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Trump's Brutal Policies Killed This Little Girl
A 13-month old infant died because of brutal conditions caused by the Trump administration at a border facility. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter.
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  1. eah says:

    In what way is this ‘alternative media’? — seems more like the standard fare you get on CNN and MSNBC — save some site bandwidth and get it off here.

  2. Paul says:

    The people who encourage illegal aliens to bring children (whether or not their own children) with them killed the little girl. Despicable!

  3. Paul says:

    Don’t make this sound like the Turkish genocide of the Armenians!

  4. Stop being ridiculous . . .

    What killed this little girl if she was in fact killed was the carelessness of those who trekked her from her home minus proper protections.

    Don’t you folk ever get tired of extremist nonsense.

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