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France: Zakharova Rejects Accusations of Interference, Denounces 'Russia Bashing'
Briefing by Maria Zakharova, March 7, 2019, about Yellow Vests Crisis.

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  1. annamaria says:

    “We want to see a conclusion on the acceptability of direct pressure put on an independent Paris-based radio station to accelerate the termination of its partner ties with a Russian media outlet and whether these actions comply with the principles of freedom of the media and respect for independent media outlets.”

    — Dream on…

    …what the so-called “collective West” (aka the AngloZionist Empire) is showing today is the exact opposite of what the West is supposed to stand for.

    Force, brute force, is now the order of the day. This is why Theresa May could spew out the most ridiculous and self-evidently stupid lies about the Skripals (or about Syria, for that matter) or Macron could ban RT from the Élysée and nobody would peep.

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