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BASED Marjorie Taylor Greene Outsmarts Media by Groveling Before Jew Hoax Museum!
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The media was attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene for her statements saying that forcing people to wear masks was like the Holocaust.

In a brilliant piece of statecraft, MTG flipped the script on these media Jews by going to the Holocaust Museum and then giving a groveling speech before the Jews, apologizing profusely for daring to mention their sacred hoax and begging for forgiveness!

The media had no idea how to respond to a person totally debasing themselves and begging the Jews for forgiveness!

Greene explained that nothing can ever be like the Holocaust, and she apologized profusely for making these statements. She also said that people live in America! She said: “this is where we live and some people start businesses”!

She also implied that she’d never heard of the Holocaust before, and seemed to say that she’d been at the Holocaust Museum for three weeks straight!


The Dems didn’t even know what to do – so they just said she is good now! She’s a good goy!

“I was pleasantly surprised that she took the time to go to the United States Holocaust Museum,” Jew Democrat Congressman Brad Schneider told NBC News. “And afterwards she reflected on her visit and made a what appeared to be a sincere, a very sincere apology. So at this point, I think we accept that and, and we move forward.”

I can’t help but think of the EPIC Puff Daddy song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.”

Can’t nobody hold Marjorie down – if they try, she’ll just beg them for an apology and leave them speechless!

After the EPIC groveling session, all of the late night comedians were forced to admit that MTG is not racist at all!

She clearly proved she wasn’t a racist – what kind of person would humiliate themselves by begging Jews for forgiveness if they were a racist?

And if Marjorie isn’t a racist, then who is?

Well, the Democrats of course!

Now that Marjorie has totally debased herself, and prostrated before the Jews like a dog that has just been beaten with a lead pipe or a crowbar, the Democrats are just going to have to admit that they’re the racists!

Talk about flipping the script! She flipped the script like Tony Hawk doing a kickflip in a buffalo field!

They’re going to have to start calling her “Kickflip Greene”!

After she gave her statements prostrating obsequiously and begging the Jews for forgiveness, the media asked her to apologize for all kinds of other things – and she just apologized completely! The media was like “yeah well, will you apologize for this random thing that Donald Trump said 5 years ago???” and she was like “I’m so sorry for that! Sorry! I’m a worm and I’m so sorry for the Holocaust and everything else!”


Next, if they accuse her of being a racist against blacks, she’ll star in a BLACKED gang-bang porno! She’ll wear a MAGA hat while she’s getting all her holes stuffed with BBC!

If they accuse her of being transphobic, she’ll inject her son with tranny hormones and mutilate his penis!

Then what will the Dems have to say???

This brilliant new MAGA strategy of responding to allegations of racism with extreme, outrageous groveling is truly the path to TOTAL PATRIOT VICTORY.

The media has no power if as soon as they demonize you, you just totally surrender and apologize for existing.

The Dems can’t dehumanize you when you’ve already dehumanized yourself!


MAGA 2024, BABY!


This trail of teary-eyed apologies leads straight to the White House.

America First means “I’m sorry for everything, please forgive me, Jews”!


(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Serious question: How do (((they))) do it every time? What are the steps taken to enforce their rule? Who picks up the phone and calls whom? Who is taken to a secret location and has a bright light shined in his or her face and beaten with hoses? I mean every single time? How it is possible for us to be 0 – 100,000? Why hasn’t someone come forward and said, “This is what happened to me. This is what they said that resulted in my abject humiliation?” Or, “Jonathan Greenblatt called Silverbaum who had dinner with Goldberg and they decided _____ was going happen to ______ if she doesn’t stop _____.

  2. Trinity says:

    IF she was based or the ORIGINAL VERSION OF WOKE before it was hijacked by (((the left))) she would have cited how even the official “6 million” number has been debunked and that more than likely only a couple hundred thousand Jews died in camps, more from disease or starvation due to allied bombing. She would have then cited the Holodomor and Jews like Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich, Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky, Lenin’s Jewish roots, Ilya Ehrenburg, the propagandist who urged the Red Army to kill everything German, women, children, elderly and even animals as well as rape and do what they wish to captured German women. She would have also cited The Eisenhower Death Camps.

    As for Blacks? Well we are having a rash of Black on White hate crimes in Greene’s home state of Georgia which have been reported on Tucker’s shows on Monday and Tuesday. Apologize for what exactly? World Jewry was attempting to enslave Germany the same way they did the old Soviet Union and Hitler defended Germany and the German people as best he could until Germany was simply overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

    I think it is high time Jews apologize to the entire White race for WWII, the Holodomor, the wars in the Middle East, stealing White nations blind, their use of the media, academia to attack Whites at every corner and stir up hatred in nonwhites against Whites, their attempt at genocide of Whites through flooding White nations with nonwhite invaders and then indoctrinating them into hating Whites.

    Greene lost with me. She CUCKED like a good republiCANT. Just like her boss, Trump, another Zionist/Jew azz kisser. You suck ass long enough, pretty soon you start choking on shit. (((These people))) and their nonwhite foot soldiers don’t respect you for kissing their ass, they mock you, they spit in your face and have even more contempt because of Whites cowardice and always giving in.

    • Agree: Robin Hood, Robjil
    • Thanks: Angharad
  3. El Dato says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    There is probably an episode of “V”, the ultimate antisemitic serial, where this is explained.

  4. The people who get to high office don’t read Amren, VDARE, Occidental Quarterly, TUR, Daily Stormer, or any of the many other realist, dissident sites.

    Being based means you have an education you didn’t get from swimming exclusively in the mainstream. You obtained it by self-education.

    MTG really is a soccer mom in over her head. She should refrain from giving her opinions until she’s enlightened herself.

    • Agree: meamjojo, Rich, GeneralRipper
    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @meamjojo
  5. meamjojo says:

    Or another way to put it is that MTG should STFU and focus on doing work for the people in her district who elected her.

    • Replies: @Rich
  6. meamjojo says:

    Is there an ignore function to keep Anglin out of my UNZ RSS thread? Sheese.

    Andrew Anglin (born July 27, 1984) is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, misogynist, and editor of The Daily Stormer.[1] Anglin founded the website as a faster-pace replacement for his original website Total Fascism, where he posted his long-form essays on fascism, race, and antisemitic conspiracy theories.[2] The website borrows elements from Nazi doctrine and combines them with Internet memes originating from 4chan to attract a younger audience.[3]

  7. I love it! I think Americans are beginning to get the message (Who ya gonna pledge allegiance to: America, or “israel”?)
    Mel Gibson: “Jews run Hollywood.” I’m so sorry, of course Jews don’t run Hollywood.
    Mark Ruffalo: “Over 30 children killed. Mothers dead. Hundreds injured.” I’m so sorry, of course pointing to “israel’s” crimes might bring on “antisemitism”.
    And now this. Six million murdered, mainly in gas chambers, for no good reason. Let’s build a Holocaust Museum in every city! Welp.

  8. it applies the lotion, or

    it gets the (((hose))):

    works every time.

  9. nickels says:

    Scratch any republican and underneath you find an Israel cuck.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  10. Anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    How does an Unz Review reader unironically quote Wikipedia?

  11. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    She sounds as stupid as stretching Gretchen or that ny cunt Gillibrand

  12. @meamjojo

    No one is forcing you to read Anglin if you don’t want to, snowflake.

  13. Trinity says:

    Why didn’t (((they))) make her write “muh holocaust” 6 million times on the whiteboard. hehe.

  14. lloyd says: • Website

    I recall David Irving. When he was arrested in Austria, he appeared on afternoon television New Zealand news, walking through the Court room surrounded and heckled by journalists. He kept saying quietly in his dignified voice. “History is a tree that constantly put on new branches. I have changed my mind on history many times.” All the journalists did was scream at him constantly. “Did Jews die in gas chambers?” By the evening news, that TV segment had disappeared. So only the sick and the unemployed saw this nonsense that recalls a Brecht drama. He was imprisoned and wrote, he survived by deluding himself he could open the cell door and walk out. He admitted he swallowed a bottle of detergent. He said he thought it was a drink. I suspect a suicide attempt. He came out of prison a year later a changed man. He now said, “There were “limited gassings”. That’s how Zionism controls the world’s narrative as depicted in 1984.

    • Replies: @Mario Partisan
  15. Tom Verso says:

    “History is a tree that constantly put on new branches. I have changed my mind on history many times.”

    To wit:

    “There were “limited gassings”

  16. Trinity says:

    Were the 5 Dancing Shlomos doing a dance number while Greene was groveling before the small hat brigade? Death before dishonor has now been replaced with death before not honoring muh Jew/Israel/holocaust. It appears Jew-Israel-holocaust is the real Trinity for all these wimps and wimpettes to worship in Washington. WHY are these still to this day repeating the “6 million” number, are they not allowed to use the revised number since even that is acknowledged by (((historians.)))

  17. Trinity says:

    As if the demsheviks are not just as bad. Tucker Carlson or Don Lemon, Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump, Joe Biden or Linslee Graham all speak with the same voice when it comes to Jews, Israel or the muh holocaust. Every single cawksucker up there is a groveling goober when it comes to Jews, Israel and the muh holocaust.

    Anyone with two brain cells would figure out something is rotten in Denmark when a certain tribe can never be criticized or Americans are supposed to give a shit about a people who were killed during WWII thousands of miles away. There were 50-60 million killed in WWII and the only ones we are supposed to give a shit about are Jews, the same Jews who are now trying to destroy America, a country that helped save these ingrates.



    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  18. mijj says:

    it’s better to speak honestly and be forced to retract than to never speak honestly at all.

    A tidal wave consists of particles of water that rise and fall.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. @meamjojo

    You are a pussy.

    Andrew Anglin is smarter than you are….better looking than you are… better shape than you are in…..gets laid more than you do.

    How does an Unz Review reader unironically quote Wikipedia?


  20. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    What are the steps taken to enforce their rule?

    David Lynch probably got close in Mulholland Drive, and most people are easily blackmailed if someone’s interested enough and powerful enough to bother, assuming the target didn’t provide the blackmail scope voluntarily.

    Doesn’t even need to be the principal, if someone with influence over the principal can be touched.

  21. @meamjojo

    Andrew Anglin (born July 27, 1984) is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, misogynist, and

    Hey, Dickie Dunn wrote this. It’s gotta be true! The Chiefs are moving to Florida!

  22. The cuckolds of christ once more!

    No real opposition to the Jewish order can ever come from Christians. They are spiritual cuckolds and castratos who essentially worship a Jewish god in the first place. Their morality is that of the slave. It is good to be meek, to be week, to love your neighbor and forsake this world for the next.

    Today you see Jews and atheists mocking and denigrating Christiantiy in the most heinous fashion everywhere yet sissy Christians have no courage to do anything about it. All they can do is hide beneath their bed and pray to Jesus.

    Say what you will about Islam, the muslims fight for their honor, for their faith.

    I instinctively distrust any politician that stresses their Christian identity. It simply a dead force that commands no respect or belief in the modern world. The best you’ll ever get is grifters like this.

    • Agree: Robin Hood, follyofwar
    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Rich
  23. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    She’s probably a phony who has been working for them for a long time. First she comes out as a right-wing, anti-semitic, holocaust denying, Hitler lovin’ KKK member being nightly fodder for the newscasts and comedy programs, then makes one statement where she’s simply gone too far. She quickly realizes that she has committed the ultimate sin and confesses and asks for forgiveness. From now on she’ll be magically woke and work promoting black lives matter and will make annual pilgrimages to Israel to plant trees and raise money for the West Bank settlers. Come to think of it, she kinda has an Ashkenazi look to her.

  24. Petermx says:

    She should have said she was referring to the holocaust at Dresden where at least 135,000 people were burned alive in several hours of bombing or the holocaust in the USSR where the Jewish-Bolshevik leadership oversaw the murder of tens of millions of Soviet citizens.

    Attorney General Merrick Garland announces his intent to go after White racists that he suggests are the number one threat to the USA. I wonder if he had any relatives that remained in the USSR when the Jewish-Bolsheviks took over the country and what they did during the Holodomor.

  25. anon[122] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    How do (((they))) do it every time? “Salvation is from the Jews.” What believer wants to take a chance at loosing their alleged salvation from the salvation-mongering merchant race? Better to cuck than to burn!

  26. Anon[121] • Disclaimer says:

    I can understand the skepticism many have about Albino Anglin. Many have suggested that he is in fact a negro. He has very negroid facial features – wide nose, boot lips, sloped simian type forehead, etc. I remain on the fence about the young man. It’s also been said that he might be a closeted homosexual. Again I don’t know or pretend to have any inside knowledge. I’m just repeating the so called “scuttle but” floating around. Where there is smoke there is usually fire though.

    But he is spot on, negro fatigue is setting in across the United States. I don’t think this is sustainable. The tribe needs to call their negroes back, get them back under control and back in their ghettos. Enough is enough. This all is very tiresome.

    A repatriation program needs to be initiated. I’d even go so far as one privately funded by Americans that have simply had enough of their awful behavior, and quite frankly, their smell. Crime would drop by over 50% and we’d actually get our cities back. The nation would save billions of dollars per month, welfare programs and prisons would be drastically downsized. The positives are numerous, and their really are no negatives on not having the negroids around. I can’t think of one thing they actually contribute to America, nothing at all.

    Problem being is that defending one’s self from a massive negroid is now illegal. So the obvious blame is within the government. And Trump did nothing about this. He was a complete failure. The only way out of this is to seize back power over the government. Anything short of that won’t have any effect and the negroids will continue to negro across the nation. Crime will continue to skyrocket.

    One positive is that our Mexican population doesn’t tolerate the negroid behavior. In Southern California large swaths of inner cities once inhabited by negroids are now fully under Mexican control. Downside being the negroids end up moving to White suburban areas. Stinking up the areas and bringing in their all to typical dysfunctional behavior.

    So to cap it off: the negroes are a real problem. And wether or not if Anglin is a black albino type of mystery meat, or if he is a closeted homosexual, it really doesn’t matter if he continues to write thought provoking articles. I’d also like to thank Unz for posting his articles here, giving the boy a home. He is censored everywhere and disliked and viewed as very untrustworthy by most in our limited circles. Again I will not speculate, I’m just concerned with the content of his writings not the color of his skin.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  27. My lord are those pictures hilarious and perfectly congruent in characterizing the clown nation that the two party system of clowns have turned the United States into. If there was such a thing as an honest Bill Clinton, he would no doubt make the observation that Margorie Taylor Greene is a hell of a cowgirl. His kind of woman….EEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

  28. Andrew Anglin (born July 27, 1984) is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, misogynist, and editor of The Daily Stormer.

    And he probably believes in evolution, so he’s in bed with the likes of Stephen Jay Gould, Leon Kamin, and Richard Lewontin.

  29. @Caspar von Everec

    So we could have avoided the Civil War by eating the Negroes? Christian dietary laws prevented that solution.

  30. Rich says:

    Are any congressmen you know of doing the work of the people in their respective districts? They’re all in it to enrich themselves and their families and get free tickets to whatever new Epstein Island has opened up. Most, anyway.

    • Agree: meamjojo
  31. Rich says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    You obviously know absolutely nothing about Christianity, nor about its history with the Jews. And where are these Jews “mocking” Christianity? There sure are a lot of Whites out there mocking Christians. Are you familiar with the 2.000 year history of Christianity? It was Christian Kings who expelled the Jews from their nations, it was weaselly atheists who welcomed them and gave them full rights. When our nations were devoutly Christian, we didn’t have much of a “Jew” problem. Now, when you mockers of Christ (with a capital C) run the show, they really run the show.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  32. @meamjojo

    Is there an ignore function to keep Anglin out of my UNZ RSS thread? Sheese.

    Haha classic point-and-sputter. Even better, with the quote from SPLC-approved Wikipedia.

    Go back to Reddit.


    The Jews have rejected MTG’s apology. Guess she’ll have to grovel a little harder next time. 😀

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
  34. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    Eventually, people are going to get sick of writers debasing by using the word “based” as an adjective.

  35. Anonymous[633] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t listen to these Nazi sympathisers. The option you’re looking for is accessed by pressing Alt + F4.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  36. meamjojo says:

    Ha! I love getting comments from people too lazy (or is it dumb?) to even take the time to create a fake posting name instead of the ubiquitous “Anonymous or Anon[xxx]”.

    Or is it because all you do is “hit & run” posting and w/o a posting name no one can see all of what you have posted here in the past. Doofus.

  37. Next time compare wearing masks to an event that actually happened, like the Holodomor or chingchong’s Great Stumble Backward.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  38. I’m unimpressed as she didn’t don a beanie and help rob a bank.

    The Q here should stand for quaalude, as they are excited over Jesus’ return but still think Trump is Moses and will lead them out of bondage. Pretty sure he took a hard pass on that.

    She reminds me a Sarah Palin. They seem like plants put in place to show the world how stupid women sound as members of the right. It’s embarrassing and, as a woman, I don’t appreciate it.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  39. Anonymous[633] • Disclaimer says:

    LOL, no.

    If a moment of clarity (which won’t be televised) is followed by endless self-flagellation denouncing it (which will get televised) you’ve just accomplished an one-step-forward-thousand-steps-back routine which is how shabbos-goy compliance is enforced today.

    At the end of the day, any wannabe leader who can be “forced” to retract truth and rail against their own words is like dead weight, but worse.

  40. @CauCasiAnn

    She reminds me a Sarah Palin. They seem like plants put in place to show the world how stupid women sound as members of the right. It’s embarrassing and, as a woman, I don’t appreciate it.

    My take exactly. Palin’s family is a train wreck to boot. Why do an amniocenteses and put the child at risk if you are willing to raise a retard anyway? Of course Palin is 100% supportive of Israeli atrocities and is a “fiscal conservative” meaning banks get unlimited bailouts and white working class gets a childcare tax credit to let their kids be abused in day care while the mother works a meaningless corporate slave job.

  41. @Sick of Orcs

    Next time compare wearing masks to an event that actually happened, like the Holodomor or chingchong’s Great Stumble Backward.

    I was disappointed to conclude most of the Holodomor narrative is bullshit too. The propensity to lie for attention is clearly too great even for Slavs. That said, unlike the other narrative, I’m pretty convinced large numbers of people were starved into submission by the USSR just the eyewitness stories are less than convincing. Ukraine had been kicking Jews out of the areas that were later targeted which explains the “why”.

  42. It’s the Current Year and its time we stepped outside the binary and accept that there is a spectrum of Basedness.

    No Apology = Based
    Light Apology = UnBased
    Groveling Apology = DeBased.

  43. @meamjojo

    Is The Daily Stormer too hardcore for meamjojo, the Zio Snowflake? Look, just ignore it and go back to jerking off to your tasteful IDF war porn.

  44. KenH says:

    Don’t worry folks! After getting cornholed by Schneider and the Jewish mafia MTG will get back in our good graces and redeem herself by introducing a bill to abolish the ATF that has no chance of passing.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  45. @lloyd

    I can easily imagine “limited gassings” in the concentration camps. SS Guard: “Hey Schlomo, pull my finger!”

  46. Angharad says:

    Hello Meamjoojoo,

    I’d like an ignore function to keep jews out of my world.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  47. Angharad says:

    This article is the sort of thing that Anglin does best. This gave me my first laugh of the day, for which I am truly grateful. Keep up this sort of work, Mr Anglin.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  48. IF MTG’s comparison of Masks to the Yellow star that Jews were forced to wear in Nasty Nazi Germany for no good reason at all is offensive to Jews because the Star symbolized submission to a controlling force;
    does that mean that Masks were/are a pernicious imposition (with no rational purpose) on the people by an oppressive and evil elite who are filled with hate of those forced to wear masks and whose elimination is contemplated and intended?

  49. lloyd says: • Website

    Anglin reports he now lives in Nigeria. Does he subconsciously hanker for his African genetic roots? Some say David Duke is also of African descent. His ancestors look Creole and as he has got older Duke looks Albino African. In his autobiography, Duke speaks of the blacks almost admiringly and in his youth associated with them in his first job. Both Anglin and Duke’s real objection to blacks is they contaminate the white cultures when they assimilate with them. On his now deleted blog page, Duke for a while had a black family as a model for a society secure in its own culture and history Their arguments about blacks are really ideological.

  50. Thanks to having spent the last month or so building fences, I am blissfully unaware of “MTG”.

    The photos in this piece lead me to believe that ‘MTG’ is a newly-famous tranny. I surmise that their fame happened because they did the procedures themselves and did the hormone side of things with black-market Ecuadorean imports.

    Either way, it seems clear that ‘MTG’ didn’t have the Jenner-level cash required to buy a decent conversion: Bruce Jenner’s new look is a horrible, grotesque parody of the female human form, but ‘MTG’ makes Jenner look like Taylor Swift by comparison.

  51. BuelahMan says:

    How many idiotic Trump tards fell for her shtick to begin with?

  52. meamjojo says:

    I’d like an ignore function to keep jews out of my world.

    Impossible as Jews make the world go round. Jewish people are in everything from medicine to banking to Wall Street to government to entertainment to you name it. Go back to your imaginary Welshland!

    Here’s a dose of reality for you:
    You Won’t Succeed On Broadway (Original Broadway Cast Recording: “Spamalot”)
    David Hyde Pierce
    July 28, 2018

  53. @KenH

    Yup. Say, how’s Empty G’s proposals to fire fraudci and impeach biden coming along?

    • Replies: @KenH
  54. KenH says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Yup. Say, how’s Empty G’s proposals to fire fraudci and impeach biden coming along?

    Well her bills to fire Fraudci and impeach Biden have gone nowhere but she has successfully fund raised off the efforts. But MTG did just cast a “yes” vote for the black nationalist holiday of Juneteenth. MTG’s gotta show the nation she’s not racist and periodically virtue signal to the left and radical blacks.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  55. @KenH

    This after she rented a boxcar to live in for a week at the Holocaust Guiltatorium.

  56. This after she rented a boxcar to live in for a week at the Holocaust Guiltatorium.

    Next stop: Blacked .com

  57. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    They choose all their enemies and pay them half in advance to play the fascist and half after if they play well and then cuck well. All opponents you are allowed to see are false flag ones. True flag ones never make it to the lowest regional tribune and remain unheard of. You are allowed to be a Nazi in America provided you keep content with the clientele the Jews give you for your modest living : when you blunder a liitle too far from the sandbox you should have kept in you pay reparations and make a life-changing pilgrimage to Yad va Shem and the wailing wall.

  58. There’s just too much information presently available online for anyone with at least some critical thinking skills and intellectual honesty to deny that the “holocaust” is truly and beyond reasonable doubt a Holohoax. Here’s the latest:

    7/4/21 – jewish ‘Extermination Camp’ Propaganda Myths

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