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Black Islamic Women Attack a Group of Asians on the Train
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Black people really do seek out and target the weak. Asians come from a society that is even more heavily socialized than European society, so they really don’t have much context for ridiculous acts of violence.


I guess those women are Islamic, maybe from Nigeria.

You can’t help but feel bad for the Asians. They’re just pitiful. They’re really sitting ducks for these beasts to prey upon.

The same can be said for white people at this point, I guess. Most whites, if attacked by one of these sheboons, would be afraid to fight back for fear of being totally destroyed by the media.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is very instructive as to what exactly is happening in this country. The message is: “do not fight back, or you will pay.” Even if Kyle is acquitted, this theme is going to resonate in future judicial actions. At the very least, it is now considered acceptable or even reasonable for a prosecutor to argue in a court room that “sometimes you just have to take a beating.”

The fat prosecutor literally said “everyone takes a beating sometimes, right?”

He presented as if it was some kind of common wisdom, like “death and taxes” or “you can’t fight City Hall.”

“Everyone has their skull smashed open by violent communists.”

I very much doubt that this bag of pus has ever taken a beating. The closest thing he may have experienced is a quadroon pissing on his face (yes, it looks to me to quite possibly be the same guy).

This is what I’ve warned of since the start of the collapse of reality: they are creating a situation where you are attacked from above by the cops and attacked from below by violent black criminals. The top and bottom help each other, with the government refusing to prosecute blacks and prosecuting you for defending yourself, and the blacks coming out to riot in support of government agendas.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Currahee says:

    I have absolutely no sympathy for asian victims: they side with the blacks every time and hate whites.
    So they have it coming to them.

  2. If you are Asian, it would behoove you to start “thinking”.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  3. The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is very instructive as to what exactly is happening in this country. The message is: “do not fight back, or you will pay.”

    Well, he was acquited of all charges –

    Finally, a score for the good guys.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  4. Black gorilla niggers are a force of nature in the US, a semi-intelligent autonomous aggregate social corrective force which selects against the bovine passivity observable among the general population of fully communist nations. It’s literally a jungle out here.

    • LOL: El Dato
  5. BorisMay says:

    These black Muslim women are US citizens and not Nigerians. They are Sunni women and they believe that wearing a rag over their heads makes them pure and clean.

    Women who don’t wear this rag are prostitutes. This means that all non Muslim women are, in the eyes of Sunni Muslims, nothing but whores and can be abused, physically assaulted and raped by a Muslim believer at any time.

    On top of that these mentally ill Muslims believe, if they are Salafists, which is what they appear to be, are doing God’s (Allah’s) work. Islam, like Judaism, is a mental illness.

    The problem for followers of Jesus of Nazareth, was that He was a pacifist, so people like Christians, who purportedly follow Jesus, but practice the violence of Islam and Judaism are followers of the Devil as well.

    It is quite clear that these evil Muslim women are Devil worshippers since they, like Zionists in particular, and Jews in general, don’t practice ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’.

    This is a video of pure evil at work in the USA.

    This article is written by a self deluding con man who is making a very comfortable living out of judging other people. What did Jesus say about ‘judging other people’? I’m not a Christian and I don’t follow Jesus as perceived from the Christian viewpoint, but I think making a living from judging other people while hiding away in some safe bolt hole while being totally unaccountable has nothing to do with Jesus…

    Anyway, good luck with that. Shame you blame it on Nigeria while providing absolutely no evidence to support your claim.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  6. Trinity says:

    RITTENHOUSE NOT GUILTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah.

  7. “Rittenhouse Prosecutor Receives Golden Shower on Stage.”

    James Kraus said that he felt so dirty after the Rittenhouse acquittal that he felt like he needed a shower, a special kind that you could only get from a person of color. He said that it was like a ritual cleansing, that you could only get from a person of color.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. Petermx says:

    I doubt they are from Nigeria. I think they are American. On average, I suspect Blacks from Africa are better behaved than that garbage. Most of the time this is the kind of shit other Blacks rise up to protest for, when such lowlifes tried this kind of behavior on the police and then got their comeuppance.

    It would be nice if everyone else rose up to protect the victims and gave that garbage a beating they never forgot. Then LeBron James can speak out for them again.

  9. Now to pop some corn and watch blue city riots. MSNBC is my personal go-to for riotous blaxx in action.

  10. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    They sound like Americans not Nigerians. Might be NOI or some Muslim wannabe cult members. Pretty repulsive, ugly specimens and what’s more they’re supposedly teens. Blacks apparently have a predatory instinct for attacking the physically weaker, older, smaller, etc.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  11. anon[262] • Disclaimer says:

    The video is no longer available.

    White girls used to fight back, before they became all brain dead thanks to our media and education system:

    Now they march in BLM protests like zombies:

  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Christians pogrommed the Synagogue of Satan at leat 109 times from Western Civilization. Multi-cult dwells within the Synagogue of Satan. These Blacks are multi-cult. So is ZOG owned US Congress, Biden, etc.

    What Jesus said before he was crucified by the Synagogue of Satan is only relevant in the context of other Christians. And it is only relevant in the context of him later being crucified at the instigation of ((Jews)).

    You’ve got to internalize the Christian story all the way through, to this very day and back a thousand years before Christ. And the Christian story includes them pogromming the Synagogue of Satan (enemies of Moses; enemies of civilization) again and again and again…

    • Replies: @René Fries
  13. Zorost says:

    Typical Leftist bullshit. You are completely ignorant about something (in this case, Christianity) yet feel completely justified in giving your opinion on what that something really means. Which by cohencidence just happens to also be what you believe in.

    • Agree: René Fries
  14. raga10 says:

    I doubt they are from Nigeria. I think they are American.

    I think so too, though possibly first generation. Same goes for the Asian kids: when asked for a comment, mother of one of them had someone translate for her because her English wasn’t up to scratch.

    Attackers were Muslim: one of their mothers turned her kid in saying, “we are Muslims, we don’t behave like that!” . Well good for you, but your child does behave exactly like that, so it’s still not great…

    Of course alternative could be simply to say that a couple of teens had a scuffle – so what? Not much to see here, really. But hey, why not be all outraged instead, that’s what internet is for after all.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. @Petermx

    ‘I doubt they are from Nigeria. I think they are American.’

    That was pretty typical American black behavior. I didn’t read much into the weird headgear.

  16. Asian Americans in video are pathetic. Can’t allow much sympathy since they could have defended themselves as numbers were equal. Asians better channel some of that Bruce Lee otherwise it’s game over. A bit of that nose flicking, loud screeching and posturing works wonders.

    • Replies: @anon
  17. Some of us Americans have talked about shithole countries, it’s true, but we also know about America’s shithole cities. Come on secession.

  18. AceDeuce says:

    In Filthaderpia about 10-15 years ago, a White man, the manager of a Center City (downtown) Starbucks, was waiting at a SEPTA station when he was jumped by several niggro high school “students”. There was no provocation on his part-I forget if they were trying to rob him or just beat on him for “fun”, but he was an asthmatic, and had a stress-induced fatal asthma attack while trying to fight them off. No one came to his aid for some time. The story was quickly rabbit holed.

    Regarding this current story–If these were White kids being attacked by those fat stinking schittsows, this new story would have been totally buried by the groid and small hat controlled local media. At least the ghookers get a little public attention. Although you’ll notice that no story about this says the attackers are black.

    • Replies: @kba56
  19. Richard B says:

    “Everyone has their skull smashed open by violent communists.”

    It’s the bold inversion. The straight-faced Jewish inversion of reality.

    Jewish Supremacy = Reality Inversion. Or Chutzpah for short.

    That’s why they took one look at the dumbbells whites some 2,000 years ago and said, What these goyim need is a God they can feel sorry for. That’ll keep them in line.

    Or as Nietzsche asked, How can get a God on a Cross?

    Could you imagine Zeus or Odin on a Cross? And with a pitiful look on their face that says, I’ve been violated. Or, Come and violate me. Or, better yet, You have violated me.

    Could you imagine going to one of the ancient Greeks or to the people of Germania and suggesting they put Zeus or Odin on a Cross? They’d build one especially for you and you’d be on it in no time flat.

    Now, on the other hand, if you look at Jesus as an actual person who stoood up to his own people because he knew they were bat shit crazy, well then now he’s a bonafide Power of Example. Like anyone is who stands up to bullies and power hungry con artists. Could this be the real reason they still can’t shut up about him, and not just him?

    Could this be the real reason they were scared of a 17 year old boy?

    • Replies: @inspector general
  20. Anon[926] • Disclaimer says:

    Rat house’s mother should have told her son
    : Rat , don’t behave like this again in Kenosha at least .

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  21. (yes, it looks to me to quite possibly be the same guy)

    ROFLMAO. Classic Anglin.

  22. AceDeuce says:

    OK-a Brit paper said it. I’m not too surprised, I guess.

    I’ve looked up/seen 10 U.S. MSM articles online, plus a few (very brief) TV news stories, all with no mention whatsoever of the race of the perps.

  23. @Joe Paluka

    “Rittenhouse prosecutor Kraus “Everyone take a beating sometimes, right?”
    “Why is he telling us about his sordid personal life in the closing statement?”
    LOL !

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  24. Andreas says:

    The feral, pink dollar-store apparel, bottom-feeder is not African.

    In general, Africans are racially pure, vastly more intelligent and educated, and don’t have the chip on their shoulder carried around by many low class American blacks and some of those with Caribbean origin. The light skin and accent suggests the latter.

    The real question is what triggered the rage.

    I’m guessing the perp was already angry before she even entered the train. And the seated Asian violated rule number one which is to never make eye contact with blacks in a public place. The Asian’s eyes reflected either fear or outright loathing; and that is what triggered the behavior.

    • Replies: @anonyms
    , @TSS
  25. @Currahee

    they side with the blacks every time and hate whites.

    “side with the blacks every time”?! NO! They are anti-white BECAUSE the white supremacists are ALWAYS anti-Chinese. Just 2 of the countless examples:

    These black teens are misled by white propaganda against the Chinese. At least one mother wasn’t misled:

  26. “Black people really do seek out and target the weak.”

    what a terribly propagandistic, obviously inaccurate and nasty, accusatory and racist comment to make!

    Take a historical/current look- demonstrate when/where in all targeting the victims were/are not weaker?

    I cant for the bejasus find an example of when attackers pick stronger victims, including Asians themselves, when they find weaker negros- male and or female they can cream for any reason.

  27. BuelahMan says:
    @George Kovachev

    What? Anglin got another point wrong? Say it isn’t so.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  28. @Deep Thought

    Do ypu really think those girls do watch a vlog like this?

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  29. Don’t go about unarmed in Greater Gaza.

  30. @BuelahMan

    What? Anglin got another point wrong? Say it isn’t so.

    The trial was hideous, and Anglin noted that correctly. That, in your mind, makes him wrong?

    What was done to KR was not a victory. The typical joyful reaction to the verdict is merely a coded, “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

    Victory might be immediate brutal prosecution of everyone from the ‘prosecution’ office, and all who followed their orders (cops, jailers, and even the judge), accompanied by approximately \$1B in defamation damages/penalties collected by KR, then the prosecution of Brandon and MSNBC for obstruction. The state and its media vultures screwed Rittenhouse good and hard, and the verdicts were merely an attenuation of what they had planned.

    Anglin was right.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  31. anon[180] • Disclaimer says:

    As much as I think it’s pathetic of them to not fight back, I’m glad they didn’t. Because it made clear who the aggressors were and they are now charged. If they had fought back, it would’ve been treated as a “brawl” and either no one gets arrested or everyone would’ve been arrested, especially the boys.

    You can take them out of Africa…

  32. @Bill Miller

    I think they can’t escape brain-washing by the propaganda industry of the white West.

  33. So where are the MEN, Andy? Forget about color, or race, where in the hell are the supposed MEN? Where were you? If I was there I’d be kicking the shit of men or women who do this shit. Color means nothing to me. And if you constantly fret about the “media” well… then, by your standard, we should all sit in our hovels and cower for that knock in the night. How pathetic! In fact I’m beginning to think the problem lies with YOU. You love to cover this crap but all you do is grab your smelling salts and prayer beads. You put an amazing amount of effort in whining and bitching but absolutely nothing about fixing the problems in any tangible way. Please… just shut the hell up.

  34. anon[400] • Disclaimer says:
    @Deep Thought

    They are not mislead by the anti Chinese propaganda from the blogosphere but by the uncouth and dirty comment from Trump .Trump hates black. This is the way the black want to show solidarity with Trump hoping acceptance by emotionally and intellectually kowtowing to this deranged orange self -serving stupid. Black has no self esteem and suffers from the banality of low expectation . Their good work is never appreciated but violent stupid acts draw attention .They know that their relevance lies in screaming ,fighting, attacking,and vandalizing .

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
    , @Deep Thought
  35. @anon

    “Black has no self esteem and suffers from the banality of low expectation . Their good work is never appreciated but violent stupid acts draw attention .They know that their relevance lies in screaming ,fighting, attacking,and vandalizing.”


    Is that what Deep Thought thinks about Black Americans?

    I know some currently and I have know many all my life. I Never
    came to think that about any of them

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  36. A real sad state of affairs anyway….
    Blacks and Chinese should not be fighting! There isn’t a single legit reason I could see for that.
    They should be making mutuality right there in the States.
    I was having a decent time on the blog today until I ran into this. I also could have misunderstood Deep Thought here but I will not be trying to figure it out. ‘enuff time with this!’

  37. anonyms says:

    they believe that wearing a rag over their heads makes them pure and clean.

    Yeah, just like these rag-wearing whitevil whores yeah?


    Nothing is so black and white asshole.

    Nobody just dons a modest covering and becomes “pure and clean.” Muslims being the only true monotheist people on earth, believe the One God of everything knows how pure and clean one is. You don’t fool the One and only.

    You claim you are not Christian. But, you have certainly adopted a very Christian name, and thus I will assume your background and people are indeed western and Christian.

    So, perhaps your accursed pagan kind thinks that it can fool its mangods? That is why they act “civilised” while being the most psychopathic, greedy and promiscuous on earth. You vermin actually think that your mangods will buy all this “saintly” Christian behaviour? If they actually existed, that is. Lol!

    If they believe this, then they must have a very low opinion about their mangods.

    This means that all non Muslim women are, in the eyes of Sunni Muslims, nothing but whores…

    Certainly not “all non Muslim women,” of course, but the western evilisation is certainly most conducive to such whore/pimp-like behaviour. The proof is not “in the eyes of Sunni Muslims,” it’s in your actions, for all to witness. It is not like you degenerates try and hide it. You are actually rather proud of this so-called “way-of-life”!!

    Indeed, it is quite possible that scum like you are the spawn of such behaviour.

  38. @Currahee

    Asian Americans voted for Biden 63% to 31%

    Relearn Karate, no White should jump in to defend you.

  39. anonyms says:

    The Asian’s eyes reflected either fear or outright loathing; and that is what triggered the behavior.

    Very perceptive.

    But not “fear,” most probably, “loathing,” and perhaps even inside jokes, is what triggered it.

    So those asians are not blameless. And no, such animal behaviour cannot be acceptable.

  40. SafeNow says:

    Smart Asian-American kid in the video – – palms, not fists. “Fists” sounds really bad at your trial. Also, he is “turtling-up” to protect the face. In modern urban America, “palms” and “turtle-up” are useful pro tips. One arm outstretched, the other arm bent so as to protect the face. One self-defense video I viewed suggests saying “I don’t want no trouble.”

  41. @Currahee

    they side with the blacks every time

    Many Whites also side with Blacks. All races are bombarded with anti-White propaganda in the West, Asians too. The media tells them White supremacy is fuelling hate crimes on them, not the black thugs who are actually doing it.

    Asians in Asia aren’t anti-White at all, at least in my experience.

  42. anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    @InnerCynic #34

    “So where are the MEN, Andy? Forget about color, or race, where in the hell are the supposed MEN?”

    In Russia? A few years back Norway expelled fifty unpleasant Muslims who then ended up in a bar in Murmansk or Archangel or whatever ice-storm hellhole groping the local girls. The Russian men took note: Eighteen Muslims were hospitalized and the remainder went to jail. Apparently Russian women are still worth defending.

  43. @Richard B

    Odin hanged himself for nine days in his search for wisdom. SO–yes, he hung on a tree like Jesus.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Richard B
  44. @Ben Sampson

    The only relationship that asians (or jews, for that matter) want to have with you niggers is one in which they lead and you follow. Why don’t you just accept your rightful position on the bottom of the POC totem pole? They’re so much smarter and more attractive than you, after all. What, don’t you like being below asians? Come on now, think of the common goal you share in hurting whites.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  45. Smith says:

    A real shame these kids didn’t protect the girl.

    The girl ended up being stomped on.

  46. That girl’s mother clearly did not teach her daughter to be a bully regardless of circumstances and or provocation. She has big corrective mothering job to do to make sure her daughter gets out of this successfully

    I sure support her from afar!

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  47. @Deep Thought

    so sad that the black girl’s own mother turned her in, destroying her future. you just hate to see a mother harming her own child like this, something an asian mother would never do. now, no one will ever hire the poor black girl, as she is forever burdened with the criminal record of ethnic intimidation against the second highest privileged racial group in America, asians. yes, you asians hold all the power (except the power of a black fist in your ugly squint-eyed face) in your relationship with blacks.

  48. The overall predilections and attitudes of Asians require historical context. With regard to China, the European and Americans mercilessly raped and pillaged the country, addicted vast numbers to opium and basically acted out the ghetto rat drug lord. Then American imported another slave class, the Chinese to be exploited and worked to death on the railroads. They were denied citizenship and constitutional protection, illegal laws were enacted that prevented them from owning property. They were herded and confined into “Chinatowns” on the West Coast. The was not a Left-Right, Conservative-Liberal enterprise of either exclusively. Know this: at the turn of the 20th century-despite cruel and inhuman treatment by the Caucasians of America, the prison population of California had no more than a mere handful of inmates, despite real exclusion and discrimination an enforced poverty.

    Astute students and devotees of historical revisionism know that the Japanese were maneuvered into WWII by the Zionist cartel, their corporate clients (heavy industry, materiel, military expenditures) and the usage of the West (whom they controlled) to displace an Asian powerhouse that was immune and impregnable to the historical Jewish bag of tricks, psyops, etc. And of course the incomprehensible Japanese internment camps.

    The Chinese importation of slaves in all but name was the second failure of the White Europeans to not see “past the billfold”. “And then came the White Dogs with their big and empty heads, they couldn’t see past the billfold”

    As our-the Western Indo-European-Götterdamerung-approaches, we still do not comprehend or think self critically of the CAUSE and origin of a race and ethnicity that we cannot abide with. Not possible to co-exist under one flag as a power sharing arrangement.

    I’m talking about the importation of Africans, who beyond the lust for profit and funding of extravagant life styles, was destined to remain for the infinite future. The very same people that Abraham Lincoln said were incompatible with a Euro derived civilization. That is what lack of forward planning, vision, and a vacuous religion, Christianity, bequeathed and stood aside while Amurka committed slow hari kari.

    And the beat goes on….Amurka never learns. Constantly importing people who either cannot or will not subscribe to the Founding Ethos, co-exist, and optionally assimilate to a large degree. I do not know of any Buddhist society that so naively threw open doors to peoples that had no basic homogeneity with the Teachings of Buddha and the mores, norms and culture that grew out of it.

    WTF is wrong with Christian “White” Western Into-European? Asians should never have been imported here for slave labor, under widespread violation of laws and constitutional rights (real ones). The supreme irony is that they are an OVERCLASS above the Caucasian or White, as commonly referred. John Derbyshire, married to a Chinese woman, opposes large Chinese immigration, for reasons of avoiding a new OverClass.

    “Today’s topic, class, is secession.”
    “It’s to late Baby, now it’s too late. Though we really tried to make it, something inside is wrong and we just can’t fake it”

  49. TSS says:

    They were mad because the Asians bumped into their crew inadvertently (yes, I’m aware most groups of Asians have poor spacial awareness in public) and may have nearly knocked a Black into the subway floor crack? At least that explains the unferreted rage and even more meek Asian response. Hijab girl was finger pointing and flinging accusations as well, which explains it.

    I don’t think this video has anything to do with the Asian-hate thing. Most of those incidents are far more sinister and lethal yet don’t gain any real media traction (same with the daily Black on White murders). This is just typical amplified Black dysfunctionality. Every Asian from decades back in the big cities has stories about Black terror so it ain’t a recent thing either.

  50. anon[227] • Disclaimer says:

    These black girls could be the Opus Dei members .The head gears make one think they could be planning to become nuns.

  51. @anon

    They are not mislead by the anti Chinese propaganda from the blogosphere but by the uncouth and dirty comment from Trump .

    Yes, they were misled by Dump Trump’s and MSM propaganda. I did not say “blogosphere”.

  52. Jiminy says:

    Something to remember when using public transport, first see if there are any asians onboard. If yes, jump on. If not then wait for the next ride. Strangely I too thought that all asians could do Kung-fu. Be great to see all hell break loose in a confined carriage like that though. The asians would be safe from the law because they all look the same. Blacks like that need to be knocked down a peg or two, and that won’t happen through the courts.

  53. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    Why don’t you just accept your rightful position on the bottom of the POC totem pole? They’re so much smarter and more attractive than you, after all. What, don’t you like being below asians?

    … the second highest privileged racial group in America, asians.

    More evidence that you are a Hindian, who have a “racial hierarchy” mentality derived from their own caste system.

    so sad that the black girl’s own mother turned her in, destroying her future. you just hate to see a mother harming her own child like this, something an asian mother would never do.

    Me think that the black mother is wise– to prevent her daughter sliding deeper into the shitty world of senseless violence. If “an asian mother” did not do the the same, she would be stupid.

    …the second highest privileged racial group in America, asians

    “the second highest privileged racial group in America” are the Indians. They too are asians.

    The average Indian are reputed to earn more than the average Chinese in the West. More importantly, they tend to occupy higher corporate positions in tech-companies in murrika.

    (except the power of a black fist in your ugly squint-eyed face)

    “brown Aryans” don’t have “ugly squint-eyed face” but they still get slammed down– like the blacks do– for having dark skin:

  54. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:
    @Deep Thought

    All Asian Americans are not Chinese. Western media is Jewish not gentile White. International politics as you have point out has only a tiny effect on Asian anti-Whitism hatred in the USA.
    Blacks have been attacking East Asians including Chinese way before the recent US-China tensions. Nothing to do with any anti-China propaganda.

  55. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    It amazes me that so many Asians still want to go to college here and relocate to this stinking shit hole of a country. At the very least they should stay out of the crumbling cities with large black populations.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @TSS
  56. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    Food for thought when you read the takes from Chinese shills on these comment boards.

  57. TSS says:

    It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. Always has been, always will be.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  58. @Chris Moore

    (…) enemies of Moses –

    “(…) konstitutive religiöse Neuanfänge und Zäsuren werden oft mit Erzählungen über ihre Begründer verbunden, seien sie gänzlich fiktiv wie bei Laotse, den biblischen Patriarchen oder Mose, oder (usw.) // constitutive religious new beginnings and caesura often are linked with stories about their founders, be they entirely fictive as in the case of Laotse, the Biblical patriarchs or Moses, or (etc)”, in: Der frühe Islam, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin 2007, p . 346, emphasis (bold) mine.

  59. @Petermx

    True. I’d add that the aggressors need to be killed on the spot.

    No need to let such people survive to randomly assault and terrorize more people, then cost us millions of dollars in prosecution, incarceration, probation, medical care, food stamps, and “welfare” costs for them and their inevitably fatherless offspring.

  60. BuelahMan says:

    He was right, except when he said Rittenhouse would go down. So, was he “right” or are you just defending your favorite UNZ writer?

    Your defense doesn’t make his wrongness right. Maybe you don’t understand the concept of truth.

  61. Richard B says:
    @inspector general

    Odin hanged himself for nine days in his search for wisdom.

    He suffered for wisdom. Yes. Who doesn’t? It’s a theme that runs through many a culture.

    The difference is, he wasn’t betrayed or hung by his own people. Nor was he hounded by them for two thousand years.

  62. Richard B says:
    @inspector general

    Also, Odin as a representative of his culture, was genuinely interested in wisdom.

    Whereas the people who rejected Jesus were interested in blind obedience to their authority. And they still are. That’s why culturally what we’re witnessing is nothing less than a full return to a pre-modern Talmudic barbarity.

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  63. @TSS

    The proof of how right you are, is that they would otherwise never open stores in ghetto areas. They do so knowing that the government checks of the residents will never fail them, as long as they stock chips, beer and hard liquor. You see, liberals care so much for the poor, that they always make sure they are well fed and sauced. What a political entity but the democrat votes must be secured.

  64. @anonymous

    To refer to BLAX in America a rabid hyenas is to insult rabid hyenas.
    The BLAK Sticks & Mud Age dysfunctional demon beasts must be eliminated.
    All methods permitted.

  65. @Ben Sampson

    That’s because you’re delusional, unobservant and confused…or, you don’t get around much.
    BLAX,and their Mud Creature variants, are misplaced in modern civilization and need to be eliminated.

  66. @Ben Sampson

    BLAX, and their freak variants, should get off of Planet Earth.
    I suggest Lunar mine penal colonies, managed by non-owner kikes.

  67. @Deep Thought

    O! They are anti-white BECAUSE the white supremacists are ALWAYS anti-Chinese

    There aren’t any white supremacists, dummy.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  68. @Craig Nelsen

    There aren’t any white supremacists, dummy.

    You have just proved that you are one!

  69. @BorisMay

    I have noticed that there are quite a number of American black women who have turned Muslim and have gone full metal burka. Like the hoodie it conceals identity. Yup, Asians wear the kick me sign again. Watch out when an Asian Bernie Goetz comes along. Bernie was the most awful model for self defense – a highly neurotic individual who just said too much all the time. When more decent people start packing, sheboons like this might think before chimping out.

  70. @Richard B

    I know that the Norse stories of the old gods are interesting and contain lessons just like the stories of Greek mythology, but I don’t think I’d be running the the nearest get together of the Asatru folks anytime soon. Both Talmudic Judaism and Christianity leave one with many questions (especially Christianity) if analyzed from a purely historical perspective. Talmudic Judaism for the most part is an overly legalized body of do and don’t. OK there are parts where comments about JC and Mary are quite nasty, but for the most part it is a boring piece of work. The interesting thing about the Talmud is how it uses the opinions and comments of the sages and rabbis of old to get around the Mosaic law. It’s a good starting point for developing a get-over weasily mind. With Christianity, who knows what the real message of JC was. I think there is hidden info in the bowels of the Vatican that would tell a different story. There is also the guy who wrote a book about Josephus and the Flavian emperors who wanted to develop a pacifistic Christianity etc etc. I take his opinion with a grain of salt. Religions develop with age and more stuff accrues. Before Constantine, I don’t think there was any Roman emperor that was terribly interested in the internal doctrines of Christianity other than “why are they so unwilling to burn incense in from of my statue and not recognize me as divine.” Jesus was basically pissing on their parade – so to speak – and they had a hissy fit.

  71. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    What would that poor black girl be working at if her mother did not turn her in? Hmmm???

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