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Operation Northern Shield: Hassan Nasrallah Reveals Why He Remained Silent
January 26, 2019 Interview.

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  1. I admire Nasrallah same way I do Ahmadinejad of Iran. Both speak the truth, protect the innocent. If not for Hezbollah the Syrian Christians, as well as the Iraqi Christians who fled to Syria/Lebanon would probably been wiped out by the US/Israeli and Saudi terrorists. Oldest Christian community in the world, think about that. All these so called Christians in America should be disgusted of what Bush/Obama and now Pence & Trump have done to those people, all over $$, oil and land.

    Would be a great day for humanity if we had some real men like Nasrallah in charge in America, instead of these fucktarded shekel worshiping losers we have that are destroying our country, other people countries, and Christianity. Ahmadinejad is still the only leader I know that had the balls to tell the truth about 9-11 and the holocaust. Iranians lucky to have real men like that.

    All signs point to America & Israel being the evil empire, the anti-Christs. Can’t wait to see Hezbollah open another can of whup-ass on the pansy Israeli squatters for all the misery and suffering they have caused the region and the world.

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