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Ahed Tamimi Pays Tribute to Hassan Nasrallah
Lebanese TV channel Al-Jadeed, August 23, 2018.

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I am the bird (in love with) the sun.
I am the flower of freedom.
I am the rose of distances,
born on the ancient mountains.
I am written on the steps,
and on the bridges over water.
I am the flower of freedom. (Song of Fayrouz)Journalist: It’s as if (the girl) who could not resign herself to her fate and rebelled against its hardship had decided to return several decades back in time.

Ahed Tamimi [to an Israeli soldier]: What do you want to do?

Journalist: And her brother Wa’d was taken from her again, jailed for 14 months by an Israeli court, sentenced under the charge of throwing stones and severely disrupting public order. But this sentence did not affect the determination of the rebellious bird.Ahed Tamimi: We all are with you, we support you and we know you that you are strong, stronger than your captors. And I’m sure he will remain patient and steadfast.

This is not the first time they arrest him, and it will not be the last time. The prison does not weaken us, on the contrary, it strengthens us.

Journalist: We asked her about the accusations of some people who blame her for allegedly embellishing the occupation in some of her comments (meant as a challenge) about (Israeli) prisons and her attempts to describe life in prison as nothing more than songs and festive occasions.

Ahed Tamimi: When your (wildest) dream is to be able to see a star in the sky, when your dream is to be able to walk down the street without handcuffs…

I want to say… I have nothing but contempt for the people who disparage the (suffering of the) prisoners (while they themselves are free), and keep blaming them because they sing in prisons.

Journalist: Seventeen springs have gone in a wink. They have been abbreviated by the spring of a revolt she launched against the occupation. A revolt which consecrated her as an icon while she has not even come of age, and has never known the normal life of her generation.

Ahed Tamimi: I do not say that I regret having become an icon or anything like that. We do not live a normal life here in Palestine, even the other girls of my generation. We do not live a normal life when facing the occupation every day, because there are thousands of barriers, anyone can be arrested anytime. There can be no normal life under occupation.

Journalist: Caught in the whirlwind of the feelings she has generated in Arab hearts frustrated since decades, she remains calm. She pays no attention to those who have forgotten her, caring only about the peoples.

Ahed Tamimi: Today, the Arab Community neglects its duties towards the Palestinian cause, and not only a little. And I still believe that it is the people who can change (things), not the regimes. I think the greatest strength is in the hands of the people.

Journalist: The silence of the leaders has been broken by the Secretary General of Hezbollah.

Hassan Nasrallah: The young woman Ahed Tamimi, with her bold and courageous stand, her and her family. This young woman slapping Israeli soldiers and facing them.

Journalist: And Ahed (Tamimi) pays tribute to the man whose promise is truthful.

Ahed Tamimi: To His Eminence Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, I want to tell him that… I thank him and wish him a happy Eid.

Of course, what he said (about me) is very important, and it boosted our morale, not only mine. He boosted the morale of many people, because I represent a people. I do not represent myself, I represent the (Palestinian) people and the (Palestinian) cause. His speech was a support to the entire Palestinian people, not just me.

I pay him a huge tribute and I thank him for supporting us, and I tell him that we always draw more strength from you. We are all with him, and we are all proud of him.

Journalist: The Palestinian people is divided between Resistance and Peace, but not her. She considers that there is only one way to victory.

Ahed Tamimi: Of course, I support the continuation of Resistance in all its forms, because all this (occupied) land is that of Palestine, and we hope that (all) refugees return to their land. We want (to liberate) Haifa, Jaffa, Acre and Nazareth, because this is our country and we want to live (free), this is our country. It is impossible that this land belongs to two peoples. Our (final) victory is certain, as soon as possible with the grace of God.

Journalist: Ahed (Tamimi), the image of a youth that does not weaken. This youth only aims to be independent, or to be annihilated (while resisting). The Tamimi daughter was freed and passed the flag to her brother, this child who grew up to become a heroic stone thrower.

Hassan al-Rifaii for the (Lebanese) channel Al-Jadeed.

(Video Hosted on DailyMotion )
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  1. J says: • Website

    She is not Palestinian, but from the Bosnian families transplanted by the Turks. A true Muslima covers her hair.

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