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Braindead American Peasants Say China Is the Real Threat
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Americans are stupid.

That’s why they believe in a fake pandemic, and that is why the US government, which is doing every single thing that hurts America, can successfully say “Hey! Look over there! Look at those people with small eyes! They eat dogs! They are the REAL problem!”

Talking about any country other than the US being a threat to Americans is totally moronic. You could I guess say “Israel,” but even that isn’t really true, because Israel is only a threat because the Jews that control America allow it to be a threat.

It just makes you sick how easy it is to distract these peasants with gibberish.


More than half of Americans (52%) see China as the greatest threat to the country, according to a Beacon Research poll commissioned by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute (RRPFI), a conservative think tank. By comparison, 14% said Russia was the main threat, and 12% said the same about North Korea.

Only 21% listed Beijing as the chief threat to the US in 2018, when RRPFI published its first annual national defense survey.

Additionally, 65% respondents said they considered China an enemy, while 23% said they viewed it as an ally.

“There is bipartisan consensus about the threats we face. For the first time, a majority of respondents say a single nation poses the greatest threat to the United States: China,” RRPFI said in a statement.

Explaining what concerns them the most about China, those polled cited China’s economic practices (20%), military build-up (19%), alleged human rights abuses (17%), and foreign policy (13%). Separately, 23% said they were concerned with Beijing’s AI technology, and another 23% said they were concerned with supply chain vulnerability.

The number of Americans who think the US should concentrate its military forces in East Asia grew from 16% in 2019 to 37%, the survey shows. “Conversely, the percentage choosing the Middle East dropped from 37% in 2019 to 17%,” Beacon Research said.

Here’s a list of things that the US government has done to normal people:

  • Stripped us of all of our Constitutional rights (except the Second Amendment!)
  • Collapsed the economy and destroyed all small businesses
  • Flooded us with primitive third world savages
  • Declared white people (native American population) to be terrorists
  • Promoted black riots and violence
  • Censored anyone who questions them
  • Forced racial integration
  • Legalized gay anal sex
  • Legalized interracial marriage
  • Gave women the right to vote
  • Gave homosexuals direct access to children
  • Legalized pornography
  • Ran a years-long Russian conspiracy hoax that they designed and knew from the beginning was fake
  • Allowed Jewish bankers total dominance of the US economy
  • Forced us to fight meaningless wars for Israel
  • Overturned the most important presidential election in history through obvious fraud
  • Classified people as terrorists for protesting election fraud
  • Coercively vaccinated most of the population with a dangerous gene therapy, claiming it will save them from a virus that doesn’t exist
  • Injected children
  • Forced people to wear face masks
  • Destroyed the middle class
  • Completely opened the borders and put all of the savages on welfare
  • Allowed millions to die from opioid overdoses
  • Destroyed the energy sector
  • Promoted gay sex to children
  • Injected children with tranny hormones
  • Mutilated children’s genitals
  • Taught gay anal sex in schools
  • Banned prayer from schools
  • Legalized no-fault divorce and therefore destroyed the institution of marriage
  • Legalized abortion
  • Established family courts which give children to women after they leave their husbands
  • Promoted women to positions of power over men
  • Given unlimited economic and social privileges to nonwhites
  • Purposefully driven down the white birthrate
  • Tried to force people who refuse the vax out of society
  • Spied on everyone
  • Created a track and trace system in the name of medical tyranny
  • Allowed the Israeli Mossad to run a blackmail ring
  • Given billions upon billions to Israel
  • Destroyed the education system on purpose
  • Locked everyone in their houses

Now, you retarded faggot: make me a list of the things China did to you.

Make the list.

Make a bullet point list of the things that China did to you, you moronic peasant trash.

I’ll wait.

I’ll just sit here and I’ll wait for that bullet list of all of the things that the Chinese did to you.

Point to the place on the doll where the small-eyed yellow people hurt you.




Anyone who says the word “China” is not doing anything but trying to distract you. If China controls the economy of Asia, that does not affect you. You are not the American Empire. If the Vietnamese have to pay a tax to the Chinese to access deep water fishing spots in the South China Sea, that does not affect you.

Gay marriage in Taiwan does not affect you.

Islamic terrorists in a rural Chinese province you’ve never heard of being forced to sing songs does not affect you.

This affects you:

This affects you:

This affects you:

This affects you:

This affects you:

This affects you:

This affects you:

But somehow, you people can look around and say “you know what the real problem is? Those small eyes on the other side of the earth who are threatening some other small-eyed people’s fishing rights.”

It’s so horrifyingly stupid that it makes me want to crash into a brick wall at high speed.

It’s actually unbelievable that this is even possible.

America deserves this.

You allowed this to happen.

You allowed it.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
The China/America Series
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