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Lindsey Graham Admits to Being Trump Puppet
Why did Senator Lindsey Graham suddenly flip in Trump's favor? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT: ...
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  1. Okay you two,

    your comments are to Sen. Graham’s policy positions. Many of us who supported the president had and took issues with his demeanor and presentation.

    Your comment about the president being an “alpha male” is a bit of stretch and only works if one considers position and status as opposed to actual behavior on issues. In other words, being an “alpha male” requires more than guised tough talk. Eventually, you have to stand and take responsibility for the stand you have. Frankly, I am not convinced this president, I support, has exhibited that quality among others that define an “alpha male”.

    Sen Graham is defending policy in my view. To the extent that this president advances policies he supports he is going lean in that direction, I don’t think this is atypical or even unmanly. Laugh. I don’t think it is anymore unmanly than my own opposition to the Senators position on regime change, the Golan Heights, real GDP as opposed to the bizarre GDP calculations we currently use, or a two state solution . . . and neither this president I voted for nor sen Graham would agree with my positions. There is one difference between all three of us I for one stand on my positions

    over hauling the border is a tangible home front start, as would be minding more of our own business.

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