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Ben Shapiro Triggered By Female 007
Ben Shapiro is pre-triggered by the rumor that 007 could be played by a female woman of color. Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, and Jayar Jackson, hosts of ...
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  1. anon[505] • Disclaimer says:

    Remember all those leftists triggered by Gods of Egypt, Ghost in the Shell, Rub and Tug, and nearly every video game with a white male protagonist in the last few years etc etc etc etc? No? Then you must watch Young Turks, because they (like most Leftists) are masters of hypocrisy (and minimization and lying and deflection …)

  2. PeterMX says:

    Ben Shapiro is absolutely correct and they don’t like it because they know it’s true. I wonder if the James Bond series ever would have been made if sex hadn’t become such a big and in your face subject in Hollywood and culture. It was kind of trashy, but some men liked it and like Ben Shapiro said, it was about 007 winning the beautiful woman and the male watching the movie imagining it’s himself, even if only subconsciously. As he says, what makes the movie interesting when 07 is a beautiful female and any man will take her up on her offer? The idea of the new 007 comes off as another case of extreme leftists upset with how mother nature works again regarding men and women.

  3. As a middle aged guy, one of the things I enjoyed about Bond was that I could identify with the role. Most of the leading men in movies fits the demographic of who goes to the movies so they are younger buffed out and hip but have no gravitas or visible means of support. I can identify with a CEO or a General but not with an athlete or male model turned actor. If most white Europhiles had the resources they would vacation in the same spots as Bond, drive the same cars, and have a taste of the better cultured life.

    I can identify with the new Bond too but in very different ways. What ever they call it, it is not James Bond.

    Hopefully they can change the villains too while they are at it. They have been stuck alternating back and forth with the same two bad guys, the Russians and Specter (Nazis and now the grand kids of Nazis). A more realistic updated version of threats to Europe would be Muslim terrorists and NGO like Specter but this time shipping in genocidal mass waves of black migrants.

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