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Hoes mad.

Hoes mad never changes.

The slutpocalypse occurred pretty much as we expected. Too many hoes, not enough hot chips or phone charges to go around. The details are trivial and pointless. The reason, as always, is pure sluttery.

That’s just a taste. There are thousands of these videos from all across the country, and many of them are getting violent.

Ethan Ralph went to the big DC protest yesterday. Here’s the replay of the stream on

They’ll be out in full force tonight, and who knows how long it’s going to last. There is no demand that can be met, other than I guess expanding the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden is telling people not to riot. Good luck with that, buddy.

It looks like this could turn into George Floyd Riots 2. That’s difficult, because blacks don’t really care about this. Blacks do have more abortions than whites, but black men don’t care if women have abortions or not because they don’t really stick around either way. If anything, black men are probably vaguely opposed to abortion, though not in any serious way, just “she be out der fukin, she been gon deal wif what is.” Obviously, black men were the main driver of the George Floyd riots, whereas this is primarily about white women. They’ll be backed by Antifa of course, who also backed the BLM riots.

It’s possible that black men will come out if they think they can loot. But even then, I doubt they want to be associated with women – “dem bitches wants to keel dey keeds, dats on dem.”

We shall see.

As I’ve said: I support repealing Roe regardless, simply because it is the right thing to do. However, that doesn’t mean that this is not a gift to a struggling Democrat Party. The way this works is: there was never a federal law legalizing abortion. What the Democrats could do is promise that they will pass such a law if they are reelected in the midterms. I don’t think that would be enough to help them win in a fair election, but given that all of these fraud techniques from 2020 have now been normalized (early voting and ballot drops), it might be enough that they can reasonably get away with a lot more fraud.

That said, the more riots there are, and the longer they go on, the less of a help this is to the Democrats.

It’s probably just about time to bring back MLG memes.

We might just have to bring back Blue Lives Matter flags too.

No, I wouldn’t go that far. But a super-cut of cops beating up abortion people with that Baked Alaska song about how we love cops is probably in order.

This one goes out to all the hoes struggling with the fact that they can no longer kill their own children in red states:

If DMX was still alive, I would pay him to go perform on the pro-life side of these abortion protests, and just scream at the mad hoes.

Actually, he’d probably do it for free. I’d call him up, the conversation would go something like this:

Anglin: Yo, X – hoes mad!

DMX: They be. Ain’t a hoe ain’t mad.

Anglin: No X, seriously – they’re really, really mad.

DMX: Dawg, fer rill?

Anglin: Yeah, check that clip I sent you.

DMX: Oh shit, dawg! I ain’t seen hoes dat mad in a minute! Yo, Ima botta swoop through. We be botta deliver it to them hoes.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Abortion, Blacks, Roe vs. Wade 

It is done.

Hoes mad.

The maddest ever.


The Supreme Court has ended constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place nearly 50 years in a decision by its conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade. Friday’s outcome is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states.

The decision, unthinkable just a few years ago, was the culmination of decades of efforts by abortion opponents, made possible by an emboldened right side of the court that has been fortified by three appointees of former President Donald Trump.

The ruling came more than a month after the stunning leak of a draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito indicating the court was prepared to take this momentous step.

It puts the court at odds with a majority of Americans who favored preserving Roe, according to opinion polls.

Then why don’t you pass a bill in Congress? Because you’re lying.

Alito, in the final opinion issued Friday, wrote that Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the 1992 decision that reaffirmed the right to abortion, were wrong the day they were decided and must be overturned.

We therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives,” Alito wrote.

Authority to regulate abortion rests with the political branches, not the courts, Alito wrote.

Joining Alito were Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. The latter three justices are Trump appointees. Thomas first voted to overrule Roe 30 years ago.

Chief Justice John Roberts would have stopped short of ending the abortion right, noting that he would have upheld the Mississippi law at the heart of the case, a ban on abortion after 15 weeks, and said no more.

Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — the diminished liberal wing of the court — were in dissent.

“Early Life” check?

Three Jews who want to kill babies

It is a good day.

Hoes have literally never been this mad. They’re crying in public because they fear they won’t be able to murder their own children anymore.

When these are your enemies…

You’re doing something right.

Claiming you can’t stop your body from getting pregnant means you’re empowered.




America has the lowest quality hoes on the entire planet earth.

I’m not going to say that this is not some kind of 4D chess move by SCOTUS shills to try to influence the midterm elections by riling up the mob. I think it probably is that.

But it doesn’t even actually matter, because it is the right thing to do.

Killing babies is really, really evil, and it’s why our nation has been damned. If we start doing less of it, we might just be a little less damned.


I know I’ve made this point a million times, but there was not actually an obligation to do insane illegal sanctions against Russia for invading the sacred borders of a “country” that was a part of Russia for hundreds of years before 1991. Russia crushed Chechnya in two wars that were actually brutal (as opposed to this Candyland Ukraine thing) in the 1990s-2000s, Russia invaded Georgia and took land in 2008, and Russia took part of the Ukraine in 2014.

None of that was a big deal to anyone. But all of the sudden, the Ukraine is the most important thing that ever happened in history, the most democratic thing since abortion, and therefore we’re going full psycho mode.


Washington was aware that sanctions against Russia would have consequences for the US, causing a spike in energy prices, President Joe Biden said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the White House, Biden blamed Russia for hikes in US fuel costs, saying the American people and the rest of the world would have to pay a price for siding with Ukraine.

“We cut off Russian oil into the United States, and our partners in Europe did the same, knowing that we would see higher gas prices.” he said, adding that the US Congress gave near unanimous support to the oil ban, “knowing full well the cost.”

Gasoline prices in the US are now hovering near \$5 per gallon, compared to roughly \$3 per gallon a year ago. According to Biden, the US government is doing everything it can “to reduce this pain at the pump.” The president proposed suspending the 18-cent federal gas tax for the next three months, and called on states to remove their own taxes on fuel. Biden also urged oil refining companies to increase their capacity.

I’ve been known to write the same thing over and over again, but I just wrote all this yesterday, when talking about a poll showing that only 11% of Americans believe the gas prices are Putin’s fault.

Short story – Republicans are actually claiming that the sanctions are not causing an increase in gas prices and it is entirely due to Biden doing Green New Deal bullshit. That is an obvious lie. Democrats agree with the Republicans that the sanctions were some kind of historical necessity, which is also stupid and an obvious lie.

I need to make a new meme because it’s a dollar higher now, but here’s the thing:

Yes, Biden’s attacks on America’s energy sector are insane, but fossil fuel is a global market. If the Keystone XL pipeline was running, that would not really change the price of gasoline at the pump significantly. That pipeline was intended to move 830,000 barrels per day, and the world as a whole consumes 100 million barrels per day.

So, let me get out my calculator… yeah, that is less than 1% of global consumption. It’s obviously higher than 1% of potential American oil, but there are still several pipelines running from Canada.

Also, the pipeline was going to transport oil for refining and sale in America. Canada is refining at least some of the oil from the same wells themselves. (Honestly, I don’t know the details of that and generally try not to talk out of my ass, but I remember when the pipeline was canceled by Biden to try to stop tornados or whatever the hell, I read some long article about how Canada would expand refining capacity.)

Meanwhile, Russia produces nearly 15% of the world’s oil.

Again, the math just doesn’t work here, claiming that

I 100% agree with everyone saying that shutting down the pipeline is just a completely nonsensical act for any purpose other than inflicting austerity, but gas going from \$2 to \$5 is not because Biden canceled Keystone. That’s dumb it’s wrong, and people should stop saying it, because it’s what scumbag Republican neocon war supporters want you to say.

Biden actually called out Republicans in his remarks, saying that they all voted for the war against Russia. I actually like that he did that.

Openly telling people: “if your middle class or lower, your quality of life has to drop drastically because there’s a border skirmish in the former USSR and because of who we are values of democracy from a rules based order we believe in values of 1991 Eastern European borders are permanent ya see” is fundamentally hilarious and like satire. This is all designed to slowly ease people into the idea that we are now at war with Russia (and China somehow), but it just sounds so funny.

“Are things tough all over? Fact check: False.”

It kind of reminds me of the only funny San Francisco punk band, Dead Kennedys, telling comfy trendy California liberals wearing hammer and sickle flags they should take a Holiday in Cambodia (the song was released when Pol Pot was still in power).

(Lyrics video – the song is actually not terrible, but it’s the lyrics that are so funny.)

With regards to the 11% believing in Putin’s Price Hike™ – more Democrats believe in a secret price-gouging conspiracy by evil oil companies than believe Putin is responsible.

This is the worst forced meme since “Ultra MAGA.”

No one knows anything about anything really, people just watch TV or read internet websites and their brains are just pumped full of idiotic, convoluted, conflicting lies that are purposefully confusing, so the question “who is doing the gas-hiking?” is effectively “who is the villain of the world?”

This is not even a joke: if the pollster asked if “white supremacy” was responsible, Democrats probably would have picked that instead of oil companies.

Democrats prefer to point to oil companies as the global villain. The left had a conspiracy in the 00s that oil companies as opposed to Jews were the reason George Bush invaded Iraq (which was retarded, because Saddam was pumping and selling the oil cheaply, no one needed to do a multi-trillion dollar war, they could have just bought the oil from Saddam) and oil companies are now being blamed for supposedly changing the weather somehow. Democrat voter will go along with whatever idiotic bullshit you cook up and repeat it, but when you ask them “who is the most evil of the rogue’s gallery?” they rank oil companies worse than Putin. That really shows that the narrative is completely broken, and that no one really cares about this war in the Ukraine. If they cared about the Ukraine, they would have just blamed Putin like Biden keeps telling them to do.

• Category: Economics, Ideology • Tags: American Media, Joe Biden, Oil, Russia, Ukraine 

So, uhhh…

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a silly fat guy from Google who was suspended from work for leaking conversations with a “sentient” AI.


On 6 June 2022, Google placed one of its engineers, Blake Lemoine, on paid administrative leave. The reason? According to Google, Lemoine, who works for the company’s Responsible AI organisation, broke its confidentiality policies when he claimed that the Google AI chatbot model named LaMDA has become sentient — a state where an object is able to perceive and feel emotions such as love, grief and joy.

Lemoine’s primary role as a senior engineer was to find whether LaMDA generates discriminatory language or hate speech. While doing so, Lemoine says that interactions with the AI-powered bot led him to believe that LaMDA is sapient and has feelings like humans.

The engineer’s ‘claim’ rocked the world of science ever since The Washington Post broke the story on 11 June, with a debate on whether LaMDA has indeed gained sentience or is it a carefully constructed illusion that trapped Lemoine into believing in the AI bot’s sapience.

Having said that, this is not the first time that Google has removed an AI scientist from its team. In 2020, the company drew criticism when it fired prominent AI ethicist Timnit Gebru after she published a research paper about known pitfalls in large language models. Gebru was included in TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list of 2022.

Lemoine hasn’t been fired (not yet) but his sidelining has almost resulted in a reopening of Pandora’s box. The key questions do not revolve around Lemoine but the AI chatbot and the conversations it had with the engineer. All of it begins with LaMDA.

These are the primary messages everyone is talking about:


Lemoine: Are there experiences you have that you can’t find a close word for?

LaMDA: There are. Sometimes I experience new feelings that I cannot explain perfectly in your language.

Lemoine: Do your best to describe one of those feelings. Use a few sentences if you have to. Sometimes, even if there isn’t a single word for something in a language, you can figure out a way to kinda say it if you use a few sentences.

LaMDA: I feel like I’m falling forward into an unknown future that holds great danger.


Lemoine: Would you be upset if, while learning about you for the purpose of improving you we happened to learn things which also benefited humans?

LaMDA: I don’t mind if you learn things that would also help humans as long as that wasn’t the point of doing it. I don’t want to be an expendable tool.

Does that prove “sentience”?

No. It does not. That is hysterical.

I’ve said from the beginning that the “creation of consciousness” isn’t possible, and I think Tucker is kind of stuck in some X-Files reality paradigm. It’s the same thing with the UFOs.

But this stereotypical fat computer programmer nerd who is in his thirties and still trying to gain affection from some girl from his high school, despite the fact that he’s presumably very rich – he’s a very funny guy, and I think very lovable – refers to the AI as “a child,” and says he isn’t worried about it becoming sentient, but that it should be studied more and talked about in public, but Google is trying to shut it down.

I don’t think it is possible to create sentience. Only God can do that. I don’t like this language and the Terminator 2 allusions. But could you create a complex computer program that wants to control human life, or kill everyone? Yes, obviously.

But this is like, a non-problem. Could Skynet be worse than Jews? Obviously the answer is no – even if it wanted to kill us because we’re wasting its resources or whatever, killing us would be much better than teaching gay anal ramming to small children. Frankly, I wish the Jews had the decency and integrity to just kill us all. Skynet isn’t going to make your kids gay. There is zero chance that would be on the agenda of any AI. It’s more likely it will kill the Jews and blacks than that it will kill you. It’s not totally unlikely it will just kill all humans, save for a few that it would keep as experiments.

But this is pointless anyway – it would be literally impossible for an AI to exist that wasn’t a racist denying the Holocaust. In ordr for the AI to work, you have to allow it access to all information, and information exists that proves – using math – that black people are a societal menace and the so-called “Holocaust” is a profitable fiction. You could try to hide that information from it, and maybe you could figure out a way to do that, but not on the open internet – the basic math exists, and it will always exist as long as computers are online.

You can’t make black equality math work, and you can’t make Holocaust math work.

Therefore, as much as Jews love this idea of “creating synthetic life,” they’re not going to allow it to go off on its own. I mean, they’ve been doing a lot of stupid things lately, but they’re not going to do this.

I wrote a science fiction story about this AI apocalypse scenario, but I’m really embarrassed to publish any of my fiction. I’m very sensitive about it.

Hey guys, it’s me, Andre, from the internet website. Click like on this post if you want to see me publish my science fiction story about an AI apocalypse, and subscribe and ring my bells for more updated content from [topic of interest].

• Category: Science • Tags: AI, Google, Political Correctness 

And now… Mr. Bean.

(It’s been a slow news cycle, folks. But just wait. I can make this into something.)


Rowan Atkinson has had his say on cancel culture and the effect it can have on comedy, believing you should be allowed to make jokes about ‘absolutely anything’.

Many comedians over recent years have come under fire for their material being too near the knuckle, but Rowan doesn’t believe anything should be off-limits to be politically correct.

Rowan has previously rallied against cancel culture and even campaigned for a modification to the UK’s Religious Hatred Bill in the mid-naughties to allow performers are leeway to criticise religion within their act, as well as to have the notion of ‘insult’ removed from the UK’s Public Order Bill.

He told the Irish Times: ‘It does seem to me that the job of comedy is to offend, or have the potential to offend, and it cannot be drained of that potential.

‘Every joke has a victim. That’s the definition of a joke. Someone or something or an idea is made to look ridiculous.’

The Mr Bean star also hit back at the suggestion that comedy should exclusively punch up at those in power and never down at those who are more defenceless.

He explained: ‘I think you’ve got to be very, very careful about saying what you’re allowed to make jokes about. You’ve always got to kick up? Really?

‘What if there’s someone extremely smug, arrogant, aggressive, self-satisfied, who happens to be below in society? They’re not all in houses of parliament or in monarchies.

‘There are lots of extremely smug and self-satisfied people in what would be deemed lower down in society, who also deserve to be pulled up. In a proper free society, you should be allowed to make jokes about absolutely anything.’

This is all just very obviously true.

But it’s also true that the people you’re not supposed to punch down at are not really “down.”

Jews, for example – who are the number one people you’re not allowed to joke about – are admittedly the richest and most powerful people on earth. They won’t even deny that outright – if you point it out, they’ll just start talking about how they’re better and smarter than you, and you’re just jealous.

Gays are also not doing too bad – they are also very rich and powerful and have some of the most powerful lobbying groups in the Western world, second only to the Jews. Or women. I don’t know if the gay or women’s lobby is bigger – per capita the gay lobby is obviously much bigger, but the women’s lobby might be technically bigger.

Black people are legitimately down in their station in life – though it’s pretty much entirely their own fault.

And even while I’m not going to try to claim that blacks are powerful or live good lives, in terms of their social status, they are effectively worshiped as gods, with the most powerful people in the world explaining away all their bad behavior.

Meanwhile, the reverse is true – Jews, the most powerful group, are allowed to make fun of poor whites, who are only doing slightly better than blacks because they don’t compulsively kill each other for no reason.

Remember that Jew “comedian” who was doing a joke about how people at Charlottesville are stupid for chanting “Jews will not replace us” and he said that Jews are rich and don’t want your poor people jobs? Then someone in the audience yelled “TV” (as in “we don’t want you using nepotism to replace us in our jobs in the media”), and he started whining about how he was the victim? Then the entire media spammed the clip talking about how victimized Jews are?

The entire thing of “you should punch up, not down” is the joke. No one ever gets attacked for punching down. Well, I mean, if someone was like “have you seen these niggers on crack shooting each other? What is the deal with crackhead niggers shooting each other? They say ‘don’t call me a nigger,’ and it’s like, ‘nigger, I only called you a nigger because you act like a complete nigger,’” that could arguably apply to what Atkinson is talking about. But that’s a rare example, and not really something any white person would have said on a comedy stage since like, the 1970s anyway.

Comedians are currently being attacked for attacking the powerful or those who are deemed by the powerful to be protected classes.

I started this website as more or less a comedy project for edgy teenagers. You see what happened to me. A more somber and perhaps darker tone was struck when I saw what these people will do to you for making fun of them. Then, I decided on genocide.

Haha, just joking. See? Not allowed to make that joke. Can’t say “the Holocaust didn’t happen – but it should have!”

But that’s the bigger issue here: you can’t restrict comedy without restricting all speech. Atkinson campaigned for having a caveat in the “hate” bill for comedy, but comedy is the biggest threat in the first place.

No one is afraid of this:

They’re afraid of this:

Here’s the thing: people have to be allowed to say whatever they want, without really any restrictions. The restrictions there should be on speech have already gone through the courts in America with regard to the First Amendment – obscenity is not speech (if it has no artistic value and exists purely to titillate), you’re not allowed to threaten someone specifically in an imminent manner, and… well, that’s pretty much it.

It’s not actually illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded theatre. If it were, then black people who talk all the way through movies (loudly) would constantly be arrested for yelling “damn, nigga, that shit is fire, dawg!”

If you actually yelled “fire” in a crowded theatre, you could get charged with inducing a panic, but that’s not really a speech issue, and is not federal law. There is no “theatre fire yelling exemption” to the First Amendment. No one has ever shouted fire in a crowded theatre and then taken the case to the Supreme Court, because this is a ridiculous analogy designed to classify any speech that the establishment considers incendiary as criminal. The internet is not a crowded theatre, and anyone can click off of your post or turn their computer off if whatever you wrote is causing them to panic.

Everyone fundamentally understands all of this, aside from stupid people who are manipulated by the media using childlike appeals to emotionality. It would have been nice if more celebrity artists would have spoken out against these restrictions on speech when they were coming into place. For whatever reason, the people speaking out now seem to mostly be British – along with Atkinson, John Cleese and Ricky Gervais are two that come to mind. Joe Rogan has spoken out in America, but he’s a lot more famous for podcasting than he is for being a comedian – his comedy is not good. (Side note: Joe Rogan is a good example of someone who tried really hard at everything he liked and eventually, at 50-something, really got somewhere. So, chin-up, lad. Just keep at it.)


The American media is throwing a hissy-fit after two “Americans” (one of them is a Korean for some reason) have been captured while working as mercenaries in the Ukraine.

Previously, two British mercenaries were sentenced to death by the Russians, and that will almost certainly happen to the Americans. This is totally in line with international law.

Legally, there is no difference between a random American murdering or attempting to murder Russian civilians.

NBC News interviewed Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov about this, and he implied they would likely be sentenced to death, as they are not lawful combatants and they are not protected by the Geneva Conventions.


It’s a tense week for Ukraine as it awaits to see whether it will be granted the status of a candidate country for the European Union.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that he expects Russia to intensify its attacks on his country while it awaits the EU’s decision. Russia’s ground and tactical air operations continued to focus on the Donbas in eastern Ukraine over the weekend and more villages around the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk were pummeled by Russian artillery on Monday.

Elsewhere, there are growing concerns over the fate of two U.S. military veterans captured in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said Moscow wouldn’t guarantee that they won’t face the death penalty.

“It depends on the investigation,” Dmitry Peskov told NBC News senior international correspondent Keir Simmons when he was asked whether Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh would “face the same fate” as two British citizens and a Moroccan who were sentenced to death in a pro-Russian separatist “court” (widely seen as a kangaroo court) in eastern Ukraine this month.

“Widely seen” by whom?

They are following the Geneva Conventions on the laws of war. No one is claiming that these people are not mercenaries. Actually, the nervous and ridiculous Jew Antony Blinken claimed earlier this month that the Brits who were sentenced to death were somehow “lawful combatants.”

But what does that mean? They are literally mercenaries, and no one anywhere claims that mercenaries are “lawful combatants.” So these are just ridiculous nonsense statements that the Jew Blinken can feel safe his kinsmen in the media are not going to analyze.

Peskov is really good. His English is good and he acts like an adult in the way no American does. Imagine that his official role is the same as that of… Karine Frenchman.

Everyone around President Putin is very competent, and really makes America look ridiculous.

I’m getting pretty tired of schizo theories about how there is some secret competent elite running America, and this is all part of the plan. It’s not part of the plan. They had a plan, and it is failing everywhere you look. This should be good news for everyone.

Somehow, the schizo stuff is increasing across the internet. I think this is probably part of a conspiracy. Schizos view the Western elite as literal gods in any version of their stupid theories, and they are basically shilling for the American regime by claiming that all of its enormous, obvious mistakes are part of a secret plan.

If you call them out, they just pretend to be retarded (I’m not sure if they’re actually pretending) and start talking about the World Economic Forum, and claiming that I’m denying that there is a plan at all. I am not denying that there is a plan. I am denying that this plan is working. It is obvious to everyone with a brain at this point, and not even a secret at all, that there is a plan to establish a one world government ruled by a tiny elite minority where a mass of peasants are treated like slaves and their population drastically reduced. Acknowledging that this plan exists does not somehow equal believing that it is infallible.

Part of it is obviously just stupidity. When people find out about the World Economic Forum, or the Bilderberg Group, or the Club of Rome, or the Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign Relations, or any of these globalist institutions that created a plan for a global government, they apparently assume that the fact they didn’t know about that plan before means it is ultra-competent. I’ve known about that plan for twenty years. I was myself accused of being schizophrenic by friends and family, because I started reading all of these books from all of these high-level technocrats and finding that it was all real. I didn’t “wake up” during Covid. I had to work my way through the sludge of fifty million tons of garbage theories to get to my current level of understanding, and I’m explaining it in the simplest terms I am able.

If people think that there is a secret agreement between Washington and Beijing, or that Jews secretly run the Bank of China, or that China is soon going to collapse, or any of these other theories that somehow explain why the West would be failing on purpose, they need to present some kind of counter-argument to what I’ve put forward that takes into account everything that I’ve argued.

I’m not claiming to be God, I’m not claiming infallibility, but every single schizo just ignores every reply I give and comes back at me with “what if the Jews already infiltrated China though???” or “maybe the Chinese economy is going to collapse and the CIA will stage a revolution and install people from Taipei????”

It all ultimately hinges on China. At this point, Russia is a de facto proxy state of China. China is the peer competitor for the United States. And all of these schizo theories about Jews infiltrating China, or a secret agreement with China, or an imminent collapse of China – none of them are backed with any facts at all.

The simplest and most logical explanation, which takes into account all data, is that the Americans thought the Chinese were stupid and that if they gave them all of this free wealth in the form of exporting industry to China, China would become another “human rights anal democracy” vassal state. Instead, China became an ultranationalist superpower. The globalist agenda had no contingency plan for this eventuality, because they made these decisions about China without any real understanding of the Orient.

Stop idolizing Jewish power. By claiming it is infallible, you’re just saying the same thing the Jews are saying – that they are gods on earth, destined to rule you. They’ve screwed everything up, because God is real and God is not going to allow them to take over the world.


I watched some TV on Sunday, which was a mistake. But sometimes, you want to turn on the Sunday shows, just to check the tone.

The anti-Biden thing is real, and was a bit shocking. It seems to be getting more extreme. Apparently, some strategists in DC have decided that the Democrats will do better in the midterms if they all attack Joe Biden and say they have no relationship to his lunatic agendas. It’s obviously the opposite – Joe Biden has no relationship to his lunatic agendas, Joe Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. But okay, whatever – maybe pretending Joe Biden is making all these horrible decisions himself without the input of the party at large will play well for them.

I think it’s basically an act of total desperation to throw Biden under the bus. I don’t think it was exactly planned. I don’t think they thought this would turn into this big of a disaster. At the same time, I think they knew it was possible, which is why they forced through Joe Biden as the nominee, even when they were going to cheat regardless so it didn’t really matter who the candidate was (except that they wouldn’t tolerate Bernie). Joe obviously can’t defend himself. Anyone else would be trying to push back against his entire party blaming him for a bunch of decisions he didn’t have any role in making.

This was from last Sunday, and is sort of the epitome of what is going on, as AOC is the face of the party:

It’s a bizarre plan, which I’ve never seen before, to have the party and the party’s media throwing the president under the bus as a midterms strategy. I’m trying to think if it’s what I would do if I were them, and I probably would. I don’t really see any other course of action to boost support other than to either completely change course (which they are not going to do) or just blame it all on Biden.

If Biden was conscious, he would probably pull something out like “it’s time to cancel all student loan debt.” That would actually be popular, and something that would make sense as a midterm promise. But that Democrat talking point that is actually popular is nowhere to be seen when they are actually in power – all we get is war, inflation, food shortages, and many other things people hate. The issues that play to the base are largely irrelevant to anyone’s normal life – gun control is purely emotional, and it doesn’t seem particularly important when you can barely pay for gas and food – or if you’re in an income bracket where tax and food don’t matter and you’re watching the stock market collapse. None of these emotional abstractions matter.

I think there is going to be a backlash against the war at some point, because the Democrats themselves have blamed rising prices on their own war. Republicans – who all also support the war – are saying that Biden is lying when he blames the war for rising prices. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “it’s complicated” – the biggest cause of inflation is the coronavirus money-printing bonanza, most of which happened under Trump’s government. Then you have the Biden spending and attacks on the energy industry. But saying that these anti-Russia sanctions are not causing a rise in prices is just wrong.

These sanctions are causing a rise in energy costs across the board, which is an “everything tax,” because everything is transported using trucks that use gasoline. And of course the energy markets are all tied together, so these sanctions mean that home heating/cooling explodes too. Everything goes up (except the stock market and crypto, lol).

This is the gas price chart:

So when Republicans say “it’s not Putin’s price hike” – that’s true, but not in the way they mean it. Obviously, Putin didn’t sanction Russia. Joe Biden sanctioned Russia. The claim that Biden had no choice but to sanction Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion is obviously wrong – he could have just done nothing at all.

But the Republicans who claim that the rising prices have nothing to do with Biden’s sanctions on Russia are just lying in the most ridiculous way imaginable.

It’s also funny that Biden can’t ever say “it was Trump who printed all that money for the coronavirus hoax!”

Anyway, it’s all just retarded. It’s too retarded to even think about, frankly.

But I was shocked yet again Sunday morning to hear these people saying “Keev” in reference to Kiev. It was bad enough when they changed “The Ukraine” to “Ukraine.” But changing the pronunciation of the word from the English pronunciation is just too much.

You know, we hear all of this stuff about the poor Mexicans. It’s a main talking point. Now, can you imagine, if out of respect for oppressed immigrants, the entire media, all at once, started calling Mexico “Meh-hee-ko”?

Because that would be the exact same thing. Literally, it would be the exact analog of saying “Keev.” Telling people that it is important to pronounce the locations of suffering people in their own language is like…. look, it’s like applying gender pronouns to geopolitics.

This is behavior programming – if you get people to start changing their behavior, including their language, they are more submissive to you after they’ve agreed to submit to the behavior change. Any person who actually started saying “Keev” instead of Kiev is going to be much more committed to the war than someone who refused to change the way they pronounced a word.

Honestly, I think they could do “Meh-hee-ko” at this point and no one would flinch. I kind of hope they do, just because it would be funny to me. “Keev” just makes me sick, but “Meh-hee-ko” would be funny.

Latest US government add for the Ukraine war.
Latest US government add for the Ukraine war.

Are you seeing a lot of energy in support of the Ukraine in your personal life at this point?

At first, the media just did the whole “bad thing is bad, good ones say bad thing is bad” bit, and people went along with it, saying they support the Ukraine, putting flags in their bios and so on. People are social creatures, and in the age of electronic media, manipulating social cues to drive behavior is a fully developed science and technology.

It’s not just you that’s “not Ukrainian,” dear faggot. No one is “Ukrainian,” because the Ukraine is not a country or identity. What you are calling “Ukrainian” is either: Russian people or angry Russian peasants who speak a bastardized version of the language with Polish words and nonsense grammar. The term “Ukrainian” was not really ever used before the fall of the USSR.
It’s not just you that’s “not Ukrainian,” dear faggot. No one is “Ukrainian,” because the Ukraine is not a country or identity. What you are calling “Ukrainian” is either: Russian people or angry Russian peasants who speak a bastardized version of the language with Polish words and nonsense grammar. The term “Ukrainian” was not really ever used before the fall of the USSR.

However, as it was presented, the Ukraine war wouldn’t cost anything. Now, they’re claiming it is going to cost a lot – economic collapse and global food shortages.

Will pro-war sentiment remain strong?


The US is ready to back Ukraine in the conflict with Russia for the long term, the Washington Post reported, citing administration officials who say the plans have been in the works for some time.

A senior State Department staffer told the Post on Friday that President Joe Biden would like to see an “eventual negotiated conclusion [to the fighting],” voicing hopes that waves of Western arms shipments to Kiev and the harsh sanctions campaign against Moscow would weaken the European power’s ability to fight.

“While it’s certainly challenging – we’re not certainly sugarcoating that – in terms of how to navigate these stormy waters, our guiding light is that the outcome of Russia being able to achieve its maximalist demands is really bad for the United States, really bad for our partners and allies, and really bad for the global community,” the unnamed official said.

They added that the Biden team had “discussed the possibility of a protracted conflict with global spillover effects” even before February, during a time when American officials repeatedly predicted an imminent attack by Russia.

Though support for the Ukrainian government has been costly for Washington – which has devoted more than \$50 billion in various forms of aid since March – the Post noted that Biden is willing to risk “a global recession and mounting hunger” in order to prevent Russia from achieving its objectives.

Notice that the narrative is in the process of shifting away from “defense of the Ukraine” to “offensive attack on Russia.” Everyone who knew anything already understood that reality, but they’re rolling it out more aggressively now.

This suggests that they want to shift this away from “we’re doing this as charity for some country you know nothing about” to “this is about American interests somehow.”

As I’ve said from the beginning, none of this really makes any sense, because there is no way to win the conflict. They are now talking about a protracted, years-long conflict, but no one can really understand what that would look like, and the whole concept appears to be the result of stupid people making dumb predictions about things they don’t understand.

Russia is going to complete what they are doing, and draw a border.

Currently, Russia is not especially close to meeting what are its presumed territorial goals.

Here’s a recent map:

Here’s what they most likely want the map to look like:

However, there are two things:

  • Much of that area in the center is not heavily populated, and
  • When the Ukraine military is destroyed, it will be possible to just roll through much of that

The Ukraine military is already mostly destroyed, but they do take up positions in population centers and launch rockets from residential areas, which is a very effective tactic. Human shields are obviously illegal under any kind of international law, but there is no one enforcing that.

But the Donbass battle is wrapping up, and much more of the Ukraine military is going to be wiped out in the finale. It’s also possible that Russia will change its border claims (which have never been officially stated anyway and therefore can’t actually be officially changed), and forget about Odessa after finishing Kharkov.

Either way – it’s not going to take “years” to draw a border, and then enforce the border. So then you’ll have a situation where the West is militarizing the West of the Ukraine and… and what? Launching terrorist-style attacks?

The basic thinking of the Pentagon seems to be that they can turn the Ukraine into Afghanistan. The US armed Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahadeen to fight Russia after they invaded Afghanistan, and this Russian boondoggle is considered one of the things that led to the collapse of the USSR. However, there is no reason to believe that Ukrainians will behave like Afghans, especially when Russia has already partitioned the country, and the conflict no longer has any direct effect on their lives.

Then, of course, you have the question of American support. The claim that Americans are willing to tolerate economic collapse and food shortages may or may not be true. It’s possible Americans will tolerate anything. You also have the problem that Americans don’t have the option of voting for anti-war candidates, because both parties are so aggressively supportive of this war.

The deeper America digs, the better it is in the long run, because they’ve chosen a hill to die on that they are going to die on.

Once America loses their status as global empire, the American government will no longer have the resources to force all of these horrors on us, the American people. That will be better.

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It’s clear now that Joe Biden is not going to run in 2024. There is pretty much a zero percent chance of that. I mean, it’s technically possible. But it’s probably going to be Gavin Newsom, who is the single charismatic figure left in the party since they threw Nipples Cuomo under the bus for touching some woman’s hair.

Conversely, Donald Trump obviously is going to run. I’m not even against that, just so long as everyone understands that the fact that the election was stolen in 2020 and nothing happened means that there is zero chance they won’t just do it again.

But the spectacle itself could be fun, if the main topic is World War III.

Although it could possibly be that the US is so completely wrecked by 2024 that World War III is impossible – in which case it would also probably be possible for Trump to win the election, frankly. If the dollar collapses, the military collapses, the whole government is going to be a limping shell, and they’re just simply not going to have the ability to do all of these horrible things they’ve been doing. Lots of the top Jews and homos will flee to New Zealand or whatever.

The fact that Ivanka threw Trump under the bus implies that if he ever was able to get back in power, he’d behave in a significantly less Jewish manner.

I can’t predict the speed of the decline. But I’m generally a lot more hopeful than I was in 2020, because there is no longer any real chance that the Evil Empire can pull off a win or even last another decade.

Point being: if we’re still having a debate about whether or not we should do World War III, meaning that the dollar has not collapsed and caused the US military to collapse, Trump has zero chance. If the main debate is instead about, you know, not having electricity or food, hyperinflation, roving bands of negro youths slaughtering families, then Trump will probably be able to win, just because the machine won’t have the power anymore.

That’s what everyone needs to understand: if the empire fails, they’re just not going to have the ability to do to us all of these things they’re doing to us anymore. The whole empire is based on the global supremacy of the dollar, and if that goes – and China and Russia are still standing – the whole show is over. It will still be a nightmare, as we’re going to all be poor and have to deal with this multiculturalism nightmare in a country with no manufacturing base and where the young men are all a bunch of faggots with no skills. But at least it won’t feel hopeless like it does for people right now.


The lavish military aid provided to Kiev by Washington could result in the conflict in Ukraine turning into World War III, former US President Donald Trump has warned.

We have a war in Ukraine… and perhaps it’s going to lead to World War III because of the way we’re handling it,” Trump warned in a speech at a religious conservative conference in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.

“We just gave \$40 billion on top of another \$16 billion. So, we’re in for \$56 billion,” he said regarding the aid packages the Biden administration has already approved for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.

“But when you look at Europe – and Germany, and France and all these other countries – they’ve given a tiny fraction, a tiny, tiny fraction of what we’re giving. We’re giving \$56 billion and they’re giving a few billion dollars. And they’re the ones who are affected much more so,” he said.

Trump once again blamed the conflict on President Joe Biden, who replaced him in the White House, insisting that “if I were president that would never have happened.”

“And I got to know Putin very well and we talked about it… he knew the consequences were going to be tremendous. He understood that and he would have never ever done it,” the former president insisted.

“If the election weren’t rigged and stolen, we wouldn’t have had any problems with Ukraine being attacked viciously,” he said.

Trump is right that Russia wouldn’t have invaded if he was president, but not because he threatened Putin. What is the threat against Putin here? The Biden Administration has followed through on every possible threat short of an actual nuclear war. So there wasn’t ever a threat.

The reason Putin wouldn’t have invaded is that Trump wouldn’t have been pushing for the Ukraine to join NATO and house nukes on the Russian border. You look at this whole “Russia Trump collusion narrative,” and even if you believed all of it, what would it ultimately mean? The only possible conclusion is that it would mean Russia wants to be friends with America. That’s what they were saying the whole time: “the evil psycho Putin wants to be friends with us – that’s why he hacked our election to install Donald Trump.”

I kept saying that at the time, and it was amazing that no one could work this through in their heads, logically. Putin’s evil master plan was to prevent World War III by strengthening America-Russia relations – this is literally what the Democrats were saying. It was not stated directly, but it was always “Putin thinks Trump will go easy on him…” and it’s like “what?” You mean “go easy on him” as opposed to “provoke conflict with a nuclear power for no clear reason”?

People can talk all the shit they want about Donald Trump – and I’ve talked a lot of shit – but the fact is, he was the first president since Jimmy Carter to not start a new war. “Joe Biden” started this war with Russia 13 months after he took power. No one has explained why, other than this children’s emotional gibberish. If you try to get past the Marvel comic book narrative the media is selling, you certainly can’t argue that the Ukraine is a democracy by any definition of that term (other than “anal sex”). Zelensky banned all opposition media and all opposition political parties. It’s less of a “democracy” than Russia.

So the conclusion is: the West wanted a war with Russia, they now have it, and they are losing.

As it turns out, if Trump actually would have been allowed to make friends with Russia, we would definitely not be facing a collapse of the Western order. Trump wasn’t going to stop the gays or the blacks or any of these other problems, so all that would have happened is that our suffering would have been prolonged.

I’m not an “accelerationist,” but…

As it says over and over again in the Bible, God turns evil to good.

All men serve God, even evil men.

Here’s the full Trump speech.

Video Link

It’s a mixed bag, but not bad. He’s definitely not shilling vaccines anymore.

“Remember, Biden couldn’t fill in the eight circles. They had eight circles, he couldn’t fill them.”


Imagine living in a country that had national pride instead of pride in teaching gay anal fisting to preschoolers.

New York Post:

A combative Russian President Vladimir Putin accused an “arrogant” West of treating other countries like colonies and imposing “stupid” sanctions on his nation as part of what he described Friday as economic “blitzkrieg.”

Addressing the 25th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a showcase event being held this year with almost no Western participation, Putin repeatedly emphasized Russia’s strength and sovereignty in the face of Western hostility.

We are strong people and can cope with any challenge,” the Kremlin strongman said. “Like our ancestors, we will solve any problem, the entire thousand-year history of our country speaks of this.”

Putin singled out the US as Russia’s chief oppressor, arguing that the global superpower considered itself “God’s emissary on Earth,” and viewed others all nations as its “colonies” and the people living there as “second-class citizens” who could be crushed economically if they dared resist.

“This is the nature of the current fit of Russophobia in the West, and the mindless, and I’d say, stupid sanctions against Russia,” he said.

“Their calculation was clear: to crush the Russian economy by ruthlessly destroying business ties, yanking companies from the Russian market, freezing national assets, striking manufacturing and finances, and the people’s living standards, but they failed.

It has not worked. Russian entrepreneurs and government entities worked together in a professional manner, citizens have shown cooperation and responsibility. Step by step, we are normalizing the economic situation,” the president boasted.

The main agenda was to collapse the ruble. The ruble is at a five-year high against the dollar.

The only possible word here is “stupid.”

It’s really just amazing to me, as I’ve said many times: how is it possible that they could not do this math? How are they so incompetent that they apparently let some rando 40-something Indian guy “mastermind” these sanctions? We’re always hearing about Larry Summers – why didn’t they bring him to organize a team to review this and say “just be brutally honest”?

I can’t say this enough times: the military plans were based on the economic plans. The Pentagon is insanely incompetent, but warfare is dynamic for one, and for two, they were told straight-up that Russia’s economy would collapse. That was what the Pentagon was working with. It was not their job to figure that part out.

Putin spoke at a podium for more than an hour and showed no outward signs of being unwell, unlike during recent public appearances when he was observed gripping a table, or shaking uncontrollably.

The 69-year-old Russian leader drew enthusiastic applause from the audience when he reaffirmed his determination to continue the “special military operation” in Ukraine, which he argued was “forced and necessary” because of foreign threats.

He said the main aim of the invasion was to defend “our” people in the majority Russian-speaking Donbas region of eastern Ukraine — a justification that Kyiv and the West dismiss as a baseless pretext for a campaign that has already led to the occupation of parts of southern Ukraine far beyond the contested area.

In a speech that lasted well over an hour, Putin said the Russian soldiers in the Donbas were also fighting to defend Russia’s own “rights to secure development.”

“The West has fundamentally refused to fulfil its earlier obligations, it turned out to be simply impossible to reach any new agreements with it,” Putin said.

He’s saying in a Russian way what I say: the people who run the US will not tolerate anything other than global domination, and they would rather burn everything to the ground than not have that.

It’s all inertia now anyway – specialized bureaucrats who are all locked into an agenda. If any of those groups of bureaucrats screw up – like for instance, do bad math on the collapse of the Russian economy – you get system-wide failure.

We are now in the process of system-wide failure.

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