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BLM Is Just a Totally Jewish Scam That Isn’t Even Run by Black People
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The cops really got into a rough spot, didn’t they? Everyone hates them, and the only thing they can even do is whine about it.


Five officers have sued the Silicon Valley city of Palo Alto, saying it allowed the creation of a Black Lives Matter mural with anti-police images that constituted harassment and discrimination against law enforcement.

The mural was painted last June in the street across from City Hall following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin. It was to remain on the street for up to a year but it was gone by November, according to The Daily Post in Palo Alto, which first reported the lawsuit Wednesday.

One of the images was of Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the name Assata Shakur and was convicted in the 1973 killing of a New Jersey state trooper, according to the lawsuit filed last month in Santa Clara County Superior Court. She later escaped from prison and fled to Cuba. Shakur has yet to be found.

The lawsuit also says the mural included the logo of the New Black Panthers, which is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group that has encouraged violence against white and Jewish people and law enforcement.

Oh, the SPLC labeled them a “hate group”?

I guess the SPLC must be fighting back against anti-white hatred now!


For those who do not recall, the New Black Panther Party is not really that new. Their leader Malik Zulu Shabazz was promoting hate crime hoaxes in the exact same way BLM does all the way back in the early 2000s.

Fox News had a bit where they would repeatedly bring him on to keep saying the Duke lacrosse rape hoax was real.

It was like a weekly bit they did – “and now, we go to this spectacoon named Shabazz to again say he believes in the Duke lacrosse white-on-black gang-rape hoax.”

You should watch the clip, it’s really feelsy. I miss 2006.

It is so nice of the SPLC to finally admit that blacks are –


Wait a second here.

I thought something smelled funny:

It’s a joke, guys. I didn’t just now look this up. We’ve been over this before.

When you first look at the fact that the list-making Jews at ADL-SPLC have black groups listed among their “hate groups,” you think “oh well, they’re just doing that to make it look like they’re not just a bunch of anti-white Jews.”

But although it might sort of serve that function, because they can go out and say “we also have black racists on our hit list,” when you actually look at it, it is all about how these blacks are against the Jews.

Obviously, BLM is an anti-white hate group. They preach the same level of hate as Malik Zulu Shabazz, and actually much more. Shabazz at least tried to act professional when he was promoting his hoaxes. And as we have seen, the NBPP is promoting the same hoaxes as BLM right now.

To be fair, some people at BLM tried to say some stuff about the Jews, but the organization is a gigantic Jewish scam, so they always ended up deleting tweets or firing people or whatever whenever anything anti-Jewish took place.

You saw how that fat bitch that runs BLM bought all those millions of dollars’ worth of property and then said it was white supremacy to ask her about it. She even said that black people that asked her about it were “embodying white supremacy.”

Anyway, yeah – that was pay-off money. She had previously said that Israel should be abolished.

The issue is: if you get a black person in front of a camera and say “talk about how you hate white people,” they’re going to say “yeah, fuck white people! And the Jews…” and then their mic is going to be cut, and you don’t have a racial uprising.

(You can see blacks talking about Jews in this Israeli-made documentary attacking the ADL. YouTube seems to have deleted the clip. I’m not going to find a timestamp.)

So it’s actually complicated to run an anti-white black hate group and not have them turn on the Jews immediately. You have to find blacks to run it who are willing to sell out – and then to hold the line.

That’s not to say that blacks have principles, but they’re very impulsive and easily agitated. You can end up in a situation where you make a black person famous as an anti-white hate figure, then all of a sudden they get angry and start going nuts about Jews and they have to shut it all down.

Hence, Ibram X Kendi, the purest of gay black sellouts.

He is a truly dim individual, but he is passive enough to go along with the “be a good little schvartze and don’t talk about your masters” bit.

He’s no Malcom X.

But his partner, America’s other top anti-white hate figure, is Robin DiAngelo – a white bitch.

If you think about it right now, you’ll notice that you don’t really even know who the leader of BLM is, and that you never really even see leaders of it. You just see some random fat black bitch screaming. It’s because the whole thing is totally organized and run by the Jews.

Even the cuck-right will admit that when they say the only semi-acceptable anti-Semitic phrase: “it’s Soros-funded.”

Of course, “Soros” as a blanket term for “Jews in general” is a bit weak. I don’t think that most of the Breitbart types who use the term even understand that they are talking about Jews. I think it’s just “creepy wealthy Eastern European banking figure involved in left-wing politics,” and they fail to make the connection to Jews.

Anyway, Soros is far from the only Jew funding BLM – the entire group was conceptualized by a literal Jew terrorist, Susan Rosenberg.

I am just remembering now the first time I read the Snopes page about whether a “convicted terrorist” is running BLM’s funding, and Snopes gave “mixed” as they couldn’t decide if bombing government buildings in the name of revolutionary Marxism is “terrorism.”

Every Snopes article that isn’t about a fake meme (that they themselves almost certainly make and distribute so they can “debunk” them) is equivalent to Bill Clinton talking about how he didn’t think a blowjob qualified as sexual relations because he thought sexual relations specifically meant sexual congress, a la the reproductive act.

Come to think of it, his arguments were pretty homophobic.

Speaking of Bill, he isn’t really around, is he? Did he get too old, or did he get pushed out of the bus over Epstein?

I half expected Joe Biden to give Hillary a cabinet position.

Speaking of cabinets, I was recently examining a family heirloom I’ve inherited and found an original SS pin. (No I didn’t. This is a joke about changing topics. Speaking of changing topics, how about that Haitian presidential assassination? Did you see where the remaining government of Haiti is calling in US troops to secure their oil fields?)

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dutch Boy says:

    This is a continuing pattern. The old civil rights movement was a Jewish front too. The black front men (including MLK) had Jewish handlers who kept them in line.

  2. Truth says:

    BLM Is Just a Totally Jewish Scam That Isn’t Even Run by Black People

    That’s true Old Sport. But then; so is the Daily Stormer…

    • LOL: Pixo, 36 ulster
    • Troll: Robert Dolan
  3. Trinity says:

    Wow, just wow. Yet another ANTI-WHITE SHIT SHOW RUN BY JEWS? Oh, who would have guessed it. I mean I thought (((Antifa))) was run by skinny White Millennial homosexuals and that (((BLM))) was run by racist Black folk. Was the (((NAACP))) started by Jews as well? How about the (((Southern Poverty Law Center?))) I mean does the (((SPLC))) have a bunch of Southern lawyers working to curb poverty in the South?

  4. Trinity says:
    @Dutch Boy

    The so-called, “Civil Rights Movement” has now been cancelled due to lack of believability and is now more commonly and correctly called, (((The Swindle Whites Movement.))) Seems there was nothing “civil” or “right” about a fake “reverend” or plagiarized speeches.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
  5. UNIT472 says:

    If you understand how the news media operates they had to have a BLM organization in order to cover the 2020 negro insurrection. Without a ‘cover’ organization, real or not, the New York Times, Don Lemon et al., would be reduced to reporting on another outbreak of ‘negro rioting’ in this or that city.

    Creating a ‘BLM cover’ gave meaning to what was mindless violence fomented by negroes to allow them to loot. To the media there has to be a ‘reason’ why feral negroes are breaking into stores other than simply wanting to steal.

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  6. TG says:

    About time people woke up to the fact that BLM etc. really has nothing to do with blacks, it’s a top-down scam orchestrated and funded by the 600 or so billionaires that run the country.

    As far as it being jewish – well – given that us whites are being demonized as the source of all evil because of our skin color, surely no racial or ethnic group should be off limits for criticism, but I think maybe half of the very richest Americans are jewish – which is a lot – but I don’t think it is jews per se, it is the super rich.

    It’s easy to see why they would want do do this. I mean, our elites are swindling us at every turn, and baiting the proles into attacking each other deflects attention from what the rich are doing. All according to plan.

    I mean, consider that average Americans can now no longer realistically declare bankruptcy (billionaires of course still can), and are sentenced to a lifetime of debt slavery. That’s a real thing put into place by real people who are profiting from it, and to fix it we should kick out corrupt politicians and try to enact laws that will restore the TRADITIONAL bankruptcy laws that the founders of this nation intended.

    Instead, we are told that all bad things are due to an invisible toxic gas excreted by all white people just because of their whiteness and the way forward is to scream that whites are evil and give that nice black diversity race hustler a corner office and a raise. The thing is, this is designed to prevent us from actually solving the real problems that real people face. And it’s working.

    Blacks are the useful idiots of the corrupt plutocracy that governs this nation. Dangerous idiots, surely, but don’t forget who is really in charge here.

  7. anaccount says:

    I’ve heard this before but have never seen a shred of evidence to back it up. I’m not trolling here, I’m actually quite curious why you think the Daily Stormer is Jew run.

    Oh and don’t claim that Weev is Jewish, he isn’t… or you can mention Weev and I’ll know you are full of shit, instantly.

  8. @Trinity

    Yet another ANTI-WHITE SHIT SHOW RUN BY JEWS? Oh, who would have guessed it.

    Whites and cops are so much alike.

    Antifa is anti-police and attacks the police, but the police defend Antifa from patriots and arrest patriots who fight back against Antifa.

    Jews are anti-white and attack whites, but whites, libby and conzo, defend Jews and attack whites who dare speak truth to Jewish Power.

    • Replies: @Sam Spader
  9. El Dato says:

    Speaking of cabinets, I was recently examining a family heirloom I’ve inherited and found an original SS pin.

    The SS was a large party organization, one would need to specify what section it was. One wouldn’t want to find the a pin of the section harboring the bureaucracy for example.

    Did you see where the remaining government of Haiti is calling in US troops to secure their oil fields?)

    Whenever a well-installed corrupt worthy gets removed from premises by operators whose handlers are difficult to identify, you have to watch subsequent events to find out who was behind it.

    It’s really like it’s the 70s.

  10. El Dato says:

    I hear that the name for the SPLC was chosen specifically to resemble the name of some other legit organization to scam donations off people who confused the two.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
    , @Alden
  11. @TG

    No….BLM is run by jews…..Susan Rosenberg (former terrorist bomber) is the financial director….the dumb black lesbian is window dressing.

    Same as MLK was controlled by Stanley Levinson (who probably wrote the speeches as well)

    Same as Mandela was controlled by marxist jews….

    Same as the NAACP was founded and funded by marxist jews…..

    Dumb blacks have been weaponized by slimy marxist jews to destroy all of Christendom.

    Celler and Javitz wrote the legislation in 1965 to open the borders.

    The HIAS supports the “refugee” invasion of white nations.

    There are solid reasons for the every. single. time. meme……it’s because every single time you notice some new thing has been orchestrated to harm whites… soon discover that it was jews behind it.

  12. Very good article. BLM has always been Jewish funded and Jewish run regardless of how many black faces they put forth. True, Soros is always mentioned as the money man. the funny thing is -Soros is no great example of a Marxist although Marxist Jews and Marxist blacks and Marxist goys of whatever hue are running things on the ground. I love that cullud lady Patricia Cullors who made no bones about being a trained Marxist. Trained maybe, but I really wonder what her Marxist beliefs were doing as she was buying up all those fancy placed supposedly for her relatives. Hoped this lovely cullud lady socked enough Soros ducats away to buy herself a technicullud dream coat to wear to the Gay Pride parade -you know, we really should be intersectional these days. Nah i don’t see Ms. Cullors having much interest in either gays, intersectionality, or Marxism for that matter. Just as long as that Soros/Jewish money keeps flowing in Just Pat, George Floyd and Karl Marx can sing Dixie as far as she’s concerned. It’s all about the money honey!

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  13. @Brooklyn Dave

    Imagine what the Floyd’s are going to do with 27 million…..I bet they are secretly happy that George bit the dust.

    Notice there’s a lawsuit now for every black criminal that gets shot no matter what the circumstance.

    This is the new negro lottery.

    • LOL: Ace
  14. I hope Jewish women get more involved in these activities. They are built for bbc. Without black seed, the Jewish race will not survive. Help the Jewish people, end prejudice of Jewish-Black relationships.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  15. Oh, the SPLC labeled them a “hate group”?

    I guess the SPLC must be fighting back against anti-white hatred now!

    They’ve always had a handful of token black crazies to point to, to lend legitimacy to their various hissy fits. Nothing new here. A recent one was a tiny group, perhaps only two, with a mostly unused storefront in North Minneapolis.

    One of the first court tests of a state’s “hate-crime” law, Wisconsin’s I think, dealt with such a black group. I don’t know if SPLC was involved, but they regularly refer to it when charged with bias.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  16. ANON[219] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Once the average YT finally can’t avoid the truth anymore, the cowardly, parasitic joos are going to turn on blacks lickity split. And of course blacks will get handily destroyed by YT. Even now with jooish subversion weakening the White People as a whole.

    But, this time the joo will pay for what its done. Let them launch their samson option. Not a single kike will endure this time.

  17. @anaccount

    They own and control all major media and that filters down to most other media. Is that acceptable to you? Listen to courageous Jews who know this and speak out. That paper money in your pocket belongs to them – they own it, you rent it.

    • Replies: @anaccount
  18. From my lawsuit against the SPLC:

    While the name Southern Poverty Law Center may sound awkward to American ears, its acronym surely sounded familiar to donors who, over the years, can perhaps be forgiven for believing the money they sent to the SPLC was doing the work of the homophonically identical SBLC, the Southern Baptist Leadership Conference, eventually known as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

    The SBLC was a legitimate civil rights organization founded by Martin Luther King, Jr. and his closest aide, another Baptist minister named Ralph Abernathy. When King was assassinated in 1968, Abernathy became head of the organization. The SBLC, with Abernathy at the helm, was already famous and carried great moral weight when three men incorporated the SPLC in Montgomery, Alabama in 1971.

    It seems clear to me the awkwardly-named “Southern Poverty Law Center” was chosen for the acronym it produced—as a way to mimic for the sake of deception Martin Luther King’s and Ralph Abernathy’s SBLC. It was a way to cash in on the hard work and sacrifice of others. And here’s what settles it for me: of the three men who incorporated the SPLC, two—Joe Levin and Morris Dees—went on to long careers active in the SPLC, but the third seems to have disappeared from the scene immediately, as if he were only there to lend his name. That man is currently a Georgetown law professor named Charles Abernathy.

    Steve Sailer was the first to notice the homophonic quality of the acronyms.

    • Agree: Bernie, Alden
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  19. anaccount says:
    @John Q Duped

    I asked “Truth” to back up his assertion and no, your post doesn’t contain any evidence either. The reason why I know (((they))) control the media is the Daily Stormer and I thank God that I found that website.

    Prove it.

  20. This is nothing new, Mr. Anglin. The NAACP didn’t have a black president until 1975, even though it was founded in 1909. After 1911 (its date of incorporation), the only negro on the executive board was W.E.B. Dubois (a Marxist). The others were mainly luminaries whose names echo through eternity (their own phrase) like (((Jacob Schiff))), (((Jacob Billikopf))), and (((Rabbi Stephen Wise))). The tribe have been busy constructing and deploying their orc-golem for a very long time against white folk. The Associated Press guidelines on not reporting negro atrocities were written by (((them))) in 1948, the year after the Supreme Court they own overturned restrictive covenants.

    The negro falls for it every time, but so do many whites – oblivious to the targets drawn on their backs by Schlomo & Co. – especially the morons who believe the heretical bible commentary of Cyrus Scofield and all the many faux-Christians who follow in his retarded footsteps. In the last chapter of the book Scofield took his dump upon, the Talmudists are described explicitly as the “Synagogue of Satan”. This description is accurate. It’s borne out by 2000 years of their wicked behavior. Idiots in Murika like to talk about the ‘hadjis’ and ‘Islamo-fascists’ but even the worst Muslim is a rank amateur at pure evil in comparison to the tribe.

    Here’s a little story for your amusement, I saw it over at Chechar’s place a long time ago. You might think it’s all about the tribe, but it’s really not so much about them as it is about how their targets fall for it so often.

    I once asked [Grandma], when she came on a visit, what her problem with Jews was. Her answer struck me as Old Lady ranting then, but I have realized since that it is so true as to almost be a mystical Truth.

    She said:

“The Jew will look at a pile of shit and say ‘That’s gold!’ Then, he’ll look at a pile of gold and say ‘That’s shit!’ And then he’ll find ten other Jews to rewrite every book and newspaper within reach until YOU and your kids look at the shit and agree that ‘Yes, shit is gold and gold is shit!’ Then, while you are putting shit in your pockets, he’ll take all the gold and share it with his ten other Jews. It’s their NATURE.”

    Her statement is true on so many levels that it blows my mind. Read David Simon’s brief piece of garbage blog entry. Criminals are victims, victims are criminals, truth is a lie, immoral is moral, shit is gold.

    Oy vey.

    So, Mr. White Man, when do we stop picking up shit and putting it in our pockets – and try to inform the others doing the same that this will not end well? Their M.O. is the same everywhere: Subversion ultimately leading to complete inversion: Criminals are victims, victims are criminals, truth is a lie, evil is good, shit is gold – und so weiter.

 Every. Single. Time.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  21. Truth says:

    Who is weev?

    I’m actually quite curious why you think the Daily Stormer is Jew run.

    A picture is worth…

  22. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Which family member would you sacrifice for \$27m?

  23. I say let’s teach Critical Ethnic Theory. It’s not the White Race that controls America. It’s the ethnic Jews who have supremacist power over all the key institutions and industries of the country. So, we need to counter CRT with CET, Critical Ethnic Theory, that lays bare the tentacles of Jewish supremacist power. If anything, whites should use CET to show how they’ve been exploited by Jewish supremacists with opioids, degenerate culture, globo-homo filth, encouragement of black crime, and anti-white propaganda. CET would acknowledge whites as the New Palestinians and call for White Liberation and end to White Nakba.

  24. HRH Prince Harry is a BLM supporter……..enough said.

  25. @Robert Dolan

    Imagine what the Floyd’s are going to do with 27 million…..I bet they are secretly happy that George bit the dust.

    “Man, the family of St. George must be so happy that he died!”

    Yes, they are. They are. That semiliterate orc spent his life causing trouble and then died of a drug overdose. Moments later his soul found out how he was going to spend eternity.

    Meanwhile, back at the George family shack, there’s a queue of chewish lawyers at the front door offering to ‘manage’ the new found wealth! oh goy!

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Ragno
  26. Everywhere you look you see Jews calling shots for Black and white Militants. We all remember Saul Alinsky who’s book ‘Rules For Radicals’ he dedicated to Lucifer and which set the tone for revolutionaries around the world. The sixties wouldn’t have been the same without Jews leading the March for radicals such as Weather Underground (founded by Bill Ayers, one of Barack Obama’s mentors), Black Panther Party, the Chicago Seven (all Jews Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner, Symbionese Liberation Party (of Patty Hearst fame), Black Liberation Party, and so on.
    It’s the same radical playbook only with full support of the US government, technopolies, corporate monopolies with even more Jews than you can shake a bag of shackles at.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @anonymous
  27. @Truth

    He says he is Anglo-Irish.

    • Replies: @Truth
  28. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    Close, but not exactly. The original BLM movement was hijacked by the Talm globalist, Soros. Financing desired factions and “leaders” is a time honored way to take over social movements. The selected leaders are chosen for their poor qualities, self entitlement and general loathsomeness. All in the cause of splitting the races apart. Just like in prisons.

  29. @Craig Nelsen

    Interesting, compelling observations. FWIW, if I were writing up a legal pleading, I’d avoid phrases like “And here’s what settles it for me” in favor of something less personal, e.g. “most conclusively” or “decisively” etc.

  30. @El Dato

    I’ve heard this as well and agree.Sounds logical,like what they would do.
    That’s why they cannot stand the Boycott,Divest and Sanction.
    It is what we must do.Stop paying the racists.We do not need them…

  31. I have never made it a habit to judge people by outer appearances and it must be because even as a mature teen, I had a philosophical mind that could hold two opposing situations in my mind. This is rather uncommon for most youth, thank God. But one thing has become increasingly clear to me over the years, physiognomy is real. Almost in every case, people who are hateful in the extreme, are plain ugly on the outside as well as inside. It is as if their very psyche, sculpts away at their face, body, in a way that disorganizes them as badly as their minds are disorganized..

  32. Dumbo says:

    Yeah.. well it is so obvious that this is not a “spontaneous” movement at all, but an artificial creation.

    Guess what, all those “popular”, “protest” movements are created by powerful people, mostly Jews. Gay and transgender stuff, same thing. It’s not the people, it’s the money.

    I saw it in first-person, some weird rabbi and an evil Jewish bitch promoting some movement to “help” illegal Mexicans colonize America. They are pretty open about it too.

    Some Jews suffer from paranoia. I remember one who was worried that Trump would send Jews to Auschwitz any time. LOL. With Kushner/Ivana, Trump was kissing more Jewish ass than a porn star.

    But some believe in it too. I knew an anti-racist Jewish girl who had an Haitian boyfriend. I wonder what her family thought of it, if they knew at all.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to know when it’s an act and when they really believe it.

    “It’s not a lie if you believe it” (Seinfeld), I guess that’s the mentality?

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  33. @Trinity

    Hahah. Yes, when I first heard of the “Southern Poverty Law Center”, I also naturally assumed that it was doing “good work”, “charitable type stuff”, maybe for the benefit of the “kids in Appalachia.”.. LOL The U.S. today, makes Alice in Wonderland, seem like Alice was in a totally rational place….The continuing smoke and mirrors, has no doubt, millions of people constantly in a state of rage. The elite running the nation into the ground, do not care in the least. What really cracks me up is the continuing emphasis on Trump. He actually sounds rational.

    • Agree: Dystopian
  34. Doris says:

    Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer best known by his pseudonym weev

    • Replies: @Truth
  35. Trinity says:

    How to spot a FAKE WN? NO WN will mock “Boomers” ( at least not White working class Boomers, the target generations would obviously be the Millennials, WWII and Silent Generation for the most part or at least just the hippies) nor would they blast “White women” or promote interracial sex between Asian females and White males. I think that is obvious to all but the dumbest of the dumb. I take this site and this writer with a grain of salt.

    Troof could actually be right on this one. Have to go way back for this request.

    Cue: Right Place Wrong Time by Dr. John fo’ da Troof. Hit it, yo.

    • Replies: @Truth
  36. “We must love each other and support each other.”

    The unadulterated passive-aggressive hypocrisy of these CRT creeps makes me want to vomit but I laugh instead.

  37. KenH says:

    I’m surprised the obese and saggy breasted Patrisse Cullors hasn’t been invited so speak at CPAC yet but there’s always next year. Gotta own the libs somehow.

    Cullors is an example of what total frauds most black racial activists are. They rail against whypipo and white police officers but as soon as they acquire enough money they rush to move into a white community with a white police force.

    The late Harold Covington once said on his weekly podcast that deep down most black people want to be us (white) and at the time I didn’t really agree but I do now.

  38. Truth says:

    Oh, one of the classes I didn’t put much effort into in college was White Nationalist History 112. I got a C-.

  39. Truth says:

    Hey man, it could just be a coincidence, but dude looks like the perfect, unquestionable genetic mix of these two:

    • LOL: Trinity
  40. @Truth

    I have a few cousins I wouldn’t miss for \$27 milion.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  41. Yea. ok..what ever you say Kanglin. The War on Whites is nothing new. Its been going on for about 1400 years now.

    After the death of Mohammad in 632 the Caliphates began. Arabic-negroid militias soon thereafter invaded Spain (white people) effectively conquering the entire nation. The citizens were killed and enslaved with women and children placed into harems (raped). The Africans proceeded to do the same in France. In 732 the French pulled together and defeated the non-European invaders and turned the tide of the invasion. But battles would continue until the battle of Granada in 1492.

    When the Africans figured out ship-building they turned to committing attacks against the European coastal areas. Eventually reaching areas as far north as Ireland. The purpose of the attacks was to take slaves back to Africa were males would be enslaved and women and girls would be placed in harems (forced prostitution, rape). All before the American slave trade even began. Over a million Europeans were subjected to this. Entire European coastal areas remained vacant for decades in fear of these “Turks” or “Corsairs.” The Barbary piracy and white slavery would finally (start to) come to an end in 1830 with the French victory at the Battle of Algiers (yes, again the French, freedom fries anyone?).

    Just a few months ago it was revealed that 1400 girls were in Rotherham, England, were raped by Arabs. Do whites ever learn? The European race needs a slogan:

    Never again.

    • Troll: Druid55
  42. anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dutch Boy

    E. Michael Jones’s Jewish Revolutionary Spirit tells the story of black racist Marcus Garvey’s first trip to the US and visit to the NAACP office in New York where he found no blacks but an office full of Jewish lawyers. Imagine what a hilarious comedy skit that’d make today. SNL could get Jewish hag Robin DiAngelo to play the bilious receptionist who tells Garvey, We already have a shine and don’t need any more of you schvartzes today.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • LOL: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  43. anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s the same radical playbook only with full support of the US government . . .

    Just one small correction, “It’s the same radical playbook that’s now the US government.”

  44. @anaccount

    The only sure way of knowing if an organization is run by Jews is whether or not it is subversive in nature. This being true 100% of the time, with the MSM being a classic example.

    The Daily Stormer is not a subversive organization, while BLM definitely is..

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  45. @Truth

    Major jewing to claim that Anglin is jewish……pathetic and stupid.

    Nearly every article he writes contains criticism of organized jewry.

    He’s been kicked off of every platform…..due to organized jewry.

    He promotes Christianity……surely he must be jewish!

    • Replies: @Truth
  46. @dindunuffins

    When the Africans figured out ship-building they turned to committing attacks against the European coastal areas.

    Hate to disagree, but the nearest blacks ever came to “ship building” were hollowed-out tree trunks, known as Dugouts.

  47. Trinity says:

    Remember the Naughty Nineties when all those Jewy talk shows were all the rage like (((Geraldo, Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael aka Sally Lowenthal, hehe))) along with Orca Winfrey, Donahue? Hmm, or was Donahue, Sally Lowenthal, and Jerry Rivers the Eighties? Anyjew, a common theme was “skinheads,” “neo-Nazis” ( different from paleo-notzees I guess), and those dastardly inbred, toothless KKK dudes. I think they found out that some of those dudes on an Orca episode were JDL plants or Jew actors posing as “skinheads.” haha. The dudes came back to the show for a “skinhead” part deux episode and low and behold, those racist muthas had a revelation, an Epiphany kosher style. They denounced their old “chrome dome” ways and “White soup-preme-a-cee” and told the audience how wrong “White-soup-preme-a-cee”, “auntie-C-met-issssm” and “racissssm” be and sheeit.

    COHENcidental or maybe more like PREDICTABLE.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  48. @Truth

    That looks shopped

    I can tell from some of the pixels ……….

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  49. Actually, anyone have any ideas about this recent Haiti operation?

    I’m trying to think what any US interests might be in removing this figure.

  50. @Trinity

    Donahue was Irish-Catholic.

    Sally Jesse was an Italian, obviously.

    Steve Wilkos, the last remaining one, is Polish Catholic.

    At any rate, (They) are the first targeted.

    KKK in small towns don’t get their deli/pawn store/slum tenement burned down, do they?

    It’s (THEM) that get the brunt of it.

    Not GOP rubes in the sticks.

    BLM could burn the cities for 100 years & it would not affect them.

  51. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Talmudism is about promoting animosity and chaos, the details on how those are achived are much less significant.

  52. Richard B says:
    @Dutch Boy

    This is a continuing pattern.


    BLM is to the 21st century what The NAACP was to the 20th.

    BLM = Bagels Lox Matzo

  53. The Gimp says:

    Jovenel Moise- Haiti

    John Magufuli- Tanzania- March 2021

    Didier Ratsiraka- Madagascar- March 2021

    All 3 refused the Covid vaccine in their country.
    All 3 are dead.

    • Thanks: Boomthorkell, Robjil
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  54. The Susan Andrew mentions is not the only anti-white kike funding blm. How about (((Susan Sandler?))).

  55. KenR says:

    So, who runs BLM? I have tried to find out. Nobody is telling. The three who founded it, including the one highlighted in this article, are out of the picture and paid off. Susan Rosenberg was definitely involved in financing, and probably still is, but she’s not alone.

    Incredibly, according to The Economist, BLM raised over \$10 BILLION last year. And they are global now, having branched out into Europe — and even to New Zealand. That’s an estimate by The Economist, nobody really knows what goes on with BLM. Where is all this big money coming from? Who is directing its disbursal, and for what?

    It’s astounding that all this could be going on with absolutely no visible accountability. And it’s very troubling.

    • Agree: Wild Man
  56. @Craig Nelsen

    Is the lawsuit ongoing? I hope you are victorious.

  57. @Dutch Boy

    The ADL provided the tapes with which Hoover blackmailed King over his philandering, and urged him to suicide.

  58. @The Gimp

    That checks out. I also heard he was looking for foreign investment (Not US-Approved.)

  59. I’ve been saying for some time now that the “too white” bullshit was going to eventually morph into a “too Jewish” bullshit.

    IMHO people are not stupid, they can see what everyone else can….it’s not just a clan of white guys at the top, they are also Jewish.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Wild Man
  60. anarchyst says:

    There is one common denominator–the “elephant in the room” that most people are loathe to name, either out of fear of being called “anti-semitic”, racist, or other derogatory term.

    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.

    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist bolshevik communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic). These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists.

    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts committed by blacks and their jewish “handlers” were common, but never reported, as even back then, the “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then, “creating crises” was a part of the agenda.

    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for “domestic law enforcement” purposes. As whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent.

    We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…

  61. “Marcus Garvey’s first trip to the US and visit to the NAACP office in New York where he found no blacks but an office full of Jewish lawyers”

    Need to know how they were shaking the money tree in those days. If it wasn’t profitable they would have moved on.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  62. bayviking says:

    Everyone that likes to be shot dead by the police raise your hand. This is a legitimate protest issue regardless who elects to participate in funding. Blaming Jews for everything that is wrong eith this world is incredibly stupid.

  63. @Trinity

    It’s encouraging to see that some Unz columnists or editors still permit triple-parens shorthand. Sailer, for one, reflexively blocks anyone who uses them. Gosh, I wonder why.

    • LOL: Trinity
  64. @bayviking

    Blaming Jews for everything that is wrong with this world is incredibly stupid.[*]

    Further proof, if more were needed, that for some people, a day without virtue signaling is like a day without sunshine.
    * This is especially true for someone trying to hit the big time in journalism, law, medicine, the arts, politics, the business and banking world, and several other utterly inconsequential walks of life where “noticing” gets you a one-way ticket to oblivion.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  65. BLM is just a Jewish front. Always has been. Jews like to have a front man they can hide behind. They used Ted Kennedy to front the 1965 immigration act.

    • Agree: Art
  66. bayviking says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    I certainly understand that out of control political correctness impedes free and fair fiscourse, especially when the accusation of anziSemitism is used to censor so much. But fo you seriously think Xi cares what Jews think, for example.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  67. Anonymous[393] • Disclaimer says:

    The interviews in the clip from “Defamation” (starts around 25-min timestamp) are surprisingly non-acrimonious. It doesn’t start into the woo-woo mind-control conspiracies right off the bat, it seems more like a, you know, documentary.

    “Talking with them made me realize that living in a mixed community can create a lot of tension that can be easily inflamed” -quote from video

    I don’t have a deep, all-consuming interest enough in Jews to watch this entire thing but I don’t imagine anyone who works at ADL, or SPLC, or DOJ etc. would be able to rebut any specific point or identify the slander in this.

    I would pay money to watch like a DVD commentary or livestream thing of a few of the lowest-level ADL interns having to sit through a viewing of this. Either they’re silent throughout or having to constantly kvetch at the screen, it’s a purely realized entertainment concept either way

  68. @Robert Dolan

    This is the new negro lottery.

    New? How old are you bro?

  69. @Exalted Cyclops

    So, Mr. White Man, when do we stop picking up shit and putting it in our pockets

    A damn fine place to start is absolute rejection of ALL Jewish fairy tales including, most importantly, that white men were SAVED by a damn Jew and that without them we were barbarians.

    Try rejecting the bullshit that your own parents were tricked into brainwashing you with from birth.

    That’s a good start.

    My ancestral gods were perhaps a bit silly, but then weren’t they all? And it’s my folk who figured out that the old concept of “gods” was ridiculous. We would have abandoned Odin for Darwin without the Jew intermediary thank you. Every time you thump your jewbook you drive yet another nail into the coffin of my descendants.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @omegabooks
  70. @Truth

    Which family member would you sacrifice for \$27m?

    The geezer in hospice, er, I mean the helpless COVID victim of white supremacist violence and oppression? Or perhaps better still, the brainwashed retard who thinks negros have no agency or that Jews are victims?

    • Replies: @Truth
  71. Truth says:
    @Stan d Mute

    You have these people in your family?

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  72. @bayviking

    … do you seriously think Xi cares what Jews think?

    On the one hand, I spend effectively no time at all fretting about China or its rulers. It has no intention of conquering the world by force, and the marked danger that it represents economically is in large part the doing of (((Western entrepreneurs))) who began farming out their manufacturing to the Orient sixty years ago and worked actively to effectuate mass nonwhite immigration, the object being to import Asians, Muslims, and other anti-Christian, anti-white, and anti-Western masses to do to the USA and the rest of the West what the Hebrews did to the Amalekites. Put otherwise, for me at least, the distal threat of China takes a back seat to the proximal threat of the Judeo-Bolshevik Biden administration, particularly (((those within it))) who are telling the senile fool what to think, say, and do.

    On the other hand, why wouldn’t Xi care what Jews think? How likely is it that someone would get as far as he has while being incapable of recognizing the patterns and threats that the indoctrinated, brainwashed, and delusional Jewish-ruled populations of the Americas and Europe fail to see even when their nose is rubbed in it?

  73. @Dumbo

    A day after Election Day 2016, a Jewish former co-worker wailed “How could people vote for Trump? He’ll deport the Moslems!” I didn’t say anything but thought “You don’t care about the Moslems. It’s your tribe you’re concerned about.” Their endless phony concern for humanity invariably serves their interests and gratifies their spite. Despite all the White Christian cucking, Jews hate them more than Moslems.

    Jews are a race of strip miners and subversives.

    • Agree: anarchyst, Druid55
  74. Jiminy says:

    I was never aware of Haiti being positioned above a vast wealth of oil and gas. That certainly begins to explain the constant turmoil that besets the country. Here I was thinking that it was simply another senseless case of black on black out of control violence. Silly me. Who knows, maybe there are deeper causes to some of it. Rosenberg, one woman’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

  75. IHLRB says:

    I wonder if conservatives are still going to ‘back the blue’ or ‘support the troops’ as those two organizations are now being weaponized against them.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  76. @IHLRB

    Boomerservatives definitely will, as will the GenX tools who guzzled the boomer anti-reality serum.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  77. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    I’d say the one with a penchant for stuffing his arse with Fentanyl, not that I have one answering that description, but since you probably do then my advice would be to start right there.

    Spend it wisely and go easy on the Thunderbird.

    • Agree: Wade Hampton
    • Replies: @Truth
  78. Gapeseed says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    SBLC could have really used a good trademark / unfair competition attorney. Would have done the world a lot of good.

  79. Everything is a Jewish scam in the West. They control the media, government, medical, education, internet, the whole kit and caboodle
    You are living in a Jewish country.
    But they are on the run with this bioweapon, they went all in and fear the backlash.
    Soon the power elites will be our prisoners Andrew.

    • Replies: @A Half Naked Fakir
  80. Dumbo says:
    @Stan d Mute

    We would have abandoned Odin for Darwin

    Perhaps it’s stupid to worship Darwin or exaggerate his importance in any case?

    Perhaps it doesn’t offer a full understanding of life, and might not even be correct?

    Perhaps it’s the extreme materialism/scientificism and lack of a transcendental vision of that is leading people to despair?

    Perhaps those people posting pictures taking the jab and screaming “Science!” are really looking for a substitute religion?

    Christianity offers a life focused on family, with no drugs, no porn, no transgender stuff, being modest, getting married early, not cheating on your spouse, having many kids. What’s so wrong wth that?

    What does “White Nationalism” offer instead? Besides a Christianization of Hitler?

    • Agree: Truth
    • Troll: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  81. Malla says:

    BLM is a Satanic Jewish Marxist front using blacks as cannon fodder against Whitey. Very old technique used by Zios, rile up darkies against Whiteys, use Whitey nations as weapons against darkies. Make em fight.

    Candace Owens on BLM co-founder’s million-dollar home-buying spree

    Candace Owens openly and correctly describing BLM as Marxist and like typical Marxists Commies, the “revolutionary elites” live like kings and while the lowly brainwashed commies peasant slaves live like shit and sacrifice themselves for their brainwashed Marxist “ideology”. LOL.

    Anyways check out how Indian hyper-Nationalist Abhijit Chavda explains Marxism in just 10 seconds. Cuts through all the bullshit and gets to what it is all about actually.

    Marxism Explained in 10 Seconds | #AskAbhijit E12 | Abhijit Chavda

  82. @Stan d Mute

    Right. Blame it all on Christ. But guess what? So do Talmudic Jews! Are you crypto or what?

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  83. @Pierre de Craon

    Xi only started caring about Jews in a familiarly Western sense of JQ-awareness when Israeli operatives were discovered moving large sums of money into the hands of Hong Kong protest organizers back in early 2017. Prior to that, it was just simply accepted that doing business with America relied on going through the Circumcised Cartel and that the current arms-length relationships with Wall Street and Hollywood being ones of status quo. Trump playing Quisling and assisting Zionist neocons in annexing the United States was where the bridges started burning.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  84. GMC says:

    Great Israelis Journalism in that documentary video – that group of Brooklyn Blacks – interviewed- were alot more educated about the worldly matters than the journalist bargained for. Thanks.

  85. GMC says:
    @Robert Dolan

    A must watch – the programming and propaganda of the Israeli children will secure a psychopathic society. And the US Media is following their lead. Thanks.

  86. jihadijew says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    In fact the rest of the world does not give a hoot about the Zionist propaganda and dont want to elevate their importance as in USA or in certain European countries. In Asian countries they have stores named after Hitler. And any dictatorial countries same story. So dont amuse yourself by creating your own reality.

    Here is something you may like to read and learn something.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  87. jihadijew says:

    Not available on Amazon under the first amendment rule? No reviews by rocking chair historians.

  88. @omegabooks

    Blame it all on a fictional character that was the product of megalomaniacal Bronze Age Jews feverishly hoping that my ancestors would be stupid enough to abandon their own gods and become subservient to the JewGod?

    Wouldn’t it be pretty silly to blame the fictional character instead of the very real perpetrators of the fraud or the gullible morons who hadn’t learned that you should never believe a Jew?

    • Replies: @Joekoool102
  89. @Dumbo

    Christianity offers a life focused on family, with no drugs, no porn, no transgender stuff, being modest, getting married early, not cheating on your spouse, having many kids.

    It’s pure calumny to suggest that my people cannot achieve this quality of life without the worship of the JewGod.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Shelton
    , @Dumbo
  90. gotmituns says:

    The blacks don’t start of maintain anything. The jews are the ones who started the naacp so why not the blm too?

  91. geokat62 says:

    But his partner, America’s other top anti-white hate figure, is Robin DiAngelo – a white bitch.

    A white bitch? Odds are she’s a “fellow white” bitch.

    There’s a popular website, Jew or not Jew?

    I think there’s an opportunity for a variation on that site, Crypto or not Crypto?

    I’ll let you decide…

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  92. cohen says:

    Try this. Massacre of German citizens and using the pictures as holocaust victims.
    It talks about PBS documentary back in 70s narrated by Trevor Howard (the famous English actor), made by BBC. Some reference to Alfred Hitchcock work in camps.

    Question: why all the dead were naked. German did not take their clothes. Then who?

  93. @anaccount

    Weev looks like he came out of a test tube Allen Ginsberg wanked into in some sperm bank when he was down on his dollars to go score some drugs. You ever compared Weev’s photo to this guy?

    A better match than of Castro and Trudeau Jr.

  94. Z-man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Norman Finkelstein, a righteous Jew, one of the few.

  95. anarchyst says:

    The formation of the ADL is a prime example of jewish chutzpah, forming an organization to protect a jewish pedophile rapist murderer.
    For those who are unaware, the ADL was formed to protect Leo Frank, a jewish manager at a pencil factory who was convicted of raping and murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan, an employee of the sweatshop who merely reported to Frank to receive her paycheck.
    Leo Frank was known to have a lecherous, criminal propensity to abuse young girls. At his trial, his past criminal behavior was carefully covered up.
    Frank hired the best lawyers available in order to get out of his crimes, but he was ultimately (thankfully) unsuccessful. In fact, Frank tried to pin his deed on a black man…
    Being financially secure, Leo Frank attempted to “purchase” a pardon, using his extensive political connections, both of his own and of the jewish community.
    When the townspeople found out that a “fix” was in the works, they exacted true justice on this jew pig rapist murderer, stringing him up.
    Even today, jews protest that Frank was innocent, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt. You see, the jewish talmud considers gentiles to be “less than human” and subject to the whims of jewish criminal behavior. Under the jewish talmud, Leo Frank committed no crime. Typical jewish behavior…

    • Agree: John Q Duped
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  96. @Stan d Mute

    Boomer here. I knew in the seventies that cops were relatively no good, and were primarily intimidators and fund raisers for the political machine. The Vietnam vets clued me into the military. The first Iraq war was when I realized they weren’t kidding. So how about you blasting your presumably boomer parents instead of all us boomers for a change? Isn’t the whole boomer meme, just mommy/daddy issues?

  97. We’re the next SA. Jews do the same thing over and over. That in itself doesn’t say much about us for letting it happen over and over. As for blacks, they as a collective really just want to be kept as human pets. Preferably in style. The Jews since their black slave trading days understand that. Kind a makes blacks the bestest of the best goys on the planet.

  98. @geokat62

    Kinky hair + long narrow face + black beady eyes + hyper neurotic expression on face + anti-White agitation = most probably Jewish.

  99. padre says:

    The weirdest thing is that they are threatening people with punishment, if they don’t join in protest!

  100. anonymous[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Did you hear six million Jews have filed an insurance claim for wrongful death following the condo collapse in Miami?

  101. @Boomthorkell

    Apparently the Haitian “president” refused 500,000 doses of the vaxx which showed up shortly after he was murdered.

  102. gottlieb says:

    My recollection is both Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Occupy Wall Street (OWS) were first sparked during the Obama Regime. Both became darlings of the Democratic Party until BLM came out for Palestine and OWS came out for dismantling the banking system. Both darlings at that point (in their evolution) were dropped like hot rocks by the Establishment and demonized. OWS was destroyed, while BLM was resurrected anew with all of the previous ‘errors’ of politics removed.

    On the other hand Anglin’s work always remind me how close humanity is to extinction. The freefall of ignorance is breath-taking.

  103. Anon[959] • Disclaimer says:

    The black man being run by Jews ? This is news ? Everyone knows that even the black super stars must pay homage to the Tribe or else ! Even Julius Malema in South Africa has been called on the carpet when he got too rambunctious with his anti-semite comments.

    Here, we have Malik Zulu Shabazz. Why would a black man assume Moslem names, names of a religion who were African slavers long before the Cracker appeared on the scene. To compound the absurdity his middle name is “Zulu” ? Forget about white supremacy, the Zulu tribesman lowest on the totem pole considers himself a God compared to the black American.

    Then we have Ibrahim X. A Moslem slave trader name with the letter of the alphabet/ Malcolm X flavour.

    Finally the icing on the cake, the BLM founding elite who ripped off the movement and now hang with the millionaire “white supremacists” in white areas. This is apart from the Sharpton, Jackson. Farrakhan trio of elite race hustlers who live lavish lives while their flock suck their fingers in the ghetto. African leaders are no better, running up billions in Swiss accounts while their subjects swallow their spit.

    Whenever any of these character open their mouths they throw up the most astonishing drivel.

    What a race. Where do these people come from ? Blacks need to stop all this shit and get with the program. Their own and the people who control them are the ones they need to keep an eye on, the ones who exploit them and the ones that pose the greatest danger.

    Big noses under a small hat with a smiling face means a good bugger is on the menu, often with a liberal use of vaseline. When the Tribe flashes those black coats its the giant Kosher sausage for blackie.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Commentator Mike
  104. IronForge says:


    Recommend that you take the Emotions Out of these attempts at debunking Entities.

    Stay Rational. Obtain and List Factual Sources.

    Let the Commentaries be places where some emotions are vent.

  105. GMC says:

    Your post reminds me a blackman who uses the stage name – ” The Pharaoh” – he calls out his brothers and sisters for being so naive, when it comes to – who is fuckin Who. Thanks.

  106. Wild Man says:
    @Stan d Mute

    When you get to the bottom of it, with respect to the origins of Christianity (murky there for the first 400 years) …. I have drawn the conclusion, as to what was likely, was that there was this story circulating in European circles that there was this sacrificial lamb (Jesus) that was slaughtered on the alter of the Jewish scapegoating religion of that time (a very common thing among the various tribes wandering there earth in pre-Christian times …. so many of these tribes had a similar versions of their own scapegoating religion) …. and, that since it was so-well promoted by the likes of St. Paul, this was a narrative that was already becoming known and popularized, and since the true spirit of European westernism, as emerging in ancient Greece, for instance, had already seen through the utter lunacy that is any scapegoating religion, and had already parsed the multi-god pagan conception of such scapgoating-promotion, as evidenced by the school of Greek Stoicism, and the virtue-system it is based upon, which pre-dated the time of Christ by hundreds of years. Since the majority of people respond better to a narrative, as compared to a rigorous rational treatment, … the European powers that be seized upon this Jesus-narrative, ever growing in popularity ….. because it spells out in narrative form, the impetus for the Greek Stoic system of morality inclusive of the need for this Stoicism’s underlying virtue system.

    Christianity, in it’s purest form, is anti-Judaic (anti-Old-Testament). It’s a rejection of this hyper-scapegoating religion (or any hyper-scapegoating religion). However, the original impetus of the Jesus story was perverted during those murky first 400 years … the Christian religion emerged, as embraced by European powers that be …. as an institutional hybrid, that featured Jesus as fulfilling Old Testament prophesy in a way that seemed to uphold the sanctity of these Old Testament writings (when an alternate reading of the Gospel of John, for instance, could easily be read as a condemnation and mocking of the stupid Jewish-prophecy-making-machinery that upholds and anchors the supposed sanctity of the hyper-scapegoating apparent in these Old Testament writings). I suspect that Jewish subversion was at play within European circles, from early on ….. as early as those first 400 years.

    Bottom Line: There is no such thing, in reality, as the idea that the Christians somehow usurped the supposed blood covenant(s) that the Jews thought they possessed, back at that time, ….. that these Jews claimed they had with the one true God, …. by way of Jesus’ fulfillment of Jewish prophesy. The Jews made this up out of whole cloth … and so Institutional Christianity inherits that lie … and nothing more (i.e. – that is all there is to Institutional Christianity’s so-called inheritance ….. the Old Testament’s supposed blood covenant(s) with the one true God). However, there does exist, along a strong lineage of alternate thought (Greek Stoicism) …. the actual true foundation of True Christianity (as a borrowed narrative to support what the Stoic’s has already sublimely, and in very nuanced form, already worked out, about human morality, long before).

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  107. Ragno says:
    @Robert Dolan

    There are solid reasons for the every. single. time. meme

    Now there’s a t-shirt for you. If we lived in a free country, you could turn a nice profit manufacturing/advertising/selling such a shirt. If we lived in a free country.

    Whoops! Here comes the Snopes whitewash:

    ARE there solid reasons for the every. single. time. meme?

    Whaddaya think – are there?

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Robert Dolan
  108. @dindunuffins

    For anyone unaware of the existence of this form of white slavery and its great extant then Giles Milton “White Gold” is a good introduction which cites primary sources. I have read about the middle passage but nothing prepared me for pure unadulterated evil done to white Christians with black slave-drivers often the instrument.

    The estimate of 1,000,000 whites enslaved has some academic support (p. 304). The book by Giles Milton would perhaps be better known but he quotes the Jew who owned a huge number of Christian slaves boasting how he “would sacrifice one of them every Friday “(p. 151) echoing presumably Calvary.

    The same book also references black kings and tribal leaders selling their own people.

  109. Truth says:


    Finally somebody’s speaking my language…

    • Replies: @Z-man
  110. Ragno says:

    That is why, every time a cop kills an orc in the line of duty, the first thing the lawyer say when the fambly open the door is don’t worry, y’all – we gonna getchu PAID!

    And there’s an army of shysters pounding on that door within 24 hours of Cleotis breathing his last.

  111. @Anon

    As far as the corruption in high and low politics goes, and the groveling to Jews, the blacks are just copying the whites.

    • Replies: @anon
  112. @UNIT472

    The violence is done by Antifa initially then crowd mentality keeps it going. Antifa is clearly a government operation whose members are almost never arrested. Then released without charges if they are arrested.

  113. Z-man says:

    Nice T-Bird.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  114. Agent76 says:

    The same can be said about the NAACP, “The NAACP was not a black-run, black-originated organization. It was run by 21 white, socialist, atheist, Marxist Democrats. It was the antithesis of Rev. Martin Luther King Sr.’s community at that time, which was capitalist, Christian, very pro-life, and pro-America.” Burgess Owens

    Apr 5, 2021 MLK Opposed “Poverty, Racism & Militarism” in Speech One Year Before His Assassination 53 Years Ago

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 53 years ago, on April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 39.

  115. @Carroll Price

    Why is it that when someone says “African” everyone assumes they mean blacks.

    Barbary pirates (corsairs):

    were Muslim pirates and privateers who operated from North Africa, based primarily in the ports of Salé, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. This area was known in Europe as the Barbary Coast, in reference to the Berbers.

    From Wikipedia:

    Last time I looked at a map of the world North Africa was located in, gasp, of all places, Africa.

    Therefore, since they’re “Arabic-negroid” and located in Africa, is it to far to suggest that they can be considered African?

    Would you consider someone with white skin and European ancestry that was born in the country of South Africa, African? Or, just someone culturally appropriating someone else’s land and heritage.

  116. Fr. John says:

    “But then; so is the Daily Stormer…’

    Ad hominem attacks are the lowest legitimate form of dissimulation.


    I’m so tired of everyone saying, ‘This person is Jewish, that person is a Nazi”
    when they NEVER criticize the REAL Jews…..


  117. @Naughtius Maximus

    Kinda makes you wonder what will eventually happen to all those that refuse to be injected with the vaxo.

    Either way, if this is a depopulation event. Eventually they’ll get around to giving you the shot. It’ll either be through a needle or injected at 1200 FPS.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  118. Alden says:
    @El Dato

    You’re right. The organization was something like Southern Christian Leadership Committee. It was a pre MLK group of black southern pastors who worked for voting rights and de segregation for about 15 years before the Jews created MLK as the front man for the civil rights movement.

    SPLC bought the SCLC mailing list and all the Jewish and other Good White liberal organizations started sending donations to the scam artist Morris Dees instead of Ralph Abernathy and the rest of the southern Christian leadership committee.

  119. anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    Looks to me like Jews, Muslims, blacks etc are on the same side. Everyone talks all this talk about hating on the Jews then they run out kill white people, kill the white farmer and steal their land. They all work out of the same playbook and all of them are against white people and just refuse to live in peace in their own land with own people.
    I even recommended that they start a program for Europeans to go back to Europe and just give the land back to the Indians, leaving all the people of color, but of course that is racist. I also said I agreed they should take down statues like Thomas Jefferson because those statues don’t reflect what the country is today, but that too is racist when I say but ok when they do it.
    I think there are other statues that reflect what the country is, like the St. Floyd ones, and maybe some of Obama and his wife, Oprah, maybe Al Sharpton, miss Brawley and Jesse Jackson, don’t forget his son. Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandella, Stalin and Mao, The Clintons and of course JFK the whole family, Kwame Malik Kilpatrick and of course all of these:
    At least then when you look around the country you might say to yourself “Oh I understand”.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  120. Wild Man says:

    On you comment:

    “IMHO people are not stupid, they can see what everyone else can….it’s not just a clan of white guys at the top, they are also Jewish.”

    I wish what you said was true …. that people are not that stupid. Yes they are that stupid it seems. It’s very easy to see that at the very top of western power structures, it’s 25% Jewish influence among those that can call or twist the shots (100x more influence, within these western globalist circles, than what one would otherwise expect, per-capita-wise, as measured globally, …. which is the accurate way to measure …. because this is a global phenomenon). And the spirit of the times (i.e. – the Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey) as brought to us by our globalist masters ….. has an unmistakable flavor ….. the flavor as supported by a very long history of Jewish intellectual heretics to western thought, which are everywhere, …. which allows one to logically draw the conclusion, that the globalist cabal, as featuring a membership that is 25% Jewish (100x more than otherwise would be excepted), is also led by this Jewish sub-component.

    The problem is that the regular people have no idea that the Jewish influence is this pervasive, because most people don’t realize the subverso-leaders, are Jewish, because they don’t care to find out, because they don’t even recognize the subversion. It seems many Caucasians are completely in love with the domination they acquiesce to, by way of loving the subversion-so-offered. So I think it is wrong to just purely blame this problem on Jewdom. Because one way you could look at ….. Jewish intellectuals have been selling anti-true-west-subversive Kool-Aid for generations now ….. and why is that possible? …. it’s because there are so many Caucasian buyers of precisely that product – no?

    Caucasian people tend to think Jews are white. Since these people tend to come from the Ashkenazi sub-component of the overall Jewish population ….. they look Caucasian … often have Caucasian-s0unding surnames ….. and otherwise would be deemed white by one and all, if it wasn’t for the fact that this sub-group does not deem themselves Caucasian (unless it is convenient to do so). They muchly tend to assuming an identity of Jewish first, Caucasian and/or human 2nd, whereas what is most common among Caucasians, is the identity-view that they are human first, and whatever their particular ethnicity is secondary to that.

    Most Caucasians I know would be aghast at what I said here, …. and let’s say I brought this up around a group hang-out around a summer fire-pit, or something like that ….. they would all run away from me with their hands covering their ears, with looks of great distress and anxiety on their faces …. until one of them would be pissed-off enough that no one was now enjoying the warmth of the fire-pit (except me now), and come to me to tell me it’s best if I leave the gathering now, because of my insensitivity, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and general douche-baggery …. and if I didn’t learn my lesson and shut-the-f*ck up on that topic from now on, I will never ever again be invited to any such group function. So of course I am not dumb enough to do that. So …. what to do, instead? Well, try it on with just one person at a time, private one-on-one … pick a conservatively-minded person in the group (a person the values true-westernism aka Classical Liberalism). Same deal …. no traction, covering the ears, the distress … the whole bit (yet such people tend not to want to censor you … being conservative and all … they tend to defend the right to free speech despite the fact that they feel offended, also recognizing my right to infuse such offense ….. but still no traction, ever, for what I said in the first 3 paragraphs above, eventuates).

    I think that Bruce Willis movie – ‘The Fifth Element’ is instructive (stylistically, or as per artistic-level-of-understanding … which when done right is a deep understanding). It seems we are heading towards Fhloston Paradise, in the future, as per this hybrid culture. We have here a western culture submerged within Jewish subversion, selling navel-gazing Caucasian’s with what they want to hear. It’s just the spirit of the times, as brought to us by out master’s …. this Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey (as spirit of the times), …. coming on stronger and stronger …. eventually it’s Fhloston Paradise that eventuates.

  121. Why do Jews do these things? Are Jews paranoid turds, believing all the world desires their destruction? Why are they always trying to destroy nations and enslave everyone ???

    Is there a biological reason? They did have thousands of years of selective breeding. They married ONLY their own. Could this long history of inbreeding have created psychologically damaged human beings? Spawning some weird genetic predisposition to hysteria, phobias, Massada Complex, Paranoia???? You can see the genetic malformations in some of the Jews.

    Has this ever been researched? I think for Jews to hate for so long and at such a high level, there has to be some scattering of mentally diseased individuals. Propagated in each generation.

    In today’s society of instant information, the Rabbi’s influence wanes considerably. The Jews, no longer isolated behind self-imposed Jewish Ghetto Walls, are not as susceptible to virulent hateful preachings and control mechanisms, and the God Status… once enjoyed by the Rabbis.

    So I don’t believe this level of world hatred can be sustained generation after generation if there was not some genetic predisposition in the mind of the Jew.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Jack McArthur
  122. HT says:

    Jews and Jew lawyers were behind the civil rights movement, school integration, removal of Christianity from our schools and culture, abortion, same sex marriage and every other culture destroying movement in America. It is like a Jedi mind trick that Jews are able to do so much massive damage to the country and few seem to be aware of it. When I bring it up, I am literally accused of being Hitler.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  123. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dutch Boy


    • Agree: Exalted Cyclops
  124. Anon[342] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Are you for real?. The JEWS are running – no ruining America. They are also running Macron, in France, Merkel in Germany and the blond guy in Britain. Remember, eighty years ago the British could boast, “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Well, the lights are gone out in eight hours now. The fucking Jews run England from the “square mile” in London. The bastard’s are here since Cromwell let them back in 1649 after being run out four hundred years previously

  125. Wild Man says:
    @Mike Fridelle

    Respected Jewish historian (respected by me too) – Israel Shahak – had explained this all quite well. Yes, during Jewdom’s time in Eastern Europe, over the centuries and centuries, the Jewish rabbis held great sway over the Jewish people living in these Jewish enclaves, in Europe ….. and these rabbis were wont to give up that power … as evidenced by way of the rabbis constant admonishments to these Jewish communities that they must remain insular, and apart from the European culture at large.

    And yes … there is a genetic signature to this …. a higher group average IQ …. maybe as much as one standard deviation above the Caucasians they were living amongst …… as was selected for, Darwinism-style, … for the habitat niche that this Jewish group had carved out for themselves (filling administrative roles for kingdoms and such). Since the populations was small and insular, this selection pressure had an in-breeding flavoring to it …. and so the high IQ came at the expense of some genetic pathogenesis …. and if you buy that (which I see no reason not to … it’s implied by Shahak’s thesis) …. then it isn’t a stretch to think that said pathogenesis is expressed as cognitive phenotypes as well. But the cognitive aspect, ….. to imply that there may be some genetic in-bred pathogenesis shaping mis-balanced cognitive phenotypic expression …. well this is very controversial … should be taken with a massive grain of salt …. it’s still all just conjecture …. and said conjecture would have to answer to the fact that the so-supercharged power of Jewish normative cognition is a two-sided coin …. offering so many Jewish intellectuals offering cognitive maps that are so subversive to westernism, yet on the other hand …. other Jewish intellectuals have been a great boone to the west, and furthermore, there certainly is a robustness and high-energy apparent, within normative Jewish cognitive tells. It’s complicated, controversial, just conjecture … and it is also a verboten topic.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  126. @Mike Fridelle

    The relationship between spirit and matter is not easy to comprehend. The latter can be the carrier of the former hence in Christianity there is the sacraments in the oldest of the Churches. Jews, secular and religious, who make the case for a genetic component being primary make the case for the race based elements of National Socialism which in turn are based (as best I understand) on Darwinism and it’s Social relative. This is a mistake but an understandble one.

    Everything is upside down in with modern Judaism and the history they claim. Egyptologists keep their mouth shut because like most scholars they abhor popular controversy and of course do not want to lose their source of income. The Hyksos are at least the spiritual ancestors of modern Jews who did to Egypt what their modern counterparts have done to the West more than 3,500 years ago.

    What has made it worse is that virtually all the modern Egyptologists working in recent years in the capital of the Hyksos are German who have been programmed to avoid anything that might bring down upon them the wrath of the Jewish controlled media. The information is there about their worship of the One god whom the Egyptians knew as Seth. The human sacrifice of Egyptian girls at the entrance of their tombs but you might have trouble finding it.

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that the core message of salvation and eternal life offered by Jesus is not from the OT (no matter the very hazy allusions) but something that evil people lost when they were evicted from Egypt after they bit the hand that fed them.

    If ever there was an Exodus is was the ancestors of the Jews who oppressed their Egyptian hosts. There are many survivng texts from ancient Egypt describing how they looked after the poor, fed the hungry and clothed the naked and they did indeed allow people from modern Palestine to graze their flocks in the delta area when they were refugees from drought. They did then what they do now – e.g. look what they have done to the US and the West with the destruction of Christianity being the main spiritual goal.

    What Jesus taught about the Jews, love of money and their true father is true. Why it should be so I do not know other than (if I wear a Christian cap) that this world is place of probation and testing. The place of the Jews is to tempt and corrupt the individual by accepting what Jesus rejected when tempted in the desert by satan.

    Those pictures of Mary with child in her arms had meaning to people in the ancient world because they knew without explanation that the child was indeed Jesus but also somebody else.

    If anyone is interested in gospel precursors (and evidence of the divinity of Jesus) then read the Instruction of Amenemope. There is no historical connection that I know of with Jesus but there is plenty that says “Before Abraham was I Am”.

  127. @Wild Man

    I have read that it was the diaspora (post AD 70) and survival of the fittest mechanism in a hostile Christian world which led to the love affair between wealth and Jews today. This is typical Jewish legerdemain. The reality if they were famous in the ancient world for their greed and hatred of other peoples. It is even recorded in the OT where the Book of Zechariah (11:5) describes the great love affair. The figure of Judas who betrayed Jesus for mere money is the norm in Christianity today.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Wild Man
  128. @jihadijew

    A very ignorant reply. You understood nothing of what I wrote. But ought I to be surprised?

  129. @Crescent Moon

    Please expect a knock on the front door in the early hours of the morning!

  130. Wild Man says:
    @Jack McArthur

    I don’t know anything about the Jewish tribe before the events decribed in the Old Testament (which narrative has to be taken with a massive grain of salt, …. in regards to it being representative of any sort of actual history ….. it’s certianly does have a propagandizing aspect to it, as to the way the Old Testament narrative unfolds). What you mentioned, in comment #130 above — about potential precursers to the Jewish tribe (the ‘Hyksos’ as you reference) whom we then later know as the wandering tribe within the Levant, of the Old Testament, after the Egyptian time you reference, …. well that proves to be a fascinating topic (at first glance) for a curious person like me. So I was intent on looking that up, once I saw your comment #130, in any event.

    S0 …. I think it possible the both things you mention in your comment #131 could be true …. i.e. – that Shayak’s thesis, in support of a Darwinian shaping of the Ashkenazi in Eastern Europe, over the last couple of thousand years, is true ….. at the same time that it could well turn out to be true that this was all prequiled by the group you are describing.

    You have sparked my interest. I will be seeking more info about the ‘Hyksos’. Thanks for the comment on that topic.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  131. @anarchyst

    Excellent post.

    The formation of the ADL is a prime example of jewish chutzpah, forming an organization to protect a jewish pedophile rapist murderer.
    For those who are unaware, the ADL was formed to protect Leo Frank, a jewish manager at a pencil factory who was convicted of raping and murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan, an employee of the sweatshop who merely reported to Frank to receive her paycheck.
    Leo Frank was known to have a lecherous, criminal propensity to abuse young girls. At his trial, his past criminal behavior was carefully covered up.
    Frank hired the best lawyers available in order to get out of his crimes, but he was ultimately (thankfully) unsuccessful. In fact, Frank tried to pin his deed on a black man…
    Being financially secure, Leo Frank attempted to “purchase” a pardon, using his extensive political connections, both of his own and of the jewish community.
    When the townspeople found out that a “fix” was in the works, they exacted true justice on this jew pig rapist murderer, stringing him up.
    Even today, jews protest that Frank was innocent, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt. You see, the jewish talmud considers gentiles to be “less than human” and subject to the whims of jewish criminal behavior. Under the jewish talmud, Leo Frank committed no crime. Typical jewish behavior…

    And then there’s Jonathan Pollard.

    And a whole lot of other Chosenites inbetween.

    An “anti-semite” is not a man who hates Jews, but rather a man whom Jews hate.

    • Agree: Josh Kenn
  132. @Reverend Goody

    Antifa is clearly a government operation whose members are almost never arrested. Then released without charges if they are arrested.

    Yes. In places with chronic Antifa violence, Antifa members live in tent cities maintained by the FBI and guarded by private security, paid by the FBI.

    The FBI provides Antifa members with food, and with marijuana and other drugs, plus special debit cards worth \$100. The cards are periodically recharged with money. The FBI buses Antifa members around to different target communities, and pays for them to temporary stay in hotels if necessary. The FBI also employs medics for Antifa members, and gets Antifa members out of jail on the rare occasions when they are arrested.

    This is why most Antifa members are filthy drug-addicts. You’ve seen the mug shots. The FBI recruits them from homeless camps on the streets, offers them the perquisites noted above, buses them to target areas, and gives them orders and instructions.

    If Antifa members violate their orders, or if they stay in their tents and refuse to riot, the FBI expels them from the program. The FBI explains all this to Antifa members at the time of recruitment.

    The FBI even liquidates them if necessary. For example, on 29 Aug 2020, Antifa member Michael Reinoehl drastically exceeded his FBI orders when he murdered Aaron Danielson in Portland Oregon. In response, the FBI sent the US Marshals to track down Michael Reinoehl in Lacey, Washington. There the US Marshalls summarily executed Reinoehl as an example to all members of the FBI’s Antifa program. “This is what happens if you exceed FBI orders.”

    This is why no Antifa member has yet come forward to publicly reveal the FBI’s role. They know they will be liquidated.

    BLM is different. There two kinds of BLM mobs. One kind is sent by the FBI to violently accost people who are dining in the outdoor areas of restaurants, for example.

    The other kind of BLM mob is not necessarily FBI-controlled. These start as small protests that spontaneously flare up into mass looting.

    Another kind of spontaneous violence occurs when a black wanders out of his urban cesspool, enters a nice suburban area, feels envy and self-loathing, and randomly shoots white people. Such murders in suburbia are becoming more and more common.

    Another kind of spontaneous violence occurs when a black mugs an Asian. This too is motivated by envy and despair.

    (Black attacks on Asians are called examples of “white supremacy.”)

    Still another kind of spontaneous violence occurs when blacks enter pharmacies and drug stores, and fill giant bags with shoplifted items. These blacks are directed by organized crime rings, not by the FBI. If the police catch these extreme shoplifters, the FBI does not save them. Instead, district attorneys decline to prosecute them if the shoplifting occurs in a Democrat-controlled city. This is one reason why people of all races are fleeing Democrat-controlled cities.

    (Democrats condemn all the departing people as “racists.”)

    • Thanks: Malla, JohnnyWalker123
  133. Bayviking says:

    The only thing to be learned from this hateful tirad from Andrew Anglin is that he is incapable of making a logical argument and failed to prove that the BLM movement is actually run by Jews.

    • Troll: Naughtius Maximus
  134. GoodTwin says:

    He has the classic Irish “stealthy-negro” nose. Ever stick a pencil in the kinky mop of an Irishman and have him bend over? They used this test instead of the paper bag in some of the fashionable clubs. Anglin must have some Germanic too though, he is getting those brains from somewhere.

  135. @Wild Man

    I think it is wrong to just purely blame this problem on Jewdom. Jewish intellectuals have been selling subversive Kool-Aid for generations now ….. and why is that possible? …. it’s because there are so many Caucasian buyers of precisely that product – no?

    I agree. The reason why Jews control the West is that most Westerners are Judified. That is, most Westerners (not all) think like Jews to one extent or another. Certainly most Westerners have been programmed to worship Jews and their holo-hoax.

    And, as you noted above, if programming isn’t strong enough, then Jews keep their slaves in line via peer pressure and group-think.

    Put another way, cockroaches cannot help but be cockroaches. The problem is not roaches, but people who worship the roach swarms.

    Caucasian people tend to think Jews are white.

    Yes, and Jews call themselves white or non-white depending on the circumstances. Privately Jews do not consider themselves to be white. Instead, Jews are on a higher plane. They are “Chosen.”

    Meanwhile non-Jews are subhuman — i.e. “Goyim.”

    It seems we are heading towards Fhloston Paradise, in the future, as per this hybrid culture.

    To me it seems that we are headed for a collapse and a Mad Max dystopia.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  136. Wild Man says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    On your comment:

    “To me it seems that we are headed for a collapse and a Mad Max dystopia.”

    Yeah … you are right – if we get civilizational collapse, which is possible, it could go Mad Max. But if the hybrid system holds (the hybrid cultural system of a western culture as submerged within Jewish subversion, …. as selling navel-gazing Caucasian’s with what they want to hear) … we end up with Fhloston Paradise, which for the record isn’t that far-off what we already have now in the west, which is this spirit of the times, as brought to us by our globalist masters, which is this ‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ vibe (aka postmodernist ‘radical individualism’).

  137. @Supply and Demand

    No matter what the sequence of events is—and please note that I never postulated a sequence of events—the payoff is the same: whether (1) Xi was indifferent to the details of the Jewish grift till his own country’s ox was gored or (2) he in fact knew the score all along, the critical point is, as I wrote above, that he was plainly never oblivious to the timeworn pattern of Jewish thievery, perjury, and deception. To that extent, he stands head and shoulders above 80 percent of Unz readers and commenters and an even larger percent of white Americans in the country at large.

  138. Robjil says:
    @Wild Man

    This is a short history of how the Hyksos took over Egypt. It is a very similar take over as done by Jewish culture in the West in the last hundred years.

    “Instead, this research supports the theory that the Hyksos rulers were not from a unified place of origin, but Western Asiatics whose ancestors moved into Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, lived there for centuries, and then rose to rule the north of Egypt”, read the study.

    The findings of the research also showed that there was a huge influx of Hyksos into Egypt centuries before they took control of the country. “This is consistent with the supposition that, while the ruling class had Near Eastern origins, the Hyksos’ rise to power was not the result of an invasion, as popularly theorized, but an internal dominance and takeover of foreign elite”, the researchers wrote in the study

    Here is how the rule of Hyksos ended in ancient Egypt.

    Ahmose I, king of ancient Egypt (reigned c. 1539–14 bce) and founder of the 18th dynasty who completed the expulsion of the Hyksos (Asiatic rulers of Egypt), invaded Palestine, and re-exerted Egypt’s hegemony over northern Nubia, to the south.

    Resuming the war of liberation against the Hyksos early in his reign, Ahmose crushed the foreigners’ allies in Middle Egypt and, advancing down the Nile River, captured Memphis, the traditional capital of Egypt, near present-day Cairo. While his mother, Queen Ahhotep, acted as his representative in Thebes (partially occupied by modern Luxor), he undertook a waterborne operation against Avaris, the Hyksos capital, in the eastern delta, followed by a land siege. When a rebellion flared in Upper Egypt, he hastened upriver to quell the rising, while Ahhotep helped to contain it. Having put down the rising, he captured Avaris and then pursued the enemy to Sharuhen, a Hyksos stronghold in Palestine, which was reduced after a three-year siege.

    Before advancing into Palestine, Ahmose in three campaigns advanced into Nubia, whose ruler had been an ally of the Hyksos. The rich gold mines of the south provided another incentive for Ahmose’s expansion into Nubia.

    • Thanks: Wild Man
  139. anon[959] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Kinda like monkey see monkey do ? I won’t argue about whites grovelling to Jews although I dont know any. Without a doubt I may be guilty of supporting them as where I buy my fruits and vegetables, while Italian, it could be Gino buys from a Jew. Whatever.

    The critical issue here is that blacks behave in a manner detrimental to their own interests. Take Floyd for example. The majority did not even know this bloke and George would have robbed them if he had the chance, yet the mob went wild. When these people do, they burn the stores that supply them, that feed them, that employ them. They even completely destroy the businesses of their own race and slaughter each other at the slightest provocation in addition to assaulting other races for no reason. Its just madness !

    When all is ashes it suddenly dawns on them they fucked themselves. This pattern of behaviour is prevalent no matter where they live. Yet, they do it again and again.

    I dont know of any other race that consistently acts in this manner. It is something peculiar to them. They impoverish themselves ! Whites as you say may grovel to the Jew but they dont destroy their areas or livelihood. There may be poor areas with other races but never to the slum, violence and despair level of black US ghettoes

    Blacks, whatever their motivation need to stop doing this. Give a white/ asian/ indian man a pile of bricks and he will give you a city, give a black man a city and he will give you a pile of bricks.

    Other races hardly give them a second thought but the black man is obsessed with racism seeing it in every look, every word, every gesture. They are in fact slaves, in their own mind and unless they change their thinking will be so forever more.

    Whatever and whoever the Tribe controls, there is a vast difference between the way the blacks behave versus all the other races no matter the place on this earth.

  140. @Wild Man

    So, (first let me thank you for the obviously well thought out reply) the Cliff’s Notes version for simpletons like me is:

    From the beginning, the JewGod mythology was used as a tool for the elites of the day (including Jews) to control their subjects.

    Is that a fair one-sentence encapsulation? Because that really seems a lot more plausible (likely even) than the absurd myth itself.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  141. @Ragno

    Now there’s a t-shirt for you.

    Look, you could even get it printed in Hebrew !

  142. @Z-man

    But the sad truth is that the only thunderbirds that Truth has ever had looked more like this:

    • LOL: Z-man
  143. Wild Man says:
    @Jack McArthur

    Also, further to my first reply-comment, it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t set the record straight on the Old Testament. Though the God’s Chosen People sentiment, and the prophesy-making-machinery that upholds that, are major themes of the OT ….. if such themes were downplayed, so as to become subordinate to other themes apparent in the OT, …. as such changing the context for which to understand these conceptions (i.e. – the concepts of the Chosen People vibe + make it real by prophesy), then the OT actually becomes a valuable asset.

    The other overall major theme I am suggesting, is that the OT is an excellent source of material for narratives that very well explain alot of deep insights about human nature. Deep quandaries. The story of Abraham and Isaak is just crazy, but when you think about it terms of an allegory about the interface of a human being with the Infinite Abstract Power beyond the scope of human comprehension, …. then the story is endlessly deep … about the unknowable …. about existenz. So, ….. if our Christian leaders would only use the OT in such vein …. so as to subordinate the Chosen People vibe + make it real by prophesy, to be only understood in terms of human struggle with the Infinite Abstract Power beyond the scope of human comprehension, well then ….. beautiful material to source, to use in that way.

    That’s the thing that is so darn confusing about all this. Jewish people, as individuals , by and large seem usually to be highly respected individuals in their communities. Jewish people have this thing ….. I mean the Yiddish for instance …. some of the Yiddish words are so good, they are superior to any other English word to describe some things, because the definition partly relies on Jewish culture. What can you say … Jewish people are dripping with humanity, in some ways (the pathos way) ….. can you really accuse such a people of being non-self-aware? So why the perceived condescension, among Caucasians, once they start noticing more culture-wide Jewish phenomenon?

    It seems like Jewish people, as a very talented people, excel at all kinds of things, but also have a whole bunch among them, that are very talented nut-jobs, and then Jewdom as a whole, doesn’t do much of anything at all, about this fairly high preponderance of very talented nut-jobs among them, probably because most of the damage is borne by the culture at large, and perhaps in some cases, the talented nut-job’s work, ends up benefiting Jewdom, as a whole. And as such, Jewdom, as a wh0le, has seemed to have found a habitat niche to exploit that counts on the group strategy that I just described, and as such this group strategy becomes encoded and very impervious to perturbations (i.e. – it seems this group strategy is strongly homeostatic). I think this is sort of what someone like the Occidental Observer’s Kevin MacDonald is suggesting, for instance. I think Kevin MacDonald’s views, may end up being inaccurate here or there, but nevertheless, it seems clear to me that it is with Kevin MacDonald’s view, that the whole discussion should commence from. I think that is what Kevin MacDonald has been asking for, for years and years now – no?

    Look ….. I need to be truthful here. There is so much about the Jewish people that I highly respect, despite the fact that as a group, they are pathos-heavy. The Jewish people are very talented in so many ways. But I share Kevin MacDonald’s consternation. I would like more than anything, to start convos with Jewish people, about this topic. Because that is where we have to start – right?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we just dropped the Institutional perversion of Christianity, started respecting the OT for what it is, a deep analysis of human nature by a pathos-struck people, and all the while brought Jewish people truly into the western fold, by way of this reformation of Christianity to it’s true roots (it would now be Jesus’ simple messages of Love Your Neighbor, Turn the Other Cheek, Do Onto Others, Know Thyself, So you can cease this infernal drive for community scapegoating, Respect the One True God whom is the Infinite Abstract Power that is truly beyond the power of human comprehension, and it is a miracle that humans can even contemplate such a thing. KNOWING this allows one to guard against the most Egregious Sin of all – the Sin of Ontological Conceit …. entertaining the belief that one is more God-like than one can ever know …. the true source of all sin. All such Jesus’ lessons to use OT passages too, but to be used to shine a light on human nature when it struggles with this so-described Jesus’ advice. That’s it. That is what the new Christianity (which is just a return to the original true-Christianity) becomes. It still honors a special place for the Jewish people, whom brought the pathos, and then the teacher. Could the Jewish people join such a revision towards true Christianity?

    The internal Jewish ethnocentric dynamic held in place by the group strategy as described above (by way of Kevin MacDonald’s scholarship) would eventually evaporate, if the Jewish people joined us, in a new invigoration of true-westernism, by way of a re-invigoration of the Christian dynamic, as described above.

    Maybe to fully understand what I am saying here, you might need to reference another comment I left in the thread above, comment #110, where I discussed the non-reality of the Christian concept of the inheritance of the Judaic blood covenant(s) with God.

    The globalists have crafted for us, the current spirit of the times, in western spheres, which gestalt is captured by this Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey vibe (aka Jewish-inspired postmodernist ‘radical individualism’). We don’t want that. We want true westernism, as contingent on true Christianity. We must reject any globalism that does not feature that. Because that is who we are.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Robert Dolan
  144. anarchyst says:

    We used to have a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”
    In the 1950s and 1960s, every “civil-rights (for some)” “demonstration” was handled by leftist bolshevik communist jews.

  145. @anon

    Of course you’re right. But maybe Blacks see no point in it, as in no hope no future. Now the way the system is going many others could end up in such a situation where even trying to make an effort may be pointless since the system is just meant to fleece them and keep them down, except for a few privileged who have rigged the game to profit even when everyone else loses.

  146. Tom True says:

    BLM = blacks lack mentality

    BLM = blacks love mayhem

  147. Wild Man says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Your comment:

    “From the beginning, the JewGod mythology was used as a tool for the elites of the day (including Jews) to control their subjects.”

    True, but the nuanced truth is deeper than that. The Greek Stoics really were onto something nuanced, sublime, and deep. Marcus Aurelius’ ‘Meditations’ (though later and derivative) is a good example. So why would the Jesus’ narrative & implied message resonate with Geek Stoicism? Because the Jewish people really were struggling with something deep too, …. and I think do have a valuable perspective to offer, if such is put in the correct context (as subordinate to westernism).

    Maybe my comment #147 will show you what I mean by that.

  148. anarchyst says:
    @Wild Man

    I must disagree with you on the use of the “old testament” in today’s world.
    The “old testament” describes a vengeful “god” keeping tabs on a very very recalcitrant and evil people.
    This vengeful “god” condones genocide–not good either back then or now.
    If I had my way, the “old testament” would be relegated to the “ash heap of history”, used as an example of how human nature can be misused by a vengeful vindictive “god”. The “new testament” would have all King James and Schofield references removed. The council of Nicea would be the defining factor in the writings of the new testament.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Stan d Mute
  149. @Wild Man

    The NT basically cancels out the OT.

    The NT is a NEW deal….a New Covenant.

    The NT says the jews are no longer the chosen people……the seed of Abraham is Christ….and the bride of Christ is His Church.

    So…no….focus on the OT isn’t valid in any way.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Stan d Mute
  150. @anon

    Blacks are not bright….this is true….however…..the poor benighted blacks are controlled and incited by the sneaky anti-white jews.

    The blacks’ time preference combined with jewing translates into, “KILL RAYCISS WHITEY!”

    They are not thinking about where they are going to shop next week. They have jewbrain.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Truth
  151. Wild Man says:

    On your comment:

    “The “old testament” describes a vengeful “god” keeping tabs on a very very recalcitrant and evil people. This vengeful “god” condones genocide–not good either back then or now.”

    Well, let’s turn this around, …. as support material to flesh-out Jesus’ teachings, ….. if the OT is used only as allegory as I am suggesting Christianity be so-reformed (because God, by Jesus’ way …. is the Infinite Abstract Power that is beyond the power of human comprehension, and it is miracle that humans can even contemplate this), then, these OT narratives about struggles with life’s issues, always through the lens of God’s actions …. personal or impersonal (as was the Jewish bent as per the OT) become allegorical maps of meaning in man’s ongoing struggle with the fact that this realm for human beings, is akin to a finite precipitate of the Infinite, a contradiction in terms, yet there it is, as plain as day, for anyone spiritually-moved, to see. As such, the OT, within said reformed Christian teaching, becomes a presentation of a series of allegorical templates of the pitfalls one faces upon one’s quest to know God (each such template ripe with meaning that can be derived by way of Christian discussion, in this vein).

  152. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Either way, if this is a depopulation event. Eventually they’ll get around to giving you the shot. It’ll either be through a needle or injected at 1200 FPS.

    In that case the only real question is how many you can see inject before getting injected.

    Practice bro.

  153. Art says:

    Republicans and others are calling Mark Zuckerberg “Zuckerbucks.” The Anti-Defamation League wants that to stop, claiming the term suggests that “rich Jews are controlling levers of power.”


    The source of most institutional wrong in the US of A – is ZuckerBucks (or some equivalent Jew oligarch money). The biggest most powerful example is our elections. Now, thanks to Zuckerburg, the Jews have control of the election counting process itself.

    Media, Congress, presidency, educational systems, Fed – are controlled by Jew ideology and Jew money.

    Mmm — this foul disgusting evil organization – the ADL – gets in out face and dares us to say differently.

    With that one ADL statement – has the truth of ZuckerBucks been erased from the collective America mindset, forever and ever?

    All the ZuckerBucks went to Democrats – will the Republicans find the balls to protest to a successful conclusion?

    • LOL: Stan d Mute
  154. @anon

    Our women did this to us. They believed the Jew and subverted us at every step.

    Our women and our “men”. How to deal with our women is an eternal and existential question. How to deal with our “men” has only been a problem for about the last (Jew dominated) Century.

    We used to know how to address a man in a dress.

    We have forgotten.

  155. @Wild Man

    So I think it is wrong to just purely blame this problem on Jewdom.

    Glad you caught up. I’ve been yelling this at the tips of my typing fingers for decades. It’s the pathetic and retarded in OUR ranks that subvert us. They outnumber the subversive Jews and perhaps even the negroes. Unless we have the balls to deal with our our own shitbags we are destined for failure.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  156. Wild Man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    In Catholic mass, readings are taken for both the OT and the NT. As far as I am aware, this is common practice is all denominations of Christiainity. In Catholic Mass, the priest, during homily, will not refercene the OT passages that feature God smiting King David’s enemies on behalf of David and his kin, in light of the advice to the congregation that you would expect …. like – ‘hey, we are Christians, we don’t do that. Don’t be King David!’. So strange. I have visited other denominations (Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, United Church of Canada) and have found the same thing.

    So, though technically you are right, the NT should theologically cancel out the OT ….. it doesn’t, and the reason it doesn’t is because of the way the NT is written, it makes Christianity contingent upon the Judaic of the OT, by way of having Jesus as the fulfillment of the OT prophesy-making machinery (as such, you reference precisely that, by your claim that Jesus, the seed of Abraham is inherited by the Church … by the Christians). See …. why not drop that? There is no such inheritance Mr Dolan. Because the Abrahamic seed-thing was bogus through and through – no? Just a very ethnocentric remnant of a very ethnocentric people, and nothing more – right? Which in no way diminishes Jesus’ stature. The genius that saw through it all ….. so long ago ….. the genius of which we are still processing.

  157. @Stan d Mute


    Organized jewry deserves the blame because they use money as a form of control.

    Shabbos goys sell us out, yes…..but the initial motivations originate with jewish donors.

    Money is the key.

    That’s why I get so weary of the dipshits that blame women….or boomers…..or Freemasons…..or blacks…. the small hats use ALL of the above to harm whites.

    A white woman has zero value unless she becomes a jewish feminist, at which point she becomes “high value.” Same with gays, negroes, whatever.

    Jewish grievance politics needs “oppressed” assholes to whine and protest against evil white men.

    There is no end to the oppressed groups. They grown more numerous by the day.

    Organized jewry never sleeps.

  158. @anarchyst

    Sadly, I don’t think ANY of you actually get it. This is perhaps the biggest black pill of all.

    I raised the point that you are all viewing the world from a fundamentally Jewish perspective. You debate which aspects or fine points of the Jew doctrine to follow. Is it the New JewBook or the old JewBook? In every case you piss on my ancestors from whom you stole everything. You smashed our idols and destroyed all aspects of our culture. You plastered your fake JewGod atop our ancient festivals (Xmas? Easter?). You obliterated our civilization and supplanted it with your Judaic “laws” (such as “a man in a dress is a woman”). You stole from us our association of blood:soil. You stole from us the absolute perfection of the pregnant white woman with white child.

    And still today you shill for the Jew. Beyond all possibility of denial of responsibility, you still shill for the Jew. “Oh, but it’s not the Jew for whom I shill” you cry. “It’s the anti-Jew who sprang miraculously from Judaism and who many Jews thought the Jewish Messiah. But truly, it’s not just the product of Jews Jewing. I swear! My parents said so when I was just a baby!”

    “And not only did my parents so brainwash me (get over it, happened to us all), but there is an absolute mountain of apologetics attempting to explain how and why our people have become so corrupted and enslaved!” “Just spend the rest of your life reading the literature and you’ll see!”

    Have you people no self awareness? Have you truly forgotten who you are? Are you so beaten down and bitch slapped that you have no pride in yourselves outside of that which your Jew overlords have permitted you?

    (oh shit. I have surpassed my truth serum allocation for the evening. Substantially surpassed it. The damn bottle is empty so I leave you with my probably censored remarks)

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  159. @Robert Dolan

    So…no….focus on the OT isn’t valid in any way.

    And yet that’s not instructive to you? You can deduce nothing from the fact that they want you to spread the other cheek?

    Maybe it’s just because I am a genuine ghetto honkie, but when someone else tells me that it’s for my eternal benefit that I spread the other cheek, I get just a bit – well – righteous.

    I can hope that the rest of you will someday realize that what makes us US isn’t a ridiculous fairy tale but millions of years of selective breeding. Or I can despair that you will all continue to follow whatever some sociopath or Jew tells you about yourselves and you will eventually all chop off your dicks and realize your true Judeo-Christian womanhood.

    I wish I was optimistic.

  160. An example (so what if my serum bottle is empty) of the Judaising of our people is the absurd confabulation between ‘race’ and ’sub-species’. When the term ‘race’ originated, the Irish were a foreign and dangerous race from the English.

    For anyone to claim that after 70,000+ years of evolutionary separation, the negro is merely a separate race is pure Jewish bullshit. The Australian aborigines are less different from us. Doubt it? Look at the hybrids.

    The negro has been weaponized against western civilization and the white man specifically. Having been done so, there must inevitably be a “whom” responsible. And we all know. And yet the majority of us succumb to the childhood fairy tale about the JewGod who “created us all as equals (except the Jews who were superior)” so therefore negroes are exactly like us and perfectly well suited to life in our society.

    How hard is this for you people? Honestly, I figured it out as a teenager. I don’t condemn you for being slow or gullible, but at some point you WILL have to choose a side.

  161. Shelton says:
    @Stan d Mute

    The original Christianity was hostile to reproduction Jesus suggested that men castrate themselves. “Many have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus also suggested that those who wished to follow him should hate their own parents, else they would not be worthy of him.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  162. @bayviking

    Everyone that lacks the mental capacity to generate & intelligently assess possible future scenarios that could result from their immediate actions, raise your hand. That is a legitimate issue that needs addressing when contemplating the maintenance of relatively complex western nations and who has the intellectual tools to reside in them. The people that designed and built them most definitely do, many others however, are failing to pass entry level requirements and there may be other lands/continents more suited to their unique behavioural toolbox.

    Those who are adamant that race is merely a social construct, would of course be granted the delightful opportunity of accompanying those struggling with western environs, to their new homelands, to assist with their cultural self expression away from the allegedly destructive activities of the allegedly appalling fellows that are White men.

    I think I speak for many of the legitimate heirs of western civilisation, in wishing godspeed and good luck to the plucky, involuntary adventurers that would take part in this what some might call “Repairing the World”…..

  163. @bayviking

    Everyone that lacks the mental capacity to generate & intelligently assess possible future scenarios that could result from their immediate actions, raise your hand. That is a legitimate issue that needs addressing when contemplating the maintenance of relatively complex western nations and who has the intellectual tools to reside in them. The people that designed and built them most definitely do, many others however, are failing to pass entry level requirements and there may be other lands/continents more suited to their unique behavioural toolbox.

    There is a particular group that is culturally evolved to thrive in the type of dysfunction that occurs when multiple peoples are inhabiting & acting in their own interests in a shared landscape and they therefore foment these scenarios as a matter of course because, that is what works for their workshy, religiously self righteous, timeworn practices. Despite their public declarations, in the media they possess, that race is a concept contrived by ‘racist’ ( a word of their manufacture) White men, they wholly embrace the reality of it, to create the very dysfunction they wallow in like grunting swine.

    Those who are adamant that race is merely a social construct, would, in my desired future, of course be granted the delightful opportunity of accompanying those struggling with western environs, to their new homelands, to assist with their cultural self expression away from the allegedly destructive activities of the allegedly appalling fellows that are White men.

    I think I speak for many of the legitimate heirs of western civilisation, in wishing godspeed and good luck to the plucky, involuntary adventurers that would take part in what some might call “Repairing the World”…..

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  164. Dumbo says:
    @Stan d Mute

    I have no idea who are “your people”… “Scot-Irish”? Anyway, you’re free to worship whatever you want, or not, or start a new religion from scratch, but don’t blame other people for choosing more sensible or traditional options that seem to have proven to work more often than not.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  165. anarchyst says:
    @Stan d Mute

    You make an excellent point about the reliance on the bible, (both old and new testaments) to govern human behavior. The “jewification” of today’s modern western societies is noted and well-taken.
    I agree with you that we would be much better off if the bible was not used as moral “guideposts” as the old testament is full of examples of rape, murder, genocide, etc.
    The old testament is a reason why jews are so “twisted”. It is where their jewish supremacism originates.

  166. anon[673] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    @ Robert Dolan
    @Commentator Mike

    Well maybe so but here is one way I look at it.

    Lets say I am a black man and I work one hour away from where I live. One work day I drop my car off to the mechanic for service. When I return at 5 in the afternoon to pick it it, the mechanic tells me it will take another hour. I get pissed ! Finally the car is done and the bill is produced. It is \$200 more because a part had to be replaced. The mechanic shows me the worn out part and tells me why it was essential to do the work. Now I am more pissed because of the extra charge justifiable though it is.

    A Jew, who just got his car, seeing my consternation, spurs me on. I torch the whole fucking garage with my car still on the hoist. The receptionist is burnt alive because she could not escape. The gasoline pumps and the gasoline storage tank burst into flames and explode. The mechanic runs away but I pursue him and assault the fellow When the Police arrive I grab a piece of wood and attack them. I am shot.

    In the meantime the Jew has long driven away. Now what ! I am in a whole pile of shit. To add to the fiasco my employer hears of the fiasco and fires me. At my hearing the judge refuses bail and I get locked up with a bunch of violent criminals.

    Is whitey to blame ? Is a Jew to blame ? Or is the black man so fucking dumb, so irrational, so blind to the consequences he just acts and figures somehow it will all work out.

    How smart does one have to be to figure out that dumb actions have severe consequences ? How smart does one have to be to know that instigators keep in the background and incite others who take the rap.

    Surely at the most elementary level of thinking the black man can figure this out. It seems to me though that he cannot. He MAY be a slave to the incitement by or motivation from others but he definitely is a slave to his own unconsidered and ill considered emotions and uncontrollable impulses. He is the only one responsible for running amok regardless of all the finger pointing and blame shifting to other races.

    This is the way they behave all the time, every time and in every time zone. As for not having hope, every other human being on earth has had that feeling. However other people pick themselves up, gather their emotions, set aside their despair and struggle on building on what little they have.

    The black man does the opposite. He destroys what little he has and if he feels hopeless and feels it makes no difference he is right because he and he alone is the creator of his situation both mental and physical.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  167. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The blacks’ time preference combined with jewing translates into, “KILL RAYCISS WHITEY!”

    Now why would the Jew ISH want to do that when they almost always live in urban areas?

  168. @Truth

    \$27m just happens to be the on-sale-this-week-special price for the lot of them.

    Gimme a call.

    • LOL: Truth
  169. anarchyst says:

    Your post is more proof that black DNA IS different. Impulsiveness to the point of criminality, the requirement for instant gratification, the lack of curiosity and the absence of the quest for exploration, making unreasonable demands on others while having the inability to think for one’s self are all traits of the black African, even those who have been fortunate to have been transplanted from the African continent to the rest of the world.

  170. AndrewR says:

    Police brutality/corruption/impunity in the US is a very important set of issues, but BLM blames all white people for the actions of even black cops, while ignoring white victims of criminal pigs. This makes sense from the Jewish perspective when you realize they need both pigs and nigs as weapons against whites.

  171. AndrewR says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    I’d trade my dad and my six siblings for \$27k

  172. @Truth

    Correct. You know what’s funny about BLM? The organization has collected at least a billion dollars, and the fat black broad and her cohorts are satisfied by a few measly millions tossed their way. They’re akin to the monkeys at the San Diego Zoo. Tourists drop millions to see them jack off; the keepers feed the apes bananas and they, the monkey’s, are happy. I think.

  173. @Shelton

    The original Christianity was hostile to reproduction Jesus suggested that men castrate themselves. “Many have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus also suggested that those who wished to follow him should hate their own parents, else they would not be worthy of him.

    I’m sorry that I missed your reply within the Unzian comment dialogue window of 30 minutes. What an elucidating observation.

    A mythology based on total subservience to the JewGod (and inevitably by proxy to the Jew himself). You have to be pretty cucked (or batshit insane) to castrate yourself.

  174. @Dumbo

    I have no idea who are “your people”… “Scot-Irish”?

    Me either. I guess it’s just what happens when you are a cracker baby abandoned in a ghetto Detriot orphanage a couple weeks before the riots. But it’s turning out okay as far as I am concerned.

    I question everyone and everything. I am eternally vigilant against fuckery especially by my fellow honkies who have amply proved their treachery to me.

    I have independently come to all my conclusions.

    But you seem content to suckle at the teat of whatever pablum you were fed by anyone who uttered a nice word to you.

    You gullible types are an enormous part of the problem aren’t you? I sure know a bunch of the type.

  175. @anonymous

    An interesting fact about Marcus Garvey and how his endeavours were being sabotaged:

    He stated that ”(sic) Bolshevists” are paying for attacks on the Black Star Line. (Negro World, December 14, 1921).

    Also reported in the Negro World, May 13, 1922, at Liberty Hall: “Millions of dollars were expended in the shipping industries to boycott and put out of existence the Black Star Line.

    Not really a case of Cui Bono – but to whom is it isn’t a benefit?

    Very little of this sabotage can be found anywhere online.

  176. @Truth

    It’s much more likely that you’re a Jew poser than that Andrew Anglin is one. For starters, Jews have banished him to the far fringes of the Internet. More to the point, there is no remotely rational way to interpret his content as being in any way good for the Jews. If it became widespread, they would all have to make a hasty aliyah to Israel. If anyone wants to know what a Jewish fake–right wing site looks like, they have to look no further than Breitbart, at one point the Web’s most popular “conservative” site.

    • Replies: @Truth
  177. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    I prefer the blacks who know about “we thought they were white”.


    1. David Duke, Tom Metzger & Jared Taylor were all educated businessman with money behind them. Nevertheless, they failed. Mostly because they were set up to fail. For that matter, Irv Rubin, who was Metzger’s nemesis, also failed & was killed under suspicious circumstances in prison. Nevertheless, these men had extensive military training, were self-made millionaires, were PHd educated.

    2. Now compare that to our White Leaders today. One is a self-harming Emo from Ohio who could not make a go of it in Mindanao & bombed out of Community College a few times. Another is a Jew who french-kisses his boyfriend in public named Milo. Another, Spencer, is actually a Gen X oldster who who was perpetual grad student in his 30’s.

    3. Are you telling me these college dropout failures could possibly run a country or an economy. They’re morons. Some of them are homosexuals. Even if the Left were willing to give up some backwater portion of some state in the Northwest, which they never will be, it would not be much better than Cuba-which was run by another white socialist who might have been gay.

    4. And then of course, we would have embargos on their ethno-state.

    5. Frankly, none of these white nationalists tell anyone anything a 5 year old would not know.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  179. @Truth

    Do you actually think that getting the top result on DuckDuckGo proves anything? DuckDuckGo is itself marginal. On Google, which is 6,000,000 times more influential (as Andrew Anglin himself might say), The Daily Stormer site is not among the top 10 results of a search for “daily stormer”. In addition, Andrew Anglin is banned from all major social media and is even banned from owning a .com site, which is why his current site uses the Soviet Union top-level domain. He’s also been banned from using CloudFlare, which anyone who knows anything about Web development understands is a nearly insurmountable obstacle to having an internet presence. Finally, he’s banned from making an income through ads and from getting donations through PayPal or similar services.

    Yeah, the Jews are on his side. No doubt.

  180. @Jeff Stryker

    I had to look up who this Irv Rubin was. And his associate Earl Krugel. They were both bona fide Jewish terrorists. Some on UR think Jews get a pass in USA for criminal activity; well both of these ended up dying in jail, Earl was murdered and Irv suicided.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  181. @TG

    “About time people woke up to the fact that BLM etc. really has nothing to do with blacks, it’s a top-down scam orchestrated and funded by the 600 or so billionaires that run the country.”

    TG, congratulations on being 100% correct in you’re assessment regarding BLM not having anything to do with blacks.

  182. “About time people woke up to the fact that BLM etc. really has nothing to do with blacks, it’s a top-down scam orchestrated and funded by the 600 or so billionaires that run the country.”

    TG, congratulations on being 100% correct in you’re assessment regarding BLM not having anything to do with blacks.

  183. @Commentator Mike

    You’re British, so you would have to look up Rubin. To my knowledge, he never had any influence in the UK.

    Those like him probably fare worst, however, in UK prisons which are run by Pakistani-Muslim gangs. Even traditional English hardmen like “Bronson” have converted in prison.

    Whereas in the USA the Mexicans & whites (Though some blacks have “Prislam”) in prison are not theocratic & the Mexicans who run the US prison system are staunch Catholics in the UK the Pakistani gangs are anti-Jewish & pro-Palestinian. We see Pakistanis & Bangladeshis on UK streets celebrating on UK streets everyday against them.

    In US Federal or East Coast prisons, the Jews hang around the Italian mafia.

    So I would say they are far worse off in UK jails.

    It would seem to me that at one time in the UK there were London Jewish “hardmen” aka Krays, Meyers etc. but that once Pakistanis & Bangladeshis controlled the streets they disappeared into the London suburbs.

  184. @Priss Factor

    Wait a minute… Jewish people are a white race, so why would they attack other white people. To the best of my knowledge, there are NO black Jews..!! You are talking through your a*s…!!

  185. @Stan d Mute

    The Jewish pharisees hated Christ and spent years trying to eradicate him and his followers.

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