s already tenuous standing within NATO.

    1 Jun 2022

    BERLIN — Olaf Scholz has taken recently to giving history lessons. Unfortunately for him, they’re the wrong ones.

    “I’m not Kaiser Wilhelm!” Scholz, referring to German Emperor Wilhelm II, has repeatedly declared behind closed doors in recent weeks, triggering a flurry of head scratching and Wikipedia searches.


    A grandson of Queen Victoria, Wilhelm is best remembered outside Germany for his elaborate whiskers, pointy headgear and — by the British upper class — for wearing the wrong yachting shoes at Cowes.

    In Germany, however, he’s the man whose bumbling foreign policy, in particular an alliance with Austria-Hungary, triggered World War I and by extension the disastrous rise of Hitler. For Germans, Wilhelm is less caricature than cautionary tale.

    At a time when Germany’s Western allies have been increasingly baffled by its tortured explanations for not sending more potent military aid to Ukraine, Scholz’s fixation on Wilhelm helps explain why the chancellor, as Andrij Melnyk, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, puts it, has left his country “in the lurch.”

  69. @YetAnotherAnon

    They are using not vans but twenty ton trucks. The crates come in containers, theres no way to tell what’s inside. Such containers are transported by trucks and by trains.

    You an pack a lot into a container like this.

  70. “Honestly, I’m really anti-desertion. I think military desertion is basically like pederasty in terms of permanently damaging a man’s soul in a way he can’t ever recover from.”

    Very bizarre statement. Some American men get an erection from the mere mention of the military, but to many, mostly independent minded souls, the military is prison and slavery at the very least. You can’t blame them for wanting to get out. They don’t want to fight the wars of the cadaverous old men of the “elites” who have never risked their own lives but send young men to die as their proxy. No man has the right to order an innocent man to die and it surprises me that the supposedly freedom loving Anglin made the statement comparing desertion to child molestation. Freedom is the reason the two Anglin brothers escaped from Alcatraz, never to be seen again.

  71. @Kurt Knispel

    In American English, nappy means tightly coiled or curled, usually referring to negroid hair. If you use the British term for diaper, nappy, most Americans won’t know what you’re referring to. If you tell someone to learn the English language, you need to refer to the specific dialect of English because there are many of them.

    • LOL: meamjojo
  72. @HeebHunter

    No, you’re wrong on that one, unlike the US, Germany still makes lots of things besides cars. They don’t make low-end consumer things like they were known for in the 50’s, but in expensive industrial quality manufactured goods, they still are a very important manufacturing center.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  73. @j2

    Your information is incorrect.

    Smerch, the same as HIMARS can use both unguided and satellite-guided rockets, depending on the need. The difference is that one uses GPS and the other GLONASS satellites. The standard M26 rocket is unguided, the newer M30 is satellite-guided, and also has a longer range – 70 km. Most probably both types will be delivered, but the number of precision type will be limited. This is a usual way of doing it.

    Usually precision munitions are used against high value targets, they not always needed.

    As for the IRIS-T, these are the newest systems and Germany probably wants to battle test them, they will probably send only one of them, which may help Ukraine a little but won’t change the weather.

    “Ukrainian troops could start training on the system in Germany once the security cabinet approves the delivery, Bild reported, adding that Ukraine wants 10 such systems. However, it’s far from the answer to Ukraine’s pressing needs. That number of systems, Bild reported, would take three to four years to produce.”

    Ukraine Might Get IRIS-T SLM Surface-To-Air Missile System

    • Replies: @j2
    , @j2
  74. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “Your information is incorrect. ”

    This time my information may be old (as I am old myself). But your impression that Russians easily manage to destroy Ukraine systems may also be largely incorrect. If you look at this war, you see another reason why Ukraine seems to have run out of Soviet artillery. They crazily bombed day and night (which we can verify from intercepted mobile phone discussions of Russian soldiers) e.g. in Mikolaiv region one-two months ago. This way you very fast run out of ammunition.

    Ukraine got additional Soviet 152 mm ammunition from former Eastern block countries and also used them very fast. This is why they now need Western howizers, as they use 155 mm ammunition and nobody seems willing to give more Soviet era ammunition. Now they do not have so much ammunition to Western howizers (but much of this ammunition is guided), and cannot shoot in the old Soviet war caring nothing of how much is used. It seems that Ukraine does not produce 152 mm ammunition. It probably will start producing, but it will not be enough to supply the war, at least if they use artillery as they have been using. I do not know how large Russian stockpiles are for Soviet era weapons, but they are also not infinite. Now Russia is shooting with artillery day and night. This is not what one should do. It should be artillery preparation and not trying to kill soldiers in deep trenches.

    About this Smerch, Ukraine also have those launchers, but no ammunition. Probably they used them already, or somebody sold them in black market. Ukraine is the second most corrupted country in Europe. (Russia is the most corrupted country in Europe, these both countries are Russians, probably Belarus is the third most corrupted country, but this I did not check). So, why the USA now gives Western artillery is not because it would be much better, but because Ukraine wasted too much ammunition. Russians have destroyed some Ukrainian artillery systems also, but ammunition is the problem. Both Russia and Ukraine had very large number of Soviet era howizers, so they are not all destroyed in this three months.

    What can be a game changer in this war is if Ukrainians finally will learn how to use artillery correctly and do operational level counter-offensives instead of stopping after a limited counter-offensive (I think they will finally learn it). But HIMARS will balance Smerch. Russia will not use all of its Smerch systems in this war, the same as with any Russian weapon system. They cannot use any weapons to the end because the army has the task of being able of home land defense.

    What is a game changer in this war is that Western countries have decided that Russia will not win. So if it starts to look like Russia is winning, then Ukraine gets more help. This is a vicious circle for Russia and it should deduce the obvious: it is useless.

  75. j2 says:

    To peterAUS

    “Rusophobes: because RF armed forces are shit, Putin is dying of something and Ukrainians are excellent fighters. Etc. ”

    All neighboring countries to Russia (with the possible exception of Belarus) are Rusophobes if you mean that they realistically consider Russia a threat and have been warning about it for many years. (and were correct). These Rusophobes do not think RF army is shit (more like it is shit if that army attacks us) and Ukrainians are so excellent fighters (though so far they have done better than expected), but Putin indeed seems to be ill of something, you do not have surgical operations without a reason and he just had two in a row.

    Being a Rusophobe is wisdom, at least as long as Putin is in power. (But Ukraine is the second most corrupted country in Europe, excelled in this respect only by Russia.)

  76. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Ukraine also gets MLRS systems from UK, so West will give enough weapons to balance the situation.

    At the moment, if you start measuring the area gained and lost after the time Ukraine mobilized 1. and 2. echelon reserves, you see that Ukraine has gained about the same area, or more. I allow generously excluding the attack to Kiev where Russians claim to have only “shaped” the battlefield, though also here Russians were forced out as their goal was Kiev and they did not get it. But if we look at two areas only: Kherson-Mikolayv and Kharkiv-Izium, the areas regained by Ukraine are about as large as the areas lost by Ukraine in Donbas. Certainly we can already agree that “American military expert” Ritter is wrong in stating ten days ago that Russia will get significant victories in near future in Donbas and these potentially include surrender of tens of thousands of Ukrainians. The reality looks like Russians have minor advances of little military significance and Ukrainians are capable of withdrawing forces in good order. The idea of Donbas cauldron seems to have failed.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  77. Air Transport International Boeing 767-323(ER)(BDSF), reg N395CM, coming into Rzeszow from Washington DC now.

    j2 – I want the war to be over asap, which means I want Russia to “win” or an acceptable peace made, which is highly unlikely. But one needs to try and take an unbiased view of the conflict. The US still wields much power.

    With hindsight, the late Victorian/early Edwardian era can be seen as the high tide of British power. But Britain was still pretty powerful 50 years on in WW2, both in warmaking power and in collecting allies.

  78. @j2

    You need to reconsider your choice of information sources. Most of what you are saying is wrong.

    Russians were forced out as their goal was Kiev and they did not get it.

    Kiev is a big city with population of three million people. You are obviously not familiar with the realities in these regions. Kiev is really big – more than 800 square km, and it is spread on two sides of the Dnieper river which is also very wide. To capture Kiev the Germans had to send 500 thousand troops, to liberate it the Russians sent 700 thousand troops. Even if now the entire force that the Russians have in Ukraine was sent to capture Kiev it wouldn’t be enough. The idea is pure propaganda, in truth for the Russians it was a tactical deception. Even if they are planning to capture Kiev later that will be the part on the left bank of Dnieper.

    The areas Ukraine has regained are about as large as the areas lost in Donbas.

    Ukraine has not regained it – the Russians pulled back and the Ukrainians returned to these areas without fighting. Those areas were not taken to keep – the Russians call it “restriction areas”. Look at the map.

    Such areas are in orange stripes. The areas in red are those which have been captured, the orange ones are the territories of the Donbas republics which had been under their control before the war.

    The idea of Donbas cauldron seems to have failed.

    That blue line on the map along which the fighting is now going on is the fortification lines. There are concrete bunkers and trenches with a lot of howitzers there. The blue explosions are the Ukrainian shelling. You can see that the Ukrainians are feeling comfortable there. But these red dots in that area are the towns that have been captured. The entire region is an industrial zone, all these small towns are filled with factories which are not much different from a fortress. The Russians are taking town after town, the Ukrainians are shelling these towns from the trenches. Sooner or later some passages in these lines will appear, and then a cauldron.

    Perhaps in a month, but rather in two.

    • Replies: @j2
  79. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Dragon, you again do not understand.

    You write that Ukrainians have not regained some area because they took it without fighting. This is exactly what they should do. I ask you to consider the strategy of territorial defense, the only method so far invented how a weaker country can stop a Soviet attack, also applies to a Russian attack.

    Because the invader comes with superior forces without declaring war, it is not possible to stop the attacker to fixed defense lines with a peace time army. Therefore the peace time army withdraws causing the invader losses and allowing time for mobilization. When mobilization is done, the invader is stopped. This stopping is helped by the invader being allowed to advance so much that its forces cannot completely control the area it has gained, i.e., the invader is weak everywhere.

    Now comes the tricky part: to push the invader out with inferior forces. People like you think it must be impossible, but it is not impossible. I give only the version that applies to the attack with a relatively small professional highly mobile forces with much firepower, as this is the scenario here.

    You use local overpower (that always can be achieved) and home field advantage (which means, make the best of what advantages you have, often territorial animals though weaker can push an invader out, use this, it can be terrain, or morale, or local help, or whatever. This is difficult to do, but think carefully what advantages you have. Ukraine has morale, more men, Western help, situation awareness). But I go directly to the special case that the invader has small but very effective troops and the defender has large but poorly equipped troops. So what would you do, Dragon. Being as cleaver as you imagine you are, you should solve this puzzle.

    It is a very simple puzzle to solve. You would solve it if you would not be neither an idiot nor a Putintard. So, you would reason like this: they are not where they are not, meaning that if the invader has small but effective army, it cannot be everywhere. Therefore you go where they are not and finally they control some ten kilometers around their strongholds and not more. You, if you are not a Putintard, know that this is exactly what would finally be the situation. You control the area where you are and win all battles, but the opponent gives no solution battles and you control nothing except where you are. Exactly, your opponent would not fight you, they would simply occupy a place where you are not. That is how it will go. If you try to take this place back, you have to attack and they defend. Because a defensive army (like light infantry) can advance. it advances where you are not and forces you to attack, but an attacker has higher losses. It is idiotic to attack a stronger enemy, but if the enemy has small but powerful troops, you seldom need to attack them. Mainly you occupy places where they are not. But if you have to attack., you take a local overpower. This strategy works.

    So, Dear Dragon, do some own thinking. You post pictures of weapons, but war is not weapons. War is operational art. You have to do some thinking.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  80. @j2

    Ukraine doesn’t have morale, five thousand men have surrendered. Neither does it have awareness – Marioupol has been lost, Kherson has been lost, the nuclear power plant in Energodar has been lost. Fifteen smaller towns in Donbass hae been lost. One of the republics has been liberated except for two small towns on the border.

    The armed forces are being demolished – 16 airports, 180 planes, 130 helicopters, one thousand drones, 300 air defense missile launchers, 450 multiple rocket launchers, three thousand tanks and two thousand howitzers – this is situation awareness. You have no awareness.

    And this morning the tunnel, through which 60 percent of the trains from Europe come, has been demolished.

    The most capable personnel has been killed or captured.

    You still assume that Russia wants to capture the entire Ukraine, but this is not so. Even in the best case scenario of this war Russia doesn’t need and doesn’t want the entire Ukraine. These people have made their choice – so be it, Russia doesn’t need them.

    But it will not let them keep the people and the lands which are not theirs.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @j2
  81. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    A bit more correct history of Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Avery
  82. Avery says:

    {A bit more correct history of Ukraine.}

    Shirley, you can’t be serious.

    The narrator/author is a Polish guy.
    Polish people are irrationally hostile to Russia and Russians.
    Perhaps the most biased, anti-Russian source you could dig up.

    Try again with a neutral source.
    Good luck.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
    , @j2
  83. @Avery

    He appears to be a Pole himself. The man is out of his mind.

    • Replies: @j2
  84. j2 says:

    “The narrator/author is a Polish guy.
    Polish people are irrationally hostile to Russia and Russians.
    Perhaps the most biased, anti-Russian source you could dig up.”

    Maybe Poles have some reason to dislike Russians, but the narrator of the video is not biased and explains clearly that at one time Poles were trying to Polonize Ukraine, which was the reason Ukrainian Cossacs turned to Russia. The maps in this video match very well with maps from non-Polish sources and they show the real history of the area of present day Ukraine. The video also shows the history of Russia. I am not a Pole, I looked at the video and it is quite fine, unbiased.

  85. j2 says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    “He appears to be a Pole himself.”

    Wrong again. Dragon, do you realize that you have not written a single knowledgeable comment in this forum. All you write is factually wrong, biased in content, showing ignorance, and demonstrates an amateur level.

  86. @Joe Paluka

    With the amount of availabe job openings and the number of applicants plus welfare recipents, it might as well be post industrial.

    Amis like to rightfully complain about gib parasites. They should take a look at the Europe they created.

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