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ADL Celebrates Ethnic Mafia Organizing at the White House to Bring Down Ye
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The Israel lobbying group “Anti-Defamation League,” formed to blame a black man for a child rape-murder incident carried out by a Jew, is celebrating the organization of a council in the White House to destroy Ye.

If you need to organize a mafia group because a rapper is saying mean things about you, I’m going to have to assume that your grip on power is shaky at best.


Second gentleman Doug Emhoff – the first Jewish person in his position – will convene an antisemitism roundtable Wednesday at the White House, Emhoff’s office tells CNN.

(He’s actually the first person to ever hold the position of “Second Gentleman.” That is not even a real thing, in fact.)

Planning for the event was underway for weeks, but White House aides said that it’s taken on extra significance now following a series of antisemitic comments from the rapper Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, as well as the revelation that former President Donald Trump hosted West along with White nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago estate in late November.

“Literally every single day it gets worse,” Emhoff said on Friday, appearing at an event in Washington last week where he described himself as “in pain.”

Oh. Poor baby.

You must be the only people on earth with problems.

“Jews in our generation didn’t experience this level of antisemitism at all,” he added. “Like with so many issues, we thought that it was behind us.”

Maybe Jews in your generation should have behaved better, huh?

Emhoff, joined by domestic policy advisor Susan Rice, director of public engagement Keisha Lance Bottoms and administration special envoy to combat antisemitism Deborah Lipstadt, will bring together leaders of 13 different Jewish groups from the Anti-Defamation League to Jewish on Campus and several religious organizations.

President Joe Biden is not expected to attend the roundtable, but he is expected to continue to speak out – including potentially at the Hanukkah reception the White House is planning for later this month, sources tell CNN.

There aren’t any direct actions expected out of the event, but participants say even just having the conversation is important.

“By convening this roundtable, the Biden Administration is showing its commitment to act in partnership with the Jewish community to confront antisemitism in all its forms,” said Ted Deutch, a former Democratic congressman from Florida who’ll be attending in his new role as CEO of the American Jewish Congress.

These poor and pitiful Jews sure do have a lot of power for such helpless people who constantly need everyone in the world to defend them from mean words.

Emhoff has talked before about how he wasn’t religiously observant for much of his life and was surprised by how much attention has come on him for being Jewish since Biden named his wife, Kamala Harris, to Biden’s presidential ticket.

(That attention was all from Jewish journalists, for anyone keeping score here.)

The vice president and her husband tweeted photos of lighting a menorah last year at Hanukkah, hosted a Passover Seder at the Naval Observatory and he attended Rosh Hashana services at a Washington synagogue this past September, but Emhoff said taking on a role combating the current rise in hate feels even more personal.

I do not see this just as a Jewish issue. This is an issue for all of us. Because we’ve seen this before. This is how it started 70 years ago. So I don’t want it to feel normal,” Emhoff said. “I don’t want people to think, ‘Well it’s just words, it’s just Kanye.’ No. This matters.”

It really doesn’t matter.

And what happened 70 years ago? In 1952? The Korean War?

That was Americans going in and trying to tell Asian people how to live their lives, and murdering anyone who resisted.

And no, being hated is not primarily a Jewish issue – but hating people is primarily a Jewish issue.

Look at what Sacha Baron Cohen is doing right now: he is claiming to be “fighting against hate” while defaming and vilifying the entire nation of Kazakhstan.

Ye, even the Jews must admit, is at least talking about things that have happened to him in real life. Cohen, a Jewish hate-monger, is attacking the entire Kazakh race based on nothing at all, and defaming them in a much more brutal way.

Does that not demonstrate definitively that this whole “anti-hate” thing the Jews do is just a hoax designed to silence critics of their power?

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Ye wears the mask to hide the earpiece. The question is who is running ye.

    • Disagree: Renard
    • Troll: Deadbeat
    • Replies: @XBardon Kaldlan
  2. Their love for their imperiled heritage

    The Enemy announced was “hate”, and in his rage

    Demanded all must hate their hate and all

    Must hate without exception any soul

    Unwise enough to show them sympathy

    Or face the trials of his antipathy,

    From social exile to the heavy threat

    Of laws he promised soon to legislate

    Against the merest overheard expression

    In defiance of his anti-white suppression.

  3. Maybe Jews in your generation should have behaved better, huh?

    I say:

    Nation-Wrecking Jew Misbehaviour Begets The JEW QUESTION:

    Jews form a nation within a nation everywhere they reside. Can Jews ever be considered to be part of the larger nation in which they reside when they are genetically and culturally predisposed to put the interests of the Jew Nation over and above the interests of the larger nations in which they reside?

    So-called “anti-Semitism” is caused by Jew behaviour. The Jews have been thrown out of dozens of kingdoms and nations. The Jews continuously make themselves a cultural irritant in every region they infiltrate. Any attempt to wait for a change in Jew behaviour will be for naught.

    The Evangelicals in the South will have to be told that the foreign policy of the American Empire will not be some kind of Bible-based dictate that puts the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the American Empire. I hope some of the Southerners who fought in the Iraq War debacle are now highly suspicious of any and all interventions in the Middle East.

    JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) Has Declared WAR On All European Christian Nations.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire Must Be Politically Decapitated.

  4. Notsofast says:

    ye should put out a remake of “throw the jew down the well” and offer cohen royalties, i’m sure he couldn’t resist.

  5. Dr. Rock says:

    It sure would be nice if more people would wake-up to this ever repeating hustle-grift-con-job.

    Once you’ve seen it replayed and repeated a few hundred times, it just becomes laughable.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  6. You might want to add Alex Jones/InfoWars to those attacking Ye and Nick Fuentes. Alex has become so compromised by his debt to the Synagogue of Satan, he’s becoming desperate to get a few shekels for his support for the Elders of Zion.

    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  7. Ye and Nick should take up BDS and wave the Palestinian flag and stop talking about Hitler(which is so dumb). Don’t defend the master race ideology of the Nazis and instead go after the master race ideology of the Jews.


    Video Link

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Petermx
  8. Anonymous[406] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Pretty easy to counter that ……..

  9. Stop calling Jews powerful. They run an ethnic mafia which gang stalks, de-platforms and demonetizes, and sometimes murders anyone who speaks out against them. That is not powerful as a positive attribute but ferocity born out of immorality and criminality.

  10. Petermx says:

    Will anyone be asking why there is a “Hanukkah reception the White House” for a religion that makes up 2% of the American population? I guess “separation of church and state” only applies to Christians, not Jews. I think they’re taking the meaning of that sentence too literally. For more than forty years they worked to ban Christmas displays in public areas but there is a religious celebration at the White House for a tiny minority. Will the Rastafarians also have a “reception the White House”?

  11. Rich says:

    Which way is Kanye going to go, Nation of Islam, Black Hebrews or start his own group? He’s got enough money to really get something going. And I’d say about 50% of the blacks I’ve known buy into this story about being the true Jews. It’s a fable, but the Khazars did good with it and look what L Ron Hubbard pulled off.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  12. Petermx says:
    @Priss Factor

    I haven’t seen either one of them defend what you call “the master race ideology of the Nazis”. They are defending the German people against their demonization by Jews and asking why no one can publicly discuss the role of Jews in society. The hatred against Germans that Jews brought to the world towers at least 1,000 times higher than that against Palestinians but they can also benefit from a public discussion of Jewish power. Just as Jews played a central role in fomenting WW II, they played the central role in creating Israel and taking over the US government so that the US became Israel’s biggest benefactor and turned the entire Arab world against itself in the process.

  13. Anonymous[550] • Disclaimer says:

    They celebrate kwanza and eid at the white house as well , Christmas and easter too. Not sure what you are talking about…….

    • Replies: @Petermx
  14. I used to enjoy Sasha Baron Cohen and Sarah Silverman’s crude, outrageous humor. Now it’s clear that they have they same problem so many of their people have – they can dish it out but they can’t take it. The days of a Mel Brooks who could laugh along with the world are drawing to a close.

  15. @Petermx

    Well, isn’t Kamala the first Jamaican-American almost-President? Save some ganja for me, mon!

    • LOL: Petermx
  16. Petermx says:

    I’m talking about taking Christmas displays down all across the country for decades when local governments were brought to court because of the cited “separation of church and state”. Yes, there used to be a Christmas celebration at the White House and perhaps there still is. 95% or more Americans were Christian and they are still the majority religion. If you’re going to celebrate Hanukkah for 2% of Americans you should probably celebrate Kwanza, Rastafarianism and every other group that has more than ten people.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  17. Petermx says:

    “Seattle schools have prayer rooms for Muslims, allow Jewish religious organizations to operate in high schools, and ban Christian groups from meeting after school even in the playing fields. New York schools celebrate Jewish and Muslim holidays and ignore Christian holidays.”

    Prayer was banned in New York schools (and perhaps other states too) in the 1960’s because Jews objected to it. Even if the prayer was not explicitly Christian, implicitly it was, since the overwhelming majority of Americans were European Christians.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  18. XBardon Kaldlan [AKA "Bardon Kaldlan"] says:

    The Voice that talks to Ye doesn’t need any earpiece!

    • Replies: @Anon
  19. Trinity says:

    Ye got the Juice, yo.

    Cue: I Got The Power by Snap

    It’s 3am eternal, yo.

  20. Franz says:

    Rising antisemitism? ONE guy?

    This is turning into serious entertainment. I hope independent bloggers got their knives sharpened.

  21. I wonder if they could ever re-release the original version of The Producers (1967)? I watched that movie in recent times and found it funny in the good old fashioned sense. ” Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi Party”.

    Apparently the great shoah publicity campaign started only after the Six Day War so this movie slipped in on time.

    Fun fact, over 10,000 mourners attended Kurt (Panzer) Meyer’s funeral in Germany in 1959.

    The further we get from the war, the more ubiquitous the one great event (sic) becomes.

    Kanye West is supposedly an artist and has considerable funds. Why can’t he make a Hamilton type production for Broadway? Maybe the Harvey Weinstein Story, cleverly titled ” Diddler On The Roof”. It could theoretically be good and fulfill part of his promised “death-con” agenda. It would hit them where it hurts like a drone strike into the interior of Russia.

    There are enough homies in New York to make it a commercial success.


    • Replies: @Renard
  22. Because they know that their power rests on an edifice of lies that needs constant reinforcement to prevent its collapse.

  23. Anon[550] • Disclaimer says:
    @XBardon Kaldlan

    Hes so BASED !!!!

  24. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree about the schools, I was merely noting that kwanza and a lot of other rare holidays have been celebrated at the white house for years not just Jewish ones .

  25. @Charles Pewitt

    Jews form a nation within a nation everywhere they reside.

    here is a report by Whitney Webb on how they are doing that in Argentina

  26. Ye’s upcoming Album titles.

    ‘YE’ – Lynched By Jews

    ‘YE’ – The Jews Who Stole Christmas

    ‘YE’ – The Bible According to Jews

    ‘YE’ – Holocaust Survivor Hysteria and the Jewish Mafia

    ‘YE’ – Once a Jew – Always a Jew

    ‘YE’ – Lets Get Jewed Tonight

    ‘ YE’ – Hitler Was My Hero

  27. Elric says:

    America was in Korea to stop the spread of communism. After the terrible WW2 and the mistake of the West to ally with the Soviets, communist ideology was spreading across the world. China had just fallen to Mao who would soon commit a genocide against his own people. One can make the argument that America should have stayed out of East Asia. But America was understandably scared. I am not going to deny that America killed civilians in Korea, and that was terrible.

    But many others if not more were also killed by the communist North Koreans. Many Koreans did not want communism in their country and fought fiercely against it, and in the process committed many unfortunate atrocities, and I think they were the ones on the American side who killed more civilians than the Americans themselves. The North Koreans almost took over the peninsula before the South Koreans and America fought back and were able to secure half of the peninsula.

    South Korea is far richer, freer, and developed than the North because of that. But I will admit that unfortunately today it is arguably not good to live in, has the lowest birthrate in the world and South Koreans have to study from 5 am to 2 am in schools, and suicides are high. America’s globohomo Judaic hegemony and globalism has screwed over that great country like many others. But that doesn’t mean that North Korea is any good either. They brutally rule over a degraded population and have killed a couple million of them in artificial famines and other atrocities.

    Also I will admit that Vietnam was totally unjustified, it was not as important or as much of a problem if Vietnam fell to communism as many American security official admitted, the Gulf of Tonkin was fake and the war screwed over both America and Vietnam. Subsequent interventions for America have sucked, I am no neocon and the neocons need to be kicked out of power and shouldn’t be anywhere near it. But I see more nuance in the Korean War than just blaming America for it. It’s not that simple and communists blame America and deny the genocidal atrocities of their evil ideology.

    • Replies: @Renard
  28. @CelestiaQuesta

    Alex Jones and MTG both went out of their way to denounce Fuentes and Ye. I listened live to the Ye interview on Infowars. Jones was clear on air that he did not agree with Ye on Hitler. He also said he was for free speech. The POS could have stayed silent afterwards and let everything blow over. Same with the cunt MTG. So disappointing.

    Just finished watching a three episode Netflix series on the 2015 Nepal earthquake. 1/3 of the series was about a group of Israeli soldiers on leave who got stranded in a remote Nepal village. They did not give a shit about the locals losing everything in the earthquake. In fact they got caught looting the devastated villages. The locals turned on them and the jews started whining that they were in danger (due to no fault of their own) and deserved to be rescued first. You can’t make this shit up.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  29. @Sam Hildebrand

    Alex Jones is like your typical dumb white actress who adopt black babies to say “See, I’m not racist, I have a black baby”.
    I stopped watching the fat Phuc pushing his Infomercial overpriced supplements every five minutes as his lips kiss a Rabbi’s circumcised weiner.
    The Jews are phucing him over every which way imaginable and he still sucks kosher cock, as if they’ll one day have mercy on him and forgive his billion dollar judgement.
    Not until hell freeze’s over.

  30. @Rich

    His money was vaporised, I read somewhere? So much about the “money” then; it is just a social credit like the Chinese one.

  31. Renard says:
    @Timur The Lame

    Maybe the Harvey Weinstein Story, cleverly titled ”Diddler On The Roof”.

    That’s pretty good!

    There are enough homies in New York to make it a commercial success.

    Well, probably not a commercial success, because homies don’t exactly like paying for things.

  32. Renard says:

    What the hell business is it of ours if Koreans or Vietnamese (or Chinese) want to kill each other? Or Ukrainians?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Elric
  33. We should encourage blacks to take up the claim of their being the true Jews. I don’t belive it for a second, but it would give the Khazars something new to whine about and help distract them from their efforts to destroy humanity.

  34. @Renard

    The business is that Americans probably encourage them to kill each other.

    • Replies: @Elric
  35. Elric says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You could say that about Ukraine. But definitely not about Korea and Vietnam, communism was spreading in those countries and the communists were capable of horrific genocides and bloodshed on their own without America. America is not responsible for everything bad in the world.

  36. Elric says:

    That’s a fair point. I’m anti-war and agree with American First though I’m not American. But communism back then was one of the more powerful ideologies in the world and was spreading, had gotten stronger after WW2 and I can see why American policymakers were wary of letting it spread. I think Korea is one of the few American wars in the century that can be justified. And I understand how bloody and vicious it was. That century was really bloody and it brought a new violent conception of war. Very sad.

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