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2020 Presidential Election Winner Donald Trump Calls Out Stupid Russia War Hoax Again
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2020 Presidential winner Donald Trump has again attacked fake president Joe Biden for promoting the Russia war hoax.


The US has too many problems of its own to hand money and weapons to Ukraine for its conflict with Russia, former US President Donald Trump has said. It’s Europe that should be providing more help to Kiev as it’s far more affected by the situation, he insisted.

Speaking at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, Trump recalled how he pushed for NATO members in the EU to increase their defense spending to 2% of their GDP during his presidency. Back then, the US was “taken advantage of by Europe,” and now the same thing is happening again over Ukraine, he said.

“We’ve so far given more than \$60 billion to Ukraine. Well, the European countries, who are obviously far more affected than us, have given a tiny fraction of that number,” the ex-president noted.

If he were still in office, he “could’ve gone over there [to Europe] and said: ‘Listen, you’re going to put up the same money or more money than us.’ And they would’ve done it gladly,” Trump claimed.

“But we just give money out. And we have \$35 trillion in debt. We have all of these problems,” he said, referring to record inflation in the US, the energy crisis, and other issues.

Trump also doubted whether even the massive levels of US assistance would change the situation on the ground in Ukraine. “Now, it’s much tougher to solve,” he said about the crisis. “Russia has 35 times the fire power. And they’re looking to obliterate the weapons as we send them in. A lot of bad things are happening,” he added.

During his term, the US had “no problem” with Russia, China or North Korea, and “nobody even talked about” Ukraine, the ex-president claimed.

But in just two years under Joe Biden, the US “has gone from the strongest that it has ever been… to perhaps the weakest, especially when you include recognition and respect from all around the world. We’re not respected any longer by anybody,” said Trump.

It’s not even untrue that the world respected Trump. The only people who were rolling their eyes at “silly orange man” were the same people now promoting a war against Russia to save global democracy and claiming that the Ukraine is somehow a democracy.

The Ukraine is post democracy. It’s post democracy in the sense that the US government paid for a violent revolution of women, Jews, homosexuals, and neo-Nazis to overthrow a democratically elected government in the Ukraine in 2014, and it’s post democracy in the sense that they duct tape people to posts and call it democracy.

The Ukraine has banned every opposition party and banned all opposition media. The media censorship in the Ukraine is even worse than it is in the United States. The only country you can really compare it to is North Korea.

North Korea is in some ways more democratic than the Ukraine, as Kim Jong-Un has extreme popular support. You can say “oh well, that’s because the government silences all criticism” and it’s like, yeah, okay – well, so does the Ukraine government.

He banned opposition media before the Russian invasion. Then after the invasion, he nationalized all opposition media. He’s also completely banned every opposition party, and arrested their leaders. Just in June, he banned another party, and seized all their assets. It is illegal to oppose Zelensky in any way in the Ukraine. At least in America, there is at least a show where they pretend like you can vote.

I know we have gotten used to playing fast and loose with the word “democracy,” and I’ve argued that it only means “anal sex” when the media says it, but claiming that the Ukraine is a democracy is simply bizarre. It has zero qualities that anyone associates with a democratic system of government, other than Jews in control and gay pride marches.

So – the people who believe the Ukraine is a democracy are the same people that giggled at Trump and said he was not a serious person. Russia, China, India, and the entire third world took him seriously, and actually liked him because he was a larger than life character. I talked to so many Chinamen who appeared to feel almost personally slighted by Trump’s tariffs on China, saying that he is such a great man. But of course, China teaches in universities that America is run by Jews, so they didn’t blame him personally for US actions against them.

Remember what Trump said to NATO about paying all this money to “defend” against Russia while also being 100% dependent on Russia for gas and oil?

It absolutely is the thing of the most consequence happening on the earth right now. The entire world is being transformed completely by the US/NATO alliance deciding to become a co-belligerent in a border skirmish in the former Soviet Union.

At this point, I basically support the US government completely destroying itself and transferring all global power to Russia and China. But the people should know the truth about what is going on, so that when the bottom falls out on this thing, they know who to blame.

It’s not Russia that’s to blame! US/NATO had the option of not getting involved in a former USSR border skirmish, as they’ve not gotten involved in dozens of previous events, including the Russian wars with Chechnya, Georgia, and previous conflict with the Ukraine, along with the ongoing border skirmish between Armenia and Azerbaijan. A border skirmish in the former USSR is not an important world event – unless the biggest military alliance in history decides to start a war with Russia over it.

At least Trump tells the truth.

I wonder what Ron DeSantis thinks about the war against Russia?

Here’s Trump’s recent Arizona rally (which I believe he held in support of Ali Jamal, but I haven’t watched it yet).

Video Link

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. SND says:

    US/NATO had the option of not getting involved in a former USSR border skirmish…

    Andrew, you know very well that this is nonsense. The US/NATO made it happen because the ((economists)) thought they could destroy Russia with theft & sanctions once they were pushed to invade. The ((economists)) were wrong but there was no option of not getting involved. They caused the border skirmish.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
    • Replies: @Athena
  2. meamjojo says:

    “2020 Presidential winner Donald Trump”

    In his and yours deluded minds.

    • Agree: AKINDLE
    • Disagree: Old Prude
    • Troll: DCThrowback
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @AKINDLE
  3. anon[196] • Disclaimer says:

    The only country that equals The Ukraine in repression is Zimbabwe who routinely murder and jail their opposition.

  4. One must follow the science, book…or else.

    Viral drugs are prophet able.Naturally,from a bat.
    Trump is just a greedy obese fascist.And that’s bad.
    Iraq will greet us as liberators,the Russians will pay,
    Israel is a democracy,we’re #1 and the bi/den will
    build back better if we faith fully unite or wait,what?

    Let 81 million voters elect experienced leaders again.
    It’s our right,our privilege and our duty.”Hope for change”
    could be the new reality? “It” has been written.

  5. Hitmarck says:

    Isn’t he just upping on what Biden’s already doing?
    Decelerating American decline, accelerating European decline. Still doing the white genocide part on the European continent and putting another drop of cold water in the American Pepes pot?

  6. The war in Ukraine is a lot more than “a former USSR border skirmish,” as other parts of Andrew’s article suggest. After the 2014 coup, the Global American Empire (GAE) sought to use Ukraine in a campaign to undermine and replace the government of Russia. There was constant shelling of the Lugansk and Doneskt Republics, intensive NATO training of the Ukrainian military, and probably a GAE plan to attack those republics and possibly even the Crimea. The Russian attack in February prevented the planned GAE attack and the GAE strategy of using Ukraninian military resistance and economic warfare to topple the Russian government appears to be failing miserably.

    The United States as a country has no genuine strategic interest in who governs Ukraine, but it is extremely important to the leaders of the GAE; it’s much more than a border skirmish to them;

  7. mijj says:

    USA is pouring money into the European Schism, because USA is the one which most desires it (oh, and organized and implemented it).

  8. Shilling again for (s)elections?!

  9. It has zero qualities that anyone associates with a democratic system of government, other than Jews in control and gay pride marches.

    (NB: Yandex b/c Western “search engines” yield results as if the query were “antisemitism+Ezra+Pound”)

  10. Asking Europe to pay or commit more to Ukraine may have some elements of fairness to it….but then again it looks a bit like the jailer demanding more money/ labour from the prisoners for their own up keep.

    • Agree: Passing By
    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  11. Electing “None of the above” would be best.

  12. SteveK9 says:

    The entire world is being transformed completely by the US/NATO alliance deciding to become a co-belligerent in a border skirmish in the former Soviet Union.

    This is the wrong. We have been involved in trying to turn Ukraine into a weapon against Russia for decades, and had a great success in 2014. The idea that we ‘stumbled’ into an ongoing confrontation has things completely backwards. The entire conflict is an outcome of neocon hatred of Russia and desire to dominate the World.

    • Agree: Decoy
  13. Anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m pretty sure DeSantis takes the neocon line on this war for Khazaria. When DeSantis was a Congressman he showed complete obedience to The Thirteenth Tribe and their pseudo-country in the Middle East.

    Btw, on E. Michael Jones’ Telegram chat on Friday he recommended this 10-part history documentary— Europa: The Last Battle to understand the truth of WWII and the modern Western world. I could only find it on Bitchute:

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Lurker
  14. anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:

    [2020 Presidential Election Winner Donald Trump Calls Out Stupid Russia War Hoax Again]

    Frankly, whoever still supports the gullible jewish mafia pimp, then should not be trusted. Trump is a terrorist and a thief. If Trump’s stupid supporters want to paint him as an ‘antiwar’ illiterate thief by such a ‘title’, then should explain this fact that why does he want to destroy Iran for the interest of his tribe, the mafia, and is willing not only to assassinate but stage an attack for NO REASONS to satisfy his masters against the interest of Americans, using the wealth of the American people where will go into the trash, since he will be defeated like a rotten thief?

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  15. Piglet says:

    …as they’ve not gotten involved in dozens of previous events, including the Russian wars with Chechnya, Georgia…

    Actually the US was involved in Georgia. I remember at the time how the advance of Russian forces was so swift that when they entered one building they could hear surprised American voices upstairs telling each other to get out right away. They barely escaped falling into Russian hands, which would have been embarrassing. The Russians also captured numerous US military vehicles left behind in the hasty evacuation. They could be explained away as equipment provided to the Georgians, but it’s far more likely that US Special Forces teams had been sent in to provide assistance to Georgia and barely got out in time. Such assistance is exactly what the SF trains to do.

  16. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Which is why Trump had to get ousted. He would have been an impediment to this Ukraine adventure. When he suggested leaving Syria his own government officials deceived him as to how many troops there were in that country. The deep state’s plans override that of the will of the president or that of the American people. They’ll take us to the brink or over regardless of what’s good for the mass of people in this country and for that matter the world.

    • Agree: Decoy
  17. Trump made Rex Tillerson his first secretary of state. Tillerson was formerly Exxon’s man in Russia, which shows just how pivotal Trump anticipated energy politics were to the success of his presidency.

    Unfortunately, Tillerson was dismissed, and cane toad Mike Pompeo took his place. Tillerson was probably not ready to be a buffer between a rock and a hard place, between Trump on one side and the CIA on the other, both pushing competing strategic agendas.

    I don’t believe Trump ever had in mind to compel Europe to switch off Russian energy. He was never committed to destroying Syria to push gulf oil pipelines northward to Europe, and he wasn’t going to provoke war in Ukraine to shut down Nordstream.

    Trump was more about America First for the middle class, and less concerned with the troubles of the financial capitalists and their crack-cocaine dependency on the petro-dollar.

  18. Decoy says:

    Almost everyone agrees that our exit from Afghanistan was a complete debacle and worldwide embarrassment. And yet not a single official involved in this failure was fired or even demoted. Blinken, Miley, and Austin went about as if nothing happened on their watch. A tip off for everyone about the incompetence of the Biden Administration is its reaction to the exit debacle. None of these 3 men should be within a thousand miles of a seat of power, but yet they are firmly attached exactly there. No one should be surprised that the Russia/Ukraine war has become the worldwide quagmire it is. An unnecessary and really dumb war instigated by Blinken. And where is Ms. Nuland hiding out?

  19. George 1 says:

    Holy Toledo!!! What a very stupid and/or evil man. The war in Ukraine was started by the west. He could have stopped the war. All he had to do was tell Zelensky to stop the shelling of the Ukrainians in the East and make sure the Minsk agreements were met.

    Then make an agreement with Russia that Ukraine would never join NATO and never put heavy weapons and hundreds of thousands of troops on Russia’s Border. Problem solved. Instead we had foreign policy by Jared and Ivanka being mouths for the Tribe.

    Trump was only concerned that some moron would say he was “working for Putin.” Trump could have accomplished a lot even with just one term but he squandered the chance. The same for the Syria project, which was just going to be a staging area for the Tribe’s Iran project, until Russia intervened. Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of Syria and then he met with Lindsey Graham and all of a sudden we have to stay. To “protect” the oil or some such BS.

    I voted for this man but now I hate him as much as any other of the Israel lapdog politicians in the U.S. He still has many supporters. If his supporters are honest they can only go one of two ways. He is either a very stupid man in spite of his business acumen, or he is part of the problem and has been all along.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  20. Trump also doubted whether even the massive levels of US assistance would change the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

    It is interesting he should say that.

    I was informed that Trump got the ball rolling with regards to the Americans arming the Ukrainians back in 2018. If this is so, Trump appears to be admitting, in effect, that what he was doing was a waste of time.

  21. @George 1

    “All (Trump) had to do was tell Zelensky to stop the shelling of the Ukrainians in the East, and make sure the Minsk agreements were met.”

    Easier said than done when Trump was fighting on several fronts against impeachment. He was accused of stalling military aid to Ukraine and collusion with Russia, big sins in the beltway.

    People assume (in hindsight) that Trump could have used dictatorial powers to do whatever he wanted. In reality, he had to waste precious time, resources and political capital battling the knives at his back.

    We now see how much the swamp was invested in Ukrainian corruption, from kickbacks, to employment for the children of swamp creatures, to illegal germ warfare labs, to money laundering stateside.

  22. anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree with you 100%.

    Only gullible people think trump, an ASSASSIN can protect the interest of Americans, where he has done so much damage to Americans’ interest by implementing zionist policy. He did not care because implementation of Israel FIRST policy brought Trump million of dollars, not FAKE American people first. He pretended liking Putin, because leaving Putin alone was part of his Zionist policy agenda to have Putin on BOARD when he was giving goodies to the criminals in the occupied land.

    Don’t trust the words of these ignorant people. These gullible people have no glue why Trump supported the Jewish mafia policy, stealing from the people in the middle east to give it to Israel against the Americans’ interests and Int. laws. These dummies do not care when Trump was stealing the Syrian oil where continues to the present. They don’t even care. This tells you how gullible these people are when they refuse to see that all these policies brought nothing but HATE against Americans. Are these people smart enough to understand? I guess not. Trump was a LIAR and no one should trust him. He did nothing for the interest of American people, and a lot for the zionist interest. Only the zionists thanked him.
    He is not even a good ‘businessman’, otherwise wouldn’t’ milk MBS for billions dollars more to inject into his ‘real estate’ business to prevent from falling. His business is oiled by the foreign money selling the ‘office’, otherwise would have filed for bankruptcy. He had more than \$400 millions Debts when he took the office, and I believe he has reduced it close to ‘zero’.

    Trump was stealing from the American people by SELLING the ‘office’ to rich Zionists to pardon Jewish criminals who were convicted of their crimes and they were supposed to stay in prison for long period of times, but Trump let them go free, pocketing millions of dollars.
    These dummies are not able to see how he was cashing in by leaving JCPOA to implement his MASTERS demand pocketing million of dollars from the Jewish pimps and casino owners in the mafia circle. Trump even copied the Israelis’ signature, implementing ASSASSINATION, TERRORISM, and theft of OIL and resources to please his mafia members to cash in, and pocketing billions of dollars from MBS, the butcher. Only corrupt zionist members forgive his crimes against humanity.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  23. Alrenous says: • Website

    You can say “oh well, that’s because the government silences all criticism”

    The peasants and voters love a strong government. Nothing says strong like beating the shit out of anyone who disagrees with you.

    Ad baculum is a fallacy, it doesn’t work at all scientifically, but that’s missing the point.

    The electorate doesn’t really have thoughts of its own. It has a few simplistic feelings, such as the fact it doesn’t like it when mommy/daddy is weak. They think whatever the government tells them they’re supposed to think.
    When the government doesn’t violently shut down a message, they think that’s approval, due to having low-resolution binary-style thinking. The world is made entirely of ingroup and outgroup. Those are the two fundamental particles, to your electorate.
    As such, when the government can’t keep its message straight, the electorate just gets confused and scared. They don’t see options or free speech, they think it’s all one message and they just don’t get it. Very stressful. That or they notice it’s two message and think mommy is too weak to ground somebody for backtalk. Also very stressful.

    claiming that the Ukraine is a democracy is simply bizarre.

    Being democratic is logically impossible, like being a married bachelor or drawing a circle with corners. Saying anywhere is a democracy is simply bizarre.

    The term you actually want is Fascism. America is a Fascist country. Ukraine, also, is a Fascist country.
    North Korea is, ironically (in the sense of not being ironic at all) less Fascist than America. Also, recall that Fascism is gendered. NK seems to have masculine Fascism, not feminine.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
  24. Alrenous says: • Website

    I find the forthrightness refreshing.

    The point of a so-called democratic form of government is to divest those with power of all responsibility. Here we see it’s working great. Nobody is pretending to punish the folk who would never have been seriously punished anyway, under any circumstances.

    “For the People” kek. Reality: the exact opposite of that, alleged democracies are the most sadistic form of government. Now they’re not even pretending otherwise. See Plato, then recognize there’s no difference between democracy and tyranny. It’s the same government.

  25. Dutch Boy says:

    Can we please be done with Trump? He is a lazy egomaniac who fumbled his way through his presidency, let the Dems fix the 2020 election (with the help pf the GOP), lost to a mannequin, tried a cockamamie scheme to reverse the outcome and has whined about it ever since. He wasn’t and isn’t up to the job. Being preferable to Biden is too low a bar for any candidate.

    • Agree: AKINDLE
  26. @animalogic

    I like to believe that Europeans telling Trump “no” to paying 2% of GDP for NATO protection then gives DJT the ability to end the racket by blaming the folks who won’t pay.

    The stronger argument is that NATO doesn’t work and ending it is a pre-cursor to giving up empire, which I feel most Americans do not care for anyways.

  27. Lurker says:

    on E. Michael Jones’ Telegram chat on Friday he recommended this 10-part history documentary— Europa: The Last Battle to understand the truth of WWII and the modern Western world. I could only find it on Bitchute

    Yet, somewhat bizarrely, it does appear on IMDb. Which means we can rate it. You know what to do folks.

  28. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    I was informed that Trump got the ball rolling with regards to the Americans arming the Ukrainians back in 2018. If this is so, Trump appears to be admitting, in effect, that what he was doing was a waste of time.

    No Trump merely capitulated to the neocons for his political and personal survival. The ball was already rolling by Congress openly in 2014 but probably earlier by CIA.


    U.S. lawmakers call for arming Ukraine government

    August 31, 2014

    …Republican Senator John McCain from Arizona said he backed sanctions but Ukraine also needed intelligence data and weapons. “For God’s sake, can’t we help these people defend themselves? This is not an incursion. This is an invasion,” McCain told CBS’s “Face the Nation” program

    Too bad this ghoul McCain isn’t around to enjoy the Russians rolling big in Donbass.

    Maybe the ghoulish monster will come back from the shadows to terrorize??

    Here’s Johnny!

  29. sonofman says:

    When Macron welcomed Biden “back”, that said everything.

    Among other things, President Trump wanted to end Europe’s preferential appropriation of American wealth.

    For seven years, it didn’t bother France or Germany that the Ukraine failed to honor the agreements of the Minsk II Accords, nor does it bother them that the Ukraine is one of the poorest European countries (with massive IMF debt) and has the most corrupt government. Denken heisst vergleichen, and when you compare Russian history to that of Ukraine, or compare Russian leadership to that of Ukraine, it is obvious that the European leadership is devoid of thought, and have forgotten history.

    Energy security and security of demand correlate, so there is nothing wrong with having one or two reliable suppliers (how many countries are only dependent on OPEC?). How can the new German government not comprehend that the Russian special operation was instigated to stop Nordstream 2, hamper German industrial dominance and prevent Russia’s return to the European community, second only to Germany’s economic power? Cui bono? See the allies of WWII against Germany.

    NATO is the military of the European Commision. The European Commission is beholden to industries, not governments. The “Deep State” is the American equivalent of the European Commission, but is shrouded in secrecy because Americans will go postal when they learn that the “Swamp” is catering to European globalists.

    And since it is obvious that Joe Biden is incapable of leadership, and the vassal Democrat minions gain absolutely no advantage by lying, cheating and advancing the woke, cancel and communist indoctrination, this means that the chain of command starts with the UK followed by France, and then the subordinate United States.

    Now that western governments acquire wealth through taxation, the personal wealth of billionaires can only control certain industries or money-hungry and corrupt individuals in government.
    It seems that, after having financed the British against Napoleon, the Rothschilds not only secured many privileges, but also agreed to be the patsy to hide the British (i.e. european merchants guild/globalists) infiltration and control of the US government. Not all Jewish people are wealthy or Zionists. Stop condemning Jewish people. And while your at it:

    Just because the few remaining right-wing extremists (and MSM) exploit President Trump’s rhetoric to symbolize their perspectives, doesn’t mean that the European-Americans who voted for MAGA are national socialists. Stop condemning “white” people.

    Two percent of the African-American population are criminals. Stop condemning “black” people.

    China is a threat, only because they have learned to play the game just as good and sometimes better. Stop condemning the Chinese people.

    The current globalist agenda is a threat to all people and should be condemned.

    If the “People” of the west were told that 12% of earth’s populace consumed 75% of the world’s energy resources, and that it is necessary to limit consumption so that other nations can achieve improved living standards, most people would gladly and voluntarily do so without government force.

  30. AKINDLE says:

    In this Turning Point Action student summit speech Trump also stated he wanted to award himself the Congressional Medal of Honor. For what? Publicity shots in Iraq? Trump avoided the military draft for the Vietnam War five times. Is it possible he doesn’t know that the Medal of Honor is a military award awarded by Congress? And that he, sadly, is not eligible because he had those ouchies on his heels that kept him from serving? Incredulous Captain Bone Spur. His ego knows no bounds.

  31. AKINDLE says:

    Trump the great panderer is still holding out for his non existent black vote. The fool still believes blacks voted for him in 2020 and he won.

  32. @anonymous

    You are conflating issues. Trump has always been a narcissistic, reality tv fake, in service to the tribe. He has a knack for picking up on the issues the masses are whispering, then repeating them out loud. He doesn’t do anything about them, but it makes him popular – and dangerous for stating them.
    That doesn’t mean the 2020 election wasn’t stolen by massive fraud. I saw it coming as soon as there was a push for lock downs followed closely by mail in voting.
    Just as I said in 2016 when I predicted he would win, rally attendance represents a fraction of committed voters, that includes hecklers. When Trump plays to packed 15+k venues twice a day, and Hillary playing to half empty school gymnasiums twice a month you know the polls are bullshit. No different this time. There were more Trump supporters at Biden’s rallies that Biden supporters. The polls were bullshit and so were the results.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  33. So Trump’s problem with the so-called “Russia war hoax” is basically about money? He apparently has no problem with the concept that the Satanic West is using Ukraine as a weapon against Russia, nor does he have a problem with the associated risks, e.g. a nuclear war; no, nothing like that. What concerns him is that the deadbeat Europeans, as usual, aren’t paying their fair share of the treachery bill. IOW if it’s costing “the West” say \$20,000 per Russian casualty, the Europeans should be paying at least say \$16,000 per casualty and the U.S. maybe \$4000? You’ve gotta give credit where it’s due: Orange Clown is truly the “lesser evil.” Just think, if “we” can save \$12,000 per corpse in Ukraine, that’s all the more money we can give to Israel, for example. Is there any better way of making America great again? Go Orange Clown!

  34. Andrew Anglin wrote: 2020 Presidential winner Donald Trump has again attacked fake president Joe Biden for promoting the Russia war hoax.

    Face_The_Truth comments:

    Trump the Swindler DID NOT win 2020 election.

    Andrew Anglin’s writing strategy is quite old and tested: Repeat lies again and again everyday in every new article so that readers will accept lies as truths.

    It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that, hundreds of thousands of so-called swing-voters in America DID NOT vote for Trump the Swindler in 2020.

    American elections are conducted by 50 individual states and 50 individual states individually certify their election results.

    There is NO uniform voting system in America as all 50 states DO NOT use same ballots and there is no “Federal Election Commission” in America.

    So, voting irregularities and frauds are common — if not rampant — since the founding of this country in the late 18th century A.D.

    In fact, the founders of America DID NOT want democracy in America, rather wanted a Republic where women and Blacks were excluded from the voting process(es).

    But, my writing is useless for an individual like Andrew Anglin; because, Andrew Anglin is very much similar to a dog’s tail and, there is a proverb that, one cannot straighten a dog’s tail.

    Just like Trump the Swindler repeats “We are WINNING-WINNING-WINNING”, Andrew Anglin will keep repeating in every new article that Trump the Swindler won 2020 election!

    Trump the Swindler has NOTHING new to run on now as Trump the Swindler reneged on his every campaign promise of 2016 during his 4 years in the White House — other than his campaign promises of starting an unwinnable military war with the Islamic Republic of Iran and a losing trade-war with the People’s Republic of China.

    Trump the Swindler was (is) a pathetic joke in the history of American presidency.

    Our current president Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is a physically sick old man; but, ex-president Trump the Swindler is a mentally twisted man who will say anything and will do anything to get elected in order to run American government with his daughter Ivanka and Jewish son-in-law Jarenka.

    Trump the Swindler’s supporters — such as Andrew Anglin — very much love Ivanka and Jarenka!

    During his 4 years in the White House, Trump the Swindler DID NOT quash the existing sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation by America’s first Black-Muslim president Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr.

    Now, Trump the Swindler is telling his supporters how differently he would have handled America’s already lost war in Ukraine if Trump the Swindler were the president of the United States!

    May be the Russian Federation should be parroting Trump the Swindler’s mantra by shouting “America is losing”, “America is losing”, “America is losing very badly in Ukraine now.”

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  35. Anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:

    I am surprises to see people still repeating the lies of a zionist mafia member that the election was stolen. In 2008, US and the zionist terrorists called the Iranian election stolen when Ahmadinejad, won the election. where was a LIE, because they wanted the Iran fifth column, the reformist Rafsanjani camp, Mousavi, to take power.
    How come Trump was selected in 2016, when everyone thought Hillary Clinton, the warmonger was going to be selected? Clinton won the majority of the votes, but in the US the candidate does not win based on popular vote, therefore, Trump was selected. Why didn’t people say the election was stolen? The reason was Clinton’s history as a neocon supporting illegal wars for the interest of the corrupt elite like Trump.
    Well, Trump knew that and LIED to the gullible people that he was against the wars in the middle east, but he forced economic war, military attack on Syria, assassination of number of Iran and Iraq Generals, terrorism, selling billion of dollars of WMD to kill children in YEMEN which still is going on, and violation of the International laws to satisfy his masters who promised him millions of dollars if he implemented the zionist policy. Now, people know that he like Hillary is a warmonger.

    He was in power when he was kicked out of the office. He used many people to modify the rules and regulation in order to stay 4 more years to attack Iran on behalf of Israel, but many people did not want him to stay longer because they found him a liar not qualified for the position. Biden won over him by the Black votes where this time would be different.
    Trump staged an economic war against Iran where killed many people including sick Iranians desperate for medication to treat their cancer. US has not won a single war since Vietnam war, therefore, the war of choice is economic war which is very destructive for the targeted country and its people. US killed more than 500,000 people, many children in Iraq alone.
    So, the reason behind his selection in 2016 was his lie that he is against US wars compare to Hillary as a warmonger. The gullible people did not know he was lying at the time, so now they know and will not be fooled again. Trump will not be a candidate in 2024 to keep his gullible followers.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  36. Athena says:

    My Message to the World: Stop the Murderous War in Ukraine!

    ,,They are mainly TV reports about the indescribable agonies of the civilian population and the multinational military. Old women and men as well as young mothers with their babies and children vegetate out of mortal fear together with pets in dark, damp basements under bombed-out houses – often for days without bread, water or medical care. Full of hope, they wait for a merciful soul to save them from starvation.

    Anyone who arrogantly dismisses these testimonies from the Donbass or other parts of the war zone as negligible Russian propaganda has already had their heart petrified by the propaganda roller of the US West – they can no longer feel like a human being.”

    Film by Anne-Laure Bonnel (more than 10 000 killed by US-NATO since 2014):

  37. @Face_The_Truth

    Small quibble: Obama was not a Muslim.

    Or was his churchgoing all fake?

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
  38. He banned opposition media before the Russian invasion. Then after the invasion, he nationalized all opposition media. He’s also completely banned every opposition party, and arrested their leaders.

    Yep. He took care of the 5th column of your hero sad Vlad Putin.

    • Replies: @Dnought
  39. pendeja says:

    wwwiii is white feminists and fags versus the rest of the world.

  40. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr., and his late father Baraq Hussein Obama, Sr., have never believed in Jesus the Nazarene as “Son of God”, which is a cornerstone — such as Nicene Creed — of Christianity.

    Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr., is a very clever man!

    He is “Christian” as long as that makes him palatable to most American voters.

    He is “Black” as long as he married his Black law-firm boss Michele Robinson in his mid-life to advance his high political ambition while he dated only White girls in his young-adult life.

    He never produced his original long-form live-birth certificate for public scrutiny to prove his American citizenship as “Natural-born” — the word that has never been clarified by the Supreme Court of the United States.

  41. @Anonymous

    You are missing the point. I didn’t say Trump was any good, I commented on the process. I’ve worked on election campaigns, and understand the campaign message is always different than what is delivered. Rallies create a bandwagon effect designed to draw in the undecided.
    How you, or anyone else, can suggest that there wasn’t skullduggery is beyond belief. Mail in ballots have been known, for decades, to be an invitation for vote fraud. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the “rules” weren’t followed by the Executive Branch. That is fraud. The audit in Arizona has revealed massive fraud. The irregularities and videos in Georgia demonstrate fraud. The banning of observers in Detroit is fraud. I have little doubt that Republicans were involved in some fraud as well.
    My point is simply this: it is inconceivable that the amount of public support (not media) shown for Biden would result in the number of votes cast for him. The overturning of massive leads reported at the end of election day by mail in ballots is akin to Biden walking on water. It doesn’t happen in reality.

  42. @Decoy

    Nudelman is hiding under a rock.

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