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Black Women Rally in Defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar
Hundreds of Black women and men gathered at the US Capitol to serve notice to the Republicans who are attacking her, and to the Democrats who are not ...
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  1. “White male patriarchy.” How many of these chicks are dykes?

    “His coons in the Republican Party…”

    Okay, Somalis voice almost all consonants, so this is probably “overcompensation” and she really said “goons”. But “coons” is cute. Downriver from Coon Rapids.

    Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor =

    A total grey anathema yak.
    Ya, a hatemonger talk at ya.
    Yank at a leathery goat, ma.

  2. Excellent news on several fronts.

  3. It doesn’t have anything to do with race or gender, but with disturbing the Israeli power structure that is set up in the USA Congress. I thought she was great when she cornered Elliot Abrams in his Hearing, but her other comments she has made about Israel, etc, result in the same treatment the Media and Establishment would extend to anyone, even if it were a white Republican male.

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