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Ashli Babbitt’s Executioner Was Black
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The identity of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer has been revealed as Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd, a negro.

The negro Byrd had previously been sanctioned for leaving his loaded gun in a public bathroom at the Congressional Visitor Center while kids were on a tour there.

NBC News interviewed him. They sent the black guy, and basically presented him as a victim of Donald Trump’s personal army.

He was the victim of threats and he had to live in hiding.

I feel like there are some obvious things that need to be said about this:

  • This is literally “what if the races were reversed” for the George Floyd murder, but it’s much, much worse than the George Floyd murder.
  • Ashli Babbitt was not resisting arrest, nor had she been ordered to do anything by any cop.
  • Ashli Babbitt was engaging in political protest, while Floyd was committing a felony.
  • There is no question that this was a racially-motivated murder. At the very least, the negro Byrd had been brainwashed into believing the KKK was coming to lynch him, and believed his only recourse was to open fire randomly.
  • Because black people are on average much dumber than white people, affirmative action necessarily means that completely incompetent people will get into jobs they’re not qualified for. This can result in death. It is on its face a much larger and much more comprehensible problem than the supposed threat of white racists using positions of power to oppress the color of the skin.
  • The government and the media covered up for this black murderer because he is black.
  • The government refused to charge him because he is black and Ashli Babbitt was white and a Trump supporter.
  • This is a state-sanctioned racial murder.
  • Leftist activists literally do not care about “police brutality” or “abuse of power” on any principle – this sentiment is purely anti-white.
  • Leftists actually support police killing white people.
  • The celebration of the Capitol Police as “brave heroes” is a satanic inversion of reality.
  • The CP are murderers and scoundrels. They invited the protesters into the Capitol; it’s on video. Everyone in that police force knows that this happened, and there are no whistleblowers.
  • At the same time as the media was covering up the murder of Ashli Babbitt, they invented a completely false story about a poor innocent cop being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher (this story was literally made up whole cloth by the media).
  • No single person on the left is going to say anything about any of this, proving that this is an entire movement of people utterly devoid of any kind of principles whatsoever.
  • The fact that the left has no principles should mean that people do not try to reason with them, and instead just fight against them completely, trying to thwart everything they are doing. However, Sean Hannity does nothing but try to reason with the left. That is the entire basis of conservative media – that if we prove that the left is really bad, they will change their ways. We already know they’re bad and we know they won’t change their ways.
  • The Republican Party is as useless as Sean Hannity.
  • No elected Republican other than Matt Gaetz and maybe MTG brought up Ashli Babbitt’s name.
  • Donald Trump didn’t bring up Ashli Babbitt until months after the Capitol hoax.
  • Trump basically did cause that situation at the Capitol. Not legally, but just in terms of reality. He fired people up and told them he was going to march with them to the Capitol.
  • Trump denouncing the Capitol Stormers was the ultimate betrayal of the people who gave the most for him.
  • Trump promoting the vaxx is worse than betraying the Stormers.
  • There is a special political prison in DC where the Capitol Stormers are getting tortured while being held on fake trespassing charges, while the negro Byrd, a murderer, is still drawing a paycheck.
  • The media/government knew that this information about the murderer would eventually come out, but they also knew the longer they could keep it from coming out the less it would mean when it came out.
  • The US government is organizing to crush white people, on purpose. No one can really deny that at this point, so they just say that it’s good.
  • Donald Trump is the only thing holding the Democrat electorate together. Without Trump, white Democrat voters would wake up in a psychogenic fugue, and realize that they’ve supported people organizing to kill them because of their race.
  • Donald Trump remaining in the public eye keeps liberals from beginning a rebellion. No liberal can come out and say anything at all against the system, or other liberals will accuse them of being with Trump. This is very deep-rooted in the narrative of society. When Bill Maher came out and denounced the booster shot, even I was like “wait, is this guy with Trump now?” That’s crazy on different levels, because Trump actually supports the vaxx. But anti-vaxx sentiment is still associated with Trump. He’s just whatever the opposite of the liberals is.
  • This NBC interview with Byrd, pushing him as the real victim, is the single most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

There are probably other observations that need to be made about this.

I think it’s a pretty big deal, in some way, even though it doesn’t change anything at all.

I guess I feel like this: this is going to be important in future history classes, when children are learning about the insanity happening in the last days of the Evil Empire. They will put George Floyd alongside Ashli Babbitt.

This dichotomy between the deaths of Floyd and Babbitt really I think defines this century in world history.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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