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Epstein's Death Should Generate Investigations, Not Conspiracy Theories
Anti-Clinton/Trump hashtags will not get to the bottom of Epstein's death, or how the rich and powerful's involvement in child sex abuse, The Nation's Jeet Heer ...
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Heer says that “investigation” should be restricted to “journalists, law enforcement, and, uh, Congress.”

    My conspiracy theory is that the Establishment is panicky.

  2. Tony Hall says: • Website

    I was offended by all the self-righteous chortling about “conspiracy theories” especially by Marc Steiner in this exchange with the Nation’s Jeet Heer. Many of the contributors to the Unz review work very hard to conduct our own serious investigations of serious topics. Then the work emerging from these independent processes is often downplayed, marginalized or ignored altogether by the likes of gatekeepers at the [partly] “Real News” and the Nation.

    The two individuals featured in this item are thus representative of the blinkered “progressives” who sometimes implicitly dismiss the results of real investigative journalism and scholarship as “conspiracy theories.” The term of course is loaded. Steiner and Heer do not even try to define the notoriously weaponized phrase as they implicitly declare themselves exempt from the supposed professional lapses that they imagine stigmatizes the literary output of lowly conspiracy theories. Gosh, some of these “conspiracy theorists” might even have worked hard to bring out information pointing to the possible connections between the Epstein saga and the blackmail and bribery branches of Operation Israel.

    All in all the [partly]”Real News” discussion is dubious and demoralizing in the context of what is happening on this web site. There is lots of room on established venues for the broadcasting of the work of gatekept “progressives” like those in this discussion to peddle their investigations. Why is it that this type of non-conspiracy-theory-investigative-work usually escapes attacks of censorship and deplatforming? Isn’t the current surge of censorious vandalism on the Internet often done these days in the name of vetting “conspiracy theories.” Those involved in this process of legitimizing the agenda of blocking some “conspiracy theories”— commentaries that in a few cases are in fact embodiments of some of the most unrelenting truth tellers of our time– seem awkwardly out of place here at Unz Review.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  3. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tony Hall

    Very well said, and I agree.

    But perhaps Mr. Unz publishes some these Establishment voices to amplify those worthy of TUR’s mission, to help readers see how pervasive is the propaganda, and to provide us with a more open forum to push back. I suspect that faux dissident authors like Engelhardt and Napolitano pulled out because they couldn’t abide the criticism of the readership. (I recently commented that Mr. Buchanan seems to be on the same trajectory.)

    Among the Video channels that I’ve sampled, I nominate BBC Channel, PragerU Channel, Democracy Now!, The Young Turks, and The Real News as falling at least substantially into this category.

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