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On Contact: George Galloway on Populism, Racism and Antisemitism
Chris Hedges discusses with George Galloway, former UK Member of Parliament, the state of politics in the UK and USA, racism and Islamophobia and ...
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  1. Every British member of parliament (MP) and ex-MP, such as George Galloway, since the election of Tony Blair as prime minister, knows that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) terminates the state benefit payments to those too ill to work to kill them prematurely. This policy, known as benefit sanctions, introduced by the Zionist Blair government, has killed at least 150,000 vulnerable people since its implementation. In September 2018, when Galloway was giving a talk at St George’s Hall in Liverpool as part of his nationwide tour, I was given the mic to put a question to him. I told him what I have just stated, and the main enablers are chief police officers who enforce an edict ordering every police officer in their force never to record any crime perpetrated by DWP employees against those receiving state benefits. I challenged him three times to invite me “on board the Sputnik” his catch phrase for his tv show on RT. Galloway ordered the mic to be cut. As it happens, over the years, I have tried numerous times to contact RT about what the British state is doing to its most vulnerable citizens, but I have never even received an acknowledgment to my correspondence. Galloway is no saint.

  2. Saggy says: • Website

    Trivial and trite. I wanted to see what Galloway would say about anti-semitism so I skipped over to that section … at about 22:00 …. and what was Israel’s crime? Why, calling Hedges and Galloway antisemites because they ‘stand up’ for Palestinian rights. Hedges and Galloway had just spent 10 minutes talking about Islamic terrorism, etc., and not a word about Israel, instead it was the ’empire’ that was creating havoc in ME. So, there you have it, the Muslims are fanatical terrorists, the empire has bombed the ME for thirty years, and the Israelis are guilty of name-calling. And this is the sharpest analysis the ‘left’ has to offer.

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