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Biden Government Just Keeps Sailing Warships Through Chinese Waters
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You’re probably not paying much attention to geopolitics. And that’s fair enough. We’ve all got a lot going on domestically, with the vaxxers breathing down our throats and the economy turning upside down.

But you might be interested to know that the Joe Biden government is aggressively pursuing a policy of war with the Chinese.


A US Navy guided missile destroyer has crossed the Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea, making it the seventh such trip by an American warship this year, and prompting China to accuse the US of trying provoke its military.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Benfold sailed northwards through the strait on Wednesday, the US Navy said in a statement. The maneuver was confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense on Thursday, with officials saying the military used joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance tools to monitor movements at sea and in the air around Taiwan, according to local media reports.

Claiming that the navy destroyer’s presence in the South China Sea does not contradict international laws, the report added it was the seventh such maneuver by American warships in the area since US President Joe Biden took office this year.

The latest move was met with harsh criticism from Beijing, with its army commander saying on Thursday that Washington is “the biggest creator of security risks across the Taiwan Strait.” Pointing to the frequency of the US Navy’s moves in the area, a spokesperson for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command, Colonel Shi Yi, called the US “the biggest destroyer of peace and stability” in the region, as quoted by Chinese media.

Regional Chinese troops were ready to respond to any threats and provocative moves, he added, saying that the Chinese Navy has monitored the US destroyer’s movements. China has “the determination, confidence and ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Shi Yi said.

The USS Benfold, eh?

There is no reason you would keep sailing these war ships back and forth unless you intended to menace.

This is like the image of a black person being circled by pick-up trucks with Confederate flags flying.

Imagine if Chinese warships were sailing back and forth through the Florida Keys, and China was sending out announcements that the United States is causing unrest in Florida. That’s what this is. It’s insane levels of aggression directed against the only country on earth that is potentially capable of beating us in a war.


Well, presumably because the Biden government wants to start a war.

The American people are too stupid to understand the Florida analogy, and think that if China tells the US to please stop sailing warships back and forth through their waters, that the Chinese are the ones being aggressive. I’ve never seen anyone so stupid as the Americans.

No single American can explain what problem in America was caused by the Chinese, but they act like it’s a joke to start a war with them.

Is it a joke?

Will it be funny?

Well, if American cities get nuked, then yes – that will be very funny.

Basically, the Democrats are creating all of these domestic problems that can only really be solved by a foreign war. I understand their view.

Plus, China and Russia are the only holdouts to the New World Order/Great Reset agenda, so they need to be taken out sooner or later. That’s the logic here.

Moreover, the reddit scum that is in control is angry that China is not full vagino-anal, and wants to send the Southern whites they hate so much to die fighting the patriarchal small eyes.

You might not understand the extent to which millennials now have power and influence, and are using that power and influence to push for gay sex and female empowerment. But it’s definitely a real thing.

Based on what we’re seeing at the Olympics, the US is not prepared for this fight.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
The China/America Series
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