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Hassan Nasrallah's Tribute to Yemen: The Saud Are the Descendants of Quraysh
Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 11, 2018.

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[…] Because of circumstances, namely persecution (against Muslims), the difficult situation, the events (death of his uncle Abu Talib and his wife Khadija, who were his protectors), the Prophet, may God’s blessings be upon him and his family, began to think seriously about an alternative to Mecca.

He knocked on the doors of the city of Taif… In Lebanon, we all know the city of Taif, because of the Taif agreement (signed in 1989, ending the civil war in Lebanon), and I say this for the youth, Taif is a city of Hijaz, near Mecca. The Prophet, may God’s blessings be upon him and his family, went to Taif, asking its residents to assist, protect and help him, but they refused and assaulted him, sending their children and simpletons against him who pelted him with stones.

The other alternative that presented itself was the town of Yathrib, which was later named the Illuminated City (Medina). When we say the City (Medina), in Muslim practices and within the Islamic community throughout history, when we say Medina or Mecca and Medina, we mean the city of Yathrib. The word Medina (meaning “City”) became the particular distinction of the city of Medina (which is simply referred to as “The City”, i.e. City of the Prophet).

The people of Yathrib, who mostly belonged to the tribes of Aws and Khazraj… And let me mention that the Aws and the Khazraj were two Yemeni tribes, it must be borne in mind. Two Yemeni tribes. The Quraysh, from the Hijaz, committed all possible misdeeds and crimes against the Prophet, his Companions and those who believed in him, and the inhabitants of the Yemeni City (of Medina) are those who went to the Messenger of God by themselves, who believed in his religion in his prophecy and his call, and pledged him allegiance, protection, maintenance, assistance and relief; they confirmed their allegiance in two steps, and made all the oaths required to the Prophet, the blessings of God be upon him and his family.

The Prophet was therefore about to move to another city. The fact that another solution presented itself, namely Medina, pushed the Quraysh to accelerate a decision they were reluctant to take, and there is a strong link between the emergence of an alternative and the decision of the Quraysh to kill the Prophet, may God’s blessings be upon him and his family. The Quraysh had planned (to kill the Prophet) for a long time (but didn’t dare to do it).

Who do we mean when we say the Quraysh, o my brothers and sisters? We mean Abu Sufyan, Abu Jahl, Umayya bin Khalaf, al-Hakam, al-Walid son of so and so, etc. These are the Quraysh. This is a group of tribes whose leaders were the most prominent representatives and decision makers of Quraysh. Quraysh is the name of a large tribe grouping several tribes. Of course, the Banu Hashim (family of the Prophet) also belonged to the Quraysh, as the Banu Umayya, Banu Makhzum etc., (but when we say Quraysh, we mean the irreducible enemies of the Prophet) […].

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  1. nebulafox says:

    Nasrallah is more correct than he knows. The Quraysh were probably Roman foedorati, or at least had extensive dealings with them. Not hard to see the analogy with the US.

    I don’t think it is an accident that in the Qu’ran, Muhammad clearly had a detailed knowledge of how the Roman clientship game worked. The jizya tax, in particular, is something that someone like Justinian would have immediately nodded at. Extorting protection money: classic move right out of the playbook.

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